LeAnn Rimes: ‘People have been judging me, I felt a need to explain & apologize’

Here are some photos of LeAnn Rimes wearing a really unfortunate pair of pants while performing in Vancouver on Saturday. At one point, she put on a Canucks jersey and fans booed her when she said she needed an LA Kings jersey too. As for how she looks – those bangs are not settling in, are they? Sometimes bangs look better after a few weeks of growth and styling, but LeAnn’s are just… bad.

In other LeAnn news, Us Weekly reported last Friday that she’s “in talks” to get her own TV series. A source told Us Weekly, “LeAnn has been approached about doing both scripted and nonscripted shows and [she’s] hearing people out.” I still think that Simon Cowell needs to approach her about being a judge on The X-Factor. Think about it – the whole show wouldn’t have to rest on her shoulders, but if she has any kind of emotional or psychological breakdown, the cameras would be there and it would make for “compelling” must-watch TV. But the idea of LeAnn doing, like, a talk show? No. NOOO. Also: LeAnn is still doing press for her new album (out this month). This interview is epic:

Metro: You’re doing a country music festival in London later this month. Are you looking forward to it?
LeAnn: I am. I haven’t performed in Britain for a while and my British audience is very eclectic. I remember looking out and seeing kids and guys with a million piercings and wearing leather. I have a lot of gay fans in Britain.

What can people expect from your new album?
It’s a very honest album, very personal. I co-wrote most of the songs and it’s about my life over the past few years. I’m proud of it and it tells a story – not just mine but a lot of other people’s too. I’m not the only person to have gone through these issues.

Was it a cathartic experience?
Very much so. I got out what I needed to get out. I’ve been making music professionally for 20 years but this is the first time I’ve made a record that’s been completely me from start to finish. Being able to turn something crappy into something beautiful, angry and heartbreaking – every emotion you can think of is on this record – is an amazing thing to be able to do.

Have you missed recording?
The last album I did was a covers album. It was five years ago and I won’t leave it as long next time. I was living life, took a break and came back to it. I had a lot to draw from. It feels like the second coming of me. It’s to do with growing up and not being apologetic for who I am.

Did you feel a need to explain yourself?
You’ve done a lot of frank US TV interviews recently… Yes. People have been judging me, so I felt a need to explain and apologise, which I’ve done many times. Now I no longer feel that need. I’m happy and happily married and have a wonderful family. I’m living life as best I can – but I’m not exempt from failure and making bad choices.

You’ve been written about extensively in the US tabloids for three years since you got together with your husband. Has the coverage worn you down?
It has been an ongoing story for them. At least I sell magazines for them – I guess that’s the positive – but it’s involved some very wrong information. Sometimes I comment on it, sometimes I don’t. They’re going to write what they want to write anyway. I just read I bathe in Evian water – some of the stories are so insane. I try to let it roll off my back but it’s gone on for a long time. I have a talent, I can sing. I don’t earn my money from trying to hurt people or get in the tabloids.

Did you ever consider leaving the music industry?
There have been many times I’ve wanted to but I’d be lost without music. I’ve thought about taking a back seat and doing more writing. This is the last album with the label I’ve been signed to since I was 11 – it’s been 20 years and it feels like this is a new start for me.

Would you let your own child pursue a showbiz career?
I’d let them develop their talent but it’s important to let kids be kids. I wouldn’t encourage them to enter the industry at a young age. I’d be honest with them about what goes on – it’s not a fairy tale. Wanting to be a superstar is all very well but don’t believe the facade. Especially because it’s getting harder to get into the industry anyway.

In what way? Do you need to do a TV talent show?
It’s easier if you go down that route. A lot of us before those shows were around had to work our butts off to get our music heard. Those shows give you an in-built audience. It’s harder for artists to get heard on the radio now – it’s not as much of a broad spectrum as it used to be.

What lessons has 20 years in the music industry taught you?
It’s made me a fighter. Everyone fails sometimes, especially when you become as successful as quickly as I did, and I’m proud I’ve been able to pick myself up and keep my head above water for as long as I have.

