LeAnn Rimes at a DC event for Youth National Guard: does she look pregnant?

These are some photos of Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes arriving in DC two days ago, and then photos of just LeAnn at an event last night for the Youth National Guard Challenge. LeAnn had been tweeting a lot about doing a “show” in DC, and I thought she was actually going to have a real concert, but I guess it was just this event for the Youth National Guard. Considering the event seems to be for “the youth,” do you think thigh-high boots and a mini-dress are appropriate? Hm.

I don’t really have much to say here, I just wanted to post these photos because we had them. Should we talk about the rumors that LeAnn is knocked up? To me, her face looks fuller, but I can’t tell if it’s because she’s gained a little weight (from a possible pregnancy) or because her newish bangs change her face. I think it’s a little bit of both – LeAnn has put on a little weight recently – I think since Brandi accused her of being addicted to laxatives – and I won’t criticize her for it. She needed to gain some weight! And it looks fine on her. It actually makes her look younger – is anyone else getting “vintage country star LeAnn” vibes? As for the alleged pregnancy… we’ll see. Her people denied the pregnancy reports last week, but God knows.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. truthful says:

    I read that she is taking fertility meds.


  2. Elceibeno08 says:

    She might be cause she has gained some weight, good for her. Eddie’s jeans fit nicely everywhere.

  3. Cinnamon says:

    fillers in the face/some sort of tweaking going on. I want to know what caused the joker face/jack o’lantern smile because she never had that pre-Eddie and that doesnt seem to be a look you strive for. She is too young to be messing with her face.

    oh and she definitely called the paps to this event. I’m from that area and so many famous people/politicians fly into DCA and not a pap in sight and this nobody hops on board for a tiny gig and the paps are there? give me a break. Why is she dressed like a hooker at a national guard youth function?

  4. Samigirl says:

    God I hope not. She does look like she gained some weight though.

  5. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    I see Eddie carried on his doucheface for the flght…

  6. Arock says:

    Is it weird to say she’s starting to look more like her old self? (Pre Brandi worship, but either way she’s a little stunted)
    The bangs- meh. Again, it’s not that they’re good, just that they’re not Brandi’s and that in itself is an improvement. Edie looks more like a purse puppy to me everyday. Smh.

  7. Rikki says:

    She’s boozing and popping pills.

  8. brin says:

    She’s looking more and more like big Bel every day.

  9. ya says:

    Her face looks different…… she was so cute before she met Eddie. It’s like he is draining the life – and her looks – out of her.

  10. pretty says:

    Eddie’s dimples make him look so cute..

  11. samipup says:

    I wondered this aloud yesterday in the LeAnn post. I think she is trying to pretend to hide being PG. And to draw comments and attention of course.

  12. Hannah says:

    I’m rather surprised she doesn’t have more luggage.

  13. dahlianoir says:

    Why does she have to take her husband everywhere she goes -_-” ?

  14. Meow Mix says:

    Do fertility drugs cause weight gain?

  15. Agnes says:

    why is she wearing oped toe shoes? it’s not warm enough for that here. haha

  16. Tania says:

    I think this is weight gain +\- fertility meds. Her face looks bloated, and the meds can do that to you.

    Getting pregnant would be a brilliant PR move. No one is going to bad mouth a pregnant woman.

  17. Vivian says:

    Plz nooooo; I don’t want another child to have to bear all that goes with these self-obsessed ppl. I don’t see, base on past action, that they will put the child first. Until they can truly, deeply understand and can practice best interest of children — they should not bring another poor child to it.

  18. Theskinny says:

    They both look like assholes. I hope they make a big screen movie (as opposed to cable) out of Brandi’s book and I hope they take all sorts of creative license with it. (i.e. Add the crap she had to take OUT for legal reasons.)

  19. Dinah says:

    Wasn’t there a blind recently about (allegedly) Eddiot getting snipped after his divorce and not coming clean about it?


  20. SolitaryAngel says:

    She looks much better–although she is dressed very inappropriately for a youth function. If the rumors about Ediot’s “procedure” are true, she can take fertility drugs until she explodes and there still won’t be a baby. Dear Lord PLEASE don’t let this woman procreate!!!

  21. bettyrose says:

    If she were still known for being a talented singer, I would say that hair and outfit combo is cute. People known for their talent can get away with a lot. Shame she forfeited that.

  22. Lakemom says:

    The big question is, if LR is pregnant, what is Brandi Glanville going to do next to one up her?

  23. Macey says:

    OMG, she isnt pregnant she has a face full of fillers, just like Brandi. You can see the outline of the filler by her nose.

    This chic is so scary with her copying everything Brandi does.

  24. Roma says:

    When she got bangs I assumed it was due to pregnancy. Most of the girls I know who botox get bangs to cover the face during their pregnancy, especially since they started botoxing far too early.

  25. Lizzie K says:

    I see the weight gain mostly in her face and neck. She does look bigger overall, but not in a preggo way, more in a healthier way.

    Who knows with this chick.

