Kate Upton’s SI photoshoot in Antarctica was ‘pretty painful’ but ‘I’m part of history!’

I was surprised by how many people still have nasty things to say about Kate Upton’s body. I really don’t get why so many people are so personally offended that Kate has managed to build a career for herself by appealing to – GASP! – heterosexual men as opposed to women and the fashion industry’s gay men. Of course Kate scored her second consecutive Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition cover! The issue is for straight dudes and they like how she looks – a pretty face, long legs and big (natural) boobs. My take: she’s fine. She’s not bothering anyone. She’s harmless. And personally, I like that she’s not a size zero. I like that there’s a well-known model who has some flesh on her bones.

Anyway, SI has done their big, official reveal of their swimsuit edition and you can see the all of the photoshoots and stuff here. Kate and some of the other models were on The Late Show last night (I’m including photos below) and the SI editor, MJ Day, told People how the cover image was selected:

Kate Upton’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover is very hot – but during her photo shoot in Antarctica, all the model could think about was the freezing cold.

“It was definitely the hardest shoot I’ve ever done,” Upton, 20, tells PEOPLE. “The best as well – Antarctica is one of the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. But I’m from Florida, so it was pretty painful.”

The pain paid off, however: the perfect shot earned Upton her second consecutive SI cover, a distinction not seen since Tyra Banks covered back-to-back issues in 1996 and 1997.

“Everything about the picture is perfect,” Swimsuit Issue editor MJ Day tells PEOPLE. “The light, the background, the suit. It’s different from what we’ve done in past years, and it was an exciting moment for us to have those photos work out.”

Exciting, because Day and her crew didn’t know if they’d get any usable photos out of their Antarctica shoot – the first-ever fashion shoot on the continent.

“It was difficult,” Day admits. “First of all, it’s cold, even though we were there in summer. The windchill was sub-zero – the elements are really working against you.” As the crew dealt with a whole host issues – batteries dying in the cold, crazy weather rolling in and out – Upton was a total pro, Day says. “She never complained. She’d just say, ‘Okay, let’s go do it again.’”

Because of costs and the planning required to go to Antarctica – Day says this shoot was three years in the making – Upton was the only model taken to the faraway locale.

“I knew that if I needed to bury someone in clothing, I needed her physique and curves to come through,” Day explains. “So to bring her was obvious: I knew I could put a one-piece on her and she wouldn’t look flat, she’d still look voluptuous and healthy and shapely and sexy.”

Upton’s now-infamous Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber coat, paired with white Letarte by Lisa Cabrinha bottoms, was an afterthought. “I figured, why not a coat?” Day says. “We threw it on, took maybe 100 frames, then moved on. Then that night, the photographer and I were looking at photos, and he said, ‘I don’t know, could this be it?’ It just had that energy.”

The only downside of the whole experience was the fact that the cover leaked on Friday, four days before it was supposed to be revealed. “I didn’t get to tell Kate she was the cover, which was kind of sad,” Day says. “I wanted to see the look on her face when she found out.”

In fact, Upton found out from fans, via Twitter. But despite the early reveal, she’s still beyond excited about the feat.

“It was an accomplishment just to get through the shoot,” she says. “I didn’t even think about the possibility of being the cover until after I thawed out a bit! But now it’s like, wow – I actually went down there and was able to accomplish that. I’m part of history, and it’s a great feeling.”

[From People]

That’s interesting that Kate didn’t go into the photoshoot thinking that she was going to be the cover. You know who’s probably really pissed off? Irina Shayk. I just get the feeling that Irina thought this was going to be her year (especially after last year, in which many people thought she should have gotten the cover too).

Photos courtesy of Sports Illustrated, WENN.

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  1. bea says:

    That picture (the first one in the bikini) is WAY better than the cover. Awkward is the only thing that comes to mind with the cover.

