Brandi Glanville throws shade, makes crack about LeAnn’s ‘oversized dentures’

Are you getting tired of all of the excerpts from Brandi Glanville’s book, Drinking & Tweeting & Other Brandi Blunders? Surprisingly enough, I’m not tired of it yet, and I don’t think most of you are either. But if you are tired of it… why not move on to another post? Let the rest of us enjoy the totally C-list dramz. Here an excerpt about Brandi first learning that Eddie Cibrian was sleeping with LeAnn:

Brandi says she insisted upon meeting the Blue singer, so Eddie set up a double date at a sushi restaurant. Rimes’ then husband, Dean Sheremet, was also there.

Writes Glanville, “And this woman, whom I had just met, spent more time flirting with my husband than acknowledging her own. And Dean, bless his heart, ate his sushi, laughed at all the right moments, and pretended that he didn’t see exactly what was in front of him. As the evening progressed, every time LeAnn made some sort of inappropriate advance toward my husband – a whisper, a giggle, or a reach across the ever-shrinking table – Eddie squeezed my hand a little tighter. And as if on cue, Eddie would lean over the table, every so often, to offer me a nervous, overly tongue-y kiss to gauge my current state of mind.”

Glanville says she tried to push it out of her mind, rationalizing that LeAnn was “just a child star who had married young and was unhappy with her own marriage.”

As the night progressed, Glanville says she realized her husband and Rimes were sleeping together. She writes: “When later that same night, LeAnn awkwardly pulled my husband (not hers!) onstage for an awful karaoke rendition of Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe,” I just about lost it… Was she serious? I felt like I was in the twilight zone.”

She continues, “Being the devoted housewife and trusting partner, I wasn’t going to say anything to them, but I knew that kind of tenacity didn’t come from nowhere. I looked at Eddie’s smiling face on that stupid, low-rent stage and leaned over to Dean and said, ‘You know they’re f**king, right?’”

She says Dean didn’t respond – which “said just about everything I needed to know, he knew it too, but like me, didn’t have any evidence besides that gut feeling, and he chose to ignore it for now.”

[From Radar]

Brandi goes on to describe the “final f–king straw,” which was when LeAnn smeared icing on her then-flat chest and asked Eddie to lick it off. Brandi says she got in between them and confronted them but “LeAnn laughed through her oversized dentures before purring. ‘Oh, honey, you’re just being silly.’” Brandi “got the hell out of there” and Eddie convinced her nothing was happening, which she tried to believe until Us Weekly published the photos.

There’s more too – Brandi also describes how she and Eddie and LeAnn ended up in counseling together about a year after Brandi and Eddie separated. She calls it “blended family therapy”:

“For months, the three of us were jumping down each other’s throats and triangulating the children. Mason’s nightly phone calls to Dad became less like conversations and more like interrogations. So, therapy seemed the only reasonable – albeit ridiculous – solution to the problem. ‘How about therapy?’ I finally asked Eddie,” she writes. “He took a minute to chew on it over before responding, ‘Let me talk to LeAnn.’”

Glanville writes that “a few days later, he sent me an e-mail saying that both he and LeAnn would be open to seeing a family therapist, if they chose the doctor. ‘Ugh,’ I thought. Of course it had to be on their terms. I couldn’t care less which doctor we went to, but I had to make a little fuss about it before I eventually conceded.”

She also reveals that Eddie and LeAnn insisted she sign a confidentially agreement before they would attend therapy with her.

“It took all my strength not to respond, ‘Right, because you both are soooo f**king famous that every newspaper in the world would be clawing for the story of what Eddie and LeAnn revealed during co-parenting therapy.’ Are you f**king kidding me? It was laughable. I decided that at the end of the day, this was about being better people to one another so we could be better parents, so I agreed to sign the NDA. “ (Non-disclosure agreement)

Glanville says it took a few weeks to arrange for the session, and she arrived a few minutes before the appointed time. She sarcastically adds, “The lovebirds hadn’t yet decided to grace the office with their presence.”

In a deliberate move, the stunning former model dressed down for the appointment and came directly from her Pilates class in “head-to-toe workout gear and a pair of flip flops.” She says she was taken aback when Eddie arrived with his fiancée LeAnn who “wobbled in on sky-high heels and with a set of full eyelashes.”

Although she can’t provide specific of the session, Glanville does write, “Watching my ex-husband standing in front of me, comforting another woman and holding her hand, was probably one of the most surreal moments of my life. It was a strange sensation, because while it was extremely odd, I didn’t feel jealous. I was finally numb to their entire existence. I simply didn’t care. Since I signed away my right to speak, I can’t reveal what was discussed when we finally stepped into the therapist’s office, but I can share that it was an incredibly gratifying and vindicating experience…for me.”

[From Radar]

While I partially share Brandi’s eyeroll regarding the non-disclosure agreement… at the end of the day, she’s still publishing a book about her ex-husband’s affair and remarriage to his trashy jumpoff, you know? There was actually a REASON for the non-disclosure agreement – because LeAnn and Eddie knew that Brandi is like a wounded animal, ready to attack anyone and anything and that she would have no qualms about going after them publicly. Just so.

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  1. Birdie says:

    This is karma, I love every single dirty, weird, shocking detail. I hope she makes a lot of money with the book.

  2. brin says:

    Nope, not tired of it at all (but Lediot probably is)! Brandi has had to put up with Leann’s fake interviews for three years…it’s her time to tell her side of things. This book will be a great read!

  3. Cinnamon says:

    if Eddie and Leann treated Brandi with the same respect Garth Brooks treated his ex wife when he got with Trisha Yearwood, there would be no tell alls. Heck even Dean (leann’s ex) got a sweet new start to the single life in the amount of $$$. All Brandi received were late child support payments, reduced/refunded child support payments when Eddie decided not to work for 6 months at a time, a stepmother to her children who knows no boundaries and an ex husband who repeatedly exposed her to multiple stds during their 13 year relationship and puts his sugar mama ahead of his children’s safety/privacy.

    Brandi is making money for her family and if you were a single mom offered 100k+ to tell the truth of what happened to your family and given a place on a reality show where you will also receive 100k each season would you really sit back and say “no, i’ll just take my uneducated self and work at sephora in the mall and live in a 2 bedroom apartment in the valley”

    Leann has done multiple interviews for YEARS with anyone who will hear her on her “love story”. Let Brandi tell her “heartbreak story” and move forward from it while also securing her financial future.

    • Amanda_SB says:


      Just a side note: I don’t think you could work at Sephora and afford a 2 bedroom apartment in the valley – even with sporadic child support. :)

    • Naye in VA says:

      +1 I know there is a lot to be said for taking the high road, but what Brandi said the other day about having the affair in her face all the time because Leanne is famous, makes a lot of sense. It’s hard to get over being cheated on when you are not married, Im not quite sure anyone can truly sympathize with Brandi’s situation unless they were married, cheated on, then dumped, then left with nothing. I can’t really say I wouldn’t publicly tear them to shreds every chance I got, then sit back and have a cocktail and laugh about it with my girlfriends. So more power to Brandi for turning a very crappy situation into a gold-mine. She deserves it, and if harping on it forever keeps raking in the dough more power to her.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      THANK YOU.

      Some self righteous jerk is going to come in here warbling about dignity and class. Whatever people. Knowing you would not act a certain way is unimportant. The fact of the matter is Brandi feels she HAS to act this way. That’s all that matters. She wouldn’t have to be this vocal if she hasn’t been placed in the situation where it was necessary.

      • Pandy says:

        My husband cheated on me (or at least tried to) and I went kind of crazy … tried to find her thru social media and called where she worked to try to meet her re catering for a non-existent party. Thankfully I couldn’t reach her. Not sure what I would have done. I get wanting revenge and wanting to spew everything when you are the injured party.

      • Pandy says:

        I have to add that normally, I am all for keeping it classy … but you just can’t tell how you will react when something hits you so personally.

    • Meredith says:

      I am completely down with Brandi making whatever money she can from this. She has two children to support, no husband to help her financially and her “career” (modelling, reality TV) has a very short shelf life. She needs to hustle NOW to make what she can or condemn herself to living poor the rest of her life. No shame here.

    • MsAubra says:

      Cinnamon, I think LeAnn would prefer the title “Bonus Mom” (her words) to step mother! LOL

    • JustSaying says:

      Amazingly Said Cinnamon!
      Leann has done full hour long interviews where she whined and cried about how hard it was for HER! She has been doing interviews for YEARS!
      Leann calls the Paps and has side deals for them to come and take pictures of her and Eddie on the beach! Sometimes “her” bonus boys are there. It certainly doesn’t look like she is anything but ecstatic! Brandi has to let her children go knowing Leann is having photographers following her children around! Eddie allows this! Those poor boys!
      I don’t see pictures of Brandy and her sons? There are one set floating out there from a soccer game that guess who was also in attendance?
      You got it! Leann!
      I think it is AWFUL that California is a no fault divorce state and that Leann and Eddie have the children %50 percent of the time! That’s horrible for kids!
      Leann sues teachers!
      But you are right about Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood! That is a Prime example of how it would be if wacky nut job Leann acted classy and RESPECTFUL of how QUIET this would be!!!!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Yay for Brandi for not signing a non-discosure agreement and being able to write her book and reveal the whole truth.

