Beyonce shows Blue Ivy’s face for the first time in a year in her documentary

Last night, Beyonce’s Beyonce-themed, all-about-Beyonce, directed by Beyonce documentary Life Is But A Dream premiered on HBO. I didn’t watch it, so please don’t expect me to talk about it, but feel free to discuss it. The header image is apparently an outtake image from the documentary, and it’s the first time we’ve seen Blue Ivy Carter’s full-on face in a year (although we have had glimpses of her head to varying degrees in the past year). Everyone is making a big deal about how Blue Ivy looks so much like Jay-Z… but…? I mean, I can see a resemblance to Jay. But I also think she looks like Beyonce too. She’s got an interesting blend of both parents, and maybe I’m not seeing what everyone else is seeing. Maybe she got Jay-Z’s eyes? Blue Ivy is more than 13 months old at this point – to me she looks older than that.

In case you’re like me and you haven’t watched the documentary, various sites have recaps so I’m sure you’ll catch up. One of my favorite details that’s come out is that Beyonce claims to have gained 57 pounds during her pregnancy. For real? No she didn’t.

I’m also including some images from Beyonce’s appearance as the cover girl for The Gentlewoman’s Spring/Summer issue. It’s a UK publication, and I kind of like the subdued black-and-white images. I prefer them to Beyonce’s Terry Richardson photo shoot, you know? I don’t even know if she’s wearing makeup!

Photos courtesy of Instagram and Beyonce’s Tumblr.

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  1. judyjudy says:

    She did NOT gain 57 lbs. I shouldn’t care but that claim makes me angry. With my second child I gained 50lbs. I was fit/curvy to start and practically unrecognizable at the end of pregnancy and for several months after. Blaaaah!

    Blue Ivy is totally adorable. As self-worshipping as these people are I’m really impressed that they didn’t sell her out when she was an infant.

    • RovingLass says:

      I don’t think she gained 57 lbs either.

      I wonder if she is calculating it from her lowest weight (she said she lost 20 lbs) for the role in Dreamgirls to her highest pregnancy weight (+ Blue’s birth weight) might get her near to 50 lbs.

      Even then…I can’t see happening.

    • Kim says:

      I believe she gained that much I saw her in 2011 and she was smaller than her normal weight.She could show video of birth and you people would claim it was CGI.Love ya B haters gone hate

      • emmie_a says:

        Haters gonna hate = me
        Liars gonna lie = Beyonce
        Fools gonna be fooled = you

      • cs says:

        No, I just think people would have loved to see her in a full pregnant state doing regular things.
        We were told by Beyonce she was pregnant at the Billboard Awards, and again prepping for her concert. She went from not showing to ready to deliver. All we saw were silhouettes, a head, a stomach never a full frontal body view.
        You don’t find that strange? I’m not saying she had to show us footage of her delivering the baby.
        No one ever questioned Mariah Carey, JLO, Madonna’s pregnancies. We saw them out and about doing regular everyday things. Also, it was obvious they gained substantial amount of weight.
        I use to argue with my sister about this. She was so sure Beyonce wasn’t pregnant and I was the complete opposite (I think because Beyonce wasn’t on my radar). But after seeing this documentary I’m not so sure. The whole pregnancy segment was so strange.
        There were times in the documentary that were so moving. Her love for Jay-Z. But I have to agree with Entertainment Weekly’s review.

        “just a televised press release designed to provide the same kind of rigidly distanced intimacy that we get from the snapshots on Beyoncé’s immaculately curated Instagram feed. There are just too many nagging questions: Who is the faceless looks-like-a-reporter guy asking Beyoncé softball questions about her life? Why is Jay-Z, her husband and #1 fan, barely around? Why don’t we ever see her —even in bed in the middle of the night — without beautiful, flowing, perfectly styled hair? How did she get footage from a security camera in an elevator for a pointless over-the-shoulder shot of her talking into her computer? (The movie uses so many multimedia video sources that it looks a little like a Beyoncified version of Chronicle)”.

      • V4real says:

        Yeah we are B haters; hate that she can’t tell the truth. Like I said we didn’t start those rumors; other celebs and the media did because they notice something fishy with her. In her documentary why didn’t we see any shots of her full pregnancy w/o silhouette; just saying Kim

    • Lala says:

      I gained 55lbs during my first pregnancy and look exactly the same 1 year after she was born. There is nothing suspicious about her saying that she gained 57lbs with Blue Ivy.

      Why must everything be a conspiracy theory or negative when it comes to Beyonce. Everyone has different pregnancies, everyone’s body is different why can people just accept that and move the f*ck on?!

      • Tay says:

        A year is reasonable, not 3 months…just saying….

      • Grey says:

        Yes everyone’s body is different but look at some of the weight gain of pregnant celebs like Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keyes, Jennifer Hudson, Jessica Simpson etc…you can tell that they were pregnant even up to the end. I know some individuals have a smaller frame and it is not true for them but be real, Beyonce has been struggling with weight issues all her life, there is no way that in almost all of the few pics of her pregnant that are online that she would only have gained weight in her stomach and no where else and then drop it 3 months later and put on a tour around the same time…just saying.

  2. mel2 says:

    Didnt watch it but I have noticed several things:
    1) aint no way she gained 57 lbs.
    2) she never mentions her labor
    3) she had two pregnancies so the belly photo may be from her first pregnancy
    4) she never shows her belly during her last trimester
    5) Blue is a cutie so I dont see what the big deal is not showing her face

  3. says:

    That baby is all Jay-Z in the face…

    And no way she gained 57 lbs. unless her pillow strap-on baby was filled with lead. I’m 5’7″ and gained 42 with my pregnancy and looked like a blowfish.

