LeAnn Rimes got long, shaggy bangs over the weekend: unflattering or cute?

At this point, I could probably just post this photo with the text “LeAnn Rimes. Bangs.” And it would get 300 comments. Y’all love to hate on LeAnn, and I love to hate on bangs, so this is where we’re at. LeAnn posted the header photo on Saturday on her Twitter with the message: “Love my Andy Lacompte! I got banged :) - love em! Was time for a fun change.” I just spent a few minutes trying to see if Andy LaCompte is Brandi Glanville’s hair stylist, or if Brandi had suspiciously debuted some new bangs on Friday. No and no – at least not that I can find! Lots of ladies go to LaCompte’s salon though – Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Ashley Tisdale, etc.

As for the bangs… well, you know I have a tic about bangs. But truly, it makes my life when bangs-defenders come in and yell at me! I have moved away from my bangs absolutism and I am willing to admit these days that SOME (not all and not many) women can work some fringe. Is LeAnn one of those women? Well, to start with, LeAnn got those too-long shaggy-dog bangs which, I’m sorry, never look good. If you’re going to get bangs, make sure that you can see. They shouldn’t block your field of squinting/vision. I just don’t think this is the best look for LeAnn’s face. She should have started with some shorter layers framing her face (like “The Rachel”) and then played it out from there.

As you may have noticed, LeAnn did not attend the Grammys or any of the post-Grammy events – although she did appear at one pre-Grammy event last Thursday. I have no idea if LeAnn was even invited, but I suspect that she probably could have wrangled an invitation if she had really wanted one. One of the Twitter followers asked if she was going, and she tweeted: “no, cause I’m hanging with my hubby and his babies :) almost did, but I like my pj’s better. Next year FO SHO.” I guess it’s “fo sho” because LeAnn expects to get lots of Grammy nominations for her new album?

LeAnn on Thursday, pre-bangs.

Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter, WENN.

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  1. brin says:

    Bwahahahaha!!! Falkor in bangs. Not good.

  2. Samanthalous says:

    They just make her look older now

  3. Lulu says:

    She looks about 12 years old in that pic with the bangs. I would have to see more photos to make a proper judgement.

  4. Dawn says:

    Oh not flattering! Bangs are making her nose look weird.

  5. Assistantrachel says:

    Good God that looks horrible.
    Did she actually refer to the boys as “his babies”?!!

    • crab says:

      I was going to say the same thing!! Maybe she’s starting to realize that torturing Brandi with her kids is not a good thing now that her book is coming out I believe TODAY!! Can’t wait!!

      • Stacey says:

        Exactly. Brandi’s book coming out is why she is calling them “his babies”.

        Same reason she cut her bangs and colored her hair- when the copying Brandis style/clothes/bikinis/shoes/life comes out in the book. Lol!

      • ravencurls says:

        Agree 110% with Stacey on this. It was the first thing that came to mind.
        LeAnn (or her new management) is making an effort to erase her past as a stalker and expert practitioner of the art of SWF. The recent cover with her and Brandi side by side (Us) drew many comments — including one from Brandi –about how they “look alike.” LIke everything else about LeAnn in recent years, getting bangs was a calculated move. It doesn’t really matter how she looks with her new do, or any other “changes” she might make. It’s her motivation that always betrays her. It’s what dictates her actions and the timing of her actions. And it’s always, always about Brandi. LeAnn still has no tools to take care of herself, or for that matter, even be herself.

      • vvvoid says:


        No tools.

        The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders fourth edition (DSM-IV-TR) defines borderline personality disorder (in Axis II Cluster B) as:[1][21]
        A pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image and affects, as well as marked impulsivity, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:
        Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment. Note: Do not include suicidal or self-injuring behavior covered in Criterion 5
        A pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation.
        Identity disturbance: markedly and persistently unstable self-image or sense of self.
        Impulsivity in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging (e.g., promiscuous sex, excessive spending, eating disorders, binge eating, substance abuse, reckless driving). Note: Do not include suicidal or self-injuring behavior covered in Criterion 5
        Recurrent suicidal behavior, gestures, threats or self-injuring behavior such as cutting, interfering with the healing of scars or picking at oneself (excoriation).
        Affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood (e.g., intense episodic dysphoria, irritability or anxiety usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days).
        Chronic feelings of emptiness
        Inappropriate anger or difficulty controlling anger (e.g., frequent displays of temper, constant anger, recurrent physical fights).
        Transient, stress-related paranoid ideation, delusions or severe dissociative symptoms.

        She needs therapy. I beg of her. BPD is actually considered one of the most potentially dangerous psychological disorders there is. Dangerous to the self but especially to others [see: Single White Female].

        I’m not just pointing fingers. I’ve been diagnosed with it. But the latest doctor scrapped that diagnosis and went with Cluster B Traits because apparently I’m not full blown BPD when I’m clean, lol.

      • Ellie says:

        @vvvoid–thank you, that was really interesting! Sounds like Leann to me.

      • eileen says:

        ravencurls-I don’t know this 100%, but I totally agree with you.
        What are the odds that she comes under new management and then magically gets a hair cut and color, wardrobe makeover as well as curtail her twitter language?
        They are trying to salvage what’s left of her career. I guess they think they are miralce workers.

      • littlestar says:

        @vvvoid – would never have guessed that about you! You post some really insightful comments – really enjoyed your take on Chris Brown/Rihanna yesterday. It was spot on.

        @eileen – Leann is under new management? When did this happen?

      • Belle Epoch says:

        @vvoid – thanks for posting the whole thing. That’s my mother right there!

        I hope you were mis-diagnosed, because I don’t think being borderline is “curable.” Therapists have a hard time with these patients.

      • bluhare says:

        vvoid: That took guts to admit. Props to you.

      • vvvoid says:

        @Belle Epoch

        My mother is pretty much the same way.

        I believe I was misdiagnosed, and so do at least 2 psychiatrists. I was diagnosed by a psychologist I wasn’t being totally honest with. Of the 5 shrinks I’ve ever seen, only 1 has diagnosed me with BPD. 2 have diagnosed me as having pronounced Cluster B traits but have said no way it’s BPD. More like cluster B personality disorder. That I agree with.

        Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is the very best approach to borderline personality disorder. It’s gentle but confrontational talk therapy. It is really hard to treat BPD, you’re right, especially because clinicians these days don’t even like to diagnose beyond Axis I [mood disorders] since insurance is reluctant to pay for anything else. Axis II disorders don’t involve a “quick” fix like medication, it’s all about therapy. You can’t just throw meds at it.

      • Michelle says:

        @ Belle:

        Personality disorders, like BPD, are not curable. It’s possible, however, to learn tools (vvvoid was really spot on with that one) to become a better functioning person, even resembling normality (whatever that may be ;) ).

        I know this because I have the disorder myself and while I have a long way to go, I’ve travelled more miles toward healing than I ever thought possible.

        And yes, I suspect LR to be BPD. To me, everything about her SCREAMS BPD.

