Emma Watson defends Kristen Stewart: ‘Kristen is human… she’s so young’

Emma Watson has a new interview with Vanity Fair Italia, although the photo shoot is old so… maybe these aren’t new statements? I do think the interview is new though, so let’s give it a whirl. Emma was asked about her contemporary (and competition for roles) Kristen Stewart. Emma and K-Stew are the same age – both were child stars who transitioned with grace into adult roles, legit stardom, wealth and beauty/fashion contracts. But Emma’s private life has always seemed squeaky-clean compared to the mess of rumors, controversies and scandals that make up Kristen’s private life. So is Emma going to throw her competition under the bus? Not really. Although you could make the argument that Emma is being kind of passive aggressive by even discussing Kristen’s Mini-Coopering in this much detail:

In a new interview with Vanity Fair Italia, Emma Watson discusses the media attention that Kristen has been bombarded with after she was caught cheating on Robert Pattinson with director Rupert Sanders. She said, “Those who criticized her are the same people that think that being rich and famous is like being covered in some kind of magic powder that makes life perfect: Nothing can go wrong in your wonderful world. For these people, Kristen deserves all the bad things that have been thrown at her because she had an amazing life and she ruined it.”

Emma made headlines when she was caught laughing and hanging out with Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart at the Toronto International Film Festival, in the holy trinity of young adult franchise actresses. It’s clear that she developed a bond with Kristen, as she continued defending her, saying, “I thought that the media picked on her in a very horrible way. Kristen is human, just like everybody else, and she’s so young. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone. It’s not fair to consider them matters of public interest….”

[From VF Italia via Fansshare]

Call me crazy, but Emma’s analysis of Kristen’s situation is smarter and more nuanced than Jodie Foster’s, right? Emma’s argument seems to be that the backlash against Kristen wasn’t so much about her age or her gender or about “slut-shaming” but about celebrity culture and how normal people think celebrities live. And you know what? Emma is kind of right. I was mad at Kristen for being so miserable and angst-y when she had an amazing life, when she had money, beauty, career success, her health and a boyfriend who adored her. I was pissed at her for being so self-defeating, so self-sabotaging, so self-destructive. Damn. Emma nailed me!

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  1. c'est la vie says:

    Emma appears to be smarter than Kristen.

    Enough said.

    And why do these people think she needs defending? Can’t she speak up for herself? She’s an adult, isn’t she?

    Or is it the fact that every time she opens her mouth, she ends up putting her converse clad foot in it.

      • c'est la vie says:

        Thanks and I mean it – she strikes me as spoiled, boring and above all classless. No sense of humility about her.

        Doe she really have a pr team, because she’s overexposed in the worst sense of the word. Just google her. Or maybe not. Though I still enjoy the pictures of her smoking pot and screaming at her personal trainer.

        And people feel the need to defend her?
        Why? She’s an adult. She has no class or charisma. And she strikes me as incredibly stupid as well.

        I’m just glad to know that Twilight and and all the fun promotional appearances are over. For good.

      • c'est la vie says:

        Caught a typo in what I just wrote – “does she really have a pr team”.

        And it’s still a good question.

        Does she?

      • Bo Diddly says:

        I don’t really think your comment is being fair. It’s not so much that she needs defending; it’s no big surprise that the public tends to ease up on you if you have the support of someone else. It’s like instead of saying “oh I’m a good person, and here’s why”, you have a second opinion to back you up – “this person is a good person, and I’m not obligated to say anything, but because they’re a good person, here’s why”. Remember when Michael Richards went on his racist tirade in the comedy club? He issued a well spoken apology and looked like he was sincerely sorry for what he did, and spent a lot of time thinking about it. Yet, I couldn’t really forgive him until Jerry came to his rescue – that flipped my perspective from “whatever, he’s just doing damage control, same old celebrity bs” to “maybe Michael is a decent person, who has some issues to work out like we all do”, since Jerry was so willing to defend him.

      • c'est la vie says:

        @Bo Diddy.

        These two comparisons are not even in the same ballpark. I don’t see what you’re getting at here.

        I’m still offended by what Michael Richards did, always will be. It’s disgusting. Don’t even bring it into this – it’s offensive. He’ll never live it down. Rightfully so.

        I thought this thread was about Stone and others defending the personal and ugly mess that Stewart brought down upon herself. Right? Like I’ve said before, she’s an adult, she made choices and now she has to live with them.

        I really don’t care about apologies made by peers. Or her. She and her pr team can try to undo the damage if they want. That’s a hell of a lot of damage control IMO. Good luck with that one. They’re going to need it.

      • Allie May says:

        @ Bo Diddly:
        I like what you had to say. I think most people have great respect for Emma Watson, and she knows this, and is willing to say some kind words for her friend. I understand what you’re saying.

    • giddy says:

      “people that think that being rich and famous is like being covered in some kind of magic powder that makes life perfect”…well…apparently Emma was snorting that “magic dust” all the time at Brown… which is why she left…these actors kill me… they think that making all that money for doing what “they love” has no down side… as if they should be granted some dispensation for the trials of life…sorry guys and gals… if you don’t like the rules of the game… stop playing… and while one might sympathise that the criticism is often harsh and overwrought…it IS the price one pays… stop whining… soldier on…

    • Gemini08 says:

      Oh, please. Kristen has said pretty much the very same thing. The only difference is that people love to love Emma and love to hate Kristen. And that’s exactly the problem.

      • c'est la vie says:

        I don’t have a clue as to what you’re talking about with Stone and Stewart. No point in comparing them really.

        I don’t hate Stewart. I’m calling it as I see it. I think she is what she is. Spoiled, vain, and more than a little bit stupid. Yes, that’s the impression I’ve gotten from her interviews. In print and on tv. Some post secondary education might have helped. Though my guess is, probably not.

        Like I said, she wouldn’t know what good pr was if she tripped over it wearing her chucks. And yet people still leap to her ” defense”. At this point, why bother? She’s an adult. She made her choices.

        As for the pictures, yes they are worth more than a thousand words. I wish I hadn’t seen them. Mostly.

        I’ve got nothing else…except that I’m very glad that Twilight is over. Thank God.

      • David says:

        The difference is that Emma Watson has a resevoir of goodwill and Kristen Stewart doesn’t. Emma is smart and likable, Kristen is famous for being a pot-smoking high school drop out with an arrogant FU attitude.

        Emma is respected and KStew screwed her own reputation when she was caught cheating in public with a married man.

        I know who I’d rather work with or hang out with, and it isn’t the one who shows so little loyalty or consideration for their family, friends, and partner. Selfish people are not cool. Give me Emma any day.

    • c'est la vie says:

      LOL Sorry – thinking Stone and Stewart

      Not Watson and Stewart.

      Stone just sounds better. What is Watson thinking?
      Who cares at this point.

    • c'est la vie says:

      Btw I think I like Emma Stone better than these two.

    • Jazz Fabulous says:

      “and why do these people think she needs defending”? Because they are friends with her, and they know each other in real life, unlike you or me, we have never met her, I find it strange and hilarious that everyone on Celebitchy call her spoiled and miserable, etc. when none of us even know her in real life.

      (and yes, I know this is a gossip site called CelebITCHY, spare me the lecture)

      • c'est la vie says:

        Have you seen the picture of her screaming at her personal trainer? Unfortunately, I have.

        I’ve never seen anyone behave that way. Ugly. She sure as hell looks angry and spoiled there.

        So yes, I’m still going with a picture is worth a thousand words. Who would want to be a “fan” of that. You don’t treat people that way. Period.

