How in the world is Kim Kardashian fitting into these maternity leather pants?

After seeing Kim Kardashian’s expanding pregnant body in those photos from Brazil, I was expecting a new era in Kim Kardashian pap’ing. Meaning that I thought from here on out, it would be muumuu and loose maternity wear. Unfortunately, not so much. These photos are from two days ago – Kim in LA, wearing maternity leather pants. See, I would have a hard time walking around in those things (and those shoes) and I’m not even pregnant. How is Kim able to walk? How does her ass not literally bust out of those things? Leather has no “give”. There’s no “stretch”. So how does Kim manage it? Is that flannel shirt doing all of the heavy lifting (so to speak)?

Who needs pregnancy pants when you’re Kim Kardashian? The pregnant reality starlet rocked leather pants and sky-high lace-up booties during an afternoon trip to grab some frozen yogurt in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

The 32-year-old kept things simple with her all-black outfit, though she did show off an impressive array of gold bracelets on her left wrist. The mommy-to-be hid her growing baby bump with a flannel shirt tied around her waist. Boyfriend Kanye West, 35, was also on-hand for the afternoon snack.

Kardashian has previously spoken out about her fear of gaining too much weight during her pregnancy, and has written about working out with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson.

“Tracy Anderson is keeping me in shape! She is helping me make adjustments necessary to keep me feeling happy, healthy and most importantly create a workout plan that is safe for the baby,” she wrote on her blog earlier this year.

[From Us Weekly]

But! Hollywood Life claims that Kim and Kanye weren’t just going out for yogurt. They claim that Kimye were going to a doctor’s appointment to find out the sex of the baby, and Kim brought like half of her family with her too. HL doesn’t say whether she’s expecting a boy or a girl, but they do throw some shade because the doctor’s visit MIGHT have been filmed for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. For now, though, we still don’t know what she’s having and Kim keeps yammering about “privacy”. Which is giving Kris Jenner a rage-stroke.

Oh, and TMZ has the latest in Kim’s divorce case here. I found this story kind of boring, just FYI.

And hey, at least these aren’t jodhpurs. *shiver*

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Bowers says:

    Read about Kimye receiving special treatment at airport by their one fan who works there.

  2. Eleonor says:

    Maybe my question is stupid, but is it ok to squeeze your body like that while pregnant??

  3. Lune says:

    I don’t like her but I hope it’s a boy for the baby’s sake so it doesn’t get compared to Blue Ivy for life.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Trashy…just plain trashy. Does she pass by a full length mirror on the way out the door? Apparently not!

  5. Melissa says:

    Is she copying Liberty Ross’s boots?

  6. Jade says:

    Given that she’s covering up the back on the leather mess i’d say maybe they don’t fit and the reason she’s doing the 90s tie a plaid shirt round your waist is to hid perhaps a rid or a very squashed mess.

  7. lady mary. says:

    i doubt they are fitting ,her thighs are straining to break free ,anyways “happy valentine’s day “,ladies !

  8. Skipper says:

    That shirt isn’t fooling us

  9. logan says:

    Mrs. Humphries is going to get a rash on those thunder thighs if she isn’t careful. But then again Mr. Humphries probably doesn’t care.

  10. Arock says:

    The real question is why are they even making leather maternity pants? –say it out loud—
    See how trashy you feel? Ech.

  11. elceibeno08 says:

    I could not agree with Kaiser more. Kim outfit is totally inappropriate for a gravida. She claims she is worried about losing her baby because of Kris Humphries not giving her a quick divorce. I would be more concerned about those spiky shoes she is wearing. That flannel shirt is hiding a huge leather-clad ass ready to bust out. And yes, pimp mama kris is having a very hard accepting that Kim will not showcase the baby in their incredibly worthless tv reality show. I don’t hate Kim and Kris, I hate their stupid fans who fawn over them like retards.

  12. Tifygodess24 says:

    One day she has a bump next day she looks like a normal girl fat. Pay attention to the pics, how the hell do you have this bump and then you don’t. I’ve been pregnant twice and my bump didnt go anywhere, once it appeared it stayed. Plus the Girl was wearing what looked like spanxs in Rio or whatever that was in the pic…. I’m not saying she’s not pregnant but Something is fishy and she is a kardashian after all.

