People: Jennifer Aniston’s wedding will take place ‘soon’, it will be ‘a small affair’

Shock of shocks, Jennifer Aniston and her wedding plans got the cover of this week’s People Magazine. You’d think that People would have simply devoted their cover story to the post-Oscar coverage, but the Oscars were pushed to the sidebar so that Jennifer could enjoy her moment. I should have known that Jennifer and Justin Theroux’s Oscar red carpet extravaganza was part of a larger plan to make “JustJen’s Wedding” a much bigger thing.

She conquered the Oscars, and now Jennifer Aniston is preparing for another very big day.

The actress, 44, is in the process of planning her wedding to screenwriter-actor Justin Theroux, 41 – and she has already checked off some major tasks on her to-do list, including choosing wedding bands, setting a date and narrowing down dresses.

Just don’t expect the wedding, which is likely to take place soon after Aniston wraps her current film in Connecticut on March 8, to be a lavish production.

“It will be a small affair with their closest friends,” a source close to Aniston tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story.

In the meantime, the bride-to-be is enjoying life with her future groom.

“Jen seems more confident than ever,” says the source, “and they’ve become a great team.”

For much more on Aniston and Theroux’s wedding plans, their romantic Oscar night and look inside their relationship, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE

[From People]

Wait, what? So, her film finishes on March 8 or that’s the date of her wedding? I think that’s when her film wraps, which means that the wedding will be in late March, maybe. It will be interesting to see if Jennifer continues this trend of subtly letting everyone know her super-private business – like, will we get details about what wedding gown she chooses? Will she actually sell photos from her wedding? Will there be strategic leaks about the wedding as it gets closer? Super-private, you guys. Super-private.

Photos courtesy of People Magazine, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Kim says:

    She conquered the Oscars hahaha.Wow she loves here privacy so she calls People magazine with all the details.Sounds like Kim K

    • MAP says:


      Conquering the Oscars = never being nominated and showing up as a presenter.

    • Michelle says:

      Her and Kim K need to just GO AWAY!!!

    • Gossip Monger says:

      Sorry, but how us this any different than the complete rundown of Brad’s marriage proposal to Angelina that also came courtesy of People mag?

      Or the yearly rundown of their happy family life with the kids that also come courtesy of People complete with brand new staged photos that conveniently appear two or three days before they run the article?

      Don’t they all play this game? Why are their pr moves always written off as some casual coincidence that they had nothing to do with?

      And I’m will to bet that Brangelina’s wedding will come with all kinds of People mag photos just in time for the release of Brad’s zombie movie.

      Like I said they ALL play this game.

    • Gossip Monger says:

      Sorry, but how us this any different than the complete rundown of Brad’s marriage proposal to Angelina that also came courtesy of People mag?

      Or the yearly rundown of their happy family life with the kids that also come courtesy of People complete with brand new staged photos that conveniently appear two or three days before they run the article?

      Don’t they all play this game? Why are their pr moves always written off as some casual coincidence that they had nothing to do with?

      I bet that Brangelina’s wedding will come with all kinds of People mag photos just in time for the release of Brad’s zombie movie.

      Like I said they ALL play this game.

      • ana says:

        Really? Never heard the story about Brad’s proposal from People. How exactly did he propose?

        I think you are mixing that with tabloid stories about proposal.

      • lisa2 says:

        Really Brad told People Mag how he proposed. Man I need to see that. Because there were several stories in TABLOIDS saying how he proposed. So what exactly did he say and do. And when exactly was the proposal. I don’t recall ever hearing Brad or Angelina say anything about a date it happened. Brad talked a bit about the wedding saying it would be SMALL with FAMILY.

        The tabloids are the ones that have been making the wedding this HUGH event. That is not what he said.. but do tell what you know that we don’t know.

    • Gossip Monger says:

      How is this any different than the minute by minute rundown we got about Brad proposing to Angelina? Because that also came courtesy of People magazine along with the yearly rundown of their happy life with the kids. Do you honestly think Brad and Angelina don’t have People mag on speed dial?

    • Gossip Monger says:

      How is this any different than the minute by minute rundown we got about Brad proposing to Angelina? Because that also came courtesy of People magazine along with the yearly rundown of their happy life also via People mag. Do you honestly believe that they don’t have People mag on speed dial?

