Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries’ divorce trial set for May

Here are some photos of Kim Kardashian at LAX on Friday, preparing to fly out to Nigeria where (I assume) she was going to make some paid appearance at a concert. It’s nice to see her wear something that looks somewhat comfortable, right? Those leather maternity pants were scaring me. I’m assuming these are, like, maternity stretch leggings or something, and the loose blouse looks comfortable too.

Last week Kris Humphries main divorce lawyer quit on his ass, and while I thought the move made Kris look kind of pathetic, it may have also helped him out in a strange way. Now Kris has to find a new lawyer in LA (I think?) and the judge decided to set the divorce trial for May. I believe Kris wanted the trial set for June or July and Kim wanted the trial for right now, so the judge compromised.

Kim Kardashian will not be able to shake Kris Humphries out of her life for 3 more months … because a judge just set their divorce trial for May 6.

Kim’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, had been gunning for a trial next month — claiming Kris’ lawyers have abused the legal system by stalling for no good reason. The judge finally laid down the law and set a trial date, but the first available time for the trial is May.

Kris’ lawyer predictably tried to get another delay before setting a trial date, but the judge wasn’t buying what he was selling.

TMZ broke the story … one of Kris’ lawyers bailed on his client yesterday, citing “irreconcilable differences.” Sources tell us … the lawyer felt Kris was full of BS wanting an annulment, because there was no proof of fraud.

[From TMZ]

I’m trying to think if anything big is going to be happening around the first week of May… we’ll probably have the Met Gala the week before or something, and the start of the Cannes Film Festival maybe. I’m trying to gauge whether or not Kim’s divorce is going to get wall-to-wall coverage. Probably. Prepare yourselves. Also: if the Nets make the playoffs, that means Kris would have to miss a lot of basketball games just so he can screw over his ex. Because screwing over his ex is his biggest priority.

Meanwhile, did you hear that Kim also sold her Beverly Hills home? This is the same home Kim bought a few years ago and she briefly shared with Kris Humphries. Not only did she sell her home, she sold it fully furnished!!

A pregnant Kim Kardashian quietly sold her Beverly Hills home to an unknown buyer for an undisclosed price. Reported by, the off-market transaction was confirmed by a West Coast source after Kardashian transferred the home to a limited liability corporation.

The five-bedroom, 4,000-square-foot house has a swimming pool, spa, waterfall, fireplaces and a warm, country feel. Kardashian shopped her home around without listing it after her and boyfriend Kanye West bought a 14,000-square-foot Bel Air Italian villa-style mansion for $11 million last month.

The pair’s new digs certainly has room for their growing family. The mansion is 9,000 square feet with seven baths, five bedrooms and an elevator that leads to the master suite. That’s not all, the estate includes a gym, basketball court, movie theater, indoor and outdoor pools and two full salons for hair and makeup.

The couple, who just returned from a vacation in Brazil, reportedly looked at other homes in London, Miami and Paris.

Kardashian lived at the Beverly Hills house while engaged and married to Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries. The two have not yet officially divorced. Kardashian paid $4.8 million for the home in March 2010.

[From the NYDN]

I can’t wait until Kanye and Kim go on some kind of spectacular, international real estate buying binge. You know it’s coming!!

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Steph says:

    I know, I totally agree about the international real estate. I doubt they will be choosing nj for one of their estates, so I’m safe.

  2. mel2 says:

    If the Nets make the NBA playoffs it will be a short run and Kris barely plays so he will not have a choice but to show up for the divorce proceedings. As far as Kim’s pregnancy attire this is the best she’s looked since announcing her pregnancy.

  3. Hoya_chick says:

    The Nets won’t make a deep playoff run, ie they will either be swept in the 1st round or play a 5 or maybe 6 game series if they are lucky and get kicked out. No way they make it out of the 1st round. He is barely playing any minutes anyway and his name has been mentioned in trade rumors about being moved to the Charlotte Bobcats who will definitely not be making the playoffs so it shouldn’t be a problem. I think the trade deadline is March 15th.

