“Ethan Hawke’s new Billy Idol look is totally amazing” links

Ethan Hawke’s new look is AMAZING. (It’s for a movie!) [I'm Not Obsessed]
Olivia Wilde shows off the engagement ring that Jason Sudeikis gave her. [A Socialite Life]
This story about Justin Bieber’s anti-choice mom is awful. [LaineyGossip]
I feel for you, Boston. Stay safe during the Snowpocalypse. [Dlisted]
Meme: Beyonce’s unflattering Half-time show pics. [Buzzfeed]
John Mayer admits that he’s pretty douchey. [Pop Sugar]
The most disturbing part of Denzel Washington’s Flight. [Pajiba]
What the fug, Patricia Arquette? [Go Fug Yourself]
This is the best Prince GIF ever. That is all. [Evil Beet]
Willow Smith pulls out of the Annie remake because she’s smart. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Hilary Duff looks very fit these days. [Popoholic]
Mario Lopez wants you to look at his body. [The Blemish]
Blake Lively looks great in these new photos. Love the emeralds! [Moe Jackson]
Quvenzhané Wallis teaches us how to pronounce her name. [Jezebel]
Sarah Ferguson got hacked too. [Wonderwall]
Janice Dickinson in closeup = no bueno. [Celebslam]
Preview of Taylor Swift’s Elle cover. [Amy Grindhouse]
Film critic refers to Melissa McCarthy as a “hippo”. Not cool. [CDAN]

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  1. Little Darling says:

    I would not have recognized him. I thought maybe Guy Fiore lost some weight.

    DIgging him with the eyeliner though!!


  2. Victoria1 says:

    Don’t get the appeal at all

  3. MsAubra says:

    He looks like he just got done cooking up a batch of meth

  4. Riana says:

    That’s pretty f-king amazing.

  5. lady mary. says:

    iam sorry but he looks positively mad

  6. MaiGirl says:

    Wow, Ethan. Midlife crisis fashion choices are never pretty. The harsh hair and eyeliner just make him look old and skeevy.

    If he were 15 years younger, Joe Simpson would be all over that! :)

  7. KellyinSeattle says:

    This is a joke, right? He can’t copy Billy Idol; it just doesn’t work.
    Willow Smith is too smart to play Annie; how annoying.
    The one that takes the cake though, is Mario Lopez. He’s one of the most irritating of all.
    I’ll say something nice, though…I like Ethan’s black suit/T-shirt, and he has a nice smile.

  8. Erinn says:

    Ugh snowpocalypse. I feel for Boston. Our snow is supposed to start tonight… expecting around 30cm in my parts, 40 in other parts of NS. Thankfully, I don’t work tomorrow :)

    • themummy says:

      I’m in Boston and I love this stuff. I think a lot of us do. I’d not trade it for the world. Year round winter would be incredible. But yeah, despite my enthusiasm I know it’s going to be bad as far as utilities etc. Our governor declared a travel ban statewide. The penalty for getting on the road during the ban can be up to a year in jail! I doubt that would ever happen, though. I just can’t see someone in jail for a year for driving to the grocery store.

    • Fancyamazon says:

      I’m in Greenwood, NS. We are expecting 35-40 or more cm. FUN. And I work in a weather office, so although I am on leave right now, I have friends/co-workers having to measure all that crap and be out in it several times per hour. As for hubby and I, we are snug in our very disorganized new home (movers moved us in yesterday, still unpacking, painting and lots of floors to do. So at least we can keep busy here for the duration of the weaner, lol.

  9. Kaye says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for me to be less attracted to Ethan Hawke.

  10. CC says:


    Role or no role, it’s disturbing.

  11. Ms Kay says:

    Those Beyonce memes had me in tears of laughter I saw it on buzzfeed yesterday!!! The one with the caption “When she raised the roof” is EPIC! And the publicist who had the nerve to email them to ask to have them pics removed must be fuming hahahahahaaaaa love it!

  12. RHONYC says:

    someone’s feeling the need to get tested right about now. lol ;-)

  13. Gabby says:

    I know it’s for a movie but he truly does look cracked out.

  14. Eileen says:

    Sorry but amazing isn’t how I describe his look-does nothing for me

  15. valleymiss says:

    I’m confused because even though he’s blond, he reminds me of Billie Joe from Green Day!

  16. Jaded says:

    I’ve always disliked Rex Reed, even decades ago when he was moderately relevant. There was always something reptilian and slimy about him. Now I loathe him. How DARE he make those horrible comments about Melissa McCarthy, that is beyond shameful. She is a goddess in my eyes.

