Lindsay Lohan in vintage Cavalli at the amfAR gala: tweaked or improved?

CRACK ATTACK! Here are some photos of a barely-recognizable Lindsay Lohan last night at the amfAR gala at Cipriani Wall Street. Lindsay wore a vintage Roberto Cavalli gown which… looks like a lot of her gowns. What’s up with her face? Did she just get some work done? It looks really different, right? Is it just because she’s not so “puffy” from the “flu” right now? Or is it something else?

I think this amfAR thing is one of the events Lindsay tries to go to every year, but I didn’t realize that she was back in NYC right now – I thought she was still in LA. Crackie Red Alert canceled for LA! Crackie Red Alert back on for NYC! The NYDN claims that Lindsay is officially back to living with her mom in Long Island, and it’s just as ridiculous as you would expect:

The tax man is at her heels and club owners now keep a wary eye on poor Lindsay Lohan, but that’s barely the worst of it. Confidential has learned she’s spending her days and most nights back in her teenage bedroom on Long Island.

“For the past three months that has been her home base,” a source close to the family dishes. And that’s just where her mom, who needs her train-wreck daughter’s help to pay the mortgage, wants her. “Dina has been trying to get her to move home for years so she can keep a close eye on her. She didn’t want her in L.A. anymore. Not only is she in New York now, she’s in the next room.”

Lohan’s only money these days seems to be coming from overseas appearances, like the $100,000 she collected to party with Brunei’s Prince Azim in London this past New Year’s. That money, another source says, went to her family. And now, with her latest court appearance in L.A. behind her, it is off to Dubai on an endorsement trip for energy drink Mr. Pink. But the money is going out as soon as it comes in, keeping Lohan in the family’s Merrick, L.I., home.

Lohan had been fighting to stay on her own, even trying to work out a deal with Donald Trump for an apartment. But he wouldn’t give her a deep discount, so she pulled out. Last fall Lohan was struggling to pay the $8,000 monthly rent on her Beverly Hills pad.

“She had the lease until February, but Dina said come home.”

That house is the same one that Bravo’s “Million Dollar Decorators” spent $200,000 renovating — with LiLo refusing to reveal the results on the show.

This week she filed a $1.1 million lawsuit against her 6126 clothing label partners over breach of contract. Now the “Liz and Dick” star, who also has had her accounts frozen due to $233,904 in unpaid taxes, officially has “nowhere to live” but home.

“After all that time being in the business, making money, she doesn’t own a house, a car, furniture, an apartment. She has nothing to her name,” our source says. “It’s quick money here and there and she blows it right away.”

At home, life has regressed to the mother-daughter relationship of Lohan’s childhood, with the duo watching TV together to pass time.

“Dina’s working on a book at home. ‘A Parent Trapped’ is the working title,” says our source. “She says it’s about surviving domestic abuse. She’s shopping it around now.”

As for Lohan popping up in pictures shopping around New York City, she hasn’t yet resorted to the Long Island Rail Road for the commute. “A car service she hires takes her to and from her mom’s,” says our insider of the troubled star, who was spotted Wednesday night at a Fashion Week shindig at Cipriani Wall Street.

Lohan’s father, Michael, calls the move “awesome” and believes it will help his daughter to be with family. LiLo’s rep confirms she’s back living in New York, and denied it’s with her mom — but wouldn’t say why.

[From the NYDN]

It IS sad really, when looked at through the cold financials. At one point, Lindsay was making millions of dollars a year through her film work and modeling gigs and her other projects (cough). Now she still manages to make six-figures a year (at least) through these smaller things, and AT NO POINT did her business managers or financial people suggest that she put some money away? Or that she invest it wisely? Or that she even buy some real estate? Think of it this way – I’m not rich nor am I poor, but I have made much wiser investments than Lindsay. I have a mortgage and some money socked away, and I have very little debt. I wouldn’t trade my life for hers at all.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Ivan Nikolov/

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  1. Kennedy says:

    Cracken sporting a super cracky dress, cracked-to-the-max weave and an equally cracky set of lips. Good to know nothing has changed.

    Side-note: Couldn’t she just SELL her vintage dresses to pay off some of her debts? Has this thought never entered her crackie little lack of brain?

