Courteney Cox to guest star on Matthew Perry’s sitcom ‘Go On’: stunt casting or cool?

This story reminds me that I haven’t been keeping up with “Go On,” Matthew Perry’s new sitcom on NBC. I saw the first handful of episodes, and it’s a nice “feel good” comedy that isn’t a standout. Perry is very good it in and it’s great to see him on the small screen again. Overall I think I stopped watching because I just forgot that I had subscribed to it on Hulu Plus. I have so many different devices and options for watching shows that if I don’t DVR them I end up forgetting about them.

Here’s a little reminder to those of us who enjoy this show and those who are looking for a new sitcom, Courteney Cox is going to guest star! Chandler and Monica together again, yay! The former on-screen couple will go on a date together that is sure to be awkward. Perry plays a widower and he gets set up with Courteney’s character. I doubt it will end up lasting for their characters, Courteney is pretty busy with her own sitcom, but I’m actually looking forward to this. Here’s more:

NBC’s freshman comedy Go On is staging its first onscreen Friends reunion, with Courteney Cox checking in for an episode of the Matthew Perry comedy, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Cox will join Perry, her former onscreen husband Chandler Bing on Friends, for an episode set to air in April. Cox play a character who meets Anne (Julie White), who then tries to set her up with Perry’s Ryan. It marks the duo’s first small-screen reunion since the Emmy-winning NBC comedy ended its 10-season run in 2004.

For Cox, who stars on TBS’ Cougar Town, the Go On guest stint also marks a reunion with former Friends executive producer Scott Silveri, with whom she worked on the series from 1996 through its final season.

This marks the latest Friends reunion for Cox, who has also guest starred on Lisa Kudrow’s Showtime adaptation Web Therapy (David Schwimmer has appeared as well). Kudrow, meanwhile, also appeared on an episode of Cougar Town during the comedy’s run on ABC, as did Jennifer Aniston, the latter of whom also guest starred on Cox’s FX comedy, Dirt. (Schwimmer, meanwhile, directed two episodes of Friends spinoff Joey, starring Matt LeBlanc.)

[From The Hollywood Reporter]

I’m a 90s girl at heart, and I kind of love how all the Friends alums have stuck up for each other over the years. (Gah I almost wrote “been there for each other” and that song started playing in my head on a loop. It’s still there!) Call me a sap, but I’ll watch Courteney and Matthew together again, and I may even carve out the time to catch up with the rest of the “Go On” episodes I missed. It’s not as side-splitting entertaining a comedy as say, “New Girl,” almost nothing is (except “Community,” more on that in a moment) but it’s funny enough and watchable. It’s way better than “Cougar Town” that’s for sure.

Also, “Community” is finally coming back this Thursday, tomorrow, on NBC at 8pm. They didn’t pay me to plug that or anything, NBC is too back-asswards to pay any bloggers for promotion for that wonderful show they keep shoving to the side. At least there’s another season left for us to enjoy before we’re stuck with re-runs.

As for whether there’s going to be a Friends movie/reunion/anything, I checked Matthew Perry’s twitter and he tweeted this image below, which got me super excited. Then I read his caption “There is zero truth to this rumor. but Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!” Damnit.

Photos below are of Courteney Cox on 1-30-13, credit: Pacific Coast News and Matthew Perry on 7-24-12, credit: Love his faces!

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  1. Lulu says:

    I miss Courtney Cox. She has fallen prey to Madamism.

  2. allons-y alonso says:

    Chandler will forever be my favourite Friend.

  3. bea says:

    That’s a pretty harsh photo of Courteney. She needs to come to grips with her age – you can’t be / look 20 years old forever.

    Frankly, I’m shocked that they keep giving Matthew Perry new shows bc they are always terrible.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Bea, who wrote: “That’s a pretty harsh photo of Courteney. She needs to come to grips with her age – you can’t be / look 20 years old forever.”

      There but for Brad Pitt would be Jennifer Aniston … with the same advice.

      And @Bea, who also wrote: “Frankly, I’m shocked that they keep giving Matthew Perry new shows bc they are always terrible.”

      Awww … I like Matthew Perry and I ‘love’ “Go On.” :) I think he and Jason Bateman are two extremely underrated actors.