  4. MrsBPitt says:

    Blue does look more like Jay Z…that mouth especially…but she is a cutie…

    • Dena says:

      Yeah. Blue looks to have Beyonce’s look about the eyes and head shape and Jay about the mouth and nose. Hopefully, her features will be soft and feminine.

      That’s sounds awful,so let me elaborate. Willow Smith looks exactly like her father. His features are fine for him but I am hoping that she will grow into them a bit more and feminize them as she ages or that she will have a nice androgynous look when she gets older.

      Nicole Riche’s daughter looks a lot like her dad too. My wish for daughter is the same for Blue.

      This is all very awkward and may even read like it’s borderline insulting. I’m just talking about the transfer of features across the sexes/genders. I am also talking about woman who have strong features. I have strong features and have been described as a handsome woman. So . . . I am just saying that I hope they grow into themselves . . . that’s all.

      All are cute kids will appeal.


  5. Miss so and so says:

    Ok I DO think MOST babies are darling and she IS cute but given the genes that were supposed to be available… I must say she didn’t win the lottery…

  6. Skeptical At Best says:

    My concern is that she’s looking dead at me with her right eye, yet the left eye is looking elsewhere.

  7. Mika says:

    She has Jay-Z’s mouth and Bey’s skin colour and hair. She is cute.

    • kristiner says:

      That is not Beyonce’s hair color. Some black people have sandy hair. Tina, Matthew, Solange, Beyonce Grandma Agnes…these black people are not the sandy hair/reddish tint.

      Beyonce is a bottle fake blond. How in the world is that baby’s hair so light. Gwen Stefani dyes her boy’s hair so I wouldn’t put it past Beyonce to be using natural herbs and stuff to lighten it. Like lemon juice or whatever can lighten dark hair until she gets older and she can put the peroxide on.

  8. Belle Epoch says:

    Beyonce is a lying liar.

    • Tina says:

      I don’t know but her documentary and her “big comeback” seems to be so forced. This whole thing looks beyond ridiculous. Why is she so desperate for attention? All these media outlets try to force everyone to believe that she is the best thing ever in music business. WELL SHE IS NOT. Her music is meaningless and forgettable. I don’t believe in her picture perfect image. We all know that she is backstabber and cheap copycat. I don’t know why people are buying her fake smile and fake crap.

      • Lolly says:

        High five Tina! Everything she does seems so fake & contrived. She’s so desperate to be a legend & an icon. These things happen organically. I won’t be told who’s the best in the music,I’m very capable of making that decision myself thank you very much. She’s ridiculous

      • TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

        Preach on tina and lolly : She and jz must be paying everyone off – she has writeups in even local publications in my area – we can only hope this leads to a backlash as the public will get sick of her vapid greedy endless self promotion. The news media has no standards if they are presenting her as the best thing in music.

      • OutstandingWorldCitizen says:

        “Comeback” from where? The bathroom. She has not left our sight. Talk about over exposed. Jeez Give me a break. I have not watched the doc but will. Of course this is a calculated PR move. Like an extended MTV diary show but with the HBO treatment. Nothing spontaneous. Nothing insightful. Just fodder for us to speculate and primer to buy the next project. I agree she is shady. You have to be to make it in that business.

        I don’t hate her. Don’t care about her baby weight claims. I really just wanted to see the baby. She is cute. Mystery over.

  9. MG says:

    I watched it. After I read People’s review of it I thought I would come away liking her more…that didn’t happen. This is what I got from it…stuff I already knew. Beyonce can sing and Beyonce is a hard worker. AND… Beyonce suffers for her art…blah blah blah and she thinks she more important than she is. I was actually bored watching it and was playing on my phone.
    They did show a tummy shot of her. I think she said she was 20 weeks. It was right before the Grammy’s debut of her bump. At that point it looked like a tiny tiny bump or that B was bloated. They also showed “her” at full term. It was shot as a shadow so you couldn’t really couldn’t tell. Whomever that person was, they didn’t look like they gained 57lbs! Maybe 35. I don’t remember B saying what she gained, but like I said at times I wasn’t even paying attention. She could have really had the baby, I really don’t know and don’t care. She talked about the rumors of her having a surrogate and how they were the worst rumors she ever heard about herself. I still have doubts.

  10. cs says:

    I watched the Documentary. It was a snoozefest most of the time. But there were moving moments. She and Jay-z singing, the baby and her whole family including grandparents sitting around the dining room table. There were too many Beyonce performances. What I found interesting that almost every segment was clear, except the pregnancy segment and the hospital scene. You never saw her face and body at the same time or it was silhouette. Besides it was grainy. So much for dispelling the conspiracy theories. Blue is so cute, she looks like Jay-Z, but I see some Beyonce in her as well.

    • V4real says:

      I’m with you about the silhouette; why not show in it in clear view like she did with the bulge earlier in the film. That could have been anyone or even a prosthetic b/c it wasn’t seen in the light. But Bey must remeber it wasn’t us the fans who started the fake pregnancy rumors, it was other celebrites and the media so perhaps those rumors have some truth to it.