      • vvvoid says:


        Whether or not my diagnosis is valid, I’m glad to see someone else here knows what it’s like!
        It’s funny how LeAnn seems like the poster child for it huh? She’s transparent. I actually feel bad for her because god, can you imagine with BPD/BPD traits, being with a man like Eddie? That has to be a nightmare. She’s still in that “idealization” phase, hopefully for her she can switch to the “devaluation” phase at the very least, but I have a feeling he pushes her buttons in a way that prevents that.
        That idealization–>devaluation cycle really killed me when I was younger! I would always abandon people after spending months making them feel like kings, like The One. But I couldn’t help it. My brain wouldn’t let me stay in love with anyone.

      • Michelle says:

        @ vvvoid

        Yeah, that cycle almost drove my boyfriend insane. He’s been with me for 6 years so he has some healing to do too.

        Speaking of healing from being with someone with BPD, I don’t think that applys to Eddie because he is a sociopath in my opinion. I just finished reading “The sociopath next door”. Really interesting book. Fits him to a tee (also LiLo but we’ll save that for another topic).

        As for feeling sorry for her, I’m on the fence…

        Oh and bonus: I also studied psychology. To help myself, I realize now. Oh well, it got me a Masters degree :) .

      • vvvoid says:


        Wow it’s amazing to me that you had a 6 year relationship through all of that. How did you do it? I was literally incapable. I have a string of very intense year or so long relationships from 18 to present day [27 almost]. It was such an awful feeling to feel the love I had for someone drain out of me. But then again, I think a lot of times it was just reality hitting me, because I fell in love with people too fast and idealized the hell out of them and never fell in love with the real people. Seeing the real people emerge was unacceptable.

        I agree that Eddie is either a sociopath or a malignant narcissist. He’s not BPD. But imagine how hard it is to have BPD, this intense fear of abandonment and rejection, and be with someone who is emotionally cold and manipulative. No wonder she isn’t in the devaluation phase, he just keeps giving her more ways to prove herself to gain validation, he keeps up the “challenge” and probably drives her to the point of wanting to kill herself with self-hatred.

        I started school for psychology to understand “other people” and before I knew it, it was myself I was understanding better. I know what you mean. My focus is criminal psychology, I’m going for my graduate degree, so I really alert to signs of sociopathy in people. Sometimes I probably see it where it doesn’t exist out of paranoia, but with Eddie…narcissism and sociopathy cross over so often. But he’s cold, so cold, so sociopathy is probably more likely. Definitely possible.

      • Michelle says:


        I guess our relationship works because when I devalued him he would not give up on me. If that makes any sense. He just saw us both as damaged people because of our troubled pasts. He kept believing he was not the bad guy and I guess time, medication and me accepting help did help me snap out of it.

        (Also, he’s REALLY hot!)

        I also fall in and out of love fast, even now, but I just wait it out and it disappears again. But I know what you mean, I’ve only recently started to look at the bf (and people in general) as a person instead of either the devil or a saint. It helps.

        Anyway now that I think of it, a BPD with a sociopath, if our theories about LR and EC are correct, can only end badly. Both have a big talent for self destructing and the dynamics between the two disorders could become catastrophical. Like this saga…

        I went the industrial and labour organization route, because I didn;t want to work with people with mental problems, That seemed like the blind leading the deaf. Still glad I studied it though!

      • vvvoid says:


        Lol, it’s funny, but someone being objectively very hot seems like one of those things that helps to stabilize the splitting, devaluing cycle. If you can bank on the fact that they are without a doubt very hot, it’s easier to trust your attraction or love for them.
        I’ve started to make sure that the guys I date are OBJECTIVELY hot just in case. Normally I went for “interesting” looking, beautiful in a unique way, but objectively hot and widely desirable helps me out in times of doubt.

        But now the biggest factor is a man with objective integrity and intelligence. If he’s good looking :x

        I actually dated a sociopath last year unwittingly. He tore me open, it was awful. He made real all my fears and insecurities. Luckily I was “in remission” enough to keep myself together, though for about a month I fell to the depths of hell and self-destruction.

        He was much like Eddie but even worse. Woo boy. Not good.

        My boyfriend of 6 months has his own issues, he’s diagnosed very Bipolar I with psychotic features, but when he’s taking his meds he’s so perfect. I just have to watch him with that, I made the mistake of not supervising for 2 months in the beginning and my god…catastrophe resulted. He too is very hot. Plus he is like my little mission so I don’t get bored.

        IO psychology! My professor is an IO psych. I went with forensic psych because I too didn’t want to deal with being a therapist…also because I am extremely morbid.

      • Michelle says:

        @ vvvoid

        ” If you can bank on the fact that they are without a doubt very hot, it’s easier to trust your attraction or love for them.”

        the hotness helps, yes :) . It’s hard to keep hating someone who looks like a Greek god. His patience is what got us through …

        I’m sorry to hear about your having been with a sociopath. I now get why you feel sorry for LR. Hopefully the experience made you stronger and wiser, you know, after healing from it.

        I really hope you and your bf can help each other with your respective issues :)

      • Anthea says:

        @vvoid and @michelle thanks for sharing, both of you are pretty inspiring – good luck to you both

      • Michelle says:

        Thanks Anthea,

        I’ve enjoyed the conversation too :)

        vvvoid, good luck with the graduate degree and off course your love life. This fellow 27 yr old psychologist with BPD problems (altough you might not be BPD) believes in you!

    • vvvoid says:


      Thanks :)
      Well, the diagnosis has been disputed by more than one shrink. I have a degree in psychology and I too question it. I was diagnosed when I was using drugs heavily and not telling my psychologist, which really impairs a clinician’s ability to properly diagnose their patient. But I definitely have Cluster B Traits, no shrink disputes that.
      One psychiatrist told me that in his opinion, I did not have BPD, because he said “When someone has Borderline Personality Disorder, they walk into the room and you can just tell, it’s obvious in everything they do and say” and I seemed too “together” to really have borderline personality disorder. And this was when I got Baker Acted [forcibly committed overnight for observation] because my ex told me he wished I’d just “kill myself” over skype while he was away and I used my spfx kit to “slit my wrists” on camera to teach him a lesson, LOL. He called 911 :( and when the cops got there, I washed off the latex and fake blood and said “See? It was a prank” and they still committed me, wrongly. The cops said what I did qualified as crazy, heh, and while they were right, the rule is whether or not I’m a danger to myself or others and I don’t think that qualified.
      The shrink who was there to observe me ordered my release and said I just had a sick sense of humor and a flare for the dramatic, lol.
      LeAnn is one of those people who just oozes BPD. So obvious. Her calculations are obvious, everything she does reveals her motives and insecurity. But therapy would help her tremendously, I’m not even saying that in a snarky way. Therapy helped me a lot. It didn’t fix all my problems or anything, but it gave me a better idea of how to cope with them and understand my character flaws. Right now, she can’t really even acknowledge her character flaws. She appears to be in deep denial and she lashes out at those she blames for her difficulties while also punishing herself with self-harming behavior like apparent laxative bulimia/starvation. This is what makes her dangerous. Definitely to herself and potentially to other people.
      Eddie’s a narcissist. That’s even worse. He gives me Scott Peterson vibes.