    Leann’s (not to mention Leann being an adulterer and homewrecker) own tacky tweets and ridiculously arranged pap pics only lend credibility to Brandi’s book.

    Brandy and Dean are better off without those two low-lives and it’s good to see karma coming around.

  5. ISupposeSo says:

    The more that his true nature comes out, the far less attractive he becomes.

    • Alana Fajina says:

      I was going to say that too! I remember when this all first came out, I would think Dang, he’s hot but whatta dog. Now, knowing what I know about him, I just see Giant Man Boy. Every time. Eww, can you imagine the STD’s running through that thing? I shudder at the thought and my vj is slowly tightening up! (tmi, but LOL!!)

    • la chica says:

      Good observation. Eddie thus far has gotten away with trying to emotionally destroy his ex. I’ve said before that Eddie seems to hate Brandi far more than he loves Leann. Look at the way he leans into his ex when they were together while he leans away from Leann.

  6. heidi says:

    I love that Brandi is willing for the world to see her as she is….flaws and all. Much healthier frame than pretending to be something one is not. So Leann & Eddie didn’t want the world to see their true colors…no surprise there! But, oh boy, they are fully exposed now and peeps are loving it, which explains Brandi’s pre-sale book numbers.
    Brandi is like the kid in the story “The Emperors New Clothes” exposing the false and pompous. I find her honesty refreshing!

    • Jayna says:

      But her comments on the promotion trail, F LeAnn, no one wants to F LeAnn, standing next to a lifesize cardboard cutout of LeAnn and punching it in the face and knocking it back, LeAnn is a tramp, on and on, just makes her look as classless as them. Doing all that while trying to sell a book about the bullying of her by them just gives them ammunition that she is an aggressor in this ongoing saga also. That behavior has caused a lot of posting on the internet that all three of them are losers and the poor kids.

      • Ok says:

        Jayna — I missed the part about the cardboard cutout? When was that? What was that?

        The biggest misstep that I have read was the rape comment. D-listed covered it. I would post a link but I am typing this on my phone and do not know how. It was something to the effect of saying that Eddie and she were so hot for each other the night they met that they slept together that night. And she kept saying no but he pushed for sex anyway. So she said it was like rape. And (this is the bad phrasing part) she said that no means no except when it means yes.

        I guess it is in the book.

        Commenters were hammering her on d-listed. I was expecting celebitchy to cover it, but I have not seen a posting yet.

        Maybe they will skip it. Actually it might be best to skip it.

    • Snowpea says:

      heidi – that is so weird! I said that exact same thing the other day about The Emperor’s New Clothes (and my real name isn’t Snowpea…it’s Heidi!) ;)

  7. Bad Irene says:

    My mother, a lovely elegant lady always told me that I should take the high road and act with dignity and self respect. When she passed I reminded myself of her lessons often but god damn if I don’t LOVE every trashy minute of this z list saga. It is an epic of the ages, sorry Mam, I hope you understand.

  8. Relli says:

    Surprisingly enough, I’m not tired of it yet, and I don’t think most of you are either. But if you are tired of it… why not move on to another post?

    Hahahahaha, awesome well put!!!

  9. Bowers says:

    I think Brandi IS still jealous and for some insane reason, still covets this creep’s “heart.”

  10. afrotastic says:

    I am enjoying this D list saga. I might even buy the book when it comes out. Team Brandi.

  11. Annie says:

    “I was finally numb to their entire existence.”

    Good for you, Brandi. You’re so freaking over it that you won’t shut up and now you wrote a book.


  12. Cirque28 says:

    So what do we think happened in therapy that was so gratifying and vindicating to Brandi? Did Ediot confess other affairs that LeAnn hadn’t known about? Did the therapist diagnose LeAnn and Ediot with raging narcissism? Any theories?

    • Erinn says:

      Ah, that part is driving me nuts. I think it’s probably about Leanne not being the only one he was sleeping with, or something similar to that. Likely Leann thought she was the only special snowflake to be able to steal Eddie away, and she found out she was only one of a handful.

      • CreamSoda says:

        Special snowflake – that’s awesome. I chuckled. Just saw some celebrity closet show the other day. Leann was on there and got all goofy when asked about a tat on her foot that said something about being the only one who matters. Supposedly that’s what Eddie tells her. So maybe she is a special snowflake after all.

    • Jayna says:

      The therapy was about how to co-parent as a blended family effectively, which wasn’t happening, and so I think she means she was vindicated on how they were handling it wrong with her, is what I took to mean from it. That’s the reason she asked them to go to therapy, was over the kids, and they agreed to that. So I took it to mean the therapist validated some of her feelings on how she was being treated in the co-parenting process by them, and like the kids, when she said Eddie was interrogating Jake on his nightly calls.

    • Katie says:

      I honestly think the session became all about LeAnn and her childhood and pretty much painted her as a childish brat very obviously. I really don’t see anyone who’s as into herself as LeAnn to take part in therapy and not constantly refer to growing up a “star” and “America’s sweetheart,” blah blah blah. So if I had to bet, LeAnn came off as a jerk and it became clear to Brandi that Eddie was just in it for the money.

      Either way, what Brandi did was a bit genius. I mean, I don’t condone the extent of all of this crap, but stressing that Eddie and LeAnn wanted her to sign a NDA and then casually adding that the session made her feel vindicated gets the imagination going. Maybe very, very little was revealed during the session, but the mystery around it makes it seem like it could be huge and juicy.

      Also, the last picture is probably the best LeAnn has ever looked. Maybe because her mouth is closed.

    • apsutter says:

      I’m thinking it had to do with Brandi seeing the reality of day to day life with Leann. She saw the absolute bullshit that Eddie has to put up with to get his cash and what an absolute NUTJOB LR truly is. When someone is constantly slandering you and everyone around you knows intimate details you can start to feel like your the crazy one and the world is topsy turvy but therapy probably reinforced that Leann is, in fact, a whackjob.

      • littlestar says:

        Everyone is putting forth really good theories, but I like your’s the most. I couldn’t imagine living with someone like Leann, let alone being friends with them. It’s all about her, all the time, she’s never wrong, everyone is attacking her, constant constant drama etc. No wonder there are rumours on here that Ediot is now drinking a lot. You’d have to do something to numb yourself to the constant lunacy. Ah well, he deserves it.

      • kudzuqueen says:

        apsutter & littlestar:
        And I think this is why Eddie is so angry and hostile towards Brandi. I am sure Brandi has not held back from commenting to Eddie about being stuck with someone who is psycho, he knows it but will not acknowledge it for his own ego and then takes it out on Brandi (probably by encouraging LeAnn).

      • littlestar says:

        kudzuqueen – I 100% agree with you. Leann is the best revenge he can use to get back at Brandi for divorcing him.

      • Cirque28 says:

        Oooh, I like your theory! Yes, I picture this: therapy gets a little intense, LeAnn runs out screaming and crying, stress and tension are etched all over Eddie’s face as he sends frantic Tweets to LeAnn begging her to come back, the therapist remains impartial on the surface, but secretly shoots Brandi a look which clearly says, “Seriously? How can you feel anything for these two except pity?”

    • Masque says:

      Maybe LeAnn wobbled and tripped on those high heels. That would have me laughing.

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      If it were me, it would just be the opportunity to tell them to their faces what disgusting pieces of crap I found them both to be…Just the opportunity to vent my rage on them both would be incredible.

  13. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    I couldn’t care less which doctor we went to, but I had to make a little fuss about it before I eventually conceded.

    Sigh with all these 13 year-olds.

  14. Feebee says:

    There was a reason for the NDA because they knew Brandi would go after them publicly…..? Hell yeah! What did Eddie and LeAnn think she should do, go sit in the corner and stay quiet while LeAnn parades Brandi’s kids around like her own, making snide remarks on Twitter?

    Sometimes fighting fire with fire is necessary and tacky and sordid as it is, Brandi’s using the ammunition she has. It can’t last forever, right?

    • brin says:

      I think Leann and Eddie were counting on her not putting up a fight, that’s why this is so awesome. Brandi fought back and she is winning!

    • bluhare says:

      As I said earlier up, they didn’t need a NDA. HIPPAA would preclude Brandi from disclosing private medical information, which a therapy session contains.

