“Kim Kardashian & Kanye West pose like Jesus in an obvious metaphor” links

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tour Rio de Janeiro. They mimic the Christ the Redeemer statue in these photos. —> [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Carey Mulligan looked so cute in a tuxedo for her Mumford. [LaineyGossip]
Ellen Degeneres can’t contain her excitement towards Katy Perry’s rack. [Dlisted]
Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down. Introducing … Poprah. [Buzzfeed]
Jennifer Aniston had some really hot magazine covers at one point. [Pop Sugar]
Justin Bieber was 3x worse than you could possibly imagine on “SNL.” [Pajiba]
Sam Claflin, oddly enough, is all over New York Fashion Week. [Go Fug Yourself]
Blake Lively skips fashion week for Ryan Reynolds. [A Socialite Life]
Britney Spears and her assistant do coffee. She’ll be fine, y’all. [ICYDK]
Natalie Portman and her booty show off awesome maternal instincts. [Popoholic]
Side Effects is a decent thriller, and Jude Law looks fantastic. [The Blemish]
HAhaha. The look on Vanessa Hudgens‘ face screams, “I’ve arrived!” [Moe Jackson]
Kristen Cavallari received the lamest proposal ever from Jay Cutler. [Celebslam]
This dude stole the idea from that Gerard Butler movie, P.S. I Love You. [Gawker]
Candice Swanepoel wears a bra and panties, sits in a chair. Meh. [IDLYITW]
Toni Braxton retires from music, wants to play a lesbian now. [Reality Tea]
Hipsters, you don’t have to suffer in quasi-silence. There’s a cure! [The Frisky]
Melissa McCarthy‘s movie scores after vile critic calls her “female hippo.” [Starcasm]

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

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  1. HappyMom says:

    I am convinced that KK never looks in a full length mirror. What the holy hell is that ill fitting swath of material?

  2. GiantGlohearts says:

    Should she be travelling so much? Is it ok? I’m not saying stay at home all the time, but she travels internationally every week? It seems like too much.

  3. RocketMerry says:

    “Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down.”

    Huuuge thing over here in Italy and Europe in general. Huge. It’s all the media are talking about.

  4. Gabriella says:

    Seriously, USA, stop sending these kind of people over. I’m OK with Megan Fox and Will Smith coming over. But a Kardashian??? Look, we already said we’re sorry about Nana Gouvea! (http://updates.gawker.com/post/34716268578/a-guide-to-posing-for-glamour-shots-in-the-aftermath-of)

    • Polk8dot says:

      Geez, this bit@h is soooooooo GROSS looking. The Thunder Thighs, the Fake Pumped Ass, the ugly t!ts. Yuuuck!

      She is not beautiful, at all. She is more fame ho’ish than even KK. The ‘LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEE’ desperation is dripping off the screen.
      Simply put, she looks like a dirty cheap hooker.

      I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d rather have to look at KK than this wanna-be porn blow up doll.

      Now I can’t unsee it. Thanks a lot ;(

    • Rumorhasit says:

      Hahaha, and look how we dressed her for you….such vibrant pink, so much material, and all that tonnage tottering around on those itty bitty little heels(I won’t even attempt to identify that color).

  5. Ms Kay says:

    It’s all over the news regarding Pope Benedict… Why did they chose an old Pope in the first place? And is his health the only reason for him to step down? Why do I smell crisis more than anything else?

    • Lady D says:

      If I remember correctly they all old when chosen.

      • Poppy says:

        There were a lot of rumblings at the time he was elected that they deliberately chose an old man because they wanted a short period of transition, and someone to ‘absorb’ the scandels that were all coming to light at the time, then he would die within a relatively short period of time and the church could have a ‘fresh start’ with a younger, more dynamic leader.

        Benedict has been too conservative for my taste – I really believe the church needs to be more realistic about some of the issues in the world today – contraception being one. Especially given the massive influence the Catholic church has.

        He has however served the church very faithfully for his whole life, and I hope that he can have his wish of spending the remainder of his life in contemplation and prayer.

    • RocketMerry says:

      My first guess was that he must be on his way to severe incapacitation.
      He has always been very conservative and very coherent, so renouncing for mere physical problems or political difficulties is very unlike him and unlogical.
      He even said multiple times he does not think a Pope should resign when encountering a difficult time, but only when truly he cannot do it anymore. So, I’m guessing he was diagnosed with something that would incapacitate him greatly.

