Rihanna versus Alicia Keys at the Grammys: who wore Azzedine Alaïa better?

You know I’m a progressive nerd, right? Well, I was watching Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC yesterday morning, and she did a panel discussion on Rihanna and Chris Brown and VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) and whether Rihanna should acknowledge that she’s a role model to young women and act accordingly. It was a really interesting discussion! So, Rihanna and Chris Brown came to the Grammys together, they sat with each other, and people had to deal with that… four years (exactly) after Chris almost killed her and left her for dead. What is there to say at this point? I can’t.

So let’s just talk about fashion and styling. Rihanna wore this Azzedine Alaia gown on the red carpet, and she’s redone her extensions/weave. I thought she looked incredibly, heartbreakingly beautiful last night. When she performed “Stay” all I could think about was how pretty she looked. Ugh. Damn it, Rih-Rih.

Rihanna’s performances:

riri by yardie4lifever2

Also, another sketchy couple (but not as sketchy as Rihanna and Chris): Alicia Keys and Swizz. Alicia also wore Azzedine Alaïa on the red carpet – I think I like this dress better than Riahnna’s!

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Hannah says:

    I LOVE Rihanna’s dress!

    The hair is a bit of a state, though.

  2. Aud says:

    The only thing that makes Rhianna look terrible is the douchebag date she has.

  3. Riana says:

    I can’t give Rihanna credit for anything since she’s become Chris Brown’s lap dog chasin him to and fro. So point goes to Alicia.

    I kinda wish she and Chris had performed together on stage, just to see how hypocritical Hollywood is and who would let their true feelings show.

  4. Riana says:

    Differnt note I don’t think Rihanna should be a role model for women going through domestic violence.

    Nothing Rihanna has done has ever put her in a position to be a role model. Money doesn’t make someone a role model, it just makes them more visible.

    Rihanna is simply a damaged young woman with a ton of money who has very few to no people in her life that care about her outside of her providing for them.

  5. Cherry says:

    I think Rihanna looks like a fairytale princess, minus 1. the see-through top (why is she always trying to draw attention to her nipples? Is that her thing now?) and 2. prince not quite charming on her side.

  6. mia girl says:

    I’ll give it ti Alicia, because while Rihanna’s dress is prettier, she was carry some seriously ugly baggage as her main accessory.

  7. Agnes says:

    love the way riri looked – amazing dress and she looks great in it. i love alicia’s music, but ugh on the dress, a bigger UGH on her husband, just an overall UGH.

  8. Micki says:

    Rihana.She looks really good in this dress.

  9. Dani says:

    I am OBSESSED with Rihanna’s extensions/weave. Like, I need them. She looked unreal. Shame she’s wasting her time and talent with someone like Chris.

  10. GossipG says:

    Love makes you look so beautiful..Look @ Chubby Keys…Nice but a bit to chubby for her dress..we have the same figure.I wouldnt ever think about wearing that dress.

  11. Marianne says:

    I loved Rihanna’s dress. Absolutely loved…but I wish that maybe she had used some pasties or something, cause it was a bit see-through in the close-up shots.

  12. Amanda says:

    Alaia is a real designer name?? I thought they made it up just for Clueless… “You don’t understand… This is an ALAIA!”

  13. Paloma says:

    So much for CBSs warning not to show body parts; her dress is see through.

    • Riana says:

      I was just thinking of the stars (all pop stars unless I missed an actress) who showed off inappropriate skin according to PBS.

      Makes me wonder if they didn’t have another trick up their sleeve cause you can’t tell me they couldn’t find another dress.

  14. Dani says:

    This is the face of domestic violence. It takes women on an average, seven times to leave their abuser. She is no different than any other woman, money aside. Domestic violence is not rational. It doesn’t make sense and that is at the heart of it and also why it makes people crazy on the outside who are looking in trying to make sense of it.

    • Riana says:

      Exactly. I think Rihanna has put a very public face on a very sad reality. I used to volunteer for a shelter and I can admit one of the hardest things to overcome was sometimes the mentality of the women.

      We’d have a warm bed and resources waiting for them (job training, counseling, financial support via charities) and still have to lock up our phones and take their cell phones because so many would try to call their abusers and tell them where they were. So sad.