    So when is she going to be locked up? I think it’s about time we go Travis Bickle on her and clean the streets up… Taxi Driver style.

  2. LadyMTL says:

    Agh, that first photo scared me…she looks like a 40-something Real Housewife of Somewhere. Vintage Cavalli or not, when it’s worn by someone like her, it’s not going to look good.

  3. nofkksgiven says:

    her face looks better….

  4. dorothy says:

    What is Amfar and why would she be invited? She’s a nobody.

  5. Rll says:

    Ive got bad flu and im dropping 3 pounds a day, she needs to stop f*king with her cheeks. She looks like Alvin, Simon AND Theodore

  6. SmokeyBlues says:

    I do like that dress. If she had kept her looks she could have done some excellent old Hollywood glamour on the red carpet. Sadly the busted face and scalp issues here are too distracting. And how sad to be back in her teenage room. After college and a bad breakup I ended up back in my old room for a few months. My parents are angels and I’m not a crackhead but it was STILL depressing. I can’t imagine how awful she feels to have fallen so far

  7. Eleonor says:

    Those shoes are fug.
    I like the dress, not on her.
    You know what? she is reminding me of this Like Rolling Stone video,

  8. Sue says:

    Wow, she is not aging well…. and that is sad to say about a 20 something….

  9. bea says:

    When the dress is moving, it has the illusion of increasing her size – not very flattering. Nor is the color flattering to the multiple shade of coral that she is right now.

    But the SHOES are by far the worst fashion crime I see here. Sale rack at the Strippa Shop!

  10. Enn says:

    Is that a hair elastic on her right wrist??

  11. Cookie says:

    She should just cut the extentions off and have a cute bob or something. She looks ridiculous sporting that fake mermaid hair.

    • emmie_a says:

      Yes! The wig or extensions look horrible. I don’t know why so many celebrities think that gluing an obscene amount of hair to their empty heads makes them more attractive.

      And I don’t know why her money issues are being partly blamed on her accountant and/or business manager — I’m sure they told her the smart thing to do w/her $$ — but when has Lindsay EVER done the smart thing?

    • YuYa says:

      I don’t think she has enough hair left. If you look at the close-ups, you can see where the extensions were bonded on, and it looks like they are bonded on to hair that is about 1/2 an inch long. She’s been wearing extensions so long that I bet she has bald spots all over her head.

  12. K-rock says:

    I love her hair this color. Its a smidge too long though. Her face looks better, maybe the lighter makeup?

    • lulu1 says:

      I also love her hair this colour(s)…but is it a wig? I haven’t seen anyone else doing this frizzy thing – I have frizzy hair, and it’s kind of funny to think of a hairdresser intentionally doing this to anyone.
      She’s like a mohair sweater.
      Also, on other websites you can see that she wore not one but TWO fur coats to this gig. Why is she soooooo weird?????
      It wouldn’t surprise me if she popped up in Woody Allen’s next project. He loves weird.

      • K-rock says:

        Its frizzy because its beat up and hasn’t been changed in a while. She’s got extensions and they need to be replaced every now and then. My guess is she doesn’t want to waste what little dough she has on getting “hur hair did”. You see the way the part is strategically hiding her extensions. Thats why its all zig zag. If it were a straight part you’d be able to see them.

  13. JL says:

    She does look better, all I can think of is Chin implant? Despite looking better she still looks like a 40 year old to me.

  14. gee says:

    She should use the Nicholas Cage approach to taxes and do anything she can get her hands on.

  15. Cecada says:

    Yeah, you’d think she’d have learned to put some money aside, but she didn’t. You’d also think she’d have learned somewhere along the way how to dress herself, but she didn’t learn that either. All that money she spends shopping, clothes….and THIS is the best outfit she’s got? She looks ridiculous. She looks like something a ginger kitty would cough up after chewing on the Xmas tree tinsel.

    Nor did she pick up on the whole “cocaine will ruin your life” thing…

    I could go on and on and on with all the lessons this dumb trick SHOULD have learned by now but hasn’t. She is allergic to common sense.

    • Melissa says:

      I think it isn’t right to say no one ever told her to put money away. You can tell someone how to spend their money and give them all of the facts behind what you are suggesting…but at the end of the day, they will spend it how they want.