      I’m very curious about who’ll be the next Pope. But he’ll be quite old, too. Pope Jhon Paul II was an exeption.

    • Ms Kay says:

      @ Lady D, @ RocketMerry, well they are confusing then; because at the time they decided to make JP-II the Pope, they wanted a younger figure, and people still complained he was too young, and when he lasted that long, they complained that he stayed too long and perhaps it’s best to choose an older one… Now here Pope Benedict resign…

      Honestly I don’t know the whole child abuse and other butler scandal must have been a lot to take in, add to that the corrupted system/Vatican mafia, it must have played a lot in his decision to step down (and indeed affected his health as well)?

      • RocketMerry says:

        Well, could be that the latest scandals were factors that contributed. It would still be unlikely, since he himself proclaimed well over a year ago that he does not believe in running from problems, but actually firmly thinks those are the times to stay and fight.

        But, you know, what do we really know? Could be anything, really. I just hope for a more…er…energetic and innovative new pope.

    • Erin says:

      Hey everyone, ive been catholic my whole live and perhaps i can clarify. First of all the Pope is not just selected by a group of people he is chosen by God. The cardinals however are involved in the selection process. The cardinals pray for a long period of time and God later tells them whom He has chosen. Also, im sure it has nothing to do withe the scandals it has to be because of his health and old age. And regarding the corruption another commentor mentioned, remember that all religions have some problems and its not fair to single out the catholic church

      • Ms Kay says:

        I did not singled out anything. As simple as that, it is about the Catholic Church here we are discussing, given the breaking news, I didn’t imply that other religions are exempt from problems. Now if you feel like bringing up other religions, at your ease, but do not deflect my comments.

      • DanaG says:

        God has very little to do with choosing the Pope these days that may be their official line but it’s become more a popularity contest and who fits in best with the folks who are really running the Catholic church. There are stories that one Pope who tried to bring in change was actually murdered. They want someone who will do what they want not one who really wants the charges against the church looked at or who wants things to change. It was stupid choosing a Pope so old but they had their reasons. The new Pope has probably already been chosen we just won’t know until they want us too. If it wasn’t for all their lying and covering up some awful crimes over the years maybe more people would trust them. I can’t think of another church who has had as many lawsuits and charges against them as the Catholic church. It get’s a bad wrap and it’s very deserved if it didn’t hide peadofile’s and deny things they did and cover things up for so many years it wouldn’t be in the news so much. The Pope is simply a public figurehead the real power is with those who surround him and while I’m sure they pray they still are the ones who call the shots. Yes other churches have done bad things too but the Catholic Church seem to be in a league of their own especially in denial.

      • jwoolman says:

        DanaG- it just seems that way, actually the Catholic Church is no worse than other very old organizations. There are just a huge number of Catholics in the world (at least 25% of Americans, and about half of the world’s Christians) and it’s a cohesive entity as opposed to Protestant Christians who are scattered all over the spectrum. But that’s why scandals seem bigger, the numbers are so much bigger and if something bad comes to light – there are ways to make that disclosure spread quickly throughout a very large group due to all the interconnections. Smaller organizations can keep things hidden more easily and even when scandals erupt, the numbers are less even though percentages are the same.

        It will be interesting to see who gets elected this time around. I agree that he must have personal reasons for quitting, virtually certainly health issues. He’s not my favorite person (although he does like cats, that’s a plus) but he’s been through tough stuff before and I doubt there is anything else that would make him give up the job. He just feels he can’t do the job much longer and someone else needs to be selected before he dies.

      • BestJes says:

        So God chose someone who covered up child rape and sanctioned the removal of rapist only to place a new crop of victims in their path? Strange god.

  6. Scavenger says:

    Dear God, she looks like hell in that pink thing; worse than usual.

  7. holachica says:

    what is going on with HER FACE??

  8. Little Darling says:

    Rex Reed can eat it for all I care. I’m absolutely disgusted at his choice words for Melissa McCarthy. Is it not enough for him to just slam the movie and her performance? He has to being her size into HER ACTING? The two have nothing to do with one another, and the character works so well as a foil to Jason Bateman’s character half in part to her size. I am so absolutely over people bringing weight onto the table when it’s not relevant to who the person is, or their abilities. Critique the acting if you must, but correlating it to her size is outrageous and wrong. I hope he gets shamed into an apology.