    • Liverwurst says:

      Jennifer did NOT interview with People about her up coming nuptials…if you read the story there are only past quotes and quotes by a “close insider” which is what they always say when just guessing.

  2. Ruyana says:

    The guy she’s marrying just looks like an android to me, or an animatronic figure that Disney produced. Just ugh.

  3. marie says:

    “She getting married to oily bohunk”.. is what I think of every time I see a photo of him.. meh, good for them I suppose.

  4. Birdie says:

    I think she only makes this unusual move, because she is scared that a certain other couple marries before this date and she will be only the “second” and she wants to prevent any talk: oh look brad got married and now jen does it, too. So she’s like: this is when I am going to marry, I said it first.

  5. Auruor says:

    She has such pretty hair. I wish she’d do something different with it, like an updo or something… it’s been the same for over a decade.

  6. Suze says:

    I like Jen but private she is not….

    We’ll see how small and discreet this wedding turns out!

    • lulu says:

      Aniston can’t marry this rent-a-man, if she did, she’d have to quit bit-ching about Brad and Angie, then there would go what’s left of her almost non-existent career. She looked really bad at the oscars, and got a lot of bad press, this is just another ploy to try and make people stop talking about how old she looks.

  7. Belle Epoch says:

    Somebody told this guy to bare his teeth during photographs and show off those new veneers.

    When you see pre-Jen pictures of him before the hair dye and wax coating it’s pretty amazing.

  8. Alicia says:

    Wait. SHE called People Magazine? What? Seriously! And the Oscars were just a PR setup for the “cover” of People? OMGosh, I am exhausted! Who makes this crap up…

  9. spinner says:

    She is very smart to have this put out there at this point in time thru a reputable mag — and we know why.

  10. jamdown says:

    well good for her I’m not surprise about the people cover I mean its jen. Justin really looks good in the Oscar pic which is weird cause I always thought he was funny looking

  11. Happymom says:

    My eyes are stuck in the back of my head from rolling them.

  12. WTH says:

    I wish them the best….but she needs to make him sign a pre-nup. They do live in California and he has waaaaay less money then she does. Remember Guy Richie swearing up and down he would NEVER take money from Madonna. Well guess what? He took the money, there was no pre-nup.

  13. ParisPucker says:

    he looks like such a douche now. he use to have a bit of a rough edge to him that made him palpably sexy. now i imagine that he must smell like patchouli that Jen made him wear. And he botoxed his forehead?? douchey-la-douchey-douche.

    • Katherine says:

      I’m beginning to think he only ever had a rough edge because that was all he could afford. It’s a good cover for not having money.

      I think he is what you see – an opportunist who has convinced the rich girl he’s serious about her. Oh, he’s serious alright. LOL! Men – and women – do this all the time. It’s called gold digging. Of course she believes him – who wants to think they are being used?

  14. Hubbahun says:

    He looks so much better with a beard. Although still too orange.

  15. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    Great news! I hope they ‘do’ get married, the sooner the better. Truth.

  16. janie says:

    Once again… Who the F cares!

  17. DenG says:

    Would have preferred to see Jennifer Lawrence on the cover, not that inferior one.

  18. lucy2 says:

    People magazine sucks – how can they not run the Oscars as the cover story?

    • lisa2 says:

      They did the same thing during the Haiti disaster; they ran some dumb Aniston story which wasn’t even a story. I stopped buying them after that. And YES she gave them a statement and details or they would not have put it on the cover.

      I love how her fans “spinner” it.. But let this be anyone else and it is a PR front or game or whatever. Well folks here you go. Jennifer is not private. She wants this out there and many reasons.

    • kitkerenina says:

      ‘People’ stories are geared mostly for the hair salon and grocery store crowd I think. Gotta buy that box color for after you get your Rachel cut. Blach!

  19. Ginger says:

    Wait! They didn’t refer to her as the “beautiful” Jennifer Aniston at least twice. Someone’s in trouble!

  20. heyu says:

    But the british and aussie tabs reproted this very same story last week and no one belived it till now cos people mag said so.

    For once I do hv to say people mag is late with their story.. I read a british\aussie tab last who also reported d wedding was taking place weeks after fillming of her movie.I thought it was usual tab bullshit , now seems they are right since celeb friendly people mag is now reporting the same lol.

    Good luck to them abyways.. I bet their would release one pic of the wedding and some other details in people mag and that wuld be all.