      • eileen says:

        I was going to ask in regards to your diagnosis: Don’t most with BPD not acknowledge or even see that they have it? That’s why its almost impossible to treat?
        I thought I read that somewhere-you seem acutely aware of yourself and your behaviors. That’s a great thing!

      • vvvoid says:


        Yes, that’s often the case with borderline personality disorder, which is why it’s sooooo tough to combat. These people are very perceptive of others but blind when it comes to themselves, in full denial.
        I suppose this is one of the reasons my most recent shrinks insist I don’t have it. But when I was diagnosed with it, even it if was in error, it really helped me understand my patterns and the way out. I was really happy to know there was a name for what I was going through. Again, an apparent sign that I didn’t actually have BPD, but still. Getting off of drugs and becoming more grounded has done away with many of the symptoms except for episodic dysphoria and intense fear of abandonment, also still grapple with dissociative issues regarding my sense of self. I never had the persistent anger issues that BPD is known and feared for. The only time I was ever violent, I was on Effexor for depression which is known to cause violent outbursts.
        But BPD can really, really endanger other people. Many of the women who become serial killers in partnership with a boyfriend are diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

        And, drum roll please…STALKERS. Male and female stalkers are especially prone to being diagnosed with BPD. Single White Female illustrated that perfectly in a cinematic way, as did The Hand That Rocks The Cradle.

        Antisocial traits are common in borderline PD. But this is at the more intense end of the spectrum. Normally a person with BPD just hurts themselves, a lot. A whole lot. Self-mutilation highly associated with BPD. That was why the one psychologist diagnosed me with it off the bat. I have about 70 small white scars on my right arm from when I was younger. I’d get really overwhelmed and frustrated with myself and I’d take a knife to my arm. It was a release, made me feel like I was in my own body. I’ve done it a few times within the past 2 years but mostly I’ve grown out of it.

        All in all though,some key traits are missing for a proper diagnosis. Definitely, definitely suffer from Cluster B issues but not in an organized and consistent enough pattern to be borderline.
        Some people with BPD really can learn to be self-aware, plenty of people do have it and recognize they have it, but I tend to believe these are the patients who are moderate to mild enough to be very receptive to treatment and help.

      • littlestar says:

        @vvvoid – very interesting stuff (discussing Leann’s behavioural problems is actually incredibly interesting, she puts everything out there for us to analyze without even realizing what she’s doing). What makes borderline personality disorder so hard to treat? Or impossible to treat, as you pointed out? Is it because the person with BPD lacks any kind of self-awareness and/or empathy for others?

      • vvvoid says:

        I wouldn’t say people with BPD lack empathy for others in the sense that a sociopath does. But the thing is, if you are so wrapped up in fending off your own fears and seeking reassurance/validation, your empathy is kind of meaningless.
        For example, I had true empathy and love for my boyfriend when I was 24, my fiance actually, but I was so afraid of him hurting or leaving me that every time he did something hurtful I would react by trying to find a safety net. Usually by talking to other guys etc., so I could tell myself even if he left me I had someone else to make it better. I was so afraid of being hurt, I behaved like someone with no compassion, someone incapable of compassion, because I was in “survival mode” and felt like being left/abandoned was like being killed.
        Then he’d find out about my dalliances and painstakingly point out how bad it hurt him, and I’d feel remorse and sorrow and allll of his pain. But what is that worth? I only realized it once I’d already hurt him. Over and over. I’m actually kind of an “empath” in terms of how acutely I feel other people’s pain. I just can’t see it when they threaten my emotional survival [in my mind].
        This is why LeAnn can’t see Brandi’s pain. She feels like Brandi is the enemy of her “survival”. I’m sure she’s probably very warm and caring to whatever friends she may have. I always was. It was men who needed to watch out for me. I never had a Brandi, and I don’t think I would have been as bad about it as LeAnn because I am a lot more self-aware, but the impulses would have been there. To destroy.
        People with BPD are hard to treat because they amass a very intricate collection of defense mechanisms. They are also very manipulative and can be extremely charismatic, these are 2 of the big defense mechanisms. Denial is another. They kind of create their own reality to the extent they don’t know they are doing it.
        Clinicians struggle to treat these people because they have to work hard not to fall for the ploys for sympathy. The more cunning people with BPD are especially good at such ploys. People with BPD also tend to use their sexual charm to get over on people. LeAnn, not so much. She isn’t very bright or charismatic.
        But mainly it’s just hard to cut through all the bs, especially because people with BPD don’t realize it IS bs. It’s like having no emotional skin your whole life, being a very scared little child inside and creating complex and destructive weapons to keep yourself safe. A therapist has to be very perceptive to see through it all and understand what they are combating. Frankly, the run of the mill psychologist is not going to be up for the task.
        But it’s not the same as sociopathy. Sociopaths intentionally manipulate and harm people for the fun of it, the thrill. Not just people who threaten or scare them. No way to make them feel remorse. They are very self-aware most of the time, they just don’t care about what they’re doing.

      • vvvoid says:

        By the way…
        I was browsing the archives and found a comment by Genevieve on the CB post about LeAnn going to tweehab, someone said her shrink friend “won’t touch” people with BPD because “they can’t be cured”…

        This kind of stigma is so effing damaging and ridiculous. That’s like saying you won’t help treat someone with epilepsy because “it can’t be cured”…

        It’s LAZY clinicians who have this attitude. I also disagree that it can’t be EFFECTIVELY “cured”. You can help some people with BPD to the point that for all intents and purposes, they don’t behave that way anymore. They may have some funky thought processes every now and then, but we all do. The importance is they learn not to act on these unhealthy, unrealistic thoughts.

        I’m sure some psychs wouldn’t want to treat me because I have some kind of Cluster B/BPD-esque personality disorder. They are lazy and inadequate. The ones who have treated me made a world of difference not only for my quality of life, but for my loved ones who had to endure my uh, quirks, all these years. And I never even received treatment for more than a few months at a time, I don’t have insurance. But in that small time period, I improved greatly. I needed my BS called out. I knew I was unhappy, destructive, scared of my own shadow, scared of life…didn’t know why. Sometimes if a person has suffered enough, even if they have a *gasp* personality disorder, they become willing to accept help.
        This probably won’t happen for LeAnn until Eddie breaks her heart and drives her to attempt suicide [and it will be an "attempt", likely to gain his sympathy...which is impossible because he has no conscience as far as I can tell]. I’m just hoping she doesn’t decompensate so badly in the mean time that she starts to become violent to others.
        There is a good chance that in the end, it will be Brandi’s approval and forgiveness she seeks. Treatment or no. But it will take Eddie’s rejection and exit from her life before she reaches that point.

