Kylie and Kendall Jenner: “we don’t remember what it’s like to be normal kids”

Kylie and Kendall Jenner (Kris Jenner’s youngest daughters at 15 and 17 and the future hope for the Kardashian/Jenner brand) are interviewed in the March issue of Glamour. The issue features Dakota Fanning on the cover. Inside, they kind of contradict each other in that Kendall, 17, says she doesn’t like to deal with paparazzi or jealous people while Kylie, 15, seems to be more involved with and excited about the family business. I get the impression that Kendall could take it or leave it and that Kylie is ready for her close up. For what it’s worth they both work as models and appear on the family reality show.

Glamour: Your family leads such a public life. Is that a good thing?
Kylie: Our family is closer because of the show. And when we are older, we’ ll have the memories on tape. If some of those moments hadn’t been filmed, I wouldn’t remember them!
Kendall: We appreciate everything that we have, but we don’t remember what it’s like to be normal kids who aren’t harassed by the paparazzi. I hate that. We’re underage girls. I don’t want to be followed by random men I don’t know. It can also be hard to deal with other kids who are jealous or mean. I can’t post a picture on Instagram without being criticized.
Kylie: No one really knows what we are like. People read about us on Twitter, but they don’t know what we do all day long. We don’t really have privacy, but we have an aspect that people don’t know about.

Glamour: What do you learn from each of your sisters?
Kendall: If we’re fighting, we call Khloé. She’s our peacemaker. Kourtney keeps us down-to-earth.
Kylie: Kim teaches us how to deal with the spotlight.

Glamour: Any style or beauty tips?
Kendall: I think a natural look is prettier. I rarely wear makeup, but we always wear sunscreen on our faces.
Kylie: I love leather pants. I’m obsessed with leather right now.

Glamour: We have to ask: Do you ever think about the fact that your last name isn’t Kardashian?
Kendall: We’re full-throttle Jenners! We don’t have any desire to be Kardashians.
Kylie: All that matters is that we’re a family.

[From Glamour]

If Kendall isn’t into playing the fame game and is upset by people being rude on Instagram, I would say she could stop posting stuff online publicly and only share her photos and tweets with friends and family. That’s probably not an option for her, and I bet there’s a huge amount of pressure on her, particularly from her mother, to keep up appearances.

As for their home life, there are longstanding rumors that their parents, Kris and Bruce Jenner, basically hate each other and are living apart. Radar has a recent story that Kris and Bruce don’t sleep in the same room and that they’re staying together for Kylie and Kendall’s sake, basically. A source tells Radar that “They’re not going to do anything to possibly disrupt the girls’ lives. Kris remembers how her divorce from Robert Kardashian impacted her older kids, and she doesn’t want to do that to Kylie and Kendall.” That’s ripe if it’s true. It’s way more disruptive to put all her kids on camera, take them out of school and pimp them out constantly, but in Kris’ mind she’s doing her daughters a great service by continuing to act like she can tolerate her browbeaten husband. I’m kind of sad for these girls.

Oh and there were recent rumors that I never heard that Kendall isn’t really Bruce’s daughter. It wouldn’t be surprising considering how much Kris Jenner gets around. In response to that, Kendall, 15, went on Twitter to defend her mom. She wrote “It sickens me how editors of a magazine can proudly write a story denying that a 15 year olds father is actually hers. Yes, my father is my father and no my parents aren’t getting a divorce. You guys can’t believe any of these magazines.. It’s all bullsh*t.” I vaguely remember being 15 years old and being mortified by minor things that seem ridiculous to me now. Can you imagine having to deal with tabloid rumors about your family – at 15?! That’s definitely not normal.

Photos are credit Glamour mag and Event photos from 12-15-12 and 12-3-12.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Well that shame lays with your pimp…I mean mother and your ball-less father. This whole article makes me want to puke. It’s a wonder Kris hasn’t auctioned off their viginity yet. What a sicko family.

  2. Riana says:

    Every child that comes out of that family is cursed, sad to say, and I see the writing on the wall for the daughter who isn’t a model (read: can’t be marketed and sold as easily).

    I suspect she’ll end up like Rob Kardashian, with no one caring what she does or doesn’t do since she’s not a ‘star’.

  3. gee says:

    They are the updated hilton sisters.

  4. Darlene says:

    I like it that they said “we’re full-throttle Jenners, we don’t want to be Kardashians”. <3

  5. Zoe says:

    They are looking like children of the corn. Soulless creatures with dead eyes. BTW I’m pretty sure that they will sue their mother in next few years for fraud or stealing money. Mark my words.

  6. GoodCapon says:

    Kylie looks like she’s always hanging on to Kendall for dear life.

    Kendall’s very pretty but she’s too thin: in the last photo she looks like a bobblehead.

  7. T.C. says:

    These two have no chance of escaping from the family business.

  8. someone says:

    lol i love how kim’s only valuable advice is teaching them how to stay out of the spotlight. she is as vapid as she appears.

  9. dorothy says:

    They make money for their mom, of course they are Kardashians. Kris doesn’t have kids, she has money-makers. It’s all about her 10%. Such a sad family.

