Jennifer Aniston on turning 44: “Wasn’t it just my birthday?”

People Magazine has a new brief interview with Jennifer Aniston, in which she’s shilling that haircare line she co-owns, Living Proof. Aniston talks about her 44th birthday, which was Monday, as if it’s just another day in her life. Another day which she spends getting paid millions to show up on set and going over renovation plans for her new mansion during her off time. No biggie.

Jennifer Aniston turns 44 on Monday, but don’t expect her to break out the party hats.

“I’ll just be working. I know that I have a 5:30 am pick-up but that’s not bad,” the actress – who is currently on location for her next film, Untitled Elmore Leonard Project, in Connecticut – tells PEOPLE. “I’m lucky; I’m very happy to be working!”

“This birthday is going to come and go, which they all seem to be doing these days,” she adds. “Wasn’t it just my birthday? I have like windburn from this year.”

With the production set to last five weeks, Aniston has relocated to the east coast and continues to fulfill her duties as spokesperson/co-owner for Living Proof hair care.

For her role in the film, she opted to wear a shorter, light blonde wig instead of coloring her famed tresses. “It’s so nice to wear a wig. It’s like putting a hat on,” she says. “I’ve been using our conditioners on my hair underneath and it’s great to be able to watch your hair actually grow.”

The actress, who got engaged to screenwriter Justin Theroux last year, says her idea of a perfect birthday “would be a walk in the city, brunch somewhere, see a movie, have a great dinner.”

[From People]

People promises to have more of the interview in their upcoming issue, but I doubt there will be any groundbreaking quotes. I mean, going by what she usually says. I have to admit that I’m really interested in her wedding plans, though! I want to know if she has a date set and if she’s actively planning for it, or if she’s just kind of waiting to see what happens. Like maybe she’s waiting to see if a certain ex gets married and what his plans are. I’m not saying she’s going to try and pull focus or whatever, I just think she considers what those two are doing publicly when she makes her own plans, if only to ensure that her own wedding won’t be overshadowed. She’s going to want a People cover too if she ever goes through with it, and I guess I don’t blame her.

As for what she says about birthdays, I can totally relate. I’m hitting the big four oh (I don’t even want to type it) this year and I wish I could coast through that entire day without anyone acknowledging it. After about 35 I didn’t want to celebrate any more birthdays.

Here’s Aniston on set with her wig on 2-6-13. Credit: She’s also shown with Justin on 11-15-12 and in Cabo San Lucas on 12-31-12. Credit: and Fameflynet

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  1. Annie says:

    That’s a really bad tan and make up. She’s not aging well.

    Justin was soooo cute as The Cowboy on Rommy and Michelle. What happened :/

  2. Meow Mix says:

    Shoot me. I think she looks kind of good in that blonde wig.

    • alexandra says:

      We all forget that she’s 44! She looks amazing and healthy. Her body is smoking!

      And yeah… I also like her with the blonde wig :)

      • Leila says:

        She looks her age to me so I sure do not forget it.

        In HQ photos you can see just how bad her skin is.

        And why do people rave about her body. Go to any beach and see better. Lots of other celebs who have had kids have better bodies than her!

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Oh come on. Yes her body is fit, but when most meals are diet sodas, water, and salads with regular exercise anyone can look like that.

        With years of smoking, drinking, and sun tanning her skin is forever damaged. Airbrushing will fix that in photos, but she very much looks her age. That isn’t a bad thing, but she isn’t aging well either.

        BTW love the name.

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        Leila & Alexandra Bananarama: Hear hear! I so agree with everything you said. She definitely looks her age and then some. I know many 40+ women and they look miles better (and definitely with better skin) and younger than she does.

      • Tommy says:

        I think she looks awesome too!

      • Hipocricy says:

        @ Leila & Alexandra Bananarama

        ITA with the both of you.

        I am more impressed with many 50+ years old soap opera actresses who would put Aniston’s body to shame.