  26. Just Me says:

    I am not a fan of LeAnn and her frumpy haircut makes her look like a Real Housewife of Freedom, Oklahoma (no offense to all 289 residents of Freedom, OK). However, I have to admit, the color looks really good. She should really pin her bangs bag b/c good GOD if the roundness of her face and those bangs don’t make her look homely as hell.

    Don’t really care to comment on anything else.

  27. Stuart Horsely says:

    Laxative addictions can cause this bloating. Maybe she’s trying to lay off. I love how they hold hands so tightly for the paps, NOT. *barf*

  28. Beclove says:

    I vote not preg. You know girlfriend would be papped buying the test and then tweet the results. Prob. before she even told Eddie. She has zero self control.

  29. LadyBird83 says:

    The bangs are awful! She looks 13 again.

  30. Cece says:

    If she’s taking fertility treatments, that can plump you out.

    But this poor thing has no business bringing a child into the world. She really has some serious issues to address.

  31. ravencurls says:

    With the bangs and the black “frothy frock,” she’s starting to look like a spoof of Taylor Swift. Eddie looks like he put a sock in it.

    All kidding aside, I think she’s trying (with the bangs) to get out from under the SWFing tag she’s had for so long. I think she’s making an effort, because of the surprising bestseller status of Brandi’s book, to not look like Brandi. The last Us cover with her and Brandi side by side was the nail in the coffin regarding the SWFing charges.
    Her face (with the bangs) looks like an older version of her old baby face when she was making music hits. It’s funny to see it again, because, I think, it makes her look older than her age. As for Eddie, despite the sock, he does not look well. He looks washed out. They both look older than their years.

  32. Lulu says:

    She could be gaining weight BECAUSE she has stopped popping pills. Most specifically amphetamines and laxatives. From what I hear about her Twitter account, she seems to posting lots of junk food pics which makes me suspect hormonal cravings. Take all those things together, and I vote she is trying for a baby.

  33. lucy2 says:

    Pregnant? Who knows.
    Crazy? Definitely.

  34. Ginger says:

    I’m not digging the bangs on her and she needs to burn that outfit. I can see that she’s put on a bit of weight and good for her…she looks healthier IMO

  35. Sue says:

    Please don’t hate on me…. But I really like her hairstyle.

  36. Deanne says:

    I hope that she’s goes all out and perms her bangs again. Maybe she thinks that she can recapture the public’s affection if she looks the way she did when she had an actual career. She’ needs to lose the hoochie mama garb. Hooker boots for the Junior Guard ? What’s next? A bikini to play the Boy Scout jamboree this summer? Her gigs are really getting low brow. On a positive note, it’s great that she has Eddie trained well enough to know he has to hold her hand once the paps have sight of them. He looks like he’s so over having to go everywhere with her. I guess that the Costco deli plates have lost their allure.

  37. Cam S says:

    She aint preggers. She is just returning to her normal, thicker body weight. Plus, Ed probably made her cut out the poop pills. It is REALLY hard trying to be a lot thinner than your normal body weight.
    I used to do it when I was in my sorority (I gave in to peer pressure) and it consumes you. Ask Jessica Simpson during her “Daisy Duke” days- this is why she ballooned back up. It takes constant calorie counting and 2 or more hours in the gym every day. Anything under 5-10lbs your personal average body weight is almost impossible to maintain, and keep your strength/energy level.

    Maybe the blind item about the celeb taking fertility treatments is about Leann. Hormones will add some weight

    • RN says:

      What you’ve described sounds like a hellish and completely pointless way to live one’s life. How on earth did you find time to study?

      • Zoid says:

        Wow, RN. Cam S already acknowledged it’s not a worthwhile endeavor and said she gave in to peer pressure. You don’t need to be rude about it, especially since she’s not talking about how awesome/wonderful it is.

      • Cam S says:

        I agree, it is a pointless way to live, but you learn from your mistakes. It is also a learned behavior from my Mother and Grandmother who were ALWAYS on a diet. I had no energy. Unless I took uppers. My normal healthy weight is 125- 135lbs. I was dieting down to 110 or less and it was hell on my body. It’s hard when everyone around you is 100lbs and I was cheer leading, so I felt extra pressure with my scholarship.
        You see the celebs that do this extreme dieting can only do it in cycles, then they balloon backup. Except for Victoria Beckham, she is committed! I’ve now found a healthy weight, so as not to keep yo-yo-ing back and forth. I knew Leann wouldn’t be able to keep that stick thin Brandi-like figure. I mean Brandi is like 6ft tall, and naturally thin. Leann is naturally broad shouldered and athletic. She was no doubt on uppers and laxatives (like me). I see all the signs.

      • RN says:

        Hey Zoid, I’m expressing my overall opinion and seeking to understand Cam’s experience. If you want to read that as “rude”, then go for it.

        Cam, thanks for explaining that to me. I’m old enough that I escaped that kind of pressure when I was younger. It was more acceptable in the early 80s to have a natural figure and not starve oneself. When I was at university, I worked part time and took 16 to 18 credits. I never would have had the time (or desire!) to exercise for two hours a day.