      • kudzuqueen says:

        Actually, in a therapy session, the therapist is bound to keep quiet through “confidentiality” unless the client is planning to harm themself or others, then there is a “duty to warn” or the therapist can be held liable.

        In a therapy session where there are two clients or more, the clients are not bound to confidentiality or HIPPA. If the therapist saw Brandi first, Leann and Eddie second, in separate sessions, the therapist could not share what went on in the separate sessions. When all parties are in the session together, the therapist is bound to confidentiality, but the clients (3 in this case) are not. Hence the non-disclosure agreement.

        HIPPA does apply to a therapy environment, but was enacted because of the rampant sharing of information in medical offices. Now only certain people in an office have access to your medical files and they are bound to confidence and held to a higher level of responsibility if they erroneous or purposefully share that information.

      • bluhare says:

        Interesting, kudzuqueen. I work in the insurance industry and we have to have permission from a patient to talk to anyone about any medical claims. I would think that would apply to therapy participants too, but I’m no HIPPAA attorney!!

      • kudzuqueen says:

        Oh, you are right..they do have to have permission in a therapy situation as well. It is just that HIPPA does not bind or extend to others in a therapy session with you who are not medical professionals. Same for a medical doctors visit. Don’t invite friends, spouses or family members back in the room unless you trust them to know what is going to be discussed :/ :) )

  15. Bess says:

    Brandi needs to stop. Eddie & LeAnn aren’t worth it.

    • Lulu says:

      That is so absolutely a true statement if I ever saw one Bess. Yet I admit I am struggling with my human nature here. I DO want to read the book, but I don’t want to want to. *sigh* lol

      • ya says:

        The rape joke makes me absolutely not want to read it… To say that sometimes ‘no means yes’? That crosses the line. But I am enjoying following all of their (LR, EC and BG) tabloid antics.

        Beyond the rape joke, I don’t really want to moralize about the situation – they all are living a hollywood lifestyle, for better or for worse. EC and BG were living that kind of life even before LR entered the picture. So it’s hard to identify with any of them besides seeing them all as entertaining trainwrecks!

    • ya says:

      Ya she is really sabotaging herself with all of this publicity…. Especially the rape joke made her look absolutely horrible…. And she really seems like she’s still hung up on Eddie. LR’s obsession with her also seems mutual.

      • mom2two says:

        Oh yeah, all of this makes it look like if Leann and Eddie broke up and he went back to her, she’d be there with open arms.
        If she is not intending to come across that way, than I am reading her wrong but I truly believe Brandi would take him back.
        I do think Eddie LOVES the fact that Leann and Brandi continue to snipe at each other over him.
        Dean seems like the smartest one of out of all them, he has not talked and he looks like he moved on with his life.

      • LAK says:

        Mom2two – Dean received a multimillion $$$$ settlement that includes a gagging order. IF he talks, he loses the lot.

        His sister on the otherhand is apparently telling the world via twitter.

      • littlestar says:

        LAK – who is Dean’s sister and how do I find her Twitter account?! Lol. I must check this out.

        Edit: Just found it. Unfortunately her account is private, and I am not on Twitter, so I can’t read her Tweets :( .

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        What is deans sister twitter???

      • Babalon says:

        @mom2ywo- I think you’ve misread her, actually. Eddie tried to go back to her, called Rimes unattractive and a speed bump but Brandi put him out and filed for divorce.

      • SouthernGal says:

        I’m Twitter friends with his sister and she is on a roll today. Keeping my fingers crossed she writes a tell-all because apparently LeAnn and dipshit Darrell “the clown” Brown have been sending threats to her off Twitter. This is about to get good because she LOATHES LeAnn Rimes with a passion. Always have since day one!!!

      • littlestar says:

        SouthernGal – any chance you’ll let us know what Dean’s sister is saying on Twitter today? Or anyone who has access to her account, please let us know? :D

      • veronica says:

        I agree, Im in aus and she does a segment for NW where she makes candid comments about herself and celebrities. It how I came to like her and got hooked on the Leanne crazy train.

        She mentions in this weeks issue part of the reason she got vag rejuv is she COULDNT STOP having sex with eddie. She was addicted to him even after the cheating, and she needed a clean break.
        heres what she says

        “At the time I couldnt stop having sex with Eddie and I was in extreme modeand he had made a comment about it not being what it used to be before kids and I was like “F*ck it!” Long story short, I’m 17 again and I put it on his credit card!”

        She also says “(the surgery) was the most painful thing Ive ever done in my life! More painful than giving birth. But other than that I have no regrets”

    • Sunny says:

      I have a feeling that the sooner she stops the sooner LeAnn and Eddie will divorce. The us against the world Romeo and Juliette story of their lives is likely the only romantic part of their story. As soon as no one cares and no one is watching, he will go back to playing the field.

  16. apsutter says:

    Oversized dentures?! LOL Cannot wait to read her book today!!

    • Az says:

      I don’t know what made me laugh harder: the dentures comment or the whole Leann was pudgy and flat chested comment in the icing story. So, so catty!

      • apsutter says:

        I will admit I don’t care for the pudgy comments because I hate any kind of fat shaming especially when Leann was not pudgy by any stretch of the imagination when she and Eddie hooked up. If anything she looked like a regular girl and then turned herself into a skeletion for Eddie. But Brandi is right on about her teeth. Whatever dentist gave her those is a hack.

    • judyjudy says:

      It’s the little jabs like these that make me lose respect for Brandi and her story. Sharing the story itself is interesting but then jabs about her teeth and her chest etc. makes her look juvenile and petty, which in turn makes me less sympathetic.

      Just pointing that out.

  17. rachel says:

    These details are chilling. It really sucks that anyone had to go through this. I hope she isn’t releasing too many delicious excerpts and people still feel the need to buy the book. It would be nice for it to do really well.

    • Lizzie K says:

      It’s the details that are going to destroy whatever public image Eddie and Leann still have left. It’s one thing to know that a man left his family for his side-piece, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to hear all the details of the selfish, hurtful and tacky behavior that went down. It makes it personal, and it is devastating to the cheaters in this drama. There will be people who are turned off by Brandi’s airing of all the stained and nasty panties, but there will definitely be a whole lot of women who see themselves in her story and who cheer her on.

      If Leann still does have money, I am amazed she didn’t try to buy Brandi’s silence. I can’t think of any memoir that exposed this level of break-up drama, and I know it’s because most of the time, the wronged partner gets bought off. Someone should have told Leann to open her pocketbook. Anyone know of anything comparable to Brandi’s book? I sure can’t think of one.

      • apsutter says:

        I think Leann is just about done. Her image is so tarnished and by her own hand no less! She and Eddie are spending her money quite rapidly and she barely performs anymore. She can only get booked into the tiniest of venues and she cancels half the time anyways. Everyone knows her as a nutjob now and most probably think she lost her talent after the X-Factor debacle. She thought that her celebrity would protect her but she’s broken the cardinal rules of being a country star.

      • eileen says:

        She did try to buy Brandi’s silence, but Brandi told her she wasn’t for sale.
        Rock on Brandi!

      • candigirl says:

        I love this comment Eileen. Brandi ALREADY took the high road. Brandi (like everyone else in Leann’s life: Leann’s parents, Eddie, his parents, her producer, etc) was offered money to kiss Leann’s ass and let her continue hurting people. Brandi said “no.” She stood up for herself and said no to the almighty Leann. Brandi couldn’t be bought off. People may not like Brandi’s style but she is telling the truth. Those people who can’t stand to hear it don’t need to read it.
        I also appreciate your bringing up Leann’s hit and run a while ago. She said, after the cops tracked her down, she didn’t know she hit someone. I always thought she was drugged or drunk and really didn’t know she’d hit someone and got away without the DUI. It explains why you don’t see her driving herself as much anymore, her cancelled concerts and the drugged performance on Idol.

      • eileen says:

        Honestly-when I found out 3 years ago that Brandi was offered $$$$ to stay quiet and B turned it down, that’s when I had Mad Resepct for her. She turned that down so she could be a voice for her kids. LR was already trying to take over and had been stalking Brandi. The only way she could get them to stop was by calling them out publicly. All their talks in therapy and agreements in court were being ignored and she knew she could never take LR’s Dirty Money.
        Dean was smart-he took the money and ran and never looked back. He had nothing to tie him to her

      • Babalon says:

        You are so spot on. To be honest, this really isn’t my thing. Typically, I pretty much strictly prefer to read literature (classics). However, I’m going to make an exception because of some of the horrid details that have surfaced.

        Brandi drops bombs and says some ridiculous things. She takes it upon herself to expose everyone’s ‘nasty panties’ which is awful and incredibly trashy but…she hasn’t once been caught in an actual lie. I actually want to see her vindicated.