  13. dorothy says:

    I think she wears tacky clothing because it generates publicity. So desparate for attention that she will take it any way she can get it. Good or bad.

  14. marie says:

    she wasn’t hiding her pregnancy bump with that shirt but a muffin top instead.

  15. littlemissnaughty says:

    Words I never thought I’d read: maternity leather pants. Lord gawd.

    I don’t like Kanye West much but I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for him. Or maybe that’s misguided and he is the happiest f*cker in all the land? These two confound me.

  16. says:

    She is probably not buttoning up those pants. There’s this maternity belly-band thing that basically looks like a tube-top except that it is worn over your pants: as long as you ass size doesn’t increase during pregnancy, you can keep on wearing your regular pants with the belly band.

  17. Jamie says:

    It looks like they’re way too tight. Check out the roll.

  18. snark says:

    I don’t think those are maternity pants- if they are, they are ment for someone much smaller.

  19. virginia5 says:

    Umm once again she just looks she actually has a roll…something aint right with the buttermilk.

  20. kitkerenina says:

    That she even knows flannel exists…

    Also, hmm… A sweat lodge approach for unborn babies, and she’s working with Goop’s trainer. Sounds about right.

  21. Fatkid says:

    Maybe those are jodhpurs and she’s just filling out the part that should be loose in the thigh area…..just sayin…

  22. emmie_a says:

    Actually unlined thin leather has quite a bit of give and stretches quite a bit. I have leather leggings that are unlined and the knees are always stretched out.

  23. Allison says:

    just imagine her in those pants, when she takes off sky-high boots… her hips would be as big as the great canyon.

  24. Rinny says:

    I look at her and see DISCOMFORT! I could have never stuffed myself into that crap while pregnant and feel remotely comfortable. Why is she doing this to herself?!

  25. Flora Kitty says:

    Why, oh why, did so much Crisco have to die, for her to get into those pants?

  26. janie says:

    Pure TRASH!! Do we have to see a story every day about her? Good Lord, enough.

  27. Miss so and so says:

    I am thinking she is SPANXED to the limit which cannot be a good thing for a pregnant attention ho… and goodness can you imagine how HOT and UNCOMFORTABLE that must me… does leather burn from friction???

  28. Nicolette says:

    I know leather is trending big right now in shirts to skirts etc. but I just don’t like it except for jackets, bags, boots/shoes. It just looks so uncomfortable to me to wear as a garment.

    And I’m still doubting the pregnancy highly.

  29. Dhavynia says:

    A gallon of oil and maybe three people to put them on…..thats all I’m picturing

  30. Dee Cee says:

    Two more months of baby growth, warmer days and that trashy leather, sky high heels and any other uncomfortable duty worn garb.. to maintain her brand ..ugh.. is off the fashion menu.. heh

  31. Dawn says:

    She is just god-awful is what she is. Girl doesn’t know how to dress for anything. Yeah I am going to the gym so let me put on my leathers cause who knows maybe Kayneeeee will pick me up on his motorcycle. Ugly, ugly and more ugly and I can’t wait until she and her talentless ass no longer matter to the media. Yuk.

  32. Amy says:

    Wondering how many more cows will have to sacrifice their own hides to cover Ms. Kardashian’s as she gets bigger….

  33. mel2 says:

    I still predict she’s having a girl, those hips dont lie.

  34. Joan says:

    For a pregnant person that outfit must really be uncomfortable,well unless you are not really pregnant and you are staging another publicity,where is the bump people always talk about??to me she just seems to be gaining weight and for someone with her body type,who is supposedly 4 mnths along,there is no way your tummy will be this,she is not gaining weight like a pregnant woman,she is gaining weight like someone who is nearing obesity.and if you look closely,she is still doing botox which is unhealty for pregnant women.hmm,makes you wonder.

    • jess says:

      My mom didn’t show with me until she was 5 months along, so it’s very possible. I however, popped a baby bump the day I hit 3 months, but it was easily covered until about 3 weeks ago (16 weeks). Everyone is different, especially with their first.