        And yes, I don’t think she and Emma grew up in the Valley together. I’m not going to use the word shallow, but yes I think celebrity friendships can be fleeting. After all, aren’t they busy with their careers?

        As for “defending” her – she’s an adult, with a pr team – and she’s going have to deal with the consequences of her actions for a long time to come. That’s her own problem. She created it. That didn’t have to happen. Yet again, another f-ck up on her part.

      • mina says:

        they are not friends, simply met up once. They are not friends

      • lamamu says:

        JazzFabulous–I get your point, but “spoiled and miserable” is the either a) her real self or b) the image she chooses to project. And no one really thinks she’s that great an actress, so everyone assumes “a.”

      • Susi says:

        c’est la vie, from what I read, those pictures were taken out of context. Apparently that is not her trainer but someone completely different (which makes since she’s wearing jeans in the shot) and she was telling him a story and imitating someone (which is why it’s all so over the top) and there are more photos in which they are laughing straight afterwards. Don’t forget that a photo can be taken out of context – remember that Bennifer video clip J-Lo made? There was a lot of truth to that.

        It’s like when all the mags and blogs were printing that photo of Kristen and Rupert supposedly talking intimately and staring into each other’s eyes in Berlin or somewhere. Yeah sure, then you see the rest of the pics and realise that Charlize was sitting in between them (you can see the very top of her hair if you look at the one everyone printed), and is telling a story. They’re not looking at each other, they are both looking at her. And there were about 20 other people from the cast and crew sitting at the table too.

        Photos are great but taken out of context and manipulated, they don’t necessarily represent the “truth” of a person or a situation.

        And I say all of this and I am not a fan of K-Stew at ALL. I just think she gets dumped on more than she actually deserves. She seems to be a person uniquely unsuited to modern-day celebrity. I also think that she is better in indie films and was not a fan of her in Snow White (should’ve been Felicity Jones), however, I don’t think she’s the terrible actress people make her out to be either.

      • Conner says:

        This quote comes from an Italian magazine, print interview. So we don’t have any way of knowing if Emma said any of it. We have no audio or video, and we’re reading a translation from Italian.

        Other actors have said that they’ve read their interviews in this magazine and don’t recall saying the things that are printed, that the interviewer just writes whatever she wants to, and then it gets printed.

    • karmasabiatch! says:

      c’est la vie, whaaa???

      ITA, but hey, bra- don’t disrespect the Chucks! ;)

    • Get a clue says:

      +1 on all of your comments

    • Azurea says:

      I dunno….is 22 really & truly adulthood, especially when you have lived in the rarified atmosphere of Hollywood in the formative years? I’d say cut her a break.

  2. Aiobhan says:

    That last photo of KSTEW is hilarious.

    • Michele says:

      ““I thought that the media picked on her in a very horrible way. Kristen is human, just like everybody else, and she’s so young. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone. It’s not fair to consider them matters of public interest….””

      This is how Hollywood and Kristen’s peers really feel about the OTT way the media handled Kristen’s scandal.

      When you have someone like Chelsea Handler, who throws EVERYONE under the bus, appear on Katie Couric’s chat show recently, not only defend Kristen’s OTT media treatment, but admits she’s happy things worked out between Rob and Kristen because she likes them together, says it all. Katie Couric even agreed with Chelsea on national tv.

      Emma didn’t have to elaborate in this interview but she did. She knows Kristen. She and Jennifer Lawrence hung out with Kristen during TIFF when all 3 young actresses had their films there. Kristen’s first public appearance since the scandal broke and she was welcomed into the fold by the most in demand actress at the moment, Jennifer Lawrence and a hugely popular and respected, Emma Watson. Lainey even wrote about it on her blog.

      Directors, producers, fellow actors who have worked with Kristen, also stylists/make up/hair people have all said wonderful things about her. She’s always punctual, prepared, full of ideas, enthusiastic, and dedicated to her role and the film in general when she steps foot onto a movie set. When it comes to her work, she’s extremely professional.

      Nobody is saying you have to like Kristen Stewart but the need to constantly attack her every time her name is mentioned is not only unfair but it’s so pathetic. Simple solution…don’t follow her so closely if she bothers you that much. Put your effort into actresses you do enjoy. But if we all followed that advice, there wouldn’t be sites like this which focus on and encourage ridicule and criticism.

      • Ann says:

        And you think your policing our opinions on your favourite lipbiter is going to change peoples’ minds?
        Emma should have finished her studies instead of chasing Hollywood fame.

      • Michele says:

        “When you have someone like Chelsea Handler, who throws EVERYONE under the bus, appear on Katie Couric’s chat show recently, not only defend Kristen’s OTT media treatment, but admits she’s happy things worked out between Rob and Kristen because she likes them together, says it all. ”

        Sorry, I meant to say that Chelsea defended Kristen on Katie’s show and criticized the OTT media treatment Kristen received following the scandal. I didn’t word that properly in my initial reply. I apologize if anybody was confused.

      • JJankowski says:

        You really believe that Emma, Jennifer and Kristen are these good friends that socialize together and know anything about each others personal lifes. Their meet-up was just another PR stunt to silence the backlash of the scandal. You never heard of the three of them together again.

      • Kezia says:

        Right on! Why Kristen in particular incites such hatred in people I’ll never understand…perhaps the old phrase “We hate in others, what we see in ourselves”

      • terra says:

        lol, yes jj, everyone is on kstew’s payroll, jennifer lawerence, even emma watson–never mind she’s way richer than kstew will ever be!

        Say it with me three times:

        Not everything is a conspiracy.
        Not everything is a conspiracy.
        Not everything is a conspiracy.

      • Mandy says:

        @Ann Emma has every right to eIther finish her studies or pursue her acting career, how can you say ‘should’ about someone else’s decisions? One can always go back to study, acting is more fickle. She ‘should’ do whatever the hell she feels is right for her.

      • Allie May says:

        Well said, Michelle.

        Everyone deserves to be forgiven for their mistakes and allowed to make better choices. Let’s hope she does.

      • Jordon says:

        Emma, Jennifer and the others are all afraid of KStew’s rabid fanbase. They puke all over Twitter all the time, making stupid things about KStew trend.

        And they fabricate manipulations of photos to try to make it look like she’s somewhere she isn’t, like in Australia instead of partying in LA. This is not the behavior of sane people.

  3. JL says:


    Celebrity or not there is no way you can wear that dress in the last picture and not get some “Back-lash”.

    As for Emma’s comments, I have a different view. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, everyone gets called out on them (and hates it) and everyone else just plain gets tired of hearing about it and listening to one whine at some point. That applies to celebrities, family, office mates and everyone else.

    So poor Kristen just got treated like a normal person. AWWWWW

    If I cheated on my husband my personal “fanclub” ie.friends/social – work aquaintences and everyone else that knows us would be commenting on it just like they did Kristen’s situation.
    The only differnce is I couldn’t claim they were doing it because I’m a celebrity….

    • Annie says:

      A person cannot learn from their mistakes if they don’t get called out on them. If you cuddle them and say “there, there, you’re just young” you’re pretty much protecting them from learning their lessons.

      • JL says:

        Tell it Striaght up Annie!

        +1 Totally agree, if you don’t want the flack don’t act that way.

      • Michele says:

        How can anyone STILL think that Kristen did NOT get called out for her cheating? She got slammed by the media on a daily basis in print, tv, even radio. She was ridiculed and called a slut, whore, homewrecker…Wil Ferrel called her a trampire on national tv, a moniker which stuck because it’s still being used 6 months later. She lost some fans who have now become her harshest critics. She pulled out of a movie (Cali) which she was slated to star in and produce immediately following the scandal. She literally disappeared for months following the pic release and when she finally emerged, it was obvious by her extreme weight loss, the scandal took a big toll on her personally.