    • kibbles says:

      I was about to write the same thing. The cover is so Photoshopped. She has large breasts but they made her breasts look even larger on the cover. Her bikini photo looks way better.

      I think she has great boobs and her overall look is much more attractive than most of the waifs modeling today.

      That said, I understand some of the criticism and comments asking what is so special about her. Other than her breasts, she looks like many of the sorority girls I went to college with. Do I think her body is perfect or ideal? No, but I don’t really think those VS models are beautiful either and I think Upton looks much better than the VS models I’ve seen. We can’t ask much from the modeling industry but at the very least, Upton has real breasts and a thicker frame than most of the models today who are a size 0.

      Again, Upton’s boobs are great but I’ve seen more beautiful women with a more hourglass figure who aren’t professional models. It is also difficult as a straight woman not to judge her beyond the superficial stuff that men love (like her big boobs and long legs). I admire women who have something unique to them and who also have something intelligent to say, not someone who looks like any shallow yet pretty girl at the Playboy mansion.

      Several days ago I came across this video of Upton with the disgusting Terry Richardson which was included in some article about Upton. I can’t remember what but I assume it had something to do with this SI cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCUnWIs88CQ

      That video and her dancing around like an idiot for Terry Richardson makes me think less of her than any photo shoot she’s done. I understand that she is a model, but being a model doesn’t have to mean throwing all class and self-respect out the window.

      • Amelia says:

        Good post, Kibbles.
        I like how MJ Day mentioned that healthy was a priority. Whilst I think the concept of the Swimsuit Edition is a bit tacky, I’m starting to see it in a better light.
        Whilst Kate isn’t perfectly toned, X lbs lighter or whatever qualities the high fashion industry hate her for, I think we may as well just be *happy* with the fact that the tide is turning somewhat on the starving waif trend.
        My only issue (and it’s not really an issue) with Kate is that her eyebrows sometimes contrast quite jarringly with her hair colour. Either tint the ‘brows or darken your hair!!

      • V4Real says:

        I have no problem with Kate’s look but I agree that her waisteline is kind of strange. I wouldn’t call it porkly but it needs to be more defined. The rest of her, boobs included looks great. If you really look at her the only thing that makes her stand out from other models is her boobs, her ass and legs looks just like most of the other models. If she didn’t have those gigantic tata’s, she wouldn’t even stand out.

        But not all models fell under that Gisele/Kate Moss idea. Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford had curves and were very succesfull models. I do understand that in that world models are expected to look a certain way and I think Tyra and Cindy were perfect examples of what healthy models should look like.

      • Roos says:

        I think you’re being unfair, Kibbles, in regards to the video with Terry Richardson. You seem to forget how young she is. I know there have been times where, in a moment of childlike glee, I have done silly or “idiotic” things that I look back on and shudder, when I realize the implications of the situation. But I’m only aware now because I’m older and life has bitch slapped those rose tinted glasses off my face. She doesn’t have the self awareness yet and we shouldn’t judge her too harshly for her naivety. I’m just glad that I don’t have those sensitive moments of lapsed judgement filmed and immortalized for all to see. I think it’s rather ridiculous anyway that you consider a video where she’s just dancing and having fun any more classless then some of her more risqué shots. And it’s ridiculous that you’re putting the blame on Kate when she simply doesn’t know any better, or she’s not self assured enough to disengage Terry from his creepy behavior, whereas we have an old man here who is being the repulsive one, and it’s he who should be the focus for any criticism. I can’t believe there are people out there who still latch on to this victim blaming mentality. Get with the times already.

    • emmie_a says:

      That was my first thought too! They really messed up w/the pic they chose for the cover.

      And Kate is one of those (lucky?) people that look better the less they are wearing.

    • CC says:


      Other than that I don’t even know who she is, but it’s SI, so I don’t expect high standards.

  2. Jennifer says:

    The SI cover made her look heavier than she is (not that there is anything wrong with that!). I love that she is not anorexic looking. Watching her on the Today show now and she is beautiful and down-to-earth. Good to see her rewarded for working under such freezing conditions!