      • littlestar says:

        Very very interesting. Especially your last comment about Leann ultimately seeking Brandi’s approval in the end. So many people take so much pleasure out of Leann’s unraveling (I truly believe she will eventually have a huge breakdown, whether it’s from Eddie leaving her or her secrets being exposed at the trial of her ridiculous lawsuit), but I think it’s scary to see. She really could harm someone besides herself – like Brandi and Eddie’s kids. She’s thrown so much away for a sociopathic loser (a talent, a career, a chance at real friendships) that I wonder if she’ll ever see how healthy she is and seek out REAL mental health treatment. Maybe she eventually will and that is when she’ll realize exactly what she has done and continues to do to Brandi.

      • Sandra Sydney says:

        Thanks to those who posted about BPD. I follow no celebrities, so don’t know much about Ms Rimes, other than what I’ve read here. I do remember that she had a song out, years ago, and in the film clip was dancing and gyrating on a bar. I remember saying she looked un-bathed and, well, skanky. I thought she’d given it all up, got married, had kids and sank into oblivion somewhere in suburbia. This is somewhat juicy. As far as BPD goes, the points perfectly describe my son’s girlfriend. As a psychologist, can you tell me: Do they also lie about everything? I did observe that the longer this girl spent with my daughter, the more she became like my daughter – acting, talking and dressing like her. My daughter even secured a job for her where she worked, and taught her everything she knows about that industry. The girl’s gratitude extended to stabbing my daughter in the back, lying about her and colluding with the bosses to defame my daughter and attempting to destroy her – personally and professionally. After being diagnosed with PTSD, my girl picked herself up, got a fantastic new job, and is now earning almost double,but more importantly, is extremely happy in her new workplace, got a promotion after 4 months, is highly regarded in the industry and frequently head-hunted. Meanwhile, because of what my son’s girlfriend did and continues to do, our extremely close family relationships broke down, and it is only in the last two months that he has attempted to get back on friendly ground. We have lived in hell for for 2.5 years. Nevertheless, I still feel a good deal amount of pity for the girl. I know this is off-topic, but the post really struck a nerve. Cheers.

  6. lexy says:

    Ive never understood why Americans call that ‘bangs’. Where on earth did that ridiculous name come from

  7. Amelia says:

    She looks a bit like the 4 year old who lives in the apartment opposite us; four years worth of hair growth had resulted in a golden retriever hairstyle that gets everywhere, flops over her eyes and has no sense of order. But, becuase she’s four and very cute, she can get away with it.
    LeAnn – not so much.

  8. BB says:

    LeAnn Rimes is not attractive. Eddie is with her for her money. I’m sure she knows this.

  9. Barrett says:

    They draw attention to her least flattering feature her NOSE, aka big nostrils.

  10. Relli says:

    No not at all flattering. This is how you know when someone doesnt have good people around them because they commit hair sins such as this.

  11. Syko says:

    I think the bangs are an improvement, only because they hide her squinty eyes.

  12. dorothy says:

    She needs to stop, just stop. Lay low, don’t tweet, don’t go out and maybe, just maybe she might gain some dignity back.

  13. Ellie66 says:

    Yikes! Not a good look on her her nose looks weird.

  14. Kimbob says:

    I love bangs, but I must say…this is not a good look for MeAnn. The bangs on MeAnn make her look more like a horse…not good.

    Also, how did her hairstylist decide on that length of bangs? It looks distracting more than anything else. It’s like, ugh….how do you see anything? Style: Fail.

  15. annabelle says:

    Is she trying to Single White Female Taylor Swift now?

  16. lucy2 says:

    Not at all flattering. Her hair looked fine before, don’t know why she messed with it.

  17. Rianic says:

    I think she did it because everyone was talking about how she looked EXACTLY like Brandie on the USMag cover. It was creepy how similar they looked.

  18. Jayna says:

    Why post a photo on the internet without much makeup on close up this is basically not flattering in the least? I am far too vain. Hair styled, makeup on, maybe they will be cute on her. I can’t tell, but they look far too heavy and long all forward for her features.

    Jessica Biel is beautiful, I think, and I don’t like them on her. Jessica looks less attractive to me. I just find it strange LeAnn would want this photo on Daily Mail, US Magazine, the internet. Strange. Her hair had been looking good.

  19. janie says:

    She looks even more bizarre. I agree, it does make her nose look bigger. Poor girl.

  20. Anastasia says:

    I’m a bangs defender, but they look awful on her. She looked much better without them. With them, her face looks sharply angular and out of proportion. She can’t pull off bangs.

  21. Dirtnap says:

    I know Janis Joplin didn’t really have bangs, but she reminds me of Janis in this pic – and that’s not a good thing.

    • Lizzie K says:

      Wow, she totally does remind me of Janis! Weird.

      • Dirtnap says:

        @Lizzie, there was talk of a Janis Joplin biopic in 2010, and that actress Amy Adams was being considered to play Janis. I thought Amy was much too pretty for the role, but couldn’t think of anyone who resembled Janis. But after seeing LeAnn’s new ‘do and after reading on wiki about how Janis needed more attention than the average child (according to her mom) and how she was teased about her looks, I think LeAnn might work, not that I would watch her in it. Her promotional interviews for the film would be insufferable: “We both were bullied!” “We both were misunderstood!” Ugh…

    • Arock says:

      (Yikes. You can call these angelinia fat, fassbender ugly, I’ll even hear your argument if you think Helen miren is over rated, but please, do not compare Leann rimes to Janis Joplin. )
      Bang in her- no. Malnourished sheep dog.
      Back to topic- I totally thought there would be fireworks today, a melt down of huge porportibs, smoke coming out of Leann’s fingers from twittering. Nothing. Le sigh.

      • Macey says:

        Thank you for posting what I was thinking. Janice Joplin and LR do not EVER belong in the same sentence together, like Never!

        As far as that biopic, I doubt it will ever be made. just like the other 20+ other rumored biopics of her that never happened. Amy Adams is one of at least 20 different actresses Ive heard playing her now and yet nothing ever happens. Im kind of glad tho b/c I really dont think there is anyone out there that could do Janice justice. I cant even listen to other ppl try to cover her songs.

        as far as LR bangs, I think they would look better is they were about 12 ” longer.

    • Lizzie K says:

      @Dirtnap, I didn’t hear about the biopic, but I remember I loved The Rose when it came out, with Bette Midler of all people! Bette looked nothing at all like Janis, didn’t act like her either, but now that you pointed it out, I can’t help but see the resemblance between LeAnn and Janis. They both have those squinty eyes and over-large nostrils. Not saying they look like sisters, but they could definitely be cousins. Amy Adams is definitely too pretty, unless she fugs up like Charlize Theron did for Monster.

      Of course, I loved Janis and can’t stand LeAnn, but that has nothing to do with how they look!

  22. kc says:


    I don’t think this type of style looks good on ANYONE (Im looking at YOU Swifty and Biel)

    Rimes has a nice forehead, she doesn’t need bangs. I have a forehead where one could screen movies and need bangs to balance out my face (sorry Kaiser, but some of us need them)

  23. OrangeBlohan says:

    The ugly inside is spilling over on the outside. Spillage is getting worse by the day.