        Seriously, she did not get off easy. She, like Sienna Miller, will be tainted with the homewrecker label for years to come.

      • Dani says:

        So because she got caught and called out on something she did, it means everyone should now forgive her and love her all the same? The impressions you leave on people are the most important things. You can’t be in the middle of a national scandal and expect people to love you in the end.

      • Michele says:

        Nobody is saying you have to “coddle” Kristen. But continuing to attack her 6 months later is ridiculous. Unless her fling with Sanders personally affected you, I don’t see the need to dwell on it.

        I think some of Kristen’s harshest critics are people who are projecting their own personal experiences with infidelity onto her…perhaps a husband, boyfriend, or father cheated and this is a way to release pent up aggressions and hurtful memories.

        I was a cheater once when I was around Kristen’s age. To all the people who insist, “Once a cheater, always a cheater”, in my case, “once a cheater, never again a cheater” because the hurt I caused at age 20 changed me forever. Thankfully, I wised up and I’m not that same immature, young girl who acted on impulse instead of thinking of the consequences my irresponsible actions would have on others.

        I hope Kristen learned a valuable lesson too from her poor judgement and unwise actions. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that it won’t happen again because I’m living proof people can and do change after a hurtful experience like infidelity.

      • c'est la vie says:

        I could dislike Stewart for that picture of her yelling at her personal trainer alone.


        You don’t treat people like that, I don’t care what you’re going through or who you are.

        I’ve never done anything like that to anyone.

      • Miss Bennett says:

        Amen. Miss Stewart was 22 years old when she CHOSE to make this “mistake”. What people don’t seem to understand is that bad decisions like the one Miss Stewart made are instinctive of profound selfishness and a lack of concern or empathy for others. At 22 years old there is no excuse for this kind of behavior. It is our actions that truly show others what kind of person we are. What Miss Stewart’s fans cannot face is that she is not a person of character or honor. I hope that this experience leads her to examine the way she treats others and to amend her behavior.

  4. Ann says:

    Liberty Ross and her children are human too but apperently in Hollywood at the age of 22 with publicists, managers and yes-people actors are still bigger victims.

    • B says:

      Ofcourse Emma won’t defend Liberty or her children. It’s not cool to do that. Emma gets more appraisal for “sticking up” for a Hipster douche. Just like no one defended Megan Fox because she is perceived as a shallow person. They only defend someone when they are famous & on demand.

      • terra says:

        this is so irrational, watching several posters demonize emma watson suddenly simply for sticking up for someone you guys don’t like.

      • Nina W says:

        She’s not just sticking up for someone, she is taking sides in a very ugly situation and that’s what people react to. Emma should probably stay off of it. I understand Kristin has her defenders but she has to deal with the unfortunate consequences of her stupid and inconsiderate behavior. I’m sure it sucks for her but I don’t have much sympathy for her since it was pretty much all her own doing.

  5. Lucinda says:

    We should remember too that Emma knows Robert because they worked together in Harry Potter. She may have more sympathy for Kristen because of that. I have no idea if Robert and Emma have stayed in touch but it’s certainly possible so she may know Kristen better than we realize. Regardless, I think her observation is very astute.

    • Annie says:

      I think Emma is just afraid that one day she’ll mess up too and she won’t be able to handle the backlash. So she defends Kristen because she puts herself in her shoes. Fame is scary, yes, but there’s tons of benefits that come with it, one of them being able to make outrageous ammounts of money from just about anything. Their life might not be perfect but it’s pretty close. They have people do everything for them. What difficulties can Emma watson possibly go through? “I didn’t get the part I wanted. I look awful on this red carpet. People call me Hermione. I don’t know if I should finish my degree or keep acting.” Compare it with girls who don’t have money, are unemployed, have massive college debt, have husbands in Afganistan, are pregnant, etc. It’s ridiculous what she just said.

      She sticks up for her because if she messes up, everyone is going to see it.

      • Liv says:


        She didn’t even admit that Kristen made a mistake – and she made a f-king mistake! Of course she’s human, but just stand by your actions.

      • nina says:

        Of course money is GREAT and does ease one’s pain, but celebrity itself is a very destructive thing and can stop people from having normal, healthy, well-adjusted lives.

        It’s easy to look at them and to think that their lives can’t possibly be so hard but remember that for every Emma Watson, there’s a Lindsay and a Britney to counter her.

        Money? Great. Makes life a lot better. Fame? Effs your life up if you don’t navigate it properly. And it’s so easy to navigate it improperly when everyone’s blowing air up your ass.

      • eiaboca says:

        You know, this isn’t entirely the truth. I get that they have almost unimaginable privilege, but living is still hard…for almost everyone. People get sick, have emotional problems, mental problems, difficulties with friends, family, and relationships. It isn’t fair to say that money and fame make you completely insulated.

      • Nina W says:

        That is a fantasy of wealth and celebrity but not the reality. More money means more problems. Imagine never being able to trust another person because everybody wants a piece of you. Famous people have all the problems the rest of us have, life is never easy for anyone, no one gets out unscathed and we all die in the end.

      • Leen says:

        Eh, one of my friends went to school with Emma and from what I’ve heard she is a very compassionate and nice person. She also trouble with her boyfriend back then (infidelity and what not) so I also think that’s why she doesn’t like the vilification.

      • Leen says:

        And I agree, fame and money do not make you immune to problems. Look I’m working 2 jobs at the moment, saving up for grad school and live in a conflict zone but ive got family problems and relationship problems that are taking a toll on me lately (for me working is actually a very very nice distraction despite the fact it makes me feel exhausted every single day). Celebrities are not immune to that.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        So…. she feels empathy? Imagines what it might be like to be in her shoes? Wishes her the best in resolving her difficulties? Wow, that’s just *horrible*. I agree though, I think this is exactly what is going on.

        What kind of problems can a person who on the outside has everything possibly have? All the usual problems I guess: loneliness, depression, broken relationships, sick family members, fear of the future, will I ever find someone who really loves me, will I ever truly know myself, what do I want to do with my life, etc. Money doesn’t solve any of these issues, and I think we all get that.

        That said, yes, if you are someone who struggles everyday to not go under it is hard to listen to existential ruminations from someone whose closet overflows with Versace. She is very likely blind to her privilege– mot people who have it are. Privilege (and its lack) both blind people to one another’s suffering.

  6. Riana says:

    I think there were a lot of nuances to why Kristin got, and continues to get, so much criticism but I really think Emma covered one of those reasons intelligently.

    Personally I think the people offended on a moral level are very few, the majority just got ammo to load in their “I hate her anyway” chamber when Kristin was caught.

    In the end I think once you don’t play some role to satisfy the masses they turn on you, as evidence by how quickly Liberty became a problem by not immediately divorcing Rupert and daring to show up at events and GASP look HAPPY?!?!

  7. Maria says:

    i cant hear the “she is too young” excuse anymore. people go to war way earlier.

    I like Emma very much and there is truth in Emmas statement but she shouldnt forget that Robsten made Twillight. They made a huge amount of money with their stupid love story and those awful movies.

    thats where i dont agree with her. if you put yourself out there you will have to deal with. the positive sides are free designer clothes, easier access to fancy restaurants, lots of money and so on. the negative side is something like what happened to kristen.
    im glad she got so much sh’t for it becaus it times of STDs people should know that cheating is dangerous.

    the salary is so high to make up for the loss of privacy. i dont know who said it but it was an actress: ” i act for free but i charge a big amount of money for all the problems that come with this job in the public eye”.