  3. bns says:

    Those candid photos are more beautiful than the photo shoot.

  4. mel says:

    She looks gorgeous on the first picture! What are those bruises on her legs?????

  5. Cherry says:

    I have no nasty things to say about Kate Upton’s body. She’s a super thin, crazy beautiful model with big boobs. Good for her.
    So why, why, do I ask you, did the good people at Sports Illustrated feel the need to photoshop half her lower body off? That top pic is insane. You can clearly see that that’s not her real bellybutton.

    • gg says:

      I have nothing bad to say about her either.

      I’m most likely in the minority with this, but my issue is, why do the mag cover and billboard stylists or whoever, pose them almost every time in the action of pulling down their bottoms? I’m really sick of the oversexualization of everything. The mag covers and billboards simply cannot just have somebody pose without overt sexuality. It just gets closer and closer to porn every day it seems. One grows tired of it. There’s no art to it, it’s just pandering. Anybody can pull down their pants. I boycott magazines like this for this reason.

  6. cmc says:

    The girl has legs for miles!!! She’s super gorgeous and yes, I’m happy she’s been able to carve herself out a respectable career without starving away her lovely shape. She’s the US’s Kelly Brook, no? Except younger and sweeter and more model-y (vs pin-up).

  7. Jenna says:

    The thing is, for me anyway, is she a size zero? No? Is that great? Yes. But at the end of the day, aesthetically she’s only a cute face with big boobs that’s a dime a dozen in certain places. It’s not like she’s making any HUGE strides or anything. Am I hoping she’ll be a failure? No. But am I going to praise everything she does? Certainly not.

  8. Red32 says:

    I don’t have a problem with Kate Upton. I think it’s messed up that they had her do bikini pics *in Antartica* what the hell is the point other than making her freeze her butt off? The guys buying it aren’t looking at the glaciers.

  9. Dragonlady Sakura says:

    I don’t understand all the hate for this girl. I like her and she seems down to earth. I wish her well in her career.

  10. Agnes says:

    she still looks very thin in the un-photoshopped pics, it’s scary that she’s got some “flesh” on, as far as the fashion industry is concerned. yikes on the antarctica shoot.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      I kinda think she’s wearing spanx under the black dress. She’s had a track record of forgetting underwear and bras, but always has spanx. And before you say she’s so thin and doesn’t need to wear spanx even really thin models wear it.

  11. eo says:

    Those one-armed dresses always look strange to me… somehow manages to make her boobs look like a Picasso painting

  12. HotPockets says:

    I am so jealous, she got to pose with penguins!

  13. minime says:

    She is a normal pretty girl (IMO!) with a beautiful thin body and huge boobies. Still, I don’t find her gorgeous. She’s pretty average to me and I don’t really fancy huge boobies, but what do I know, i’m just a girl anyway :) (although she looks way better in something like that black dress).

    That being said, I also don’t understand all the hate against the ppl that don’t find her interesting or cover material..hey, it’s just an opinion like any other. The fact of not finding her anyway interesting doesn’t mean that she isn’t normal pretty or that the problem is that she’s not sick skinny…

    • booger says:

      “That being said, I also don’t understand all the hate against the ppl that don’t find her interesting or cover material”

      Because the modelling and fashion industries are trying to convince themselves and everyone else that they’re a lot more important than they actually are by perpetuating an attitude of exclusivity. They’re businesses, same as everything else, but they’re not saving lives or curing cancer. You’d think they were though given the air of entitlement and self importance that people like Wintour, Lagerfeld, and even nobody fashion bloggers exude.

      • minime says:

        I think “Zoid” (comment 23) already answered to that better than I could. As many already said, she doesn’t represent anything refreshing for the cultural media…she is just a very thin girl with enormous boobies, that’s what we should all praise? So that’s the great message that we are passing for women and young adolescents?

