Kristen Stewart wants to “give up” on her relationship with Robert Pattinson

Ever since Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were reportedly seen out together on Golden Globes night, there have been widespread reports of their split. Soon after the Globes, Rob flew to Australia and Kristen has stayed in LA, I think. So, with their physical separation from each other, the tabloids have been having a field day theorizing how and when and why they would breakup. Most of the reports follow the same “Make A Twihard Wish” pattern – that Rob is over this whole thing and he wants a break and he’s fooling around with Aussie girls while he’s away from Kristen. But is that really what’s happening? What we know of Rob… does that sound like him? Or is he the same old “nice guy” being led around by the nose by She Who Lip-Bites? So… Radar claims that Kristen is probably going to dump Rob! Sounds more realistic.

Kristen Stewart is planning to end her rekindled romance with Robert Pattinson, as she believes he is no longer committed to dating her, a source close to the actress tells exclusively. As we previously reported, the On the Road star has been complaining that she feels “neglected” by the actor — and the source says, Stewart believes the time has now come for both of them to finally admit that it’s just not working out.

Meanwhile, the recently reconciled pair, who split last year after Kristen, 22, was caught in a steamy and very public clinch with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, are throwing themselves into their work in a bid to delay addressing the inevitable split.

“The truth is, it’s really over between them, no matter how hard they try to fix it,” the source tells Radar. “Rob’s tried so hard to forgive, but it seems he just can’t forget what Kristen did to him and how she publicly shamed him. When he flew to Australia to start work on The Rover their relationship was pretty much in the air. I think the only reason they got back together in the first place was because all they really know is each other.

“But now, Rob seems to be having second thoughts and wondering if it’s all really worth it — and Kristen totally gets that. She was initially annoyed that he wasn’t giving it his all, but she realizes that it’s difficult for him to get over her cheating.

“Kristen thinks the only thing she can do is just give it up as it’s not working,” the source reveals. “She’s now planning the best way to implicate the breakup.”

[From Radar]

Just dump him, fast and dirty. If Kristen really cared about his long-term well-being, I think something quick and final would be the best, although I doubt she’ll go that way. Kristen seems like the type to draw things out, partly because she’s not the most emotionally mature, and partly because she’s worried about how she’ll “look” in the long run. I mean, if she’s seen as the girl who not only cheated on Sparkles but then dumped him after he had forgiven her? Yeah. There are a lot of people who would never forgive her.

Photos courtesy of Vanity Fair, W Magazine.

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  1. Lulu says:

    That was a hell of a sexy photo shoot, no?

    That is all.

  2. emmie_a says:

    Do they mean she wants to end her contract with Rob? This relationship was never real to begin with. It was all for publicity and it worked – but they don’t need the publicity now so why keep up the charade?

    • Ann says:

      She clinges onto him because they are both irrelevant without each other. Their image is based on being Edward and Bella and they have milked it for far too long.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Thank you! Exactly.
      The contract will come to an end soon, so it’s time to start circulating those break up rumours. It will be interesting to see which part will do the “dumping”.

      Do you think they worked out that detail already or not yet?

      Also, @Ann, that is why I am convinced that the minicoopering wasn’t an accident. My guess is both her and her team knew she couldn’t be Bella forever, so she needed a new image (one that possibly reinforced her straightness :D ): “The Vixen/Villain/Mini-cooperer”. Just how I see it.

      • mln76 says:

        Mini coopering was totally an accident. I don’t get why people don’t see that clearly.
        The relationship was hyped up as an epic love for publicity when it was probably at most a f***k buddy situation.
        She was caught in a candid moment with someone she was actually passionate about and it ruined that facade.
        I think what happened to Rupert’s marriage makes that pretty clear.

      • T.C. says:

        The mini Coopering was the first time I’ve seen her look that happy. Those pictures are evidence of real intimacy that I’ve never seen her have with Pattinson. I think getting caught was an accident with two cheaters looking for more thrills.

      • mia girl says:

        I agree that “Mini-Cooper seen round the world” was a reckless act by two horny people and not a staged act.

        And to your point T.C. about Krisen looking happy, there was a great piece in Gawker when the scandal first broke, that joked it was the first time Kristen ever smiled. The Gawker take on it is one of my favorite about the scandal. Hilarious.

      • Anname says:

        Ah yes, the “contract”, that controls their lives for 5 years. Totally legal I am sure. So very likely to exist.

      • RocketMerry says:

        LOL, @Anname such a contract can exist, and in fact is a most typical HW tool used to ensure that certain behaviours be held in public. Again, this practice does not only apply to Steward and Pattinson and was not invented yesterday :)

        For the others, didn’t mean to upset anyone, it’s just my opinion! If it wasn’t planned, than it worked in the direction the Stew-team already planned to go with (dark, broody, villain-y, unapologetic and all that), which I guess makes them lucky.

      • Anname says:

        Rocket merry, lol, there are behavioral requirements in contracts of course, that is hardly the same as a studio forcing you to fake an entire relationship for 5 years. So yes, lol back at you. This is not 1955 anymore. What happens if they stay together? Does that mean the contract goes on until the box set is released?

      • Annie says:

        As good as it was for them to be together and they both benefited from it financially and PR wise maybe, such personal contracts are not legal. A deal maybe, a legal contract? Never. You cannot force a person to live the life you want for the sake of the studio because 1) Summit is not a huge studio like WB. It’s not like huge money is at stake. The franchise made big bucks before they got together. 2) This isn’t MGM in the 1940′s. And they are not Judy Garland. 3) The way things are now studios don’t even have morality clauses anymore. Because you cannot tell people how to live their lives or what to do.

        I’m sure they have been asked to wait for a break up or play nice to not tarnish promo season but going as far as forcing them together for money? No. Making it to be more than it ever was for publicity? Yeah, that is a big possibility too and they would agree to it because fans love them together and they started to enjoy being aspiring A-listers. Everyone wins.

      • Jade says:

        I agree — funny how now that the Saga is over, we are seeing that they are ‘drifting apart’ which has always been the plan, I’m sure. However, I don’t doubt there will be a couple more PR dates or sightings just before the dvd release. I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes a ‘surprise’ trip to Australia just in time to push BD2.