    • Annie says:

      To be honest it’s really not that bad. I know everyone calls Kris a horrible pimp but she is smart. Paris Hilton wishes she could’ve made those deals because God knows she had tons of fans but she didn’t know how to keep it going. Kris knows how.

      Kris is good at business not just attention whoring, which is not enough. And she’s not a literal pimp like Dina lohan. THAT is an actual pimp that sells her daughter.

      I mean she created million dollar careers for them. Dina wishes she could negotiate like that but alas she’s only good at renting her own kid to the highest bidders. Kris doesn’t deserve that label, let’s be fair, it’s wrong and grosd, and it’s not like these women don’t enjoy the spotlight.

      I don’t enjoy them but calling her a pimp when we know real pimps are in Hollywood, and we know what Dina does to Lindsay, is wrong.

  10. Talie says:

    Kendall could have a legit career as a real model, but it seems like she’s strapped to her little sister with all this other media crap.

  11. lucy2 says:

    “I think a natural look is prettier.” Good luck with that, kid. Your mom will probably have you injecting and tweaking your face by the time you hit 20.
    It’s really, really sad that the one looks at their fake show as real memories of their family time together.

  12. Anna says:

    Why do they look in different directions in all the photos, is it that difficult?

  13. Joan says:

    Yeah right.we know that is not possible.kendal and kylie here is a reality check,without the last name kardashian you guys would never have seen a runway and you wont have the slightest opportunity to design,you just have to get used to it.

  14. Murphy says:

    Kylie is the one who had to defend Bruce’s paternity-not Kendall.

  15. PeaSoup says:

    The one always on the right (don’t know her name, don’t care)is really unfortunate looking. woof.

  16. some bitch says:

    So, what sort of talent(s) do these girls have again?

    • Annie says:

      Making money. People with actual talents can’t make as much money. People with college degrees don’t know how to make money most of the times. Definitely a talent and a skill to make millions.

      Honestly, as unfair as it is, it takes a special kind of weasel to know how to hustle and get great deals, and this family sure has that gene. It’s impressive.

      If being attention whores was all this family needed, so many reality stars wouldn’t be broke today.

  17. Lolly says:

    Kylie needs to really reconsider this modelling thing. It’s a harsh business & lets face it she’s nit that cute. Also she seems like she’s really thirsty for fame. Isn’t she dating so budget Australian popstar? She’s a future Kim. I just wanna whisk Kendall away from this toxic family. I really like her

  18. G. says:

    I will say they’re both very pretty, especially Kendall. It’s a shame that they won’t get a concrete education. I’ve always thought the best gift you could ever give a child was an education, so it’s very surreal and sickening to watch their own mother take that from them. It makes me grateful that my parents are willing to support me and my future.
    Kris is a sad excuse for a parent. I feel terrible, these kids never had a chance.

  19. DeltaJuliet says:

    Am I reading it right that the girl who looks like a model doesn’t like the spotlight (supposedly—ugh), but the younger one who is cute, but not model-pretty, likes the attention? That seems like a recipe for disaster…..

  20. elceibeno08 says:

    I can’t hate on this girls just yet. I have a rule: don’t criticize underage celebrities. Now when they turn 18 and they start acting like wonton famewhores like their older sister Kim, then I will join the school of pirahnas blogging here and I will shred them to bits.

  21. erika says:

    I relate, I totally get it…”I don’t remember what it was like to be a famewhoring, talentless, camera whore either.”

    great. Just when you thought we could eradicate the Kar-Roachians we’ve got the second coming of KimK…KimK part II, the sequel.

    God, and if they don’t want to be Kardashians then run to the barber and CHOP OFF all that God damn hair down to your p****y! these chicks look like Elvira am I right? not everyone can pull off the Marcia Brady look…

    I cannot STAND the long ass hair, it’s SOO unflattering. Considering that these gals are so ‘fashion fwd’ (cough, cough Kim? Really?) they should get a more stylish, shorter haircut.

  22. dagdag says:

    Question: Did the Jenner girls ever pose for the Kardashian Kollektion?

  23. elisa says:

    It was not Kendall who went on Twitter to defend her mom but Kylie. I get why you can get confused by those K. :D

  24. MsAubra says:

    “And when we are older, we’ ll have the memories on tape”


  25. mac says:

    Kendall is 17, Kylie is 15. The last paragraph is off.

  26. Adrien says:

    Don’t know which one is Kylie or Kendall but I feel bad for the Jenner girl who gets described as the non-model looking one. I actually find the face of the smaller girl more interesting than the taller one whose face is very beautiful but very commercial like the ones you see on generic beauty product boxes or Australian kitchen appliances commercials.

  27. Lindsay says:

    I think Kylie (??? the shorter one) is really gorgeous. The other one is pretty, no doubt, but in a boring way.

  28. Luxe says:

    I can understand the appeal of this life for these teens (popularity, money, life as a model), but this family is complete trash. The writing is on the wall for them, and their father needs to step up and put his foot down.

    I can’t stand anything Kardashian (except for blog stories b/c the comments are hilarious), but here’s hoping the sister they emulate the most is Kourtney aka the least repulsive one.