What else would you like to achieve in your career?
I used to set myself big goals and I’ve achieved most of them, luckily. Now I define success differently to how I did as a kid. I want to continue making music and for people to see me as a complete artist rather than just a voice. It feels like I’m just coming into my own after being in the business for 20 years.

[From Metro]

LeAnn sounded almost normal for some of those questions. But there’s still the humblebragging and the narcissism. “I have a lot of gay fans in Britain.” And “At least I sell magazines for them – I guess that’s the positive”. Yeah. She LOVES the attention. She always has loved it. And her explanation of why she hasn’t had an album in while – “I was living life, took a break and came back to it” – is ridiculous. Her label dropped her for a few years, right? And she was recording music for the past five years, trying to get a comeback going and it just didn’t take.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. brin says:

    I feel a need to say “STFU”.
    That outfit is hideous.

  2. i'm french don't kill me says:

    she looks better since she’s not so skinny (her hair is nice on her)

    as i think she’s a famewhore (since she’s with Eddie whatishisname) as i think that a celebrity must “never explain never complain” (the acts are more efficient than the words in my opinion)

  3. Macey says:

    I wonder if she used Brandi’s plastic surgeon and/or dermatologist to get those cheek fillers?

  4. Cam S says:

    Shut up and sing. You had a talent, use it. Stop trying to get a tv show, fashion line or whatever started when your career is circling the toilet and just SING. Leann needs to learn her audience is not her therapy session. Those fans didn’t pay to hear her whine and complain. Leann needs to give them their $10 worth!
    Side note: It is a pain when you gain weight & your skinny jeans no longer fit properly. Maybe Le should invest in some stretchy leggings until she decides who to SWF next. Maybe her Dr told her to get back to her normal, healthy body weight in order to get pregnant? Looks like her “baby fat” found its way back to her.

  5. K-rock says:

    That outfit is hideous. Is she trying to hide her tummy? ;) Maybe shes preggers.

  6. JenD says:

    I think I had those bangs back in 7th grade (20+ years ago). They are not flattering.

  7. Buckwild says:

    Is she stupid? Why would she talk about LA jersey in Vancouver unless she was trying to make a “joke”? That’s like being in Boston and saying you need a Miami Heat jersey. LOL

  8. Cece says:

    She’s never apologized, so not sure where that comment came from. She’s a classic narcissist, unable to understand that the world does not revolve around her.

    And it’s interesting how quickly she filled back out. Not a bad thing, but the ability to lose/gain so quickly screams eating disorder.

  9. Aussie girl says:

    Those pants!!! Forget the bangs I have an image of her vag been squashed in those pants! My eyes burn!!!

  10. Cirque28 says:

    These photos are hilarious.

  11. Ellen says:

    She is so young to have butchered her face so badly. I am so glad I don’t live in LA.

  12. T.Fanty says:

    This interview would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that she is on twitter constantly, stirring up her never-ending drama. Taking that into account, she just seems insane.

  13. Lulu says:

    Don’t shoot me, but I think her bangs do look better actually.

  14. Samigirl says:

    “I have a lot of gay fans in Britain.”

    Brandi has a TON of gay fans, points it out often in her book. I think LR has that book commited to memory. Am I reaching?

    Also, nice camel toe, WeeWee.

  15. Lolly says:

    I wish she also felt the need to shut up & disappear

  16. Cinnamon says:

    “It’s easier if you go down that route. A lot of us before those shows were around had to work our butts off to get our music heard. ”

    i guess that carrie underwood diss in 2006 when Carrie underwood won instead of faith hill is truly, really how she felt:

    “”Okay, I usually keep quiet on topics like this but I feel I need to stand up for my friend, Faith. She was just being honest and emotional like every other person sitting at home with an opinion. These awards shows are SO political and we all get fed up with them. We all work very hard and have for many years so to see someone come in and win Female Vocalist that has been here for a VERY short time, is a little disheartening.”

  17. laprincesita says:

    This girl needs an stylist asap and to shut up also!
    what an unfortunate looking woman!

  18. needsmeds says:

    She was on Star Search. Guess that doesn’t count as a tv talent show?

  19. Miss so and so says:

    good lord she is unattractive….I know that to some point she can’t help it, but she seems to play up the bad

  20. Meow Mix says:

    Those are the ugliest boots I have ever seen.

