Beyonce in trouble with PETA for wearing iguana & python skins, plus a mink coat

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about Beyonce’s latest gift to her public – her publicist sent an email to Buzzfeed demanding/requesting that they take down several unflattering photos of Beyonce as she performed at the Half-time show. It wasn’t a standard “take-down notice” which every blog gets at some point when the origin of a photo is up for grabs – this was just an attempt from Team Beyonce to control what copyrighted Getty images were used in stories about Beyonce, and she had no rights over the images. All of the photos Beyonce wanted pulled are ones where she’s making “RAWR! COME AT ME!!” faces. You can see the pics here.

But that’s not the only controversy about Beyonce these days. Apparently, PETA is all up on Bey because for Bey’s two major public appearances in 2013, she’s worn animal skins.

Beyoncé is in trouble with PETA. Again. The animal rights group is angry at Bey for shaking and shimmying in a Rubin Singer leather bodysuit, made of python, paneled iguana and leather.

“We would take a bet that if Beyoncé watched our video exposés, she’d probably not want to be seen again in anything made of snakes, lizards, rabbits or other animals who died painfully. Today’s fashions are trending toward humane vegan options, and Beyoncé’s Super Bowl outfit missed the mark on that score.”

PETA was also furious with the singer after she wore a three-quarter-length Christian Dior mink coat to sing at the inauguration.

The group adds that the “game was great” however, and expressed love for Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs, who just joined PETA in protesting the fur industry by starring in their new “Ink, Not Mink” campaign.

[From the NYDN]

Did you know her Half-time bodysuit was made out of python and iguana? That just seems completely random, especially since it just reads on camera like plain old leather. Why go so fancy (iguana?!) when it just looks like regular leather? As for Beyonce wearing mink at the Inauguration – yeah. She did that. Most people didn’t notice because she took off her mink coat for photos and she “performed” (lip synced) without the coat, in just the Pucci gown.

Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr.

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  1. Emma says:

    I saw those photos! When you’re performing or doing anything really and a crap ton of photos are being taken every second you’re going to get some scary ones. I like that buzzfeed included them because when I was watching the halftime performance I could clearly see her doing them! It’s not like it was a brief second of scrunch/hard ass bitch face, she was holding those positions. I remember thinking “damn she looks angry”

    Totally agree that the iguana just looked like leather.

    • Lulu says:

      ^This. If you don’t want a photo out there of you in scary unflattering poses, then don’t do them.

      I’m always happy when someone upsets PETA though. They aren’t pro-animal nearly as much as they are anti-human. They would rather euthanize animals in their shelters than to subject them to the horror of being pets. And their videos have been proven to be staged. They paid a hunter to try and skin an animal alive just to push their agenda. How sick is that? If you wanted an animal’s fur, you sure wouldn’t want it alive and fighting. The blood would ruin the fur and you certainly would have a difficult time skinning it!

  2. Merritt says:

    I don’t really care about the PETA related stuff.

    The heavy handed way that Beyonce and her team have to control every little thing about her, is insane.

    • HadleyB says:


      The point really isn’t about PETA at this point it’s why use those skins? You don’t need to. Isn’t regular leather plentiful?

      Python isn’t. I think if there was one animal left on the planet walking around with the most beautiful fur or skin, Beyonce or Kim K would have no problem killing it and wearing it just to have it even if it meant wiping out that animal forever. That is how selfish they are.

      Wearing a mink coat to an event when people who have lost jobs for years, who are underpaid, can only find part time instead of full time work, lost homes, living paycheck to paycheck etc will be watching when it’s not your show is trashy.

      It’s like going to court in your finest .. and your lowest cut top and biggest jewels — just a no no.

      There are certain times you can display wealth and other times you should curtail it, if you have it good for you. Congrats. But it seemed a rub in the face of everyone who doesn’t and who as a country as whole has been having a hard time economically.

    • V4Real says:

      I’m so sick of PETA. I’m completely against animal cruelty and the disposing of animals in an inhumane way. But PETA goes too far sometimes. If they had their way us meat lovers would no longer be able to enjoy a nice steak, burger or a piece of chicken.