  17. Amelia says:

    I could see the hair cut and color for a role. But unless the eyeliner is permanent, he should have de-Maybelined before he left the house.

  18. DAFFY says:

    something happened to him when he hit puberty,,,,, ugly stick

  19. TXCinderella says:

    He looks like Ben Stiller gone mad. Not a good look for him.

  20. lala says:

    He looks like zoolander on crack

  21. KS says:

    He’s the tiniest bit too skinny. It actually makes him look a bit like Ronnie Wood with dyed hair.

    But this look is still quite sexy.

  22. T.Fanty says:

    Ahhhh, new Prince music. Even when it’s not great, it’s still great.

    Justin Timberlake wishes his best efforts sounded like this. Sit down, Pipsqueak, and take notes.

  23. Bookworm mommy says:

    I’m in tears over those bey memes!!! Too funny!

  24. Mazunte says:

    Ethan has been one of my favorite actors since I was 14, when I saw Dead Poets Society. I grew up and older with his coming-of-age and romantic films (Reality Bites, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Snow Falling on Cedars, …). I think he is an underrated actor. He will always be one of my favorites. Before Midnight is getting great reviews.
    He just needs to get some weight and some vacations in the sun. But I find the look positively crazy.

  25. mimi says:

    My first thought was Brad Pit and the famous 40-ish midlife crisis men go through.

  26. Ashley says:

    Oh my god. I never thought this day would come, but my Ethan Hawke hard-on is officially OVER.

  27. Lily25 says:

    To me Ethan looks like Mark mcGrath from Sugar Ray. I know it’s for a role but he looks ridiculous.

  28. Kitkerenina says:

    Young Einstein, Yahoo Serious.

    Yeah, I’m that old.

  29. whateveryouwantittobe says:

    I can’t stop laughing!! What in the Billy Idol hell!! Noooooo…

  30. eliza says:

    Ethan’s new ‘do is for a play, Clive. It’s great. He’s genius. Go see it.

  31. Mario says:

    He looks like a meth addicted zombie. He looks like crap.

  32. Tiffany says:

    I am to fly to Boston on the 19th, I hope it the weather is better by then. My thoughts are with everyone in NE.

  33. lisa2 says:

    Ethan.. ugh

    Is this for a movie? Because I saw pictures of him a while ago and was thinking he looked nice. I’m not attracted to him. I think it is his mouth or something. But he looked heavier in the pics I saw. So is this for a movie role?

    I know I’m in the minority. But I like John Mayer. And like him with Katy.

    Rex Reed is well his comments about Melissa are just wrong, but I see the same thing on the other end being said about women that are thin. YET there is not outcry. Look at Governor Christie.. lots of jokes and talk about his weight. hmmmm I guess the snake has turned. I like Melissa but I don’t like how it is fine to make ugly comments about women that are thin, but now overweight is off limits.

    Rex Reed should be (fill in the blank). It is wrong no matter what. Sorry I’m rambling a bit.

  34. d b says:

    I think eHawk looks terrible – like some sad old hipster who doesn’t know his time has passed.

  35. TriedTru says:

    Does anyone else think he sort of looks like Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray?

  36. audrey says:

    This look is for a play, not a film, which he also directed (Vincent D’onofrio is also in it!). Yes, he looks a bit rough, but he’s supposed to look like an addict – that’s what his character in the play is. I saw it last week and he was phenomenal, and yes I’ve loved him since Dead Poet’s Society, too!

    I haven’t loved every film/play he’s ever done, but really admire the choices he makes in his career.

  37. Lisa says:

    Ignoring the mean language, Reed got it right. She is a gimmicky actress, like all overweight women in Hollywood, because they get pigeon-holed into the fat-and-funny-friend role. Yes, even when she was on Gilmore Girls. The only person who managed to not make her body the topic du jour and be in the limelight was Roseanne.

    lmao at this comment at the source “Angry old queen. Be nice to us fat girls… we were the only people who’d hang with you back in the South”

  38. Lisa says:

    He looks like Billie Joe Armstrong.

  39. Huh says:

    Mother Bieber comes across like she just spat out a mouthful of penis behind a Piggly-Wiggly to get the funds for her next trip to Destin, Florida, where her plans include robbing a bunch of seniors for the hell of it.

    She’s garbage and raised an arrogant, garbage kid. Ludwig and his mother are flipping her off from their respective graves.

  40. Tess says:

    Oh Ethan! I watched Before Sunrise again a few days ago, and his smile and expressions in that movie still melt my heart after all these years. He’s lost weight to play this drug addict rocker. He looked good a few months ago. Hopefully, he’ll look good again when Before Midnight premiers. Can’t wait!