  38. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m not seeing any “vintage country star LeAnn” here. She’s messed with her face (and others’ lives) far too much for that.

  39. Prinny says:

    It’s kind of funny how she stated her weight-loss was from losing her baby fat, but now she’s kind of putting it all back on. She seems to gain weight as quickly as she loses it. My guess is she stopped taking laxatives, etc. when Brandi outed her.

  40. Chell says:

    I am thinking fertility meds. I am a veteran of fertility treatments (unfortunately) & they can really give you that bloated look. I swear, you can gain 5# overnight on some of these drugs. Even if Ediot was snipped & he didn’t have it reversed, they can still extract his sperm & do IUI or IVF, however I find this probably to be far from the possibilty, only because I can’t see him actually WANTING anymore kids! Of course, maybe LR is offering to up his allowance if he gives her a baby.

    On the other hand, she is so crazy & calculated, I would honestly believe she could be gaining weight just to have people speculate that she is indeed prego. The possibilities are so endless with this wack-a-doodle I could come up with these different scenarios all day long, lol!

  41. Apsutter says:

    She actually looks kind of cute here. Eddie has hit a wall, looks-wise. Just look at what 3 short years with Falcor did to him!

  42. qtpi says:

    I will be shocked if he hooks himself to her for life by getting her pregnant. Unless there is a torn up prenup in it or a big lump sum payment perhaps he would consider. He already has two gorgeous boys with Brandi – I’d have to see this to believe it.

  43. Rita says:

    I see she’s still with that homeless guy.

  44. Deb says:

    Eddie sure looks exhausted. It’s got to be stressful living with her. His Karma has landed. He’s aged 10 years since he married her. She is not naturally a thin woman; I agree that she probably backed off her alleged eating disorder behaviors that she most likely engaged in to stay thin. Look at her parents. She doesn’t come from thin stock. She is having to let go of some of her SWF behavior to save face since the book came out so instead she is now working the Bonus mom theme again. This behavior is what turns so many of us off to her, but she has found herself a little group of other bonus moms to support her crazy so to her it’s all good. It will at some point backfire on her big time. I doubt she will get pregnant. I really think Ed is snipped and probably glad he is. Her sense of style is horrible. She doesn’t know who she is so she doesn’t know how to dress herself. Such a shame. She looks as though she is trying to morph into a Taylor swift/Brandi/whoever is getting more attention these days. Sad, really sad. She does look better with weight on her bones though, I’ll give her that.

    • Alana Fajina says:

      Thiz bish and her #TwitterStepmom posse make it kinda embarrassing to admit to being a step-mom myself. We’re not all crazy stalkers obsessed with one-upping their bio moms. Some of us just happened to fall in love with a guy who (GASP!) had a life before us. Sometimes it involves kids and ex’s. Her brand of crazy is just over the top IMO.

    • Me says:

      I find that twitter stepmom group so incredibly offensive. Most of them, including Leanns own tweets today, try to justify their disrespect, jealousy and contempt for bio mom, and justify their attempts to alienate and usurp parental authority from the bio mom over her babies. Leann is a sicko.

      She tweeted today “she’s told the world but never talked to me and truthfully, I don’t play games. We are married, have been for almost 2 years. It’s my family and I’m allowed to share my happiness. I don’t go around spreading hate and lies. Which one is worse?”

      Her tweets today are some of her finest. She is so offensive and psychotically possessive. Those boys are nothing but weapons she uses against Bio mom.

  45. Itsa says:

    She doesn’t look pregnant at all! We’re just not accustomed to seeing her wearing clothes.
    Fertility drugs aren’t the only thing that can cause you to look bloated. Birth control pills do that too.

  46. Jayna says:

    She was slender (for LeAnn) in 2008 and even in 2009 when she met Eddie, just not abnormally thin. She is a little heavier than that now, but still looks far better than 2011, etc. (ugh).

    I still can’t figure out what happened to her nice speaking voice, her nice smile, and her cuteness.

    LeAnn promoting her Northern Lights movie on Regis and Kelly four years ago almost to the month below. Her first big veneers which happened in 2006 maybe or so were okay because she had more shape to her face. It was when she lost all that weight that she was all teeth. Now with this second set (that she’s suing on I guess) I can’t figure out what they did the way her lips curl. Her smile is different. Her face is different, her nose. I still say marrying Eddie was the worst thing that every happened to her looks. Her smile now is so different to the nice smile she used to have.


  47. KellyinSeattle says:

    In the first/second pic, it looks like she’s had hair extensions….also, seems like she’d have a surrogate pregnancy, if anything….plus, I find it interesting that her personality/attitude is so ugly that no matter what she says or does, she’s not likable…her outfit isn’t that bad, but since it’s on her, it’s not good. I think we’re all sick of her so that anything about her makes us sick.

  48. Gemini08 says:

    She does look better with the extra weight and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is pregnant. I feel like she is the type who would get pregnant because she thinks it will secure her marriage. Which is ridiculous since Eddie had two kids with Brandi and cheated on her the entire time.