      I know the organization is taking a stand against the killing of animals for their fur or hide and it is cruel but these people are like the Gloria Allred of the animal world.

      I have no problem with what Bey was wearing because truthfully we didn’t know what the outfit was made out of until we were informed. I myself don’t like fur but I have some nice leather shoes that I will continue to wear.

      • Sam says:

        Leather and fur are generally considered different because of the way they are harvested.

        Leather (and by this I mean cow hide) is a by-product of the beef industry. The cow your leather shoes came from was going to be killed anyway for food. Fur and exotic skins are NOT food animals, however. They are killed expressly for the skin, and are usually killed in pretty nasty ways. That’s why animal rights people tend to get more worked up over fur and exotic skins than leather.

      • V4Real says:

        Yes Sam I know that leather comes from cows that are being slaughtered to feed our tummies and they are supposedly disposed of in a more suitable fashion that appeases PETA. I know how these exotic animals are killed; I said it was cruel, right. I didn’t say I agree with it. But instead of PETA going after celebs who can wear what they damn well please, they should be going after the people who are making it possible for these furs and exotic leathers to be sold. Go after the source.

        I know people are going to say well if people were not buying these products then it would make it impossibe for these companies to turn a profit (supply and demand)and I understand that. But we as people are far from perfect and if certain people opt to buy these types of materials knowing what they know, then it’s on them. PETA don’t have the right to choose for them. Have you heard of Sierra Leone and the Blood Diamonds; during this people were being killed in inhumane ways but I’m willing to bet you that some people are still buying diamonds that come from there.

      • Sweet Dee says:

        I’m with you, V4R. PETA took a good, virtuous cause and made a monster of it. As many have said, they are more anti-human than they are anti-cruelty. They kill 95% of the dogs in their care, and the vice prez treats her diabetes with dog-derived insulin. How is it better to kill dogs than snakes and minks? That sounds like cruelty to me; I also think it’s cruel to publicly shame and embarrass people for disagreeing with a cause they’re not 100% adherent to themselves.

        I get why people defend them, I am opposed to animal cruelty as well. I eat cruelty and hormone free meat (majority) and disagree with wearing skins and fur, besides leather which is generally a byproduct.

        To all the PETA defenders out there: keep your cause, fire your PR. Find a new organization and try to make them bigger than PETA.

      • Sam says:

        So hold up – you advocate going “after” producers (you don’t say how we should do this), but you say that people who wear the produce – who are largely responsible for publicizing the product, promoting the product and creating a demand for the product – should be immune.

        As for the blood diamonds – you know there are plenty of people and organizations who have done a ton of great work to bring the blood diamonf issue to the public, right? And PETA, loathsome as they may be, isn’t a human rights org – they focus on animal issues. So why does anyone expect PETA to address diamonds? I don’t – I expect them to address fur.

        Personally, if a celebrity does something that a majority of people consider wrong (and polls show that most Americans are opposed to wearing fur), why not call them out? The fur industry isn’t just cruel, its notoriously wasteful (unlike the leather industry, which utilizes more parts of the animal). Beyonce is a public figure – and fur/exotic skin is a famously controversial subject. If she did not want any pushback, she could have chosen to not wear animal fur or skin.

        And it’s not about “nobody’s perfect.” I save that excuse for mistakes. Fur is not a mistake – the industry’s practices are well-known. It’s an intentional act.

      • V4Real says:

        @Sam let me say this again so it’s clear. People have the right to wear what they damn well please and PETA needs to go spit. Because they shouldn’t just be concerned with just exotic animals they should be concerned with all. Cows, goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, deers, squirrels, racoons are all meats that are consumed by humans. But you’re saying that since we eat these animals, it’s ok. Don’t they feel pain just like the exotic animals. Plus they are not all killed in humane ways; slaughter is slaughter. Hunters shoot rabbits, deers, coons and so forth.