  9. KellyinSeattle says:

    also, Justin please go away

  10. judyjudy says:

    No wonder the pope is retiring. He must have seen these pictures.

  11. Jane says:

    If her goal is not to look pregnant, but overweight and sloppy, she is succeeding.

  12. nikzilla37 says:

    She def looks preggo now.

  13. Tiffany says:

    I am jealous that she gets to travel to Rio. That is my bucket list destination.

  14. anon says:

    She wants a weight loss deal. She has been trying for some time. No one will go for it she is still in litigations for her last weight loss scam. Hillary tried real hard too & gave up.

  15. ladybert62 says:

    That hot pink outfit is hideous.

  16. Meaghan says:

    I think people are reading too much into this. If I were site seeing there, I’d take the same picture. Its a goofy tourist pic.

    • swack says:

      Meaghan, I agree many people take this same picture. What I think is wrong is that she put it out for all to see knowing that it would stir up the controversy and keep her and Kanye in the news. JMO

    • jwoolman says:

      Meaghan – other goofy tourists don’t spread their goofy pictures all over the world in an instant. That’s why it’s disrespectful and comes off as mocking rather than just being a goofy tourist. She isn’t even doing it very well, weird pose and weird look, like she’s bored to be there. And weirdly dressed. What is going on with her? Hope Kris H sends a copy of this to the judge in response to her declaration that she deserves a quickie divorce because her baby is oh so stressed by the big bad basketball player insisting on his day in the other kind of court but thrives on international tourism. This is a woman who just recently was claiming she had such serious pain that she had a doctor come to her house to tell her the annulment proceedings were putting her baby at risk (would love to know the name of the doc and whether he or she still has a medical license… And for what).

  17. Dawn says:

    They are a very unattractive couple. And please may no one give her a weight loss deal. Ish.

  18. Rita says:

    I can’t tell if she’s pregnant in the front, back, or on top.

  19. Ruyana says:

    Bad color choice for Kim. It emphasizes the psoriasis patches on her legs.

  20. dorothy says:

    The international fame-whore tour continues. A side note, is that a mu mu? Beyond hideous.

  21. CocoBelly says:

    The F kind of outfit is this for sightseeing and being preggers?!??

    This outfit ruffles my feathers.

  22. tifygodess24 says:

    I wish you guys had the picture of kim and her spanx or whatever it was hanging out ! One min she has a bump the next she doesn’t hmmmmm

  23. CocoBelly says:

    Is she wearing a wedding band?

  24. That Girl says:

    I thought she was pregnant at first but now I’m really starting to think otherwise. She is supposedly in her second trimester and hardly shows. I’m 10 weeks and already have a pooch.

    • Nev says:

      can you see her showing fully in the fourth pic down?

    • MsAubra says:

      She’s definitely pregnant. It’s just hitting her in the thighs and hips a little hard, thus REALLY making her shape ratchett!

    • yolo112 says:

      Unfortunately, I’m shaped like KK…except natural and my ass isn’t that big… and I, again unfortunately, looked like I just gained an extra 10lbs in my lower half, until about mid way through my 2nd trimester. For someone so STRESSED and “at risk” she sure does get around!! Look at her blotchy legs due to her psoriasis.. ew. Guess she’ll have her own supply of endless breast milk for her condition now.

      • Lady D says:

        I read on a Falcor thread that you can’t take psoriasis medication when pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Calling someone out for a skin condition they can’t control is just mean. It’s like slamming someone because they have freckles. I don’t know much about psoriasis but I doubt people willingly choose to have it.

      • Lady D says:

        OT: Now pissed because I stuck up for a Kardashian.

      • jwoolman says:

        Lady D – don’t go overboard with too much sympathy. I caught some part of their show when she apparently had her first psoriasis outbreak. She was ranting and raging against her mom for giving it to her, apparently (Mama Ten Percent has it). What a twit she was sounding like. Really. It’s a miserable disease, but she dealt so badly with it that I can’t imagine what will happen if she has any discomfort from the pregnancy. The hospital staff will have to knock her out early for the birth just to preserve their own sanity. And what will she do with a baby and then a toddler and then a kindergartner and eventually (oh, the horror!) a teenager? She’s so self-absorbed and so easily irritated whenever things don’t go her way. She’s shown this many other times, not just in reaction to psoriasis. That baby is in deep trouble.