    • TG says:

      Also, anytime they showed her belly they never showed her face or her fully body. So it could have easily been someone else. Also, I never saw any video of her working while pregnant. I mean you would think there would have been video of her heavily pregnant at some point. I just don’t know. It was inspiring at some points because you see that she works very hard to give a good show. When she was toasting Jay-Z in that video on a yacht in 2006 I thought she was proposing to him. Also, I didn’t understand why that bitchy guy was yelling at one of the dancers to sew her own weave on her hair. He was going on and on about how she should be able to do it herself and not 2 seconds before they showed a scene of Bey getting her weave done. She is really pretty and does seem to be able to sing.

    • Liv says:

      How narcissistic can one be? Unbelievable. They live in a bubble.

      In terms of her pregnancy – well, if she’s doing a whole documentary to prove she was carrying the child herself, these are ridiculous scenes. There’s no proof that it was actually her. I found her very compelling when talking about the surrogate rumours and I would even tend to believe her, but then again there are so many celebritys and politicians who lied in our faces…

    • Cameron says:

      I didn’t get Beyonce was hard worker . It was Beyonce telling us from her couch that she works hard.. I thought the documentary was going to be more like Madonna’s “truth or dare”. It wasn’t! It was so boring at times I got on my laptop.. I wish it was less performances, more moments with Jay-z, baby and home videos.. The pregnancy scenes look as though she was posing for a Vanity Fair Cover. That was weird. Why didn’t she show herself doing regular things while pregnant, getting dress, shopping and just hanging out. I think she should’ve used a professional documentarian to produced it. It was all over the place. We went from home videos, jay for a moment, Beyonce performing, Beyonce on her laptop, Beyonce in bed, Beyonce On her yacht. Back to home video, Beyonce in the hospital,, which was also weird.. I thought she said she had a Natural birth. Why was her mother putting rollers in hair? She was laughing, although it was a grainy image it look like she had full make-up with fake eyelashes.
      I know not all woman have the same reaction but she didn’t appear to be having contractions more like someone getting to ready to have a C-section. I have to agree,she didn’t dispel the
      Surrogacy rumors. The baby is so cute. Jay-z mini-me with Beyonce’s complexion.

      • Rose says:

        True that about the full face makeup…If you have a planned c-section the hospital will tell you NO make-up, NO nail polish…nothing.

        She didn’t grow that baby in her body, but she’s her mother just the same. Pressures from fame must suck. I definitely couldn’t handle it lol! Blue is cute tho.

    • kristiner says:

      I noticed that too! I started talking to myself outloud because it was weird as hell.

      I was like these people are super millonaires and the pregnancy footage and in the hospital the biggest moment of their lives is all grainy and 80s style camera work? It was grainy like the giant, sit on your shoulders recorders from the 80s.

      That wasn’t right. WHY would the pregnancy stuff be all grainy? They’re showing it, want memories of it so why wouldn’t it be clear???????

      • Mayday says:

        Maybe because the delivery was filmed by family on smaller point and shoot cameras that took video, and not an entire camera crew shooting with expensive HD cameras and lighting and getting a close up of her moon pie when blue ivy came shooting out.

        Seriously tho, I don’t care either way, but this beyonce conspiracy thing is getting out of control.

        Of course we didn’t see her when gained the last bit of the 50+ pounds, SHE BLEW UP LIGHT A HOUSE.

        I would hide inside too if I was her. Otherwise she has jerks like us being like OH MY GOD SHES SO FAT.

  11. Whiskeylove says:

    I literally just finished watching it online and I kind of enjoyed it! It is what it is though.. bullshit self promotion and a desperate attempt to stop people questioning her pregnancy. It didn’t work and I’m still not convinced over the whole thing! especially that black and white body shot near the end. It looked really strange to me.. It was great to finally see Blue Ivy, she’s adorable and looks so much like Jay but kids grow and change so quickly at that age so time will tell. I wish they would dress her in some pink though, In the clip she’s wearing a blue baby grow and sucking a blue dummy, I get her name is Blue and all but put a ribbon in her hair or something!

    One last thing, this woman has someone filming her 24/7 and they were the best bits she could show from her 10 year relationship with Jay Z? Something aint right there..

    • Agnes says:

      Something in the milk ain’t clean.

    • kristiner says:

      Exactly! Blue is a cutie but for someone so into her hair, Beyonce sure doesn’t do a thing to Blue’s.

      She’s at the age where most moms are slapping on bows, headbands, all sorts of hair things that make little girls look so dainty and like little dolls.

      She has Jay-Z’s face so she needs bows and headbands. She’s a cute little girl but how they dress her she could easily be mistaken for a pretty baby boy.

      Cover her body with your hand and just look at her face. If you saw that in a stroller dressed in blue not in a dress but shorts or something you wouldn’t know it’s a girl.

      Blue has a lot of hair. A lot of black baby girls have puffs or hair pom poms at her age and look adorable as all get out.

      Again, Beyonce is so crazy about keeping her hair all fake blond and weavy but doesn’t do anything to this little girl’s?

  12. V4real says:

    I’m on the fence about that pregnancy she looks as if she just poked her belly out. In case people never notice her stomach hasn’t always been the flattest . I said it before that’s how my belly looks after a big meal. It seems as if she is trying to hard with turning around trying to show different angles of her belly. I’m still not convinced she gave birth.

  13. Yasmine says:

    Idk what’s with you people! They clearly showed her being pregnant in the documentary. That child clearly looks like both of them so how people are still skeptical that she gave birth I don’t know why. I will agree that I don’t believe she gained all that weight but she was clearly pregnant. Even in the photo of her bigger you can clearly see it’s her face. Some of you people are seriously trippin in your dislike for her. If you don’t like her whatever, but I really don’t believe Beyonce is vain enough to fake a pregnancy. Something she said herself in the doc.