    • M.i.a. says:

      Thank you! This is the one of the most rational and fair responses I’ve seen about Rihanna’s situation. I’m tired of everyone belittling her for behaving the same way battered women behave all over the world and in every social strata.

  15. Jane says:

    Rihanna looked lovely, but I think she would look a lot better if she wore some bangs to help cover her long forehead. Kind of like how when Tyra wears bangs, she looks so much better. Rihanna has a smokin body though.

  16. Kizzy says:

    Don’t crucify me. It just dawned on me – Chris’ eyes… I think he has a drug issue. I think Rihanna is probably helping him through that. It could explain his anger and mood swings sometimes. I also think she is not completely innocent, that she hit him one too many times (with her shoe-heel: http://poponthepop.com/2009/03/tmz-confirms-what-we-already-told-you-rihanna-hit-chris-brown-first/) and he snapped. She feels partly responsible and Chris’ mom always said Rihanna has not told the whole story.

    Rihanna is a bad-ass, she fought with her brothers pretty violently and she once said she hit her brother in the face with a bottle (http://www.contactmusic.com/news/rihanna-attacked-her-brother-with-a-glass-bottle_1035207). I just don’t think she was completely helpless.

    It’s sad all around. It’s never okay to hit someone. I just look at Chris’ eyes and I can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. Don’t crucify me.

    • Riana says:

      I’m not going to crucify you, I’m just going to explain this as simply as I can.

      I think Rihanna and Chris both have a drug problem, neither is innocent there.

      I’m sure Rihanna is semi-violent.

      As a woman who has taken self-defense, boxing classes, and all forms of I-can-kick-your-ass classes let me be the first to say I could put a hurting on the average man…BUT

      This wasn’t a MMA match between two challengers in the same weight class. This was a man trying to kill a woman. Rihanna may be capable of giving Chris a scratch or two but at her most violent she COULD NOT do anything to him that pose serious threat.

      HE COULD.

      Chris could easily kill Rihanna because he is bigger and stronger. He went for points of her body that are extremely fragile and hit her in such a way she would be disoriented and lose consciousness. This was not a match. There was no bell.

      With his anger and testosterone flowing nothing she did to fight back as an untrained woman could ever really balance the scales.

      He was wrong and he deserved to go to jail for what he did.

      Sorry this is so long.

      • Kizzy says:

        I know, I get it. But do you really think she couldn’t have seriously hurt him? One hit in the wrong place could do some major damage, even kill. Anything could have happened. I will also venture to say that she may have hit him in the same places he hit her but the impact wasn’t as bad as what he did to her because she is not as strong. She snapped when she found out he was cheating and he snapped when she wouldn’t quit hitting (I don’t mean to kinda rhyme. I’m 99% serious).

        It just so happened that he is stronger than her and he whooped her a**. But I think if she was stronger than he was, she probably would have done the same to him.

        Look, I’m not condoning it by any means. I just feel bad for the guy because he is the only one paying for it and it seems like a few people don’t know the full story. They are both shitty for letting it get that far and yes he should know that he is stronger and exercise restraint. But I don’t know, I feel the way I feel. I truly was horrified at what he had done to her, but I think that people are forgetting that it is also wrong to hit a man.

      • Riana says:

        It is wrong to hit a man. Domestic violence goes both ways and I often tell women who are too quick to slap and smack their man that a. They wouldn’t like it if he hit them back and b. Can they handle what would happen if he started to fight them back full force.

        Look I’m sure Rihanna was the type to hit Chris, she’s admitted to her violent past but the reality still stands. When you say she could hit him in the wrong place and really damage or kill him…I’m just going to have to disagree.

        She doesn’t have the training, skill, or physical strength to hit him hard enough to do it. The best/easiest place she could go for would be his throat and that would require such an amazing amount of force from a woman her height and weight.

        You’re right when you say Rihanna might have hit him in the same places and it just didn’t show. What does that tell you? She didn’t have enough force to even leave a mark. He hit her with enough force where she had bruises for weeks and a permanent scar.

        Yeah it’s very annoying to be hit over and over. It’s also very annoying to have a fly buzzing in your face. Chris could easily have held her down and kept her from fighting back or…the age old adage…walked away.

        The reality is my only complaint about Chris is how Hollywood and the media brushes aside abusive jerks who prove ‘useful’. Otherwise I think he deserves worse than what he got in terms of punishment, I just don’t believe he deserves to go down alone.