  35. Tig says:

    I cannot believe her ability to ignore pain- being 3-4 mths pregnant and squeezing into that outfit- ouch!! I can’t understand these women who think they can get pregnant and their bodies won’t change! Honestly, clothes made for a pregnant body would look so much better on her than this mess.

  36. Cam S says:

    She looks like the most miserable pregnant woman I’ve ever seen. Maybe she has bad morning sickness? She can’t be comfortable in those heels either. Her and Jessica Simpson both wearing those dumb sky-high platform heels while pregnant. Fashion before function right ladies? No worries about tripping and injuring the baby….

    • swack says:

      @Cam – from the first time they mentioned the pregnancy she has stated that she had not had any morning sickness. If she had morning sickness she would not be wearing those pants that would put pressure on the stomach also. When I feel sick to my stomach the last thing I want on are too tight clothes.

  37. Alexa says:

    The paps cant possibly know where they are at every time of the day because they are not the only celebrities out there,me thinks they hired a photographer to take the pics of them going for a doctors appointment and have them sold to the highest bidder.Spanx dosent reduce a persons baby bump.either kim is faking this pregnancy for publicity because i think something is really a huge baby pump tomorrow nothing,bumps dont appear and disappear like that and i have been around many pregnant people.they better be well prepared for the backlash that is to come when it is discovered that they faked this whole thing.i wonder the line she will use now,maybe she will say she was just following her motherly instinct and her pregnancy was 100% real.

  38. Happymom says:

    Privacy?! They are papped every single day! And that’s because they’re letting people know where they’re going. Those pants and shoes are ridiculous.

  39. Dinah says:

    I’m not defending her, but IF she is knocked up, 3-4mos is not that far along. I had someone say I was lying about being pregnant (first baby)because my,”stomach was too flat to be pregnant”- at three months. I didn’t pop till closer to 5 months. Not everyone shows early. She does look generally porkier than usual, though.

    That being said, she is a K, therefore I wouldn’t put a stunt past her,by say, pulling a Beyonce.

    • Dawn says:

      I hear what you are saying. I got pregnant at 23 and weighed in at 103 until the 5th month and then I blossomed! However my face changed and got sort of chubby and it took my body a bit to catch up. But it is more than just these pants which in themselves must have been hard to get into. It’s the constant flying around, she is still plumping up her lips (or she has terrible herpes), she just does stupid stuff and wears awful clothes and finally people are catching on to these people that everything about them is phony and an act. The show must go on no matter what. She makes it very easy to NOT like her and she has told so may lies that it hard to believe a word that comes out her mouth. And in the end I think Kayneee will be nothing more than a victim same as Kris Humphries. Smoke and mirrors is the name of her game.

    • swack says:

      If she is due end of June, beginning of July she is more like 5 months pregnant. For some reason they keep reporting that she is 3 – 4 months pregnant and have been doing this for a month or more.

  40. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Packed-in black sausage…her legs, that is ;)

  41. Agnes says:

    How does she get those on? A bucket of lube.

  42. Chell says:

    Those thighs.I have no words.Wow.

  43. Syko says:

    The question is not HOW she got into those pants, but WHY? Why would she ever believe that’s attractive?

  44. ThatWay says:

    a.) She looks SO UNCOMFORTABLE! It makes me uncomfortable just LOOKING at her in those pants, let alone actually wearing them.

    b.) I might half way (HALF way) understand if she at least looked decent, but she looks TERRIBLE!!! And the flannel shirt wrapped around her waist- I’m sorry, did we time warp back to the 90′s!?

    She’s pouring herself into LEATHER pants while pregnant only to look teeeeerrible…. WTF!?

  45. NeNe says:

    Can we even confirm if this lying h**ker is even pregnant? I would bet money this conniving POS is lying about it…. Just another publicity stunt!

  46. RHONYC says:

    i’m tellin’ ya…just rock some moo-moos and call it a day. :roll:

  47. Dizzle says:

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be suprised if she wasn’t even pregnant…she’s just getting fat.