    If Emma decided to quit acting after Harry Potter i would defend her right for privacy but now she has chosen that path and as you can see in this interview she knows exactly what comes with it but wants to have her cake and eat it too. that wont work. so i have the feeling its more emma trying to protect herself from future headlines than really defending kristen. you also will rarely see hollywood people trashing each other publicly.

  8. Annie says:

    Emma has class. She won’t trash other actresses, which is something that Kristen has done multiple times because they are not real like her.
    But I’m done with the “she’s young” excuse. What Kristen did was selfish because she felt her life was too boring and needed something to happen to her to seem interesting and badass. Do people seriously believe Rupert instigated it? Kristen wanted drama in her life, she said it herself in an interview. I have no doubt in my mind that she approached him. And we’re supposed to excuse her because she’s young? She knew what she was doing and if people are mad at her it’s because she chose a married guy. With kids. How quickly people forget the man had a family. This isn’t just about her breaking Rob’s heart. She broke a home too just so she could feel she had lived through something. And the media quickly defended her because oh no, let’s not slut shame her! Well, she should be ashamed. She did a horrible thing for entirely selfish reasons.

    And I’m sorry Emma, but you guys don’t real life problems. You have Rich Girl Problems at most. You have not been through real pain and suffering in life, like so many girls your age because you’re spoiled and protected and everyone kisses your butts, which is why you’re both bad actresses. You don’t know suffering. The best actors out there have been through their share of pain and turn their damage into something for their performances.

    It’s nice actresses stick up for each other when it comes to sleeping with married directors. Nobody stuck up for Megan Fox when she spoke out against Michael Bay being borderline sexually harassing towards her on Transformers.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      @annie – we are not privy to how much pain and suffering anyone has had in his/her life. To say that someone doesn’t have real life problems simply because she is wealthy and yes, lucky in her career, is ridiculous. Everyone has real life problems. The difference lies in what those problems are and how they are perceived by others. My real life problems are different from yours. They are different from my best friends. What makes my experiences important is that they are MINE. That is true for everyone.

      • Annie says:

        Neither Emma nor Kristen have been through sh*t. That we know otherwise it would be in the papers. Didn’t Kristen say her life was too perfect and everything was so easy for her and she was sooo bored? What has Emma Watson been through? Her wealthy family is fine, no drama there ever, her friends are the same since she was 6 and they protect her. She has never had an illness, neither anyone in her family. Nobody has died. Never had an accident, never lost a loved one, she’s healthy and has not been through a scandal. What pain? A break up? She’s never had long term relationship. Girl has had a pretty darn good life.

        I just think celebrities need to be relatable so she says dumb stuff like “just because we have tons of money and everybody kisses our butts doesn’t mean we have perfect lives.” No, but they’re pretty close. And if you don’t know the crap some girls go through, aka Real Problems, you shouldn’t even try to compare yourself to them.

        And to say stuff like that just because Kristen got crap after what she did, it’s like, what did you expect? She did something awful. People will talk even if you’re not famous. Tons of people can relate to being cheated on, or are afraid of being cheated on.

      • Moore says:

        That it would be in the papers isn’t good reasoning. The tabloids are mostly made up and we don’t know the real details.

      • terra says:

        annie-that’s just ridiculous. Stars are some of the most messed up people on earth. If fame and wealth were such life stabilizers, celebrities and athletes and musicians would be a much happier, more stable group than they actually are.

        And saying emma or kristen haven’t been trhough sh*t says a lot about yourself and your inability to see past their celebrity and humanize them. It’s a part of celebrity worship culture though–to build up stars while simulataneously resenting them for seemingly perfect lives.

      • Leen says:

        Oh please Annie, it’s a bit dumb to rib on Watson because she’s rich saying she probably doesn’t have any problems because in your eyes yours or other people’s are much worse. By this admission, no one has any ‘problems’. You might think that having debts, not enough money, unemployment, etc is the worst thing ever, but guess what I have to worry about in the next few weeks? Getting gas masks. I live in a conflict zone and under military occupation, that to me seems like a bigger problem than having debts (what I would give if all I had to worry about was work and money).

        But that doesn’t matter, because there are worse problems than mine, some people go days without food, some people are raped every day because they are held hostage by militias. I am thankful in that retrospect that I can maintain a somewhat normal life than having to fend for my life every single day.

        But I am NOT ribbing on anyone saying I have the worst problems ever and everyone else’s problems are nothing/incomparable/etc. No because I have no idea how you deal with your problems or how Emma deals with her problems and the emotional toll it takes on it. Plus, life isn’t fair. Some of us worry about financial debt/work and some of us worry about staying alive and the rest worry about something in between or even lighter than that.

    • Another Ann says:

      Annie, just because you and Emma don’t have the SAME problems, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have problems. Or that hers aren’t very real, especially to her.

      Yes, she doesn’t have to worry about money. But that’s not the only problem in the world. She may have many other problems you don’t know about. How do you know that she doesn’t have friends or family members struggling with serious illness, for example?

      Do you have stalkers? Has your life been threatened? Has a crazy person showed up at your home? These are some problems that celebrities may have that are scary and real.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      And I’m sorry Emma, but you guys don’t real life problems. You have Rich Girl Problems at most. You have not been through real pain and suffering in life, like so many girls your age

      Sorry, but not a one of us can ever say that. We live in the developed world. We have decent literacy levels, and presumably an income bracket sufficient to cover the net and a laptop. We have access to healthcare, enough to eat, a roof over our heads and a democratic society. My fully vaccinated, NHS cared-for son is asleep in his bed with a full tummy after a bedtime story. Real problems? Well, ours probably seem incredibly trivial to a child bride in Afghanistan, a trafficked sex slave, or a mother whose babies have died in a famine. It doesn’t make our problems feel any less real to us.

      We’re all really spoilt and privileged when you look at the world’s population. Thinking otherwise because we aren’t millionaires or movie stars is really pretty unrealistic.

      • nina says:


        Seriously, none of us get to pull that card. The luxury of having time to comment on gossip threads speak to our status. lol

        And I think it’s straight up wrong to assume that just because people have money and a cool job they are therefore immune to life and all the shit that accompanies it. Money and fame are an intoxicating but often destructive mix, and while I’d take money any day of the week, I wouldn’t watn to touch the fame part with a ten foot pole.

      • Nina W says:

        I agree we are very lucky and privileged but even privileged women go through some pretty terrible stuff and it doesn’t always make the papers.

      • Leen says:

        Thank you! Finally someone said it. I was rolling my eyes heavily throughout the thread because I don’t understand why people are ribbing on ‘rich’ or celebrities saying they don’t have problems. For the love of god, we don’t know what problems they have or how much it affects them!

    • Lulu says:

      Annie, take an everlasting seat please. Everyone else here said it very eloquently, so I won’t repeat them.

  9. Emma Watson is just being a diplomat. You know there are people who are too polite to be frank. If they have an opinion which is not so good, which might hurt the other person’s feeling, they won’t say it, they’d just lie. That is what Emma did here. She knows her real views or opinion about K Stew’s cheating would call for backlash from Stans, so she just played it safe .

  10. Jenna says:

    Why does Kristen need defending again? And call me crazy, but I really dislike knowingly cheating or going into an affair being called a ‘mistake’. Oops, my biscuit got speared by his butterknife? No. Not a mistake. More like a huge, stupid clusterfcuk of a decision.