    She never let Hump move into that house, so sharing it with him is a bit of an overstatement. That is one of the main reasons I think it was all a fraud. She freaked out after the tacky wedding when he wanted to ship his things to the house. They never technically lived together.

    She should dress like this more often she doesn’t look that bad here. Also, if she is so stressed and is having such an high risk pregnancy why all the continent hopping? International flights every other week can’t be good for the ‘baby.’ Oh Kaiser it says Mat Gala, think you mean Met.

  4. aims says:

    This whole divorce is taking so long. It seems really unnecessary. What will the trial prove? Kris wants to put her on blast, and at the end of the day they’ll be divorced. Kim needs to be called on her sh**, but I wouldn’t wish a long divorce on anyone. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if they had kids.

  5. Belle Epoch says:

    The last picture makes her look a little wobbly in those heels. Will she ever switch to flats? Her figure is unfortunate to start with, plus she’s short, so I’m wondering if she is going to end up looking like a pumpkin. Don’t all jump in about how you only gained 20 pounds with your pregnancy – this is Kimmy we’re talking about. Do you think she eats buttered Pop Tarts like Jessica Simpson?

  6. Abra says:

    Do you think they’ll follow this on Court TV during In Session? GAWD I hope so!

  7. Lolly says:

    Yes she’s here. Sigh… She’s making an appearance & some valentine’s day concert here in Lagos. My friend got us tickets. You would think some royalty’s in town the way the media are fawning over her. Heard some girls even booked into the hotel she’s staying @ just to catch a sight of their “idol”*vomits

  8. Victoria1 says:

    ITA this is the best she’s looked preg or not preg within the past 6 mos. the stylist is working.
    Omg this divorce is boring now.

    • kitkerenina says:

      Agree. The best top she’s worn in a while. Prob. ’cause it looks breathable.

      Also, this divorce IS boring. Spot on. Could that explain why she’s been looking so pained? Boredom is her kryptonite?

    • lucy says:

      It IS the best she’s ever looked, since she had her natural face and figure, anyway, and the best style she has EVER shown.

      Dear G*d, am I actually saying something positive about his waste of space? Why does she not look pleased in the least?

      She’d look even better without those ugly extensions, with some lip color, and with one more button closed on that shirt. But since everything fits and nothing clashes, it’s a win – since for her low, low, low standards, that’s really all it takes to not look like total trash. With the bar set that low it’s easy to “win”.

  9. The Original Mia says:

    Told you! We tried to tell you the judge wasn’t buying Kim’s argument that she just had to have a divorce due to the health of her baby. It was a BS excuse then and a BS excuse now. And there was no way the judge was going to let the proceedings go forth without a California attorney for Kris.

    8 months along, huge as a house, and she’ll have to be in court for the proceedings. They still have to get her deposition on record, so I wonder when she’ll sit down for it. E! still has to turn over the tapes to Kris’ attorneys. This isn’t over by a long shot, but it could have been if the Kardashians & E! hadn’t colluded to defraud the boy.

  10. Jano1981 says:

    I would want an annulment after only 72 days. The real real real problem is Kimmie will not grant that. I can’t figure out why he’s such a jerk. Why in the hell wouldn’t a 72 day marriage be annulled. Guess she should have stuck it out longer if she needs this divorce. His religious reason for wanting the annulment is much better reasoning that Kimmie wanting a divorce because, ummmm, just because she doesn’t want to grant him his annulment. Oh my gosh, He’s so spiteful and mean! Seems for the health of her baby she would do the annulment. Curious.

    • The Original Mia says:

      I agree. Boggles the mind. Kim made a mockery of marriage. She had no intention of being a wife. It was all for show. Therefore, it was a fraud and she should grant it to him.

      Hell, Renee got an annulment and life moved on for both her & the ex-hubby.

    • Migdalia says:

      If he’s so religious he wouldn’t be sleeping/dating with anyone until the annulment or divorce was granted. Im sure him and Kim had sex before marriage so he can leave religion at the door cause no one is buying it.