      • lolab says:

        RM: such contracts can exist, but the level of naive conspiracy theories that are veiled with “this is how hollywood works” are rampant in the twilight/rob/kristen/etc factions. When I hear “those” contract theories, I think some of these kids have been humping their Edward full body pillow just a little too hard. The only possible situation that makes sense for a long term fake situation where the facade is so complete they are seen as living together is a mutual bearding situation. beyond that, nah. Showmances are short term situations for a limited time and at less personal expense for the participants involved.

    • Ashley says:

      There’s the publicity boost for the Twilight movies, and then there’s the publicity boost for everything else they do. From the PR perspective, they are stronger and more marketable together than apart right now, IMO.

      • lolab says:

        their personal lives have overtaken their professional lives at this point, so I don’t think their coupledom makes them stronger together. When they had the image earlier last year of a stable couple who were homebodies and they were supporting eachother at cannes, that was good for them both. They had that little mini-brangelina tag where they looked like a mini-power couple who were serious about acting beyond twilight. Now? They look like a reality show just waiting to happen with all the minicoopering and “I love him!” statements and Rob looking embarrassed in interviews. the difference is one image of them was stable and serious looking, and this new image of them is one of instability and high school theatrics where one of them is showing a pattern of shacking up on set.

      • Ann says:

        The contracts exist, no one forces the actors to it but they want money and fame and if they want that they must agree to what their managment or studio tells them to do. I don’t believe for one minute these two are straight, everything about them was artificial from day one of the Twilight promotion.

  3. DAMN he used to be hot! Harry Potter and the first Twilight movie seemed to have been his hotness peak…

  4. Mirna says:

    My feeling is that Rob is gay and they were told to be a “couple” to whip the TwiHards into a frenzy. However, Kristen’s vag got to wanting some, hence the hook-up with the director. Now that Rupert Sanders is free (and Twilight is over), she may want to do away with the Rob contract once and for all.

    • Mila says:

      @Mirna Its over Robert dumps her, media all around world said it, london Australia latin america, etc. But for Kristen PR its better say opposite to avoid damage her image.
      For the record your feeling lied.

    • Anname says:

      What are you basing his supposed gayness on? I am actually curious what he has done/said that makes you think that.

      • Mirna says:

        The roommate that he had (even after he got successful) and the fact that he would share clothes with the roommate. This is a hollywood star, not a frat boy in college. No need to share clothes with the roommate or even to have a roommate at all.

    • lelaina says:

      If he were gay, he would’ve dumped her back in July and been golden in the media and with the public. Beards are to HELP a person’s image. Being with Kristen makes him look a fool. It’s obvious there are real feelings there on his side, because there is no other reason for him to chain himself to this sinking ship.

      • S says:

        there is one reason that is very good – they got % of the income from the movie…. Making sure that they will be in the press – no matter with what was good for the movie. and the second: Rob once while BD2 promo mentioned, that with a francise there are a lot of people to please and a lot of people that gain money. If the film would have flopped – it would have cost not just money but as well jobs of other people behind the cameras. not to mention that they had been friends in the past and because he wasn’t involved with her he helped save her lazy ass. What do you think would they have made with her if he would have used it for “his best” and faked beeing the crybaby to get attention? They would have ripped her to shreeds and Rob is too much of a nice men to let this happen! But truth had shown enough. While promo he avoidet her as much as possible. There probably wasn’t a contract but they told them that them beeing a couple gets attention for the movie and they get their % from that. AND Rob never said that he is in love with her or that he is with her at all – Arcoms razor: no relationship.

      • Anname says:

        Isn’t this driving anyone else crazy?? It’s Occam’s razor, not arcom. And when you have to twist situations and read into photos, it isn’t quite appropriate here.
        (Sorry, I know everyone hates the grammar police.)

      • Anname says:

        Tessa, both spellings are correct, but Occam is more common.'s_razor

    • Nina W says:

      No way were they forced to be a couple for PR. Their “couple hood” was definitely promoted for the movies. None of this can be considered good for either career or for the movie franchise. Both of them made bad PR decisions; her with getting caught & her public admission/apology and he with taking her back. As for the movies, they tarnish the image of the epic couple teens swoon over. This is a PR headache and there are no winners.

  5. Evelyn says:

    I think rob is very cute, but god, they look like they smell like county fair port-a-johns

  6. Mia 4S says:

    For her sake it better be mutual. A certain set of fans will definitely lose it if he “forgave” her and she dumps him. It does seem telling that she is not working but didn’t go with him. That’s not a relationship heading for the long term Twihards.

  7. nina says:

    sitting here, waiting for the day GayStew will be seen making out/hanging out openly with her gay crowd

  8. Louise says:

    Nothing is what it seems with these things. We never truly know the truth, everything is VERY stage managed. I had a friend of a friend working on the harry potter movies. They said that the main cast were told, despite interest amongst each other, they were NOT to date each other. I don’t know why not, something to do with too much interest being put on them as “adults” instead of being Harry Potter kids or smth. Regardless, they weren’t allowed to date, that’s my point.

    So… these two being allowed to date makes me raise eyebrows. It was very.. what is the word.. handy? convenient? the affair in public, with a photog right there? a few months before the last movie? the reconciliation just before said movie? the split coming after said movie?

    It’s all a load of tosh. Trust me.

    These people don’t get to say who they date in the public eye.

    It’s all about the cash. And keeping people they want relevant, in the public eye. For good or bad.

    • jess says:

      I dont see how a studio with a billion dollar franchise would want their two stars to date, especially since they play lovers on screen. I think it was Ted Casablanca who said that after they started dating that the two of them had a meeting with summit and were told to keep their relationship on the DL. They always did their best not to get papped together. They even avoided taking pics togther at the New Moon premiere. So I dont buy the pr angle at all. If they talked about their relationship and had every single date papped, then I would say pr.

      As for their relationship now, I think they are still together but will probably break up with in the next couple of months because as soon as Rob is done filming in March he starts another movie in April. I heard Kristens movie is in pre-production now and they are suppose to film in Argentina. I doubt they will be able to survive that long without seeing each other.

    • Ann says:

      Actually, the director on the first movie said she told Rob to stay away from Kristen. He apparently ignored her.