      • Tyra says:

        I really dont get the hate for celebrities like beyonce and kim k.if beyonce said she gave birth,who am i to call her a liar.all you haters bringing up these conspiracy theory,i have to ask a simple question,were you there in the hospital when she gave birth to say she is lieing???beyonce is very talented and she is the best thing that has happened to music after michael jackson.i love her and her is a very cute baby

    • V4real says:

      Don’t know how much you know about surrogancy but when people use surrogants it’s still the mothers egg and the fathers sperm so of course the child would look like the parents. It’s their biological child they just used someone else to carry it. BTW the silhouette at the end could have been anyone or a few camera tricks. Bey did this to dispell rumors about her fake pregnancy then she should have showed her full belly in the light. Nice try Bey but we ain’t buying. Even the bulge just looked like she had a big meal or was bloated. BTW just because she says she’s not vain doesn’t mean she isn’t
      OJ said he was innocent but most of us don’t believe him just because he said he was.

      • Yasmine says:

        Well let me put it this way. If you want to believe sh didn’t have blue ivy that’s you. I believe she did but to each his own.

      • Maria says:

        V4real, couldn’t agree more with you!!! The more times passes by the more I think she used a surrogate… There’s NO WAY she gained 57 pounds. No way… Beyonce showed herself doing pretty much everything so why not herself pregnant in the last trimester with a clear image of her head and body? Not just some shadowy silhouette. Too fishy… The way she likes to show off why not? Or even on the way to the hospital or something? It made me doubt even more that she was ever pregnant… I think she used a surrogate after her miscarriage.

      • mccoy says:

        She may not be vain enough to fake a pregnancy but she surely wants to have control of her image and how she is perceived. Look at all the hoopla concerning the unflattering pics from the superbowl. One of the other posters posted a link of her from her last trimester from a security camera. She was so swollen that she looked like a fat Rhianna and not Bey. Once her looks started to morph we didn’t see Beyonce until she was ready for us to see her. If the whole reason she faked a pregnancy was to protect her body, why would she take prednisone to gain weight? Her own attention seeking started this rumor of the surrogate by wearing the padding during the VMA’s and early interviews. I know women like that who want to show earlier than their body is ready to, so they wear maternity clothes but can still fit into stretch clothes. It’s ridiculous but not criminal.

    • Isabel says:

      This is gonna be a trollcomment:

      A baby can look like the both of them because the surrogate used her egg.

    • Kim says:

      Haters Beyonce could say she was Black and idiots will say she is not.Beyonce lost almost twenty pounds on that last tour.So she was down twenty from her normal weight.Where are the haters who claim she lies about her age Kelly had had her 32nd bday last week.So I guess she is lying too.If Beyonce didn’t want to get pregnant because of vanity.Why get pregnant the first time?

    • Janet says:

      What’s with us, is we ALL saw her stomach fold, and watched her odd pregnancy timeline. Plus we’re all sick of her trying to convince us she carried that child. She is the one that’s keeping this story alive with her lies of denial. Trying to convince us, cause she’s so smart and we’re so dumb. She should fire the PR people that are encouraging this mess. It’s seriously damaging her reputation. I’m over her because of this bs.

    • su says:

      people dont believe she had the baby because they dont WANT to. that is ALL. they are THAT vindictive. they are candid photos, the documentary, her post baby body, which was SIGNIFICANTLY larger than her pre-baby one and people STILL do not WANT to believe. Because in their mind it is perfectly natural to fake a pregnancy, take pills to make her seem bloated/heavy and miss out on the opportunity to tour and earn TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS just to FAKE a pregnancy. These people are STUPID and they should continually be treated as such.

  14. Ms Kay says:

    I didn’t watch the Beyoncementary, there were re-runs of Luther, so watching a dangerous hot tempered Idris Elba fighting his inner demons whilst being ridiculously attractive was an indisputable choice.

    But I read them pieces and bits of what she was saying and good grief, it’s all about vanity and damage control. Plus pics of a bloated belly and a woman in a shadow won’t really confirm anything but rather exacerbate people. And I saw pics of that interview with Oprah… Guuuuurl tone down the clown make up face!!!

    That said, no matter how she was conceived, Blue Ivy is a blend of both parents.

  15. Roma says:

    Both shows last night were incredible. I am not a huge fan of Beyonce, but I respect what she has achieved and her work ethic is phenomenal.

    The shots you have included in this post are fab too.

  16. Ranunculus says:

    She is so desperate for attention and favourable press that she even releases cute baby pics of her child for self promotion. Yuck!

  17. HouseofBeatrix says:

    Blue is adorable. Without a doubt, that Jay-Z’s girl.

    Daddy’s baby, mama’s maybe.

  18. Shannon says:

    So all the shadowy, back of the head, half face shots of blue led up to this? She’s a cute baby but why all the drama to show her? Beyonce is annoying.

  19. Victoria1 says:

    Cute baby. I don’t care for the “mother” so I refuse to watch the HBO thing.

  20. The Original Mia says:

    Blue Ivy is adorable.

    Ain’t no way she gained 57 lbs & I believe she actually was pregnant.

  21. RN says:

    I wonder why she feels compelled to keep lying about her weight gain? Because, of course, she simply did not gain 57 pounds. Once again, something that’s obvious to any woman who has been pregnant and given birth. It’s as ludicrous as Leanne Rimes’ statement that Brandy was having casual sex five weeks postpartum.