  24. chirpy says:

    I can’t stand this tramp, but I find the bangs to be an improvement on her.

  25. Isa says:

    I really thought this was going to be an improvement since it would hide some of her face. But it’s not. It makes her look more like the neverending story character.
    I think some swoop bangs would have been nice.

  26. Melissa says:

    DANG IT!! I got bangs on Thursday! :( BOO

  27. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    BRANDI HAD BANGS IN 2004!!!!! SWF SWF!!!!!

    Kidding. Those bangs look terrible (though not as terrible as the dress).

  28. Rinny says:

    I am for anything that covers more of her face :)

  29. teehee says:

    Makes her look like a 40 yo smoker, and bangs enhance her inbred eyes — as I like to call them. Those eyes that are only present in teh deep south where the gene pool is totally limited.
    Yes Leann thats where you came from.

    • BengalCat2000 says:

      @ teehee, I agree that Leanne looks like crap, but calling her in-bred b/c she’s from the Deep South perpetuates as much ignorance as u seem to assume Southern people have. I have lived all over the U.S. & idiocy is rampant everywhere. Also, Swifty has beady eyes & she’s from PA. Ugh!

    • vvvoid says:

      To be fair, those squinty eyes are found in the deep South often because of the strong Celtic Irish admixture found in the Southern US. Celts were known to have pseudo-East Asian features: high cheekbones, epicanthic folds on the eyes ["squinty" eyes].
      But I suspect LeAnn may actually be Saami like Renee Zelwegger. That is, indigenous Scandinavian. They are like blonde E. Asians.

      • RosettaStoned says:

        We’re very Irish (red hair & freckles), from the Deep South, and my sister has hooded eyes like you’d normally associate with ‘Asian’. So did my dad (but he had black hair & blue eyes). And I have VERY high cheekbones, so yeah it could definitely be the Celt in her, although I suspect a pulled-back facelift or two has made her even more squinty.

      • Lulu says:

        I wonder if all the people who have given Renee and Leann crap over the years over their *squinty* eyes realize that they are behaving just as badly as any person hazing a ‘squinty eyed china-man’?

        I too have Celtic heritage with hooded eyes, high cheekbones, and (unfortunately), keratosis pilaris. I knew the skin condition was Celt, but not the eyes or cheekbones! Sometimes these boards are entertaining AND informative! ;) <–me with a squinty eye

      • vvvoid says:

        I feel you guys.
        My eyes aren’t as hooded as LeAnn’s or Renee’s, but I have the cheekbones and eyes enough that when combined with my dark hair [even though my eyes are blue] people have guessed I am part Japanese on more than a few occasions. Truth is, I’m both Irish and Native American [to name a few].
        I’ve actually heard LeAnn is Native American, which usually results in a more attractive phenotype when combined with European, but I could definitely see it. Especially in the brow ridge.

      • Lulu says:

        Oh my gosh, the brow ridge! Never said anything about it, but I have noticed it! There you go!

    • Allie May says:

      I don’t like the bangs on her.

      But if anything makes her look OLD and like a 40 year old smoker is when she is dressed up with too dark makeup and a too tan look. That look is getting old and is really dating women.

    • kudzuqueen says:

      Okay Teehee, that was just rude. The Deep South has some of the most beautiful people in the US. In fact, Mississippi is known for its beautiful girls. “Wouldn’t think it?” Take a waltz through the Ole Miss campus on a ballgame weekend and then get back to me. That is, if the intimidation doesnt kill you first. Sure, there are pockets of weird and not right, but that is in ANY region.

      And no. The bangs do not flatter her…bless her heart.

      One more thing- Leann is from Pearl, Mississippi, but she is officially off of our roster. We do however, still claim Faith Hill.

    • teehee says:

      I won’t apologize for it- its my point of view and my preference. I think her look is terrible, it reminds me too much of hideous memories. I have a disguts reflex when I see that kind of a face. Don’t tell me none of you have an aversion to someone who reminds you of an awful ex or anyone else you cant stand- thats the case here. She looks like what I despise.

  30. Celeste says:

    Yep, she’s possibly trying to look less stalkerish. But mostly, she wants attention focused on herself.
    Can you imagine what she’s planned for this week? Fake pregnancy rumours? Sue everyone on Twitter? (She left room on legal docs to sue a total of 50 people) Donate a million to charity? Hire a full-time pap? Start writing a book? The possibilities are endless!

    • Dimebox says:

      That is a really interesting thought. She must be in such a panic to counter-program Brandi’s book. She is not smart enough to just lie low until things blow over. And the bangs are tragic.

    • Lady D says:

      Trust, she is going to have attention focused on her. Thanks to Brandi’s book, Falcor’s crazy just hit mainstream. Everywhere she goes she is going to see people whispering and talking about her. She is constantly all about the ‘look at me, look at me.’ She’s about to get her wish. Ediot will be busy seeking comfort in the arms of… well anyone who will have him. It’s not like he is going to stick up for his spouse being the ditchpig that he is.
      Hope he gets just as much well-deserved backlash.

  31. Hoya_chick says:

    How will she see? Her bangs look like they are eating her face! Too much hair plus her eyes being so tiny gives her face a very strange look. I don’t have a problem with bangs, but they are not for everyone.

  32. Blondie says:

    They might look better if they were about 14 inches longer. I can still see her face!

  33. Angie says:

    Is that her belly button featured in one of the cutouts of that dress??? Ew.

  34. paranormalgirl says:

    that is a fetching forelock…

  35. Kitkerenina says:

    I’ve been noticing lots of bang/fringe styles on super young actresses in Buffy spinoffs on cable. Perhaps she caught Eddie shopping?

  36. I.want.shoes says:

    She either needs for them to be shorter, so she can see, or longer, so we can’t see her face.

  37. emmie_a says:

    A question about her hair: I always thought she had naturally light baby blonde hair but she’s gone back to her natural (?) color lately… so was the light hair (which looks waay better on her) an all-over dye or was it highlights? or one process color with highlights?? It just seemed like she never had roots which is what I want and I really want a lighter blonde color.

    • Annie says:

      Her natural color is a dirty blonde. In the above pics my guess is her base color is just her natural color and her highlights are hand-painted “balayage” highlights rather than foils. Her hair color is one thing that looks great.

      I can’t remember her having overall super light blonde hair recently? Pics anyone? Natural blonde hair tends to photograph ligher/darker depending on lighting so maybe it just looks darker indoors. I’m a similar natural color to Leann but have some photos of myself in direct sunlight where it looks very light but actually it isnt’.

      • emmie_a says:

        Thanks for the info… I don’t think she’s had super light hair recently – there were pics on Eddie’s Instagram page and I loved her really light color but now that I think of it she was in a bikini so it probably just looked lighter bc she was outside.

  38. snappyfish says:

    those bangs need to be longer…much longer.

  39. Chell says:

    Find it ironic that Brandi tweeted how she & Leann looked alike on that US Weekly cover…and now LR has bangs a few days later?! Guess LR realized she was busted SWFing & needed a makeover!
    Don’t like the bangs but admit I like the color.