    And stop using her age as a crutch. But all in all, Emma is too polite to call her out.

  11. Miss Kiki says:

    This for me is why the backlash continues against K-Stew, every single time someone makes an excuse for her that centers around her being young. K-Stew is a WOMAN, not a child an adult who knew exactly what she was doing. I personally find Sanders equally if not more so disgusting than her BUT as a 25 year old woman I will not sit there and listen to people say that she was taken advantage of or she didn’t know what she was doing because she’s so young. F*ck that sh*t. They both screwed up on a huge scale they both knew what they were dong but people need to stop acting as if K-Stew is the first person to ever be 22, I was 22 and I wasn’t screwing married men but if I had been then I would have known what I was doing was wrong. People need to stop tying to act like 22 is so young and you can’t differentiate between right and wrong.

  12. decorative item says:

    This may have been said a million times, but, I don’t believe they are a real couple anyway. Perhaps they were at one stage, but this relationship smacks of manipulation so as not to tip the apple cart. The movies are targeted to teenage girls, who live in a bit of a fairy world concerning love, and keeping them together is very important. My guess is that they will run away from each other as fast as they can once the contracts up.

    Having an affair isn’t a great idea, but she’s not the first and won’t be the last to make this mistake, because people are not perfect. I’m not going to judge her.
    Sorry if this has been said to death, I usually don’t read posts about her.

  13. Micki says:

    What Kristen did was wrong.Period. She was of legal age and took the decision herself.
    The only thing I concede is the degree she was draged through the mud compared with all the adulterers in HW.

    • Maria says:

      Kristen got busted with pictures. with others there were only rumours or divorces, you could never be really sure if it happened. take the most famous case: angelina and brad. no pics of them doing it.
      even tiger woods who had sex with so many women was never photographed.
      even with those pictures twihards defended her or said they used photoshop. if it had been only a rumour that kristen slept with him i too wouldnt have believe it because there are so many rumours going on that are not true
      but in this case everyone had a proof and it was very obvious. you just dont have this in other cheating scandals.

      • Micki says:

        Maria, do you really think the others get pass because there are no pics? Please.
        So why did Erin Woods get divorce? She must have a vivid imagination I guess.
        I think that there are secure info chains for HW insiders and they don’t really need to see it as well.

    • lady mary. says:

      iam srry but age has nothin to do with maturity,there are plenty of ppl in this world ,who do massive amount of shity things being totally aware that they are doin it especially when it comes to things like cheating with a married man ,as in kstew case ,u know ur about to hurt a large number o f ppl ,but yet u dont care that aint called “naivity ” due to age thats called being selfish and sself absorbed

    • Nina W says:

      This probably would have blown over long ago if not for her being “Bella”. Too many people had her cast in that role and romanticized her relationship and then voila, international scandal involving a mini-Cooper. Her fans felt betrayed and they seem a vengeful lot.

  14. hoya_chick says:

    I am in my 20s. I hate “she’s young, she made a mistake” as an excuse. Not everyone in their 20s sleeps with married men. I know I don’t and none of my friends do either. She is old enough to know better. Smh.

    With all the money, fame and success comes the media spotlight. You cannot have one without the other. You cannot be the star of a worldwide blockbuster and go out and bang your married director in the middle of the day and not expect a media feeding frenzy.

    There is a difference between ‘slut shaming’ and holding a woman responsible for her actions. That’s reverse sexism. So I can’t critique her behavior because she is a woman? Give me a break! Just because I think she is gross for sleeping with a married man and cheating on her boyfriend doesn’t mean I am ‘slut shaming’, I hold RS just as responsible but she was the more famous of the cheaters so she got more attention.

    And now I’m getting off this thread because I always get so annoyed with the apologists.

    • JL says:

      Kudos to hoya_chick; you are young but apparently not stupid, vapid and entitled. How refreshing!

      What’s wrong with Slut Shaming? Being a slut is a shameful thing.

      I’m sooooo tired of all this PC BS, call it what it is. She acted like a shameless whore and slept with a married man. I have no respect for that for anyone actress or next door neighbor.

      When did we start defending bad behavior and flogging people for standing up for good behavior?

    • Annie says:

      Seriously! I’m so tired that whenever a woman does something horrible like sleeping with a married guy there’s cries of slut shaming and nobody say anything to her, please. What? People are going to do whatever they want now and nobody should call them out ever, because poor little girl? Breaking a home is something that people will judge ’til the end of time because it’s a horrible thing, and crying because you’re being slut shamed is nothing but victimization, when you are not the victim here.

      Slut shaming is such a stupid term. If you do something awful, you will be called out on it. Period. Deal with it or make better choices, but don’t victimize yourself.

      • JL says:

        Tag team, body slam.

        Again – Preach it sista.

      • Miss Kiki says:

        Can I say firstly that I agree with hoya (see my earlier post) what I will say slightly OT is the ‘slut-shaming’ thing. Now maybe I’m totally mis-understanding the phrase but I view it as if I’m a consenting adult and choose to sleep with 100 single, consenting men then that’s my business and no-one should try and shame me about that. I do not view that as bad behaviour, however that is not what K-stew did, I feel like equating the 2 things is totally different. People have defended/condemned her using this phrase but I don’t feel like it’s even applicable. If my understanding of the term is correct then I feel that when people use it in situations like this it’s being totally misappropriated.

      • Annie says:

        While I don’t like calling someone a slut or a whore, I do believe that people calling out others for bad behavior is necessary. We should not be expected to defend a girl who did a horrible thing just because she is a woman. Taking what you want sexually is neither empowering nor feminist. It’s just sex. And she certainly wasn’t being pro-woman when she helped destroy another woman’s relationship. Where was the sisterhood there? She deserves no sisterhood in return. Women who do this don’t deserve it.

        She should be ashamed. She helped cause a divorce. Shame is not overrated. When you have shame you don’t make idiotic selfish decisions that will potentially hurt several people: yourself, your partner, your bf, the wife, the kids, your parents who will be embarrassed for your behavior. People are not judging Kristen just because she had sex. It’s because it was a married man, with a family, in broad daylight, in public, in a car, there’s tons of pics, she had a boyfriend, etc.

        Done with the PCness that you can’t have an opinion anymore or be against something awful because you are “slut shaming”. Make better choices if you don’t want to be the center of gossip. Nothing is consequence free.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Part of the issue with slut shaming is that it i inevitably the woman who is called a whore and slut and is otherwise criticized. Nobody say a thing about the men. Because they are just being men.

        I haven’t followed this story in the media, and it is noticeable to me that in this entire thread NOBODY has aid a thing about the married director and how he ha betrayed his family, etc. I don’t even know what his name is.

        So please, let’s all dispense with the words slut and whore because they are NEVER applied to men except a slightly flattering joke. They ruin women’s lives.

        Sure Kristen did something that was stupid and wrong, but so did her director. The whole point of slut shaming is to reinforce the idea that women’ bodies do not belong to themselves but somehow to the community. It enforced rape culture, justifies sexism, and it harms all of us.

      • Another Ann says:

        Annie, I think its a matter of degree for some people. Yes, if you behave badly you should be ashamed. But you also should have a chance to repent and make amends and move on. I think that’s where some people are rising in defense (not just of Stewart, but on the slut shaming issue in general). If people continue to pile on forever, how does the person who made a mistake, sinned, whatever you want to call it – how do they move on?

        Like Jesus said – he who is without sin among you cast the first stone.

