Katy Perry doesn’t approve of Chris Brown & it’s ruined her friendship with Rihanna

For months, the tabloids have been running stories about Katy Perry’s falling out with Rihanna over Chris Brown. And possibly John Mayer. Most of the stories go something like this… Katy: “Girl, I can’t believe you got back with Chris Brown. He’s such a d-bag.” Rihanna: “Look who’s talking, bitch. Your boyfriend is a straight-up skank.” And you know what? They are both right and wrong. Rihanna is right to throw shade on Mayer and Katy is right to throw shade on Chris Brown. And they’re both wrong for getting off on such nasty men.

Anyway, as I said, the tabloids have been full of that drama, but people were watching to see if Katy and Rihanna – former BFFs who sat together during the 2012 VMAs – interacted at all during this year’s Grammys.

Rihanna’s reunion with Chris Brown at this year’s Grammy Awards stirred up plenty of buzz among fans, but it turns out that some of the couple’s famous friends aren’t so hot about their rekindled romance either.

Katy Perry, who got close with the “Stay” singer at last year’s Grammys, “doesn’t approve” of Rihanna’s decision to get back together with Brown, 23, and their friendship has suffered as a result of it, sources tell Us Weekly.

“They aren’t tight anymore because Katy doesn’t approve of Rihanna dating Chris Brown,” an insider told Us of the pair.

A source close to Katy, 28, tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively, “there was a request made to the seating people at the Grammys by Katy’s people. They asked that Katy and Rihanna not be seated in the same section. Katy feels like there’s awkwardness there and she just didn’t want to deal with it.”

“Such a headache!” an insider tells Us Weekly magazine.

Perry, 28, instead spent the evening on the arm of her beau, a maroon suit-wearing John Mayer, 35. The couple had a front-row view of the night’s performances, while Rihanna and Brown cuddled up elsewhere in the audience.

Rihanna, 24, and Brown continued their love-fest after the ceremony as well, sipping on cocktails and “getting very affectionate” whispering in each other’s ears throughout the night at the Zing Vodka Post Grammy Party held at Hollywood’s Supperclub, an observer told Us.

A source close to Rihanna tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively, “Rihanna doesn’t have a problem with anyone and could give a f**k about what anybody thinks about her relationship. She was focused on her and Chris and enjoying her night.”

[From Us Weekly and Hollywood Life]

I heard that Katy also spent her post-Grammys “loved up” with Mayer – apparently she took him to dinner with her parents after the Grammys. Because of course. I’ll admit that I only watched part of the Grammys, but I did notice that Katy and Rihanna were not seated side-by-side, and I didn’t notice much interaction between them at all. So… this story could be 100% accurate. And you know what sucks? That the girl dating John Mayer has the moral high ground.

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  1. Len says:

    You can’t compare Chris Brown to John Mayer. Yes, Mayer’s had a string of girlfriends, but that is true for alot of us. Chris Brown is an abuser.

  2. Eleonor says:

    John Mayer is a douche? Yes of course, but it’s not even comparable to Chris Brown, John Mayer is a 30 something guy with the maturity of a 19een years old boy. he’s not the first, he wouldn’t be the last one.
    Chris Brown is a woman beater and a rage monster.

  3. allons-y alonso says:

    ugh…..Rihanna and Chris Brown are one of the few “love” stories actually worse than Twilight.

  4. Ms Kay says:

    Both guys may not be comparable but all I can say is love life wise, both Rihanna and Katy Perry have a Ph.D. in decision making….

  5. T.Fanty says:

    That last sentence made me sad.