  40. Maria says:

    better without the bangs, by far. she looks older and her nose three times bigger.

  41. sala says:

    I like the bangs, but then I almost always like a longish fringe. Would have to see a few more photos, but thus far I think they look good, and are a huge improvement over the pageant hair she has in the other photos on this page.

  42. RHONYC says:

    1st thing that popped in my head:

    George Takei’s “Oh, Myyyyy” :lol:

  43. SleepyJane says:

    At least she’s trying to break away from Brandi’s look. That counts for something. Maybe it’s a step in the right direction.

    Why does she always take such close-ups of her face?? No one looks good in close-ups like that.

  44. Dinah says:

    I agree that this is an attempt at damage control- not that it will work, though, as she cannot control her mouth/twitter-fingers.

    Bad, bad look. Makes her nose appear positively enormous.

  45. suzanne says:

    Bad move, she looks awful. Bangs only look good on a chosen few and she is not one of the chosen.

  46. KellyinSeattle says:

    Looks like a bar hound I see every once in awhile when I go out.

  47. Rita says:

    LeAnn didn’t attend the Grammys because when Eddie found out about the Instagram nonsense he was too embarrassed to attend.

    I predict that her lawsuit against that mother of 4 adopted handicapped children will be the final nail in her coffin. The trial is set to begin about the time her album is due out.

    The first two song releases from that album were an absolute failure but with Brandi’s book topping the charts, LeAnn will buy enough of her own music to fill a warehouse just to compare to Brandi’s success.

    • OrangeBlohan says:

      One good thing about the lawsuit is that the dirty little tricks will be exposed and it should finish off a career that is already swirling in the toilet.

    • Relli says:

      Dude, did you see that Radar article about the drops of wisdom her partner in crime was dropping on twitter…what the what was that?

      • Rita says:

        I saw that and I have no idea how it fit into any PR scheme.

        I use to think that LeAnn simply attracted freaks of the same ilk like Darrell Brown but I’ve come to the conclusion that to be associated with LeAnn Rimes, being a heartless freak is mandatory.

        I’m also convinced that Darrell and Amajean were commenting heavily on ROL.

      • eileen says:

        That wasn’t a part of any PR scheme. That was him being just a huge blowhard know-it-all, he contacted someone who outright can’t stand LR and chose to run his mouth for HOURS to her.
        He’s just that big of a moron.

    • Rita says:

      I had the image of Darrell sitting in a dark room with only the light of his iphone illuminating his face and holding a copy of Brandi’s book while sipping a glass of scotch. His next song:

      “Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Darrell Blunders.

    • Deanne says:

      Darrell Brown’s latest twitter antics are really eye opening, in terms of exposing the true ilk of those who surround and support LeAnn. The very fact that he thinks that everyone should “crawl” and beg LeAnn for forgiveness says so much. How he can try to spin LeAnn’s stalking of a woman with a private Twitter account, into a conspiracy against LeAnn for which those involved should be grovelling for her forgiveness, is beyond me. I am honestly starting to think that he’s as much of a sociopath as she is. If they think that a lawsuit against a mother of 4 special needs children is the way to sell records, they are sadly mistaken. My favourite thing about their little band of sadists, is the way they will post the most vile lies and insults and then they all pat each other on the back for being so wonderful. Oh and I hate LeAnn’s bangs. She used to be a “cute” girl but has messed with her face enough now that no hairstyle can masque or improve things for her. She has become painful to look at. Maybe I’d feel differently if she bought me something nice. That seems to win a lot of people over.

      • candigirl says:

        Sometime last year D.B. got into a twitter feud with someone about how he and Leann had every right to call them “her” boys and “her” family and to post pictures of them on her website and sell pictures of them to the tabloids.. He said something like, Eddie told Darrell that when he and Leann got married they considered themselves and Darrell (and whomever he might partner with) like one family and would share their lives with the boys together. I remember that the way he insisted on it seemed creepy. Then there was Leann’s subsequent insisting in the Access Hollywood that she would definitely be a part of that “intense love” between a parent and a child, and it gave me chills to watch her face as she said it. Some on here have called it her “bunny boiler” moment.

      • Lady D says:

        “Maybe I’d feel differently if she bought me something nice.”
        Okay that was seriously funny.

  48. jess says:

    Bangs don’t help her at all considering her problem area is bottom half of her face. Now a mustache, that would solve all her problems!

  49. Rachel() says:

    Are we really faulting LeAnn for thinking covering half her face will make her more attractive? I think that’s just plain logical. Now how can we convince her that masks are the new trend…

  50. partypants says:

    i’m starting to feel sorry for leann. she’s so desperate all the time and she feels no shame advertising it to the world. she should just get cosmetic surgery and get it over with. bangs certainly didn’t improve our view.

  51. TheTruthHurts says:

    First the weight gain, now the bangs. It’s nice to see the ugliness she has on the inside is finally showing full force on the outside.

    Bangs are a fabulous alternative to forhead botox, although they are a bitch to maintain.

  52. erika says:


    WOOF!!! Wolf!!! Wolf…..!!!

  53. candigirl says:

    She’s desperate to prove that she hasn’t been SWF-ing Brandi for the last four years. VVVoid you are right that she is probably BPD or NPD or some say HPD, her childish gestures are so obvious and up front. Last minute, like she’s in panic mode, “OMG Brandi’s book comes out tomorrow, I have to change my hair quick!”
    Give it up Leann, get a good therapist get help.

    • vvvoid says:

      Oh, I definitely see HPD going on, but with BPD you have narcissism and histrionics going on also. It’s hard to say. She doesn’t have the charisma I am used to seeing in people with BPD.
      Angelina Jolie has BPD. I’ve seen it written about and in my courses plenty of professors have pointed to her as a celebrity example. She is very, very intelligent and crafty the way she goes about things. Not so histrionic, but narcissism is a devil she fights [but keeps at bay because she's perceptive].
      And I always related to her.
      LeAnn is sloppy, SLOPPY. I look at her like a good thief looks at a really amateur one. I see what she’s doing but man…does she approach it in an obvious and pathetic way. I think because she’d score high on the histrionics portion of a personality disorder inventory.
      No subtlety.

      • candigirl says:

        Hahah, omg I had a professor who talked about this as low functioning criminals/deviance vs. high functioning criminals/deviance. Leann, poor thing, although she has a low cunning, was raised in a trailer and home schooled by her mom. I really think that part of Eddie’s appeal (and her championing him for the role in Northern Lights) was his soap opera lineage. She has now realized her dream of “true love” the man she was fated to be with. I agree with you, her histrionic passions rule her behavior and obviate any sort of charm. She is brutish.

      • littlestar says:

        @vvvoid – okay now THAT is incredibly interesting! You are a wealth of knowledge on here today. Is there anything online talking about Angelia being BPD? I would love to read about that!

      • vvvoid says:


        I googled it and this is the first thing that came up.
        Funny, I didn’t know Kurt Cobain was thought to have BPD…no wonder I got so completely obsessed with his music when I was younger!