      Also, if this goes through then let’s all the jilted men and women of the world cry annulment cause they thought someone married them for the sake of marriage. So if two people get divorced after say 7 years, does the husband or wife get an annulment since marriage is a life commitment. 72 days, 72 months…whatever its her right to choose to be married or not. The only thing I can admire about a Kardashian is their hustle game so let me say that. However Kris is bs’er or really stupid. You’re gonna tell me that he really felt defrauded knowing these women, being part of deals and getting cuts of what, millions of dollars to be on the show and for the wedding. He’s just trying to stay relevant for any future reality shows/book deals/interviews or an NBA career jump start.

      • MonicaQ says:

        I don’t know his personal religion but not all of them ban sex before marriage but does take marriage seriously. Or rather, not all Christians are so strict but still teat marriage as something to be treasured. (Not Christian but husband is and we were not going to be together for 9 years before we got married without sex LOL)

      • The Original Mia says:

        Ask one of the Kennedy wives, who had her marriage of 2 decades annulled. It can happen regardless of the length of time. In her case, I thought it was an injustice to grant the anullment after so long. In his case, I don’t see why he shouldn’t have an anullment if that’s the way he wants to end his marriage.

    • DesertPoppy says:

      I agree with both Jano1981 and The Original Mia. I don’t buy the health of the baby argument because if that was really serious she wouldn’t be traveling internationally. Kim is full of it.

    • Violet says:

      I totally agree with you. I can’t fault Kris for wanting an annulment instead of a divorce.

      Kim made a complete mockery of the institution of marriage, using the wedding to make money and boost ratings, asking for a divorce after only 72 days and intentionally getting knocked up by another man.

  11. RN says:

    I never really noticed before just how wide the space is between the end of her nose and her top lip.

  12. T.C. says:

    Kris is going to have to give it up. I feel bad for him but he can’t win. Move on with your life. Find a woman who loves you.

  13. bettyrose says:

    Divorce “trial”? Geezus. I guess if anything can top an ostentatious publicity wedding . . .

  14. Earth to Kelly says:

    I really really REALLY hope that Anna Wintour does not invite her to the Met Gala this year, just because she’s pregnant with Kanye’s baby.

  15. Rianic says:

    From what Catholic friends have told me, an annulment is granted by the Church. Is that right?

    I was Team Kris, but the longer this drags on….

    I mean they split over a year ago. I think her moving on is natural, I mean who wouldn’t? Maybe she wanted and thought it would be like Khloe – all whirlwind and happily ever after, only to discover he was someone Es couldn’t live with. It happens.

    I just think there comes a point and time where the judge needs to step in and say enough is enough

    • Migdalia says:

      It’s true if they had a church wedding and if one or both are practicing Catholics. This lets you remarry in a Catholic Church and remain in good standing.

      I don’t watch the show, but I think I saw a beach wedding??

      I don’t know/see the benefit of a civil annulment except in this case to public ally and legally cry “fraud”. I see nothing that Kim allegedly defrauded him on that’s a legal or religious reason for granting this annulment.

    • swack says:

      I don’t believe he is Catholic. I think people assumed this since he wants the annulment. My opinion, but I think maybe his religion accepts the civil annulment as an actual annulment and therefor there is no procedure to get an annulment within his religion.

    • L says:

      There’s a legal (civil) annulment and religious annulments. They are very different. The later states that you were married, but didn’t have a sacramental marriage. You were still married and you still have to get a legal divorce or annulment.