      • vvvoid says:

        I don’t doubt that she attacked him first in some way. I just don’t care.
        When I was on drugs I attacked my then-boyfriend a couple different times. The first time, he said something unacceptable and I punched him right in the jaw really hard out of nowhere. I didn’t plan it, I just unleashed. I hit him HARD. I had never hit anyone in the face or at all, really. If I had chosen the nose or eye I would have seriously injured him. Guess what he did? He tried to wrap me up so I would stop coming at him, he didn’t hit me in any way. I was so angry I overpowered him and threw him to the floor several times, shoving him into the wall and tossing him down. I am short, smallish. He was 5’11 and muscular. But I was PISSED. He was trying to leave the room and I kept slamming the door shut and blocking him, I wanted to beat the living hell out of him. I don’t remember what stopped it, I think maybe my dad came home, I was seeing red and it’s kind of a blur.
        That boyfriend, Joey, he was very emotionally abusive and an alcoholic [I was on methadone] and I think I just snapped. We were fighting about his drinking and driving and how his drinking just cost him yet another job. I was trying to help him and he said “I’m sick of your sh!t” and tried to walk out and I lost it, right then and there.
        BUT HE DID NOT HIT ME. At all. He wanted to, I know it, but his father taught him one thing: never hit women. His father taught him little else and abandoned him, but that lesson he held onto.
        I’ve never been attacked/hit by a man in my life and I’m 27. I don’t have the best taste in men, either. But it takes a particular kind of slime to do what Chris did to Rihanna.
        Rihanna is tragic. She looked so delicate and beautiful last night, and I can tell she is totally ruled by her emotions. Chris got deep under her skin and she doesn’t know how to let go. He preys on her sympathy, insecurity, sexual attraction to him, any weakness she has. He is probably only halfway conscious of that, it’s probably about halfway intentional, halfway unintentional.
        I’m sure there are plenty of little things about Chris that Rihanna’s bleeding heart can’t let go of. Little memories, little quirks he has, the things all of us hold onto when we are in love with someone. I’m sure it feels so unfair to her that the whole world wants her to just throw all that away due to things about him she doesn’t even focus on: his violence, his cheating. She probably hates that those things hold more weight to people than all the million little things she loves about him combined. I know how that feels. Not as it relates to domestic violence, but in general, when someone you are in love with is not accepted by your friends and family due to a few key flaws. But when it comes to physical abuse, the potential is far too deadly to overlook or just outright forgive and forget and try to live happily ever after.
        I don’t think Rihanna values herself enough to recognize what a grave affront it was to her own worth as a human being, as a woman, that he could stand to hurt her that way. Whether or not she hit him first, the fact that he could use his hands to beat and strangle a girl he loved, who undoubtedly loved him, just because she freaked out when she found out he was cheating on her, says Chris is completely incapable of empathy over his anger. He’s number 1, other people only serve to please or anger him, they have no autonomy and they certainly don’t warrant the understanding he wants the public to have for him.
        Rihanna is a victim. Not only of Chris but of herself. I see her caught up in trying to “earn” validation from a selfish, self-serving man-child who has likely tried to make her feel like it is SHE who needs to prove HER loyalty and devotion via endless self-sacrificial gestures. He’s probably shamed her for “sleeping around” after they broke up [of course he has, he even publicly called her a slut, imagine what he did in private], made her feel responsible for the way the public hates him, probably used the fact that she hit him first [if she did] to justify the whole thing like so many people seem eager to do. And her self-esteem is so low that all of these tactics work on her, and she feels like if she finally earns his undying love and approval and appreciation, it will all have been worth it. Look at what she’s willing to do! She is willing to completely alienate the public, her fanbase, possibly lose the career she dreamed of her whole life, chase around after him while he screws around on her incredulously, look like a weak, foolish idiot, and probably endure more beatings even at the risk of her own life just to get that validation from him.
        She can’t be a role model to others when she hates herself this much. She’s human and it’s unfair to expect her to be emotionally tougher than other domestic abuse victims just because she’s famous. Like a poster above said, even when women are presented with all the opportunity in the world to get on their own feet and escape their abusers, most of them go back. Not for financial reasons, for emotional reasons. Rihanna is rich and famous but she is no different than any other battered woman inside. It frustrates me but I will never hate her for it, it’s just so sad.

      • Dreamyk says:

        @ vvvoid

        Thank you for that. What a testimony.

        The former Mr. DreamyK was an addict/alcoholic and was charming to the extreme, the perfect picture of repentance when the mood suited him. He wasn’t physically or verbally abusive but he was emotionally devastating. The mind games, the lies, the sneakiness…unbelievable. RiRi is addicted to the drama of her relationship – the highs are so high and the lows so low, but she stays there for the highs. She’s like a heroin addict in that respect..she keeps chasing that first high hoping to replicate it.

      • vvvoid says:

        @ DreamyK

        I agree, I think abusive relationships are addictive, I think that’s why people remain in them even though they are miserable.
        I’ve certainly been there.
        I don’t think people pay enough attention to the nature of emotional abuse, either. Emotional abuse is insidious and extremely damaging. It drives you insane because you can’t pinpoint one thing or the other, it’s not verbal enough to point to something that was said, it’s like a complex matrix of someone’s actions, words, behavior, neglect…all wrapped up together.
        My current boyfriend and I went through a real rough patch a few months ago, he stopped taking his medication secretly [he's bipolar] and became extremely destructive and emotionally toxic
        as a result. I gave him another chance because he got back on his meds and became the man I fell in love with again, but those wounds are deep. No cheating or anything, just a lot of lies and meanness and destructiveness. It really does a number on you.
        I can kind of see things for what they are now, so I don’t get addicted to toxic relationships to the extent that I did when I was younger. I know I want to be happy, not high, especially since the same person who gets you high on drama can be the person that totally breaks your heart. Or worse, in Rihanna’s case.

    • Lita says:

      Kizzy, sorry, but no, there is no excuse for violence, period. I´ve witnessed my best friend go through the same situation, trying to blame in on drugs, alcohol, her yelling at him, driving him to the edge….it´s all excuses and this is the same exact rational a lot of abuse victims use.

  17. MSat says:

    I seriously could not even watch because:
    a) I can’t stand looking at Chris Brown’s face. And I can’t stand everyone in the music industry fawning over him and agreeing to have their picture taken with him (ADELE!).
    b) Overall, with a few exceptions, the music featured on the Grammys is so bad and sucky and mediocre and awful, I can’t even take it. Frank Ocean? Really? He’s not even fit to lick Marvin Gaye’s bootlaces.

  18. Ms Kay says:

    Uh seriously Rihanna wins hands down here, Alicia Keys looks like a mermaid gone punk mode.

    Rihanna dress looks very Oscar red carped. Hat the likes of JLae worn it they’d make the best dressed list hands down.

    Both Alicia and Rihanna only have the common denominator of carrying human shaped accessories of douche bags of men at their arm.

  19. serena says:

    Alicia’s dress is horrible, also she should stop wearing always all black! Rihanna on the other hand looks beautiful and stunning..now, if only wansn’t for her nipples….ugh

  20. Eleonor says:

    Sorry, I hate to admit it, but Rihanna wins hands down to me.

  21. Nicolette says:

    I loved Rihanna’s dress and yes she is very pretty, but she is just such a moron to me. Should we all swoon at the fact that she and her abuser are at The Grammy’s which is where they had been together before he beat the crap out of her? I don’t care how talented, how fashionable or how pretty/beautiful someone is. An a-hole is still an a-hole. At this point she’s asking for whatever she gets.

  22. stefni says:

    Okay so Chris hit Rihanna, which is unforgivable and wrong… although she seems to have forgiven him, which could be a huge mistake or a sign that they’re both getting the help they need (which I doubt!)

    But for the sake of accuracy could we stop saying he beat her and left her for dead. SERIOUSLY? Left her for dead. That’s not even close to what happened. It reads juicier but it’s honestly far from the truth and doesn’t add to the very necessary debate on domestic violence.

    • BravoCueen says:

      Chris Brown didn’t just “hit” Rhianna! He beat her. He beat her within an inch of her life. He punched her over and over again and smashed her face into a window. He should have been charged with attempted murder!!

    • Janet says:

      Firstly he BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HER, did you see her face. I’m sure it wasn’t the first time he laid hands on her. Did you read the police report @ the smoking gun…very disturbing. It’s not about blame it’s about acceptance and responsibility. It’s the same drug and drama fueled relationship. Neither one of them has changed. It will happen again. I do hope I’m wrong.

    • vvvoid says:

      Um, did you ever read the police report? Likely not.
      Here you go:


      That’s page 4.

      For anyone who wants to minimize the viciousness of Chris’s assault on Rihanna, read the fvcking police report. It’s terrifying. She was brutalized. And terrorized. He was threatening her, punching her, choking her, she tried to make him stop numerous ways and he did not. This was no give and take. He had enough time to calm down if it was truly just a case of her hitting him first that set him off. It was more than that. This was a beating she sustained over a several minute period. Probably around 10 minutes. He punched her in the face repeatedly, even as she cowered with her arms over her head trying to protect herself, he kept punching her. When she called her assistant and pretended to leave a message requesting the cops be there when she got home, he said “You just did the stupidest thing ever. Now I’m really going to kill you.” I believe he meant it when he said that. He put her in a headlock and began to choke her out, she started losing consciousness and desperately reached up to gouge his eyes so he’d release her. He bit her fingers and let loose his grip around her throat and began to punch her again. At this point they are pulled over and Rihanna has grabbed the keys from the ignition and sat on them. She tried to keep him away by putting her back against the passenger door and her feet against him, but he kept hitting her. She screamed for help and that’s when Chris got out of the car and walked away. The only reason he didn’t kill her, I believe, is that he realized they were in public, in a neighborhood, and her screams for help were attracting attention. The only reason her injuries weren’t critical is because he was driving. Had this happened at home I think she’d have been in the ICU or dead. He didn’t “leave her for dead” but he did leave her spitting up blood, beaten, choked, and on the verge of unconsciousness, so let’s not split hairs here. He left her screaming for her life.
      Here’s a photo [this is one I hadn't seen before, it's not the same one that was all over TMZ etc the next day] of what Chris managed to do to Rihanna’s face while he was driving a car, with one hand, the majority of the assault:


      It sends a chill up my spine to think of what he’d have done if he weren’t hindered by being in a car.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Thanks for sharing your story above and for everything else you’ve said. Tired of people trying to minimize what happened. So so tired of the she hit him first excuse. I will always believe that he deserves to be in jail for what he did and I hope someday that Rihanna will find the strength within herself to break free of this asshole’s emotional hold on her and get the help she needs.

      • vvvoid says:

        @I Choose Me

        Hell yes he deserved to go to jail for an assault on a helpless woman like that. Felonious assault. But all he got was community service and he even weaseled his way out of that with the help of his enabling mother.

    • Eh...I'm Indifferent says:

      I agree with you Stefni. But I think that everyone has to be a crusader for something. I don’t know the ins and outs of that relationship. There have been a million reports…some accurate some not…so there is no definite truth. Chris Brown put his hands on a woman…that is unforgivable, but apparently only in everyone else’s eyes. Because Rihanna seems perfectly happy. It’s everybody else that is harboring this extreme hate for the man/boy while the two of them live it up.

      I think if we have learned anything from their siutation, it’s that you can’t change a person unless they want to change. I can’t hate someone I don’t know personally. I can hate what he did, but spewing constant anger and rage in his direction will not change the fact that he and Rihanna are together.

  23. Samigirl says:

    Rhianna was stunningly beautiful last night. Can’t stand the woman, but you cant’ deny her beauty.

  24. Cameron says:

    Isn’t obvious by now that Rihanna is not leaving CB and she doesn’t care what people think. It hasn’t hurt her popularity.. She had a #1 album and single this year.. So I don’t why people keep commenting on the same thing over and over.. Yes young girls do like her, my 10 year old and her friends loves Rihanna (her music, her hairstyles). That’s it nothing more.. I should be guiding her decisions in life, not Rihanna. I think people take musicians/actors/sports figures way too seriously.

    • Kim says:

      ITA I have never look to any celebrity as a role model as a teen.If your child is using a singer or actress as a moral guide rath than adults in his/her life than I feel sorry for them.Riahanna looked better thank AK

    • Janet says:

      IF you’re DAUGHTER looks up to Rihanna, I really hope you talk to her about domestic violence and how hitting and name calling isn’t love in any shape or form.