  48. skuddles says:

    This business of trying to disguise her weight gain and baby bump is only serving to make her look even bigger and frumpier than she already is. But I guess I shouldn’t complain since her shit taste in clothing is her only redeeming trait – she’s always good for a laugh :D

  49. RN says:

    This reminds me of my favorite “Friends” episode, when Ross wears leather pants on a date and can’t pull them back up after using the bathroom.

  50. Amory says:

    When your pants push up a fold of stomach, you need to step away. That ring-o-flab above her pant line is gross. And that’s not pregnant belly – pregnancy belly does not smoosh like that.

    I’ve never seen such a dour pregnant person. Maybe she’s back to working on her “poor me” stance.

  51. Gabby says:

    The fact that those look like high-waisted pants is just pathetic. This woman seems to be ashamed of her pregnant body. Stop stuffing your baby in leather high waisted tight pants and spanx and the other weird attire you dub acceptable for maternity. We know you are only having the baby for publicity and to keep Kanye in your clutches forever but please have mercy on the baby. And yes, accept the fact your body will change. It’s the consequences of your choice.

  52. fabgrrl says:

    I doubt she walks around all that much – to and from the car, tops. So maybe the shoes don’t bother her much.

  53. Amanda says:

    Trust me. when she is much further along in the summer heat, I don’t think we will see her in any leather. If so, then she is a much bigger idiot than we ever thought.

  54. The Original Mia says:

    Those pants are screaming for mercy. I bet they are hanging so low, her butt crack is saying hello.

  55. That Girl says:

    So, a few years ago, I was shopping for maternity clothes and came across maternity Daisy Dukes. I thought that those were the worst maternity clothes ever. I stand corrected.

    Also, she is going to make Jessica Simpson look skinny by the end of the pregnancy.

  56. palermo says:

    Something in the milk ain’t clean …

    I still only see a roll of fat, no baby bump whatsoever

  57. Cait says:

    I’m probably 2-3 weeks behind her in my pregnancy, and it’s my second, so I fully expected to start showing sooner. Instead, I’ve dropped 10 lbs. just from being reasonably active and eating a relatively healthy diet (and chasing after my toddler…). I’m still wearing my non-maternity clothes, much to my surprise.

    That said, leather pants? Seriously? When you’re 4-5 months pregnant, the last thing you crave is an uncomfortably constricting item of clothing.

    Just ugh. Has no one told this nutter about the bella band?

  58. Daahling says:

    So much “NO” happening in those photos. I chose to dress comfy and cute during pregnancy. Leather pants never crossed my mind. Why? Oh, maybe because it’s not comfortable? Hmm. Maybe I need to stop thinking like a normal person and more like a narcissistic reality starlet famous for human toilet skills.

  59. Asdfg says:

    Her style has been off lately!

    She needs to rewind back to 2009-2010 and take notes! I loved her style back then! She ALWAYS looked chic and gorgeous!

    What happened? :(

    And… About the 3x to small leather pants…. She looks so uncomfortable! Yikes!

  60. Sherry says:

    I wore black leather maternity pants when I was pregnant with my first. They had the maternity panel in front and were in my size – meaning they were not tight like the sausage casing pants Kim is wearing. And the heels!

    There is no way she could be comfortable in that mess.

    Jessica Simpson may have ballooned up with her pregnancy, but I have to say, at least she looked happy and comfortable the entire time!

  61. Narsa says:

    Paris Hilton commented in the past something like Kim’s clothes made her rear look like fat in a trash bag. Every time she wears black or leather I can’t help but think ” HEFTY, HEFTY, CINCH SACK !!!

  62. Elo says:

    I am about a month ahead of Kim and I got nauseous just looking at those pics. Squeezing into anything became really unappealing at month 4. I feel like an elephant :(

  63. Dimebox says:

    I keep picturing someone yelling out a warning to passers-by “She’s gonna blow”! Then everyone takes cover before they get slapped in the face with pieces of black leather. This is a dangerous situation people…Code Red!

