Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt show off their gun arsenal to gunless Brits

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have gone overseas after squandering all their cash and goodwill stateside. The two earned second place on UK’s Big Brother last month, and are trying to parlay that into some sort of career over in England. I doubt it will last for them there, either. They’re too dimwitted to learn German, but they should probably consider it as their next career move. I’m sorry, British readers, that you have to deal with these people in the media now, but we’re well rid of them.

Anyway, as part of a British “documentary” on them they recorded a video showing off their extensive gun collection, in which Spencer refers repeatedly to how “amazing” it is to own guns in America, and how it’s not allowed in Britain. These two own semi-automatic rifles, sniper rifles, and enough guns to take down a small city. British officials are outraged at this stupid video, which must be thrilling to these two, because they finally got people to give a sh*t about them in some capacity:

Montag and Spencer showed off their arsenal of guns during a portion of their new documentary for the U.K.’s Channel 5, titled “Speidi: Scandal, Secrets & Surgery!”

The couple known as Speidi flaunted a collection of more than six firearms — including an FBI sniper rifle, a Benelli semi-automatic shotgun and a rapid engagement precision rifle — while filming the special inside their Santa Barbara, Calif., beach house, according to The Sun.

“I want to share something with you that I know, unfortunately, you cannot possess in your amazing country,” Pratt tells Channel 5. “So, I will let you have a glimpse at the amazing laws of America.”

The reality star’s wife then goes on to take out her favorite rifle and discuss how much she loves guns and shooting.

“This is one of my favorite activities,” Montag says. “It gives me a new sense of self every time I do. It makes me feel proud to be an American.” She adds, “I’d like to say something about guns as well. I think it is one of the greatest rights to be an American. I personally didn’t feel safe especially with crazed fans out there and stalkers. If somebody broke into our home, I think this is the only thing that would actually save my life.”

The two “Celebrity Big Brother” contestants, who have been described as “the most reviled” in the show’s history, reportedly received death threats because of their behavior on the series.

Montag and Pratt’s comments about guns were met with backlash. Peter Squires, professor of criminology and public policy at Brighton University, expressed his outrage to the Daily Star.

“With the recent shooting deaths of model Reeva Steenkamp and country singer Mindy McCready, the dangers of keeping guns at home are all too obvious,” he said via the Daily Star. “The suggestion by Speidi is crass attention-seeking behavior. Let’s face it, neither of them were near the front of the queue when brains, decorum or thinking skills were being handed out.”

Oh burn, I love that quote! They weren’t at the front of the “queue” when brains were handed out! Incidentally, Spencer was arrested for felony firearms protection for trying to bring handguns in his luggage back from a trip to Costa Rica.

Kaiser and I both live in Virginia (not together!) where guns are popular and prevalent. Neither of us have a problem with responsible gun ownership, but that’s not what we’re talking about here, is it? These are famewhores bragging about their over-the-top arsenal to make headlines, and it’s working. Here you have two idiots who went broke on over a million bucks. They set the cause back considerably with this nonsense.

Also, I was only in England for a couple of weeks with a friend after college but I was really surprised with their police force, who don’t carry guns for the most part. One night outside the bars I saw a diminutive female cop/bobby getting up in the face of a huge belligerent dude and arguing with him! It struck me that you rarely see that in the states, the cops walk in, take command and will slap on the cuffs if anyone gives them crap. That’s not to say one society is better than the other, or even that the gun issue can explain why the cops are different, just that the cultural differences in their police force surprised me. I guess I just don’t want to think too hard about Heidi and Spencer owning closets full of weapons while there are well trained law enforcement officers in other countries who don’t even use them.

Heidi and Spencer are shown on 2-2-13 in London. Credit: FameFlynet UK

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  1. bopit says:

    ugh. i can’t. i just can’t. i haven’t had enough coffee for this bullsh*t.

  2. Izzy says:

    The surname “Pratt” is truly fitting for these two geniuses, isn’t it?

  3. Post-It's says:

    Their next career move will be a baby.

  4. lisa2 says:

    I know they are well interesting. But I think it is pretty nice that they are still together.

    you never know.

  5. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I support the second amendment, but these two shit-for-brains should not be allowed to own a water gun, much less this arsenal of dangerous weapons.

    Too bad they don’t do IQ testing as a qualification for gun ownership…

    • Zoid says:

      Seriously. It gives them ‘a sense of self’ when firing their weapons? Really? Firing a gun in an arms range is what you need to identify yourself? Oh, and be super patriotic because you know ‘MERIKA EAGLES GUNS FIREWORKS.