  21. sophie says:

    Just like brandgelina keeping things super private – ponies and elephants at their wedding which will be “soon”. Don’t forget how pitt talks about kids peeing on furniture, and AJ talking about taking their kids to “poop.” Super private – right.

    • Jane says:

      Tabloids stories are now “facts”…..OK.

    • Toot says:

      Jen’s mess is in an a mag that’s none to work with the stars and publicists. that crap about Angelina and Brad’s wedding came from a tab.

      We ddn’t know anything going on with Angelina and Brad until it’s final. The ring, their wine, Brad’s furniture.

    • Kim says:

      So you believe some tabloid BS that story is from Grazia.Jennifer called People magazine the same magazines she called on the weekend to announce her engagement.Every week some silly tabloid makes up BS about BradAngelina wedding.Big difference

    • Lotta says:

      I actually think that Angelina and Brad already got married. Remember that trip when they brought Brad family and lots of nannies? I think it happened then. Or they got married while all eyes where on the Oscars.
      I could be wrong, but it’s my guess.

      • lisa2 says:

        They didn’t get married. and there were not LOTS of nannies. It was Brad’s family. Brother/Sister/Parents/nieces/ nephews..

        Sorry but it goes to show how the rumor of 12 nannies is quoted as fact, but rumors of Jennifer are lies lies lies.

      • Lotta says:

        I´m saying that it is my guess that they did, not that
        it´s the truth. I don´t know more about their personal life then you do. And the nanny thing I brought up as a reference to the trip so that people would know what trip I was refering to.
        I still think they are already married, or will do it very soon, but it will be without telling anyone because the only time they care about the press is when they are selling a new movie or want us to pay notice to a conflict somewhere in the world. They never try to make the press notice them just for being them. Not that they have to, unlike Jennifer Aniston.

      • lulu says:

        Whether they did or didn’t is anyone’s guess, but the fact that Brad’s manager refused to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the question, does make one wonder if they married over the holidays.

  22. lolamd says:

    How much did her publicist pay to put her on the cover and not the Oscar coverage? And conquer the Oscars? If by that you mean show up in a red potato sack and her hair the same style then she did it!

    • Mac says:

      The Oscars are yesterday’s news and Jenn’s popularity is off the charts.

      People Magazine knows what sells.

      • lok says:

        Jen’s popularity is not off the charts.

        There are much more talented, beautiful actress moving on up to knock her out of any good roles.

        If she is oh so popular than how come her movies never make much when she is the main draw???

        Most people couldn’t care less about her.

        All the talk after the Oscars was about another Jennifer. She deserved a cover, not this Jen’s wedding to her own Casper Smart.

  23. Toot says:

    The Oscars should have been the focus and this non story the sidebar. Jennifer seems to need to have focus put on her when it should be on others.

  24. were the losers says:

    & Then she will become irrelevant because the triangle will be over! HA!

  25. anonymous fan says:

    I believe her people leaked this info out herself.There is no way People mag would devote a cover to pure speculation.It is like when Jessica Simpson’s father told US Weekly she was pregnant.He is her manager and their so called “source”.Jennifer loves to play the private star but she loves attention as much as the rest of them.And the more we care the more she will get for her wedding pics.Which is good because she really needs another 10 million doesn’t she?(insert eye roll here)

    • Katie says:

      I think this is what bothers me the most. (And I’m surprised I’m so bothered by this!) She acts like she’s hounded by the press, but in reality she basks in it. This is a planted story if there ever was one. And it’s just like, Why? Why is this news?

      I think that this was last minute, that the news of her not eating lunch with the crew of her film was going around and her people wanted a distraction.

    • lulu says:

      At the rate Aniston’s rent-a-man is spending money, and the fact that the guy hasn’t worked in over 3 years, plus the fact that Aniston is making peanuts with these little no budget indie movies,there’s no doubt she’s in need of money, and believe me, Jennifer, “charity is not my thing” Aniston, will not donate the $500 she gets for her wedding pics from the “oily bohunk”.

  26. Ade says:

    Maybe she is letting everybody know in advanced so there are no “Angelina went to the beach and Aniston tried to show her up by getting married that same day!” In my opinion, she is forced to subtly let people know so she can make a decision in her life without it being related to Angelina and Brad.

  27. lok says:

    She will hopefully become completely irrelevant after this wedding. She will no longer be the victim, crybaby.