        And I agree with all that you say about the fashion industry, but that’s why I don’t give a crap as well to them. I also don’t think this girl is going to save the starving children in Africa or find the cure to cancer.

      • booger says:

        I don’t think anyone should consider her some ideal and lavish praise on her, the same as they shouldn’t direct horrible comments and nastiness towards her. She’s a 20 year old kid and I wish people would maintain some perspective and remember that.

  14. TG says:

    I never paid attention to any articles or anything about this girl last year. But, I just for some reason don’t find her attractive. She is gross to me and I can’t really figure out why. No, I am not jealous. I have never in my life wanted big breasts, though I can appreciate them on some people, I just don’t find her appealing at all. Like someone said above the cover photo is not flattering it makes her look like jelly, but the inside ones aren’t so bad. Now, if I see her in an interview or read an interview of her I might change my mind.

  15. Kitkerenina says:

    Ok, but ‘history?’ Maybe personal history, like she was hot once. But surely not ‘history,’ as in she ranks right up there with The Age of Enlightenment?

  16. Dani says:

    Personally don’t have anything against her, she comes off nice and like she’d be fun to hang with. The thing is, she’s being made into SUCH a big deal, when I went to high school with 800 girls who look like her, one I’m very close with could pass as her twin. There is nothing exceptional about her body because a good amount of woman look like that. Big boobs, long legs, tall and blonde. She’s like the girl next door, which I get is why she’s blown up, but there are better versions of her out there.

  17. sarah says:

    I’ve never understood anyone hating on her. She’s a super cute girl with an amazing body.

  18. Dizzle says:

    What’s with the leg bruises in the last photos?

  19. Shannon says:

    That first pic is photoshopped. I honestly think Kate is beautiful, but like a lot of people have said her stomach is not toned and she doesn’t have much of a waist. Photoshop does wonders.


  20. diva says:

    Wait people have an issue with her body? Her body looks nice to me. Her body makes her stand out next to those starving looking models but her face looks like every other nameless, blonde, model now a days.

  21. mar says:

    I love the white bikini pic.

    Ladies, all pics we see in mags are photo shopped. Nobody looks that perfect!

  22. MollyB says:

    I think you hit it right on the nose with this article–I couldn’t believe how many comments on her body were of the “Ugh, she needs to tone her middle” or “she has no defined waist!” I can’t imagine any straight guy looking at the cover of SI, seeing that photo and saying “I wish she’d do some pilates and tone that middle.” I like that she calls back to the days of bombshell women and not sinewy, masculine fashion models like Gisele.

  23. Zoid says:

    I have absolutely no problem with her making her career and getting that money. What I don’t get is why people hail her as the hero of the fashion industry or something. How is she ANY different from the average model apart from her boobs? People act like because she doesn’t completely starve herself (and she’s still perfectly thin IMO) she’s revolutionizing the industry or making a statement about body acceptance. To me her statement is as bad as any other models: be stick thin but now you have to have DDD boobs too!

  24. Jenny says:

    I think her body looks great, but I think if anyone has something negative to say it is because she has a little but of the skinny fat thing going. She is very thin, but not so toned and strait waist to hip ratio.

    Agree also that she looks very girl next door; she is the spitting image of a girl I went to college with, body and all.

  25. Amanda says:

    Sports Illustrated somehow manages to always completely ruin pictures of beautiful women, making them look distorted and creepy by overdoing it with Photoshop. What a shame.

  26. j.eyre says:

    “Upton was a total pro, Day says. “She never complained. She’d just say, ‘Okay, let’s go do it again.’”” – I am getting the impression this may also be contributing to her rise in the modeling world. I have heard no diva antics or prima donna demands/behavior. I know her beauty and figure are opening the doors but I think (hope) maybe her professional attitude and the way she is working for a place in the modeling world is getting her through those doors.