      Chris is trying for a civil annulment which is legally different than divorce. You have to claim fraud or a couple of other things. Britney and renne z both had legal annulments

  16. Joan says:

    For a loser,kris h is making a ton of money more than kimmie and her family.the kardashians signed a $40 million deal with E!For kuwtk and all their other spin offs for the next 3years.well lets see,40 million split among them is 8million per family ie odom and disick,which translates into 2.5million a year.but kris h got a $24 million with the nets for the next 2years which means 12million per year.he is banking 1million a month will kimmie kakes and her family are making 200k a month.i dont think he is after kimmies money,i think he just wants an annulment and he also wants to expose them as the frauds they are because over the next 3years,he will be making more money than the 3sisters put together.
    I also dont think kimmie will make much money off this baby as she thinks she thinks that the baby will just garner them publicity but not the kind of money they expect and also the ratings may be a mess.the main reason they are this successful is because of the storyline they have sold to people and that is what makes their fans to come back for reality tv,each cast member have their story mode and once they deviate people tend to get turned off.each k sister have their storyline,khloe is the happily married with a loving and caring husband,the sister who dosent have a child,kourtney is the single sister with a douche boyfriend and 2 kids while kim was sold as the single sister,who always suffers from different heartbreaks,has an over the top lifestyle and a ton of boyfriends.with each season that came there was always a new guy on the show and that is what fascinated kept them guessing on who kims next boyfriend is keeping them glued to their tv sets.but if kim marries kanye and has a kid,the whole plot will be ruined.remember when kris h said to kim that by the time she has kids,that within the next 2years nobody will remember who she was??the kardashians are really stupid,i dont think they thought this stunt through.they may end up regretting it.this kims pregnancy is the HEIGHT OF ALL THEIR FAME,NOTHING CAN TOP THIS

    • Migdalia says:

      I couldn’t read your entire rambling except for the first half but I get the jist. No one should forget that if Kris H was credited on the show that he gets residuals from syndication and VOD.

    • Susie (1 of 3) says:

      Joan, I am not a Kardashian fan, have never watched their show, but can’t seem to avoid being exposed to their drama. From the outside, it looks like everything they do is carefully planned (masterminded?) including Kim’s pregnancy, by the Mama Kris. I wish they could all be forgotten in two years, if not sooner. Apparently they have enough people watching their show, buying their clothes, etc. right now. As you said, when people lose interest in the storyline it won’t take long for the show to be history. Kris H. deserves to get the annulment for being used by the Kardashians.

    • el says:

      if she is flying to africa twice in two months it means the gigs in africa are better paid than the ones here.her popularity at home is wanning so of course she goes where the money calls.

      • Nigerian Cyndie says:

        No. Africans or foreigners don’t pay better. I don’t even know how the host of that dumb show will pay up. Everyone is not impressed with him cos we have hard-working talented indigenous entertainers here who could have been hired in place of kim kard but she was called. I hate that she’s coming to Nigeria as do many others. And to think this is what Americans deal with every other day. Y’all must be soo tired nd exhausted. :(

  17. anonymous fan says:

    I hope Kris H. takes this lying pos for all he can.The only reason that Kim married Kris H. was to make Kanye jealous because she has wanted Kanye for years.She was texting him while she was married!And getting this divorce is really the hardest work Kim Kardashian has ever had to do in her silver spoon life.She married a man she didn’t love for millions and publicity and now she has to pay for it,Emotionally and Financially.Good.

  18. FridaK says:

    Here is what is going on. The difference between an annulment and a divorce is that the premarital agreement is null and void if you get the annulment. For divorce you’d have to go be the terms of the prenup. For whatever reason (money) it must be in kris’ favor to not go by the prenup. It’s about money or maybe a confidentiality clause in the prenup.

    • Migdalia says:

      Now that makes much more sense…for him to get the prenup voided. I believe this is his endgame. He is pissed and thus wants to take her for more money and embarrassment

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      My understanding is that if he gets the annulment, he can legally talk about what goes on behind the scenes in Kardashian land. (It’s gotta be some unflattering, incriminating stuff by the way Kim is fighting it.) If they are divorced instead of annulled, he cannot expose her or talk about her, or profit in any way from selling his story. My guess is that he wants to write a tell-all, expose the Ks for the trashy pimps they all are, and make a ton of money in the process.
      An annulment is a win-win for Humphries and a total loss for the Ks.
      He probably does hate her, and wants revenge, but even if he is indifferent–there still is a financial gain to him if he gets the annulment, selling the story, so there are reasons other than pay-back for him to pursue it.