  22. RHONYC says:

    i love BI’s ‘whatchu talk-in ’bout Willis?’ face. :lol:

  23. butch says:

    jz and b’s sister could make this baby. I though I could see the sister right away.

  24. Cass says:

    Blue is such a cutie! I think she’s Jay from under the nose down and her mother nose & up :) Although I think many wayyyyy over play/hype up her looks, I’ll admit that Beyonce looks absolutely stunning in that 1st b&w pic :D The natural look has always suited her.

    Her weird lipo suctioned stomach & waist still majorly bug though (it’s especially apparent in that white dress). Yikes. P.S. Please don’t yell at me Bey army; she has the exact same lumpy botched lipo stomach as Serena Williams and a few others. Really curvy, thicker women don’t have comically small, yet mysteriously super, super flat AND lumpy stomachs with jutting out very round hips by way of nature. If you see her in the rare upclose bikini pic-like those infamous white ones-it’s especially obvious (she was supposedly pregnant but her ‘bump’ was just the flat, sculpted stomach pushed out a little bit…I’m not hating, it just looks/looked so bizarre).

    • anonymous fan says:

      Cass I believe the woman has had ALOT of plastic surgery in the last few months.From skin whitening to lypo,and a nose job just a couple of weeks ago.Did anyone else notice that her nose looked totally different and smaller fom singing at the White House to the Super Bowl? She didn’t talk about that in the doc did she? I believe she was pregnant but when she lies on Oprah about losing 57 pounds in 4 weeks by eating salad,Bitch please! It makes her seem phony like she is hiidng something.She lost alot of the weight with plastic surgery.Tell all the truth Beyonce.Not just the stuff that makes you seem like America’s perfect girl next door.

  25. emmie_a says:

    Please. She is wearing makeup. She is probably wearing more makeup than a Vegas showgirl just to try to get that ‘bare faced’ look.

  26. T.C. says:

    Kaiser look at Blue’s face. That’s Jay-z’s nose, mouth, eyes and expression. Dead on image of her daddy. Her hair and skin color look more like it came from Beyonce but kids skins and hair color do get darker with age.

  27. Patrice says:

    Lol @RHONYC: Because no one can gain a lot of weight without being pregnant?

    If you believe the reports that came out early in her ‘pregnancy’ (I don’t know if it was real or not, I wasn’t there), she started taking Prednisone in an effort to make her face & nose swell up as she’d taken it before and knew it would have that exact same effect on her as it does most people who take it. Again, I wasn’t there but there was a real article that came out around her 5th month along which outlined ‘her’ plan to give her this exact physical effect. Sounds a little out there but I don’t put anything past celebs at this point.

    • dagdag says:

      She would be as crazy as a bed bug if she took glucocorticoids in order to fake a pregnancy. The weight gain is typically in the face, the so called moon face along with skinny legs. Of course, it differs from person to person. Anyhow, no one can predict the side effect of this drug.

    • V4real says:

      Thanks Patrice I also mention the Prednisone under the comment that showed a link to Bey looking fat. People were starting to question why she wasn’t gaining weight so she started to take prednisone and viola; weight gain and puffiness which prednisone causes.

      • Maria says:

        My sister takes prednisone because she has lupus. While prednisone does make you gain weight, it gives a very distinctive puffiness. Even in that security camera pic of Beyonce, she clearly doesn’t have the classic prednisone moonface. Sorry, not buying the prednisone theory.

  28. tabby says:

    I’m sorry Beyonce is straight up lying about being pregnant, what pregnant woman has a arch like that in there back when there pregnant. I’ve seen both of my sisters pregnant and they didn’t have a arch in there back. Basically she had a hourglass figure while pregnant, girl please.

  29. lisa2 says:

    Just reading the comments. I didn’t see the doc, nor the Oprah interview. I thought all of it was airing on Sunday (today)

    I always believed she was pregnant, but just because you use a surrogate does not mean the child is not that of the parents. If the egg of the mother/sperm of the father was used then of course the child will look like the parents. Look as SJP/Matthew and Nicole/Keith. I was wondering how much of the pregnancy they were going to show. So judging from the comments not much. I think instead of putting a lid on the speculations, it has kind of added more questions.

    Blue is a cute baby. She looks like a nice blend of both parents. I notice that a lot of celeb girls look a lot like their fathers. Some time it works and others not so much. But children change so much and you really don’t know what they are going to look like until much older. But I think she is a cutie pie.

    • LAK says:

      I always think people look like they did as babies, without the baby markers. It’s during the developmental stages of childhood and teen years that they look different, but once they are full matured adults in terms of physicality, they look exactly as they did as babies. Which you see when you see their baby pics.

  30. Tazina says:

    After I saw the pregnancy photos of Beyonce on the beach in a bikini and other stuff I knew she was legitimately pregnant. I’m sure she gained 57 pounds too. She’s a large, big boned woman and 57 pounds is easily done. You weren’t there staring at her bare belly when she was 9 months pregnant.

    I’m not a fan of hers by any means but I don’t see the point of this silly gossip people make up about her.

  31. MissKittyKay says:

    It is possible she gained 57 lbs. It is crazy how much you can swell up in those last couple of weeks.

  32. Jaana says:

    If she really wanted the drama to end she would have just shown picture or video of HER clearly pregnant. That shadowy image doesn’t even LOOK like her…Omg I love Beyonce’ but she is making it hard for me.