      I don’t think the studio wanted them together at all in the early days, too much can go wrong. And it wasn’t needed. While they were filming the middle movies, Twilight mania was still at its height. If the studio wanted a showmance, they’d have waited until the last movie or two when it was needed. You wouldn’t drag it out for 4 years so it was old news by the time the final movies rolled around.

      I see there’s another Ann on the thread, this will get confusing. Need to check out a name change.

      • Annie says:

        Yeah the studio didn’t want them together at first. Imagine if this had happened after New Moon and they still had three more movies to go. Disaster zone, and there was already enough drama on set as it was. People just don’t know it, but between Nikki’s heart break and drama, the division of the cast as a result, the new attention whore nobodies who love to booze (wolfpack, volturis) and who thought they’d be huge too so they liked to fraternize a bit too much with the fans, Taylor Lautner’s dad being a huge pain in the ass on set (stage dad), the rumored hook ups nobody heard about (Ashley and Jackson, Ashley and Xavier), Rob not getting along at all with David Slade and people never really getting Chris Weitz’s thing, Rachelle Lafevre acting a diva and getting fired, Ashley and Kellan demanding huge salary raises (if people KNEW how close they were to getting replaced for this outrageous idiocy, which no other Cullen dared to join because it was that deluded), plus the decrease in fun times in town thanks to the stalker fans (safety issues!)… this was a crazy set and there were bad vibes, bad mood and jealousy all around. It was never again like the set of the first movie when everyone hung out and were friends. Only the Cullens (minus Rob) are friends now. Rob likes to say over and over again how much he loved the BD reshoots because it was just him and kristen.

        You can tell everyone loved Bill Condon because he brought calm and good vibes on set after two years of drama but frictions were already there. Trust me, if someone publishes a tell all it’ll be hilarious. No wonder there was no class photo at the premiere.

        Summit didn’t need this break up drama.

      • S says:

        Rob wasn’t into her like that. That was bullshit Catherin H. inwented because she is nuts and was the first Robstenshipper. They both always sad there is nothing – until start of 2012 when K started talking about her english boyfirend – you know – by the time she started banging Rupert. She overdid the “are they? Aren’t they?” game to cover up her affair. Rob NEVER said anything like that and he never behaved like a boyfriend around her. arcoms razor. They faked all this to get attention for the movies – they never needed to do much. Just haning out with a bunch of friends or holding hands and the crazys went nuts. there are much more pics of them looking uncomfortable with each other than anything else. If you GF cheats on you – you don’t laugh it of in a comedy talkshow. Not after just a fiew weeks.

      • jess says:

        @ Annie, I think the cast did get along with Chris Weitz. He said he still keeps in contact with Rob, Taylor and Kristen. I think most of the drama happened during New Moon filming when Rob and Kristen started dating. Rumor has it that Nikki and Kristen got into a huge fight which led to Rob and Nikki getting into a huge fight and Nikki getting sent home earlier then she was suppose to. Nikki also said that she was going to hang out in Italy with the rest of the cast even though she had no scenes to film but she ended up not going. I remember rumors that Nikki was suppose to date Rob or make it look like she was to distract the media attention away from the dating rumors about Rob and Kristen. I really hope someone releases a tell all book about behind the scenes of the twilight cast cause it definatly seems more interesting then any of the movies.

      • Annie says:

        They did get along with Chris but the direction was all over the place and nobody was happy with new moon being the worst movie when it made the most money. Nobody really saw eye to eye with him. Fantasy is not his thing.

        I remember getting into Twilight bc of Rob. Those filming days of Twilight and the pre-drama fandom was great. You could enjoy the campy fun and make fun of the fans who took it super seriously but everyone had a blast, including them. Then it was drama everywhere.

      • karmasabiatch! says:

        OMFG. It is hilarious to see the Twihards prattle on.

    • Kate says:

      If I were an executive on a franchise I would be appalled if a couple within it started to date. I mean, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are presumably going to have to play lovers in the X Men prequel due to start production soon, after breaking up from a relationship begun on the first one. She was talking about him as being the centre of her life, pretty well, just a few weeks ago. And when he was asked about her Oscar nom last week and said “yes very proud” he looked acutely uncomfortable before cutting the chat short and walking away – he didn’t look like it was at all an easy subject, understandably. So for all the grace it’s been handled with, it doesn’t look exactly painless. How will that work, when they have to play a couple for the cameras? And can you imagine, if Stewart and Pattinson had broken up brutally after the first or second movie, making the next ones? Nightmare for all concerned – the set would have been horrible, and I can’t see how the end product would be unaffected.

      I do wonder if it wasn’t an open relationship, though. There was the odd tabloid rumour about Rob and various girls, though that could be rubbish, and then a couple of her friends were brutal about him after the mini-Coopering and I wondered then why. It would make more sense if they felt he wasn’t catching heat for doing the same thing.

      None of which explains or justifies the fact Sanders was married and had two kids, of course. But I do wonder if the Twihard relationship story is the one we’re told.

      • Michele says:

        “There was the odd tabloid rumour about Rob and various girls, though that could be rubbish, and then a couple of her friends were brutal about him after the mini-Coopering and I wondered then why.”

        Those rumors about Rob hooking up with various girls is just that…rumors. There has never been proof. Every time Rob is seen or photographed with a woman other than Kristen, certain goofballs love to suggest there’s more going on than just an innocent chat or fan encounter.

        As for Kristen, you say a couple of her friends were brutal about Rob? I only remember the actor DB Sweeney tweeted some nasty things about Rob but I would hardly call him a friend of Kristen’s. She was in a movie with him once when she was quite young. I doubt she hangs out with him or considers him a friend. It seemed to me at the time, he was looking for attention more than anything by tweeting his odd remarks. Let’s face it, he’s a total has-been these days.

        To my knowledge, none of Kristen’s or Rob’s real friends have ever spilled secrets or sold intimate details about their famous friends to any publication or gossip/news outlet. Both have a tight circle of friends who now interact with eachother. Rob’s friends now hang out with Kristen’s friends in real life and also on social media like twitter and instagram. They never mention Rob or Kristen by name but many fans who follow them in hopes of coming across some info about Rob and Kristen, love to fill in the blanks. LOL

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        I only remember the actor DB Sweeney tweeted some nasty things about Rob but I would hardly call him a friend of Kristen’s. She was in a movie with him once when she was quite young.