  18. aims says:

    Good for Brandi. She fliped the situation around, instead of being powerless she is powerful. I couldnt even imagine how awful that time period could had been. She has every right to yell what ever she wants from the rooftop. Leann is an evil bitch, flat out. It takes someone truly sick to be that evil. She gets whatever is coming to her and more. Bravo Brandi. I hope you make a ton of money and drag them in the mud. They get no compassion or mercy. As the details come out, the more disgust i feel towards those two. How truly sick and evil these two really are. Keep on Brandi im sending you my support.

  19. swack says:

    BRANDI AND LEANN GROW UP AND GET OVER IT! (And yes I know I am yelling.)

  20. MonicaQ says:

    Maaan #TeamGetThatMoney

    The fact LeAnn paraded around that blatantly…it’s beyond gross and disrespectful. You may say that Brandi releasing this book is the same but in my mind, Eddie and LeAnn had it coming.

    I wonder how Dean is faring in all of this? Maybe he got enough money to shut up.

  21. sarah says:

    Keep it coming!! I’ve never been very interested in any of these people but I am LOVING these bits and pieces we’re getting.

  22. Dawn says:

    I am so tired of her going after LeAnn like this is JH. Her husband cheated before LeAnn and he will cheat on LeAnn because he is a cheater and will always be looking for bigger stars and richer women. We get it, Brandi has the maturity level of a young girl not a woman and what seems like all good fun and revenge now will bite Brandi in the ass in the end. Besides I would bet money that while Eddie was cheating so was Brandi. She is just pissed because he left.

    • aims says:

      Sorry, but Leann gets everything she gets. Yeah, husbands cheat and leave all the time. But the ugliness and vindictiveness Leann has shown is mind blowing. She is rubbing Brandis face in it all the time. A normal human being would be so remorseful and ashamed for their behavior. Not Leann, shes loud and proud. Eddie broke his vows and is a real jackass. Leann is evil. She not only takes something that isnt hers to take, she also is going after her kids. To have such little regard towards the ex spouses is sick. To throw yourself at this man in front of their then spouses is gross. If she was remorseful and respected the place shes in, then yes, it should be water under the bridge. But shes not. And so why shouldnt she be called out and why shouldnt the world know what a shitty person she really is? Eye for an eye.

      • Dawn says:

        The thing is history has a way of repeating itself so at the end of the day LeAnn will end up in the same boat as Brandi. The bottom line is Eddie cheated on Brandi NOT LeAnn. And yes an eye for an eye sounds really good at the time that you are hurting but really doesn’t happen much. The best revenge would be to totally NOT CARE what Eddie does or with whom. Just co-parent like an adult. That would make Brandi look like the bigger of the two.

      • Lulu says:

        @Dawn: Bingo. The best revenge. Ignore them and live well.

      • LAK says:

        @Dawn – that presupposes that LR and Eddie are willing to co-parent with Brandi. From the extract above and an interview she gave in December, they won’t until she takes drastic measures like dragging them to therapy or blasting them on twitter.

        LR will not let Eddie speak to Brandi even to co-parent or Eddie gives the impression that the reason he won’t speak to Brandi is because of LeAnn.

        I am predisposed to believe Brandi because she deals with highly litigious people and if there was a smidgeon of a lie in her words, they’d sue her faster than she can throw an F-Bomb!!!!

    • Masque says:

      Eddie begged Brandi to let him stay in their marriage. She kicked HIM out so he slunk off to LeAnn because LeAnn was rich and convenient. He and LeAnn don’t have the epic love she claims they have. The minute he’s done with her money he’ll be gone.

      • judyjudy says:

        Okay, this is the part that confuses me.

        Brandi’s fans are always quick to point out that SHE kicked him out, he begged to stay but she kicked him to the curb and he ended up with Leann. Okay…when you kick someone out because you no longer want to be with them you don’t get to have a say in who they end up with. You can’t play the “nuh-unh, I kicked HIM out card” and the poor, abandoned, homeless mother card in the same hand. Leann didn’t steal her man, she just picked up what Brandi claims to have already thrown out. That would be like me getting pissed about my neighbor wearing the torn jeans I dropped off a Goodwill.

      • Lauren says:

        Eddie is using Leann for a roof over his head, and money. Is Eddie currently employed? Is Leann paying his child support payments to Brandi? I can relate to BG, because the cheaters seem to have all the power. (I was in the same situation). The mother of the children is discarded & disparaged, while the cheating spouse is euphoric– spending money & escaping on lavish vacations. Brandi is not a debutante, but she speaks the truth. Leann is whiny & disgusting. Eddie just laughs, and does what-whomever he desires at any given moment.

      • LAK says:

        @Judyjudy – i can understand your confusion because you are right. Brandi should be glad that SHE kicked him out and he clung on until LeAnn came and picked him up.

        The part where Brandi gets the sympathy is what happened to her AFTER the fact.

        Eddie and LeAnn cut her off financially, sold the house from under her and saddled her with debts. Amongst other despicable things they did to her.

        Based upon interviews she has given, it seems that she was the traditional housewife, letting Eddie handle all their finances. Apparently when she married him, she surrendered to him completely and was just at home having babies and looking after the home. So when he left after 13yrs of her not taking care of herself, plus his cutting her off at the Knees financially whilst saddling her with debts, she had to pick herself up from scratch.

        To add insult to injury, because of hurt pride and ego, Eddie has allowed his new wife to taunt and bully Brandi. Not all divorces are sunshine and roses, but at the very least the participants can try to be civil especially when there are children involved. This doesn’t appear to have been the case for these 3. It appears that for 3+ yrs, Eddie/LeAnn bullied and harassed Brandi to point where even if the other elements weren’t there , one should still find sympathy with Brandi as a victim of bullies.

        One could argue the extent of her revenge or if she should have taken it, but i think when you are dealing with people like LeAnn, one needs to swing at them and to mean it. Taking the high road doesn’t work for these people. And LeAnn really doesn’t understand the wrong she has done beyond the cheating. Eddie is just allowing LeAnn to behave this way to punish Brandi.

    • Iyanla says:

      Leann and Eddie are both at fault to varying degrees. Leann is not innocent of any fault just because she wasnt married to Brandi. She did wrong too. She has done her fair share of nasty things to Brandi, Dean and the kids. As for brandi kicking him out so she doesnt have a right to complain?? What choice did she have but to divorce him? Really, have a heart. Brandi was in a tough spot. She left a bad marriage and was broke off her ass. Noone wants that but its the cards she was dealt. Do you think she should have stayed with Eddie??? If u hate brandi so much then take Kaisers advice and dont read the post.

      • judyjudy says:

        Of course I don’t think she should have stayed with Eddie. I’m just referencing the inconsistent defense of she kicked him out and he abandoned her. To me, those are very different situations.

        And I never said I hated Brandi. I’m tired of everyone saying “if you don’t like her don’t read”. If the same applied to every post no one would ever comment on a Leann post and none of would be transporting. It’s celebtchy not celebkissass

  23. Murphy says:

    Every day I read these excerpts and after I say “I swear to god if she puts out another one tomorrow I’m not buying this book”

    then Every day I want to read the newest one.

  24. janie says:

    I feel so bad for Brandi… We all know how hurt & devasted she still is. She needs to hold Ed’s feet to the fire, not Leann. He made the committment to her & those sweet boys. He has just sat back & enjoyed the show. A good dad? In what universe? He gave their mom STDs? A good dad? No way! He has no integrety, responsibility or honor! He could have and should have stepped up as a man and ended this brawl, but it keeps “him” in the news.. screw Brandi, the boys & even Leann. He is dispicable excuse for a human being, much less a man.

    • Jayna says:

      Exactly. He is the most evil one of all here. He is the man that was married to her all those years. She is the mother of his children. She really comes across obssessed with him and stuck on LeAnn, yet saving the vitrol always for LeAnn, not him, which, in reality, it all leads back to him, even LeAnne’s behaviior, as he condones it. But all she says is: He’s a great father. I loved loved sex with him. He’s a nine in bed.

    • Masque says:

      I agree that Ediot is a complete lowlife however LeAnn stalked him. She wasn’t just some fling. Even after he broke off from her LeAnn freaking chased him, copied Brandi incessantly and forced the issue. She is insanely dangerous (emphasis on insane).

      Of course, knowing that just makes me hate Ediot even more.

      • Lulu says:

        And Eddie was completely helpless? Give me a break. A man (or woman) is always responsible for their own actions.

        I have a feeling Brandi may be sparing Eddie because it is easier to get a book published that way – she’s not supposed to talk bad about her children’s father (for her children’s sake) and Lord knows she wants to talk. And also, it’s a lot easier on the ego to believe that your beloved husband was seduced by an evil woman than to come to terms with the fact that you were married to, and completely invested in, an ass.