  64. umyeah says:

    everyone keeps asking why she is dressing like this. it’s because of her douchebag of a boyfriend. she used to be a stylist and had her own sense of style somewhat until kanye came and overhauled her whole wardrobe. now she dresses up in whatever fug clothes he wants her to wear. ugh.

  65. Alana Fajina says:

    For the love of God Kim, leather pants are NOT for everyone- especially a pregnant heffer such as yourself!! She is So Wide. My word, I feel for that poor child already.

  66. Memphis says:

    Does she not have a full length mirror in that tacky house of hers?

  67. Narsa says:


  68. anon says:

    Don’t they have stretch pants that look like leather? Im sure I have seen some. Last nite or yesterday she also posted bikin’s pics again on twitter but taken before pregnancy.

    Interesting other fashion designers also refused to let her wear there goods in her latest fashion shoot. Also note none of the K’s were at Fashion week & they usually are. I could be wrong but don’t recall any of them there.
    Ratings are falling on there show & word is Kim wants her own sitcom.. Kayne wont do reality TV I guess he doesn’t realize he already is. lol. Don’t believe for one moment that they don’t want there own show..

    Love ratings are falling. Im sure were about to get some drama soon New Is she really preggers?

  69. Holden says:

    She looks like shit and walking around in shoes like that while you are pregnant is stupid and irresponsible.

  70. Gia says:

    I don’t mean to women hate or anything, but her body is gross. And I don’t mean her pregnancy. I mean her legs and lumpy fake ass. I don’t get it…

  71. JL says:

    I’m guessing the pants zip on the side or the back thus the shirt. Not good materinty wear, but she’s early enough to not have much of a bump.

    Someone needs to tell her she’d look better in fitted maternity fashions, right now she just looks fat with rolls. It’s not like she needs to save money for the baby and put off clothing.

  72. umyeah says:

    kanye has the worst fashion sense and now it’s totally rubbing off on her. when did Kim ever wear leather? not until she stayed dating kanye. now she looks horrendous in every outfit.

  73. Green is Good says:

    Apparently she’s carrying the fetus in her giant ass,

  74. Latifah says:

    She seriously has no style or fashion sense.

  75. G says:

    So that’s what Paris Hilton meant when she said “her ass looks likes cottage cheese in a trash bag”.

    She obviously knows it does so she covered it up.

  76. Alexa says:

    @ anon
    their ratings are not falling,no they are rather crumbling and you will think that with kimmies pregnancy and all the hype surrounding the show they will do better in the ratings.
    I give the kardashians a maximum of a year,lets see how relevant they are,even before this year runs out.

  77. Alexa says:

    @ anon
    their ratings are not falling,no they are rather crumbling and you will think that with kimmies pregnancy and all the hype surrounding the show they will do better in the ratings.
    I give the kardashians a maximum of a year,lets see how relevant they are,even before this year runs out.
    She is about to have two more things in common with paris hilton.the sex tape being one of them and her must sit somewhere and say to herself,you fool i and the people before you have staged better stunts but yet here we are.

  78. Tammi B says:

    She doesn’t look pregnant to me and whats with the fall roll on top of her pants? Pregnant women usually have firmer stomachs. I think Kim is having a fake pregnancy.

  79. AustinMJ says:

    Girl is gonna be ENORMOUS! Ha! Couldn’t happen to a shallower person.

    Ok, part of me feels for her – I know what its like to be young and stupid and attach your self worth to what your body looks like. I seriously doubt she has enough depth of character to understand that concept.

    She’s either going to have a “come to Jesus” moment and realize she’s more than that, or more likely, never be more than plastic, call her surgeon, get the fat sucked away and continue on with her fake self.

  80. Amanda says:

    How is it even possible to make maternity leather pants?

  81. ViloDeMenus says:

    Why try to hide her ever growing behind with tied shirts, it looks ridiculous and only makes her ass look bigger, you barely notice she’s preggo. Maybe she’s having a Beyonce Baby(tm)and the shirts & peplums are just there to throw us off. She’s so fake it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Saddest and most unhappy looking mother-to-be ever. She doesn’t look forward to having to think about anyone but herself. She won’t either.