  19. Winnie says:

    I doubt the trial will happen that day. His attorney will get a continuance based on his job or some other reason. Trial dates are never set in stone.

    • Dawn says:

      I would lay money that it is NOT Kris BUT Peepeeonkimkim who will back out. She will use her health or some other stupid excuse. Why is she flying off to Africa when she should stay home and figure it out…because MONEY is the only important thing, because she is a greed pig.

  20. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’d like to see Judge Judy preside over them and not take any of their sh@t :)

  21. Tiffany says:

    There is a picture of her backside. Yeah, she is going to get huuuge. Also, is she still messing with her face. I thought that you were to stay away from those chemicals while pregnant.

  22. Dhavynia says:

    how is her wide load going to bend over to remove those boots for the airport security?

  23. Kim says:

    LA to Nigeria 15 hour flight .I guess there is no issue with flying in second trimester

    • Viv says:

      That alone says it all. Greedy greedy greedy. As someone who has lived in Africa for years : there are very few good reasons to expose a pregnant Western woman to two such strenuous trips to areas plagued by Malaria etc: Maybe a funeral or a family function. I can’t imagine being as wealthy as that and still doing trips like that for publicity and money when I could be looking after the health of my unborn baby instead. The risks may not be major but why expose yourself to any if you can afford not to? Stooooopid.

  24. Marisa says:

    Drama aside, Kim looks pretty here. I don’t care about picking a side, nor am I a fan. I am giving out a compliment where I think it’s due, especially since she hasn’t looked this good in a while.

  25. Jennika says:

    I frankly don’t understand how so many of you are on Kim’s side in this. I’m sorry, but everyone knows that marriage was a fraud, she didn’t love him, she didn’t just want to get married for a fairytale. She wanted money and attention for a storyline. I do think that this fake marriage was supposed to last longer, but she pulled the plug early because she didn’t think it would bite her in the ass.

    And as far as Kris dragging out the divorce? Kim and her mom won’t submit their finances and depositions to the court. The only time I hear about Kris and the divorce is about once a month, which I don’t mind because its a story that can bring down the Kardashians. Is an update on Kris and the divorce really a more annoying new story that whatever Kardashian is been shoved in our face?

    And if Kris had done this to Kim, you think she would act the same way? What if some guy did this to you? I HATE this family, and Kris has the potential to bring them down. /rant over

    • Liberty says:

      I’m with you on this, Jennika. I can’t understand why people are taking her side. I saw maybe ten minutes of thei trashy show ever – I was home sick and too dizzy to search for the remote until my husband saved me. In the segment, Kris seemed natural and into her; she seemed like someone ordered to be in the same room with a stranger for a handful of cash.

      I also think the pregnancy is a sad PimpMama ploy to gain sympathy for a quick divorce. I feel sorry for that baby, and I hope Kris keeps insisting on the annulment.

  26. Amelia says:

    A Catholic annulment does not just apply if you were married in the Catholic Church. If you were married in a church the Catholics recognize (Methodist, Episcopal, etc.), get divorced, and decide to join the Catholic Church, you must get your marriage annulled. If you have remarried, both you and your spouse must get annulments, even if your current spouse is not becoming Catholic. You then remarry in the Catholic Church.

    A Catholic annulment means that either the sacramental bonds of marriage were not in place when you were married, or they were later broken. The status of children of an annulled marriage is not affected.

    Kris H. Wants a legal annulment, which basically says the marriage never existed. However, he also would not be entitled to Kim’s money as they were not married, unless he sued under CA palimoney law. My guess is he wants any confidentiality clauses voided. Frankly, I don’t blame him. Kim kept the wedding gifts; that stuff about her donating them to charity was garbage. She even got a car worth hundreds of thousands from a Middle Eastern connection that she kept. The wedding was a way to make money and stir up ratings. I’d want an annulment, too.