        I agree that Kristen did a lousy and stupid thing. But it’s been what, 7 months now? Can’t we move on? I have no clue if she made amends in her personal life. But that’s where they belong.

      • Another Ann says:

        Miss Jupitero, you make a really good point.

        Look at the news last week that Dan Marino fathered a child with a mistress while he was married. For those of you who don’t know him, he’s a Hall of Fame quarterback and a CBS sports analyst.

        Did anyone call him a whore or slut? Was he shamed? Nope. There he was on the CBS team at the Super Bowl, as if nothing had happened. The news was reported for a day or two and then done.

        Are people still calling Tiger Woods names? Is he a whore or slut? No. People are right back to cheering fo him on the golf course.

        Why do men get so many second chances? Why are women so unwilling to give a woman a second chance? It’s an interesting sociological question.

      • Mr.Smurf says:

        @ Another Ann,

        I honestly think that Kristen Stewart is getting so much flak for this because of her attitude, not because of her gender- although that certainly is a factor. Whenever I hear that a celebrity has definitely cheated on their partner, depending on mu opinion before the news broke, and how they handle it, is how I handle it.

        Take the most famous example, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Both of them seem to be very intelligent, nice, warm, and loving people. They weren’t actively making comments, slamming other people’s work- especially when they were in their early twenties. They seemed like they were nice people, who were actually in love, and were respectful to their former partner(s).

        Stewart however, does not have that reputation. It’s a combination of youth and her own belief in her hype. If she hadn’t been making all those comments slamming actors who can cry on cue, acting like she wasn’t really grateful for all of the opportunities she had, could actually act (my opinion, obviously), and actually cheated for a bigger reason than to have her cake and eat it, then it would have been received differently.

        The fact that she was caught in the middle of pap central shows that she did not care about what Rob felt (I’m thinking Rupert was either a first time cheater, who just happened to be gaining some fame OR he was just too used to banging his pieces in their car), and clearly doesn’t have a lot of respect for herself.

        The fact that her pr team has her going around in seen through UGLY dresses, reinforces, in people’s minds what she did.

        For all of those who say she took a beating from the media, what beating? Maybe on blogs like this she may have been slammed (here the majority of us having reasons for slamming her..not just because she’s a terrible actress), but I haven’t ever heard a legitimite outlet slam her..ever. The worst thing I heard was the ‘trampire’ with Will Ferrell, which was more funny than beating.

        In short, those other men were ‘forgiven’ (though I’m sure they still have people who will hate them forever), but because they have talent and SEEM to be better people in terms of character. From what Kristen Stewart has shown us, she probably wouldn’t be a good friend. I wouldn’t want her to be my friend, if that means anything.

  15. Lexie says:

    i’m becoming more and more convinced that kristen is terribly stupid – a 22-year old girl whom it’s so easy to take advantage of and who doesn’t know that cheating is bad? knowing your cheating is gonna have consequences doesn’t have to do with age, but caring – about yourself, the person you’re cheating on…

    • Trek Girl says:

      She, like many people who do what she did, may not have been thinking with her brain. She also might be self centered or immature when it comes to relationships and sex, not being able to see the consequences of her actions, or not caring if she does see them.

      Of course, it could be a combination of all of those things. Who knows but her and possibly those around her.

    • B says:

      She might be mentally unbalanced. I mean she is a 22 year old woman & still dresses like a 15 year old. Even her attitude, it’s infantile not young. The fact that people call a 22 year old woman a brat should tell you something.

  16. Wembley says:

    How can Emma call Kristen ‘so young’?

    Kristen is OLDER than Emma (by six days).

    • Trek Girl says:

      Emma may be younger than Kristen, but that doesn’t mean she’s not aware of how young twenty-something really is.

      Also, I think part of Emma’s “she’s so young” comment has less to do with Kristen’s age and more to do with her emotional maturity and judgement when it comes to relationships, which can vary a lot from person to person even if they are the same or nearly the same age.

  17. bea says:

    Every time this subject comes up, I’m shocked by how unforgiving everyone is on this subject. Yes, what she did was wrong. Yes, it hurt a family, BUT if KS had to do it all over again, I’m sure she would not get involved. Hindsight is 20/20. She’s a young woman who made a mistake. If there is anyone who is the villain, it’s Rupert (the husband). He was old enough to know better. He had a family to protect.

    Live and learn. Emma is right (and she looks great in that black dress)

  18. Dani says:

    Her age shouldn’t be an excuse. I’m 22 and I’ve never looked at a married man or even considered anything with a married man. Not everyone that’s 20 something makes these kind of mistakes, and if you do, the blame is fully on you because you’re taught right from wrong since the age of 5. She handled the situation poorly which is why she’s gotten the amount of backlash she has. Yes, Rupert is to blame as well but it’s not like he held her gun to her head and made her have an affair with him – she looked more than happy and comfortable with him in those pictures. Like someone else said above, none of these girls have gone through actual suffering like the rest of us had. They haven’t worked 3 jobs to pay bills, they didn’t watch their parents get detrimentally ill and not be able to afford health care. They don’t have to worry about next months bills or what they’re spending at the moment because of all the luxuries they’ve been given. But, just because you have everything that others don’t, doesn’t mean you can go about ruining lives/marriages and getting away with it.

  19. A says:

    Emma gave a pretty nuanced response. I suppose a better word instead of a mistake would have been a bad choice, though. I think if you are famous though, you need to expect a backlash…my issue was always with how long the backlash continued. Also, her gender did factor in…Look at Letterman, for example. Brought his mistress on vacation with his pregnant wife, paid for his mistress to go to law school, the mistress was young enough to be his kid, was blackmailed, admitted it on live tv, had talked and continued to talk about his marriage in public….and the press bothered him for about two weeks. With KStew or Claire Danes or Sienna, it’s always several months. Men can beat-Sean Penn, etc, cheat, and their career will be fine. It’s one extreme or the other in how men and women are treated differently, and there should be a middle ground.

    It is funny, though, when all of the commenters get frothy about her age. She was old enough to know better, and she was an adult. However, she was a young adult. People mention the age thing, because like me, they probably know a few people who were selfish, stupid morons who cleaned their act up by the time they hit their mid 20s. Some are babying her, yes, but some are noting a fact of life. A 42 year old party girl who sleeps around isn’t likely to change…However, a 22 year old might realize how immature they are with more life experience. Also, gotta laugh at the stans of all stripes on here insisting Emma secretly hates Kristen because everyone else must hate her…If she did, she simply wouldn’t answer the question or she would subtly insult her.

    • nina says:

      oh lawd, I agree with everything you said.

      KS showed some definite ahole behavior over the years, I agree with that fact. But the irony here is watching commenters act like her ahole behavior is somehow the exception, not the rule in HOllywood. I would even venture to say she doesn’t “have what it takes” to be a standout in terms of ahole behavior among stars.

      So all this sharp focus on kristen(cheating in hollywood? it’s almost unheard of!!) seems ridiculous and somewhat weird as you point out.

      • Nina W says:

        I have to disagree; I think she has said some impressively stupid things and I’ve heard a lot of clap-trap come out of HW mouths. She really comes off as a pretensious asshat quite often when she speaks.

      • nina says:

        I think ks overall is a mixed bag. What I mean about ahole behavior though is that I live in a neighborhood where almost everyone works in the movie industry but in more deferential jobs where they can be subjected to seriously ahole behavior who put on such pristine faces public image wise. From what I’ve heard, KS would not be considered even middling in terms of bad on set behavior, and then there’s others who get worshipped here at celebitchy for being so great who have been straight c-unts to people I know. That’s what I’m talking about in terms of irony-maybe ks is a cranky cow in interviews, but there are others in real life/on set who are much worse ahole behavior wise who get idolized just cause they wear better masks.