      • yolo112 says:

        Oh puuuh leeeeez, Lady D…gimme a break!! First of all, this famewh*re shouldn’t even be pregnant, second, I was mocking her for the ridiculousness that is all things Kim Kardashian. You took one thing I said about psoriasis and made it an attack on EVERYONE that has psoriasis???? *eye roll* lol…ok. Gurl, my prego hormones and lack of coffee make me quick to pop off at things like this…

  25. tricklady says:

    What in the “Mrs. Roper, Pepto Bismo”
    hell kind of dress is that!

  26. swack says:

    This outfit is another epic fail. When I was pregnant in the early 80′s I hated maternity clothes because they were made of the loudest, most obnoxious colors and prints. I made many of my maternity clothes or wore extra large sizes in regular clothes. The hot pink does nothing for her and the outfit does not fit her well. Tight as usual.

  27. Nance says:

    It’s more the Titanic pose than the Redeemer…

  28. janie says:

    It is disgusting! They are both trash! How dare this whore pose in front of a statue of Christ! I thought she was so ‘stressed’? She is nothing but trash! If Kanyes’ mom were alive, none of this would be happening. NONE!

  29. lady X says:

    Praise God for “Christ the Redeemer ”
    I hate Kim’s fashion since she has been with Kanye …. She looks horrible…
    She at least could dress before him … The clothes never fit … they are either too big or long … or too small and tight … YIKES …

    I am so glad to hear that his holiness the Pope is stepping down to look after himself …
    The reason they pick old Popes is because there are a certain amount of years one must serve in the church and in ministry before you can be elevated … it works that way in almost all Christian denominations ( and yes Catholics are Christians .. anyone who followers Jesus Christ is )
    Most church’s want a leader who is mature in the Lord and in their walk with God which usually comes with age …How ever youth are a very vital part of any ministry …
    I know growing up in the Baptist Church they never took to kindly to “Young people” in leadership positions

    I hope he takes care of him self …and I hope they all pray long and hard for a leader who is going to be honest and seek God ..and hopefully clean up the catholic church ..
    I am a baptist so the whole Pope thing is weird to me … as we are raised to put no confidence in man but only in God … but I greatly respected him and wish him well

    • Loira says:

      What a nice post!
      I also think he may be diagnosed with something we won’t know. He is old enough to be sick if he wants to. My dear mother died suddendly at 81 of cancer, we were all surprised since she had always been so healthy, we expected her to live at least 10 years more, but there is no knowing, being elder you can suffer any physical or menta deterioration and can affect you very fast.
      Due to his position he surely is doing what is correct, not just because he wants to leave.

      • lady X says:

        Exactly…. so sorry to hear about your mother … that is a very hard thing I hear no matter how old they are …
        They say loosing a child is the worst but for people like me who have none yet … loosing my mother would be the worst ….
        I pray God sends you his loving kindness and peace

  30. G says:

    bwahahahahaha! Girrrrrl Kanye is not your friend if he let you go out like that. She’s a wreck.

  31. e.non says:

    she is going to get so friggin huuuuuuge with this pregnancy. lol.

  32. Jayna says:

    Ah, blasphemy. Go figure coming from Kim and Kanye.

    Remember religious Kim, making sure she had a few photo-ops going to Haiti and also going to church with Bible in hand after the fake Chris marriage, and then never again did you see her being papped going to church. LOL

  33. Lucky Charm says:

    I really don’t understand how she can flit all around the world if she’s so concerned about stress on her “baby”. AND, for someone who supposedly has fertility issues, constantly flying all over the world is the LAST thing I would do, just to make sure there were not problems with my long-waited-for pregnancy. Just saying…

  34. Birthday Loan Officer says:

    I love Carey and Marcus! They are my fav celebrity couple right now.

  35. lady X says:

    Oh BTW I want to encourage you mothers who are self conscious about your bodies… KIM K is not all that.. she had a pretty face which now is starting to look strange due to the botox …
    She has bad psroisis on her legs … she is one cup cake away from being considered fat … the only reason she is considered curvy is because she has a waist a few inchs different than her hips …
    BE ENCOURAGED … I am sure a lot of you look better or as good as her

  36. mar says:

    wow, all of her surgery is going very lop sided or something.

    We are going to have a GOOD TIME with this pregnancy!!!!!!!

  37. Mew says:

    KK and West are about to fly, Jesus is open arms to the world. A huge difference.