    • j.eyre says:

      They really are a special kind of stupid, aren’t they?

    • Porkchop says:

      I’m glad I own guns.

      One night at 4am some random dude tried to kick down my door. “Let me the f*ck in, bitch!” over and over. I called the cops, but standing there with my gun made me feel much safer than my phone did. Response time was around 11 minutes. He stopped kicking the door after I yelled at him that I had to get the key to the deadbolt (lie). He kept trying to see in the window and shouting “Hurry up!”

      That said, the Pratts are idiots for showing people whose house they can rob to get some free guns.

  6. Belle Epoch says:

    After puking over these two horrible people go check out the picture of Patis Hilton POSING while her boyfriend lies wounded and alone on a stretcher behind her from a skiing accident. Wow. She’s colder than the snow.

  7. SleepyJane says:

    I don’t hate them; I find them boring at best. But, I think they know exactly what they’re doing, and I’m not mad at that. I’m just glad their notoriety in the U.S. has come to an end.

  8. virginia5 says:

    Since I am from Canada can someone explain to me how British police deal with someone violent, if they don’t have a gun. Thanks!

    ps spencer and Heidi are still useless

    After all the shooting incidents that have been happening in the U.S.A the pratts look like dumbasses.

    • juicyjackie says:

      I am in the UK and yes some do carry guns, it depends on which force in which part of the country. They are trained to subdue criminals quickly without injuring themselves, the public or the criminal. As I said some do have guns, some have tasers, all have an asp (baton).

      We are allowed guns here in UK but the licenses are INCREDIBLY hard to get and keep i.e you have to justify why you want one not just “I’m having one because I can”. Handguns were banned here legally for civilians after we had our school massacre in 1996 at a childrens nursery in Dunblane.

      I am a mature, intelligent LIBERAL female and yes I am a gun enthusiast. I have a very good friend who lives in Detroit who is trained and holds CWP and is going to train me how to use one safely when I visit next year.

      I live in a city (not London) and I could buy a gun with ammo, including a handgun within a few phone calls and £300. If you want one it isn’t hard.

      With regards to these… I guess its our own fault for sending you Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell… sorry about that

  9. Miss You Enclave24 says:

    I just love these two, always have! Viva La Speidi

  10. Liv says:

    “It gives me a new sense of self every time I do. It makes me feel proud to be an American.”

    This is why so many absolutely want to possess guns at all costs. They need to push their self esteem. Ridiculous. This is why kids are dying!

  11. bar world land says:

    Hahahahahaha!! Heidi’s face!! I can’t believe she paid a lot of money to look like that. Oh, I am going to be laughing about this all day.


  12. Aud says:

    Only psychos own that many guns.

  13. Cece says:

    These two are some of the first among many to make money from humiliating themselves, acting poorly, and basically losing touch with all things human for the almighty dollar.

  14. lucy2 says:

    These two are still around? Ew. And why?

  15. Miss Kiki says:

    I don’t care, I love these two. They’re straight up hilarious.

  16. butterymash says:

    The British police don’t carry weapons because the majority of people don’t carry. Violent behaviour can be subdued in ways other than opting straight for a weapon, such as talking the person down from the anger.

    It’s like when you are trying to influence someone else and you start with the tactic of fear, you’ve nowhere to go. So start with reason, reciprocity, committment and liking etc… and only use fear if absolutely necessary.

    By the way, Northern Ireland police carry guns because of the troubles. English friends of mine visiting were often quite nervous of that fact and distinctly uncomfortable because of it.

    Violence doesnt always mean that guns are required, violence comes in many forms. Using guns however will escalate situations very quickly. It only takes one, then another thinks they need one too, in case the first one attacks… dominos…

  17. caro says:

    They’ré thé best argument for thé gun control

  18. lady mary. says:

    Why are they back ?along with the gun control can they add a subsection on control for these two?,

  19. bob says:

    I was trying to work out, without resorting to putting effort into a search or anything, how they were becoming famous here in the UK, then I saw channel 5 and it all made sense.

    In all honesty most people have been watching the current series on penguins instead.

  20. Mazza666 says:

    I’m British and (while I’m not naive to the love of guns in certain parts of US culture) I definitely find this a bit shocking.

