“The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney successfully trolls the Beliebers” links

The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney is now trolling Justin Bieber’s fans on Twitter in reaction to Bieber saying Carney should be “slapped around.” [Gawker]
Happy birthday, Yoko Ono! She’s 80 years old! [Dlisted]
Did Jeremy Renner & his ex-girlfriend welcome a baby girl named Ava? [LaineyGossip]
Knox Jolie-Pitt is Brad Pitt’s complete mini-me, down to the swag. [Buzzfeed]
Miranda Kerr in a bikini in LA, with Flynn. [Pop Sugar]
Jason Momoa got a job & Richard Nixon got a job too! [Pajiba]
Vin Diesel’s belated Valentine’s Day ballad for his ladies. [The Blemish]
You knew The Carrie Diaries was going to have awful ‘80s fashion. [Go Fug Yourself]
Leonardo DiCaprio did a Jim Beam commercial in Asia. [A Socialite Life]
My God, Natalie Portman’s son is SO ginger. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Lindsay Lohan is always borrowing money from Ashton Kutcher. [IDLYITW]
Sandra Bullock & Louis party at Charlize’s house. [I'm Not Obsessed]
Rooney Mara covers Interview Mag (I’ll have more on this tomorrow). [Amy Grindhouse]
PTA knocked up Maya Rudolph for the fourth time. [CDAN]
Oprah’s Santa Barbara mansion is amazing. [Wonderwall]
Mary J. Blige has more drama with the New Jersey taxman. [Evil Beet]
Racist douche slapped a 2-year-old on a plane. [Bossip]
Pres. Obama & Tiger Woods played a round of golf over the weekend. [Bitten & Bound]

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  1. Tiffany27 says:

    Why are they so f-cking nuts? Jesus. Isn’t there some sort of book report due for these crazy f-cks?
    Also… Upsessing? Where do they do that at?

  2. Sandy says:

    Both of them seem immature here.

  3. Pandora says:

    I just got bitch slapped by my 14 yr old after she heard me laughing MAO and came to see why.

    Damn, the beliebers are both obsessively homophobic AND completely illiterate, I’m SO surprised………….

  4. MissM says:

    is this real???? Young people use gay as an insult????!!!!!????? And that Bieber says nothing?????!!!

  5. judyjudy says:

    That white and purple outfit…omg …..

  6. RocketMerry says:

    It makes me feel sooooo very old that in my 20s I already am not understanding ANY of this technologic mumbo-jumbo.

    Retweet? # ? Beliebers? I’m officially old.

    • Justyna says:

      The same with me. I’m only 23 and I have no idea what is going on. The generation gap between people our age (not to mention older) and the tweens and teens is so huge that I’m sure it would be easier to find a common ground with people from the senior centre than high schoolers who are only slightly younger than us. Plus my English is far from perfect because I started learning it just few years ago as my 3rd language, but even I am horrified by the number of spelling and grammar mistakes they make (Bieber included, I’ve read some of his Tweets before). Is it on purpose because correct spelling is too mainstream or are they all just ridiculously dumb and uneducated?

      • Isa says:

        I have a twitter and i tweet. But I still have a hard time reading this mess.

      • Justyna says:

        Isa – I have a Twitter too (I follow, don’t Tweet) but I can’t understand the point in what some people use it for. All those stupid trends, hashtags, memes, actions, groups like Beliebers and mostly the fact that 13-year old girls are sending death treaths and cursing other people like old sailors for saying anything bad about their idol. They will regret it someday. I’m laughing at myself for the things I’ve done 10 years ago and I was a foolish teenager as well, but at least I’ve never insulted strangers on a public forum (gay as an insult, really?) and other people cannot find the evidence of my stupidity now. Imagine the embarassment when 10 years from now someone will find all the ridiculous stuff they posted and use it against them.

  7. Layale says:

    I think it’s so ironic that Bieber has an anti-bullying video, but then proceeds to suggest violence against someone. After which, his fans use “gay” as a slur. Who’s bullying now?

  8. garvels says:

    The Bieber fans and the Swift fans are certainly over the top when it comes to social media. I thought this was soooo funny.

  9. Kim says:

    He better be careful those twelve year olds threaten to kill Selena Gomez when they started dating

  10. Rita says:

    I like the music of, “The Black Keys”. Not really important but I thought I would mention it.

  11. Samigirl says:

    The story of that guy slapping the toddler on the airplane makes my BLOOD BOIL. I would be in jail right next to him for assault had he dared touched my baby!

  12. BennyJenny says:

    That’s an Aronofsky baby…

  13. Mia 4S says:

    Yuck, I mean I was pretty unbearable as a teenager (most of us were) but at least I was never an illiterate homophobe. Or at least I hope those messages were from teenagers!