  33. palermo says:

    Isn’t the rumor that Solange actually carried the baby?

  34. Isa says:

    Blue definitely looks like her daddy. The only thing she got was her moms weird eyebrows.
    Let me just say, if there were rumors like this about me I’d be releasing a lot of photos, videos, etc.

  35. Nicolette says:

    All I know is in that infamous interview where her belly deflated, when she goes to sit down is the tell all. When you are pregnant you don’t go to sit as you normally do because you can’t due to the belly, you kinda lean back, feel for the chair with your hand and flop into it. Getting up isn’t normal either, you arch and push yourself up. It just happens that way over the months as your tummy grows. I guess no one told her that.

  36. anonymous fan says:

    I believe she was pregnant.But I hate the way she brags about how hard she works on her body when it looks like she has had alot of plastic surgery.She has lypo scars,skin whitening and I can tell she had a nose job in just the last couple of weeks!Look at her nose from the White House performance and the Super Bowl,it is not the same.She didn’t put that in the doc did she?And telling Oprah she lost 57 pounds in 3 weeks by eating lettuce!Sure… and your nose and face changed on it’s own Bey.Maybe she is as fake as people say.

  37. Dana says:

    Whitney’s daughter never grew out of Bobby’s fatures, and it ain’t pretty.

  38. CC says:

    All I have to say iis I like any of these pics more than her superbowl crap. Which is funny considering hte “unflatering” drama. She dresses up in that horrible crap, makes contorted faces and is surprised she looks bad?

    Anyways, I’m terrible with “resemblances” but the girl looks ok, even though she has that “deer in headlights” look in her face from the hubbub of the photoshoot and strange people.

  39. the original bellaluna says:

    1. CUTE baby. (I LOVE her hair!)

    2. Ain’t no way her pillow pregnancy caused her to gain 57 lbs.

    3. I cancelled my HBO just in time! ;)

  40. Jayna says:

    That documentary was so boring. One reviewer got it right. Beyonce spouting off cliched platitudes throughout the whole documentary.

  41. ycnan says:

    I watched it and I don’t remember her saying she gained 57 lbs. I don’t think she faked her pregnancy.

    The first shot at 20 wks, sure she was not huge (lots of women aren’t) but there is no way that Boyonce ever gets “bloated” to this degree. Are you kidding me? She was in the middle of promoting her album performing all the time. No way her stomach was not flat as a board (before pregnancy).

    Also the second shot, she really looked like one of those women who don’t have a big basketball bump but a more long bump. Again, I have seen women like this. It would explain why she didn’t look all bumped out later in her pregnancy. Just the way I see it.

  42. s says:

    oh my god, Blue Ivy looks EXACTLY like her father! Really, you don’t think it’s visible?! Spitting image IMO! Poor darling, could have looked like her mum.

    That b/w photoshoot is very classy for a change.

  43. Rachel R says:

    57 pounds? I doubt it, unless she retained a LOT of water at the end. She looked a lot like I did when I was pregnant with my boys — I’m 6 ft tall and gained about 27 lb both times. I was mostly bump and boobs.

  44. blonde on the dock says:

    Muscle is heavier than fat. She was probably in pretty good shape when she became pregnant and kept up with her workout. She was fairly heavy in her thighs and butt while preganant so I can believe 57lbs. Beautiful photos! Cute baby!

  45. Janet says:

    Please if she really was pregnant, she wouldn’t be going on and on and on trying to convince us. Constantly defending and proving are the actions of someone who is lying. I don’t care that she used a surrogate. I am TURNED RIGHT OFF, by her bs, trying to convince us, thinking we’re all dumb, cause she’s so illuminati bleh, Over this b**tch.

  46. MonicaQ says:

    I think she was pregnant but 57lbs is some crap. I’m not going to even lie, I don’t particularly adore her as a person but I have guilty pleasure for her music like Britney Spears (oh middle school–Destiny’s Child and 98 degrees).

    The baby is adorable. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal if she actually carried or not…? Was it a giant story while she was pregnant or she not look pregnant? Some women carry differently from what I’ve seen (I have never been pregnant so I can’t say personally) so maybe that was it?

  47. KellyinSeattle says:

    Jay Z’S baby; Now I can sleep at night…

  48. erika says:

    god….i don’t get it. and it’s annoying.

    beyonce, sorry, ‘xcuse me ‘Queen Bey’ all the hoopla brew ha ha surrounding them annoys me!

    i like bey and jz, really do, i think they are fabulous people, true to heart. but my GOD, this over contemplation re: her preg, delivery, tummy, Ivy:

    “when shall we unveil to the gentle masses? Hark the Child! Trumpeters sound the coming of the Second Hallejulah Blue Ivy…”

    garddddddhhhh ehhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Sal says:

    I’m pretty sure the vagueness in the documentary was part of her plan. She wanted us to talk about her, and here everyone is, STILL speculating about her pregnancy. So she wins that one.

  50. qtpi says:

    Started to watch the documentary but couldn’t get very far. I find her hard to listen to when she speaks – it’s like she is holding her tongue when she talks. That disappears when she sings though.

  51. Jayna says:

    Lola never really looked like Madonna when she was really young. She was practically all Carlos. It was shocking as she hit maybe ten (I’m not sure exactly when) she really started becoming more of a lttle mini Madonna lookswise mixed in more predominently than before.