    • giddy says:

      …not to mention young straight guys… an elusive and desired demographic… buy or click-on anything with her photo… straight guys love her… so while others may bash her… advertisers know she’s a goldmine… and wherever straight guys go… gays love to troll… cause gay fantasy is turning a straight guy gay…and if the straight guys are hanging with Kate… gays are there too… she’ll be working til the boobs sag…or she tires of the drama…nice girl…

      • Bijlee says:

        …dude we have grammar rules for a reason. It’s so people can understand what you type without getting lost in bizarre formatting and ellipses. Dang I always feel bad for my crap grammar and spelling but that’s due to being on my iPad with an infuriating autocorrect. Now I don’t feel so bad anymore.

      • Ericka says:

        I am so tired of some ppl being bullies on this blog over grammar! Lets show off our “big” words and all the degrees we have that made us in debt(sarcasm). Its a blog! This isn’t homework or work! I find people whose biggest fete in life is their education to be quite the bullies. Newsflash! Someone can be intelligent and smart in more than one way besides just book smart. And sometimes when you are relaxing and half asleep you just want to type fast and get your point across! Whatever makes some ppl feel better about themselves I guess.. Waiting for the uproar in…5….4….3…2…lol =]

  27. Kaboom says:

    The age of neurotic toothpicks is over.

    • andrea says:

      We wish. Don’t forget that while Kate is doing well in this little corner of the modeling industry, Karlie Kloss is one of the It Girls of high fashion right now. There’s a topless pic of her floating around the web and I swear she looks flat out malnourished, like we could’ve used her as a poster girl for Band Aid back in the day.

  28. Starlight says:

    She is okey but I would rather prefer Bar Rafaeli.

  29. NeoCleo says:

    This girl is very pretty BUT she is still outside the “norm” for the average woman by FAR. Thin, thin legs, waist and arms and huge boobs. Not normal. Not saying she isn’t natural because if she isn’t she’s fooling me, but she IS NOT THE NORM.

  30. Sarah says:

    My problem with Upton is not that she’s not a size zero. It’s that while everyone tries to applaud her for being “thicker” or not the typical skinny model type, instead of bracing that, all her photos still photoshop everything down to skinny anyway except her boobs. Her stomach completely flat and smooth when IRL it’s pretty lumpy. If we are going to applaud her for breaking out of the typical skinny model stereotype, lets show what that actually looks like

  31. aud says:

    Can’t fault her work ethic. I live in the arctic of canada (northwest territories). No way in hell I would be out in a bathing suit when its below zero. She’s daring and really works hard to get the right shot

  32. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Well, at least they put a model on the cover, suprised old overexposed beyonce didn’t try to buy this cover – but there are many better models,not all SI types though – Freja,Joan SMalls, sessilee lopez, natalia vodianova, lara stone, – although in the 80s/90s the supers appeared in everything from coke, pepsi, SI, to versace and YSL to commercial ad campaigns – there wasn’t as much of a distinction as now. Yasmin Ghauri appeared in ads for Coke and Dior for example. Let’s hope so Kaboom, enough of stick thin Karlie Kloss nice girl but unhealthy thin imho.

  33. Joy says:

    I’m sure I will catch hell for saying this but I wish her face had a little more makeup in the cover shot. It’s a bit too natural for her. And in those candids on the street she looks pretty thin. I bet in person we would be shocked at how thin she looks.

  34. shewolf says:

    Ok so she isnt a size zero but I wouldn’t put her higher than a 2 or 4.

    Her boobs are off the wall. Seriously. I die with jealousy every single time.

  35. andrea says:

    Holy Photoshop Batman, her actual body looks nothing like that first pic. So many people are into this “Oh Kate, she’s got a great body because she’s not a stick insect.” thing right now but many of the photos they see of her are already airbrushed.