  49. Happy21 says:

    She looks like she’s put on a little bit of weight but I also think there is a possibility her face is full of fillers cause it looks a little off.

    As far as her being pregnant, with Brandi in the news constantly right now Leann would be telling us in no uncertain terms she is pregnant; she wouldn’t be hiding it…

  50. skuddles says:

    I don’t know about pregnant but that hairstyle is definitely not doing her any favors.

  51. amejean says:

    seriously check this link out to see the CODENAME for leann rimes http://www.tmz.com/videos/0_8l4wms6b
    …on a sidenote eddie was looking ashamed to be photographed too.

  52. natavalina says:

    pregnant or salt injections–her face looks like winston churchill’s

  53. Maddie says:

    Did anyone catch the actual video of them walking in the airport before they knew the camera man came up on them.

    Riimes was walking ahead of Eddie, who was pulling the suitcase and looking miserable while doing it and when they saw the patzi there “gameface ” on. I giggled as to how miserable Eddie looked before spotting the camera.

  54. Candy says:

    She looks fat in the face. Definitely looking like her mother. She is so not cute.

  55. Trudy says:

    Leann is still going in on Brandi on Twitter,she isnt even trying to hide the shade. She is still dressing like her omg the SWF will not stop! I read somewhere that someone is making a timeline of Leann’s foolery,in case LeAnn goes full bat crazy. I really hope this is true.

    • Me says:

      Yea Leann is a total raging bitch on twitter right now. She says, “they are MY family and i can share my happiness.” She has no respect for the mother of those kids, dont care what her excuse is- if mom doesnt want you doing something with her kids, then dont do it. Bio mom’s (totally reasonable) requests trumps step moms needs. Always. And forever.

      She tries to undermine Brandi’s wish that Leelee would stop tweeting about her children by saying its a publicity stunt. So mom wants you to stop papping and tweeting the comings and goings of her babies to your hundred thousands of followers and THAT is a publicity stunt? Requesting Leann stops putting her children in the PUBLIC eye without her approval is getting more publicity how? Leann needs mental help- because she is an evil piece of work. She really is a psycho entitled waste of air.

      I hope Leann shuts up about Brandi and shuts up about her kids. It would do her a lot of good.

      • claire says:

        Her narcissism really comes out in her stepmom rantings. It’s all about her feelings, no one else’s. What is so hard for her to understand that not papping out your stepkids is not abusive? She and her stepmom friends are insistent that asking her not to pap out the kids is asking her to love them less! Makes no sense! These people are a real piece of work.

      • Macey says:

        here is the whole tweet…

        “Actually, she’s told the world but never talked to me and truthfully, I don’t play games. We are married, have been for almost 2 years. It’s my family and I’m allowed to share my happiness. I don’t go around spreading hate and lies. Which one is worse?”

        I srsly just cant with her any more. she truly believes her own lies. SHE doesnt spread hate and lies???!?!? Everything out of her mouth is either a lie or said out of spite for Brandi.

        and people seriously wonder why so many are sympathetic towards Brandi? I just couldnt imagine dealing with this level of insanity. Its even funnier when you know and see the proof of her lies all the time.

      • claire says:

        Brandi has said that she has made requests to Leann to tone it down, especially with the papping out of the kids, or pasting their photos all over twitter and her paid-website. She said Leann’s response was something like: “It’s my happiness, I have the right to share it.” Essentially, she can do what she wants, only her feelings matter.

        Now tell me, after reading Leann’s tweet today and all the lies she’s been caught in, does she really think anyone is going to believe her that Brandi hasn’t spoken to her about this? And if Leann is to be believed, she’s essentially saying Brandi’s feelings don’t matter anyhow.

        The woman is insufferable.

      • brin says:

        Brandi was right when she talked about Leann’s “child star” behavior in her book.

      • DGO says:

        I read somewhere that she’s now telling Brandi’s kids to call her “Mom”. Any truth to that?

      • Me says:

        Eddie should go fetch a jump rope and an exercise ball. Its time for Leann to take a break from bashing Brandi on twitter and do her driveway work out.

      • candigirl says:

        Brandi is correct (and very astute for such a “bimbo” as some call her) for her observation that the reason people dislike Leann so intensely is the post divorce deliberate taunting and flaunting of the boys in the media almost daily. The constant pap-ing and twitter and media tabloid coverage of her children’s every activity I believe constitutes harassment. Brandi said that in therapy she requested Leann and Eddie to stop this because it hurts her feelings (brave of her, IMO) and they didn’t. If anything, they’ve increased it, she thinks they like to hurt her this way. I agree, and I believe much of Leann’s crazy behavior is to please Eddie, who is using all of it to get revenge on Brandi for daring to throw him out. He knows Leann is copying everything about Brandi and he knows the media frenzy surrounding his kids is bad, he doesn’t care. Classic narcissistic anger and revenge. His kids are just weapons for him and Leann to use to hurt Brandi because she wouldn’t worship at the Temple of Eddie anymore. He’s got a new acolyte. I don’t see him having kids with Leann, he doesn’t want anything else in his life taking the attention off the great Eddie. Right now, he is getting attention. Even though much of it’s negative, I believe he loves it. He was never this famous in his own “acting career”.