        I think of 52 years old Katherine kelly Lang and 54 years old Eileen Davidson, both mothers who have maintained a killer body for all these years consistently…it’s long, lean yet curvacious with long sexy legs. Can’t beleive they are in their fifties.

        Many actresses from those shows are in better shape than many big screen actors…some approaching 60 years of age with the same frame they had 30 years before….amazing.

        And don’t even start it with african americans and african actresses/models…Stacy Dash, Victoria Rowell,Iman, Naomie has the same damn body she had 20 years ago and i don’t think she even exercise that much…we really don’t crack, body and face wise…

    • bigt says:

      The blonde wig looks way better then her hair does now. She looks good overall, certainly for 44, but the tanning, makeup and smoking? does age you no matter how many laser treatments and $1000.00 creams you use. Body still great though, just not in that 80′s prom dress.

  3. BooBooLaRue says:

    Notice how far away she is holding that book? Presbyopia! It comes with aging dear.

  4. vvvoid says:

    I’ll never understand why some people dislike her so much.
    She’s an Aquarius. She’s pretty laid back. She got upset when her husband “fell in love” with another woman and left her shortly thereafter. She is maybe a tad bitter about it, but who wouldn’t be? Overall she handled it pretty well. No one ever believes a single bad thing in the tabloids said about Angelina, but apparently will eat up anything bad said about Jen. I think she has the right to be kind of bitchy, and I do think she was right when she said Brad has a sensitivity chip missing. I still love him and think he’s a wonderful person, but he didn’t handle things right [that cover photo he did with Angie shortly after...them at the pool with kids etc] and I understand why Jen is nonplussed. Angelina is a great person too, but also pretty self-centered when it comes to what she wants in love. Jennifer has recently shown this tendency as well.

    • Bee says:

      Because people do, okay!

      She cried to Vanity Fair, had her friends attack Angelina in that interview, has C.Handler attacking the JP KIDS! Named Knox and Zahara in interviews, said she thought a cartoon of her wanting to SHOOT AJ with a GUN was the “funniest thing she ever saw”.

      She is far from laid back. She seems very insecure and neurotic.

      Do not forget how quickly she moved on with Vince.

      And that photo shot was to Promote MAMS. They were playing an unhappy couple. Were they not allowed to promote their film because it would hurt poor old Jen’s feelings? GMAFB

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @VVVoid, who wrote: “She got upset when her husband “fell in love” with another woman and left her shortly thereafter. She is maybe a tad bitter about it, but who wouldn’t be? Overall she handled it pretty well. No one ever believes a single bad thing in the tabloids said about Angelina, but apparently will eat up anything bad said about Jen. I think she has the right to be kind of bitchy, and I do think she was right when she said Brad has a sensitivity chip missing.”

      See? This is the rub of it all. I’m willing to bet that you are one of the people who thought Brad had just left Jennifer Aniston and blind-sided poor, innocent Jen when those pictures of Brad in Africa with Angie and Maddox in ‘April 2005′ hit magazines, aren’t you?

      The Aniston-Pitt separation in January 2005 was such big news, how did so many people miss (or forget) it? Or perhaps a better question is ‘why’ did so many people miss (or forget) it? The answer? Angelina Jolie. Why let pesky little things like ‘facts’ get in the way when that evil temptress Angelina Jolie ‘must’ have been up to no good and obviously lured poor, dim-witted Brad away from sweet, innocent, ‘all natural’ girl-next-door and ‘just like me!’ Jennifer Aniston (aka Rachel Green).

      Well the fact is that, unlike Heidi Bivens–who basically found out Justin and Jen were a couple via magazines and the press and whose break up actually ‘did’ unfold in front of the public–Brad took the time to explain to Jen why he wanted out of their marriage ‘before’ they separated in January 2005. Then he waited ‘four months,’ a month ‘after’ Jen filed for divorce in March 2005, before he got together with Angie.