  6. vvvoid says:

    You know Katy has to feel good about John Mayer seeing her best friend date such a violent, effed up guy.
    John Mayer is douchewad but I’m not too different from him, I’m kind of a douchewad too. I’ve had a lot of “lovers” and then leave them when the challenge is gone [I have since changed my ways].
    Rihanna needs to have several seats if she is gonna call John Mayer a skank when CB is publicly cheating on her with his ex jumpoff.
    Poor girl. See the video for Stay? I don’t care what annnnyone says, it was lovely and she looks utterly bewildered, like she’s sad she can’t make sense of her feelings for Chris. All she knows is she doesn’t want him to leave her. I’ve been there. Except nevvvver with a dude who’d lay hands on me. I’d probably kill him in his sleep.

    Poor girl. Hates herself enough for the whole world.

  7. Riana says:

    John Mayer is a douche? Yeah he is, but you know what? Katy is an adult and can choose to date him, whether he’s a douche or not he isn’t abusing her or daring her to anger him again.

    Rihanna? No contest. Brown put her in a chokehold and promised he’d kill her. Folks need to stop acting like a woman who chooses a douche is in anyway comparable to a woman who’s been beaten repeatedly.

  8. marie says:

    Mayer is a douche but CB is abusive. If I were their friend I would worry more about Rhianna. CB will abuse again, it’s just a matter of when.

  9. kdlaf says:

    Wow, all this drama in this girls life makes me really curious to see what happens in the next 5 years in both her private and single life. I mean, her “bad girl” schtick is getting old real fast and I she’s popular primarily because of her image. I wonder when people will start getting tired of her. She’s had a pretty stable career in terms of hit singles but will people start getting sick of her like Gaga? Then again, Gaga’s new perfume has sold nearly 30 million bottles, I doubt that girl is crying herself to sleep. I guess this is what success means for pop stars are now – selling an image….

    • vvvoid says:

      Pop stars have always sold an image.
      Even rock stars sell an image.
      My favorite band, Nirvana, sold an image. Kurt wasn’t exactly happy about it, bless him, but that is what people eat up…the image along with the music.
      Adele too sells an image. Maybe a healthier one, but still an image. It’s unavoidable.

    • Sassenach says:

      People are sick of GaGa and her popularity is on the wane. She doesn’t even sell out stadiums as much as she used to and many people complain about her “preachiness” and boring concerts. The only reason why her perfume sold so well is because it smells fantastic and has very interesting packaging. People who don’t like or care about GaGa have bought her perfume based on the fact that it is a quality product that is unique. I hate celeb perfumes and never buy them but I love hers.

    • Fanny says:

      I’m sick of her. If they didn’t always play her songs on the radio they wouldn’t be as popular. That Diamonds song is awful but after the 11th time you hear it, it’s not that terrible. Her voice still sounds bad in it though.

  10. val says:

    Mayer may be a skank but at least he never endangered a woman’s life by beating on her face.

  11. mom2two says:

    Well, if this is true, I am guessing that Katy just can’t sit through that again. I can’t say that I blame her and it shocks me to agree with that last line…the girl dating John Mayer does have a point.
    Mayer is a douche and he is not good to the women he dates but he is no woman beater…so there’s that.

  12. Tapioca says:

    Clearly Ri-Ri could “give a f**k” regarding what people think about her relationship, or she wouldn’t have done endless recent interviews about how much of a bird-flipping maverick she is to stand by her “bad boy”. (Whilst remaining a record label puppet about as genuinely edgy as a My Little Pony-print beachball.)

    Meanwhile, JM may be an over-sharing hornbag douche, but everyone knows he’s an over-sharing hornbag douche, so at least women date him with their eyes open. And can still open them if they get caught checking his text messages…

  13. Micki says:

    …”And you know what sucks? That the girl dating John Mayer has the moral high ground….”

    There’s always a first I guess.

  14. Nibbi says:

    seems like every time i’ve ever seen a pic of rihanna (except for, like, THAT ONE, of course) i’m struck by how stunningly beautiful she is. seriously.

  15. soapyme says:

    Wait, does this mean Katy Perry is more conscientious that Bieber, Taylor Swift and ADELE?! I don’t know what to think!

  16. CF says:

    the such a headache line from the insider is the same quote from the taylor swift carrie fight too right?