      Let’s not forget we are talking about a drug addict here. No expert anywhere could make a strong enough case to convince a drug addict that saving their money is going to be more enjoyable than buying more drugs.

  16. Mia 4S says:

    Why in the world is she supporting her family?! They are able-bodied adults. I mean, sure I would try to help my parents out in they got in a jam, but fully support? Her mother truly is awful. Sell the house, get a smaller place, get a job Dina!

    The thing is I imagine there are some residual checks coming in from Cracken’s early work. Probably enough to support herself modestly. This is all just gross!!

  17. Shazbot says:

    She looks a bit less orange…maybe that’s it

  18. Jackson says:

    I think she got more fillers in her cheeks and maybe a little under the eyes again. Her eyebrows are darker too, I think. Either that or it’s all that time spent watching tv on the couch with her mom.

  19. mia girl says:

    Vintage Cavalli = A dress that Dina wore 5 years ago and Cracken took out of her closet.

  20. bopit says:

    I just… I can’t. Although she does look more bright eyed and fairly lucid, her hair/body/prison scrawl tattoos/stripper heels…. I can’t

  21. dcypher1 says:

    Im glad shes out of la and back in ny. I can now feel safe again now the crack storm has left. Sorry nyers.

  22. bettyrose says:

    I remember her commenting once that she was skipping college because she didn’t need it to “figure out” what to do with her life. I can get why child actors might choose to skip college, but I have a lot of respect for the ones that go. It might seem superfluous to people worth millions, but plenty of these kids end up broke with no job skills at some point in their life. And I agree with Kaiser that it’s a lot more satisfying to earn & control your own money than to constantly have to hustle for it.

  23. Kitkerenina says:

    Compared to SJP and others at the event, horribly lacking. She’s got no money to contribute. Was butch Miley Cyrus not available to wear the dress? Better yet, an AIDS patient? Bound to look healthier.

  24. Carrie says:

    she needs to do something for her mane of hair and she stole Ru Paul’s shoes

    she looks like an old Las Vegas hooker/dancer in my opinion

  25. Lulu says:

    It’s her nose that’s different! I’ll bet she had some fillers done to hide the crackie cave-in that was going on.

    • Jayna says:

      I noticed cheek implants always seem to make the nose look worse on people for some reason or an abundance of fillers in the cheeks. But Lindsay had cheek implants last year and has looked awful ever since and I’m sure she puts some fillers in too and those lips just look awful. She looks so much harder now.

  26. MsAubra says:

    Not a total Betty, but a vast improvement

  27. Carrie says:

    why doesn’t she do a reality show on her life? no need of scripted dramas with her ! she’s all drama

  28. Cathy says:

    As usual she looks like hell. That dress which is kinda cute looks like crap on her. Another cracken mess.

  29. yuck says:

    My Gawd. She really thinks she’s a bombshell, doesn’t she? More like a crater. Sad.

  30. Ellie66 says:

    Her completion looks better not so orangey the dress is okay but not on her. The shoes…ohhhh the shoes they don’t go with that dress they are cheap stripper shoes from 1999. She looks like a tired hooker with a sparkly dress.

  31. JL says:

    Isn’t the storm from Hell predicted for NY this weekend. Like Snow, Ice and hell freezing over?

    And Lindsey’s back in town, just saying.

  32. Kitkerenina says:

    Second look. Did she paste strands of hair to cover lines (gauges?) on her neck?

  33. Samigirl says:

    STOP WITH THE STRIPPER HEELS. Her dress would be great if she didn’t junk it up with those damn shoes.

    She looks better, which isn’t saying much.

  34. Sugar says:

    Lindsay go to your room & stay there till we say you can come out!

  35. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Lindsay’s life should be a stark warning to any promising young actresses out there – it is totally sad to once have had a career earning millions and now to be living in mommy’s house whilst starring in a 4-way with p0rn stars as an (unsuccessful) current career highlight (read flop)

  36. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    She looks so much like Donald Trump it is unreal.

  37. Quinn Parker says:

    I don’t care if she arrived at an event looking like a young Bridget Bardot…I would still be a gross, skanky mess- she’s messed up on the INSIDE.

  38. Diva says:

    Why do they allow her to go to anything? I would ban her from ALL read carpets. On another note those shoes are horrible and don’t get with that dress.