  27. Dawn says:

    So I noticed by having their pictures next to each other that it appears that old “pee on me please” Kim is trying to morph herself into BeyBey’s twin. Anyone else notice it? Poor Kayneeeee is going to get so very screwed by (monetarily and emotionally) this conniving bitch that I may feel sorry for him at the end of their relationship. Maybe.

  28. HannahF says:

    Keep in mind the bias of sources—TMZ is 110% pro-Kardashian.

    It’s kinda like Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry–one used TMZ as their mouthpiece and the other used Radar online except in this case Kris Humphries isn’t putting out stories

  29. EscapedConvent says:

    I still think it’s ridiculous to insist on a divorce after a 72-day marriage. Even if that were the only reason for it, which I don’t think it is.

    Give the big doofus his annulment! Or, Big Doofus, just get the divorce over with! I would think a trial would be the very last thing you would want.

    I would think being that preggo & having to sit in a courtroom & answer embarrassing questions about that ridiculous instant marriage would be more unpleasant than signing some papers. But what do I know of these First World problems?! ;-o

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      Because she knows either way he is going to expose her, her family, and the whole “reality” franchise they all own as a big fat-ass lie.
      She has everything to lose if she doesn’t fight the annulment. At least if it goes to court there is a chance he will lose and she may be able to protect at least some of the family secrets. If he wins he will tell every last detail of their whorish, greedy, duplicitous ways, therefore putting their “reality” image and income in jeopardy.

      If you ask me, it’s the mom throwing Kim under the bus again. Trying to save her own ass and profits from her “reality” kingdom, while Kim once again takes the fall. Kim will humiliate herself in court, to protect the greater humiliation and possible income loss from a Humphries tell-all if he gets the annulment.

      Either way, it’s going to be juicy!

  30. skuddles says:

    She seems to be in a constant snit since she got pregnant. I can’t decide which is worse… her “I’m SO hot” face or her “I’m sulking, don’t look at me!” face. They’re both so unattractive.

    And yeah, she’s gonna be massive by the time she gives birth.

  31. Celt Lady says:

    Anyone else think that KK is taking lessons from JLo? That first pic with the open mouth so called sexy look (looks more like mouth breathing to me), plus the fillers, false eyelashes, ever changing face, squinty eyed look, big booty. Now KK needs to lighten her hair a bit, and they will be twins.

    Except JLo has some talent.

    Just sayin’.

  32. Dani says:

    She’s definitely pregnant. In her ass. Can it seriously grow anymore??

  33. mytbean says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like Kim’s gradually becoming more “normal” since Kanye? It’s like she’s found justification to avoid her attention wh0re Mom and to just do things SHE wants to do for the sake of joy instead of relentlessly pursuing fame (or infamy)… Or she’s got a new and MUCH better PR team.

    I even think her personal appearance has become more tolerable. She’ll do something funky in the wardrobe department about once a week but she’s had more hits than misses lately. I still wish she’d tone down the venus fly-trap eyelashes though.

  34. Tyra says:

    I really dont understand where all the hate for this family is coming from,the racist comments are not nice at all,if you guys dont like them do the easiest thing that is look the other way.nobody glued you to your tv sets or a chair,or are your eyes glued can avoid them if you want but the plain truth is that you dont want to because you enjoy hearing about them.i wish kim and her family the best,i will buy from their kollection and kims fragrance any day and anytime of the week,i also watch their show and it is very entertaining.

  35. Joanna says:

    is it just me or does her face look plastic as heck?

  36. maria says:

    what makes me bitter is her life is on our local news! really. I can understand e news and TMZ etc but the actual NEWS! I hope pregnancy changes her. It did for her sister. Say what you want about Kourtney she is a attachment mom who eats responsibly and breast feeds which is HUGE as most people who can, don’t. I despise KKK-and Mom but pregnancy does calm people down. I saw on WW show that many think Kanye(douchebag) won’t marry her and she will be left a baby mama but man she won’t need her stupid show at al as even child support would fed a village in India~

  37. She looks so beautiful it hurts, even when she’s going through such a difficult time in her life. Best wishes for the Kardashians!