  56. Alana Fajina says:

    I think she wants us to wonder if she is or isn’t. Personally I believe Ediot had a vasectomy already and while it’s not entirely out of the equation, I doubt it will be reversed any time soon or has been already.
    I also think the weight gain is a result of like you said, she probably stopped taking the laxatives. Also, I saw something on the DM how she was posting pics of all these snacks and candy (from the lil one’s game the other day) and I could have sworn candy wasn’t allowed in their home?? Now, I’ll tell you what. Sugar is one of my best friends and my worst enemy’s Because I get so bloated and round from it. I also saw that she posted a pic of a drawer ripe full of candy so it makes me wonder when exactly did they start allowing sweets at home? Maybe after the older one got sick from “Le’s candy”
    Anywho, just my thoughts for the morning! ;)

  57. JuneBug says:

    Looks like a puffed up poisonous toad to me.

  58. Katie says:

    Pregnant? No! She’s tiny! The bangs add weight to her unfortunate face!

  59. fabgrrl says:

    I think she looks kinda good here. At least better than she has in a while.

  60. Rita says:

    I think her dentist is giving her botox injections.

  61. Grace says:

    It looks like she’s got anti-anxiety, depression, or anti-psychotic medicine bloat if she’s not on hormones to get prgenant.She’s been taking psych meds long enough to start affecting her stomach, liver, and kidneys.
    She’s going to be bloated with the constant water retention from now on if she’s not pregnant.

  62. Elisabeth says:

    I heard she is pregnant and has already blocked her kid’s twitter act

  63. valleymiss says:

    So…help me out here. Several ppl have said Eddie doesn’t want more kids. However, financially…IF he were to have a kid with Leann and they split, couldn’t Eddie go after her for child support? Wouldn’t he actual solidify his financial future? Not sure how this works…but wouldn’t it be in his best interest? The whole thing about how the child needs to have equal accommodations from both parents…someone explain this to me.

    • eileen says:

      Yes-financially it would benefit him, but he would be tied to her forever like he is with Brandi. LR is so much crazy just by herself, I truly think there is no way he will have a kid with her knowing this. I honestly think he has stayed as long as he has because of her mental state and his comfy living. JMO-I could be wrong. Have been before!

  64. Carolt says:

    If she has an eating disorder, bulimia may cause the “chipmunk cheek” look, on top of the plastic surgery (injections, implants, etc.).

  65. nancypants says:

    OMG, what the f**k is this?

    That dress and those hooker boots at a kids’ conference?
    There is something seriously wrong with her.

    Anyhoo, she has gained quite a bit of weight and she is laying a little low but I don’t think she’s pregnant.

    I think she’s stress eating and maybe she got tired of everyone accusing her of puking and pooping her brains out and decided to lay off the laxatives and the finger down the throat for awhile.

    She doesn’t look like she did at 13 but she shouldn’t.
    She’s a grown-ass woman now but, yeah, the bangs and the Botox and fillers do make a difference.

    For the last several years I’ve wanted to bring her to my house and feed her something, so, good for her if she is finally eating and laying off the ICK.

  66. Margarita says:

    The bonus mom BS LeAnn is spewing on twitter today is insane and makes me want to puke. She is such an insensitive cow no wonder Brandi is cray on occasion. I would be locked up if that C*** was my son’s “bonus” mom

    • Me says:

      She is so self centered. In what world does she think its ok to defiantely reject the biological mothers wishes?

      Does she have no soul either? Not only is Brandi asking her to stop tweeting and papping her babies, which is totally understandable, Brandi has told Leann it causes her emotional pain. But that doesnt stop Leann from continuing to do something that causes Brandi pain. Leann can try justify with her tit-for-tat-excuses all day but it all boils down to the fact that Leann is in the wrong here on so many levels. Leann has no compassion for other human beings. She takes pleasure in causing others emotional pain. Its difficult to watch her terrorize and harrass Brandi. I wish someone could stop her.

    • Christin says:

      I know someone who tried to override the bio mom with her new husband’s boys. Her husband’s mom was doing most of the grunt work during the boys’ visits (which made me notice Brandi’s reference in yesterday’s Fox 411 interview that E’s MOTHER or E are usually the ones who come out when she drops off the boys – while new wife exercises in the driveway). Anyway, the woman I know played up her role and constantly disrespected the mother, when in reality the boys had an involved bio mom.

      New wife did not have kids with the guy and they divorced in 5 or 6 years. She demanded routine visitation rights with his kids, claiming she helped raise them and deserved it! Needless to say, the father balked and the boys said THEY did not want to visit with her. So much for her delusions!

      Bottom line — I could see this one doing the same with Brandi’s boys, if the marriage ends. I see a lot of similarities in the behavior and way she views her role in their lives.