  39. LL says:

    Her extensions are so jacked-up. Who put them in? Britney Spears’ hairstylist???

  40. Abs says:

    Of course what she is wearing is terrible, but I actually thinks she looks kind of… pretty here. Shoot me.

  41. Hahahahaha says:

    How did she get a vintage dress.WHAT IN DA WORLD?>?I want her rcources..she good..@ what she does,obviously..She neva looks ‘broke’.

  42. Masque says:

    “…a source close to the family dishes.”???

    What about the coffeemaker or refrigerator? Do they confirm what the dishes said? And has anyone talked to the broom and trash can? I bet they know everything about the dirty business going on in that house!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      And don’t forget the clock, teapot, candlestick, and footstool. (If we’re going for the total Beauty and the Beast reference.) ;)

      • MacScore says:


        Just re-watched “Casino” and I swear Blohan wouldn’t even have been hired as an extra for the Vegas stripper/showgirl scenes… Christ, she’s a wreck. Shoes, Elton John circa 1974; her eyes look cat-like stretched, her nose is def. wider, her hair… wig? WTF…? No words, people, no words.

        dina’s “book” – Parent Trapped…????? Boycott.

    • KLaw says:

      Thank you! I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who read “a source close to the family dishes” and went WHAT??

      I thought it was a new term for being close to someone. If you are close to their dishes, you MUST be close, since you made it to the inside of their kitchen! Lol

  43. says:

    “Business managers or financial people”? Please. That would be Mama Crackie Lohan’s job. Which explains why she’s in this situation.

  44. the original bellaluna says:

    Aren’t those the shoes she wore to court last week?

    And how is this slag permitted to attend AMFAR events?

  45. bagladey says:

    She’s starting to resemble Kim K. How big does she want that bottom lip? She’s soon going to have to start wearing wigs full-time because her addiction to wearing loads and loads of other people’s hair on her head seems to be taking her own hair down the same route as Naomi Campbell’s hair.

  46. swack says:

    When I first saw these pics last night on another site I thought “What a mess”. I don’t get the “messy” hair look (especially on the red carpet) and the platform heels (on all women) need to go. At least there is no picture of her blowing a kiss!

  47. coconut says:

    For her she looks pretty good, however, in addition to what others have said, she trashes up every look with all those damn bracelets and hair elastic (?). The bracelets are probably pricey and attractive on their own, but lose their appeal when they’re all jumbled together.

    What’s the deal with her greasy looking scalp? Is that greasy hair and/or bad weave situation??

  48. Zorbitor says:

    The real Lindsay wouldn’t go along with the Illuminati’s plans for her career and moved to Wyoming where she runs a wildlife refuge. So they surgically altered a 37 year old prostitute, drugged her up and presented her as the new Lindsay to keep the money rolling in and further corrupt our minds!!!

  49. apsutter says:

    Good to see she’s buying the proper shoes for her new profession.

  50. Theresa says:

    I just watched a documentary on children desperate for stardom, Hollywood Complex. Imagining Lindsay Lohan and her family as being one of these desperate and deluded families, manic for fame and fortune at the cost of their children’s childhood, it makes complete sense why her life ended up the way it has.

    These kids are following and chasing a pattern and example set by past child stars, but only see fame and money, none of the consequences. Some of them seem to be leading their parents and making them support this futile dream, some look like they’re being forced by their parents. Either way, the voracious Hollywood game milks them of money and esteem even before they get on a set. It lays the framework, should they achieve even a modicum of success, of a long bitter life filled with brief respites of affirmation followed by long spells of nothing but rejection.

    Any young person who even gets a taste of fame is hooked much like an addict to their first hit of drugs. You can seem them wallowing in it, loving it. And you can see why, if any actor starts out as a child actor, they will chase that high doing whatever it takes until it consumes them.

    The only ones that I can think may have gotten out alive and with some of their sanity in tact may have had incredible loving and practical parents, or an incalculable amount of self-possession and confidence.

    Lohan is not unique, nor is she the only cautionary tale out there. She is a product of the starmaking system. Give them whatever fame they can eek out while they can, but plant the seed of desire that makes it impossible for them to live without that spotlight. Then take away the only means they know to earn the unrealistic amounts of money they have grown used to. Then replace them with another face and laugh at them while they scramble to stay relevant. Rinse. Repeat.