  17. Aud says:

    I think John Mayer is a closet racist. Isn’t he the one who said he had a white supremacist dick? Who says that? I doubt that he’d approve of a girlfriend of his having a non-white girlfriend.

  18. good_as_gold says:

    Birds of a feather flock together.

    I think Rhi gets off on the abusive aspect, because she herself is a douchey psychopath.

  19. kitkerenina says:

    ‘Seating requests’ from various ‘camps.’ That always sounds so bridezilla to me.

    But in Brown’s case, shouldn’t the attendees and organizers alike all be taking evasive action? Ron Goldman, anyone?

  20. lisa2 says:

    I love Rihanna’s hair when it is short like that. Super cute and sexy.

    I think people should chill about her and Chris. I don’t think the relationship to last but who knows. Sometimes when the world is saying NO it makes you hold on all the tighter. I don’t approve or condone what happen but it is as she has said. Her business. It doesn’t hurt me if they are together or not. And fans need to accept that opinions are that opinions. The STAR doesn’t have to do what fans want them to do..

    Imagine that.. people making choices good or bad about their lives. OH wait.. that applies to everyone.

    • Lulu says:

      If we ‘chill’ about it it’s like we are giving it our stamp of approval. I’d rather people not look the other way or give them a pass. This is way too important.

    • cs says:

      Everyone still talking about it is making CB and Rihanna richer. J Mayer and Katy’s careers has fallen and Rihanna and CB has risen.. They are still making #1′s in the US. Rihanna had the #1 album and single in the US recently and CB still has a recording contract and booking concerts.

      BTW, Adele isn’t the only one that took photos with CB at the Grammy’s. He also attended Beyonce’s Pre-Grammy luncheon with JAy-Z in attendance. So stop reading into the rumors. Almost every major recording star is supporting CB.

      I watched Rihanna’s raw performance at the Grammy’s.. She got a standing ovation..

    • Dena says:

      @Lisa2, I agree with you.

      I don’t particularly think the relationship will last that long–especially if she meets someone who is mature, fun, and respectful and who has an edge. (I guess we are all waiting for that man, huh?) For some reason, she may “need” to get back with CB for closure reasons. I know that sounds crazy and it’s hard to explain but there it is . . .

      Other than the violence, they may have a lot in common and she may be very comfortable with him as in they “get each other.” I particularly think she sees CB as a troubled soul and one who the entire free-world is against. Her empathy and compassion moves her in the direction to help him but not to protect herself while with him. I think she literally doesn’t she herself or herself as being compromised.

      Her boundaries were probably compromised a long time ago to the point where she doesn’t have any or they aren’t that strong to begin with. She doesn’t have a strong sense of self-preservation.

      In CB, for her, it’s probably her trying to help her troubled father. Once, she really internalizes all of that and stays conscious of it, she can move on.

      He needs to forgive himself. Get some therapy and realize that although people didn’t like what he did that he too can move on (he’s young). He doesn’t have to continue to be an angry asshole in reation and neither does he have to spend his life repenting.

  21. Bubbling says:

    You don’t do it like that, when your girlfriend is in trouble (even by her own choice) you see her through it.

  22. judyjudy says:

    John Mayer is pretty greezy but in my eyes he’s the male equivalent of Katy Perry so they’re perfect for each other.

    I can see a friendship ending over someone like Chris Brown. I had a similar situation with my sister. She kept returning to someone who was terrible (equal or worse than CB). Eventually I couldn’t be around her, I got tired of hearing the sob stories only to see her scurry back to the person who messed her up. It was exhausting.

    It’s important to add that once the shizz got totally real and she finally realized she needed to get away we were all there to help her.I imagine the same would happen for Rhianna. At least I would hope so.

  23. bea says:

    John Mayer may be a “douche” (can we pls. get a new word?), but at least he’s not an abusive douche.