        He’d been filming with her mother, in her mother’s first gig directing a movie, at that time. They were back-and-forthing on Twitter. I think making a tiny movie with Mom indicates something. I also seem to recall a Robsten tweeting him that his being so mean about Rob would upset Kristen’s mother, to which he said words to the effect “if you only knew the irony”. So either he was in the movie as a favour to her mother, which equals friendship, or he needed the work as the has-been you say he is, in which case he wouldn’t risk offending them. Either way, it’s seemingly a safe bet that he was in the Stewart family’s lives when this was all going down, and that her Mom didn’t object to his annoyance with Rob.

        I never said there was proof about Rob and other girls, no, hence saying “tabloid rumours”. But there were such rumours, and they were persistent. That may mean nothing, especially as it’s an easy target when there was no evidence he was with Kristen, either, so would hardly complain. Or it may mean they had an open relationship. Really, none of us know.

  9. Lara says:

    I’d love for this to be true but I highly doubt it. Unless she has rekindled her relationship with Rupert; she doesn’t have the emotional maturity to handle being on her own.

  10. epiphany says:

    ‘Give up’ = the bearding contract is just about over.

  11. Tig says:

    Slow fade seems to be speeding up- anytime pics show up from Aussie-land, these stories appear. I think it’s over, and now KS’ PR team is in full spin mode. It’s a shame she doesn’t have a new project as an excuse, as opposed to throwing Rob under the bus yet again

    • Michele says:

      Her next movie Focus is in pre-production. It says so on her imdb page and Focus producers recently mentioned in an interview it was going forward as planned with Kristen attached.

      • another nina says:

        Technically, pre-production note on imdb page does not mean much. Look, while Pattinson’s Queen of Desert has been in “pre-production” mode forever according to imdb, both Naomi Watts and Jude Law specified that it’s not happening any time soon, at least definitely not this year…

      • Michele says:

        True, things change all the time concerning filming but the status of Focus changed to “pre-production” only a few days ago supporting the recent interview where two Focus producers confirmed the go-ahead as planned with Kristen attached.

        Who knows? It could change again as we have seen with a few of Rob’s upcoming films.

      • Annie says:

        Like Focus is still happening. No production start date = movie limbo. And without Affleck it’s just a bad storyline waiting to be scraped. Same goes with SWATH 2. That’s so not happening either. Let be real. That franchise has the scandal stigma attached now.

        She wants scripts offered to her, but I think everyone is too busy calling Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Rooney Mara and now Shailene Woodley. Watch out for Shailene. The industry and critics are absolutely enamoured with her and she has two big franchises coming up: Divergent and the Spider-man sequel. Plus indie cred.

        These girls are stepping on her heels and they don’t have her bad reputation and low likeability, nor her habilities constantly mocked/questioned. On the contrary: they are well liked by the press too and are generally regarded as good actresses. Kristen’s opinion is not only split, it’s polarized. Fans overestimate Kristen but she’s done. She’ll work, yes, but she’s not a top player anymore. Never truly was. Nothing but bombs and mixed reviews. Not a single buzzed role as hard as she tried with OTR.

        Rob was a safety boat. But fans are moving on.

      • lelaina says:

        Pre-production without a lead? Yeah, I don’t think so. It may be “going forward” still, but it’s clearly still in development at best. The story is built around the male character, and as of yet, there’s no one in that role.

      • Ann says:

        Annie, I agree with your picks as the top tier. But in terms of getting scripts and offers, Kristen was right up there until she pissed it away. She was highly regarded in the industry and by many critics (I know her detractors don’t believe this, but it is true), and studio types lusted after her fan base. When SWATH was a commercial success, and her performance in OTR was generally praised, she was in the driver’s seat. And a month later got caught in a scandal and became toxic, and her marketability nosedived.

        Make no mistake, she can come back from it. Others have survived worse. But she has to work much harder now, and will probably have to take more supporting vs. lead roles in quality films. That wouldn’t have been a bad strategy for her anyway, while she waits for the Twilight association to fade a bit. Her path is much harder than it was just 8 months ago. But she does have big name recognition, a fan base, and generates interest (positive and negative, doesn’t matter). And industry types will keep that in mind. She has to be very careful and avoid any more major missteps, that much is certain.

      • Annie says:

        **abilities, not habilities. Sorry, bilingual.

        Ann – I don’t think she can come back or rise to a great level she could’ve had. Drama attracts more drama. This scandal will always follow her and be a footnote on her career and there will be more to come for sure. She doesn’t seem stable. Successful young actresses only work and make no headlines on tabloids and that’s how they get good projects and are taken seriously. Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Carey Mulligan. These girls are all work and private life and the new generation is doing the same. No scandals at all. Focus on their job. When Scarlett Johanson got divorced and fooled around with Timberlake, she cheappened her status and now she does popcorn movies like The Avengers where she’s just The Hot Girl. Nobody takes her seriously anymore. Sad.

        Kristen WANTS to be taken seriously and lol did she eff that up big time. Idk what was she thinking. Again, it’s the whole sexist views of Hollywood. No serious actor will want to be on tabloids by assosciation and speculation. That is career poison for the serious ones.

        She needs a break. A long one. Right now there is clearly nothing for her. She needs a new strategy and image. Taylor Lautner is doing just that. He’ll try to resurface again later.

      • Tessa says:

        I think she’ll go the route of Winona Ryder. Once a very promising career completely blown to bits by personal scandal. We had the tape of Winona, and we have the 50 pics of Kristen. Having the visual is the killer. When you’re an idiot in Hollywood, and a generally bad person, it’s best to keep that on the down low.

      • andrea says:

        Even at the height of her success with SWATH/Cannes though, look what she had lined up? Cali. With a subpar director and Alex Pettyfer as her leading man. Her career has always been lots of hype, little substance. Welcome to the Rileys, The Runaways, Cali…none of these compare to the work Rooney, Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan, Jennifer Lawrence have been lining up.

        Even SWATH, she wasn’t beating out other A-listers. She beat out up and comers and then unknowns like Bella Heathcote, Alicia Vikander, and Riley Keough.