  14. & says:

    It takes some kind of douchebaggery to slap a baby and call it the n-word. I would have gone all bjork on that b****.

  15. Kim says:

    I see Charlize also invited Handler to her party .Hopefully she won’t make racist comments about Louis or Jackson.All in jest of course because she loves the Blacks and The Asians(Chelsea’s words)

  16. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    If you haven’t seen the black keys live do yourself a favor and see them; my son and his friends introduced me to them several years ago before they really blew up; they’ve paid their dues for years and can say anything they want in my book about this talentless little girl and his tone deaf fans; and what the HELL is he wearing in that last pic – oversized long winter underwear. David Cassidy was Mozart compared to this twerp.

  17. Blue says:

    Someone needs to hand these children a book or dictionary. My gosh they are ignorant.

  18. Agnes says:

    It’s sad to see that the word “gay” is intended as a slur/offense/put-down with the kids these days. Very sad.

  19. Thiajoka says:

    I have so loved the Biebergate this past week that I’ve followed it daily and LMFAO the entire time, especially when Patrick changed his Twitter page.

    I bet Michelle raised her eyebrow really high at the president off to play golf with Tiger Woods. I know I would have.

    • Kim says:

      Whats the difference in playing golf with Tiger or with President Clinton or half of Congress.They are all cheaters.Well not half of Congress maybe a third.

    • Emily says:

      I would be perfectly happy for my husband to play golf with Tiger Woods. (I’d want to come along, but to play golf, not act as chaperone, because I married a man, not a little boy.) Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with consenting adult women — he’s not a rapist, not racist, not violent, doesn’t endanger others while driving, doesn’t chase teenage girls, and doesn’t take performance-enhancing drugs. I’m not saying I’d be his best friend, but he does not deserve the scorn that’s been heaped on him.

      • Thiajoka says:

        I’ll reply to Emily and Kim in this same response.

        Mostly that was just a joke and I clearly don’t take this matter nearly as seriously as either of you do.

        I do disagree with many recurring comments on this website promoting the constant, very strong opinion from many members that all cheaters are always cheaters, so don’t lump me in with them when I just made an offbeat joke.

        What’s the difference between Clinton and Woods? Well, I’ll let the thought police on here guide you on that one–I have no opinion except to say that it might be a bit harder for the ex-president to get away with stuff due to secret service. But maybe not.

        Now, let’s all take a breath and get back to our lovely Mondays, shall we?

  20. Heather says:

    Belieber: “Get a life and stop UPsessing over Justin”

    OMG the irony…wow.

  21. jwoolman says:

    I was reading the comments on the Carney/Bieber story on TMZ and it seems his preteen fans wandered over there to spit at Carney also. The odd thing is that Carney didn’t really say anything awful – some pap asked him about Bieber not getting a Grammy, and he quite rightly pointed out that Bieber was already rich and should be happy about that. TMZ’s headline claiming the guy said Bieber “didn’t deserve” a Grammy seemed quite a stretch from the actual quotes, which I interpreted as just meaning Bieber was already rich and famous, getting a Grammy wouldn’t add to that. He was being polite and avoiding trashing the guy’s music, obviously they have non-overlapping audiences so there’s no competition between them. Did people really expect Bieber to get a Grammy? He’s good but still very young, hasn’t yet grown out of a very limited, very young non-discriminating audience. He has a few years to prove himself with a wider audience, if he doesn’t die in a flaming car wreck first. Anyway- Bieber actually got his young fans into attack mode with his stupid inflammatory “joke” that Carney should be slapped. He should have laughed it off, and admitted the guy was right, he doesn’t need a Grammy right now to get more rich or more famous. Bieber is just too immature himself to have a clue about such things, but he’s 18 and that’s allowed. Loved the way Carney responded to the onslaught by putting Bieber’s picture on his own profile! With predictable results – the young Bieberites just frothed at the mouth even more. The kids were almost cute the way they tried to pretend they “used to be fans of Carney” but were dropping him since his “attack” on their beloved Bieber. Honestly, I doubt any of them knew who Carney was until they were whipped up into a frenzy by TMZ’s typical misleading attempt at “reporting”. TMZ headlines often don’t match the story very well.

  22. Nance says:

    Beiber fans use “gay” as a slur to person and this person is not Beiber? Beliebers stop give us munition like that. It’s funny AND sad.

  23. akua says:

    Okay, first read the Vin Diesel line as “balled” instead of “ballad” lol, was confused for a second :)

  24. skuddles says:

    Happy Birthday Yoko! 80… wow.

  25. Runs with Scissors says:

    Looks like Natalie Portman dyed her hair to match her son’s?

  26. Moi says:

    Oh my goodness, we have another Brad Pitt on the way. Toddler girls get ready! So cute!

  27. Lexie says:

    bieber fans notwithstanding, the black keys guy seems like a douche.