    Hopefully people will see how w/o that she is just a boring TV star thinking she is a movie star.

    This cover is completely from her publicist. Approved by them and everything.

    She better get a pre nup, because he loves her $$$$$ a little more than he loves her I think.

  28. Cordelia says:

    So tired of her..aggh.. “She seems more confident than ever.” really? 2 things: she is in her mid 40s, if she still needs a man to feel confident, then there is a problem. Secondly, her need for constant validation, clearly shows that she is in fact NOT that confident. Seriously Jen, stop competing with Brangelina… no matter what you think of them individually, they are dynamite together. Even if they get married in a tree house in someone’s backyard, it will still seem more lavish than Jen’s wedding. Give it up already!!

    • Alicia says:

      Really? And you KNOW she needs a man to feel confident how? Did a tabloid tell you so? I am amazed at all that believe everything they read and printed…


      If it is in print, then it has to be the gospel, right? Pffftt!

      • nh says:

        Because her publicist tells us so.

        He sends these gems to People about how she is “happier than ever”, “more confident than ever” now that she has a man who loves her (and her money).

      • Cordelia says:

        Isn’t that what her ‘source’ is telling us? And I did use the word ‘if’ because I do sincerely hope that is not the case. However, seeing that this is People Magazine.. I am sure the ‘sources’ comment was pre-approved by her or someone close to her. And no, I am not pretending to know what she is really like.. I am more offended by the image that she is creating for herself. Why must she always create these fairytales.. or anyone for that matter. Why can’t she come out and say, “look, someone broke my heart once, I was hurt and maybe even bitter, but life goes on..” It’s 2013, women should be allowed to be real.

  29. Leah says:

    Huvane seriously works hard for his money. At this point I’m guessing he has taken almost half of Aniston’s net worth. He is Hathaway’s publicist but where is her People’s cover? I guess $$$ talk.
    Does anyone think this causes resentment with other talented actresses who actually deserve to be on that cover this week. Like why not take a back seat this week and let Anne, Lawrence, Adele and others shine, then give your interview next week?

  30. Sarah says:

    Oh come on guys, don’t act like Brad and Angie haven’t been on the cover of People with their babies. And I loved it! I like that all parties involved throw us little people some crumbs here and there! ;)

  31. Dee Cee says:

    Justin’s not all that plus a cherry on top.. but she had Brad, blew it, inherited a good retirement fund.. and what more can she do to improve this smarmy guy.. it’s enough he’s fairly talented, flattered to be seen and linked to her.. semi popular.. able to survive and do as she desires..without many complaints, making turblent waves and disturbing messes in her calm and perfect private life environment.. no more couple rebellion.. YAY

  32. epiphany says:

    There are stories all over the internet that the Pitt/Jolie wedding is soon, and it’s going to be an extravaganza – THAT’S why Aniston’s people asked Kneepads (People Magazine) to push Oscar aside and give Jen the cover. She can’t stand being outdone by her ex.

  33. ShakenNotStirred says:

    The Oscars received enough coverage everywhere else. I wasn’t sold on this pairing at first but Aniston and J.T. look happy and the party photos of the pair were actually cute to the point of nausea.

    I wish them well.

    • Lisa says:

      Their photos looked a whole lot like the ones of her & John Mayer at the same event!!! I remember her fans ohhing and awwing all over them.

      John was the ONE!!!!!!! They were going to have babies!!!!

      Oh, and then he dumped her for the second time a few weeks later.

      This time though JT is dependent on her $$$. He is living in mansions, driving HER Mercedes, flying in private planes, going to the Oscars.

  34. Lisa says:

    If she does marry him, she will become even more irrelevant.

    She has built her “career” for almost a decade now on the coattails of being the scorned ex wife, the victim, the one left behind.

    If women can’t feel sorry for her then I can’t see them being her fans!

    What is there to be a fan of? All she is is her hair, body, hair, Mexico, hair. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  35. Runs with Scissors says:

    “It will be a small affair” unlike the one she had with Justin, which was big if you consider Heidi.

    She “Conquered” the Oscars, god, that’s just too perfect. She’s also the “sexiest woman who ever lived. ever.”

    Doesn’t she get embarrassed?

    It’s bad enough for her to get up in front of people like Meryl Streep and present every year, as though she were an actual peer of these actors, but to buy the cover of People to promote herself for a wedding that hasn’t taken place yet?