      I can understand Jen being disappointed, depressed, and hurt that her marriage didn’t work out. But she allowed (and has continued to allow) the public opinion/perception, that Brad just walked out on her and began shacking up with Angie in April 2005 without nary a word to or concern for her feeling, to continue. Like you, many people still believe that Jen ‘suffered’ the break up/ending of her marriage in front of the public. When in fact all of the shite hit the fan (or the public arena) ‘after’ the break up/end of her marriage.

      Then Jen left it up to Courtney Cox to back Brad up in saying that he ‘had’ talked to Jen and explained his reasons for leaving ‘before’ they separated. The closest Jennifer Aniston came to admitting that Brad didn’t unceremoniously dump her for Angie was when she said ‘There are no bad guys in this situation.’ However, that was ‘before’ Jen’s PR Team realized the publicity potential in that ‘Pity’ card all the sympathetic women–jilted by men who ended up with women who looked like Angie–extended to her. Jen grabbed the pity card with both hands, and Brad became the ‘bad guy’ with a missing sensitivity chip.

      According to Courtney Cox (in Jen’s infamous 2005 “Vanity Fair” interview), Brad told Jen he wanted to explore the possibility of something with Angie, and he couldn’t do that and still be married. That seems pretty honorable and considerate to me.

      And exactly ‘how’ bitter was Jen? She started a relationship with Vince Vaughn three months after Brad got together with Angie.

      • Janet says:

        Jen’s problem was, and continues to be, that Brad is happy with Angie and he wasn’t happy with her. It’s a classic case of “What does she have that I don’t?”

      • Contrived says:

        thank you so much for this!

        Whenever I read comments that ask these same old “why do you hate poor innocent sweet Jen/rachel?” I already feel like this is futile…these people have completely disregarded a clear timeline of events that took place and bought into the ragmag spin and her PR management attempts to keep her relevant.

        So I thank you for such a pithy breakdown.

        personally, I can’t believe at this point in time that anyone can still not see what she’ up to. It’s just so embarrassingly obvious with her countless manipulations (engagement etc) and contrived PR set ups(bikini shots cabo 9yrs in a row–at least)

        I assume it’s just out of not wanting to admit being duped. I can’t honestly believe these people are truly that clueless. She’s so blatantly ridiculous about everything she does.

    • Lolly says:

      @ vvvoid
      your kidding about Angie having it easy from the tabloids right? This is probably the only blog that has good stories & comments about her. She gets slammed when she’s on other blogs. For example there’s a story on dlisted about Vivienne. Please read the comments & get back to me.

    • epiphany says:

      It seems every time there’s an Aniston story, someone asks why she is so hated, and I have to respond in the same way – I’m going to start cutting and pasting.
      Again, it’s not so much that she’s hated, it’s that 8 years after her divorce from Pitt, she and her PR team STILL use it to milk publicity. You really don’t think she’s still this famous post ‘Friends’ because of her talent, do you? Please. Most of that cast was far more talented than she, and where are they now? Wallowing in obscurity, where Aniston would be if it weren’t for Brad. Her life with Brad was the Fairy Tale we all want to happen to us; the cute but not beautiful girl next door wins and marries the hottest guy in town. Suddenly, the Fairy Tale falls apart, and oh, poor Jen, betrayed, heartbroken, alone! WHEN will she find true love again? You really don’t think the tabloids run story after story about her without her tacit approval, do you? That’s why she evokes such strong dislike. Celebrities get divorced all the time, and move on – who cares? They don’t keep taking about it years after the fact. Aniston’s relationship with Brad was the greatest PR in the history of Hollywood.

  5. mar says:

    she needs to stop tanning. All I ever see her do is tan when she is on vacay. They never show pics of her doing anything else. Isn’t that why Brad got bored?

    • Mystified says:

      Whether Brad was nice and sweet about their breakup doesn’t matter. There’s not a woman alive that doesn’t get ticked off when their husband leaves her got someone else. The comment that Jennifer gives her approval of all the tabloid stories is just plain funny. I kind of think the tabloids are the ones that keep bringing up Brad. Yup, she’s been engaged more than once, but maybe she’s playing it safe, to make sure she’s marrying the right man. I still adore Brad, but dumping your wife be it in private or public, is not really ideal. I think she’s been divorced from Brad long enough that her success is just that, hers. As for how she looks, many of us would change placed in a heartbeat even with too much tanning (such a terrible offense). No one is perfect, especially not in Hollywood. I’m sure Brad really left her because she tanned too often.