  52. lisa2 says:

    Just watched the video on youtube. Thanks to the poster upthread for posting. I fast forward to a lot of it because it was too much chatter not a lot of substance. I wanted more about I don’t know exactly. I didn’t feel it was a music video or a documentary per-say. But I didn’t know she did that full nude body shot of the baby bump. I guess she did like so many other celebrity women. I’m not sure what I wanted more of but I will say that Beyonce looks absolutely beautiful in the video and Blue Ivy a very pretty baby. The last shots of her holding her were just precious.

    I don’t get the critisism of celebs that sell baby pics. To me not a problem. Especially considering that most of the pictures are when the babies are just weeks old. YOU can’t even tell what they will look like soon. But Bey and Jay have given a lot of their “privacy” away. Showing pics of their house, intimate shots of the ‘family” setting. Not every celeb does that. But It was interesting looking at the video. I wonder why too that Solange is so absent and her son so present in the video. Also when Beyonce said she took him to Paris to be with his father.. Is Solange broke and is the father broke, that they couldn’t afford to have the child travel to visit. That part was the most interesting to me seriously.

    Bey looked beautiful with little makeup.

  53. Tania says:

    K, I have 2 points to make. First off, Beyonce is the kind of person who has something to prove. For example, she very obviously sang live at the Super Bowl (and some other thing post anthem, can’t remember) to prove that she could actually sing. She is bothered by bad press. Hence the live show. So if we know she is like this, why, could she not prove without a doubt that she carried that child? She is followed by cameras wherever she goes. You’re telling me this was the best she could do to dispel the rumors? Not good enough in my book. Fake, fake, fake.

    Second, she states she lost 57 lbs in 4 weeks by eating lettuce. And of course was also papped “breastfeeding” in public. Any real mother worth her salt would know that you CANNOT starve yourself during this crucial time as you will NOT produce breast milk, and if you do, it will lack the proper fats and nutrients the baby needs. You starve yourself, you starve your baby. But no, this woman was more concerned with her appearance than the nutrition of her baby. And sure, we can formula feed, but let’s face it, breast milk is what’s best IF it can be done. To me, that is not a mother, but a blatant narcissist, through and through. So once again, I call fake. Genetically, that child is hers, but do NOT tell me that it came out of Beyonce, miss Imma gonna eat lettuce and starve my baby of the chance to have breast milk. FAKE.

  54. reg says:

    the red flags are she never shows her face with the belly, and there are no pictures of her stomach in late pregnancy, the baby looks like Jay Z and the surrogate mother

  55. Cassie3 says:

    Many babies do not look like their biological parents for a long time while many others do share facial similarities few months after birth.
    For now Blue looks a good mix between Beyonce and Jay-Z.

    I do think Beyonce used a surrogate just because I want see videos of the birth, I want to see this b… suffering a little bit. So yes she is faking everything.

    So if your child does not look like the father and you’re in a serious relationshhip with the man you claim to be the father, you’re a cheating s…
    If the case is the contrary, what does a man in this situation is called? Huh?

    There are so many celebrity kids that do not look like either of the parents. Gisele is faking everything about each pregnancy, C’mon, it’s impossible a woman to be so slim and athletic during pregnancy then after each one she looked amazing. Fake pregnant belly. Seriously? Then you look at each child and neither of them look like their parents. Tsk Tsk.


  56. Curt says:

    Bey has made it clear she not here to share her personal business with u she’s an artist and sensitive about her shyt not here to discuss jay or blue she a daddy’s gurl and they’ve even had issues she just wants to entertain u if she share everything that happens in her life with u what will she have for self can u imagine that I don’t care if a goat had the baby she looks happy and if u wanna cover up something how about the lil bro by a dancer….ijs Love Bey!!!!!

  57. Zgrom says:

    Well, I wasn’t sure what to believe in, so I googled her a bit, and I must say that I am convinced that she was in fact pregnant. Look at this photo: This is a preggo face for sure, just look at the bloated nose and lips (I should know, I was pregnant twice, not long ago). This one as well, you can see right through the fabric: Any opinions?

  58. Chelsea's handler says:

    She’s just a pop singer. I don’t know why so many place so much importance on her and what she does. She’s trivial. Her “art” is lightweight.

  59. Squeakie says:

    If shed just flash her c section scar it would clear things up a bit

  60. BLOGAHOLIC says:

    Why is her sonogram not dated, no name, no time.
    Why can’t she just show herself in late pregnancy.
    Why did she hide blues face for a year only to show her now?
    Lies lies lies, the more she lies the worse it will get once the truth comes out.

  61. lady X says:

    Well I did watch the Oprah special and the HBO Documentary and she did show her full belly and full body with face at 9 months …. She had dropped so the baby was very low… and she showed her in the hospital bed with the pregnant belly … Now I am more inclined to believe that she was pregnant … if she is still lying that would be outrageous

    • BLOGAHOLIC says:

      No you don’t what you see is clever photoshop of a woman in a shadow, no face and body in the same shot unless its dark.
      Can you please explain why there is no Info on her sonogram??

      Why is it impossible for her to show a full 8/9 months full shot, light shot no shadows no silhouette shots.

      Nobody has questioned Halle, amber, britney of faking a preg. But with Beyonce those if us that are not worshipping her can see.

      She gain 57 lb really when, cos that supposedly preg silhouette is far too skinny to be her after her supposed 57 lb weight gain, looks more like solange.

      Sorry b I don’t buy it, nor am I a hater like some music but don’t buy her stuff.

      This lie will be her downfall once the truth comes out.