    Like Leah said above, she could have let these women who EARNED some press get their cover and have the next one, or better yet, buy a cover AFTER the wedding (or not at all)– Even just to avoid embarrassing herself if not out of respect.

  36. Guesto says:

    Gah. The comments on this thread. Funny, sure, but in a scary-look-over-your-shoulder way.

    I wish both Jen & Justin and the Jolie-Pitts would just get married so we can be done with all this coma-inducing crap. I’m so bored with both of them and all the speculation they generate and for that I blame their fans. Yes, that’s the loons on both sides, who seem to be more scarily invested in both relationships than the people concerned and are the ones feeding this ridiculous tit-for-tat tabloid snorefest.

  37. KellyinSeattle says:

    I always find it anti climatic when people are engaged for awhile and live together, then have a wedding…anyway, I hope they get married TODAY so I don’t have to hear about their engagement anymore.

  38. gg says:

    He looks a little less phony with the beard.

  39. anneesezz says:

    Is she also the editor of People? I didn’t realize.

  40. Joyce says:

    Let me get this straight, Aniston gets a cover and the people “talented” people won the Oscar and they are on the side bar. Aniston must have paid Huvsy big big bucks to get her the cover.

  41. Ruyana says:

    I just noticed in the pictures above, there are crowds around them in each photo. But not one single person is looking at them.

  42. skuddles says:

    So how exactly did she “conquer the Oscars”? By not getting shitfaced before she had to present??

  43. Jade says:

    How the heck did she so called conquer the oscars??! Just get married and go away.

  44. G says:

    Sorry, but when someone plans a small private affair, they usually just do it, without a People Mag cover.

    Sounds more like a small affair with big PR.

  45. Jade says:

    How the heck did she conquer the oscars??! Just get married and go away.

  46. Patrice says:

    Ugh. I really can’t stand this chick. As time goes on she continues to become more and more a parody of herself.

    A perfect example: I just saw that new Aveeno commercial on tv for the 1st last night that Kaiser recently lampooned. At the end when the narrator actually says, “The BEAUTIFUL Jennifer Aniston now for Aveeno” I almost threw up a little. I mean, is that company for real??? When has a spokesperson ever been introduced at all at the end of a commercial, nevermind so obviously pandering to the star’s massive ego and particular insecurity! Kaiser was so right: That ad has Steven Huvane written all over it. Ridiculous.

  47. taxi says:

    Will she invite Jane to her wedding?

  48. Lucky Charm says:

    “It will be a small affair with their closest friends,” a source close to Aniston tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story.

    And once again no mention of her family…

    The level of fame-whore-ery this woman is descending to is getting dangerously close to Kardashian level. And don’t people who are planning a small, intimate wedding generally refrain from announcing the fact on the cover of People magazine?! So much for being such a “private person”, ha. Please, just go and get married, and fade away into obscurity, or your favorite Mexican resort…

  49. blonde on the dock says:

    People most likely asked her the question re:her wedding and a “small affair” was her answer. They know she sells magazines that’s why she’s on the cover. It ain’t rocket science!

    • fertth says:

      Leave it to you to not get it.

      This cover was asked for by her publicist and she has everything to do with it.

      All these “sources”, if in People, are from her camp.

      She is like Kim K. No need to have a pre wedding cover like this right after the Oscars!

      And the only reason she sells mags is because of who her ex is!

  50. blonde on the dock says:

    ugh, I can’t stand Aniston.

    What has she done in the past decade that is interesting??? Nothing!

    Hope her fans do not dare call her private ever again. She is the complete opposite.

  51. Dh says:

    I hope she is happy and everything works out, it can’t be easy living in the shadow of an ex husband

    • bree says:

      This is the problem with her fans.

      Still hoping she is happy. She is the only celeb I see that people “hope” she’s happy. Only person people say “deserves” to be happy.
      Seems her fans still do not believe it no matter how her pr says she is “happier than ever”

      And it is her fault she is still in this shadow. She cried/whined/ screamed in the Vanity Fair article.

      She has failed to be interesting beyond her past relationship. Does not help that her BFF blasts AJ and kids all the time.

      People treat her with kid gloves.

    • lulu says:

      Especialy since Aniston has hung on to his and Angie’s coattails with both hands for over 8 years now, other people manage to move on from a short first marriage with no problems, but not Aniston, she needs Brad and Angie too much.