      • Jayna says:

        Where did she say her daughter looked up to her? If you go on any music sites that have pop threads, they usually have a lot of teens on there, and basically her young fans love her music, think she’s beautiful, but I have never seen one say they look up to her. They all say she’s screwed up for hanging on to him, struggle with her going back to Chris and worry about her, but can separate that from enjoying her dance music.

      • cs says:

        I don’t think anyone said that their daughter looked up to Rihanna. They love her music, style, and beauty. That’s all.
        Growing up there were many artists I admired and loved just for their style, music and looks. I didn’t want to be them or follow what they did since I didn’t inspire to be a musician.
        It’s crazy to think that any educated young woman who’s raised correctly by their PARENTS would accept a man hitting them just because they like a certain artist who was abused. Just like I think the people who comment that CB will Kill Rihanna the next time sound so ridiculous. The whole world knows CB hit Rihanna so now he’s going to kill her so that he’s either locked up for the rest of his life or on death row. They are both stars. It’s not the Superstar and the housewife or the jump-off..
        Rihanna and CB will most likely get married and have kids in the next 5 years or so Or they will break-up forever.
        YOUR PARENTS should be your role models, not singers, sports figures, and actors.
        That’s what you should teach your daughters and sons.

  25. Apsutter says:

    They both look beautiful. Is this the same Alaia that Cher Horowitz loved?

  26. bns says:

    Rihanna wins. She is absolutely stunning. I choose to ignore her life choices and just stare at her and dance to her music.

  27. bea says:

    Sheer red fabric makes anyone look like they’re having a medical emergency. I would have like R’s dress if it were more opaque with open skin panels like AK’s dress.

    I must say – R is really into fashion and she’s got great material to work with (her body and face). So beautiful.

    My beautiful sister spent six long years with an abusive a-hole and it wasn’t fun to be near nor was it easy to get her away from him (a near-death experience is what finally sent her running). I’m afraid that’s what it will take to get R away from CB. Tragic.

  28. andrea says:

    Ri is such a pretty girl. It’s such a shame, all the other stuff that’s come to light.

    Alicia is looking more and more butch these days. Well, she might as well embrace it.

  29. Amanda W says:

    Alica looks fantastic, but Rihanna took my breath away. Rihanna looks stunning in red!

  30. Mew says:

    Rihanna. I don’t really like her but she looks stunning.

  31. ac says:

    i think rihanna looks absolutely beautiful here. it’s too bad she felt the need to go and ruin it with her choice of date.

  32. janie says:

    I think Rihanna was stunning & beautiful! She seemed so happy & content. All i can say is unfortunately CB seems to be the reason. She is so smitten with him. He’s the air she breathes! Sadly, he doesn’t feel the same. He will kill her next time.

  33. mar says:

    Rhianna looked AMAZING!!!!!!!
    both dresses were perfection.

    I hate what Alicia is wearing. She looks like a stuffed sausage dominatrix mermaid.

  34. d says:

    Alicia makes terrible style choices, imo. She’s such a beautiful woman, but her clothing…ug.
    Rhianna’s dress is better, she looks really good. WAAAY better than JLo,btw.

  35. eileen says:

    I don’t like either one of them for their personal life so they both leave a bad taste in my mouth.

  36. Elceibeno says:

    Rihanna’s dress is trashy. She clearly is defying every rule. She is saying f*uck you to every one who doesn’t think she should date chris brown. She’s saying f*uck you to the grammy producers by wearing that obscene dress.

    • Susie (1 of 3) says:

      I thought she was so beautiful in the fabulous red dress until you realized she was showcaseing her nipples w/rings. Loved the two piece outfit she wore dancing and singing until the top kept showing too much under boobs. Imagine the view from the audience since they were lower than the stage. So today, the media comments are about her attention seeking exhibitionism and dangerous relationship with CB rather than her performance.

  37. blonde on the dock says:

    She was incredibly beautiful last nite. And talent to go with it.

  38. tabasco says:

    pour moi, am not going to pretend that rihanna is not doing what she’s doing. same goes for fist clown. have begun me own personal boycott of both. don’t think they should be treated (by media, fans, the industry, etc) like they’re “regular” celebs, like there’s nothing very, very wrong with this picture. don’t stand up there in your white suit looking smug, you prick and don’t stand up there in your flowy gown like you’re some kind of princess, you moron.