      • lady X says:

        Oh hey I agree with you LOL .. Laughing cause you just read me …
        Look I have no kids so I have no idea what goes on with the sonogram and dates …

        I was saying the same thing about the shadow but maybe that is her way of keeping people talking … you know the say ” All press is good press” maybe she practices that
        I just guess I do not care enough about her … never really have … I barley listen to her music …
        I am more into old school real music (no autotune )
        I really hope to God that she is not lying.. but we have known celebs to lie for the sake of a reputation or image over stupid stuff

  62. Philly Lady 888 says:

    First off let me start with I am NOT a Beyonce stan by any means! I haven’t really liked any of her music since B Day as I feel it lacks substance and shows little growth. Nonetheless, I watched the documentary out of curiosity. It was bad but it wasn’t great either. I can’t say that I’m disappointed because I never had high expectations. I knew she wouldn’t reveal much of herself and personally I found the barrage of concert clips unnecessary. With that out of the way, I’d like to address two things I read in the comments on this site.

    For all those who are complaining about her “perfect” hair I say SO WHAT! #1 – she’s a celebrity so it makes sense that she’ll look perfect damn near all the time, especially since she has an arsenal of stylists at her disposal. #2 – she wears uber-expensive lacefront wigs and they’re not that hard to maintain. #3 – would you record yourself looking jacked up if you knew there was a possibility that you were going to show the video to others? (I’ll wait…)

    The other thing I keep reading in comments is the lack of belief that she gained 57 pounds during her pregnancy. Since when did all women have identical pregnancies? (Again, I’ll wait…) I gained 45 pounds during my first pregnancy and you could barely tell I was pregnant. However, I gained only ten pounds during my second pregnancy and I was big as a house! At the end of the day it doesn’t matter so stop wasting time postulating about someone else’s womb and weight gain.

  63. Apsutter says:

    I’m not interested in this doc but I gotta say that Bey looks so pretty in those pics. She always looks her best when she’s wearing very little makeup and wearing street clothes.

  64. justme says:

    Wouldn’t this be 1/2 to 1/3 of her body weight? How is this possible?

  65. debisis says:

    hopefully this baby won’t end up looking like the dad. i’m sorry, but i think it’s a shame she didn’t take more after her mom.

  66. Relli says:

    Today a Bey commercial came on and my husband was like, “I am sick of Beyonce.”

    I said, ” I know right, I always felt if Aaliyah had lived, Beyonce wouldnt have been as big of a deal.”

    • A. says:

      I’m sorry, but that was such an idiotic comment to make. Two totally different chicks in two totally different leagues. As much as I loved Aaliyahs smooth style and stunning looks, it ends there. Her last album was not that great (I was a die hard fan but it took me a while to like it), and I remember her saying that she wanted to make a gospel album. Clearly, she wasen’t reaching for pop stardom. Let me remind you that she was engaged to be married at that time too.
      Beyonce on the other hand, well you do the math. I don’t mind reading about Beyonce, I admire her drive. She plays it safe a lot and that’s her choice. Clearly, it works for her.
      And I wish people would stop bringing up Aaliyah like you just did. It’s just not right. Remember her for her originality, not someone you think would be good competition to a singer YOU are sick of.
      Thank you.

  67. Dorothy says:

    I’m just tired of the constant self promotion by this woman. The entire self produced documentary is a Beyonce commercial . Enough already. We get it, your great.

  68. truthful says:

    I’d rather see her than these talentless REALITY twits that have taken over everything…yet we know and are interested in their every move.

    at least she is an entertainer and a good one at that.

    it never amazes me how many women dislike her, LOL,its actually quite funny.

    Blue has Jay’s mouth & nose area and she look similar to B in Bey’s baby pics.

  69. Mallory says:

    I am not a Beyonce fan by any means, ill admit that I am a hater. I didn’t watch the documentary but that’s because I forgot. I hate the fact that she’s living a lie if Bey woul be herself we would like her for who she is. I think that she is a very private, natural person who might actually be more weird like her sister than we see. I have had my doubts about her pregnancy since the belly flop. I wouldnt be surprised if it came out she had a surrogate. Maybe she did it because of the miscarrage and fears of not being able to carry a child. Even if she would have came out and said that none of her fans would have opposed. No one flew off the handle when other celebs did it. I think that she is a sweet person but is easily influenced by others instead of having her own mind. The bottom line is vocally she is amazing an she can dance her butt off standing on top of lamps if you’d ask. I personally haven’t listened to a full B cd since dangerously in love….. I just wish she would be her. The good thing is she stays in the press for things that are non life harming…. We don’t see her in the media for DUI or substance abuse, or rehab her PR presents her as perfect so whatever but at the end of the day she’s making a living to live her life I just wish she would make music for her age group I can’t stand that Teeny Bopper shit that’s what makes me A hater. Not her vocal talent or her hustle, nor her looks. its her lack of meaningful music.

  70. jcstar says:

    If you watch the documentary you should see how she tries to be build women up and we are picking her apart. It shows what a hard worker she is and really tries to be great for her fans when they pay to see her show.

  71. Lola says:

    Well one things for sure: jay z cannot deny that child!

  72. AC says:

    I can’t believe this surrogacy thing is still going on!! Did anyone watch the Oprah interview w Beyonce? There’s a home video of B in a bikini, clearly heavily pregnant, under a tree w blue ivy growing on it. And she’s commenting on what a beautiful sight it was. Put it to bed already!!