Did Justin Timberlake not-so cryptically refer to Britney Spears as “some bitch”?

Did you hear that Justin Timberlake tried to steal Beyonce’s thunder at the Super Bowl? Sort of. Justin made a big appearance at the pre-Super-Bowl party thrown by Mark Cuban in New Orleans. There are some reports that claim JT was paid $3 million for a one-hour performance, and Page Six’s source claims that JT is going to donate the money to charity (we’ll see). Justin performed some of his old hits and some of the new songs on his new, as-yet-unreleased album. YouTube is lousy with some poor-quality videos from the performance… here’s one:

Anyway, JT performed one of his biggest hits “Cry Me a River” at the gig too. And he introduced the song by saying “Sometimes in life, you think you found the one. But then one day you find out that she is just some bitch.” Which is pretty epic considering almost everybody believes that the song is about his relationship and breakup with Britney Spears after he found out she was screwing around on him. That’s what the video made it seem like too! So… did JT really refer to Britney as “some bitch”? Well, JT got on Twitter and “corrected the record”.

[Via JT’s Twitter]

I don’t really get that. First of all, “Wouldn’t disrespect ANYONE personally. Ever”??? O RLY? Why does it seem like that’s a blatant friggin’ lie? Oh right, because just hours earlier Justin had slammed his ex-girlfriend… whom he dumped a decade beforehand. Justin is STILL holding a grudge!! As for “#Relax #ItsBritneyBitch I do love that saying though *with accent* #Respect” – Yeah. He’s saying that he was in fact talking about Britney, and that he thinks it’s okay to call her “some bitch” because she says “It’s Britney, Bitch.” That’s how I’m reading it. This is not Justin “apologizing” for calling Brit-Brit “some bitch”. He’s saying she’s some bitch AND that he wouldn’t disrespect anyone personally.

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  1. Cherry says:

    What a dumb way of trying to get attention.

  2. Bobsta says:

    Classy move. Especially from someone who just got married and considering Brit and Justin are now ancient news.

  3. Bad Irene says:

    The only bitch I see is Justin

  4. Megalicious says:

    It was how many years ago Justin!? Move on, ur married now. Also his new single is really bad.

  5. Telicity says:

    Gross behavior.

    Also, when did he turn into Ryan Seacrest?

  6. Bianca says:

    Awww, I really miss Britney looking like that… What happened to her?????

  7. Claire says:

    Surely they never ever had a real future? He would have gone insane trying to have a conversation with her. Lovely girl, perhaps but an intellectual she is not.

  8. Ranunculus says:

    I wish he’d go awy, and take JayZ and Beyonce with him. Useless idiots, all of them!

  9. Melanie says:

    He’s not aging so great.

  10. Merritt says:

    More proof that he is just a bitter douche.

  11. dcypher1 says:

    this guy is so full of himself its gross. egotistical selfserving douche what a narcissistic asinine thing to say about something that happened a million years ago that no cares about anymore.get over it jt. brit has

  12. SusieQ2 says:

    Walks like a douche, talks like a douche…

  13. Jayna says:

    Britney was so so pretty back then and beyond sexy. Justin is a douche, but I can’t wait for his new album, because I loved loved loved his FutureSex/LoveSounds album.

    I thought they were on good terms. He offered to help her with an album back when she was such a mess. And she was more like a young first love thing that he outgrew anyway long ago. I don’t understand why he shaded her.

  14. Hannah says:

    Does that tweet make any sense??

  15. Shira says:

    You just know she’ll have a meltdown over this.

  16. French Reader says:

    This guy’s PR team must be on some serious antidepressants.

  17. mims says:

    Hahahaahahahahaha. Seriously I didnt get it. WHAT??? Poor Brit, goin thru so much shit and now this.

  18. lori says:

    And in her home State too. A’hole.

  19. Mandy says:

    He is such an EPIC DOUCHE. Hold a grudge much? Get over Britney AND yourself! I hope his new album bombs so hard. From what I can tell so far, it just might.