  21. Cinnamon says:

    oh and “I have a talent, I can sing. I don’t earn my money from trying to hurt people or get in the tabloids.”

    uhh…outing your own affair in US Weekly knowing the guy had a family that would be hurt AND bikini after bikini staged papparazi shoots for the last 4 years say otherwise

  22. Katia says:

    Reminds me of youtube video of will ferrel and jimmy fallon singing “tight pants” she looks almost as silly as they do

  23. Tanguerita says:

    She is a has-been by now.

  24. BeeCee says:

    Is it wrong that I’m super pissed she’s in my city and wearing my team’s jersey? I bet it was her fault we lost the other day…

  25. Cirque28 says:

    LeAnn’s strategy always seems to be, “People don’t like me?? Clearly, if they knew me, they would love me.”

    So she foists herself on the public more and more and more through Twitter, interviews, phoning strangers and trying to force them to like her, papping out everyone from herself down to the family dogs, etc. It hasn’t worked at all, and yet now she needs a TV show too? The more she opens up, the more the dislike of her becomes widespread. And still LeAnn seems to believe that we just need to get to know her. It’s bizarre.

  26. ojulia123 says:

    She’s apologized? Really? When?

  27. Izzy says:

    For someone who no longer feels the need to explain or apologize, she sure won’t STFU.

  28. Cathy says:

    I would almost believe some of that interview if it had come from anybody else but her. Who taught her how to dress that outfit is terrible.

  29. Bridget says:

    Leann is why I would never let my children go into showbiz. Seriously, 11? She was clearly a phenomenally talented kid, but Leann never even stood a chance at becoming a well-rounded, sane adult. Does anyone remember her legal battle with her father? How it turned out they were both awful people? It was like at that point she had just been warped by going into the entertainment industry at an early age and with awful parents. I got the impression that was why she married so young – her attempt at normalcy.

  30. Lee says:

    LeAnn seems confused…making excuses for your terrible behavior is not apologizing.

  31. JH says:

    The picture where she is sitting on the stage is so hilarious. Is she getting “real” with her audience? She is so embarrassing.

  32. RHONYC says:

    “I have a talent, I can sing. I don’t earn my money from trying to hurt people or get in the tabloids.” = Brandig

    “20 years” used repetitively = insecurity X infinity

    go away LeHaw. :-(

  33. Inky says:

    When I read this in the paper earlier I loved this quote:

    “I have a talent, I can sing. I don’t earn my money from trying to hurt people or get in the tabloids.”

    Nice dig at Brandi there LeAnn, because you don’t use the tabloids as a means to end ever! You just keep your nose out…the double standards just don’t stop coming with this one!

    • eileen says:

      HA! Considering she posted a photo of herself out to lunch with JustJared writer, I’d say she does JUST that!!
      This girl thinks we are all as stupid as she is. That’s her #1 problem.

    • Theskinny says:

      Really, because writing about f** a married man and playing those songs to his kids isn’t “hurting anyone”? Um, telling all pedophiles the address of her STEPsons school and the times of their ball games isn’t HURTING anyone?
      Breaking up a family, stalking the wife after and then claiming SHE is the victim of the affair, isn’t hurting anyone?
      Using kids that do not belong to you for props in pap shots your getting a portion of the profits from isn’t hurting anyone??
      Planting false stories about their mother and then playing the martyr when SHE IS THE WHORE not Brandi, isn’t hurting anyone?
      She’s an asshole.

  34. gg says:

    I can’t stand her and her incessant whining, but really I see no problem with her outfit or her bangs. I think she actually looks good for a change.

  35. Jane says:

    From the above text:
    Have you missed recording? The last album I did was a covers album. It was five years ago and I won’t leave it as long next time. I was living life, took a break and came back to it. I had a lot to draw from. It feels like the second coming of me. It’s to do with growing up AND NOT BEING APOLOGETIC for who I am.”
    Did you feel a need to explain yourself? You’ve done a lot of frank US TV interviews recently… Yes. People have been judging me, so I FELT a NEED TO explain and APOLIGISE, which I’ve done many times. Now I no longer feel that need.