    CB, on the other had, is both – abusive and a womanizing douche.

  24. JL says:

    Sometimes a true friend risks the friendship to tell another the truth if that truth will save their life or sanity.

    Better to have someone mad at you than dead.

    That’s where Rhianna is heading, perhaps Katy was applying ‘tough love’ and if Rhianna wants no part of it, it’s time to let her hit bottom by herself.

    There is a BIG difference in having an annoying, immature, spends too much or cheap, loud or too shy etc, etc, boyfriend who’s persoanality simply isn’t a friends taste and a boyfriend that beats the shit out of you.

    I don’t like all my friends “men”, but I don’t have to live with their quirks either. Start beating my buddies and, yeah, I’ll have something to say about that – hopefully in court.

    • Dawn says:

      Unfortunately with young women (and old too!) the man almost always wins. It really doesn’t matter if tell them the truth or not.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Been there. And what the people who say you have to support the friend is that sometimes that friend doesn’t want to hear it and cuts you off. I had a friend not speak to me for a few years after I told her that I wished that she could see how she deserves so much better than what she’s allowing herself to have and that I loved her enough to see that she wasting hers on a void. I didn’t hear from her again until she divorced him after he put her in the hospital. He only married her for her citizenship. I could’ve told her that, wait, I did. You have to love someone enough to let him or her hate you, that’s unconditional. Hopefully, you’ll see each other around the other side.

      How many of us chased her down and squealed to everyone we could find (we were 17/18 when this happened), no power on earth, family, friends, teachers–NO ONE could get her to change her mind, so she married him in secret, changed her name and ran off. The girl was determined.

  25. Talie says:

    I don’t blame her… I think I woud find it awkward as well to condone that. It’s a shame too because they were real friends and seemed to have a great time.

  26. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Too bad the Grammy’s can’t place a restraining order against CB. That would be great..I’s just sad that Rhianna still accepts him with more open arms than ever and works hard to defend him..how delusional and pathetic. I wish she would see clear and be stronger than that. And I liked how she and Katy were friends..hope they can work it out in the long run.

  27. HH says:

    If you have to block out EVERYONE’S opinions so you can continue with your relationship, that should be a red flag. Judging by the past, however, I don’t she’s attentive to those flags.

  28. Dizzle says:

    Ugh, they’re both so trashy…

  29. Jayna says:

    When you are the friend who listens to them cry and tell you all the painful stuff the guy did and see all the pain they have gone through and then they go back and want you to forget everything you know (and Katy knows far more than just the one incident I’m sure), you just can’t do it. It affects the friendship because you can’t accept the back to together thing and be all smiles after all the hours you sat listening about the creep.

  30. cs says:

    I don’t know if the CB and Rihanna saga is a sad commentary or that we in live in a world that doesn’t forgive a 19 year old that grew up an abusive household and made one of the biggest mistakes in his life.
    Although I don’t care for CB, he did date two other woman after Rihanna and both said he was nothing but kind to them. Maybe they were just young people in a toxic relationship and now know how to handle certain situations. I think I’m more forgiving of a teenager than a grown ass man.

  31. Madriani's Girl says:

    Katy Perry, who is dating Mr. David Duke dick, thinks Chris Brown is inappropriate????????????????

    Pot meet kettle.

  32. diva says:

    Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Katy’s choices in men aren’t much better. Katy got her “racist d*ck” boyfriend and Ri got douchey CB.

  33. LAK says:

    I can’t believe all the people who’d passively let their friend date an abuser KNOWING what they have done to their friend in the past.

    I doubt that beat down was the first time.

    And I don’t accept that Rihanna/CB grew up in abusive homes therefore have been conditioned that way.Millions(if not billions) of people grew up the same and aren’t the same.

    I don’t accept passively letting them get to rock bottom by themselves so that a lesson can be learnt.

    You know why? Rock bottom might be death. And then what lesson has been learnt? Is one then going to cry at the funeral tears of regret that if only they had done more etc?