      • Tanjee says:

        IMO Brandy seems to have most of this venom because of her children. Divorce is hard and no matter the reasons it hurts. So if I(Brandy) am going through a hard time that I feel you(Leann)are a part of why would you then try to replace me with my children,invade that precious space,or insinuate yourself into my position with them? And why so publicly and mean spirited? That would have me out for blood!! You have stepped over the line then and I need you to back up!

  25. Jayna says:

    Another book I want to read is Shirley MacLaine’s daughter’s book. Did anyone see her interview last Friday on Primetime, or what it’s called? Wow. I was shocked and now see Shirley now in a totally different light. She literally never saw her daughter much over the course of each year. When Sachi (ph.) was two, she was put on a plane by herself, no one accompanying her, with connecting flights and watched over by flight attendants as she was being sent to live with her father in Japan. He was an abusive man. At a young age, he would leave her alone at home to go out to his parties.

    When she saw her mom for visits, which were very infrequently, she loved seeing her daughter, but seemed to tire of her after four hours. She was eventually sent to boarding school in England. One Christmas both parents forgot about her, and she was left alone there and somehow ended up with a family for the two weeks, who felt sorry for her and took her in. At 17, when visiting her mom with her boyfriend, one of Shirley’s spiritual healers, or whatever, suggested they all be around when Sachi had her first sexual experience to help her afterwards. Shirley thought it was a good idea and sent them off to have sex and to come back and talk to her afterwards about how they were feeling. Shirley even knocked on the bedroom door asking if everything was okay. LOL

    Two juicy books coming out at once.

    • apsutter says:

      That book is going to be good!! And Sachi had to work odd jobs because her parents refused to help her with college at all. That really pisses me off when I see rich or well to do parents not help their kids with college. If your parents even have an average income your basically screwed if they refuse to help you.

    • aims says:

      I watched that also. I loved Mcclaine, she was one of my faves. Coming out of the interview, Im sad. I think Sachi was truthful and from what I got from it, she loves her mom very much. If I was her, I don’t think I would be as kind. What a shame. She has the chance to make it right, be a mom and grandma, but she doesn’t. She looks very selfish.

    • Lulu says:

      MacClaine is a nutter. I’ll never forget when we were discussing Warren Beatty’s daughter on here someone very creepy showed up talking about Warren’s ‘options’ when it came to his daughter and her desire to have a sex change operation. Of course Warren is against his beloved daughter becoming a male, as was this *person* who seemed to be creepily close to the situation. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind as to who it was.

    • bluhare says:

      LeBrEd is just pure unadulterated trash with a huge enjoyment factor.

      Sachi’s book sounds just awful. Don’t blame her for writing it, she probably got a lot of catharsis from doing it, but I don’t think I’ll read it.

  26. Deanne says:

    I’m getting sick of this whole “take the high road” crap. That doesn’t work in every circumstance. She isn’t dealing with reasonable people. When someone has hurt and betrayed you and is truly remorseful and sincerely apologizes, going after the person and exposing them is not healthy and serves no purpose, other than revenge, but when you are dealing with people who are actively abusing you, there’s no high road to take. You have the choice to lie down and let them continue to walk all over you, or to fight back and expose them for who and what they are. That is all she’s doing. The fact that it’s going to make her money is the cherry on the icing. Dean got handed a big fat settlement to go away and that’s what he’s done. The fact that he and LeAnn had no children, also makes the break a clean one. Brandi on the other hand, had her house sold out from under her and was left with nothing. Her ex who hardly works and pays little child support, had a lifestyle boost because of Squinty McMoneybags and she’s supposed to be happy to silently live a meager lifestyle and embrace another woman hijacking her children and using them to play happy family for the media? I don’t think so. I’d be low roading it all the way if that happened to me.

    • apsutter says:

      Ditto. So your supposed to just sit there like a good little meek girl while some bitch destroys your life and family and mercilessly sets out to mock and ruin you?! I think not.

    • arock says:

      ^^^^yes, totally agree. and why should she ? what moral responsibility (except to her kids) does she have to just turn over. shes an adult who had her life ruined and then her face rubbed in it. the person who put it all out there publicly (again and again) was leann, and eddie didnt have the sway or good sense to reel her back. everyone played the game, some were just better at it.

    • arock says:

      ^^^^yes, totally agree. and why should she ? what moral responsibility (except to her kids) does she have to just turn over. shes an adult who had her life ruined and then her face rubbed in it. the person who put it all out in public (again and again) was leann, and eddie didnt have the sway or good sense to reel her back. everyone played the game, some were just better at it.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      Someone above said it perfectly. Same day high road others say door mat. That’s what these people want Brandi to be. There is no high road here.

    • why? says:

      Agreed. Taking the high road would work if Leann wasn’t on twitter each and every day taking passive aggressive digs at Brandi(which are being ignored by certain blogs who keep depicting Leann as the victim), encouraging her fans and friends to harass Brandi, telling her fans personal details about Brandi and the media once again ignoring it because it doesn’t fit into the “Brandi is picking on Leann” storyline, using Brandi’s kids as weapons, and then using ET, E, Katie, Leno, and Jimmy to help her taunt Brandi.

    • Annie says:

      @Deanne – A-fvcking-men, girl. That’s how I think one always should ideally act. While you should not get too attached to showing up your ex and you should be able to let stuff go blahblahblah you should also never, ever be too attached to what society’s gonna think of you either. You should always be able to speak your truth. What’s the point in getting over the ex and his piece if you can’t get over what others think of you enough to state publically that she/he’s a piece of rotting dog shit IF indeed they really are remorseless and can’t let things go and take the high road themselves? That’s just trading in one sort of slavery for another.

  27. Paloma says:

    LeAnn is probably consulting with her lawyer right now.

    • bluhare says:

      My guess is Brandi had lawyers turn that book inside out before it hit the publish deck. Hope they were good, because we all know LeAnn will sue if she can.

      • Izzy says:

        The publisher’s legal team would have vetted the manuscript as well. LeAnn would have to sue them as well, if she wanted to get the book taken out of circulation. And we are talking about deep corporate pockets – between that and Eddie’s spending, I don’t think LeAnn could afford to litigate this.

        Knowing that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Not nice, but oh well. :D

  28. Macey says:

    I was surprised Brandi agreed to sign the ND for the meetings. I could not imagine my ex-husbands new piece dictating anything I do with my kids. No way! I agree with the poster above about everyone saying take the high road, no way in h*ll would I do that. I could see if the other parties involved were reasonable and respectful but LR has been anything but that. She’s truly psychotic.
    Whats funny is LR keeps tweeting how only one side of the “story” is truthful and BG’s is nothing but lies. Im glad BG called them out and said for everyone to take a lie detector test. That machine would blow up from all of LR’s bullsh*t. She truly believes her own lies. I said before that LR has herself convinced that BG & Ediot’s relationship never existed.

    I think LR now has another handle on Radar, there’s a poster “Joe” that seems to be taking the place of “KMD23″ (aka.Leann) over there. too funny KMD23 deleted her account. That one kept commenting that Brandi will “get hers” and tried to start a rumor that BG was involved with a married man. I do truly worry that LR will try to harm Brandi, I hope she at least has a good security system on her house.

    • jessiesgirl says:

      You are so right! I don’t know what I’m enjoying more, the juicy deets or Leann and her one friend’s meltdown trying to make hundreds of comments about how its time to leave Leann alone and how no one is gonna buy Brandi’s book. LMAO!!!!!

      Leann has brought this on herself. If she had just gone on about her life with Eddie, the general public would not hate her. But, her psychotic stalking and harrassing has gotten her into this situation – and she still can’t stop herself! I have no sympathy for her and if she loses everything she has, it will be her fault and exactly what she deserves!

  29. judyjudy says:

    I’ve sworn off these people so many times. I’m so tired of this story but I can’t stop reading the comments. I wont move on to another post and you can’t make me! They’ve gotten their crazy obsessive claws into me and I can’t get away! I can’t stand any of them and yet they have completely taken over part of my brain.

    I need an intervention. Help! LOL!

  30. Dee Cee says:

    This story is part of Brandies life history and that of her children.. why can’t she speak plainly and not care who knows the truth from her experience viewpoint, hello! You can only shelter kids for so long and they want to know the truth .. , Leann is included now, Leann chose to butt in, break up and share this family.. it’s Brandies right to freedom of speech and her way to pursue happiness and warn others of the deception and evilness of mankind .. Amen?

  31. Arock says:

    Omg, I love this! (Clutches pearls and fans face) Brandi is killing it, she pulled a sleeping tiger move. Let Leann over expose and talk about herself till everyone couldn’t take her, let her tweet about the kids and pull all that photo whoring, then Ba-Dow! A book about vag surgery, tire cutting, and dentures. Leann did it to herself, and face it- this is the kind of fruit were all here for.