  4. K-rock says:

    Oh Courtney, those chicken cutlet cheeks are soooo hideous. I think people that have more meat on them can pull them off but really skinny (like the Madonna debacle) just makes them look older. She was so beautiful, I hate what she’s done to herself. </3

  5. Sketches says:

    Go On is a great show, and I encourage people to take a look. Matthew Perry is always fun to watch, but it’s the cast that really makes this show come together.

  6. Miss Kiki says:

    CB bite your tongue. Cougar Town is great. JenAn(bleugh)and Lisa Kudrow have both made appearances on previous seasons. Did anyone round here catch Matthew Perry on The Good wife last season? he was fantastic, it’s the first time that I’ve watched him in something and not thought it was just him being Chanandler Bong.

  7. littlemissnaughty says:

    I’m actually watching Friends right now. :-D I love that show, it’s still the best of the 90′s sitcoms. *sigh* I think I’m getting old.

    Anyway, that’s a rough picture of CC. Yikes. She needs to stop with whatever she’s doing because it’s NOT making her prettier.

  8. Shira says:

    Those latest pictures of Courtney will forever haunt me.

  9. GeeMoney says:

    WTF happened to her FACE?!?!? She used to be so pretty.

  10. judyjudy says:

    Ooof…girl is looking rough.

  11. RobN says:

    I really like Go On. It’s quirky funny and kind of weird and it’s really grown on me. I also like the way the Friends cast has stuck together; no nasty stories, no backstabbing, people who actually liked each other. It’s refreshing.

  12. KellyinSeattle says:

    I have to say I’m not a sitcom fan, and Go On and Friends are both on my not favorite list. Friends especially is irking; my husband used to watch it but I’d have to leave; I couldn’t stand it. Maybe Justin Theroux and Jen could make a guest appearance. I hope Matthew Perry is successful, though; I think he seems like a good enough guy, and Courtney, like everyone says, needs to stop using sandpaper on her face. p.s. any sitcom is better than Two Broke Girls, IMO….on the other hand, I’m 44 and still watch Brady Bunch and Happy Days re-runs :)

  13. d says:

    I hope Matthew Perry’s show stays…it’s good humour and he’s good at what he does. You know, he’s had lots of problems, but he also seems the most real. Well, maybe LeBlanc and Kudrow. And Schwimmer. Dang it. They’ve all done pretty well. Schwimmer’s a pretty good director too.

  14. valleymiss says:

    Chandler Bing was always my favorite Friends character. I loved Chandler and Monica together…such an inspired story line. One of my all-time favorite episodes was “The One Where Everybody Finds Out” where Phoebe and Chandler play chicken with each other to see who’s gonna admit the affair first.

    I like Go On…but (and I’ve said this before), the title is stupid and forgettable. I know…it’s the phrase a therapist says to a patient. But it’s stupid. I think they should have gone with something like “Group Therapy” or something as the title. Anyway, Matthew Perry is a very gifted comic actor. There’s not much I wouldn’t watch him in.

  15. holly hobby says:

    Looking at Courtney’s new face with the old pictures makes me sad. The picture where she’s puckering her lips makes her look like a bargain basement Octomom – as if that’s even possible!

    Stop injecting crap into your face Courtney.

  16. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    They were my favorite 2 characters on Friends, so it would be nice to see them acting together again, they had cute chemistry together.

  17. Brittney says:

    CB, you may not see this but I would LOVE a breakdown of your favorite shows this season. Your wit and taste are spot-on, and I would love to hear your viewing picks as well.

    (I work for Nielsen and am naturally exposed to pretty much every show in existence, but once I get home I don’t know what to watch and end up choosing old series on Netflix. I’m sure all of us would benefit from a review or two!!)

    • Becky1 says:

      Looking at old pics of Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry makes me kind of sad and nostalgic. I was never a huge “Friends” fan but it was such a popular show when I was in my 20′s…I look at old pics of them and it reminds me of when I was young, too.

      Boy, do I sound pathetic-welcome to 40 LOL. It’s such a cliche, but it all goes by so fast. Twentysomethings and early thirtysomethings…enjoy and treasure your youth(: