Fear of a Man Boob Planet

Moobs as they are now called – are apparently sweeping the UK (brooms or mops I wonder and however do they hold them). Obviously an underreported phenom – till now: BBC Radio 4 is taking the bull by the horns … or I suppose taking the bull by the udders. Sometimes what’s good for the goose is entirely rubbish for ganders of good sense. Too many species in that one paragraph, I fear.

What do Tony Blair, Simon Cowell and John McCririck have in common? The answer is Man Boobs, or Moobs as they have been dubbed. They are no longer just the preserve of the older man because in recent studies, men of all ages have cited their bigger breasts as one of their most dreaded areas.

Yes indeed … Moobs …Not just for your older man anymore … Moobs – Come and get them: all the dread and none of the lactating. How long till a clever British Seinfeld fan recalls the manzeer or bro and approaches Agent Provocateur with what will undeniably be the last word in lingerie provocation?

Simon Cowell does seem to advertise his blatantly, often sending them into the room to do reconnaissance well before the rest of him arrives, but then inducing dread in others is his bread and butter. I was unaware that Tony Blair’s moobishness was being cited as another symptom of his remarkable fall from political grace … some folks say you need balls to go to war, but in this case he’s just got Moobs.

So is it that more men are simply more overweight or are there other factors at work here? Martha discusses the phenomenon with Dr Peter Tiplady – Retired Director of Public Health in North Cumbria – and Michael Hodges – Time Out’s Editor at Large.

Hey Dr. Peter here’s a Tip … don’t wanna be a lady … lose the Moobs.

As for the rest of you … tune in if you dare!

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6 Responses to “Fear of a Man Boob Planet”

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  1. Clarimonde says:

    So if man boobs are MOOBS then are man nipples called MIPPLES? That guy next to Simon sure has some hairy mipples.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That old guy looks like Michael Winner, director of Death Wish.

  3. Clarimonde says:

    I was thinking it was probably Michael Winner. Ive seen a few pictures of him and his mobs before. Yuck. A least they aren’t pierced!

  4. UrbanDK says:

    Don’t squeeze my Moobs but depilate my mipples … Cause I wanna get down like Mr. Wipples

    Thank you for your attention