  39. Amanda says:

    Rihanna looked better, but she could really use some bangs. She’s got a bit of a five-head.

  40. Onyx XV says:

    No contest! Hands down winner is Rihanna. Despite her retarded date, Rihanna looks incredibly beautiful. Alicia looks fat, because she’s wearing a dress that’s 2 (or 3) sizes too small for her, and her fugly hubby’s suit is busted. WTF is he wearing? It looks like he just picked it up off the floor and put it on.

  41. vvvoid says:

    Why would any woman with full, round thighs wear a tight mermaid dress? It never looks good on that body type. I have a similar body type and I would steer way clear of that style. Mermaid dresses are for long, very slender women.

    • MaiGirl says:

      I agree. Alicia’s body is great, but that mermaid section at the bottom is so stiff and weird-shaped that it is really unflattering and makes her look even more hippy.

    • idontknowyouyoudontknowme says:

      IMO it ALWAYS looks good on this body type, this dress was made for pear/hourglass shaped women, exactly because it showcases the amazing waist to hip ratio!!! On a tall, lean figure it becomes too linear and straight looking..

      I will never understand why womanly traits such as wide round hips and full thighs are considered “flaws” these days.. When I was young, I always envied extremely feminine women, and hoped one day to gain the lovely boobage/waist/hips,butt,thighs) that go with it, and other girls I knew did too. Quite sad that by the time we graduated in these modern times, you must be 5’10, and as thin as possible to be considered ideal…

      • PattyCakes says:

        amen!!! OMG I cannot second this enough.

      • vvvoid says:

        I don’t consider my round hips flaws. I used to when I was younger until a million men praised me on them and reassured me because I’m inherently insecure and can’t do that for myself.
        But that being said, I know what is flattering to that shape. Anything that exaggerates it to much, just like if a really slender/boyish girl accentuates her lack of waist hip ratio too much with an ill fitting dress, is a no go. You want balance. At least IMO. Usually balance is key to the human eye’s perception of beauty. Plus the dress looks like it’s suffocating her, it looks uncomfortable everywhere it’s tight, and the belled bottom of the skirt beneath a too tight thigh region exaggerates how tight the rest of the dress is.
        If her dress gradually began to bell outward, without that overly structured ridge/hoop wire thing, and belled out enough to balance out the thighs and hips, it would look pretty. I’ve seen looser versions of the mermaid skirt that looked beautiful on Beyonce, for instance.
        I’ve gotten so skinny that I didn’t have full thighs or hips or a butt anymore, and it was not well received, even though I still had an hour glass ratio. It’s an asset, I think, to have those things. Look at Beyonce in that jumpsuit she wore. Her big butt, hips, thighs were on full display but it was done in a balanced and flattering way. She stole the show when she turned around or to the side, lol. Perfection. Alicia has a great figure too, she looks amazing in jeans with tall boots, but this looks like she’s constricted. Like her thighs are totally smooshed. That is so uncomfortable, I know from experience.

  42. Janet says:

    Much as I can’t stand her, I have to give this one to Rihanna. Gorgeous dress and she was wearing the hell out of it.

    BTW it looks like there are two Janets posting on here. The one who replied to the earlier comments above isn’t me.

  43. Jayna says:

    Rhianna just wear clothes beautifully. Beautiful arms, shouders, small but really great boobs, small ribcage, great skin tone. That dress and color on Rhianna is one of my favorite looks ever on the red carpet.

  44. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Rihanna was my best dressed at the Grammys, she looked flawless. So pretty. But because she is with that a’hole, ugh I just can’t. She and most definitely him disgust me.

  45. tokeberry says:

    The ladies look stunning but Alicia always has perfect hair- it’s a fact. Rihanna has a hair letdown, sorry.

  46. kingkayski says:

    I think Rihanna looks exceptionaly beautiful here hands down,and i’m surprised she can actually sing too.Whatever hoopla surrounding her personally,i think it’s between her and Chris,it’s not my business.

  47. Asdfg says:

    I think Rihanna looked the best at the Grammys! Beyonce looked great too, but I love Rihanna’s dress! It’s so gorgeous! :D

  48. mytbean says:

    Has Brown done anything else since then? I’m not excusing his initial abuse by any means but I’m just curious… has he done anything else during the four year span of time? I have a hard time keeping up with the antics. :/