      • June says:

        Well Renee Drew actually went through a lot when she was young.

        All JA went though was a divorce! People act like she survived cancer, lost a child.

        Most female celebs manage to divorce and not milk sympathy for almost a decade.

      • Renee says:

        June–I hear you. I read her book, and am a fan of Drew. My point was the JA is not the only person drawing sympathy for MANY years after their difficult situation.

        I agree that JA milks it, and that most people can manage a divorce without a decade-long sulk about it. I also think it works. I mean, here we are still arguing about her. And every gossip site I visit blows up every time she gets mentioned, which is why they keep writing about her.

        She’s a mediocre actress well into her middle years. Annoying as it is, her PR machine is effective.

  52. Dh says:

    I hope she is happy and everything works out – it can’t be easy living in the shadow of an ex husband

  53. bELLA says:


  54. Kim says:

    Now Im watching shows I taped today and A guy from People magazine is on InsideEdition talking about this small intimate private wedding.Rather than sharing some behind the scenes Oscars news

  55. Anna Connolly says:

    She’s had her 15 minutes stretched out to 25 -can’t she just quit already? Seriously, she is not much of an actress! Jen, we have had enough!

  56. spinner says:

    I am turning a new leaf!!!! I can’t stand her.
    She would not even be getting a People cover if not for her past marriage. She would be as talked about as the other Friend’s cast… Not at all.

    She is too boring to have garnered this kind of press. She rode the wave of sympathy from her tears she cries as soon as that Vanity Fair interviewer walked in her door.

    People do not even care WHO she is marrying, as long as she is marrying someone. Nevermind the fact he left a 14 year partnership for some fame.

    • lulu says:

      What Aniston conveniently forgot to say in that sniff, sniff, VF 05′ Pity Fest article, was that she and Vince Vaugh had been sleeping together for a few months already, how can you cry on cue for a reporter about your ex when you’re already ‘knocking boots’ with another man, seems like Aniston does her best ‘acting’ when she’s trying to make people feel sorry for her.

  57. zut alors! says:

    She “conquered” the Oscars? Pray tell, how did she do this? She was a co-presenter in 2006 and 2009. What was so different or difficult about doing the same thing this year?
    This is why I can’t get behind this woman and her exhausting PR, all masterminded by her prop master, Stephen Huvane. Why must every little thing she does have to be presented like she is such a brave little soul and is overcoming enormous odds when the reality is very different? The press release was clearly written by her PR team. They are quite fond of using the “happier than ever”, ‘more in love than ever” and “more confident than ever “, superlatives to describe her. It always sounds like they are propping her up; it doesn’t ring true and undermines the very image they are trying to create. Didn’t the British Vogue editor out her last year by saying that she never does a cover unless she has complete script, ahem interview and photograph approval?

  58. DanaG says:

    Jennifer did the same thing with Brad. She isn’t private at all we will get the where and when and probably a picture because she wants everyone to know how happy she is. All celebs need PR but we havent hear anything about Brad and Angie tying the not looks like Jen will beat them. Jennifer plays the game way more then Brad does. I doubt she will get pregnant anytime soon I dont think she wants to ruin her figure.

  59. Katie says:

    Sigh, will they ever get it right? This is like the 50th time tabloids have predicted when they;ll get married! Let me guess next weeks cover story…. “JEN FINALLY PREGNANT – EXPECTING TRIPLETS!”! LOL xD

  60. Ariel says:

    Such a famewhore, who announces to the media wedding plans. I can see an engagement and wedding but who cares about wedding plans. The Oscars are much more important. These people have obtained an amazing awards something she will probably never obtain with the same flop rom coms.

    • lisa2 says:

      The sidebar would have been more appropriate. It is not like there are any real details. Nothing. No dress designer, no venue, no date, no guest list, no names of jewelers or anything. Basically just that she is getting married after she wraps her movie. Why does that equate a cover. I don’t mad at celebs with wedding pics or such. But this is not there. Especially when you consider there has not been this big deal on when she was getting married. I don’t know the thinking around it. Maybe to go along with the commercial, I mean it would even be understandable if she had been an Oscar nominee. That would make sense. But this. NO.

      Somebody is making some serious PR blunders and this like the commercial looks all kinds of Hey look at me. Hey look at me.. somebody please.