    Lindsay is hooked. Not just on drugs, but on fame. Her esteem is directly linked to it. Her family depends on it. She has nothing else. She’s been wired to behave the way she has been since her first audition, since her first meeting with an agent. So, she’s not going anywhere, until she goes to the morgue. Permanently.

    • GeeMoney says:

      I agree with you for the most part… but I also think that she is the way she is because she has nobody in her life that’s stable, loving and supportive. Her siblings are too young to help, her parents are BOTH famehungry losers and everyone else around her are just a bunch of famehungry leeches… I used to just want LiLo to fall off of the face of the earth until I read the NY Times article about her filming “The Canyons”… but after reading that, I just felt sorry for her.

      I hope that someone can get her help in enough time. At the rate that she’s going, she probably won’t make it to age 30.

      • Ruby Red Lips says:

        I dont think she will make it past 30 either & that is sad regardless of who she is or how awful she is now. An early passing is very sad regardless of the person. She did have such promise & opportunity but just drugged & drank it away, that is sad. Unfotunately that seems to be her fate – she looks so f*cked in these pics that her internal organs must be on their last legs – as vile as she currentLy is – what a f*cking waste

  51. dorothy says:

    I just looked at Popsugars website coverage of the Amfar event. All those beautiful, talented women….and then there’s Lohan. Kind of like having Paris Hilton at the Sundance event. How embarrassing for the other attendees.

  52. erika says:

    Pathetic i think is the word we’re looking for here. A once movie starlet, now approaching 30, back at home in front of the boob tube, living with her delusional, alcoholic/coke sniffy mommy. Truly sad.

    But, she’s still keeping up appearances by hiring a private car to shuttle her around. $0.00 to her name but let’s continue the debt spiral by hiring a town car.

    Oh, apologies that’s because Dina cleans out her pockets like a good gypsy child.
    Sick. Sad. Pathetic.

    And how does she get invited to these events anyways???

  53. Barbara says:

    I agree…she did something to her double chin. How can she afford to get work done?

  54. hex says:

    There’s something different about her face – my bet is on fillers for the nose, lips and chin.

  55. Jag says:

    Did she get a mid-face facelift? Her eyes look pulled a little. She looked horrible in her last court appearance. Definitely some lip under the chin, too. I don’t even want to know what she had to do in trade for that work!

  56. laurie says:

    Go to DListed. There’s a picture of her in all her awful usual glory. Nothing has changed. In fact she looks worse??

  57. mkyarwood says:

    She seems to be dressed like her mother — 40 years ago. She also looks age appropriate for a 40 year old. There is nothing of her left.

  58. Jay Elle says:

    I really wonder what she would look like if she never did drugs, never drank and never fucked with her face… like, au natural Lilo. I bet she would be really pretty.

  59. Elceibeno says:

    I am not going to focus on Lindsey’s looks. What she looks like then or now has secondary relevance to this particular post. What I’d like to point out is her inability to have invested some of her wealth in a home of her own. It was incredibly stupid to blow her money and not have a roof over head with her name on it. Kaiser is right it is sad. Some bloggers here focus on her bloat . I’d like to see their pictures to compare them to Lindsey’s. If you don’t look better than her you shouldn’t talk.

  60. janie says:

    I disagree.. I think she looks lovely. I hope this is a sign of good things to come for her. I know what a mess she is, i just hope for the best. She is still someones’ daughter, grandaughter, sister & maybe friend.

    • elceibeno08 says:

      Lots of bloggers here are fixed on her looks. I don’t know what they expect. She is a drug addict and of course she is not going to look good, although you say she does. Lindsey was once a pretty girl years ago when she wasn’t on drugs. Now, she moved back home with her tail between her legs,and penniless. She ruined her beauty and she is millions of dollars in debt. I don’t mind if people tear her apart. I have had many laughs are Lindsey’s expense but they keep focusing on her body instead of the fact she became a con artist, a petty thief, a liar. She has made herself not hireable in Hollywood. etc. She is really in tough spot.

  61. Gemini08 says:

    You can’t do financial planning with a person with a substance abuse problem-duh! Lindsay isn’t the first drug addict to lose all their money- it’s par for the course. To me the bigger issue how she gets into events like this one.

