Seth MacFarlane on his Oscar nomination for Best Song: ‘We will lose to Adele’

Seth MacFarlane has been doing some press in the lead-up to Sunday’s Oscar telecast. I know some of you dislike him, but I’m actually looking forward to seeing how he does. The Oscar producers are so consistently made of failure, I think they’re just desperate to find someone young and “cool” who will magically bring in crazy ratings, only they don’t really know who is “cool” to the youngsters. I think Seth just got this gig because A) Ted was a massive hit and B) Because he returned their calls, because Seth is old-school and he remembers a time when the Oscars were a really big deal. Which makes me hopeful that he’ll be able to find the right tone as host – not as nasty as Ricky Gervais’s Golden Globes hosting duties, but not as sycophantic and cloying as Anne Hathaway. Here are some highlights from Seth’s recent interviews:

Finding a friendly face: “They say look and find a friendly face in the audience. I’m probably going to find Denzel Washington or maybe Joaquin Phoenix,” he says with a straight face. “Actually, I am very fond of my (Siamese fighting) fish, and I’m going to take the tank and put it right in the front row. If I get nervous, I’ll look at the betta.”

On his “blue” material: “There is a certain element, even in the days when [five-time host] Johnny Carson was there, of roasting. It’s just a matter of how black the meat gets. I’m going somewhere from medium to medium well. The Oscars will still be something a family in 2013 can sit down and watch and be just fine with. A family in 1955 might have some issue with it. In 2013, everyone will be fine. Then again, I’m not married and I don’t have kids. And my mother was saying [strong thoughts and words] out loud by the time I was 5. So maybe I’m the wrong guy to ask.”

On being Oscar-nominated in the Best Original Song category: “We will lose to Adele. Don’t get me wrong, as cynical a guy as I sometimes appear to be, nothing would delight me more than to walk away with that [award], but I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that we will win.”

[From USA Today & The Mirror]

Additionally, Seth is going to perform a few songs during the show. It’s no surprise that Seth (who has a lovely voice) will sing as part of the opening number, but now producers also say that he and Kristin Chenoweth will perform a closing number too.

Would you like to hear some other big moments to watch for? Barbra Streisand will be performing, as will Jennifer Hudson. The cast of Les Miserables will perform. Adele will perform “Skyfall” (and yes, she’s probably going to win too). And there’s going to be a tribute to “50 years of James Bond” with Shirley Bassey performing “Goldfinger”.

As for presenters, the list is looking pretty good: Jennifer Aniston, Michael Douglas, Jamie Foxx, Salma Hayek, Liam Neeson, Paul Rudd, John Travolta (!!),Melissa McCarthy, Ben Affleck, Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon, Mark Wahlberg, the cast of the Avengers, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman and more. So… at least the red carpet will be exciting, right?

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  1. KellyinSeattle says:

    He looks like he’s in 5th grade, and yes, he will lose to Adele. I do like Family Guy, though.
    I’ll be looking for Barbra, Sandra, Travolta’s hair, and Jen Aniston’s hair alongside Justin’s greasy hair. Since Aniston and Streisand look like mother / daughter, (sorry Barbra, no offense to a legend) – it’ll be interesting. Plus, maybe we can get rid of Anne , finally , after the evening!

  2. cmc says:

    I hope he walks the red carpet with the khaleesi. That’s all I got.

  3. dcypher1 says:

    I never watch the oscars cus they are boring. But I think im actually going to watch them this year just cus of seth. This should be good I luv his shows their hilarious all of them. American dad is my fav. Luv roger hope he makes a cameo.

  4. MG says:

    I’m looking forward to it. I think I’ll actually watch it live instead of taping it and skipping through 90% of it like I usually do.

  5. L says:

    SHIRLEY BASSEY is singing? My god I love that woman, and I’m impressed at the chops she still has at 76.

  6. lisa2 says:

    Peter Brady always every time I see him.

    I’m surprised that I have not seen a lot of TV spots for the Oscars. A few, but nothing really big. But I don’t watch much network tv

    I’m kind of meh about this year. I’ll check in and out, but won’t be watching the entire show.

  7. squirrelbait says:

    cannot stand his face but will have to watch cause my boyfriend likes him :(

    • Trek Girl says:

      Really? You have to watch something with Seth in it just because your boyfriend likes him, even though you don’t?

      I understand doing things you don’t really like so that someone else can be happy, but this is just the Oscars — he can watch it on his own. He’ll live.

  8. Julie says:

    He looks like Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Or Mac looks like him.

  9. Maria_Spain says:

    I cant wait to see it :p

  10. Chelsea's handler says:

    I like Seth but sadly I think the cheesy nature of the Oscars is going to blunt his comedic edge.

  11. andrea says:

    I love Family Guy but Seth doesn’t really come off that likable on his own, at least not to me. I think one has to find a good balance between likable and edgy-funny to be a good host, so I hope he took notes from Tina and Amy during the GGs. Looking forward to hearing him sing with that spectacular voice though.

  12. Thiajoka says:

    If he’d do the whole thing in Stewie voice, I would actually watch live. Otherwise, I do love the internet because no more sitting through boring award shows.

  13. juls says:

    LOVE Seth. But won’t be watching for the same reason I skipped the Grammys. Sunday night is TWD night! Sorry, but Daryl is way more fascinating than try hard celebs. Disappointed there are no posts here about TWD actors!

  14. maria says:

    I am surprised any female likes him. He has crossed he line with sexist and rape jokes. He takes them to a new low and should not be considered appropriate for families. His brand of rape jokes are triggering and I hope he gets in trouble soon. Family guy is terrible.