  61. Rena says:

    People with her money who really want kids find a way.

    Example of that is the news that Perez Hilton just became the Daddy of baby boy.

    “‘Jen never thought that kids automatically mean a happy life,’ the source told the publication. ‘She’s always said that she would love to have a baby, especially since Justin came into her life, but she won’t be upset or disappointed if it doesn’t happen. She loves life with Justin as it is.”

    The source of course is JA/Huvane, LOL

    What other 44 year old middle aged celeb woman strings her fans along as JA has re the whole subject of kids? Not one. She plays this same PR game over and over and over.

    And NO ONE actually having a small private wedding/marriage gives that info to People beforehand.

  62. Starlight says:

    I think she has vowed to haunt Angelina for the rest of her life for snatching her man.

  63. G says:

    [Blind Gossip] We’ve known for some time that this celebrity is engaged, but the details about her wedding plans have been far and few between.

    One item on her checklist that isn’t leaking out is her choice for Maid of Honor. While it is usual for a bride to choose a sister or cousin or long-time friend, our bride is going a different way.

    Her long-time best friend is an famous actress. However, their friendship is on shaky ground right now. We’ve talked about some of the issues that have caused the friction between the two over the past year or so. During that time, our bride has become close friends with another female celebrity (who has a habit of stirring up controversy).

    Our bride understands the public relations machine, very, very well. It would be disingenuous to choose the old friend as her Maid of Honor, as the two are cordial but rather cool towards each other right now. However, if she chooses the controversial new friend, the media will certainly work overtime to uncover the “scandal” that tore the former best friends apart.

    A third choice, one that would work for both her and her future husband, is a celebrity couple with whom they have been spending a lot of time recently.

    So, what will she do? Choose her former bestie (which will placate the press), or her new friend (which could stir up questions) or the celebrity couple (which would be neutral and work for both her and her fiancé)?

    As of today, she is choosing… none of the above! She is starting to think that she just wants to avoid the whole mess, and is now asking her future husband to forgo the wedding party altogether. If she can’t have anyone up there, neither can he! He’s not happy about it, but, unless she has some miraculous r

  64. stinkyman says:

    My guess is they will get married when she is finished with this current movie. I think they make the sweetest pair but somehow the pictures here are not the best. There have been some awesome shots of him and her. Funny, sexy and smart is how I see this pair.

  65. Curly Sue says:

    you people are so naive. these are multimillionaires. they have so much money. millions of dollars, try to imagine that, and with that much money comes so much freedom. you eat wherever you want, what ever you want, when you want, you travel where you want, wear what you want, buy houses and cars, buy what ever you want basically. this woman could buy an island for god sakes. she probably is vain and enjoys her fair share of attention like all actresses, but i highly doubt she gives a shit as much as people think she does. she’s out doing her vapid things and spending and enjoying her money. i don’t think a millionaire spends every day plotting new ways for attention. she’s free. she’s having fun, trust me. You people are so stupid.

  66. Ariel says:

    I almost fell over laughing when I saw her Aveeno commercial.The beautiful jennifer aniston it is so pretentious.
    They got to be kidding

  67. MAEVE says:

    OMG what a relief! I thought I was going to yawn myself to death in anticipation.

  68. fritanga says:

    The Craig/Weisz wedding was private. The Portman/Millepied wedding was private. This is not private and it probably won’t be very small, because Jennifer wants all of us to see her new hubby’s black Elvis dye job and how “fresh” she looks these days.

  69. LoFromWisco says:

    Awful lotta Brangeloonies on this site, eh? I can’t be the only one who thinks she’s refreshing. She seems like a legitemately nice person.

  70. Misnomer says:

    LoFromWisco typical looniston comment, hating the fact that they are in the minority on any board. Yes, sure. A homewrecker (she slutted her way in and stole Heidi Bivens man) who fucked another womans man and stole him, who threw her husband under a bus when she knew the truth and who has continued to make passive-aggressive digs about her ex-husband and his wife and THEIR CHILDREN, who hires Handler as a pitbull to do her dirty work and abuse Angelina and her children and make racist comments about then is a ‘legitemitely nice’ person. smdh Like most loonistons, you seem to lack taste and morals. Aniston is a racist homewrecking piece of shit and is NOT nice. Same as most of the mentally unhinged loonistons. No wonder Aniston fans have such a bad rep.