    I don’t really have a problem with her being a little heavier than the average swimsuit/underwear model (although she’s lost a lot of weight since the SI shoot), but what I don’t like about her body is her lack of shape and muscle tone (Kate and Tyra both have those legs). And that’s the same criticism I have for many of the super thin girls. Whether they’re eating or not, many of them just look unhealthy and could benefit from some exercise. And their specific niche in the fashion industry has them held up as female body ideals? I guess it’s just a matter of personal taste, and mine runs towards athletes such as female tennis players.

    I think my general annoyance with Kate still stems from the fact that she gets away with a lot because of the boobs. Her face is just ok and her modeling talent (yes, I’ve seen her attempts at high fashion) is just ok as well. And then there’s that story about her and Terry Richardson that has been repeated by too many industry insiders for it to be a fabrication. Oh well, we all know the model casting couch is not a myth.

  36. Bijlee says:

    I’m surprised by the fact that no one jumped on her, “I’m a part of history” comment. That pisses me off. Women are again a part of history by being sexualized and “immortalized” in porny covers. But it’s okay it was there choice! It’s empowering to be half naked everywhere as long as you have a successful career. Sorry! Not drinking that kool aid nor am I going to have my future children drink it. This is likely a misplaced rant in this thread but I’m just grumpy today. Kate’s a gorgeous girl, but I’m more drawn to the penguins in the first photo. They really did shoot in Antarctica.

    • Lolly says:

      Does everything have to be a feminist treatise? I just look @ those pictures & say “It’s cool that she’s having fun & enjoying her youth”. It’s over bearing & know it all sentiments like yours that make most young women say they’re not feminists. That a chill pill! Seriously!!

    • Runs with Scissors says:

      Totally agree Bijlee,

      Lol, “It was an accomplishment just to get through the shoot,…it’s like, wow – I actually went down there and was able to accomplish that. I’m part of history, and it’s a great feeling.”

      It’s not her fault for the overblown sense of pride of having flown someplace cold and taking her clothes off. It’s the industry that acts like taking pics of women in bikinis is like trying to cure CANCER or something, lol.

      And no, “Lolly,” I don’t take it too seriously, I just find it funny as hell.

      Also, this:

      Kitkerenina says:
      February 12, 2013 at 10:28 am

      “Ok, but ‘history?’ Maybe personal history, like she was hot once. But surely not ‘history,’ as in she ranks right up there with The Age of Enlightenment?”

      hahaha, so true.

  37. Kim says:

    Shes a very average looking girl with very big boobs. Lets be real, without the boobs she wouldnt even be in SI or famous.

  38. Abby says:

    I am NOT a model, but I did my wedding photos a few years ago and a recent anniversary photo shoot in Paris in January. This last time was formal clothes in a freak snowstorm. I froze my butt off, for pretty pictures. I can’t imagine how frozen she must have been in Antarctica in a SWIMSUIT! That is crazy! Without complaining. Girl’s got a work ethic!

  39. bluhare says:

    Yeah, Kate. Nothing says “making history” like freezing your ass off and getting frostbite for a freaking Sports Illustrated cover.

  40. rachel says:

    I have no hate in my heart for her. I understand that others see her as a’dime a dozen’ but I see in her special quality that makes her different- she is just adorable!

    And whatever size she is is immaterial to me–of course she is still skinny as hell by non model standards. But its AWESOME to see some flesh, not just skin clinging to bone, muscle or gristle. To see a tummy on a model or star that is not concave or sixpacked is too cool!

    And how great are her fat natural boobies! How lovely for young girls and boys to see the fall of a natural breast held up as an ideal. How many female stars do we see at these award shows without the ridge of their plastic bolt ons jutting out above the neckline? Very few. Hey-its all good if thats how they want to look- but I think its great for us all to see a variety.

    Go Kate- you are lovely!

  41. whfj says:

    Without the makeup and airbrushing, she is an average girl in everyday life. Sorry, but I don’t like giving people props where I don’t think they deserve it. She’s famous for taking off her clothes, basically. Congrats?

  42. Madriani's Girl says:

    First off, the main pic is photoshopped all to hell and so is the one of her in the coat. Dlisted has the untouched photos and she is heavier and blotchier. But I don’t think she’s ugly or gorgeous – she’s cute. That bathing suit is too small for her body type, that’s all. Not fat, she isn’t skinny, either. I think the only really negative thing I could say is her breasts are going to be down to her knees by the time she’s 25. They’re already beginning to droop because they’re so big..

  43. OfficialBitch says:

    Yuck she’s FLABBY. She’s only ‘cute’ because she’s 20. When she’s 25-30, this ish is going to be DISGUSTING. Boobs at her KNEES. Ugh. No thanks.

  44. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    What kind of maniac makes a girl stand around in a bikini in Antarctica? I live in Canada, so I know from cold and I’m still thinking that that is a garbage thing to do to a person. Of course she’s not going to put up a fuss, she has no bargaining chips (besides nepotism), because every woman hustling for a is replaceable or can be easily ignored and if she comes off as a diva at such an early stage in her career, her jobs will dry up.

    By dudes, for dudes.

    You’d think that they would have been smart enough to not waste that nip opportunity but I don’t think anyone’s blood was flowing correctly that day, so cognitive functions were probably at a low.

    I think she’s got a really beautiful body. Unfortunately, I still remember what I looked like when I was 20.

    But I still think these covers are lame, I can’t change that.

  45. Levosity says:

    The first pic, (although I was wondering where her nipples went) should have totally been the cover pic. In the cover picture her boobs look wider than her head o.o I think people give her so much crap because she’s just really not remarkable at all, and a mediocre model. Just another pretty blonde who will be forgotten in about 5 years. But, props to her for being successful even though she’s not a size 0.

  46. Snowpea says:

    I think she’s super cute and super sexy. She’s got ‘it’ whatever that is. Sure you all like to keep banging on about there are plenty of girls cuter/hotter/skinnier/smarter but all I know fo shiz is the camera LUUUURRVES her.

    And there’s something about her softness and pudginess that I find almost erotic.

    We’ve seen skin n’ bones for years and all that soft skin looks hot in a taboo kinda way.

  47. Caroline says:

    I’m sorry but she is chubby..
    Don’t get me wrong I love that she looks like she eats food! But that much flab at only 20? What will her stomach look like at 25?? When she have kids???!!!

    My gripe with her is that she should take the initiative to be more fit, not that she has to be size 0!

  48. Jennifer12 says:

    Please explain to me how this woman is fat? She’s taller than me, but it’s my body type (hips and boobs) and I always got the snarky comments, which is why I used to try to hide or diet it away. She’s a curvy, lovely girl and good for her not trying to be otherwise. People insult the lollipop heads and they insult people who aren’t. Who cares what the world wants? As a person with brothers and many male cousins and a husband (who also has brothers), Kate is what guys like: cute, blond, sexy, not skinny.

  49. C.Lynn says:

    I don’t have a problem with her size. I just think she has really strange proportions. I don’t understand the fuss over this woman.

  50. Nicolette says:

    The bikini photos just cheapen her. I love how she looks in the photos taken in the dress. She’s very pretty and doesn’t need to show so much all the time.

  51. Tania says:

    I love her body and I love that people are going crazy over a woman who is NOT rail thin! That said, I think ppl need to readjust their expectations of what is beautiful. The woman is NOT chubby!

  52. JennJennM says:

    How does CB know the boobs are real?

  53. caitie says:

    I think she has a very pretty face and a great body, I like that she looks like she doesn’t spend 5 hours a day doing cardio and Pilates. Not every woman has a small waist, bodies come in all different shapes – her body is still attractive. You are saying that if she doesn’t have an itty bitty waist/hourglass figure then her body is crap – very unkind and limiting. This criticism is awful.