  6. Caroline says:

    none of us want to say the numbers out loud after 40 …but it’s not so bad. Just embrace :)

    • MollyB says:

      Indeed! My sister-in-law died of cancer when she was 27. Every year I think “Man, she would have loved to turn ___ years old. I’m so glad to be alive.” Every year is a victory, embrace it!

      • BeachGal says:

        Cheers to turning 40! I’m facing that big birthday this year too. My best friend passed away 2 years ago from cancer and I vowed then to never complain about another early Monday morning or birthday that she would have been so happy to have. I am a little freaked, not about the number but more about where I thought I would be when I turned 40 but regardless, I’ll take it… and I’ll rock it! Happy Birthday to you when the big day rolls around.

  7. EmmaV1 says:

    Lol I knew she wouldn’t dye her real hair..

  8. Dinah says:


    40 is just a number, don’t sweat it!

    And, OMG, please stop tormenting me with photos of JA in that frackin’ hideous dress!!!

    A happy 47 year old

  9. hthth says:

    She is like a d-list celeb giving interviews about her birthday!
    Who does that?

    Also talking about her hair AGAIN. Nothing else going for her.

  10. Bee says:

    She is basically giving this interview for no reason at all! Someone needs attention.

    She also signed up to film more movies this summer, basically telling her fans no kids for her.
    Nothing wrong with not wanting kids, however when you are getting closer to 50 than 40 you have to stop pretending they are coming.

  11. KellyinSeattle says:

    Um, like, omg, it’s gonna be my birthday!

  12. tabasco says:

    all y’all speaking negatively of 30s, 40s, etc, must be some busted hags because that is not old!

    (and, word, i have a fam member with cancer who celebrates each birthday HARD – - i’d never speak about “woe is me, being this age or that” – it’s not a good look)

  13. Kitkerenina says:

    So true about the birthday. If she’s downplaying it, why are we hearing anything?

  14. Ally says:

    I think I’m a bit of a Jen defender because she’s a fellow Aquarian and we’re cool of course…lol.

    It’s my birthday today and I’m trying to let the day pass as I’m stuck indoors not feeling too good. Maybe I’ll celebrate another day, when the sun’s shining and the skies are blue.

  15. lisa2 says:

    Is there a thread on every celeb that has a birthday. I don’t think I recall seeing any yesterday or the day before or the day before. And does every celebrity give an interview about tuning a year older.

    Never get why we have to hear about her feelings every year on her getting older. We are all getting older. And be grateful, because the alternative is not getting older.

    I think people take about her age because she makes a point of doing some interview or sound bite every single year on getting older.

  16. Joyce says:

    When people mention about how great she looks they usually refer to her body, not her face. Her face doesn’t age gracefully. Look at the her crows feet. I mean what’s great about her body anyway. I’ve seen women who had kids have better body than she does.

    I’m 45 and I look much younger than she does. I don’t have crows feet. Maybe because I don’t tan and smoke like she does. Plus, I dress my age not like a 27 year old. She might have a 30 year old body but a 50 year old face.

  17. Turtle Power says:

    This woman is going to melt when she turns 50.

    Seriously. People who are so vain do not age well emotionally. See Demi Moore.

  18. Shelly says:

    Ugh, I feel her. My birthday is next Tuesday, and I swear to God I feel like I just celebrated my last birthday. It’s so not fair that time drags on and on when you’re young and then starts flying by like crazy when you get older.

  19. Dee Cee says:

    Stay outta the sun and off that booze lady..