    Love how she bloody contradicts herself here. What a self-righteous, narcissistic, insane entity! I would call her a woman, but after looking at the above pictures, it looks like a mutation of the Grinch and an iguana…not sure of the sex.

  36. why? says:

    Today is Monday, the day that RHOBH airs and the day that Lisa’s show with Eddie’s ex-mistress is doing their Reunion. So that is the real reason why Leann did this interview. It’s an attempt to overshadow Brandi and Scheana.

    This interview is ridiculous because some of the questions are from Brandi’s interviews(ie-Would you let your own child pursue a showbiz career?) and 70% of her responses are recycled from her old interviews. The question about her doing TV interviews to explain herself is in response to what Brandi said in her interviews about Leann and Eddie doing back to back interviews. Leann has been doing interviews since 2009 to “explain” herself. Since the first 5 interviews didn’t make people understand Leann, why continue to give even more interviews? When is she going to realize that it’s the interviews, her tweeting, and staged photo-ops that makes people judge her? She gets judged because she keeps doing the same inappropriate things and then claiming that she has the right to do those things because all that matters is her happiness. Like calling the paps to her stepson’s baseball game 2 weeks in a row. Feeding negative stories about Brandi to US Weekly. Tweeting about the children after being asked not to do it. Claiming that she is happily married even though her actions contradict her.

    She is wearing the sheer shirt and tight pants because she is milking the pregnancy thing. She looks drunk in the photos from the concert.

  37. eileen says:

    PS-the 5th picture really showcases how she is getting into this performance with her White Woman Overbite. JamOnIt

  38. Memphis says:

    This interview is just more of the same BS..

    Yadda, yadda, child star.

    yadda, yadda, This album is so me.

    Yadda, yadda, Stories are not true.

    Yadda, yadda So blessed- SO HAPPY. MY- ME- MY -ME- MINE

    She will never do a truly honest interview because she’s not ONE BIT sorry for anything that happened. She didn’t really care how her actions affect others, including her two step kids… She just wanted Eddie, the rest be damned. That’s the truth of it. But we will never get that honesty from her.

  39. Itsa Reallyme says:

    Is this chick for real? I don’t know how she functions in everyday life. She’s the most delusional person on the planet.

  40. Susie Q says:

    Glad to see she gussied herself up to come up here to play..lazy…

  41. why? says:

    Leann has been “extensively” written about for 3 years because she sets up deals with tabloids, paps, and blog(on Friday she had lunch with a blog owner). These tabloids aren’t pursuing her or Eddie, hence why you rarely see her face and Eddie’s face on the main cover of the tabloid. What has worn Leann down is how much money she has to invest in these fluffpieces because the backlash against her continues to grow.

    Leann sells magazine? So that is why Leann and Eddie have had the main cover of every tabloid since 2009? The last time Leann had the main cover it was because she told US Weekly that Brandi cheated on Eddie first. Other than that one cover and the Shape magazine cover(which backfired when the EIC had to apologize to it’s readers for putting Leann on the cover), how many times has Leann been featured on the main cover(not an inset off to the side) since 2009? Even People magazine didn’t give Leann and Eddie the cover for their wedding, even though they gave Kim K the cover for both her wedding and engagement. What does it say about Leann when People magazine won’t even give her the main cover? Leann doesn’t sell magazines.

    How could the information in the tabloids be wrong when it’s coming directly from Leann herself? These tabloids are writing exactly what Leann is telling them to write. Leann says that she doesn’t earn her money from trying to hurt people or get in the tabloids, so why did she tell US Weekly that Brandi cheated on Eddie first?

    Indications that Leann planted the tabloid story about her:

    Gossp Cop denies the story before anyone even knows it exists(ie-the story about Leann bathing in Evian from NE, Leann and Eddie at OB-GYN from Star)

    Depicts Brandi as the villian(ie-US Weekly)

    Leann takes the person out to lunch(GR and E and JE and JJ)

    It has some ridiculous nonsense(ie-Leann turned down Bravo because Leann’s career is flourishing)

    Info doesn’t check out: AGT is pursuing Leann as a judge, but the source didn’t have a clue that Mel B or Heidi were being pursued as judges. “Source” told x17 that XFactor didn’t want Brittney Spears as a judge and then Brittney is selected as a judge over Leann.

  42. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    “This is the last album with the label I’ve been signed to since I was 11 – it’s been 20 years and it feels like this is a new start for me.”

    So this is the second year in a row she turned 30 😜

  43. dorothy says:

    Just go away, that will be apology enough.

  44. KellyinSeattle says:

    The chick tries to talk like she’s some deep, phenomenal philosopher. I’m worried she’ll come out with a fashion line ; doesn’t she already have a perfume out?

  45. why? says:

    “I wouldn’t encourage them to enter the industry at a young age.”

    And yet she paps Brandi’s kids out to AKM-GSI, FameFlynet, and SplashNews every single week. What was the point in inviting the paps to the child’s game 2 weeks in a row? She thrusts these kids into the industry every time she tweets or blogs about them, posts videos of them to her fan website or twitter, or posts photos of them to her twitter and fan website.

    • valleymiss says:

      I just had a thought…a terrifying thought. What if Leann is on her way to becoming the next Kris Jenner/Dina Lohan? Think about it: Her career is slowly careening to a halt. There’s no way she can survive on selling pap photos forever. She knows Eddie will leave her if she’s broke. Could ya’ll see, in 5 years, Leann pushing those boys to audtion for stuff, etc? Then she becomes their “momager.” Or should I say “Bonus Momager”? Oh…what a sad thought…

      • candigirl says:

        I’ve thought this for a while now, Leann initially stalked this whole family, the boys were part of the attraction. She is constantly tweeting photos and comment about them “jamming” with her and how she is getting them to like music. I guess she will be pushing Eddie to do this soon. She will do to them what was done to her.

  46. Baylor says:

    I fear what this possible “new creative venture” might be.
    Please LeAnn, nothing to do with fashion, cooking, or a reality show. Even better if it has nothing to do with kids or dancing. I would actually give you the benefit of the doubt if you came up with something truly unique. Maybe something to do with the environment or gardening or even photography. I might even allow a photography book. Perhaps a perfume or hair products line? Your call. Just STOP SWFing Brandi!!! Just shut up and work!!

  47. Rita says:

    These photos tell quite a story. Her outfit screams that she doesn’t give a crap about the performance, the sitting down on the floor to sing is soooo boring, and her band consists of one guy with a guitar.

    “I have a lot of gay fans in England”….WTF is that? In other words, “I have fans in places that you can’t check…I do, lots of them…really, I do.” It’s like saying I know a lot of people in Greenwich Village who wear berets.

    It’s going to be like this for the rest of her life. Have fun Eddie.

    PS-The TV show is BS. Let’s not forget: Brandi’s on the Oscar red carpet= “I’m at the Oscars with Piers Morgan”, Brandi tweets there is talk about making her book into a movie= Next day LeAnn’s in talks about a TV show. Yeah, right.

  48. Vesper says:

    Her label, Curb Records, did not drop her for five years. She has had a contractual obligation to them since she was 11 years old. She went to court years 10 (?) years ago to try and get out of her contact. I’m not sure how it is legal for an 11 year to sign away 20 years of her life.

    There have been many artists who have taken that particular label to court because once someone is making money for them they don’t like to let go.

    Tim McGraw took them to court alleging that “Curb Records had kept him in a perpetual state of ‘involuntary servitude’” by making him wait so long to record new albums. McGraw also claimed that Curb’s choice to release a total of seven greatest hits albums was a deliberate ploy to extend his contract against his will.” Despite the fact that Tim won, Curb Records tried to take their appeal to the Supreme Court. They lost.


  49. Rianic says:

    She’s looking a little Renee Z these days.

  50. TheTruthHurts says:

    Glad to see she is not pregnant and just filling in to her natural body shape. Not before long will she look just like Big Bell!! The way those pants fit her are unfortunate. I like her answer about why it’s hard to get radio airplay these days. She always has to throw something in there to cover for herself and her situations. She doesn’t get airplay because people are not interested in her anymore, not because it is hard for an established artist.

  51. Theskinny says:

    Is she actually working now instead of spending her days making those boys drive in a busy street without a helmet, or leaving laxatives out for them, or alerting all pedophiles to their whereabouts?? She can’t be that stupid. Makes me think she puts them in harms way ON PURPOSE.

    • Deanne says:

      I’m starting to get the feeling that she puts them at risk to taunt Brandi. Rubbing it in that they are at her mercy when they are with their Father. The boys are just tools for her. Imagine what it must feel like to have your kids spending 50% of their time with an unstable, narcissist who continuously puts them in harms way and doesn’t seem to have an ounce of sense when it comes to their safety. Add that to having an ex who is more concerned with keeping said unstable, narcissist happy, than the safety and well being of his children, lest his funds get cut off and it’s a Mother’s worst nightmare. If real harm did ever come to one of the boys, God forbid, LeAnn would try to find a way to make herself the victim. That seems to be her thing. Nothing is ever her fault and she doesn’t seem to learn from her mistakes either. Psycho to the core, that one.

  52. ladybert62 says:

    This woman NEVER shuts up – bet she even talks all night in her sleep.

  53. Simple Red says:

    When you sign a deal with a label you have to fulfill that commitment no matter or the label will be coming for you- so no the label didn’t drop her!

    Artist are allowed to take time off from producing, writing their music.

    Other than this interview was good considering the others she has done

  54. april says:

    I’m surprised some network doesn’t give LeAnn and Eddie a reality show since there’s a lot of drama in their lives.

  55. why? says:

    This interview was a bad idea. Once again she is blaming others for her bad actions. It’s full of lies, especially the one about how she doesn’t try to hurt anyone or stay relevant by feeding stories to the tabloids. She told Chelsea Lately that she sets up staged photo-ops to control what is being written about her. She doesn’t feed stories to tabloids, yet she was tweeting like crazy about the lunch she had with a blog owner who writes nothing but fluff about Leann.

    Last Friday Leann was spotted with the guy from Dope Den Productions(she was all over him), so yes she is having some major problems with her record label trying to dump her.

  56. Simple Red says:

    Not a good idea April because then people will def come for her even more than now..
    Especially with her step kids involved-

  57. Zooyork says:

    I can think of a lot of reasons to boo her.

  58. eileen says:

    Someone just sent me a link of LR wearing the EXACT highheel hightops BG wore and was photographed in that she said she got while in Paris. And she wore them out to a t-ball game where BG was at.
    Honest to God- WTF is wrong with this girl?? It terrifies me.

  59. Snowpea says:

    Wow, it just occurred to me that Rimes has no idea who the f*ck she is.

    What we all take for granted (our style, our hobbies, our passions, our loves and our friends)…SHE HAS NONE.

    She is an empty shell of a human being. Just wow.

  60. Green is Good says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for Meanne to
    make herself more fug. The bangs have certainly helped her in the fug department .

  61. BeachBelle says:

    Here are a few more pictures made at her performance this past weekend and at the ballgame, and be sure to read the comments. Sure she has fans in London. :)


    Also read some ticket outlets are removing negative reviews on her performances so they can sell more tickets.

  62. Downton fan says:

    I have a talent, I can sing. I don’t earn my money from trying to hurt people or get in the tabloids…. LULZ!!! Did you hear that skilfully veiled dig brandy!?!? My oh my Leanne’s such a worth smith!!!

  63. ravencurls says:

    Is that the way she dressed for the performance? Looks like a rehearsal. Very sloppy, but maybe that’s the way live performances look these days? I haven’t been in awhile …

  64. Luxe says:

    That stage looks so low budget. I am not a fan of her music, but is this her style for shows? Weekend wear? She looks like she’s wearing superhero tights. I would love to read reviews from people who were there b/c these pictures look like a letdown of a show. It looks like the stage for a comedy show with a band backing the comedian.

    • Deanne says:

      It is pretty low rent. It’s actually in Coquitlam, not Vancouver and it’s a hotel/casino with a theatre that seats about 1000. LeAnn’s people put a fluff piece in the DM and it bragged about her sold out show. They didn’t mention that is was in a small casino, but then again, LeAnn and her “people” aren’t much for telling the truth. Her outfit is horrific. The pants are beyond hideous and unflattering.

  65. Jayna says:

    Leann s SWF, nuts, whatever, but as usual the over-the-top hate for silly things on here astound me. Diss her for the pap of kids, posts that are inane, but, seriously, carrying on about her not dressing up for a county fair or casino gig with cheap tickets. I see concerts all the time and beyond casual attire, jeans, T-shirts for a 90 dollar concert. Keith Urban the same. She looks fine if her pants were a little looser. Look at her over the years. Always a casual dresser on stage and never a great dresser. As long as her vocals are stellar, that’s the deal. I am more interested if she talked too much again or
    vocals were off or a balanced setlist (not depressing) or was she drunk.

    The fillers are awful, but so are Brandi’s these days. One shot on RH she looked like Adrienne’s sister.

    I saw Dana Delaney on The Talk today in her fifties. She looked so pretty and natural, could actually smile. No big lips, no big chipmunk cheeks. She looked better than 30-year-old LeAnn ruining her face and mouth and 40-year-old Brandi plasticizing a once youthful looking face with overfilling.

  66. why? says:

    I was wondering why Leann and Eddie looked so off in the handholding staged photo-op and why Leann’s mouthpieces were writing stories about there being tension between Brandi and Leann. Leann and Eddie went to that baseball game expecting everyone to gush over them, but instead were meet a reality check when a group of women showed support for Brandi. I wondered what the other parents thought of Leann and Eddie’s antics at these games, well now we know that these other parents are not really buying into what Eddie and Leann are selling no matter how much The Dailymail or Leann’s other mouthpieces psuh Leann’s agenda.

    The media fuels Leann’s madness and bad behavior towards Brandi. Rather than call this interview out for it’s lies, the delusion that it is, and the fact that it’s nothing more than a recycled interview that just added in parts from Brandi’s interviews, some media outlets are saying that it’s reasonable. Considering that Leann is suing Brandi’s dentist, had lunch with a blog owner on Friday, invited the paps to Brandi’s sons game for two weeks now, and has been on twitter for weeks making passive aggressive digs at Brandi what part of this interview is reasonable? The part where Leann claims that she isn’t trying to make money off of hurting anyone or selling stories to tabloids? Why is the media constantly protecting Leann, afraid to call her out? This would have been a great interview had they challenged Leann’s lies instead of going along with them.

  67. silver says:

    anyone else notice that most of the recent photos posted on here of Leann show her wearing some sort of see-through clothes? it seems like it’s more of Leann wearing see-through a lot rather than Kaiser intentionally picking those pics. oh Leann, ever so trashy trashy trashy.

  68. Rita says:

    I saw where LeAnn called the paps to Jake’s T-ball practice but the best pictures weren’t taken. Those were the pictures of the other mothers in the stands reading Brandi’s book. Read that on twitter from one of the mothers who attended the practice.

    Apparently, Eddie and LeAnn hid out in the dug out the entire practice.

    Team Smiley!!!!

  69. Christin says:

    I don’t understand why (again) she omits that SHE was on a nationally televised talent show! Star Search was a big deal in its day, and that was the first time I recall seeing her. There are clips online that show her performance when she was 8 1/2 years old. When she came to bigger fame in her teens, I thought she seemed to become a bit arrogant. However, during her Star Search performance against an 11-year-old boy, she is actually very sweet. When she wins, normally the other contestant walks away, but she tugs at him to stay with her. Maybe someone coached her to do that, but they apparently knew each other from other venues and it seemed genuine.

    Now I’m trying to figure out what changed. Some people fare better with childhood fame than others, I guess.

  70. floridaseaturtle says:

    First of all, stop with all the twat-twittering. We get it, she is ‘happy’. Second, stop with the rest of the twittering. (I read it a couple of times, out of curiousity based on this site…it is torturous). Third, stop with sharing of seemingly endless reading of self help books (figured that out from viewing the tweets those times). To read and retweet quotes from those things constantly make a person look like an insecure, inadequate fool. Fortune cookies anyone?

    Here’s one…
    Whoever restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding.
    Love, God
    Prov 17:27 English Standard V

    No tomatoes please, it is just what comes to mind with me, when I read anything about her. It can happen, becoming weak, when head over heels, but..seriously..still explaining years later? Learn verbal restraint, if nothing else but respect for yourself. Respect for others will come later, but girl…give it a shot!