  12. Whatever… I just wish this b!tch would leave Rob or Rob would dump her.

    • pepper says:

      Waiting for that day. Hope it will be made clear that it was Rob who dumped her. He doesn’t need any more crap from this bitch and that would be the case if SHE does the dumping.

    • epiphany says:

      I don’t care for her either, but please pay attention. This relationship isn’t real. I don’t know if either of them are gay, straight, who knows? But this “fauxmance” was dreamed up by the Twilght Powers That Be to rake in publicity for the movies. Now that those are finished, these 2 will soon end their “relationship”. You’ll often see 2 actors from the same TV show or movies thrown togther as dating, because then the studio PR people can play up an on-set romance. It’s very common, and usually fake.

      • Anname says:

        Does it usually last 5 years and continue on even when it hurts one’s career?

      • Annie says:

        PR hook ups are like the ones taylor lautner has: staged dates, papz conveniently there, two rising starlets needing publicity. Over in a few months/weeks.

        This is not that. It’s lasted almost 4 years.

      • Ann says:

        Oh please, bearding relationships or those for image purposes can go for years. Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Jake and Reese, those relationships and marriages were set up.

      • sachi says:

        Um….twilight never needed publicity–the fanbase provided that before the first movie ever went into production. As someone else mentioned, the notion that them as a couple was created to bring more people to the movie is not true, because the only people who were entrenched in the robsten saga were people who already were planning to go see the movie five times the first week. The twilight fanbase is a limited but fanatical community that self-sustained the franchise throughout its run. Robsten was good for tabloids and gossip on the web, but in terms of box office not so much.

  13. marie says:

    that vanity fair photoshoot was probably the best I’ve seen her look. as far as the relationship goes, rip it like a band-aid and be done with it..

  14. Lee says:

    These children are both little more than puppets on strings. A truly degrading and disheartening spectacle that is really pulling back the curtain on “Hell I would’s” malevolent machinations.

  15. Deb says:

    As long as there is $ to be made the fauxmance will keep going. It’s the only thing Kslut has going for her right now. Otherwise she’s yesterday’s news. She has no confirmed new projects. Seems like Hwood is over hiring her untalented self, thank god.

  16. lucy2 says:

    I guess all the promotional stuff for those movies is finally done.

    • Anname says:

      Once again I am going to state my opinion that it is NONSENSICAl that they would fake a relationship for 5+ YEARS. These PR allegations are so contrived, and the excuses for private photos together become more and more ridiculous. Why is it such a stretch to consider that they had/have a real relationship, and tried to keep it private (they avoided being photographed as a couple) so it wouldn’t be “sold”?
      Whether they break up now, later, or never, it doesn’t change the fact that they actually were together.

      • mel says:

        I agree. I love them together…don’t hate! LOL…..:)

      • jess says:

        I agree. Why is it so hard to believe these two were in a real relationship?

      • TG says:

        You might be right, but I definitely think them getting back together was the studio’s doing and not real. But, maybe I just find it hard to believe that any man or woman could be that stupid to get back with someone who did what she did to him. Also, she must be a cold lover because even the pics of her with that rat director she looked the same as she does always. very emo and stupid.

      • sachi says:

        yeah, people keep bringing up that it’s a strictly pr-mance for “publicity” or something, but publicity is a pretty vague reason for financing a fake romance where two stars who are already making bank and would have to be compensated for the complete sacrifice of their personal lives to fake live together. How much money would people like KS or rp need to be compensated for such a situation? And all for what– for “publicity”? That’s completely illogical.

        I would understand a bearding situation because that level of commitment and personal dedication is expected for hiding someone’s sexuality. But NOT for a showmance.

        People just don’t understand that showmances are created to garner publicity for something that otherwise might not get enough attention in the first place. Twilight was getting attention from pre-production–because the fanbase demanded the publicity. No robsten showmance necessary! lol

  17. Dani says:

    I don’t see how she gets to come off as the victim who feels ‘neglected.’ Like, YOU cheated, YOU decided to destroy your relationship and now YOU have to deal with the fact that as hard as Rob tries it’ll never be the same again all because of how selfish YOU are. I hope he dumps her just so she can stop playing the pity-party card.

    • Lara says:

      But if HE dumps her, that’s exactly how Ruth will play it: he’ll be the villain, the one who wouldn’t try as hard and who couldn’t get over it. I’d love for HER to be the one doing the dumping just to see if her stans will finally see her for who she is then (probably not). She needs to find herself a new lover for that to happen though.

      • jess says:

        Her crazy fans will never see her for what she is. They will blame it on Rob like they always do. After the pics with her and Rupert came out one of her fans was posting on every site that Rob cheated on Kristen first even though they had no proof. She is perfect in their eyes.

      • Anname says:

        My favorite ones are those who still bash Rob for not “defending” her enough during the summer. He could have destroyed her if he choose to, yet they criticize the classy way he handled it.
        To be fair though, there are crazies on every side of the fandom, and this is a select few. I know I hate being lumped together with the crazies, just because I like Rob.

  18. Tessa says:

    At a certain point it’s just easier to make a clean start for yourself. They’re young, not married, have no kids. I think it’s best for both of them to leave “Robsten” behind and start fresh.

    Now, whether they will, is anyone’s guess. They may just not be able to quit each other. It happens. I know couples that should have broken up, that hurt each other and screw around, but they stay together. They’re miserable of course, but what can you do.

  19. Cali says:

    Perfect timing with the final DVD release in a few weeks. Nothing about this relationship or the cheating scandal was an accident. ;)

  20. Michele says:

    Radar with the insider scoop once again! Wow…Rob and Kristen’s friends really have loose lips and love that trashy gossip site Radar for spilling intimate details about their close friends! They have to be close friends because they reveal the inner thoughts of Kristen and Rob depending on the day which of them gets the focus story. Who has access to Rob and Kristen’s inner thoughts than their tight circle of friends, right?

    Today is Kristen’s lucky day. Maybe tomorrow one of Rob’s close friends will spill some beans about him finally giving Kristen the boot after an epiphany he had while in the desert signing autographs yesterday for two female fans on their Harry Potter dvds.