  20. Hautie says:

    Here is what I find interesting.

    This tiny man, is notorious for screwing around on his girlfriends.

    So the second one of them decides to do the same. He suddenly becomes some saint. Who is the wronged one? With the broken heart? Seriously?


    This is the same man that had a jumpoff a good year, before he dumped Cameron Diaz.

    He really does have a limited memory of his own nasty behavior towards the women he dates.

    And yes, it was a sh*tty thing to go dump on Britney.

    But then again, tiny man needs to be center of attention.

    So he was determined to be the one talked about. Instead of Beyonce and her hair whipping appearance at the Super Bowl.

    And this was the only thing interesting that could trade on. Was calling a girl “some b*tch”. Then immediately lie about not doing it.

  21. Kelly says:

    Doesn’t he always shade her before he drops his albums?

  22. Hoya_chick says:

    How can anyone like him or his music is beyond me. He is so smarmy.

  23. andy says:

    He’s just some dickhead.

    Team Britney.

  24. renee says:

    I think that he is beginning to look like Leonardo DiCaprio … not a good look. He is seriously overrated and needs to take a rocket to the sun. And co-sign to all of the people who mentioned his hypocrisy regarding his lack of fidelity.

  25. Christina says:

    He can try and hide it all he wants, but he is a just a pube headed little douche. I don’t like Britney either but this just further proves what a petty idiot he is. He is funny on SNL, that is all I will give him. His music is retchid and everyone here is right, he is not aging well. I am confused as to why girls think he is so hot? Gross.

  26. T.Fanty says:

    Just as a general point, are we getting more savvy to douchiness, or are major celebs just wearing it more out in the open? I can’t decide how to ride this wave of awfulness that’s coming at me from the likes of pipsqueak, Beyonce, Anne Hathaway, et al.

    • fork says:

      There’s a reason publicists exist… tweeting directly to the public is not always flattering for celebs. Without the filter of a publicist, they can come off as douchey, defensive, and fucking stupid.

      Twitter has done weird things to celeb culture.

  27. Dutchesse says:

    So, is this just his way of confirming that it is about her then?

  28. Annie says:

    I hate him so much!!! And see? This is another example of how a woman pays more than a man for the same crap. It’s been 10 years almost and he’s still butthurt. If you cheat on a guy you are a slut and a whore, you’re a worthless person, GTFO and how dare you you “bitch”. If HE cheats on you though, you are expected to forgive him, have to put up with it the next time, shut up and marry him, right, Biel?

    He’s such a hypocrite. How many times has he screwed around Jessica? And with famous women that she’ll eventually run into? And he gets to call Britney a bitch in public not only once but twice?

    This is when I see the class and heart Rob Pattinson has. Even if he eventually dumps kristen he would never blast her like that.

  29. Murphy says:

    Dissing Britney these days is like kicking a kitten. She’s completely helpless.

  30. Dizzle says:

    In all these new pictures he looks like he’s wearing a boat load of makeup. He’s putting out a 60′s game show host vibe.

  31. Quinn Parker says:

    Move aside Elton, there’s a cranky new queen in town.

  32. Nancy says:

    This douche! I swear he tries to be so edgy and cool but just comes off looking like a dork.

  33. MyLeNe - Montreal says:

    I think he never comeback from this rupture .. he still frustrate, he never move on totally after this break-up and yes britney totally broke is heart .. it’s clear and he cry yet …

  34. benten says:

    It would have been best he had not attempted that half assed explaination… Wouldn’t insult anyone personally? But to offend women in general is ok? B*tch shut up… What a dumb man

  35. skilo says:

    Such a little douche bag he is.

  36. Miss Kiki says:

    The scent of douche just oozes out of his every pore.

  37. Shannon says:

    Well she burned him bad. I guess I can’t blame him for thinking she’s a bitch. Saying it on stage at a performance is a little ridiculous but whatever.

    It’s been 10 years since it happened but that shit stays with you for life. You all know Brandi will still be talking about Eddie and Leann 20 years from now.

  38. The Original Mia says:

    Trying so hard. Good luck with that little fella.

  39. tabasco says:

    Justin is looking like the new Aniston re: GET OVER IT ALREADY.

  40. Ciru says:

    What a douchelord. Also…wow, Jay Z is so…unfortunate-looking. Yeesh.

  41. KellyinSeattle says:

    I don’t think he has a shred of talent, myself; he’s an entitled Disney brat who never grew up.

  42. Huh says:

    Justin Timberlake is a bad person. He has trash values, no decency, and an instant instinct to lie in any situation where he receives anything other than slavering adulation.

  43. Bookworm mommy says:

    I don’t think it was meant as an insult, lol, I really think he was just trying to be clever, but it came out wrong. He’s not the sharpest pencil in the box, so I’ll give him a pass.

    You think w/Brit Brit he was faithful, & since she’s the one that did the screwing around, that it’s messed up all future relationships? & that’s why he’s cheated on every GF since, so he won’t be the one that gets cheated on?? Idk…it’s early & I need my coffee

    • Kate says:

      I was cheated on by my first serious boyfriend. Personally, it made me *less* likely to cheat. I knew how much it hurt. So I think that’s a terrible excuse, to be honest.

    • Shannon says:

      I could see that. Like he’s been burned so he thinks it ok to burn the women he’s with in future relationships. Maybe he even does it subconsciously.

      Plus he was kid when he was with Britney and she was his first love or whatever. She betrayed him. Thats got to mess a person up somewhat I would think.

      But calling her some bitch on stage during a performance was stupid to do. It wasn’t clever.

    • SLL says:

      Oh please, lol. He was never faithful to Britney.

      There were actually pictures of him with Nicole Appleton *from All Saints)leaving and coming from his hotel in an old newspaper article. He was dating at least 2 or 3 other girls during the time he was Britney. He only later made it seem like it was completely serious from the start.

      Britney being his “first love” is also B.S. He’s had two earlier relationships before he even dated Brit (Veronica Finn and Danielle Ditto). After he and Brit broke up and he was promoting his solo debut album, only then did Britney become his first love.

      A bunch of savvy marketing, that man.

  44. silver says:

    ugh JT is just so, so annoying. and he sounds like a total poser in his tweets. I can’t believe JB married his immature ass, say what you will about her but she at least seems to possess some level of self-awareness.

  45. Kate says:

    It’s a bit late to say he’d never disrespect anyone. Everyone knows the stunt he pulled with that homeless man and the wedding invites. And I feel sorry for his wife. Ten years on, and he’s still bitter about the ex?

    The best advice I ever heard was Nora Ephron’s, that you should never marry anyone you wouldn’t want to be divorced from. Poor Jessica Biel may live to understand the wisdom there.

  46. Madriani's Girl says:

    So what’s going on here? Is Jay-Z supposed to make Justin look cool or is he in the pic to make Justin look even douchier???

  47. bullpin says:

    I can’t take him seriously, since he’s trying to swgger Jack Robin Thicke.

  48. Crystal says:

    I’ve always loved JT’s music but I will never forgive him for throwing Janet under the bus after that silly SB fiasco. He’s a megadouche. Plus he also tried to shade Prince and that is not on. Prince is superior in every way.

    He needs to have an everlasting seat.

  49. Mario says:

    I’m no fan of Ms. Spears, but it should be obvious to everyone that Justin is an egomaniac. How many women in Hollywood has he screwed over? They probably think of him as just some douchebag.

  50. Starlight says:

    Whatever, I want to see them together again.

  51. scarlett says:

    He is getting more unattractive by the day.