  67. sarah says:

    The bangs are fug and im hating the new hair color. Shes dressing like a bag lady because she can’t copy all of Brandi’s outfits after all this SWF behavior has come to the forefront. I dont think shes pregnant, Ive been following her crazy for years and this is not how she would play it. I also believe K-Ed got snipped since he humps anything that moves. I remember during her E special when Eddie came out, she said something like she feels bad for him because he has to deal with all her crazy from her twitter fall outs. she must be a complete nightmare to live with. Also, eddie could (and likely is) sleep with some of the hottest girls in LA, so to wake up to this monster every morning must be a major blow to the ego. Shes stepping up the Stepmom crap because Brandi hasnt mentioned much about her in the last week and she feels her relevance shrinking. I hope Brandi doesnt respond.

  68. DGO says:

    She doesn’t look healthy. She looks artificially puffed up, like from booze or antidepressants.

  69. Leslie says:

    I’m guessing she has alcohol bloat.

  70. laura says:

    She is obsessed with Brandi…sadly she does not reflect happiness.

  71. why? says:

    This is some mega media blitz Leann has been on(she has been blasting the media hard since Sunday with any possible story she can think of) and she isn’t showing any signs of stopping her “Look at me” campaign. She tweeted that she and her paid gigolo were able to sneak past the paps, so be prepared for even more staged photo-ops of Eddie and Leann at the airports in LA and DC. Why is Leann saturating every blog and tabloid with her image? Seeing Brandi’s name and face all over place on Sunday and Monday, set Leann off. Which explains the disrespectful tweets yesterday and today.

    When all else fails…what does Leann have left? Pregnancy. Of course she is going to milk the pregnancy rumors for all they are worth. She tweeted that she was getting a perm and was photograpged on the back of Eddie’s wave runner during the time that Star claimed she was pregnant, so it sounds like she isn’t pregnant yet but is working hard to make people think she is. Has Elisa had her baby yet?

    Eddie looks repulsed by the fact that he has to hold Leann’s hand. What baffles me, where is Eddie when Leann is tweeting and arguing with people on twitter? Did Eddie ditch Leann and go out partying in DC? What was the point in Eddie going to DC with Leann since Leann spent the entire time arguing with people on twitter and making passive aggressive digs at Brandi? Basically Eddie only went to DC with Leann and was papped at the airport with Leann to convince people that Eddie hasn’t left her since they haven’t been photographed in public together since they came back from Cabo.

    She also back to tweeting that she has a right to share her happiness, the same tweets she was making prior to “checking” into rehab.

  72. Lux says:

    She’s just so unfortunate looking. TBH I think the bangs make her look worse, something I didn’t think was possible.

  73. why? says:

    Why are certain media outlets doing so much spinning for Leann this week(ie-writing that Eddie and Leann were at the Oscars and afterparties)? Why are US Weekly, E!, and Huffington Post acting like Leann’s outfit at this Youth Convention is a new look? It’s the same outfit she wore during Katie’s interview. Strange how this outfit is creating headlines today when it didn’t even create headlines when she wore it for Katie. It’s interesting because E!, US Weekly, and Huffington Post were leading the criticism against Brandi’s dress and now today they are writing glowing reviews on an outfit that Leann wore during her interview with Katie, which was so “spectacular” then that totally forgot that she wore this before. Why is Leann recyling outfits? Did she wear this because it shows off her belly and thus results in more pregnancy rumors or is she recycling outfits because Eddie is draining her bank account?

  74. Lizzie K says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Radar is reporting that Brandi’s in talks to make a movie out of her book! Major nutballs exploding in 3…2…1…

  75. Christin says:

    I doubt he wants another child, unless it is to firm up his monetary gains. He looks disengaged and “over it”. Maybe he has learned that material things don’t always equal peace of mind.

    My primary concern is what frame of reference she has to be a successful parent. Her own uncommon childhood and the parenting (or lack thereof) likely led to what we see today. All of this is purely my opinion, but I don’t think it’s a good idea at all.

  76. BeachBelle says:

    Article in the Washington Examiner about LeAnn’s visit to DC.

    “She complained about how tough her life has been the last two years and that she poured her emotions into this song,” a source who witnessed the performance told Yeas & Nays.”

    More below:


  77. NinaS says:

    Look at Lindsay Lohan’s face, then look at LR’s. Same bloat, probably due to alcohol/drugs. Lindsay isn’t fat at all, but her face sure is. Double chin, puffy cheeks.

  78. Zooyork says:

    I’m thinking maybe LeAnn stages the driveway excercising to coincide with Brandi dropping off the boys in order to ensure that Eddie and Brandi never get a second alone together during the drop-off.
    Being how LeAnn is, she wouldn’t feel secure enough to be inside the house while Eddie went out to meet the boys as they are getting out of Brandi’s vehicle, lest Brandi and Eddie actually speak to eachother outside of LeAnn’s earshot.
    I figure LeAnn came up with the driveway workouts so that she could keep on eye on things, physically putting herself between Brandi’s car and the front door to the house.