    • terra says:

      Radar has no inside scoop, they just fill in gossip voids with fanfiction. They make Okay look like hardhitting journalism. lol

      • Michele says:

        terra, I was being sarcastic. Of course radar and Hollywood Life and all the other trashy tabloids/sites constantly make up fake stories on a daily basis for hits. There are no “sources close to the couple” actually giving them insider info. Whenever Rob or Kristen is away filming, the break up/make up stories start. This week they are breaking up. Next week they will be making up with wedding/baby plans.

        I have to laugh at the ones who believe every word of these silly fake stories when they are in agreement with their own beliefs. Look around…there’s a bunch right here falling hook, line and sinker for this very story! LOL

  21. jamie says:

    They won’t be done anytime soon. She got caught on camera cheating with a married man and contributing to the break up of his marriage, subjecting Pattinson to worldwide embarrassment in the meantime. And he stayed with her. If that wasn’t enough for him to pack it up, nothing else will be. And she knows now that she can do anything in her personal life but keep him on a leash publicly so the media/Twihards stay invested in her. Why would she ever leave him? She can just mess around privately and he’ll let her.

    The only way she’ll dump him is if she finds a better prospect, but she’s kind of tainted pr-wise at the moment. No A/B list star would want to be connected to her romantically because they’ll be subject to the same mocking that Pattinson is. Once that stigma wears off, she’ll look for his replacement. But that’ll be at least a year from now.

  22. Cecada says:

    Well, Rupert is free now. That’s always an option.

  23. Annie says:

    Oh Rob, if she gets to dump you after you tried to make things work… You’ll have no one but yourself to blame because everybody warned you. Second chances rarely work out.

    Honestly I just think the glue that held everything together was Twilight. It was good for press and image to be together, they were each other’s friend after the cast stopped being close and they just clinged to each other for support. But filming finished like two years ago. It’s like graduation. Who stays together after that.

    They were both very young when they hooked up. It’s not like they were going to get married at 22. Wish Kristen hadn’t cheated but I always knew that if it ended she would ne the reason. Rob is too attached. Never imagined she would cheat but I did imagine her dumping him for someone else like she did to Angarano.

  24. A says:

    It’s Radar. While I think they were never monogamous and his issue was her lack of discretion, that’s actually how a lot of relationships marred by cheating play out. One party realizes they can forgive but can’t move on as long as they are with the same person, or the guilty party realizes that it is just not something that can be repaired. However, she is obviously trying to stay very, very low key at the moment (which is one of the few good moves her PR team has done), so I doubt a “break up” will happen within the next month or so. It’s kind of interesting to me how the more major tabloids even seem over them, and it’s basically the trashiest of the tabloid media-Hollywood Life , Radar-that care…I’m guessing because they are click bait for the stans of both stripes (the one who think RPattz is a princess ensnared in a tower by evil KStew’s PR team, or the ones who think they are puppies and rainbows).

    • Ann says:

      Agreed. Noone in either of their camps is feeding anything to the tabloids. Tabloids know which stars generate hits, and when there is no real news about the celebs, they make it up. That’s why you have such wildly different /web sites at the same time. And why this nonsense keeps getting regurgitated by the least reliable outlets like Star and Radar.

      Kristen is trying to stay out of the limelight (smart move, finally) . Her team does not want any publicity for her right now, she was totally overexposed (pun not intended) last year while promoting 3 movies, being in a fashion campaign, and getting caught in a scandal that spun out of control. Any good PR person would keep her out of the spotlight right now, not feed it.

      There’s no way they would go through a public breakup right now. That would just start the cycle of speculation and focus on their personal lives all over. They want to keep any news about them limited to their careers right now. The personal news does them no favors.

      • Tessa says:

        I agree, but the same day that it was announced Liberty was filing for divorce, eonline ran this bizarre piece about how great Rob and Kristen were, and how they were solid and fine. It came out of nowhere, and E! ran it like an exclusive, straight from the mouth of a publicist. I think Kristen still needs Rob and her association to him to help her career. Her career is an out and out mess right now. She has nothing going on and Jen, Emma, Shailene, Emma, Carey, Dakota, Lizzie, Rooney, etc, are LAPPING her. It’s a full blown disaster, and I don’t think that Kristen can afford to have people think she got dumped after Liberty filed. It makes her look like a total homewrecker. No one likes homewreckers. They are very hard to warm to and root for.

      • Ann says:

        Hey Tessa, to your point – all the more reason Kristen would not be getting ready to “dump Rob”, as these Radar stories are saying.

      • Tessa says:

        Well, if Rob ends it, it’s not like she has a choice, but I don’t think Kristen’s camp would leak anything about a breakup. I agree. She needs him to repair her image. If Rob can’t be with her anymore after what happened, how is the public supposed to get behind her? She butt humped her way into a big corner, and they’ve fumbled the recovery ever since. I don’t know what’s going to happen to Kristen. I really don’t.

    • andrea says:

      She’s staying low-key in that she herself is hiding out, but her team is still very much out there. Gossip Cop is still debunking away at the most mundane stories. And I got a tweet from E! about their new article on the secrets behind her “sexy” hair.

      The divorce will have her laying low for the moment, but she’ll be clumsily working things once we head into Oscar week.

      • Michele says:

        Who says she’s hiding out? She recently admitted in an interview that she can go around undetected more than Rob. She said she just puts her hoodie up to cover her hair and nobody notices her. When she’s with Rob though, she gets noticed more because he is more easily recognizable.

        As for the hair segment on E!…they did a profile on Kristen’s hairdresser who has many other Hollywood celebs as clients. E! knew they could get more hits if they put Kristen’s name in the title of their piece. I seriously doubt her PR team urged E! to attach her name to it. Not every Kristen mention in the press is manufactured by her PR team!

  25. judyjudy says:

    Egads…they are some filthy looking carnies.

  26. j.eyre says:

    That last shot is freaking me out. Where are the chair legs? How is he doing that? If elfin magic is involved, I may, in fact, start routing for these two.

  27. Belle Epoch says:

    She is a PAIN. Wish she would go away.

    He has always appeared to be a gentleman.

    Some Brits seem gay to us but aren’t.