  52. poppy says:

    this is the guy that brags about how great his relationship with his mom is, you know, because he’s so sensitive and respects women.
    also the one that blamed his label for all of his horrendous hair-dos and outfits in the 90s. you know, because he had zero say, literally no choice. they held a gun to his head while they put the corn rows in! they drugged him and put that head to toe denim tuxedo on him. {bitch, please. he has always fancied himself a sharp dresser}
    the same guy with the friends that made a video mocking and exploiting homeless people. because, you know, JT will think this is hysterical.
    the same no talent hack that said the grammys used him.
    his list of douchery goes on and on and on. in 10 years he’ll be blaming his wife, jay-z, and britney for this current jackassery.

    i’m not a britney fan but stfu already ramen head.

    just because you sold out from the get go and later decided you needed respect/credibility and you’re not getting it doesn’t mean you have to, oh wait, you have to or nobody will pay any attention to you.

    everything about him sucks.
    i think he must be john mayer’s younger brother. both are horrible human beings and neither one knows how to shut it the f&ck up or apologize without making it 1000X worse.
    sorry, he grates my every last nerve. end rage novel

  53. Luxe says:

    Who knew there was worse hair than his bleached blond perm?

    But as for the topic: your most famous song had an intended target but people shouldn’t read anything into an intro. Oooook.

    If I had realized he grow to be so insufferable, I would have supported JC(the actual singer) more instead of the cute one. Chalk it up to youth.

    Sorry but Jessica walked into marriage with this douche with her eyes wide open. Now that he’s back to music I would expect more of the same.

  54. Grace says:

    He cannot handle his fading popularity so he bashes the only woman who really loved him. I can absolutely believe he said it. He secretly bashed the homeless so why not her?
    He needs to stay behind the scenes now. Every time I look at him I can picture him driving by homeless vets and giggling with his bucktoothed pale pudding wife.

  55. yoyo says:

    Geeze, I have so gone off this guy it’s amazing. His warbly falsetto irritates the bejesus out of me now. I think this is what Bieber will be like in 15 years: on the road to being a has been, still warbling falsetto like he’s 16. Ugh

  56. d says:

    Sometimes I think that in another universe, in another time line, these two were meant to be together. Before Justin blew up and became famous and then a douchebag. I suppose fame has had a similar affect on Britney, but I feel like I can forgive it more in her and still hope she can get herself together to be a fully functioning adult in control of her life. At the very least, I wish she would find a way to dress herself better. But this is about Justin and he’s a douche canoe.

  57. lala says:

    He’s such a douche, and not even a good looking one. That’s also really disrespectful to call some woman a bitch, like really? He’s married and he’s still hung up on Britney? I can’t wait for his rival to make a comeback and kick his ass just like he did in the early 2000′s.

  58. giselle says:

    okay, i do not understand that tweet AT ALL. gibberish. but, can we talk about his hair? to quote Clueless, what is it with this kid? does he think that the death of Sammy Davis Jr left an opening in the rat pack?


  59. Jennifer12 says:

    Britney was such a sexy, pretty girl. I wonder how she feels seeing these pictures of herself? I think she and Justin will never really be over each other because they were too intense about each other from a young age. She was also an incredible entertainer. I wish she could get back to herself. She’s too young to seem like a mannequin. And the chemistry between her and Justin has never been equalled in any other relationship either of them has had. K-Fed was Britney trying to make that intensity happen again with someone else.

  60. a fan says:

    Love ya Britney. Never like Justin T. music. Noone know if Britney cheated or not. Maybe, they both did. It is in the pass but he will not let it gone. Justin may still want her.

  61. Reality Buzzed says:

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned this yet because I can’t take my eyes off it… what is that stain on his crotch in the pic with him and Britney?!

  62. Mikunda says:

    Cry me a river isn’t his song, it was written int he 50-ies and has been covered many a time since then

  63. Laura says:

    I think he and Britney ruined each other. She cheated on him and that turned him into a womanizing butthole, and he left her and turned her into a psycho. Not an excuse for either of them, but a reason.

    • sll says:

      Justin had many women from the start. When he was dating Britney, they were not exclusive (although he later acts as id they were serious from the beginning). There was also Veronica Finn, Tatyana Ali, Nicole Appleton, Fergie and who knows who else. He was keeping his options open for a very long time, until perhaps the last year of their relationship.