  79. Margarita says:

    I just noticed that her pupils are HUGEEEE in these pics! Wouldn’t they be uber small in front of all those flashing camera lights?

  80. lindy says:

    After all her crazy behavior once she got together with ediot, I don’t have one iota of respect or liking for this fame wh… She deserves everything that’s coming in her future.

  81. silver says:

    Leann actually looks pretty cute smiling in that last pic. Eddie’s eyes look miserable and weary, as usual. Someone should make an instagram account called “Eddie Cibrian’s FML Faces” or “The Many FML Faces of Eddie”

  82. Vesper says:

    Do NOT like the bangs on her. They make her look far too young. She’s 30 and she looks more sophisticated with her old hair.

    She does look healthy though. She has a nice glow to her face.

    I usually like her clothing, but not a fan of this outfit.

  83. BeachBelle says:

    Ok. So what is LeAnn cooking up to do next? She has to remain in the news and try to make everyone think they are so happy together and that she is just a wonderful person and “bonus Mom.” In her dreams………

  84. dee says:

    Lil! So the answer is no. No you may not say about Brandy Glanville the kinds of that are inscriminantly said about other celebrities or you get deleted.

  85. Vesper says:

    She does have the right to share her happiness on her twitter and/or facebook account, like every other person. It is her account after all. If someone doesn’t like it they can just not look.

    • why? says:

      Not when Leann spent “30 days” in rehab to learn to cope with twitter and facebook. For Leann, tweeting is a relapse. Why would Leann keep exposing herself to the factor that resulted in her being so unhappy for 3 years, especially when she told Nancy O’Dell that she considered killing herself? How can Leann say that “rehab” cured her when her behavior on twitter has gotten worse than it was before? Is the person who “treated” Leann, monitering her twitter account because based on what she has been tweeting since she left “rehab”, “rehab” didn’t do a thing for Leann. She is worse than before and she just keeps getting worse the more attention Brandi gets.

      Not when Eddie made it very clear in court documents that he didn’t want his kids to experience any type of public exposure. It just makes Eddie look vindictive, like he is going to punish Brandi by any means necessary until Brandi takes him back.

      Not when Leann and Eddie have repeatedly been asked to stop making every detail of Brandi’s kid’s life public. If Leann was happy, there would be no need to sit on twitter tweeting about Brandi’s kids or inviting the paps to their games.

    • Theskinny says:

      If her “happiness” involves exposing innocent children to predators by making their whereabouts known then, NO, she actually DOES NOT have that right. Both parents are public figures. Mom is a model, star of a reality show and NY times best selling author. Dad is a bit part actor. The woman he married after his wife kicked him out, does not get to make those sorts of judgements about their safety. (And it’s so telling that she would put herself above them, no?) I’m sure a court will point this out to her, even when the large public backlash and failed career HAVE NOT.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      It doesn’t matter how you feel about Brandi- she is the kids’ MOTHER. No one, not Leann, NOBODY, should be posting pictures of children without the parent’s consent. I am guessing Eddie either allows it or doesn’t pay attention to it, but Brandi does not. Leann has no right to make decisions for someone else’s kids. I am married to the father of my kids and we are SUPER careful about posting pictures because you don’t want crazies getting a hold of anything. And we aren’t famous. Those kids should not be tracked through tweets, etc, and they can be and are and it’s plain dangerous. And, again, putting aside the whole mess, she is the stepmother, NOT the mother, and does not have the right to pap the boys and post their photos against their mother’s wishes.

    • Deanne says:

      She isn’t discreet and puts the kids at risk. I know that LeAnn and her fans are only concerned about HER and HER happiness, but the kids should come first. THEIR safety and well being are far more important that her having the opportunity to share her “happiness”. Anyone with common sense should know that. She has tweeted school names, given times to ensure the the paparazzi arrived in time and seems to be oblivious the the danger she is exposing her step-sons to. There is no excuse for it.

      • Theskinny says:

        Actually, between the laxatives being left out, the youngest being made to ride his bike in a busy street without a helmet and the constant tweeting of their whereabouts in her care..it seems she WANTS something bad to happen to those boys. It can’t happen fast enough for HER.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Brandi has to respect Eddie’s wishes about the boys not being on the show. So Eddie has to respect Brandi’s wishes about not letting his wife pap them out and tweet their photos and whereabouts. Seriously, it is a)completely unsafe, b)totally hypocritical since they keep insisting Brandi not be allowed to put them occasionally on her show and c)simply not Leann’s right to decide. She is not the mother of those children. And d) would be that she is not some victim or a woman who married a single dad who needed help. She had a part in breaking up a family and ended up with the father. Have respect and show some boundaries. Brandi is the mother of those children. She is the one who makes the decisions for them.

  86. Juicy Lucy says:

    It’s clear that Eddie doesn’t care about his children. If he did, he would step up and tell her that his sons are off limits when it comes to her tweets and FB posts. I used to cringe when Nancy Grace showed photos of her children on her show. She’s a former prosecuter and clearly wasn’t thinking about the fact that child predators could see those photos and know what her twins look like.I think that children of celebrities should be off limits to the paps. Brandi should not be judged by anyone and she is entitled to feel the way she does about LeAnn. At least Brandi is trying to earn a living to pay the bills-which is more than I can say about Eddie.

