Jennifer Lopez in a revealing gown at the Grammys: interesting or try-hard?

I just can’t with Jennifer Lopez at this point. WHY is she doing this to me?! She could be so much fun. But I feel like she’s taking herself too seriously. After the Grammys producers sent out a dress-code notice, everybody is talking about how Jennifer totally did her own thing with this dress. But is it weird that I don’t even think this Anthony Vaccarello dress is sexy at all? It’s not sexy at all. It’s a bad design, it’s unflattering, and the fabric bulges in a weird way around her crotch. Gross. Also gross? Casper Smart. I can’t.

God, you know I love Adele. I think she’s magic. I think she’s a goddess. I think she’s incredibly cool. And while I love that she tried something different from her stand-by sleeved black gown, I’m not sure that I’m in love with this Valentino dress. The fabric is too much like upholstery. But Adele won last night (for “Set Fire to the Rain”) and she IS a goddess. I felt like Adele was making a wave of girl-power happen last night.

And here’s poor Kat Dennings in Vivienne Westwood. She wears a lot of Westwood, and usually I like Westwood, but this sucks. It just looks really cheap.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Erinn says:

    I just want to chop Jennifer’s hair off. I’m so sick of her slicking it back so tight on her head. It isn’t flattering! She’s been pulling the same ultra-tight bun for what, a decade at least?

  2. anneesezz says:

    It’s just too easy at this point.

  3. Trillion says:

    Jennifer’s dress is not flattering. And I don’t like the face she’s always giving w/ the open mouth trying to look sultry.

  4. DeltaJuliet says:

    J-Lo’s hair looks like she’s going to the gym.

    Kat needs a new lipstick and she needs to learn how to stand to show off her fantastic body.

    I love Adele so I’m going to stop right here.

    • V4Real says:

      Well I will pick up where you left off. Adele looks ridicules in that dress and she’s setting herself up for ridicule. She needs to learn how to wear clothing that are more flattering for her body type.

      JLo looks like a medium class call girl.I’m guessing her hairstylist didn’t have time to give her a weave so they just put it up in a Pebbles like style but Pebbles wore it better.

      • Rachel says:

        I love Adele, too, but she looks like the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. The Tim Burton version…

      • Jane says:

        Agree. Adele is a young, attractive and talented woman. Why does she always look like she is 60 and a 60 year old with bad sense of style. Dresses like that do not complement women with her body type. Something straighter and in one color would have been much nicer.

        She needs to talk to Octavia Spencer who dressed her body type to perfection last year and was glamourous and beautiful.

        As for Lopez, the less said the better.

      • emmie_a says:

        I don’t know — I think the dress shape works for Adele’s body (I love the shape btw, reminds me of the ’50′s!). The pattern is a bit distracting but it’s also different which is refreshing. I absolutely LOVE Adele so I can’t knock her wardrobe choices…
        But Jlo. It’s all bad. She looks like a Real Houswife who is so jacked she cannot move her face. And she’s getting those squinty Sarah Jessica Parker eyes. And try-hard to be young look is making her look like Casper’s mom, not his girlfriend. As for Casper, 100% gross icky bad.

  5. Post-It's says:

    Enough with the “sexy-face”. Ugh.

  6. Tifygodess24 says:

    I had no idea JLo had any type of tummy pooch at all , so that alone made the dress not flattering. It clearly makes her body look strange. Her leg though looks great!

    • justalark says:

      Jennifer’s leg does NOT look great! JLo is a beautiful woman, but sometimes she sabotages herself because she tries too hard to be sultry and sexy. In my opinion, her thighs are her worst feature, and this dress emphasizes the thigh in a big way! Sometimes less is more.

  7. Cinnamon says:

    jennifer lopez is trying soo hard to bring back her early 2000s appeal and its not happening. I wish she would just go away already. her songs/movies have been flops lately.

  8. Nicolette says:

    Is it me or did JLo look the best when she was with Marc Anthony? I always seemed to love what she was wearing when they were together. Now not so much. It just screams trying too hard.