  71. Lesalou says:

    This woman really believes she is a super star doesn’t she? It makes me sick how conceited and self serving her comments always are. If I paid to see a show, I would be very unhappy to watch somebody sitting lifeless on a stoool or worse yet sitting on the floor. When you pay good money, you hope to see a good show. She thinks her voice is enough but it sure helps to put some feeling and dancing into it. She is now “hearing people out about being on some kind of tv show”. What a joke! If I knew my children had to spend time with somebody like her it would make me crazy. I think Eddie is a spineless, low iq individual. I am sure he knows how to act to keep her thinking they have a great marriage. I bet when she can’t get another recording contract Curb Records will look pretty good to her. Nobody else is going to sign her when she can’t sell records and has no appeal to the public. This 20 years in the business I am also sick of hearing. She didn’t know anything about the business when she was 10 years old. Her Father handled it all. She did quite well until she fired him. She keeps gaining weight and Eddie will for sure be out late every night! Probably already is…but, oh yeah, they are happily married. Notice the weight gain started when Brandi called her out on the laxatives. Must have been some truth to that story.

  72. skeptic says:

    No matter what this fame whore says or does I will never like or trust her. Frankly, I think she is amoral and a total narcisist.

  73. Theskinny says:

    Caught lying again. Her last release wasn’t five years ago, as she states in this interview! As someone on twitter pointed out, it was a mere year and 3 months ago. This chick will lie when the truth would do.

  74. Apsutter says:

    Guys, I think I have gossip addiction to this horrible love triangle. When there isn’t any news or Le isn’t tweeting idiotic things for days I feel like I’m going through withdrawals lol. I may need to detox from Falcor.

    • Jayna says:

      Really? I am losing interest bigtime. Brandi’s book is out with her side, plus interviews saying even more. LeAnn hates new now so is back to passive aggressive tweets: a zillion profound deep quotes from “deep” LeAnn and the kids being talked about a lot more again and papped just to puss Brandi off and all LeAnn haters. Paying attention to her posts about the kids and getting a rise about of you all is exactly what she loves now. Brandi is ignoring it. If other Brandi fans would it would take the pleasure away from LeAnn.

      It is out there everywhere about her set-up paps for the boys and about her shaky marriage and mental health and especially about her stepmom of the year obsession. People know better now that she posts ad nauseum on purpose about the kids. Why play into it giving her the satisfaction of attention, just what she wants?

  75. Kiel says:

    Fem or not, her ex Dean is the only one of the lot of them to have come through this disaster with any sort of respectability intact.

  76. Mom says:

    LeAnn needs to go back to her music fulltime, which is what she does best. She seems to be stuck in feeling guilty about cheating on her husband and breaking up 2 marriages. Time to move on.

  77. why? says:

    No wonder Leann is putting out all these stories about how she is in talks for her own talk show. Heidi and Mel B are the judges for America’s Got Talent, not Leann like the “source” told TMZ. Last year, a “source”(aka Leann Rimes) told TMZ that Leann, Carly Simon, and Shannon D were on America’s Got Talent prospective wish list. When TMZ contacted the producers of America’s Got Talent, they stated that no such wish list exists. The media should have known that something was up when Leann’s camp suddenly switched to stories about how she was being pursued by XFactor. And now she is being pursued by Bravo and RHOBH or for her own reality tv show. So does this means that Leann didn’t get the job as a judge on XFactor? I am wondering when Leann will put out reports that DWTS or The Voice has been pursuing her.

    Leann tweeted that she had a business meeting with Louboutin, but only because she has been tweeting about this “creative venture” for how long and the media didn’t jump on it the way she had hoped. So Leann and Eddie are going to be modeling for Louboutin. Fashion and modeling, why does that sound so familiar? Brandi has been giving interview after interview about her modeling career and the next thing we know Leann contacts Louboutin and sets up some sort of deal with them just like she set up the Oscar fashion talk on Piers Morgan because Brandi was talking about Oscar fasion with OTC on ABC. Well Leann has to keep Eddie in his lifestyle since she is having such a hard time getting her fans to buy her music.