  62. MyLeNe - Montreal says:

    The shoes : HORRIBLE !

  63. OhMyMy says:

    That freaking horrible dolly hair. Just want to grab a pair of clippers and shave her bald.

  64. Shelly says:

    Well to be fair to Lindsay, her mother’s home is pretty much her home, whether her name is on the mortgage or not. As I am sure that she has been the one to make all of the house payments, since Dina doesn’t work.

  65. Grace says:

    She’s a mess. She looks like a full-on “escort”. Does she have any real friends anywhere? She needs to get herself to a therapist pronto.

    • elceibeno08 says:

      Lindsey is too proud to go to a therapist. Besides, she has no money for a therapist unless the therapist is a man who will get paid in bj’s. After reading so many Lindsey’s posts written by Kaiser I have learned to think like her.

  66. tricklady says:

    Please don’t show us her feet,they look like she’s been playing “BUGGER YOUR TOE” for a year straight. ISH

  67. jojo says:

    Thats really got to tick people off that she owes money to. To see her galavanting around in ‘vintage’ anything and 1k+ jewels to boot…

  68. Starlight says:

    The gown is amazing. I am glad she is getting better. I hope she finds somebody that would keep her grounded.

  69. Prettylights says:

    I think she looks decent – for her. I wish she wouldn’t have messed with her lips. What is up with women in Hollywood thinking your lips have to be giant in order to be attractive? Her old lips were small, but because of that it emphasized her big eyes. Now she just looks over-inflated.

  70. skuddles says:

    As soon as I saw her dress the words “hairy hooker” popped into my head!

  71. Madriani's Girl says:

    I can just see Dina bouncing into Lindsay’s room every afternoon and saying, “So what are we doing tonight???”

    To me, the phrase “…the duo watching TV together to pass time.” smacks more of two trainwrecks with no money having to stay in because no one wants to hang with them and they can no longer get freebies than actually wanting to watch TV. So they watch TV to pass the time when they’re both desperate to be in the club slurping up vodka and popping Vicodins.

  72. christie says:

    How was she even on the guest list?

  73. Katija says:

    It’s super obvious that she did her own hair. Honey, no shame in DIY-ing cause you’re broke, but flat iron next time. WAYYYYY more foolproof.

  74. skuddles says:

    Check out pic # 4 – there’s a good sized spot on her chest where she missed slathering on the orange lotion. Girl’s looking very budget with the DIY dye job and bottle tan.

  75. von says:

    it’s hard to feel sorry for someone who took a career that most talented people never get the opportunity to have a shot at – it’s a very difficult business to get a break in – that never invested any of her millions in anything tangible – a house? really (see Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag) i guess you really can’t live in a Berkin handbag even though they can cost as much as a house

  76. shewolf says:

    Good God. The cheap heels, the tragic hair, the orange everything…

    She really could have been absolutely stunning.

  77. Markus says:

    Poor thing…

    one just wouldnt want to imagine what Lindsay looks like these days when she comes out of the shower, first thing in the morning…

  78. nikzilla37 says:

    She ruined it with those hideous shoes.

  79. aurelia says:

    Her ann margaret vegas dress would have looked so much for chic if she lost the stripperella (pamela anderson / carmen electra circa 1996) shoes and traded them for some elegant gold stilletto heels.

    And doesn’t her hair look like a barbie dolls hair after you washed it went all plastic and fluffy?

  80. Chisom says:

    Are u guys kidding me? This is the best I’ve ever seen her look and…what..she still gets no love cos maybe a part of us wants her to be our own personal yardstick of how ur life is so much better.
    Lindsay, if u re listening or watching this, I want you to know that I’m proud u have managed to make it this far. A part of me wasn’t sure u would still be around but here u are looking a lot less messed up than u were this time last year.
    I wish u all the best in ur journey of recovery and peace from the media.

