Demi Lovato: I wish other celebrities would talk about eating disorders

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato covers the spring issue of Cosmo on Campus, which is a free supplemental magazine that Cosmopolitan UK distributes in universities to suck in the college-aged gals out there. This shoot is rather mixed with Demi doing a typical wacky bustier dress on the cover, a very strange shot featuring a blue lingerie/skirt combo, and then there’s a rather lovely shot of Demi’s softly freckled face. As for the interview … sigh. A lot of you get tired of reading Jennifer Lawrence’s reactions to people labelling her as fat in Hollywood, but I feel like she gets asked about that a lot. It’s not as if she doesn’t have other things to talk about (like farts) because she does. Journalists just realize that the “money questions” for young actresses revolve around weight issues. That’s how they sell copy when there’s no other scandal to milk from a particular subject.

So I am rather understanding when certain celebrities seem to talk about the same things all the time, and I feel like I have a pretty high tolerance for that. However, I have to admit that I’m growing a bit weary of Demi Lovato’s endless discussion of her eating disorder and bullying. That probably sounds rather insensitive for me to say, but she’s literally been talking about her bulimia and bullies in every interview, and she’s not bringing anything else to the table for discussion. I was also quite understanding when Demi blamed club promoters for her early substance abuse because they gave her drugs and alcohol while she was underage because those promoters were clearly in the wrong. Here, Demi says she wishes other celebrities would talk about eating disorders, as it might have prevented her from going that route as a tween. Her rationale makes sense, but the blame game is getting old. Here are some excerpts:

Demi Lovato

Celebrities should talk about eating disorders: “I was about 12 or 13 when I developed my eating disorder, and at that time nobody in the public eye talked about their body issues. I feel that if someone had admitted they had a problem, then I wouldn’t have gone down that route myself. That’s my goal in talking about my problems. I want to be the person for other girls that I needed to admire when I was looking for help and strength. It’s okay to love your body the way it is and it’s okay to reach out for help if you have drug and alcohol problems, or if you’re self-harming or being bullied.”

“X-Factor” wasn’t such a great idea: “I don’t think I was ready when I started on ‘The X Factor’ [in autumn 2012]. In an ideal situation I would have maybe waited a year or more [after coming out of treatment]. I dived into work really quickly and maybe that wasn’t the best idea at the time, but the place I am in today is so much better than I could have ever imagined, so I’m really glad.”

She’s better at relationships now: “It is very unhealthy when girls devote all of their time to a guy and forget their friends and family. I did that. I was always looking for distractions because I was so afraid of being alone. I have spent the last year focusing on myself and it’s been incredible. More has come out of the past year than in my entire career so far, and I truly believe it was because I was taking care of myself and not focusing on guys. Now I’m in a place where I can finally trust and love and be a better person for the man I am in a relationship with, instead of being a clingy girlfriend or getting jealous.”

Her kind of dude: However, Mr Right will have to accept her for who she is: “I’m a southern Texas girl. I have a really strong personality – I speak my mind and I don’t hold back. I’m the type of woman who doesn’t put up with bullsh-t, so when I date I have to find someone who won’t either. I don’t think any woman should ever hold back what she’s really thinking.”

[From Cosmopolitan UK]

I don’t know how I feel about Demi blaming other celebrities for not talking about their eating disorders while she was young and impressionable. When I was 12 or 13 (and I’m definitely older than Demi), I remember reading all sorts of articles on anorexia and bulimia in magazines like Seventeen and YM, and there were countless television episodes also devoted to the topic. In particular, I recall an episode of “Different Strokes” where Dana Plato’s character became a swimsuit model, and we heard her hurling in the bathroom. That was super gross, but it was also informative. So I don’t really know what Demi’s getting at here, do you?

As for Demi’s talk about her dating life, ugh. She just needs to find a dude who is not Wilmer Valderrama. Then she can talk about dating.

Demi Lovato

Photos courtesy of Cosmo on Campus

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  1. Hannah says:

    She’s so pretty in that last picture!

  2. Lucy2 says:

    I think she’s trying to justify talking about it all the time with that example, like if she doesn’t, others girls will fall victim to it. I give her credit for working to get healthy, but if she wasn’t ready enough to go back to work on a talent show, she’s probably needs to keep focusing on herself and not put the pressure of being a public role model on herself at the same time.

  3. Summer says:

    The cover is very odd. She looks like a smurf.

  4. flor says:

    Bedhead, let’s not try to justify these girls. We all know they are not capable of holding their own with serious, interesting answers!