  20. T.C. says:

    I don’t judge her because she is rich and famous I judge her because she had an affair with a married man knowing his wife and children. That’s just cold. Meeting the wife and kids but still going ahead with the affair. I couldn’t do that to another woman. I judge my next door neighbor too just like she and my neighbors judge me. If I had an affair with her husband my entire neighborhood would be judging me. Them is the facts of life Hollywood girls.

  21. Tig says:

    I agree with earlier poster- Emma was being diplomatic in a “there for the grace of God go I” sort of way. They are under a tremendous amt of scrutiny, but then again, don’t go grinding on married men out in the open in broad daylight. How hard is that to figure out? And if she’s caught grief/crap for it since then- well, that’s life kicking you in the rear. Isn’t that what she wanted?

  22. Rachel says:

    Legit stardom? For Emma Watson, yes. For Kristen Stewart? Heck no. If she didn’t have parents in the business, she would be serving fries at a McDonald’s somewhere. She has no talent, no charisma, no eloquence – nothing. I’ve disliked her in every single movie I’ve seen of hers. She plays exactly the same character which, needless to say, is just herself. The only acting she’s capable of is rapid breathing.

  23. Amory says:

    Kristen got called out because she was always calling other people fake, and because she cheated with a man after getting to know his kids and wife. It was more personal than some scenarios

    When you give the world a big F-u constantly, do you really think people are going to coddle you when you cheat?

  24. gorda says:

    Emma should STFU if she wants to keep her fans. Defending a cheater speaks volumes about your own Character. Stick to acting, you don’t need to denfend the Trampire, she made her bed now let her lie in it. Mind your own business.

  25. UniqJaz says:

    I always thought that people judged her more because of her “bad-ass” attitude and how she acts like she is so different from other female celebrities and then she goes and does something that is worse than those other girls.

  26. Lana says:

    What Kristen did was wrong, period. It was wrong and hopefully she knows it and regrets it. And all the backlash should help her learn the lesson: Sleeping with someone else’s man is wrong. Cheating is wrong.

    Having said that, I still feel that what Rupert Sanders did was disgusting. He was the married one, and he is the father of two beautiful chindren, he had a beautiful wife at home, one who had been with him since she was a teenager, and yet he went and have an affair, in public, whith someone his wife had worked with. Ugh. I REALLY don’t like what Kristen did because she was his partner in crime, but I despise what he did to his family.

  27. another nina says:

    I moderately dislike Kristen but I do hate HW for putting a very mediocre actress and a VERY average girl on a pedestal. She is plain boring, be it her appearance or intellectual side or having a strong position towards any issues in the society. It’s not her fault to any extent, but she is not a role model in any way, she has not overcome difficulties, she has nothing to talk about in interviews, she has no real life experiences – why is she so overexposed and overcompensated?
    But I love-love-love her stans, they are so cute in their unconditional love… ;)

    • marie says:

      I’ll agree with you on that one, always funny to read comments from one

    • dahlia says:

      her hate-her-but-can’t-stop-thinking-about-her nonfans are equally precious. Both sides surf the net for the most minute of details about her career and personal life, then meet up on the internet to clash about how great/horrid she is. It’s very intriguing, the amount of emotions she can illicit from both her super-fans and super-cantstandhers.

      • Nina W says:

        Everyone has fans and non-fans. It’s just like sports, we pick teams to root for and teams to root against. It’s just how we’re wired. HW forces these talentless and forgettable “stars” on us so we may as well get some pleasure gossiping about them, its not like I want to see her movies.

      • nina says:

        kristen’s nonfans are actually much more invested than most other nonfans cause many nonfans are robert pattinson fans who believe that kristen has entangled him in some web of deceit he can’t break free from. The conspiracy theories are insane, I have an online friend who is one of these nonfans who seriously believes she’s seen documents and airline passes that prove this or that about robert that “prove” that Robert is ensslaved. It’s absolutely insane absolutely widespread in the twilight fanbase. They are as crackpot and insane as the shipper folks.

      • Daisy Mae says:

        well she sure stirs up emotions in the non-fans doesn’t she?

  28. jojo says:

    they are friends, what is emma suppose to say, throw her friend under the bus in public? I’ve supported my friends in similar situations, though it was always tempered with a ‘i do not approve the action, it was a mistake, but i still love my friend and hope they learn from it and dont do it again.”

    But both actresses are on a timetable at this point. Watson will always be remembered for Potter, but quite frankly, she’s an average actress at best right now. could improve, but she’s no streep/hunt/jolie. Stewart
    will be remembered for Twilight, but her acting ability is average at best right now.

    Does anyone really see potential in either of these acrtress acting abilties? both their hit movies were kiddie movies, and i guess you could put portman in there (she was terrible in starwars). They looked cute for the part though, but looking cute at 15-22 is different and wont carry you playing older woman 30+ in movies (eg. see aniston)

    • Another Ann says:

      jojo, you raised an interesting point. Yes, Natalie Portman was fair at best in Star Wars. And then when she was older, more mature, more experienced she went on to win a Best Actress Oscar.

      I’m not saying either Watson or Stewart will do that, at all. Just that it’s going to take some time and more movie roles to truly assess what their careers could be. They are both so closely associated with one franchise role, and it’s going to take time to work out of that.

      I think it’s kind of ridiculous to assume that anyone’s career can be fully assessed when they are 22 years old. And not just for actors. Was anyone here at the top of their game, in their field, at age 22? It’s a pretty rare thing for anyone, even athletes and models, to be at their best at such a young age.

      Does anyone remember what George Clooney and Brad Pitt were doing in their early 20′s? They were acting in crap stuff, and nobody was prediciting them to end up where they are. Just saying.

  29. emz says:

    Is Emma Watson even relevent anymore? Has she even done any major movie since Harry Potter ended? I seriously do not know. All I know is that she pops up in interviews fom time to time and she just seems too goody goody and boring.

  30. KellyinSeattle says:

    The whole, “I’m only human” thing gets a lot of mileage. That last pic; her ass sticking out!! Enough said…

  31. Louise says:

    Are you kidding me? Makes me think Emma must have done her fair share of director whoring to get roles too. Why else would anyone defend Kristen sleeping with a married man? Whose marriage is now over as a direct result?

    It’s a VERY lame excuse to say someone is young. I knew, at a very young age, the difference between right & wrong.

    Kirsten is selfish & only thinks of her own wants. This is because she does whatever she wants, is pandered too, gets her own way, whatever. She’s an idiot who had it all and threw it all away. Now she’ll always be known as the girl who slept her way to the top, was caught out, and Emma defending her tars her with the same brush too.

  32. Caroline says:

    Sometimes, people cheat..
    She only 22 and she is not married, why so many haters?
    Isn’t Rupert much more despicable in comparison?? He’s the only with a family, he’s the older, more experienced, “supposedly” wiser person.

    • andrea says:

      And NO ONE is out there defending Rupert or painting him as a victim. You find me an essay detailing how Rupert just made a mistake and we don’t understand how hard his life is, and I’ll be happy to go tear that argument apart like I am this one.

  33. TXCinderella says:

    Being young is not a good excuse for not knowing that it’s wrong to cheat. Yes, young people do make the wrong decisions sometimes, but Kristin’s was in a very public place in broad daylight, and she’s a very public figure so she was obviously going to be recognized. She knew that.