        But it is apparently widely known.
        I think Angelina has been treated for BPD and is capable of checking herself now, but I always got the vibe from her. I related to her. It’s weird, you can sense your own or something.
        Would go a long way to explain why Angie is a homebody. With BPD one of the main coping mechanisms is to limit external stimuli because it’s all too overwhelming.

    • Cirque28 says:

      I don’t know if LR has HPD or NPD or BPD but after reading Brandi’s book, I’m guessing LeAnn has HPV, courtesy of Eddie Cibrian!

  54. Hajarsmama says:

    She looks like some type of furry woodland critter. Wow, what a step down from Bradi. I guess looks won’t keep a man but a being a furry looking cray cray creature will.

  55. Apsutter says:

    Looks like someone’s trying to deflect with fugly bangs and a puffy face. Can’t wait to read Brandi’s book when I get home!

  56. palermo says:

    I didn’t think she could look any worse. She proved me wrong.

  57. Cindy says:

    Lmao! Am I the only one that thinks she looks like Taylor Armstrong now?

    I was just reading about that lawsuit between her and her father….. WOW! Daddy had some nasty things to say about his baby girl.

  58. lucy says:

    Her hair looks like Taylor Swift now. Not good on Rimes, not good on Swift.

    BTW, is Rimes at a beauty school or something for this lousy look?

  59. Memphis says:

    She looks more hideous than usual.

    Her new PR team can try and try but they wont erase from any ones mind all the shit Leann has pulled. So cut her hair, change her language and duct tape her fingers so she can’t tweet but in the end Leann’s true nasty nature will ALWAYS find a way to shine through.

  60. Ginger says:

    I had bangs for many years because I have a longer face. I finally grew them out and cut my hair differently. Now I sweep them to the side and layer my hair which is more flattering. My hair dresser convinced me to change the cut and the color. Maybe Leann is trying to bust out of a rut but her hairdresser should guide her.

  61. Madriani's Girl says:

    That haircut makes the lower half of her face look meaty and huge. If I could remember the words, I post the theme song to “Mr. Ed”. Wilbur.

  62. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    I’d have to see another picture to really decide, it’s not the best angle but they don’t look good judging from the photo.
    Obviously she is trying to get away from the same hair as BG and going with the bangs. I like the colour though.

  63. Snowpea says:

    I called it the other day.

    Leann was at home plotting her next move.

    Never feel sorry for Rimes. She is incorrigible.

  64. Stef says:

    So I just finished reading Drinking and Tweeting. Totally entertaining way to spend my afternoon. Not exactly a Pulitzer obviously haha, but it was kind of like bullshitting with one of your girlfriends, the way it was written, which I think made it so enjoyable and easy to read.

    I was expecting a LOT more insider info on Leann and Eddie’s sitch, but there’s not that much actually! The parts that had been leaked the last week, obviously. I think the part that is going to be most damning to Leann will be the text she sent telling Brandi how she can’t wait to mother her kids. I am not a mother, and personally I don’t think I even ever want to have kids, but even I found that to be top shelf, certifiable bashit SWF crazy and cruel. Brandi makes an excellent point – those two kids are HERS. They came out of HER, they are half of HER. Someone stepping in trying to claim that right and those joys who didn’t produce them, who doesn’t have those ties to them, is beyond psychotic to me. And I think every mother – divorced or not – will look at a woman who was using children against their mother to insinuate how she would replace Brandi in her kids’ lives, and have absolutely no respect for her.

    There are a lot of other good parts in the book too, and if Eddie ever breaks up with Leann, he will be banking on his good looks because however hot he is (and he is not my type at all but I know a lot of women find him sexy and I totally get why), after reading what she wrote, I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole.

    I think the book is just an honest ramble about a woman who got cheated on, had kids, and was trying to navigate it. There were a lot of times I was reading it and shook my head thinking “why the fuck would you say that?” or “seriously, stop trying so hard” but I think that’s the other draw to it. It’s not picture perfect, there’s no real moral because there’s always going to be hypocrisy in stuff like this. Brandi might say one thing and do another, but we ALL do that and I think just owning it is a good thing. We all want to be bigger people who don’t talk shit about out ex’s, but we all do it. She just does it publicly and I thank her for that because I think it reminds everyone it’s normal.

    I would def. recommend the book. I seriously hope now that she has the new gig with ABC for the Oscars, her need to ride the tailcoats of the dying star that is Leann Rimes is over. She used it to her advantage, parlayed some good opportunities from it, and now she kind of has her own little aura about her that has nothing to do with LR and EC. Good for her for making lemonade out of lemons.

    People might knock her for not keeping her private life private, but screw it – if she’s cool sharing the info, I think she is just doing something we all wish we could have done at some point – air out our ahole ex’s who broke our hearts for all the terrible things they did, remind people who put them on a pedestal that they are NOT this great guy they try to pretend to be, and rag on every ugly feature about the new girl he shacked up with. I’m sorry, but if you seriously claim you’ve never wanted to do that to an ex (or have done it with your friends), you’re lying! :)

    • Apsutter says:

      I’m a couple of chapters in and I love Brandi. She is so self deprecating and puts it all out on the table. She reminds me of myself because I often get into trouble by being way too honest and some people just can’t handle that and need things to be sugar coated, I’m not one to ever dance around a topic or the truth and Brandi clearly doesn’t either. Eddie is such a complete sociopath! They way he acts like the devoted hubby and has freakin baby wipes in his center console in his car!!!!! Ewwwwww. Snakes like him are the worst because everyonethinks they are genuine affable guys but in reality are completely self absorbed a-holes.

    • kudzuqueen says:

      Confession here: Sunday night I couldn’t take it anymore, so I called “bookstore A” and asked them if they could sell it if it was in the stockroom. She told me if it wasn’t marked as restricted, she could, but otherwise they could get into a lot of trouble for it. She checked, and it wasn’t marked, so guess what happened next. I walked out with a book and burned up 1/8 th tank of gas reading three chapters in the parking lot. I could not put it down.

      I thought it would be a lot more damning to Leann, but what was left unsaid spoke volumes. I liked Brsndi before, really from day one of hearing about the US magazine article, more from twitter, and more from RHOBH-but this book has her exposed and i love her even more for it. With that being said..all of the Leann and Darrell Brown tweets and leaks about how “oh, y’all just font know the half of it about Brandi” really just look ridiculous. She wrote this book and took that ammunition away from them because she told on herself. It was incredibly enduring.

  65. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I’m wondering if they are those stupid ‘clip in’ bangs? I hope so, for her sake.

  66. scarlett says:

    The bangs just accentuate the fact that she has terrible features i.e. very squinty eyes, a pointy nose and chin. She is very homely.

  67. LAK says:

    isn’t it amazing how nearly entire gossip world having a meltdown for LeAnn to stop calling those boys HER boys? i guess she finally got the memo?!

  68. Just Me says:

    Looks fake to me. The color appears different than the rest of her mop.
    To be fair maybe they were just having fun.
    Fake or real – typical attention craving is the root of the problem.