        Down south and some places up North they slauughter hogs by shooting them or hitting them in the head with a blunt object. If that doesn’t do the job, they slit the hogs throat, that is also the case with goats. Chickens have their necks wrunged or shopped off with an axe or knife. Hence the phrase Running like a chicken with their heads cut off.” A python down south would be shot and thrown into the woods just because of peoples fear of sankes. At least the skin Bey is wearing didn’t go to waste. So why isn’t PETA all over these inhumane ways of slaughtering animals, it’s different because people eat them…please. By the way some of those exotic animals that PETA do fight for are actually eaten in other countries. I have a guinea pig who I love but if he was in Peru or other South American Countries he would probably be the main course at somebody’s dinner. So to hell with PETA and their conditional standards of choosing which animals to fight for.

        Lastly I’m not defending Beyonce, I’m only defending the right for people to wear what they want and I’m voicing my dislike of PETA. They are so full of s_it it’s unbelieveable. My only reason for mentioning the Blood Diamonds was to say, no matter how bad it is, people are still going to buy diamonds just like people are still going to wear fur.

      • Sam says:

        No, V, read it again – what I was pointing out is that the leather industry is generally less of a target for animal rights because it produces less waste – the meat is used, as opposed to being disposed. In fur operations, everything but the fur becomes waste. So the python and iguna Bey’s wearing in those pics was fully wasted except for the skin. At least the leather cow fed somebody.

        And what you’re arguing for isn’t the right to wear whatever you want. You’re arguing that you should never, ever be called on a choice that most people think is unethical. Seriously, nobody is gonna try to steal the fur off your back. But the 1st amendment protects the right of people to mock you when you wear it in public and generally make you uncomfortable about it. That’s what seems to bother you so greatly. If you think animal skin is acceptable to wear, no animal rights protestor is going to stop you. They’re just gonna point you out in public.

      • Pandy says:

        I’m a vegan and proud of it. Proud PETA supporter too. Someone has to stick up for the billions of animals slaughtered for food and held in miserable conditions for their short, sh*tty lives. You are making a big deal about PETA because deep down, you know you are perpetuating the awful conditions of these enslaved animals. Look deeper into the issues. We can’t “go spit” over everything that makes us uncomfortable. That’s just sticking your head in the sand and hoping others fix it. Be part of the solution. Try compassionate living. Peace.

    • Welcome to the USA says:

      Just wondering are you educated? At all Rikki!?

      • loma says:


        It’s one thing to go after those ‘responsible’ but think of it this way.

        Those responsible wouldn’t kill animals for fur or meat or foie gras if it weren’t for the demand. The consumer is just as important as the producers of product.

      • Rikki says:

        @ Welcome to the USA

        Just wondering are you educated about PETA? At all!?

      • V4Real says:

        @IOMA but didn’t I already say that on this same thread where I talked about supply and demand. That’s been covered.

        There’s supply and demand in almost every aspect of consumerism. Unfortunately this is how the system operates and probably always will. I’m against any kind of animal cruelty and I have never owned fur in my life. I hate that Elephants are being slaughtered for their tusks. If I see a person abusing animals just for the hell of it I will definetely intervene, especially domestic animals. My problem is with PETA and what they stand for.

        Tell me what makes a mink life more importamt than a rabbit. Is it because humans eat rabbits and I’m sure a very large percentage of us don’t eat mink. Are people saying hey if you eat the mink and then harvest it’s fur that would be more acceptable. If that’s the case it sounds more like PETA is upset that the meat is being wasted. Rabbit coat, Mink coat what’s the difference. Part of @Sam argument is that it’s more acceptable for some animals to be slaughtered because we use their body parts for nourshiment and other things but it’s not fair to just kill an animal for its hide. Perhaps if we ate that animal it might make a difference.

        Native Americans use to wear clothing made from all kinds of animal hides. I’m sure if Minks were availabe to them back then, there little Squaws would be looking quite snug in their mink lioncloth while they enjoyed some mink stew.

        Maybe PETA should set their sights a little lower and fight for more humane ways fo harvesting the fur or hides. I understand that they are fighting for the animals that can’t fight for themselves, my problem is how they set conditions on which animals to fight for.

        If PETA was to bring the case of these animals to a court of law and claim that these are God creatures who are being killed only for the consumer gains of others and nothing more, I wouldn’t see the case going well.

        A simple defense would be people squash bugs for no reasons at all but for their hatred of insects.