  87. why? says:

    Brandi annouced that her book is #1 on the NYT best sellers list again for Ebooks, which sent Leann into another “Look at me” frenzy. US Weekly, the same tabloid who wrote the glowing review about the outfit Leann wore to the Youth Convention(which so impressive that they didn’t even notice that Leann wore the same outfit for her interview with Katie), is now reporting that Leann is in talks to get her own reality tv show. Considering that Brandi was talking about writing a cooking book next, I’m guessing that Leann’s reality tv show is going to be about cooking and of course it will take place in her mansion, exploit Brandi’s kids, and feature her paid for hire gigolo and her “friend” Liz. Leann can’t even get her own fans to buy her album and singles and whenever any show has her on as a guest they suffer a dip in ratings. Leno went from averaging 3 million viewers to 2.3 Million viewers when Leann was on his show.

    So what happened to being a judge on XFactor? Since Leann is releasing the news about the reality tv show to the same mag who just so happened to expose her affair with Eddie about does that mean XFactor turned Leann down as a judge for a 2nd time in a row?

    Leann releases information about how XFactor wants her as a judge and she gets turned down. She releases that American Idol pursuing her as a judge, and that story was so ridiculous that the media didn’t even jump on the story. She releases information about how AGT wants her as a judge and she gets turned down. She again tries for XFactor, but that is still pending. She releases that Bravo has been pursuing her for RHOBH, but that too turned out to be a lie. And now this. So who is “pursuing” Leann this time? Since Leann made a big deal to annouce that she was meeting with VH1, her “cooking” show may be on VH1.

    What is the reasoning of Leann’s publicist? It’s as if he is purposely trying to sabotage Leann.

  88. BeachBelle says:

    I never watch Dr. Oz, but today I did. He had a show about women taking laxatives to lose weight. It was downright scary. Guess who I thought about? Who has laxatives laying around in her home for a child to find and eat thinking it’s candy? You guessed right—LeAnn.

    I knew LeAnn would cook up something to put out today for her daily dose of attention. I guess who ever wants her for a TV show (which I don’t believe) they can pay her in apples or cubes of sugar!

    • Theskinny says:

      NEVER in sugar! Sugar is not allowed in her house except to use as a still life entitled “See! We’re NORMAL!” for pictures on twitter.
      I don’t think leaving those laxatives out was an accident. Based on her other decisions, I simply think she is setting up opportunities to have something bad happen to those children. They have been in the ER twice in her care in less than a year, no? She never acknowledged Brandi’s concern, nor did she apologize for having that happen.

  89. why? says:

    Leann’s latest “look at me” campaign: she had “lunch”(aka another tell-all exclusive interview) with the blog owner from JJ yesterday. To make sure that everyone knew about it, she posted a comment and twitpic to the blog’s twitter page and made sure that the blog owner posted a photo of herself posing with him to his account.Didn’t she do the same thing with GR so that now E only writes nice things about her no matter how ridiculous it sounds?

  90. why? says:

    When Leann tweeted that she was doing a creative venture that had nothing to do with acting or music, we thought that she was going to be doing something with cooking or fashion since she single white females everything that Brandi does.

    In the photo that was posted to the blogger’s twitter page, Leann was photographed with Nicole Richie’s friend, Masha Gordon. MG has an online vintage and consignment boutigue. So is this why Leann kept tweeting about the “vintage” dress she wore when she “attended” the Oscars and it’s afterparties? So Leann is teaming up with Nicole R friend to do a reality tv show on fashion?

  91. why? says:

    Since Leann was on tour and she took her paid for hire gigolo with her, I thought that Brandi’s son would be able to attend his baseball game in peace, free from Leann and FameFlynet. I was wrong. Leann is on twitter tweeting about how Eddie is assistant coaching and she is a dug out helper. So that makes it official, Leann did invite FameFlynet or AKM-GSI to the child’s baseball game. So the staged baseball photos from today are going to be even worse than from last week.

    Eddie must be trying to rehabilitate his image because why else would he out of the blue decide to be the assistant coach for his son’s baseball game today, especially when Eddie didn’t even care enough about assistant coaching to attend his son’s baseball game yesterday? If he is going to assistant coach, shouldn’t Eddie be at all his son’s games instead of missing the games so that he can be on tour with Leann? In all the years that Eddie has been papped at his kids’ games we have never seen him invested enough to coach or even help out with the team. So why now? They went from papping out just Brandi’s youngest son to papping out his entire team.

    No wonder Leann is tweeting about being the dug out helper, Brandi tweeted that she helped out in her son’s class last week. Leann just keeps getting worse. Why does she feel the need to always copy everything that Brandi does if her life with Eddie is so happy?

  92. skeptic says:

    Does she look pregnant? Nah, just tremendously fugly per usual.