  69. why? says:

    Of course Leann has bangs, guess who else has bangs? Lizzy. She can’t single white female Brandi because people have been making a big deal out of it, so she just moved on to Lizzy. It’s odd that Eddie is so disinterested in Leann that she has to take cues from the women who her husband is pining for at the moment.

    It sad that while her peers are being honored for their talent she is forced to keep herself relevant by bombarding the internet with fluffpieces about a hair style she single white femaled from her “friend” Lizzy.

    If Eddie is the wonderful husband Leann says he is, then why won’t he accept Leann for who she is? Why does she always have to change herself to be who Eddie wants her to be?

  70. ravencurls says:

    If only Eddie would show up with bangs, looking like Moe of the 3 Stooges, this insane week would be complete.

  71. birdyu says:

    JMO – I think the book sale numbers will push the crazy up a few notches. It has always been Leann was the famous one and that Brandi was riding her coattails. Once the numbers are out, it will be very easy to see the number of people who support Brandi (and as such as against leann as that seems to be how it is viewed in her world and that of her close friends). Now that will have a dramatic impact because she can’t ignore or deny those types of numbers.

  72. hmm says:


    (it’s funny cuz she looks like a horse)

  73. Debbie says:

    The problem isn’t the fringe, necessarily; it’s that it’s the wrong fringe and really the wrong hair for her. She needs to go shorter all around and layer it for lift, which would help open up her eyes. If she insists on bangs, they should be asymmetrical, not straight across. She has *such* strong lines in her face that she could pull off a much shorter cut. But she won’t; I’m sure she thinks the long hair makes her more womanly, and one must be the epitome of womanliness at all times, lest one’s spouse be tempted to wander.

    I start to feel sad about how awful it must be to be LeAnn: She’s talented, attractive (if not “traditionally” so), and has loads of cash, and she’s still so obviously unhappy with herself and her life … but then I remember she snagged another gal’s guy and let herself in for all of this.

  74. Louise says:

    Oh gawd, i actually lol’d when i saw that pic. if i took that pic I’d delete it immediately and hide away until it grew back. Hilariously, celebs get to use the best high-tech equipment so they get to see the after effects of any cut or colour as though it was for real on a computer. So she would’ve seen this and thought “hell yes!”.

    I really think soooo many people have commented in their droves about MeAnn copying Brandi to the letter that now she’s trying very hard to prove otherwise.

    When Brandi told how ill her son got from eating a “sweet” laxative at MeAnn’s, she almost OVERNIGHT piled the weight on. After being a skinny minny for yrs.

    Now it seems all the online and to her face abuse at her copy-cat tactics have finally broken through her tough skull like exterior.

    It’s just a shame that Brandi has such a good look, and MeAnn looks so like a dork with her own style. HAHA!!

  75. Louise says:

    and omg to the lady who described the borderline personality thing, that is jordan/katie price to a tee O.o

    totally explains why her ex said she was crazy too and that her brain isn’t wired right.

  76. Twez says:

    The bangs are hiding the wrong half of her face.

  77. Jana says:

    Bangs were a big mistake for her…does she own a mirror, or does she just depend on “yes” men to go along with all of her bad fashion choices?

  78. amanda says:

    Michael k said it best “they’d look better if they were like 24 inches longer” cover the flavor face!

  79. skuddles says:

    MeAnn, you need to go back to the groomer and ask for something a bit more flattering – a poodle cut perhaps?

  80. Christin says:

    I will never believe this relationship is perfect and secure. Her behavior screams insecurity, in my opinion. This hairstyle is just the latest example. And hubby remains in hiding, but did supposedly issue a press release today. The first sentence of it mentioned that he might have done things differently four years ago, but that he’s been conscious of his choices since then (whatever that means). Does that mean he would have gotten divorced before starting the relationship, or never had the relationship at all? Hmmm…

    Sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side, but what people don’t see until they get there is that a LOT of manure makes it look that way. My guess is that each of them brings a lot of “fertilizer” to the pasture that is their marriage. (Insert animal jokes if you wish…)

  81. Amanda W says:

    That guy looks unflattering with that expression.

  82. veronica says:

    Evn more horselike now.

    Mr. Ed married Mr. Ed.

  83. Cinderella says:

    This cut must be “the Taylor”. Oh dear.

  84. ThatWay says:

    Haaaahahahahaaaa! Oh man oh man…. so bad. She looks so masculine and long-faced now. I can’t believe she did that TO HERSELF! I bet Brandi is having a good laugh and a stiff drink to celebrate!!

  85. Baylor says:

    Maybe it’s just me and I’m reading too much into things but….

    Yes, Leann has been doing better regarding calling the boys “hers.” This is good. HOWEVER, anyone else notice that she will only call them: “Eddie’s kids/boys”, “his kids/boys”,and my husband’s kids/boys” ? She never ever calls them “children from previous marriage,” ” his and his ex-wifes kids/sons/boys”, and definitely never “Brand’s kids/boys.”It’s like she absolutley refuses to acknowledge that they belong to Brandi at all or that she had/has anything to do thrm.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Yeah, you might be reading too much into things. Her main mode of communication is Twitter. With only 140 characters, she’s not going to say, “OMG, just spent a gr8 day with… Eddie’s children from a previous marriage who also happen to be the children of Brandi Glanville.”

      She stopped calling them her boys, which is awesome. Considering LeAnn’s cluelessness about appropriate social boundaries, we probably shouldn’t make this too complicated for her.

    • Debbie says:

      Well. Expecting her to start referring to them as “Brandi’s boys” is a little much. What second wife does that? It’s usually “my husband’s kids”, isn’t it?

      I’m satisfied with her moving away from her referring to them as hers. If she is.

  86. spiffypaws says:

    She looks like Carla Bruni (after plastic surgery) w/ those bangs.

  87. Luxe says:

    Man, those bangs are doubleplusungood. She could have gotten some sort of bob and the reaction would be a lot different. And the saddest thing (for her) is that she’ll have to embrace them b/c otherwise she’ll get talked about for covering them up.


  88. Sugar says:

    I want to see the ol-run around town-knot on the top with the bangs because I’m having a hard time visualizing that one & it’s her fav. tho I had no problem seeing Eddie wearing a
    I think she’s having bangers remorse by now.

  89. Smurfette says:

    The bangs need to be about an inch or so longer. That is all.

  90. Angie says:

    Interesting that this comes just after that tabloid with her side by side with Brandi, looking like some deranged doppelganger. I dont hate LeAnn as much as some of you do, but jesus, she certainly is obvious.

  91. Jennifer12 says:

    Thank God that the pressure got to her and she is finally backing off calling Brandi’s sons her boys. It was sickening. Otherwise, you know she would have never stopped. Leann’s best look was when she was with Eddie in some cutout white dress. Her hair looked good there. But the less harshly blond she is, the better.

  92. truthful one says:

    Dear God, can this woman become any more unattractive?

  93. Cait says:

    Now she looks even more like a horse!