  28. lelaina says:

    It’s odd to me that none of the big tabloid outlets go after these two. It’s always radar, UK tabs, Heatworld. But US Weekly, E!, OK, either leave them alone or fluff up the Robsten is Unbroken narrative. We never got stories about Kristen still hooking up with Rupert. The big tabs still aren’t claiming they’re separated. I guess it shows what an active, aggressive PR team can accomplish.

    I honestly wonder if her team cut a deal with Us Weekly last summer…we’ll bury the most damning pics if you give us first crack at stories from now on. Because they’ve been on the Robsten train ever since the cheating pics came out.

  29. WendyNerd says:

    I do believe that infidelity can be overcome in a relationship/marriage, but I think age is a huge factor when it does. When there are relationships/marriages that manage to survive such a thing, it’s usually between two people who aren’t as young as Kristen and Rob and have been together much longer. I feel like people around my age (and Kristen and Rob’s age) are far more naive and delicate when it comes to love and are less capable of handling things like pain and betrayal. Like, people who are older than us have been through the ringer in terms of life experiences more than we have, have dealt with things that have given them the ability to handle and process things like infidelity better than someone my age. I’m not saying that young people could never overcome something like that and that all older people could (I mean, Liberty and Rupert are getting divorced), but I do think it helps. Nor am I saying that cheating isn’t as devastating to someone who is older, but I am saying that I think people in their late twenties and up are able to deal with emotional pain better than someone in their early to mid twenties. I’m also not saying that dealing with pain better equals continuing the relationship, but it does seem to be more of an option emotionally for people who aren’t extremely young than people who are.

    Did any of what I just wrote make sense?

  30. elceibeno08 says:

    Totally agree with this post. Kristen should just end the relationship and move on. They will both be just fine. For the money she made off the twilight franchise I would have faked a relationship too. But it’s over now. Go ahead, Kristen, text him telling him that he is freelancer again.

  31. GeeMoney says:

    I thought that this relationship was fake?!?!?

  32. erika says:

    Ummm…sorry KStew, contradict yourself much?

    she’s worried about what the public thinks of her? Hasn’t she always cried and bitched that she hates the notoriety, the spotlight?

    Make up your mind! Seems like celebs these days are a contradiction, hypocrites. They cry about their privacy (uhmmm Riri? CHris Sucker Punch Brown?) yet they throw themselves out their 24/7? Twitter, INstagram, mag covers….

  33. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’ve seen prettier and classier hookers.

  34. Daisy Mae says:

    I think Kristen loves Rob “like a brother” for a year or so now. She did not want to hurt him as she became attracted to Rupert. When the photos were released, Naturally she would turn to her bff during this crisis time. And Rob probably understands temptations abound in this business. Also possible that Rob had an “indiscretion” of his own that was never made public. These factors were involved in his “forgiveness”
    Now that the dust has settled a bit, Kristen maybe will realize that she loves Rob as a bff/brother, but does not feel the white hot passion for him any longer–and will tell him so– even though it will be difficult and painful.
    With Rupert and Kristen both free, who knows what could happen. I think they started to fall in love. Well it is a possibility anyway!!

    • Tessa says:

      Pretty much. Rob is her best friend and she loves him, but after a while, she was no longer passionate about him. The novelty of sneaking around with the “hot” guy got old, and she wanted more. Cue the twice her age artsy farsty director. Now he was someone Kristen could get in to. And based on the photos, she did. She seemed smitten. We’ll see how that ends up. I’m not sure Rupert and Kristen are over. They seemed like they were in love.

    • terra says:

      they did have a bit of a sibling dynamic I thought. She reminded me of a snotty little sister with him, and he was like an indulgent older brother. Other times, she acted like his mom too. Which would make sense why she went for some old assed dude.

  35. bluhare says:

    I don’t care who dumps who, I just hope someone dumps someone so they all go the eff away. Especially her.

  36. Grace says:

    Kristen should hurry and go to Rupert if she’s really straight. Robert was never her type and she knows it. She was never Robert’s type but he’s so addicted to the attention he’s milking the “supportive boyfriend” act. Ugh. I’m sick of them both.

  37. Queen says:

    I don’t hate her tbh. There are worse people in the world.

  38. megsie says:

    Impossible not to compare the old Vanity Fair photos with the new W photos and consider unfortunate recent events. Sad to see.

  39. scarlett says:

    She or he should just call the whole thing off. The media and the general public are over it and have been for awhile.

  40. duncecap says:

    –’ I think the only reason they got back together in the first place was because all they really know is each other.’–

    that line really rings true

  41. StaCat1 says:

    That’s cool..I gave up on them after the first movie….I get it, Kristen.

    Wasn’t it all fake anyways?

      • Janet says:

        You keep reiterating some kind of desperate belief that this “couple” is genuine. How could you possibly be so sure of that? Either you have some insider knowledge that the rest of us lack, or you’re chasing rainbows. Would your whole world crash and burn if it turned out that this “romance” was a fauxmance after all?

      • Anname says:

        Janet – Desperate? Crash and burn? Hardly. I like Rob and have a viewpoint different than most here. I find the PR allegations and the constant negative spin to be ridiculous, and enjoy the debate. It’s not all that serious. Will you crash and burn if I my view is actually on point?

      • Janet says:

        Unlike you, Anname, I have no emotional investment in these people one way or another. I don’t care what they do. I think it’s sad that the best Pattinson can do for himself is an arrogant, obnoxious, talentless, unattractive, rude, stuck-up, entitled brat with a lousy attitude, but hey, he’s a big boy, he can make his own choices.

      • terra says:

        oh, please, everyone on this thread has an emotional investment because their asses are ALWAYS on these threads, even if all they are saying is they aren’t invested.


      • Michele says:

        “Unlike you, Anname, I have no emotional investment in these people one way or another. I don’t care what they do. I think it’s sad that the best Pattinson can do for himself is an arrogant, obnoxious, talentless, unattractive, rude, stuck-up, entitled brat with a lousy attitude, but hey, he’s a big boy, he can make his own choices.”

        And you honestly think you’re NOT emotionally invested when you end up using no less than 7 insults in one sentence to describe Kristen?

        Oh, the irony…

        It’s just too easy with some people…

    • honeybee says:

      I don’t think it was fake before the minicoopering happened although I believe their reconciliation to be a fake one.