  32. Little Darling says:

    Thank goodness for Brandi and her trashy, brutally honest way. This book is going to be EPIC, and her digs at Leann are brilliant!

    Brandi, let me put on my sky high heels and give you one hell of a high five!!

    • Alana Fajina says:

      I agree, LD!! Where I come from, you can’t do shameful disgusting things to people and expect ANYONE to “take the high road” in response. This isn’t downtown abbey or some medieval society where women don’t speak until spoken to- with people like L&E, you have no choice but to fight fire with fire.
      Brandi is already a better person than myself (channeling all her hurt into something that others can relate to- trashy/tacky or not,) you would literally be hearing about the bat shit crazy ex-wife that caught a case smashing those oversized dentures in!! I’m from East LA, we don’t play. And YES, call us tacky but at least I’d feel better!! And that would show her NOT to cross me, which is more than fine by me.

    • Christin says:

      There are times that trying to be civil, turning the other cheek, etc., simply does not work. At first I thought this was all very juvenile of both women, but now I think it is a situation that requires a very strong dose of fighting back to get others to stop. And this book is just that.

  33. Rita says:

    I’m particularly entertained by the “Parent Counseling” episode where Eddie has to ask LeAnn’s permission if he can attend which is solely for the benefit of the children. Here is why Brandi says she felt “vindicated”.

    Therapist: “Ms. Rimes, you have to step back, step down, step off and STFU! This is a parenting situation of which you are the primary problem, and you Mr. Cibrian have to grow a pair”.

    LeAnn begins crying right on cue in order to mute the criticism while Eddie “comforts” her wondering “What Have I Done?”.

    I think this whole “Smiley” lawsuit has been a big misunderstanding as well becaue LeAnn doesn’t know the difference between “vindictive” and “vindicated” i.e.,

    “…Brandi, is “vindicated” as fu-king sh-t”!! See the difference?

  34. Jaschintaz says:

    I am still laughing at the “big girl with a flat chest” comment….sad but true :

  35. Lizzie K says:

    It would be epic if Lifetime optioned Brandi’s book for a movie. Lifetime is all about done-wrong women kicking ass and taking names, so this story seems to be a natural fit for them. Plus, Lifetime is where it all began, and it would be some kind of karmic justice if that network produced the movie behind the Northern Lights movie.

  36. good_as_gold says:

    I love it! keep it coming. lay it all on the table, girl.

    When one reads these excerpts you can’t help but feel the raw, pain of infidelity and betrayal. It’s painful and to the core, and Brandi deserves her own justice, in her own way, especially as she has spawned 2 kids to this ratbag.

    What goes around comes around.

  37. Mags says:

    Leann needs to get some serious therapy for her lying problem. It’s out of control, and she can’t even keep up with them all at this point. One minute she has a busted vocal cord, then it’s allergies. Then she cancels a show because she has the flu, but then is getting ready to move, and now just tweeted she is going for a run with someone that runs marathons. idk, but Is running advisable when you have a busted vocal cord and the flu? *rme*

    • Deanne says:

      Yeah, she had the “flu” on Friday and it’s 4 days later and she’s packing to move and running. The flu that’s been going around has been keeping people bedridden for two weeks. I guess she’s just got a really strong immune system built up from fighting all of her dental infections. Or maybe she just can’t stop lying. She outs herself as a liar on Twitter and because of her staging photo ops. Does she think that no one notices? I don’t know exactly what is wrong with LeAnn Rimes, but something is definitely way, way off about that woman.

  38. anon says:

    IM not fond of either woman. Karma is a bitch & unfortunatley Brandi will pay with her sons. Somewhere down the road when there in there teens they may just lose some more respect for there mother & that is sad. That is the karma Brandi & Leanne should both worry about.

    • MonicaQ says:

      Not going to lie, I was far more disappointed with my father when he cheated on my mother after the same situation here (except my grandma got custody of my brother and I). My mom on the other hand got my sympathies. Perhaps it wasn’t public but I was 8 at the time and could very well tell what’s going on.

      They’ll see: Dad cheated on mom with at least 2 people -> Dad married lady he cheated with (even if she is a nice person to them) -> Step mom was mean -> Mom was mean. back

      You can toss in what they might be fed by either three adults but that’s the naked part.

  39. KellyinSeattle says:

    Oversized dentures is about right…
    Keep the info coming!!
    Brandi’s top/dress in the first pic is way too low, but I love her top in the second pic.
    I asked a guy friend if he thought she was pretty and he said, “you’re kidding, right? She’s below average”..he did mention he’s still do her , though.:)

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      Her oversized teeth are why Leann always has her mouth thrust open jack ass style in pics. Her teeth are too large to close her face properly

      • Lola Falana says:

        LeAnn is so unfortunate looking. Those squinty eyes. That horrific nose. And, yes, those big-a*s TEEFS of hers. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why, in many of her pictures, she opens her mouth super-wide and has those choppers front and center.

        It makes her look like a ridiculous and slightly feeble-minded HORSE!

        Also, it is like she is slowly but surely sucking the hotness out of Eddie Cibrian. It looks like he has aged 10 years in the short time he has been with Lunatic LeAnn!

        I hope the money is worth it to him.

        Brandi definitely needs a filter at times, but I still like her. And I LOVE the way she is paying LeAnn back for all of LeAnn’s taunting, stalking, shameless, remorseless, insensitive and TACKY behavior. LeAnn deserves that and MORE!

        Go, Brandi!

      • Alana Fajina says:

        @Lola Falana (love the handle, btw- my ex used to lovingly call me that LOL)
        I have ALWAYS said that Leann is such an unfortunate looking woman. More so than those squnity eyes, I just feel like she has the shape of a 12 yr old boy. ESPECIALLY in that one shot a while ago where she was in this red bikini (forgive me for not linking, I had a big lunch and am being lazy) but she Really has this upside down triangle thing going on and it got me thinking about what old Eddie boy was really into. Brandi is a little skinny for my liking as well, but she is naturally thin. With Leann, you can tell that is not her natural shape so add that to skimpy clothing and it’s just sad. You cannot get rid of broad shoulders like that by working out.

  40. Memphis says:

    Leann has done nothing but rub Brandi’s face in her “winnings” since Eddie slunk his way to her doorstep after his wife threw him out. I’m glad Brandi is getting her chance to shine.

    Leann is desperate for us to believe she and Eddie were destined to be together, drawn together by unstoppable fate and true LovE and she is humiliated that we know the truth…She meant nothing more to him than the rest of his side pieces until he was thrown out by his wife and had no place to go.

    She is his necessity, not his true LovE. She is his bank account, not his one and only, and she is is greatest regret not his greatest LovE.

  41. Holden says:

    I like Brandi, but feel like she should leave the attacks about Leann’s appearance out of it. Leave that to us! It’s amazing how Dean Shermet has been completely left out of this drama, I’d forgotten about him. He must be locked up with an iron clad NDA.

    • Jayna says:

      His wife is successful in her field, and he establishing himself in his field, so why would they want to be in this nonsense? And I highly doubt anyway she would want him (which by association her) drawn into this trashy drama. Even if he didn’t have a NDA, I am pretty sure he would only make a few more snarkier comments than he has now and not want to part of the circus on radaronline and celebitchy and ET.

      A new career he is passionate about that he wants to be taken seriously and build and a wife he loves and is proud of is the best revenge after four years, and the very rare pointed comment when something goads him probably fulfills him enough. The momentary pleasure of telling strangers awful things about LeAnn would fade and not aid his new life in any way, especially careerwise or his own identity apart from LeAnn.

      No one really needs to do a thing. LeAnn and Eddie’s marriage clearly has issues and LeAnn clearly has issues, and as time goes on they will have more problems all on their own anyway.

      • sarah says:

        He signd one, and got a fat settlement out of the deal. He didn’t mind signing, because he didn’t have children with Leann (smart choice!!). Brandi told LeAnn and her hush money to SHOVE IT because she has kids that deserve more than the fairy tale LeAnn has been pushing.

  42. candigirl says:

    My crazy in-law who stalked me and tried to get our kids taken by CPS (she failed, they are happy and healthy and CPS confirmed it) had claimed for many years that her dad had molested her in childhood. She had always been kind of crazy and an exaggerator, so we never believed it about him. He was so gentle and nice and never did anything to our kids, and she always seemed “off” and weirdly narcissistic, like Leann. Well, after the CPS incident failed, she still tried to convince family members and her dad that our kids were “abused.” So we said to her dad, “she’s lied about you abusing her, so of course, she would lie that our kids are abused.” He was surprised we knew about her accusations. He now refuses to answer any questions about it or go with us to family therapy about it. WTF!?! This scares us more than anything yet in this whole ordeal. It makes me think that a big part of Leann’s psycho narcissism and delusional behavior is the result of childhood sexual abuse.

    • Lulu says:

      Oh heck. It could be, but then again, lots of women are sexually abused as children and don’t grow up to be raging narcissists who mow throw other people’s lives with machetes.

      As for your in-law, it sounds like she is still trying to save her child self. So sad! She needs help, and I would not leave your children alone with her dad. Not even ONCE.

      • candigirl says:

        LOL Lulu! @”mow through other people’s lives with machetes.” lololol!!
        I can’t stop laughing at the picture of Leann with that crazy donkey mouth wide open, screaming, clad in a string bikini running around with a machete. (Don’t forget about the ex-lax effect too…hahahahaha)

  43. Baylor says:

    So, apparently from what I read on twitter, DB has gone a bit on a rampage? Said something about Candance too? Anyone know what he said about Candance?

    Maybe his family dislikes DB like they disliked LeAnn. Maybe they are hoping Dean sees the light.

    Also, when did Brandi punch a cutout of LeAnn Rimes?

  44. RHONYC says:

    i do a serious kegel when i think of that vag rejuvenation surg.
    must’ve hurt like hell. gives me the willies. yikes! :-(

  45. sarah says:

    thanks for calling out those who are just “so above it all” so the rest of us can savor every last morsle of this delicious disaster.

  46. TheWendyNerd says:

    I’m starting to become very worried about the enviroent being created for the Cibrian Boys by their mother, father, and step-mother. They seem to be setting an example to take, do and say whatever you want. Make all the vicious comments you want in public, it’s okay to cheat, it’s fine to use children as weapons/pawns in your petty squabbles, as long as you get attention it’s okay. Between the affair, the back and forth insults and Brandi’s rape comments, it’s starting to freak me out. I think all of th need to stop and consider the examples their setting with their words an actions.

  47. Madriani's Girl says:

    Nice stain on the dress, Pig Pen.

  48. truthful says:

    oh yeah, NOT tired of it yet..NOPE.

    poor Dean, he knew, smdh.

    have we heard anything from the “glorious” stepmommy YET??

    Brandi should have decked her at dinner and left her crumpled on the ladies room floor…and threatened to SELL the story if she didn’t keep her mouth shut.

  49. Lauren says:

    Please don’t stop posting on them!! I love Brandi’s little secrets!! She is just giving confirmation to what we have always known…that LeeAnn is CRAZY!!!

  50. Madriani's Girl says:

    If things like this are the things that can be quoted on blogs, I can only imagine what NSFW things in her book can’t be! Wheeeeeeee! Yu know there are tons of them not suitable for places like Celebitchy.

  51. Gabby says:

    Just looking at Leann’s twitter is enough for me to see why Brandi is writing this book. Some newer tweets are things like “why do people write fiction.. Bald faced lies!!” And “my mother in law wrote me a letter saying I’ve been so good to her son and this family”. Ughhh and apparently they’re moving into a new house. Or “OUR house” and Leann puts it. This woman is seriously delusional. This book is gonna send her crazy shenanigans over the edge and I’m almost ashamed to say I can’t wait.

    • Babalon says:

      Pretty much this. I looked over her non-reply tweets for the first time a few days ago. Objectively, they all look like passive-aggressive jabs to provoke an ex.

      Which left me feeling really sad.

    • littlestar says:

      Well, I’ve just spent more time on Twitter today than I ever have before (I don’t have a Twitter account). I tried to look at Dean’s sister’s account (it was private unfortunately), checked out Leann’s, then I decided to check out the account of her “Amejean” friend. I don’t want to come across as mean as I don’t know this Amejean person, but holy F there is truly something wrong with him! He tweets like crazy, most of it doesn’t even make sense, and he seems like a mean bully! I am truly disturbed by reading his Twitter account – but it only makes COMPLETE sense that Leann would surround herself with people like him. He probably tells her everything she wants to hear, and then does the dirty work by attacking Brandi for her.

      Sick. Sick and twisted and completely demented.

  52. meetoo says:

    funny how ppl react diff to the same kind of thing depending on who it is….i’m reminded of Jen and Angie.. same circumstance… diff villan…hmmm interesting

    • Juliette says:

      I think the difference lies in the fact that Angelina had the sense to stay quiet. Leann has been throwing it in Brandi’s face since day one. From her passive aggressive tweets, to pictures, to having her followers tweet private details that only Leann & Eddie could have known.

      Also, when Brad & Jen broke up there wasn’t kids involved. Leann has used those kids as tools to hurt Brandi since day one. Just by the stuff we have actually witnessed, imagine what goes on behind the scenes that Brandi has stayed quiet about.

      This is most likely the reason that Leann gets so much scorn. She is a remorseless, vengefull person.

      • greenieweenie says:

        Srsly, Angie barely commented on it. There was some shade when she talked about the timeline of when she and Brad fell in love…and that was the closest she got to it. She didn’t constantly fuel the fire. She didn’t respond (neither did Brad) when Jennifer Aniston made her comments about how it “wasn’t cool” and Brad was missing a “sensitivity chip.” They just let it go. As adults do. Because beating Jennifer down in public doesn’t have anything to do with their relationship. Only the mind of someone like LeAnn would make that connection. If I found myself in this situation–knowing that I made a mistake–I’d die before I’d dig my own grave further. But L seems like she’s never had anyone call her on her own BS, so, not surprising she can’t stop herself.

  53. tabasco says:

    if even 1/10th of this stuff about leann’s unnecessarily cruel behavior is true, it makes little difference that brandi is a nutjob and she (leann) deserves everything coming her way. i agree that the blame goes to both eddie and leann, but there is something “extra” in the way leann has apparently been so incredibly and intentionally hurtful – she is a some-kind-of-path, not sure which!

  54. Ashley says:

    I don’t like either of them…but this much I know is true..Leann screwed her husband and then went on to marry him and use her kids as tools to make her jealous. That is not a classy girl…from the interviews I have seen Leann do, I think that she is self absorbed, fake and a calculating, manipulative bitch. Sorry, I call em like I see em.

    • Christin says:

      My personal opinion (going back to the 1990s) is that she always seemed a tad arrogant. She was probably catered to and never heard the word “no,” given that she was the child “star” breadwinner. CMT has a great article online from December 2000 outlining the lawsuit and countersuit with her own father (she was about 18 at the time). The countersuit allegations make her sound spoiled and frivolous with money, to say the least.

  55. why? says:

    It was hypocritical of Leann and Eddie to make Brandi sign the CA because Leann was on twitter talking about their “blended family” therapy sessions and doing radio interviews about it. Leann first broke the silence on the therapy just a day after it happened because she and one of her fans were on twitter making passive aggressive digs at Brandi.

  56. LL says:

    I am kind of loving these juicy, dirty details. Karma’s a bitch, though LeAnn and how you get him is how you’ll lose him.

  57. K-rock says:

    LOL@ oversized dentures! haha Brandi cracks me up haha. You just know Meann is stewing and brewing hehehe

  58. cam S says:

    I wonder if Eddie had to audition in front of Leann for Northern lights? Thinking if she had say in picking out her co-star, he probably flirted with her to get the job. Bet he did, and she pounced on that. Heard that Brandi has a recording of Ed admitting he found Leann unattractive. I don’t care if my man said that to make his ex feel better or whatever the circumstance, but I would not be with him after that.

    • Juliette says:

      Oh, for the love of all that is fair and holy I want Brandi to release the recording.

      It’s one thing for Leann to have heard about it but to actually HEAR it in the press? That would be just some more well deserved karma. You can’t act like a b*tch and not expect to reap the consequences.

  59. Grace says:

    These poor boys. This is going to be awful for them. I can just imagine the teasing they’re getting over these three idiots.

    • greenieweenie says:

      oh, that’s a stretch. Isn’t the oldest like, 9? I don’t think even 9-year-old girls are sitting around devouring celebrity gossip–at best, they might be on Just Jared, Jr. They’re consumed with Demi Lovato…LeAnn Rimes isn’t part of any celebrity circle they’ve ever heard of. So I doubt that’s on their radar.

  60. Sarah says:

    Screw being dignified, all people (not just women) who are cheated on should behave exactly like this! I am never ever going to get tired of these quotes.

  61. d says:

    I wish this trio would just stop now. It’s too much.

  62. Baylor says:

    I can’t help but wonder if the reason LeAnn did press/media for Spitfire so early is because she knew Brandi’s book would be coming out and she didn’t want to have to answer questions about the content of the book. She didn’t want to chance having to answer questions about the frosting incident, etc.

    • Rita says:

      You are exactly correct. When LeAnn was doing interview after interview I was wondering what the hell she was doing. I knew it wasn’t about her album because she only mentioned it in passing and it wasn’t due out for 3 months.

      Her interviews and “cry me a river tour” was all about getting out front. Wonderfully, she got out front of Brandi’s super bus and got her arse run over.

  63. kiyoshigirl says:

    Given the choices he’s made, clearly Eddie isn’t too bright; however he made the right decision to require the confidentiality agreement. Take into consideration all we’ve heard and just imagine if Brandi’s vindication tour included info from the therapy sessions!! This is a woman who is purging and purging and purging…a marriage bulimic if you will.

    • why? says:

      The threat of making public whatever came up during those sessions came from Leann, not Brandi. Leann was giving radio interviews about her therapy sessions with Brandi and was even on twitter taking digs at Brandi soon after the sessions started, indicating that she was already discussing with her fans went on during those therapy sessions. Leann wasn’t worried about what was going to come out during those sessions, she was just trying to control it so that she would be the first to leak that information. Eddie and Leann place restrictions on Brandi, that they themselves are not following. Brandi should have requested that Leann and Eddie also sign CA because Leann and Eddie took advanatage of that situation.

  64. Melissa says:

    Celebitchy! I have stay at home wife hydrometer and these stories keep me entertained! Please keep them coming. Also, just have to point it out… Does anyone remember Leann’s song “commitment?” I dislike her more every day….way to stick to your commitment, Leann.

  65. Zooyork says:

    “..Laughed through her oversized dentures..”

  66. Snowpea says:


    Look I love Brandi. HWeird is full of fake, backstabbing freaks and Brandi is singlehandedly taking on the biggest freak of them all.

    If Leann just laid low for a couple of years this would all have blown over and we now would all be sitting here going ‘Brandi who?’

    But as it is, Leann is as bonkers as they come and she is now reaping what she sowed. And, sadly, I am loving every second of it! :)

    I hope so much Brandi makes a couple of mil, buys herself a cute little house wherever she likes. I wanna see Leann finding herself bankrupt, Eddie leaving her, Brandi and Eddie going back to being amicable co-parents and the kids growing up happy and healthy.

    I love this story so much because it’s a FAIRY TALE PEOPLE! The wicked witch DOES get shoved into the oven in the end, a la Hansel and Gretel.

  67. Bella Bella says:

    Oversized Dentures!! lololololol
    Brandi for the Win!

  68. skuddesl says:

    Brandi’s crack about MeAnn’s teeth is so bang on. It’s as though her densist looked at her mouth and thought… hmmm… let’s give this little horsey a new set of hay chompers.

    No offense to horses anywhere… least of all mine! :D

  69. claire says:

    i just gotta say that this page contains some of the best one-liners EVER about this whole saga.

    Bravo, Ladies!(and gents??) LMAO over here.

  70. Christin says:

    Brandi’s description (including the dentures reference) gives me a vivid mental image of what transpired. I can envision it perfectly. The only thing I can’t attach to it is whether LeAnn used her former or current speaking voice. I’m thinking it had a Southern twang, which would be the former.

  71. Kosmos says:

    Okay, I just don’t know why in the world that Eddie Cibran is worth all of the dirt that’s going down…if he would do this to his wife, then wouldn’t you want to be rid of him, even though painful? No matter how bad LeAnn acted or what she and Eddie did, you cannot stop people from doing what they will do, you can only leave the situation behind as much as possible. It’s humiliating, and Brandi has to now share her children, but she needs to let it all go at some point…?

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Eddie is worth absolutely nothing, in any sense of any word. But Brandi can’t just back off. Eddie is allowing people like Darrell Brown, who curses and insults Brandi publicly to sit down and have talks with Brandi’s sons. Darrell has tweeted this. He allows his psycho wife to put his and Brandi’s five year old on a bike without a helmet or training wheels on a public street. You could go on for hours about what this moron allows to happen to his kids. He lets Leann’s rabid fans around his sons. Brandi is fighting for those kids because someone needs to advocate for them. I myself would have taken legal action a long time ago. It goes beyond Eddie and Leann being insensitive jerks. They are happy to use the little boys as pawns and put them in any dangerous situation they see fit. And they want Brandi gone. You can see it.

  72. crtb says:

    I’m am so tired of these two women.
    Just go on with your lives.

  73. hatekyle says:

    Brandi is fun. And to Eddie a lesson learned: the p*$$y you chewed on came back to bite you…and rejuvenated!

  74. Jennifer12 says:

    You can’t be reasonable when dealing with crazy people. My God, Eddie is allowing Leann to make decisions for these children and Darrell Brown to tweet whatever he likes about them? Of course Brandi has to step up. This isn’t about an affair, which was wrong and cruel, but would have eventually been dealt with civilly. This is about someone who from day one was making sure Brandi knew that Eddie was hers now, and too bad if that wedding ring was still on her finger. Are you surprised that someone like that felt that she could be a co-parent within months of an affair? Leann’s mother has been painting pictures of the boys on her walls for heaven’s sake. Brandi has had to deal with Eddie being a jerk (he’s more than that- a sociopathic, vindictive, cruel monster) but she’s had to deal with Leann’s attempts to push her out of her own sons’ lives because Leann wants Brandi to cease to exist. Dean is a lovely man, but he had no kids with her and could leave without worry (and probably relief). Brandi, due to the fact that the father of her kids is a complete POS, has to deal with the crazy witch who helped kill her marriage attempting to take over her sons’ lives, literally within weeks of separating. And to have the mistress’ BFF decide he’s a co-parent, too. And then have the mistress’ mother decide she is their grandmother now. If anyone came at my kids and my motherhood the way Leann and her minions do, I’d be up on a tower with a rifle.

  75. AmyB says:

    Brandi deserves every chance to tell her side of the story. Do you ever consider Jen Aniston, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt never talked this much about them getting together. Not that Leann and Eddie can even compare to Angelina and Brad. A listers and D listers. Go figure.

    I know Brandi must come off as a bitch but as woman scorned once, the shoe fits. Leann is getting everything deserving to her. Leanne and Eddie were not modest in their affair and admitted so later. Of anyone in this this D list fiasco I have the most respect for Dean, Leann’s ex husband, never said a bad thing ever, what a class act. Best wishings for his new marriage. Too bad these people can not follow in his footsteps. BTW. his wife is so much cuter :) Go Dean :)

  76. Deanne says:

    LeAnn really is insane. She’s now saying on Twitter that she did a five mile run after her miraculous, immediate, recovery from being deathly ill with the flu and went to a, wait for it, pole dancing class. Seriously, she is a stalker and even more off of her rocker than I thought. Someone commented that LeAnn would be pole dancing because Brandi did it on RHOB and they were right. She doesn’t even copy privately. She announces it proudly. She actually is starting to scare me.

    • brin says:

      Yeah, she really is desperate for attention and she just doesn’t seem to care how psycho she comes off.

    • Jayna says:

      LOL I had to laugh. Brandi has a pole-dancing segment last week and this week, Monday night. So Tuesday LeAnn takes a pole-dancing class and now mentions it specifically. Then when called out, she says she’s mentioned it before, check her feed, calling the poster obssessed. If she even did, it was years ago. I doubt she did. But out of the blue she runs and takes one. Some would call it taunting Brandi. I I more so think she is too obssessed with just proving to herself and everyone she too pole dances, like Brandi, and is sexy for her man, too nuts to realize what a joke she looks like posting about it the day after the show when Brandi was swinging around on it. How sad. LeAnn runs down there to take a class the day after the show and tweet the name of the place and everything and she’s going again it looks like Friday. (Or is that running)? There is no hope for her living off twitter.

      Right, ET, your source stated Eddie and LeAnn aren’t focused on Brandi and what she’s doing. They are just living their lives. Well, maybe Eddie is. LOL

      • Margarita says:

        Im not sure if this part is true but I heard that it was the same exact pole dancing place Brandi went on RHOBH to prepare for her gig…. I wish I wasn’t so lazy otherwise I would confirm but she tweeted the name of the place for anyone who wants to check

  77. greenieweenie says:

    LeAnn’s behavior is appalling, of course, but I do hate to see the blame for homewrecking placed always on the female. What’s so refreshing about Brandi’s account is that while she doesn’t shy away from bashing LeAnn, she fills you in on just how gross Eddie is too. Balance is restored. If anything, LeAnn behaves so badly because Eddie allows her. He *must*: there’s no way their relationship would’ve endured as long as it has if he’d had a problem with her behavior and she’d continued with it. He tolerates it, at the very least, so he’s as responsible for damaging their kids as LeAnn’s drama queen ways are. Brandi comes off as the only sane one in this relationship–she definitely seems the one who was hurt the most and she isn’t reflexively defensive about her behavior (she can admit when she’s wrong).