        I bet there are plenty of men who wear gator shoes but because Hollywood and PETA are so obsessed with what celeb women are wearing they miss the men. How many times have you heard someone ask a male celeb what kind of shoes are you wearing. God forbid if he say these are my Guicci gators. I just threw that out there, I don’t think Guicci actually make gator shoes.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        @V4Real, you are ignorant about the practices of the meat and fur industries. Meat is killed as humanely as possible. Animals killed under duress release adrenaline and other chemicals into their muscles. That is not desirable, it ruins the flavor of the meat. Animals that are humanely killed either by captive bolt, by beheading or getting their throat slit is being killed humanely.
        Fur is harvested without regard to meat quality, but to pelt quality alone. Electrocution, painful days in a trap, etc, that is how fur winds up as a coat and none of the animal is used, just the pelt.

        There is a HUGE difference. I am no fan of PETA, but facts are facts. Beheading is extremely humane, being electrocuted through your anus? Not so much.

      • V4Real says:

        @Original I love how people like to throw out the word ignorant when people don’t agree with them. I know just as much as you do about how that fur is harvest; I ‘ve seen the videos as well. But don’t you try to tell me that animals killed in the US are killed in humane ways. I know for a fact it doesn’t always happen like you described. Want to know how I know because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. When I was down south I have seen chickens being swung around by the neck until dead and it doesn’t always happen quickly. They swing these chicks by the neck then toss the body to the ground but you know what sometimes they don’t die and their bodies twitch in pain. The handler would then finish the job by putting their feet to the chick heads. When they chop of f the chicks head instead of wringing it’s neck the body of that chicken gets up and flap about until finally dying. You call that humane. Before they kill hogs they have to go through what they call the faten up phase. A hog is kept in a pin or cage made out of wood no bigger than the size of an average closet. They do this to keep the hog from being mobile so it gets no exercise that may cause it to lose weight. Oh and they stay cage for 2 month periods sometimes. Can you imagine being confined in a space the size of a closet for 2 months or longer. Now here comes the slaughter. They tie a rope around the hogs neck and while one person holds the poor thing steady another person will shoot it in the head or take the back of an ax to his head. They don’t always die. But the handler likes to give it time to see if they need to do anything else. So why they wait for that hog to die the poor thing is there suffering and dying a slow painful death. If the handler feels too much time has passed they will then take a knife to its throat. There was this one farmer that already had his hog hanging in the air believing it was dead but soon as he started to gut the poor thing it squeeled out in pain scaring the crap out of the whole lot of us. But to you this is humane and ok because these animals are used to feed us. Hunting with bow and arrows are popular down south and some places up North. Let me tell you these deers, turkeys and so on don’t die right away. They suffer a slow and painful death sometimes but that’s cool with you because they will be eaten so it doesn’t matter how they die. But like I said I guess it would be ok if the people would eat those animals that they are killing for fur. Please don’t call me ignorant on a topic I am all to familar with. BTW there have been many reports on animals that are meant for slaugher being killed in inhumane ways as well as tortured. You can’t tell me much about animals being killed under duress causing undesireable flavors in meat becausr I’ve seen it. They also pump these animals full of steroids. If you were a cow how would you like someone branding your butt. Excuse me for ranting but this is something that I am well adversed in.

      • Pandy says:

        Right on V4Real – nothing humane about how animals are killed in the US (or anywhere really) at all. I DARE all of you pro dead animal consumers to watch this video and then come back and argue your position about humane killing. Even the words are an oxymoron. Check out this link. Then let’s have a discussion:

  3. Jessica says:

    Those 6 pictures had a Tina Turner look to them….

  4. lucy2 says:

    Her publicist asking for that only drew attention to the bad photos, and now they will be everywhere.

  5. aims says:

    As far as PETA is concerned, they in my mind are bullies. What gives them the right to harrass anyone who doesn’t follow their rules?I am a friend to the animals, I love animals. But you can’t go around treating someone badly because they’re wearing fur. Its there choice. I wouldn’t wear fur, but I’m also not going to throw paint at a $3500 coat either because Im not thrilled with it. End of rant. Sorry. I just really don’t like any organization telling us what we can and cannot wear and eat.