  81. vvvoid says:

    I fully believe Lindsay’s drug of choice is crack cocaine, given her financial circumstances. People think crack is cheap, that only people who can’t afford powder cocaine resort to it, but that’s not true. Crack is a way more intense high and it leads to way more compulsive behavior than powder form coke. It may only cost $20 per hit, but you want unlimited hits per day and never get enough, so it’s easy to spend around a thousand a day on just the crack, not to mention the downers you want/need to come down from it and actually sleep. I believe she is a poly-substance addict, but I have a very strong hunch that crack brought her to the low she’s currently in. Drugs each leave their unique fingerprints on the lives of those they destroy. All result in financial ruin, but the pattern and severity of Lindsay’s spiral looks exactly and specifically like crack addiction.

    • vvvoid says:

      Plus, her erratic behavior is SO extreme, it screams crack. Opiates wouldn’t make her quite so unreliable, she could get high and still arrive reasonably on time and then get high a few more times throughout the day. Meth you are high on for hours and don’t constantly have to be trapped in the bathroom doing more hits. Crack will do that though, you literally cannot and will not make or meet commitments because you wake up, get your hit, and then it’s all over, it’s all you can do all day long the rest of the day if you have any way to get more. You just chase your tail all day long because the high lasts less than 2 mins [honestly your brain feels like it only lasts 30 seconds] and there is no way you’ll stop to get work done or anything unless you have no way to get another hit. It’s the most compulsive thing I know of. This would explain her habitual no-shows, constant lateness, inability to look presentable [you literally have NO TIME in your mind for grooming], and the fact that she has nothing to her name. I’ve seen this exact pattern so many times, it’s always crack.

      • Bitca says:

        @vvvoid: Whoa; crack is $20 a hit now?? What happened to the $5 vials? Hated coke & crack, cause both just seemed to make you want more. If amphetamines are her fave poison, am surprised she’s not just given in & taken to meth. –And she IS known for wildly frequent bathroom breaks, so coke is a strong contender. In the ’80s, crack lasted barely 10 mins; if it wasn’t your thing you just waited til the craving faded—while less fortunate friends picked at their faces in the bathroom mirror after using the trash for a few hours…

        From what I heard LiLo’s DoCs are Booze, Adderall & Vicodin–latter two seem pretty low-rent & easy to kick–alas, like her mom she seems to have inherited the disease of alcoholism.

        To me this better seems to explain her thin-but-bloated Amy Winehouse look. Dina always sounds like she’s on benzos AND booze—but just a guess on my part.

        It IS an illness, & at times I feel uncomfortable by the sheer malice of the comments & blogs. But I know the frustration & anger it can evoke. My brothers managed to give up all but the alcohol, which physically is the most brutal of the lot. But when combined w/coke addiction, it made them & dear friends/lovers think they were the center of the universe, & oblivious to the notion that other human beings existed for any other reason than to gratify their needs.

        So I get the nasty entries–Lohan behavior is infuriating–& agree with vvoid that opiate addicts lack the tendency to display such shamelessly erratic behavior. But with coke, crack, meth? Different story.

        Still, am fascinated by the fury & disgust directed at Lohan & Mom, Inc. Whenever LiLo gets an undeserved break in court people appear to take it personally, yet even C & D-list celebs *always* seem to get their sense of entitlement validated by a judge… Gross; but who’s to blame?

  82. Issa says:

    Lose the stripper shoes and the extensions, weave, wig. Lose whatever the hell has attached itself to her head. Bob it and forget it. She is a still a mess but a little less puffy.

  83. Labyrinth says:

    Ok so I understand how she gets work banging and whatever nasty extras she provides for rich men in private, but can anyone tell me why in hell would a rich man take her as a date to a big public event? Everyone would know you are paying for a whore, and a cracky, unwashed one to be your date. It seems to me to Defeat the purpose of hiring an ‘escort’ , where discretion is paramount.

  84. Debbie says:

    …aaand again with the fingermark bruises, this time on her ankles. Gross.

  85. Yada says:

    She put cover up over her overinflated top lip. I think she might be trying to deflate her lips. She also has used that tape to pull up her double chins … Hence longer looking nose and wider face .

  86. Yada says:

    And yes , I think this girl dabbles in crack . It explains everything . Her delusions, her erratic behavior , self centeredness and thievery .
    She totally owns the 1980 TV movie hooker look. The fried out hair and “glamorous” dress , I seriously hope she takes a look in the mirror and is disgusted like we all are , maybe shed slow down on the drugs . Naw ! If I said that three years ago maybe there’d b hope , but now ? I think her brain is pretty much fried out by now .