  20. teehee says:

    I was just thinking about this today… my sister is going to be 31 and me 30… and it seems to be too often that we have birthdays. As a kid you dont htink about it or count, it just happens. As an adult, you realize how fast time goes and then it ‘comes too often’. I guess I need to try to not think about it like back then…. just let time go by …

  21. Ginger says:

    I’m not a fan but I do appreciate that she has lines on her forehead and crinkles around her eyes. She doesn’t over do it. Unlike other actors even younger or older than her with zero lines. It looks so strange to me. She is only a few months older than I am and I usually forget that unless its brought up in this sort of article. I agree she should be careful about the smoking and the sun.

  22. OhMyGawh says:

    I know the light blonde hair is a wig but she she really consider lightening her own hair that color.

  23. Lolly says:

    In my culture the older you are the more your celebrated. I don’t get why you’d be ashamed of your age. Except you havn’t accomplished anything which no one can accuse Jennifer of. Happy

  24. Runs with Scissors says:

    “I’m lucky; I’m very happy to be working!”

    Good quote from Aniston. She IS lucky, and it’s nice to hear her acknowledge that and be happy about it without whining about anything.

  25. spinner says:

    I just read that Jen has signed on to another movie & she will be working with Owen Wilson again. The title is She’s Funny That Way. Jen is in demand!

    • Lop says:

      She is far from in demand. She is getting small roles in very, very low budget films.

      An in demand actress gets Lead roles and can open a film on their name alone. They get the good roles, JA gets the leftovers no one wants.

      What JA has is a very good pr team and publicist.

      But you Spinner tend to spin everything when it comes to JA.

      • Bren says:

        Yes another film where she can wave her hands around, make those stupid facial expressions of hers and have a tan in the dead of winter!

        Another film to make hardly any money and get nominated for no awards.

        Also another excuse to not have kids. She will be 45 in a year, closer to 50.
        Hope her fans are not holding their breath.

    • Bren says:

      Yes another film where she can wave her hands around, make those stupid facial expressions of hers and have a tan in the dead of winter!

      Another film to make hardly any money and get nominated for no awards.

      Also another excuse to not have kids. She will be 45 in a year, closer to 50.
      Hope her fans are not holding their breath.

    • Janet says:

      Another year, another stupid rom-com. Go Jen.


    • Kim says:

      In demand actresses command big bucks upfront and backend.Anniston hasn’t ever broke $10M for a film and usually gets $6 to $8M Why? She can’t open a film.

      • spinner says:

        Most actors/actresses can’t open a film. What’s wrong with being an ensemble actor? She is working steadily & seems in demand while other actresses are saying they can’t get work. 6 – 8 million a movie is nothing to sneeze at & she has 3 projects as we speak. She is making bank.
        Like she said…she is happy & considers herself lucky.

      • lisa2 says:


        Let’s see if the budget for her next couple of films is less then 15-20 million (less on this new one) which is reported to be maybe 10-15. Do you really think Jennifer Aniston is being paid 1/3 the budget for the film. A film she herself said she had to audition for. Yes she is working. It is always good for an actor to work, but for you to claim she is in “high demand” that is not true. Actresses in HIGH DEMAND have scripts written for them. They are the person behind the idea for a script. They get to pick their directors, They get script approval. Hell Anne Hathaway had to audition for LesM.

        The Producers are shopping the movie in Berlin trying to get a distribution deal, which they don’t have, and financing for another film. Something that seems to be the norm. High Demand actresses are not in films that can’t get the money behind them based on their name.

        She does not have that kind of Clout. The films that she has had the most success in were financed because of the male comedian. Not because of her. Which is why if you look at her Production company, what is she producing. What movies does she have in the works? Why can’t she get them greenlit and in production? That film Gorree Girls (sp) that she has been talking about for years. Why can’t a HIGH DEMAND actress get that film made based on her name> Why won’t she put up her own money? You say she has “bank”… then invest in yourself. Invest in the talent your fans scream you have.