    • Janet says:

      It helped put a lot of butts in seats. That was all Summit cared about anyway.

      • terra says:

        that’s not true. All those butts were in the seats before “robsten” were considered together. Those same butts stayed in those seats for the last four movies too-the box office returns for each movie after the first installment has been almost identical. The analysis has been for years now that twihards were loyal to the franchise, yet no one else gave two shits about it beyond the fanbase. So no, the theory that robsten was created to put butts in the seats is a fallacy that’s pretty easy to disprove.

  42. G says:

    Isn’t “neglecting” her just a nice word for dumping her ass?

    Fake or real, they have been handsomely compensated. If she’s wondering why interest her is waning maybe she should review tapes of her sullen,conceited and surly PR appearances replete with grunts and dirty sneakers.

  43. KS says:

    I hope this is true because she is an insufferable biotch. They are both terrible actors but Robert is likeable. Kscrew is way too cocky for someone who can’t even act. She doesn’t even audition for roles. I want her dirty a$$ to be in line with other actresses & auditioning. And no, the CASTING COUCH DOES NOT COUNT!

  44. Jean says:

    Reading all of these comments where some of you love, like, hate, PR trick, staying together because of the movies and dvd’s, beard for each other, etc. How ironic it is going to be if these two get married in the end. Talk about egg on everyone’s face. Sometimes, there is such a thing as true love. How in hell are we going to rationalize that. Maybe then, we can let them alone and go on to Selena and Justin.

  45. LeeLoo says:

    I’m betting they’ve already broken up and this is their way of easing their fans into the idea.

  46. Jenn says:

    All I will say is “Get Er Done!” I’ll take him!!!!! LOL

  47. Nicolette says:

    I have always loved that photo shoot, and he looks damn fine in the first pic especially. He can bite me anytime.

  48. Dahlia1947 says:

    I think he’s the one that needs to DUMP her ass, if he hasn’t already don it! Just DO It! LOL

  49. Jen says:

    Crystal..give us facts that Rob and TomStu are gay. I have a girlfriend that I am as close to as Rob and Tom and we aren’t gay, so, give us your positive facts that they are. As for Rob’s face looking like a foot in a shovel…I bet if he was standing in front of you, you would wet your pants from salivating so hard.

  50. CocoBelly says:

    Seriously, she reminds me of that teen mom jennelle evans….boo

  51. essie says:

    if rob is not in twilight 2 movie yet to be promoted after the scandal hit the world, i don’t think they have reconciled or kristen would have a second look at rob. remember they are on live in relationship, yet she cheated with the swath director, married with 2 kids and she knows the wife… an action or reflection of kristen’s confused if not unstable personality… if you are rob’s mother, would you still want kristen to be rob’s sweetheart?

  52. Caroline says:

    Men cheat all the time and women are expected to forgive them, why should the situation be treated differently when it’s the woman who cheats?!

  53. aquarius64 says:

    @Annie and @Ann – I agree; the scandal has damaged Kristen professionally with the stalls in movies she’s been attached to. Why should a studio take a chance with her now? She’s shown she would make reckless personal decisions that can negatively impact the success of a movie. And to head off any potential hit at the box office, the suits would have to spend tons of money for damage control PR. If any studio rolls the dice on hiring Kristen for a role it needs to put a morals clause in her contract. If she breaches it, causing the studio to take costly steps to save the film, her pay needs to get docked.

    @Annie – you say Taylor Lautner’s high profile dates were for PR. Do you think that also applies with his “reunion” with his high school girlfriend? This is the same girl he has routinely dropped for the high profiles. They are also conveniently papped the same way as he was with the girls with the name.

  54. Kosmos says:

    Can we say the good old days are over? The time when these two were the newest and hottest rising young couple with their Twilight thing going was their heyday together, but, hey….things change. She thought she was just the best thing going, but I guess that can change, too.

    • agreed says:

      I think there was definite potential. Rob still might, since he isn’t a jacka$$ like Kristen. Her ego/cockiness looks even more ridiculous because she simply cannot act. She could have seriously cleaned up her image but I don’t see that happening anymore. Kristen doesn’t seem too bright to be honest.

  55. Carolyn says:

    that Vanity Fair photoshoot is just beautiful. They both look fresh, clean (not unkempt & smelly), young and in love. We all know the reality is much different.

    Kristen “giving up” on Rob? Is this how the PR plan is going to play out? Eyeroll. Oh well, at least Twihards have a lot of photos to look back and reminisce about.

  56. kay says:

    I say pr relationship. Pr scandal to end pr relationship. I hear if actors don’t participate in these schemes they won’t get hired by the big studios.

  57. The Wizz says:

    I live in Adelaide, and I’m reguarly in the hot spots. I haven’t seen RPatz with any females.

  58. simbasue42 says:

    All the sites and comments regularly comment about the same crap – Kristen is a home-wrecking slut, Rob is an idiot for taking her back, their relationship is a fauxmance, ad nauseam. Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about Rupert Sanders being a serial seducer of young women? He met and courted Liberty when she was 17; he seduced Kristen when she was not much older. I was in the “Kick Kristen to the curb” faction when I suddenly remembered an incident that happened to me when I was 17. I, too, had been seduced by an older man (a teacher!) much as Liberty and Kristen. Thankfully, I didn’t get far in the “relationship” before I discovered from another very jealous student that “he was hers” and that he had “had countless other relationships with other students” but she “was the one who would ultimately win the prize.” Yes, this teacher was married with two beautiful daughters but I fell so hard and so fast for the compliments about my beauty and intelligence that everything fell by the wayside, including my wonderfully romantic boyfriend. Luckily, my boyfriend never found out and the guy’s long-suffering wife finally divorced his cheating ass. I can almost guarantee you that Liberty and Kristen are only the tip of the iceberg for that walking douchebag.

    As for me, that boyfriend and I broke up because, evidently, absence and distance don’t always make the heart grow fonder. I fell in love with another guy almost immediately and we’ve been together ever since. I’ve never cheated on him and I’d like to think that I’m not the only woman/person who can cheat once and never do it again. Unfortunately, it looks like most people choose to believe the old saw about “once a cheater, always a cheater”. Don’t look for me to throw stones at Kristen – I live in a glass house.