    • loma says:

      Peta is an extreme example and they’re pretty retarded in their tactics. However, it’s their right and the right of individuals, to stand up for what they feel is wrong. They’re right, meat IS murder. FUR IS MURDER. They are advocates and that means choosing a side.

      The other day I stood in line at Starbucks behind a woman who was being a total bitch to the girl taking her order. She rolled her eyes, sighed in her face, and flustered her to the point she had to get her coworker to take over at which point the woman started in on him. Then she said she should get her drink for free because it was taking so “goddam fucking long”, I thought this was uncalled for so I called her out on it pointing out that her rudeness wasn’t helping. She rolled her eyes at me and dismissed me but she shut up. The baristas comped my order, and they even gave me free cookies which was really sweet.

      People should do whatever they want to do, yes. But if they’re hurting or causing pain in the process? That’s where it gets blurry..

      • aims says:

        Agreed. You can’t cause harm to others property to make a point. You can not harrass and bully to get your way. So, that being said, that applies to the all parties. To the PETA people and to the meat eaters,fur loving people. When you intimidate, harass and cause harm to property, that’s when a line has been crossed. extream behavior gets an extream response. You are well with in your rights to feel that meat and fur are murder and more power to you, it’s the way the message is delivered, is what I have a problem with.

  6. N-Bear says:

    As long as PETA’s trying out new tactics, why not have a campaign of people wearing the actual live animals whose skins/furs are being appropriated? It would probably catch my attention a bit more and it wouldn’t be any more ridiculous than the other things they do…

  7. kim says:

    Wow iguana? Seriously who does that? It looked like pleather to be honest, so I ask again Seriously!?! As for the pics? What do ppl expect from Such a rigid woman?

  8. Catlady says:

    I don’t buy her music and I won’t in the future. I despise those who wear fur despite knowing the pain and torture involved. I’d love to see her get stuck in a room that has a wall of videos showing the cruel slaughter for “fashion” for a day or two. Or 10.

  9. Dahlia Verlaine says:

    She is dumb as a box of rocks. Sure she had no clue what animals they stitched together to make her get-up.

  10. Hannah says:

    Remove the pictures??? WTF?

    • tabasco says:

      iknowrite? i saw that last night and laughed so hard my sides hurt today. but i think she did it out of concern for us, the little people, b/c she was just worried that all of that FIERCE and POWER might be too much for our minds to comprehend

  11. florencia says:

    Are you seriously insulting PETA? my god, they’re defending animals, do you even know what those animals go through before they skins are taken off them?? You should all read something about that, it’s awfull, they’re alive.

    • Brown says:

      You should really do some research about PETA before you jump to their defense. Their organization is one of the worst when it comes to euthanizing domestic pets vs. adopting/saving lives. They are disgusting.

      I highly doubt anyone here is condoning the actual skinning of live animals, but for those who see PETA for exactly what they are, every protest from them gets a massive eye-roll since their words and actions are completely contradictory. They are repugnant.

      • florencia says:

        I still defend peta, I don’t care what happens to anyone who wears fur, to me they are exactly like those who mistreat children.

      • Brown says:

        You are misunderstanding me. An anti-fur message is fine and no one is saying fur is a good thing. The problem is that PETA says one thing and does another. Gets up in arms about fur, yet kills thousands of helpless homeless pets each year. I agree with you that those who abuse/mistreat animals are as bad as child abusers. The point here is that unfortunately, PETA falls into that category as well for their (well-documented) and reprehensible actions. Defend the anti-fur message, but do not defend the organization.

      • Sweet Dee says:

        +1 Brown

        florencia, do yourself a favor and google “PETA euthanization rate”

        We’ll wait here while you become enlightened.

    • Sam says:

      PETA is so fa removed from the rest of the animal rights movement that they oppose TNR (Trap Neuter Release), even though TNR has been shown to be the single most effective method for reducing feral animal populations. Their rationale is that it is more compassionate to euthanize a single feral cat (lest it suffer) than neuter it, allow it to live as it knows how and limit the population (never mind that for the price of 1 euthanization, you could neuter and release a dozen). PETA also has a euthanization record that dwarfs most shelters.

      PETA isn’t bad because it opposes meat consumption or fur or whatever. Its bad because it actually puts very little effort into saving animal lives and most effort into being media whores. They also have positions that are so radical they prevent them from having any meaningful contributions.

  12. Elceibeno says:

    Iguana skin! That’s gross. Iguana hide is not even pretty. In my old country they eat iguanas in a cream of coconut sauce.

  13. Tiffany says:

    Iguana as clothing. *sigh* Just because you can, does not mean you should.

  14. epiphany says:

    PETA runs a shelter in the D.C. area that has the one of the highest kill rates in the country. Talk about hypocrisy.
    That being said, I think the CO$ handbook allows the wearing of animal carcasses as long as they’ve been blessed on the clay table.

  15. s says:

    if they hadn’t tried to get them taken down they would have received far less notice. Anyway, LOL.

  16. some bitch says:

    PETA kills more animals than it “saves” and they routinely objectify women in their ad campaigns. There are bigger problems in the world than just wearing some mink. As much as I can’t stand Bey, this is a story I just don’t care about.

  17. Janet says:

    I’m so over her and her illuminati inflated ego BS. If she really felt like she was an amazing person she wouldn’t have to keep trying and throwing her crap in our face. She doesn’t believe in herself, that’s why she does this crap.

    She’s a tool, and not a very sharp one. It’s too bad cause she can sing and dance.

  18. goddesslove says:

    A freakin’ snake will bite you and make you bleed from every hole in your body or squeeze the life from you and eat your toddler. You can name it Henry and attempt to stare him in his eyes he will still murder you with a PAINFUL death and Iguanas eat human flesh as well. Get real PETA

  19. Jane says:

    PETA is so weird, they distract from a good cause. I’m not down with fur. Vintage fur is fine but new fur production is bothersome to me.

  20. spacecowboy says:

    She has NO soul. BeYAWNce supports and embraces Jay-Z unethical conduct based in Freemasonry.

  21. HotPockets says:

    I dislike PETA, not because of their message, animal cruelty is wrong, but because PETA is only concerned with the amount of attention they can generate targeting celebrities. I feel like everything they do is about attacking people, when their whole moral high horse is about protecting those who cannot protect themselves, it seems to negate their purpose.

    I remember when I use to like Beyonce,it seems like an eternity ago. I think I started to dislike her when she began a relationship with Jay-z, which I’ve always thought was more of a business arrangement. Aside from that, I loathe Jay-z and I think he is a terrible person. Just the fact that his clothing line constantly references Aleister Crowley, even his music does, says everything. Crowley was a sadistic, deplorable human being, who stands for everything that is wrong in this world.

  22. RHONYC says:

    she can add another title to her *ahem* throne:


    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  23. KellyinSeattle says:

    It looked like fake / cheap leather to me.

  24. Cecada says:

    Random thought…. Does anyone else think that those photos she’s objecting to age her at all? I mean, she seems to really wrinkle up in some of them.

    Just because, you know, there have been rumors for some time now that she’s lying about her age…Maybe THAT is what she was really objecting to – ?

  25. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Agree dahlia tabasco and others about this vapid narcissist’s dopiness; this is why celebrities and politics don’t go well together; on an unrelated point that third pic with her holding a football doesn’t even look real – and being a fan of 90s supermodels (cindy,christy,naomi,yasmeen,tatjana,etc.) that had such beauty and panache and came alive in ad campaign photos whereas this overrated dope comes across as the blank vessel she is. Just my take.

  26. Crystal says:

    I swear she had a middle parting for her performance. Her hairstyle looks completely different in that pic.

    Iguana ? Really…C’mon Bey, you’re better than that.

    Her outfit would have looked nice if it was all lace tbh.

    Rubin Singer has some of the tackiest sh-t I’ve ever seen. I’m not one to hate on new designers because it’s a hard industry to break into (even with connections) and he’s really sweet and humble (and very good looking in person) but his stuff is like a a Roberto Cavalli/Ed Hardy mash up sometimes. Maybe he’ll get less tacky the bigger he gets.

  27. Dahlia1947 says:

    She’s sick! Go away already!

  28. marie says:

    what a disgusting celebrity beyonce is