        She is working and yes for any actor that is a good thing. But HIGH DEMAND equates that she has scripts being thrown at her. And by her own admission she has to still after all these years audition for parts, and she said she never gets them. So how does that equal High Demand. Look for people like Rebel, Melissa, Tina, Amy and these Comedic woman to give her a run for her money. They are what you call High Demand comedic actresses. And they are the women Producers/Studios are looking at.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Spinner, who wrote: “I just read that Jen has signed on to another movie & she will be working with Owen Wilson again. The title is She’s Funny That Way. Jen is in demand!”

      Yes, and did you read the synopsis? Jen is playing yet another hooker. This time, she’s playing a former hooker who has decided to go to school, where she meets Owen Wilson’s character.

      Funny how you left out the ‘hooker’ part. And by the way, ‘hooker’ was the word used in the synopsis, not former ‘call girl’ or former ‘prostitute.’

  26. Tig says:

    As someone who wishes she was turning 44- I get Jennifer- your 40′s (aside from the big 4-0) Bdays are no biggies. It’s not that you don’t celebrate, it’s just, well, here’s another one. I think she looks great- she’s not 25.

    I have adopted a dear friend’s approach to getting older- it beats the alternative!!

  27. Bijlee says:

    Okay I’m not a fan of Jennifer Anniston, but I like her movies. I liked just go with it, marley and me, and her other films……I wait for your comments.

  28. bELLA says:

    Well said! She is D-listed!Forget having kids!!!! SHE NEVER WANTED THEM.

  29. hmm says:

    Why do you care if she’s “actively planning” her wedding? Why is that interesting to you? Why is this newsworthy? I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  30. janie says:

    Who cares? I have no idea why this is newsworthy? She’s D-list at best.

  31. skuddles says:

    Yes Jen, you are very (very) lucky to be working since you can’t act and you can’t carry a movie. But don’t worry… there’s always infomercials.

  32. Contrived says:

    She’s slipping further and further down…ensembles??…wives of leading men?? These are supposed to be signs of a good career??


    Bonnie Hunt called she wants her career back.

    I saw ‘Marley&Me’ in the 80s when it was called ‘Beethoven.’

    Rene Russo at least had major A list men she played the wife of.

    Whereas Aniston predominantly bounces between the lowest of the lows…Rudd, Bateman, Sudikis??? Come on this is nothing to call home about.

    • Becky1 says:

      Her career is not what it used to be (unfortunately most actresses in their 40′s do not have the careers they had in their 20′s and 30′s) but she’s done extremely well…she’s been working as a high profile actress since “Friends” premiered back in 1994. To me, that’s someone who has been extremely successful considering how competitive a field it is. I’m not commenting on her ability as an actress (I think she’s pretty mediocre, to be honest) but no one can deny her success. Yeah, she’s gotten lucky but she also has made some smart choices along the way in order to still be in the public eye and getting roles after all of these years.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      I wonder what Rene Russo is up to nowadays? So much more engaging than the starlets of today.

  33. Clarissa williams says:

    Jen A is always so awesome. Working hard and loving hard. If we all had half the class as she does, you’d see more positive comments. She looks great, her fiancé loves her for who she is, and she’s great at rom/coms. Love her.

    • Kara says:

      This must be a joke, right?

      Working hard? She shows up on set and basically plays herself in every film.

      Class? People who are friends with C.Handler, Terry Richardson do not have class. They are trashy.

      Justin loves her money and status as BP ex wife. He loves the mansions and private planes.

      She is not great at rom coms and is slowly being replaced by younger much more talented actresses.

  34. stinkyman says:

    Lol … you find the funniest pictures. As always making sure these people you don’t like look as awkward as possible.

  35. ctkat1 says:

    I turned 34 two weeks ago, and I didn’t tell anyone that it was my birthday (new job, new city, etc.) My family and old friends were shocked that I wasn’t tearing it up, but honestly…ugh. Birthdays have lost their shine.

  36. GM says:

    wow I guess Angelina Jolie has been busy writing responses….LOL

  37. I Choose Me says:

    Wasn’t it just my birthday?

    Never thought I’d say this but I know just how she feels. Sigh.