    Our police force don’t carry guns because, frankly, nobody but the most hardened of criminals (or those associated with gangs) do. I have lived in central London all my life (population about 9 million) and I don’t know a single person who has been a victim of gun-related crime. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen, and I’m sure there are other Londoners (particularly those living in more deprived areas/estates) for whom that would not be the case, but it is definitely not a common occurence. Knife crime is a bit more prevalent, but our police are expected to be able to defend themselves appropriately with a nightstick and some good old-fashioned training. So count me in as someone who feels a bit nervous when you’re in a foreign country and the police carry weapons!

    I can vouch for the absolute disgust this couple managed to inspire during their time on Big Brother UK, hated by their fellow housemates and the British public alike. It was good TV, for sure, but I don’t anyone would be too upset if they crawled their way back to the other side of the Atlantic! Or maybe if we get Speidi, we can give you Jordan in return?

  21. judyjudy says:

    Her hair looks pretty. Really healthy and natural.

  22. MyLeNe - Montreal says:

    Stay at Home, Close your Door and don’t go near his house !! This guys is totally crazy !!!!!!

  23. ParisPucker says:

    If these two spawn, I am leaving the planet.

  24. Mike Wilks says:

    I find it hilarious that they went and squandered all of their money on guns and are now broke and trying to make a few bucks offof stupid publicity stunts like this,, hahahaha!! Pathetic!!

  25. erika says:

    Besides having the brains of a soiled diaper it really sickens me to see these two idiotics from birth flaunt their sick gun collection…

    With Newton and all the sick massacres that occurred this past year showing off your Rambo arsenal is sick, and sending a dangerous message.

    How these two managed to shag the brains outta each other I don’t know. Sick, sick, sick, irresponsible…sick

  26. Stubbylove says:

    So glad they’re out of our USA hair. Sorry UK…really so, so sorry.

  27. embertine says:

    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt show off their gun arsenal to gunless Brits: Brits, baffled and uninterested, go back to drinking tea and talking about the weather. It’s dank but a bit nippy here in Milton Keynes, in case you were wondering, and the tea is currently Twinings Assam.

    I think it’s so cute how you think your police force in the US receives lots of weapons training before being given guns. That would be lovely, but no.

  28. Ginger says:

    Listen, my hubby is a former police officer. We are responsible gun owners. We do go shooting. But there is no way in the world that I would ever go on TV and say that my culture is so much better because of it. Absolutely rude and ridiculous! If it’s true that they are getting some sort of famewhore type attention in Britain, you would think they would be more respectful. Which is why that professor is correct in summing them up as lacking brains. Just the thought of those two owning a sniper rifle is scary!

  29. Lulu says:

    Responsible gun ownership my butt. Those two hacks don’t own a responsibility molecule between them.

  30. Miss M says:

    Heidi used to be so pretty. I still don’t understand why she got plastic surgery(ies).

  31. Snowpea says:

    Golly gosh these two look like freaks of the highest order.

  32. Joe Shmoe says:

    Heidie and Spencer are professionally paid trolls. All of you who are getting angry over this/them, have just been trolled.

    Secondly, I can’t help but shake my head at those who rather give up liberty for some small sense of false security.

    Thirdly, most of those who wish to ban semi-autos, probably have no idea what a semi-auto is or how it operates.

    Personally, I rather have dangerous liberty than peaceful slavery. But that’s just me.

  33. Kath says:

    It’s not just the UK that finds the whole US gun culture thing completely baffling. Add to that Australia (where I am), New Zealand, most of Asia, most of Europe etc.

    I’m in my mid-30s and have never even SEEN a gun in my life!

    To have one in your house, let alone consider guns your hobby or an essential part of your identity (as these two bits of zooplankton obviously do) completely blows my mind.

    (And yes, I understand all the historical reasons for the 2nd amendment etc., but find that even scarier in a way… like Merle and his buddies think that they could be called upon to take down the US government if there was a need).

  34. EscapedConvent says:

    It is nauseating (well, it’s nauseating that these two morons are in the public eye at all, but….) to see these brain-dead, adult-sized toddlers showing off their gun collection.

    An FBI sniper rifle? What the !@#$ does he need that for? Can he look through the viewfinder to hunt crystals? I’m sickened that they have an arsenal. Spencer’s delusions of grandeur must have him preparing to fight the Taliban.

    Why did England let them in the country? Yes I know they were on Big Brother, but still. I would think any place they go would be thrilled to be rid of them.

    These 2 give me the heaves even more than the KardashKlan.