    • Jane says:

      I actually think she looked her best when it was during the Chris Judd and Ben Affleck days. Her makeup then was beautiful and her clothes not too trashy. I recorded her first live performance on NBC back then and she looked beautiful. I don’t know how she managed to look so beautiful w/o sweating in between performances back then. I wondered if she took a half hour break each time? lol But I remember Britney and she was sweating like a pig, but her body still hot. This was many years ago though when both were at their prime.

  9. dorothy says:

    Nothing is sadder, or more pathetic than a celebrity that is constantly trying so hard, “look at me, look at me”!

  10. marie says:

    I actually like Adele’s dress, I don’t think many people could pull it off but it looks cute on her.

    JLo looks awful. I get wanting to tell the Grammy folks to “shove it” but at least pick a better dress to do it in.

    And unfortunately, while I think Kat Denning rocks, either she or her stylist has no idea what to do with her boobs so most of what she wears looks cheap.

  11. Janet says:

    I guess she figures if you still got it, flaunt it, and damn, she’s still got it.

    Poor Adele looks like an overstuffed ottoman.

  12. jaycee says:

    It’s bulging weird at the croch area b/c of the design. It’s not really a dress. It’s not a slit for the leg – it’s a hole. a leg hole. So it is half leotard/ half pantsuit. Which makes it REALLY try hard for me.

    After 14 years of “J-Lo” – isn’t it time to add some sophistication to the sexy?

  13. lady mary. says:

    i love adele’s dress ,it could have looked like grandmas couch ,but her gorgeous face and persona,she makes it look so different and unique than those thigh slits and halters and see through sheer gowns tired of them,u go girl!

    • Rumorhasit says:

      Her makeup is flawless here. Her lipcolor …Love it. The dress ….hmmm, I wonder if the skirt was form fitted instead of flared, maybe that might have helped. Taken on its own I confess to liking the color and the pattern…just not so much of it.

  14. Marty says:

    I don’t know how to write this another way, Jennifer looks like she’s free balling it in that dress. NOT cute!!!

  15. lower-case deb says:

    my friend texted me: “Adele wore a RED CURTAIN on the red carpet! she’s gonna jinx herself! She always win when she wears black? OMGWTF?!! RED. CURTAIN!!!!”

    then after a lengthy radio silence, she texted again, “at least there’s black lining in her dress. i guess that’s why she won. but. RED. CURTAIN. she’s like a Communist Sound of Music.”

  16. ahoyhoy says:

    You can tell JLo practices that gaping-mouth ‘sexy face’ at home, in the car, in public restrooms, etc. She looks disabled somehow…Close your mouth!

    I like Adele’s dress. I like the era it’s referencing though, and prints always.

  17. bsh says:

    Not flattering at all. She was trying to pull off “The Leg” Angelina-style, but she has short legs and big tights, the effect is terrible. She does have a great body but unfortunately she cannot afford such an outfit.

    • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

      I agree. JLo doesn’t pull this look off, at all. Head to toe awful.

      Adele is adorable and I love her and I’ll just leave it at that.

    • pwal says:

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

      JLo has great legs on some occasions like when she wears short dresses, but in an instance when a slit is being employed, you have to recognize that it frames the leg. The way JLo’s gown slit is framing her leg makes it look chunky. Plus the hairstyle is too severe and it makes her look kinda masculine.

      When I saw JLo in this dress, I thought about Jolie at one of her Salt red carpets. She wore something similar, only her hair was very feminine (she has bangs), and the slit flattered her leg better, or rather, Jolie has the legs that can pull off high slits.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      She probably hoped that she would get as much attention as Angelina did when she did “the leg”…also…please JLO stop with that tight bun…it is awful…

  18. Brookie says:

    I think the reason her dress bunches up all weird by her crotch is because she had to tape it up so it wouldn’t flap around and show her lady bits, per that CBS dress memo. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I like it. If the slit was a shorter, like to the knee, and the fabric was allowed to flow instead of being all taped up, I’d wear it. It looks like it could be comfy yet sexy. It’s just ugly because of whose wearing it.

  19. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    Adele looks like a matryoshka doll.

    But the colours would be nice on her, otherwise.

  20. Eleonor says:

    Adele is soo wonderful that makes me forget the mess that dress is.
    JLo: I bet she’s cut it herself, the dress and Casper screams DESPERATE.

  21. Ranunculus says:

    I do not particularly like JLo, and I think her BF is really fugly, but she has a great sense of style – plus she is doing a way better leg job than Angelina.

    BTW where are the guy picture posts from BAFTA – Jeremy, Javier, Bradley?

  22. serena says:

    Oh god, I can’t even start with J-Lo and Adele.

    Their dress both sucks, for different reasons. The first is the same old boring, the second seems like my granny’s couch pattern. so horrible.

  23. Micki says:

    That looks like a beach wrap.

  24. Jayna says:

    J-LO’s face poses are so predictable and really unattractive. Eyes squinted, lips barely parted, fake suntan and bronze on face, nude lipstick. When did she become so predictable on the red carpet?

    How about going back to darker hair, hair down, soft waves, face natural color and red lipstick instead of a nude lipstick. And get rid of that squinty eyes, little open mouth (trying to be sultry) thing you do every single time? Just get out of your box you’ve put yourself in for years now, J-LO. You used to be trendsetting on the red carpet, now days not so much.

    • epiphany says:

      How about accepting that you had a good run 10-15 years ago, your time has passed, you are now in your 40′s, you have 2 small children – 3 if you count Skippy there – and staying home with your family? #learntoagegracefully

      • Sugar says:

        Love it.
        Now for some reason all I can hear is skippy get in the car-skip-skippy I said get in the #%!* car NOW to which skippy replies uh oh you said a bad word.

      • DrM says:

        ‘learn to age gracefully…you are now in your forties’…My God her forties, buy her a designer bag, cut two holes for her eyes and put it on her head… Really? Look JLo looks better now than most of us will ever, or have ever looked regardless of how old we are. Frankly I’d rather age disgracefully. I hope she’s enjoying herself. She’s earned it, whether you like her music/movies or not girlfriend is a grafter.

      • epiphany says:

        Women in the their 40′s cannot dress or conduct themselves like girls in their 20′s without looking ridiculous – the key is, does the woman herself realize this? It doesn’t matter that she still looks good, it’s about emphasizing dignity and elegance over looking “hot.” Leave that to the kids – mature woman SHOULD have more than that going on, and not need to bear skin in a sad attempt to pretend they are not aging. Hashtag stands #learntoagegracefully

    • littlestar says:

      I absolutely HATE the face Jennifer Lopez makes on the red carpet – I call it the “come and f*ck me face”. Because that is exactly what it looks like she’s trying to say with her face. I agree with both of you, she was on top 10+ years ago, good for her, but in the music business, it only lasts for a while until someone new comes around. It’s time to grow up and move on JLO. There’s no point in grasping at what once was. It makes you look like a fool. You know what else makes you look like a fool? That open, hanging mouth when you take pictures. And Casper Smart.

  25. Dree says:

    J.Lo’s dress is incredibly unflattering, which is a shame because she has an amazing body. But to be honest, she could wear the most beautiful dress in the world and I’d still find it disgusting due to the neck tattoo of a man she is carrying around.

    I actually love Adele’s dress. Am I the only one? The shoes wouldn’t be my favorite, but I love how the look is a departure from her usual black dress.

  26. Jackson says:

    Try-hard. Fail-hard. I just can’t with her either. And I think maybe the fabric is bunching at the crotch because she pulled it back and tucked it under, like the slit wasn’t high enough for attention so she duct taped it up and under to show more skin. Ugh.
    And Adele – well IDK. I like that she tried something different and I get what she was going for but I don’t think it really worked.

  27. T.C. says:

    So JLo decided to go wearing a sheet and trying to pull off La Jolie’s leg. So bad.

    Adele is beautiful from the neck up while looking dreadful from the neck down.

  28. Sumeria says:

    This comes off as tri-too-hard, particularly since one of Adam Levine’s girlfriends wore that dress like a year ago. If you watch the red carpet footage of her, you could almost see the moment when she realised it was a bad idea.That dress is meant to be seen standing in, not moving in. She was constantly catching her other leg in the hem.

  29. GossipG says:

    that daily mail pic says it all.Like she’s hiding something we dont wanna see.(underneath)

  30. Dredz says:

    I’m part Asian myself, not being racist, but doesn’t J.Lo look more and more Asian these days? Her eyes are so squinty. Also I was shocked to see her walking in, her thigh looks so huge. Not flattering at all.

  31. bella says:

    i agree with posters further up on JLo’s non existent pouch in this dress making it a poor choice.
    and on the bun…she kills it, B.U.T. her odd ears do NOT make it her best look.
    AND – this is how ‘THE LEG’ is done, Jolie.

    ADELE…gorgeous, fun, magnificent.
    i was taken with the pop of color and the flirty skirt…she looks 10 years younger than in those black frocks.

  32. elceibeno08 says:

    Jennifer Lopez looks like one of the muses of the movie Xanadu.

    Adele, you’d better lose the weight fast before that bitch named Karl Lagerfeld calls you fat again.

  33. jinni says:

    She looks like a female General Zod from the Superman movie.

  34. ParisPucker says:


  35. slick says:

    The worst part of J.Lo’s look is that fugly thing by her side.

  36. Jane says:

    Speaking of jlo’s open mouth, have some of you ever consider that is just part of her natural gestures and maybe she can’t help that look sometimes? I know I have a smirk to my face that I don’t even know I’m doing and I can’t help it unless I know I’m doing it. It was inherited from my dad. I hate it, but I really can’t help it.

    I don’t like her dress at all; she can do so much better. At least her face is always pretty. Her hair can look better, but honestly, she can pull off her hair tied back like that because she has such a nice hairline and facial structure. I don’t have that. At least her legs are tan and fit.

  37. Marianne says:

    I hated Jennifer’s dress. It was sexy…just plain old tacky.

  38. Flora Kitty says:

    Jennifer Lopez looks like a drag queen who was too lazy to tuck.

  39. Dani says:

    The best (and only) part of Jennifer’s dress is when they panned to Drake. Best expression ever.

    While the dress/romper is a little tacky, I don’t think anyone BUT Jennifer could pull it off. She has a great body for 40+.

  40. BooBooLaRue says:

    Try hard. BUT consider this, what if RiRi started to date Casper Smart? I would get behind that!

  41. Sarah says:

    The dress is extremely unflattering to JLo. When she walked out to present I said “Saddlebags! Jennifer Lopez has saddlebags!” In this pics above, her legs look ginormous. And I can’t with Casper either.

  42. YummyMummy says:

    Kat really needs a stylist. Everything is unflattering dress make up even the shoes did not go with that dress ugggg. She could look so much better

  43. Sarah says:

    Adele was the Red Queen. I want to hear her say “Now off with ‘er ‘ead!” Love her.

  44. jojo says:

    i wish she’d do something original. Everything she does is a copy of what someone else did, with more of a ‘cut’ for the wow factor to get in the tabloids.

    The green dress years ago with the cleavage? She did that after Dreyfuss got all that attention with the same v-neck (or navel as the case was). This leg dress? Jolie just had a dress similar to that where everyone went crazy for the leg..

    nothing original

  45. Reader says:

    Adele looked great and was fabulous

  46. Barrett says:

    Try Hard. I kept thinking it looked like a bad “BATHING SUIT COVERUP”!!!

  47. Apsutter says:

    Someone should tell J.Lo that posing with a bitch face makes her look old. That’s not even a dress…it’s a piece of cheap cloth with a hole for her arms and head

  48. Amanda Garrett says:

    The only person worth talking about in this post is Adele. She is perfection. She could show up in a garbage bag and still be greatness. I loved her comment about getting knocked up when she was presenting!

    • lower-case deb says:

      i really enjoy to see the easy rapport she has with her fellow artists. i think she has a good relationship with most, if not all of them. i know that Mumford & Sons are fellow Englishmen, but I doubt that’s the only reason they freely talk sh!t about her, or openly praising someone without fear of reproach from another part of the audience. (i mean, sometimes people just refrain from praising certain people for political-correctness sake).

    • Jane says:

      I must be the only one who thinks Adele is overrated. I feel as though any song sung by her would be viewed as awesome by her fans even though it’s really crap. The only song I like from her is “Set Fire to the Rain”; she sings that with a lot of emotion in her voice which is rare. All else overrated.

      • lucy says:

        Not alone. Adele has gorgeous hair, gorgeous face, but I do not like her voice, songs, or singing. Definitely overrated. Better than many, but still overrated. At least she isn’t full of herself or pushing nail polish and perfume lines. Her groundedness is refreshing among current pop culture’s exhausting “stars”.

  49. mrsjennyk says:

    JLo’s dress thing looks part gymnastic leotard with a piece of skirt attached or part of a palazzo pant???

    • lucy says:

      Yes it looks like she had a wardrobe malfunction and did a quick DIY “repair”, like the slit tore an extra foot after getting caught in the escalator and she darted into the loo to tuck the loose fabric around her crotch in a moment of desperate-but-false modesty.

      Either that or it’s Danskin’s new formal workout wear line.

  50. hoopjumper says:

    Kat Dennings looks pretty good here, IMO. The dress’ print is a little trashy/juvenile and the shoes could definitely be better BUT the cut of the dress is better than what she wears most of the time. It’s actually flattering. :)

    The dark lipstick needs to go.

  51. keats says:

    If you’re going to reveal leg, please no ankle strap! It makes said leg look stumpy.

  52. Agnes says:

    adele’s dress is horrendous. maybe long black sleeves would have saved it? no clue.

  53. mar says:

    I can not stand how J-Lo is dressing lately. she looks very refuge-ish to me lately.

    The bun is awful, the dress is bad and her face is so pulled around the eyes.

  54. lucy2 says:

    JLO looks silly.
    Adele’s is somehow equal parts quirky/charming and horrendous.
    That Kat girl always looks like her boobs are about to fall out of her dress.

  55. TG says:

    I am obsessed with Adele’s dress. I love that type of look. Very old-fashioned and feminine. I want that dress now!

    JLo’s dress was so much try and just awful. In some of the photos she looks pregnant. Love how on the E! Red Carpet yesterday Seacrest thought she would appear with Caspar Smart but she said no.

  56. lylaooo says:

    adele lokkss beautifull!! i do like this dress. i am heavy too and i love how this dress looks on her, gives me hopes !! ahahaha….

    i jLo needs to stop with that face! she making it for years but now looks try hard!! uugghh

  57. Whiskeylove says:

    All these celebrities on the red carpet for the last year with the thigh split dress trying to outdo Angelina is starting to get really annoying! congrats JLo you managed to show more leg, even if the rest of the dress managed to make even you look fat! Her fake tan doesn’t even go up her leg far enough. I understand she has a rep to keep up because of the green dress years ago but this was just a desperate way to do it!

  58. CatJ says:

    The ET Canada pre-Grammy Red Carpet show couldn’t get JLo for an interview, so they had to talk to Caspar. OMG, he could hardly string a sentence together, and seemed shocked that anyone would ask him anything.
    The interviewers tried to help him, but, “uh Duh” was all he could manage. He did manage a multi-syllabic “juvenile” to describe his first love… Oh Jen, I am guessing that fascinating conversation is not what you hired him for!

  59. d says:

    Everything already said about JLo. Bad, bad, bad. Her look, poses, and stylings…she needs a major overhaul and she has to ditch the boyfriend. He makes everything worse. She’s totally ruining her image.
    Adele’s dress…IDK. It’s ok, I guess? It’s not the LBD. Red’s a good colour. Eh.

  60. tabasco says:

    it looks like her “dress” may actually be some sort of (not very well made) bodysuit/half-jumpsuit combo????

  61. tabasco says:

    i think adele’s dress would’ve worked with a lower cut neckline – maybe a V with that embroidery along it, a black belt/waistband and black peep toes.

  62. Mara says:

    Adele is just so beautiful and very talented to,but Jennifer is trying to much to look sexy she is beautiful she should not try so hard ..

  63. ms.steel says:

    adele got nice legs. shes showing more skin. her dress would look fabulous i think if with lower neckline.
    regarding JLO, ugggh.. no comment!

  64. G says:

    Jlo looks so old? I don’t get why? She’s got a banging bod and her face is smooth as baby’s nutsac. Maybe it’s the black?

  65. Riana says:

    Adele looks like the person shaped version of an old lady’s purse.

    I wish she’d up her fashion because the easiest joke is about Adele, her weight, and how she can’t dress herself.

  66. bagladey says:

    JLo’s “dress” was a big FAIL.

  67. MsAubra says:

    After 2003, her music became as about as relevant as rice cakes to the food pyramid, so she HAD to do something to keep people talking, so her fashion sense which most times is on point is what she reverts to.

  68. DAFFY says:

    she looks like jenny from a Puerto rican Hood block NYC

  69. Sam x says:

    JLo looks ridiculous…I really like Adele’s dress, personally I would get rid of the sleeves and go for a scoop neck…x

  70. gorda says:

    Close your mouth. She always does that same pose with her mouth open. I thought it looked good from far but now that i am seeing close up pictures, she looks like a box.

  71. LouLou says:

    I know many have commented on J-Lo’s annoying open-mouth sultry cat pose, but it needs to be said until someone she knows reads this and gently tells her to maybe find a new pose. She looks so dumb & try-hard when she does that.

  72. floretta50 says:

    I can’t imagine paying somebody thousands of dollars to look that bad. These stars have people who dress them. Jlo looks really bad! All you see is a stumpy fat leg sticking out of a black square box. Good grief!

  73. lrm says:

    she never looks great on the carpets-but she usually gets a rise out of someone or is made into the joke….either way, i thinks he gets her intended response: attention!
    she’s getting the last laugh-i love J Lo. seriously, she is determined, works hard, is beautiful, and this is the key: she doesn’t talk sh*t or mean girl anyone, that I know of…[hello goopy and madonna,etc]….

    Everyone seems to dog her-Mariah carey pretending she does not know who she is, etc. while J Lo just goes about her business…..which is making money, being famous without much talent and staying relevant. Seems to be working.

    I have to admit/confess: I enjoyed many of her movies and I thinks she’s an okay actress….esp compared to a lot of what’s passing as ‘amazing’ in hollywood these days….
    I like J Lo.

  74. Ruffian9 says:

    Dress, hair, date: From bad to worst.

  75. Ruyana says:

    Why is Casper the Friendly Gigolo in all the red carpet pictures with her? What does he do, besides her?

  76. Lizzie says:

    JHo is dressed like a hooker who put her head thru the wrong part of that thing. She is too old to be wearing stuff like that. What happens when her kids get older and are exposed to that? I will bet it would be another Madonna. Gross!

  77. eva says:

    this is too good! J-lo is a tough girl. watch her stare down this prankster off the stage so as to not ruin Adele’s award. Jenny from the block!

  78. LadidahBaby says:

    I adore Adele almost to the point of worship, and I think she is beautiful, but omg she looked like a gigantic tuffet in that unfortunate dress.

    Lopez looked squat and thick and try-hard, and her coif looked like it was done by Olive Oyl’s hair stylist. Jaysus, why is she still with Casper Smart? Or ever? And studying his goofy smile, I have to ask, how did he EVER get that last name?

  79. Maritza says:

    Their purpose was to stand out from the crowd, I believe Jlo and Adele succeeded doing just that. The Grammy’s is the perfect place to do so.

  80. xoxokaligrl says:

    I hate top knots and that color ages her.