  34. tabasco says:

    i’m young and human and yet somehow have managed to not f*ck with anyone’s husband. huh.

  35. nina says:

    omg, the passion on kstew threads crack my ass up. I liked her for awhile after the runaways, but the minicooper deal was super lame and went against her feminist public image, so I thought she deserved a lot of the backlash she got.

    But the SHEER amount of passion people put into detailing why they don’t like her, over and over again on a daily ritualistic basis, is seriously for shits and giggles. All this faux outrage by proxy for Liberty or all the detailed narratives(her biggest detractors follow her every move just as much as her biggest fans) given to why she’s blacklisted is pretty funny, admit it.

    People love to hate this wacky bitch. lol And I kinda love to hate to love her in my own way too.

  36. aquarius64 says:

    The reason why the backlash continues is because Stewart never womaned up on this situation. She hid behind her released apology, celebrity friends and colleagues’ public defenses of her, and Rob’s “forgiveness”. She also just plain hid. She and her team thought these things will get her out of this jam. It didn’t work. She and Rob got verbally mauled by the paps at LAX last Thanksgiving and there were stories that she was sniffing around Ben Affleck.

    Now that the Ross/Sanders divorce is in full swing SWATH-gate is back on the front pages. Rob filming on location is ginning up the Robsten-is-done stories. So conveniently stories of Liberty forgiving Kristen (seriously?) are coming out, along with news of new movie projects and more people defending her (e.g. Emma). What makes them think it’s going to work this time? Kristen needs to deal with it once and for all publicly with a sit-down interview with someone that will not ask fluff questions. If by some miracle she holds her own in a tough interview, she would seem more sympathetic and mature, as if she has finally grown up. The critics will still be there, but some of it will die down more.

    • Nina W says:

      I don’t think she needs to do a public interview, that can only end badly for her, but I do think she needs to go back to normal life. If her PR team is behind these stories they need to stop all together because it’s not helping her cause at all.

      • Michele says:

        “I don’t think she needs to do a public interview, that can only end badly for her, but I do think she needs to go back to normal life.”

        I agree. It’s so ridiculous how some people who have never cared for Kristen and constantly wished she would disappear before the scandal, are the ones who can’t shut up about her now. They even want more interviews…a public one”…when only recently they were complaining she was overexposed.

        There’s nothing left to discuss. The Sanders decided it was best for them to end their marriage. Liberty even has a possible new love interest. She’s been seen out and about always in a good mood, always smiling for the paps. She’s in NYC for fashion week attending the shows and is always smiling when photographed. She’s not sitting at home in sweatpants eating Ben & Jerry’s in front of the tv crying her eyes out. Not at all. She’s more visible than ever now and focusing on reviving her much missed modeling career she gave up for marriage and kids.

        Rob decided he wanted to remain in his relationship with Kristen. They share a new house together in a more secure gated community and even adopted another dog. I’m sure they are both still working very hard on their damaged relationship but at least he was willing to give it another try for now.

        Kristen was just photographed last night hanging out at a concert with a bunch of her friends looking very happy. It looks like Kristen is back doing her favorite things with her favorite group of friends. She has a new film to look forward to. Life is slowly returning to normal for her as well.

        Life seems to be moving forward for Kristen, Rob, and Liberty almost 7 months after the scandal erupted. Why do some people feel the need to drag it out and demand more attention on it when even Liberty and Rob both seem more focused on the present and future?

  37. Jennifer12 says:

    I don’t care for Kristen and never have, due to her miserable attitude and complete lack of understanding of what is suffering. Hello, go to the Sudan, and maybe you’ll STFU for a while. But Emma always seemed lovely and intelligent, so I’m disappointed that she thinks hanging out with someone’s wife and kids and then having a torrid affair with him is just some mistake. I doubt Liberty and their kids would agree.

  38. Kshrew sucks says:

    I don’t care who’s husband she MiniCoopers on the side of the road. I hate Kshrew because she sucks big time as an actress. She blows her way into starring in movies I would like to watch. IF she weren’t in it! I still watched Snow White with an open mind but again she stunk it up with heavy breathing, jaw open, gopher teeth hanging out & lip biting.

  39. ssmit92 says:

    The bottom line is she knew he was married and had kids. Everyone knows its wrong to screw with someone whose married and has a family. She doesn’t deserve to be defended.

  40. Meg says:

    kristen stewart is that girl who works so hard to seem ‘too cool’ for everything-that’s why i don’t like her. that and she’s a bad actor. self defeating behavior because she’s ‘too cool’ to have a good relationship with a man who loves her. bitch

  41. Delilah says:

    Don’t love the 1st pic of Emma-she looks plain & old. When I say old, I mean the opposite of youthful–sorta matronly. She seems well bred which is to be expected when you come from a culture, family or background where etiquette, manners & a ‘proper’ image is valued. Whose to say this is the true portrait of Emma? It’s the image that is projected. Maybe behind the scenes she wears ripped jeans & tees &black nail polish & smokes & promiscuous like her character in Perks of…Wallflower. Doubtful though, since duality is something hard to effectively achieve when your upbringing lays a strong foundation for ingrained perception of model behavior. In comparison to Emma, Kristin seems to come from a place when you can be a long-haired hippie or fully tattooed. Can’t imagine cursing & carrying on are frowned upon from her side of the tracks. Emma probably got a beat down when she let the book fall off her head from poor posture or when she bit her nails. Shame and guilt are tools that were probably wielded on a more frequent basis with Emma than Kristin. Can’t imagine jerking off two men in a car–albeit in gest—in Emma’s house would be greeted with applause no matter how the performance would be acclaimed by the public & critics. Kristin probably never dealt w the same constraints Emma did or does…consequently Kristin is more daring, more free-spirited, less likely to be self-conscious about her actions & their impact…The scandal was probably a rude awakening Kristin needed to understand what it is to be chastised for bad behavior. I will say both girls give a hint of quiet reserve & shyness…so maybe both started life with the same temperament, but we’re baring witness to the outcomes of good & bad parenting…Or maybe Kristin is the rebel she so desperately seeks to portray.

  42. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Emma is a diplomat but I just can’t muster really that much thought or sympathy or hate for Stewart. She was caught cheating, got some flack for it, and it really hardly affected her life. To be honest though why is it so wrong to say money does provide you with a certain amount of luxury and security that does protect you from some really shitty things in this world. I mean both Emma and Stewart have made so much money they would never need to work again and can do literaly anything they chose with the remainder of their life. I don’t get what I’m supposed to feel sorry for … so life kicks them in the ass once in a while … so … it does to all of us but some people go through real shit and yes there is a hierchy of shit in this world. What’s so wrong to say that yes while your problems suck you should’t be consuming that much oxygen boring everyone with them. That maybe you should just be grateful for whatever you are blessed with?

  43. aquarius64 says:

    @Michele – “Rob decided he wanted to remain in his relationship with Kristen.” Do you know that for fact? Did Rob tell you directly? Or can you provide a quote with him saying “I’m staying with Kristen despite the fact she made a colossal fool out me in front of the whole world by grinding up WILLINGLY AND WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE on her married boss”? Point is, you don’t know anymore than I do, or anyone else. You go by reports and pictures and SPECULATE, like everyone else, including me.

    • Daisy Mae says:

      No, and we don’t know what kind of arrangement or definition of a relationship Rob and Kristen had. To what degree or level were they committed, monogamous or not. Had they been doing well or fighting a lot, maybe about to break up? And What has Pattinson done behind closed doors that no one is privy to?
      We can’t possibly know what kind of relationships and conversations these people experience when they are out of the public eye.