  5. bsh says:

    Why doesn’t she start by being more honest about her addiction, or just shut up already? It is well-known that she is currently in rehab for the fourth or fifth time (Blind gossip has had some very explicit blinds about this) and her management is trying to hide all this. I truly feel sorry for her, but she really needs to step aside and stay out for the spotlight. For along time.

    • Ana says:

      I’m bulimic (it is a chronic disease and I’m in control of it right now but who knows in the next months)and I think is disturbing how celebrities that “allegedly” suffer from that, talk about it so easily. It’s HELL living with it and recovering from. All for publicity, I think…

  6. bsh says:

    And same goes for her ex Joe Jonas who really is in big troubles now and has a severe heroine addiction.

  7. jwoolman says:

    She talks about the eating disorder and bullying all the time as a way to deflect attention from her drug and alcohol and uncontrolled rage problems. An eating disorder doesn’t make you punch out a dancer in your troupe, darlin’, and doesn’t inspire the Jonas Brothers’ parents (who are real parents, not what passes for such in Hollywood) to put you on a plane and send you home in the middle of a big tour. There’s good reason to believe she was a bully herself In school rather than the bullied, also. She has a great voice, but she really isn’t all that nice a person – she just played nice people on tv…

  8. serena says:

    I’m so glad she dropped off the blonde, it was awful on her. I like this colour and lenght much more, a warm brown-red really suits her. Alas, only the last picture is actually good, she’s really cute in that.

    Btw I don’t get annoyed by her talking endlessy about eating disorders and bullying. I think she’s right, more celebrities nowadays should talk about it, and she is hot for young girls so I guess most of them will listen to her?
    While on the other hand I can’t stand Jennifer Lawrence, she seems just silly talking about farts (really?) and how ‘normal’ she is.

  9. Bronwyn says:

    she looks SO PRETTY in that last picture.
    Is that what she really looks like underneath all that make-up and stupid fad hair?
    I literally had no idea she was such a pretty girl. I would like to see her more like this, always. Let your freckles show, let your hair down, cuz girl you are a gem.

  10. Jayna says:

    I think she is just being honest and mentioned it because she probably slipped a little and had to be treated again and wants to be honest in a vague way, so alluded to it, so the tabloids can’t out her with a bombshell story. I think she was great on the show compared to boring Britney. I wish her well.

  11. Micki says:

    I don’t know what she’s talking about.
    I have the feeling the starlets talk nothing else but weight and body image.
    It goes from: How I lost weight (Hathaway, Hudson), how I don’t care they call me fat (Lawrence) till how I have an eating disorder…
    It gets chewed in every possible direction and from important issue (I mean the health aspect) it turns into safe-bla-topic.

  12. dan says:

    I wish she would shut up about eating disorders. she never stops feeling sorry for herself even though her life is better than 99.9% of people in the world. pathetic phoney

  13. RobN says:

    I like the way she talks about what people were talking about in public back when she was 12 or 13 as if that was back in the 1940′s. It was about an hour and a half ago. People may not have talked about it in 1952, but since Karen Carpenter, it’s been the subject of 9000 Lifetime movies and afterschool specials.

    This I’m a Healthy Girl Now routine would also work a lot better if virtually every blind didn’t have her constantly back in rehab.

  14. kim says:

    Um why doesn’t she change it up and talk about her latest trip to rehab and her continuing use of cocaine? Is it really an eating disorder if you are too full from liquor and coke to eat lunch? That’s a real question, becAuse I seriously don’t know.

  15. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Agree robn and dan, when your “music” is toy plastic drivel, then I guess you have to talk about something else; remember, this was the doofus that awhile ago stated she was going to make real music with real instruments, and was ripped on this site and others for that fatuous comment; today’s young celebrities really are just morons, completely detached from life without their management teams to guide them.

  16. Shy says:

    And here we are again. If you will see name Demi Lovato in any news article then you can bet 100% that she will talk about her rehab and problems again. She can’s do and talk about anything else.

    Girl just stop. Stop building you career around that. Stop exploiting it. All other celebrities like EDG or Drew Barrymore will get help and move on with their lives and carriers. And only Demi builds her career around it. It’s like she is too stupid to talk about anything else.

    What freaking new can she say? She said it all hundreds of times.

  17. Lily25 says:

    Blaming celebrities for her eating disorder is ridiculous. Only a person with severe issues develops an eating disorder. A few more celebrities saying they have body issues wouldn’t have prevented it.

  18. Trek Girl says:

    I’m a little bit older than her and I recall quite clearly how much eating disorders were being talked about around the time that she was 12 or 13, and several years before that. There were articles about regular teens and twenty-somethings who were suffering from those disorders in magazines as well, so if celebrities weren’t talking about it, regular people were.

    She might not have seen all of that, but it was definitely there.