  38. Patrice says:

    Did you guys all see Carey in tears when her hubby won the Grammy?? It was so sweet :) I don’t know much about either of them but I really like them as a couple. Also, the major jam session that Mumford & Sons did with legends and fellow new artists on ‘Take the Weight’ actually had me dancing in my living room; it was that awesome!! I’m new fan :D

  39. Patrice says:

    P.S. What the hell is Kim wearing?? A REVERSE mullet dress?! Ugh. I can’t even with those two…

  40. Patrice says:

    P.P.S. (Sorry about the muliple posts): But Melissa McCarthy is gorgeous and happens to be one of the very BEST comidians out there-male or female. Is she overweight? Sure. But she’s openly discussed it herself and how she’s struggled with it and fluctuates from time to time just like most people. What gives this critic a right to critique her size right along with the movie?! Is she so ‘big’ that he couldn’t see past it to her talent??? I’m a huge fan of hers and this really p*sses me off. I mean, where were the weight police when Kristen Wiig-another one of my absolute favorite ladies of comedy-lost TONS of weight and got scary skinny just before/around the time of Bridesmaids? No where that I can remember. So dumb.

    • erika says:

      Melissa mccarthy is a bomb! an explosion of hilarity, belly gutting laughs, laughing where your stomach spasms and you have to catch your breath.

      with that talent, and ability to do that, makes her gorgeous! and…for real? she is beautiful. yes, she’s a larger gal. and angelina jolie is dead twig from a barren tree she is so skinny.

      who would i prefer to have dinner and LOTS of drinks followed by karoake with?


  41. Nina says:

    I’m glad she dresses like an idiot. I actually get a little joy out of how bad she constantly makes herself look. Money can’t buy you everything!

  42. tabasco says:

    she has looked miserable ever since the pregnancy. hmmmm.

  43. lulu1 says:

    I agree with the one who suggested that it the new pope should be picked by Hunger Games!!!!

  44. Dee Cee says:

    Then the pope quit.. that’s it.. I have had it with everyone,.. stay at home and enjoy your life and keep the faith.. don’t run about with them.. most of the world is insane, nothing left to redeem or care about been save, let them riot, party like it’s Idol Calf and broken Commandment day..over it.. Oooouutttt of her Ya’h..

  45. Nicolette says:

    For a fame whore, oh let’s be honest she’s just a whore, to pose beside any religious statue is wrong, just plain wrong. This woman has basically sold her soul for money and attention, it’s disgusting.

  46. Jack says:

    lmao these comments are funny! im tearing up from laughing! good job celebitchy!

  47. Carolyn says:

    If I was really clever I’d have a witty, hysterical comment linking Pope Benedict’s resignation to Kim & Kanye. Inspiration fails me.

  48. Loira says:

    Mmm so.. she wore those yellow sky high heels to jump onthe car and pose for the pictures and then when she got off the car she was wearing flats?
    How shallow of her! Just like him, wearing leather pants in the Brazilian summer.
    Andthere are new pics and she is wearing a nothe rugly dress just like this one, but in white.

    Too much.

  49. Lemony says:

    Why can’t she close her damn mouth anymore? Ridiculous.

  50. DanaG says:

    I was wondering about the whole flying while pregnant thing too. How can she claim she is so worried because of the stress of her divorce on her unborn baby yet fly around the world just about every week? Yes its probably a private plane or first class but that still causes stress on the body and their is the timezone changes etc. Kim rarely looks good and here she looks even worse then usual. Some woman glow when pregnant others look awful Kim so far seems to be the later. I don’t think being pregnant is going to suit her and she needs to start dressing more sensibly that outfit is just waiting to trip her over. Kanye I’m sorry he is just unattractive I really hope the baby looks more like a Kardashion. Just because you say your fashionable doesn’t mean you have any fashion sense as these two both show!

  51. EscapedConvent says:

    Who but these two brain-dead morons would pose like this with the Redemmer statue?! Oh my aching God.

    And there were no thunderbolts? No one struck by lightning? Very disappointing, to be sure….

  52. Mazunte says:

    Carey Mulligan is SO ridiculously cute. It’s impossible not to love her.

    These woman in pink should implant some silicone in her brain as an attempt to expand some brain mass and neurons, because she is in urgent need of them. ”Pathetic” is not enough to describe them.

  53. notforleo says:

    I could over look the pink monstrosity if I didn’t have to look at her LIPS…hideous.

  54. xoxokaligrl says:

    This woman would not know what flattering clothes looked like if they were attached to ray jay and hit her in the face.