    It is a pain in the butt to hear all about what the little creep did to one’s friend and then they return to him. But I would chase them downn and break up that relationship. No friend of mine is getting beaten, abused or treated badly in any way and am going to sit on the sidelines and hope it gets so bad they somehow receive a road to damascus revelation.

    I don’t care if they hate me in the end. No relationship should ever,EVER be abusive.

  34. Monie says:

    That’s like someone with herpes judging someone with gonorrhea. Lame broads.

  35. Kim says:

    It never fails to amaze me that 2 young girls with seemingly everything going on for them both have terrible taste in men. Their pickers are way off!

    Although Chris is scum, Katy is calling kettle black because she is dating just as much of a douchebag who is cheating on her and with her only to stay in the limelight.

    Rhianna & Katy have no self esteem – sad.

  36. Mom says:

    Watching CB’s face during the Marley tribute, I don’t think the meaness is out of Chris Brown yet, just smoldering.

  37. ClaireNZ says:

    I cannot stand Chris Brown. I cannot stand Rhianna either. Trainwreck both of them. I can never get over the fact that when he smacked her around he also bit her. What an animal! Yet she runs back

    • Danskins says:

      An animal? Seriously?

      CB was a 19 year old kid at the time of the incident and made a horrible mistake. Why can’t people learn to forgive? The man is not the antichrist. Why can other abusers (Sheen, Josh Brolin, etc.) be allowed to move on to successful careers but CB must endlessly be punished over something that has not occurred again? Why are people so obsessed with hating this one man when there are literally 1000s of people being abused each day, where’s the rallying for those people? Hating one man wont change anything because Rihanna is obviously back with CB despite everything. However, when will the intense hatred end for CB and replaced with understanding and forgiveness for a man who made a terrible mistake and obviously had mental issues from growing up in an abusive home? News flash: not everyone who grows up in an abusive environment turns out the same way. Where is the forgiveness? Hatred alone does not change anything.

  38. Mingy says:

    I saw Allison Williams on Anderson and she said she went to the Grammy’s as Katy’s date.

  39. Lauren says:

    Rihanna made her bed now it’s time to let her lay in it. I have no sympathy. I know where Katy is coming from.

    For years my mom let my dad beat up on her and all us kids. She always said she was going to leave him. She went and she told family and friends about all the horrible things my dad was doing. These friends and family members offered help. But my mother always just ranted about my abusive father and then once she felt it was all off her chest she went back him. Basically she passed on all offers for help. Then she was shocked when all of the family and friends would not have anything to do with my father. She was shocked that they could not see the good in him and give him a chance.

    I think Katy has probably been put in that position where she has been on the receiving end of all the times Chris Brown has made Rihanna suffer. She was probably the one who listened and offered sympathetic words.

    Imagine how frustrating it then must be to see the friend you care about going back for more. Katy probably got dragged into the emotional drama but if that friend doesn’t want to do anything to actively change their situation I don’t blame Katy for walking out on the friendship. There is only so much a friend can do. And no one wants to stand around watching friends make the same mistakes over and over again. It hurts more people than Rihanna or Chris because all the friends get dragged into that stupid storm that is their horrible abusive relationship.

    Good job to Katy for having the power to say ‘enough’ and walk away.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      And if you think that the abusive boyfriend isn’t above turning someone you love against you and isolating you from that person to the point where you never see each other, you’ve never seen the cyclone. Sometimes before you even decide ‘I can’t, I’m trying to convince a wall’ the door has been shut to you for a while. Sometimes that friendship’s been over for longer than you have realized.

  40. Blenheim says:

    I find Rihanna to be unbelievably beautiful but I think short her suits her much better than long hair.

  41. dcypher1 says:

    The only thing I like about katy perry is het boobs. But kate uptons are better.

  42. jam says:

    so katy perry doesn’t mind when rihanna was dating drake and she worried when rihanna dates chris brown