Kylie Jenner, 15, and Jaden Smith, 14, went on a several dates in London

I usually avoid writing about the little Jenner girls, Kylie and Kendall. It’s not that I don’t like them or anything – I just know that Kris Jenner WANTS me to write about them, so I try to preemptively thwart Kris’s incessant need to pimp. Kris pushed Kylie and Kendall into the spotlight – and continues to do so – when they were much too young, and I think we can all see Kris’s hand in this latest development. Currently, Kylie is all of 15 years old. And Kris Jenner somehow managed to get Kylie a date with Jaden Smith, the 14-year-old son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. You can see more photos of one of their dates here – Will Smith “chaperoned” the date. Which probably pleased Kris even more.

Jaden Smith has been keeping up with Kylie Jenner! The 14-year-old Karate Kid actor recently began romancing the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal. “They’re dating,” says a source. “It’s new, but they’ve been friends forever.”

The young stars were most recently spotted together on a lunch date at Caffe Nero in London’s famous Piccadilly Square on Sunday, March 3. Jaden — who next appears in the movie After Earth, opposite his famous dad Will Smith — was in town to celebrate his pal Justin Bieber’s 19th birthday.

The March 1 bash at Cirque du Soir was cut short, however, after Bieber’s posse got into a scuffle with club security; underage Jaden’s presence “caused problems,” a source told Us, though Bieber denied those claims via his official Twitter account.

Prior to dating the “Hello” rapper, 15-year-old Kylie — daughter of Olympian Bruce Jenner and businesswoman Kris Jenner — was linked to Australian pop star Cody Simpson. She denied the rumors, telling Seventeen in September 2012, “Cody and I are just good friends. We can say that as much as we want and people will still listen to gossip.”

[From Us Weekly]

They also went out together Sunday night, and then they went for a walk around London on Monday morning. I have only one question: um, school? Why is it that a 14 year old and a 15 year old are both in London for a Sunday-night date? Why aren’t they in school? Kylie and Kendall went to a real school in California, but Kris Jenner let them drop out to be “home-schooled” last September. So I guess Kylie got to give her home-schooling instructor (??) a note saying “My mom is a famewhore and she’s got Will Smith on the hook. See ya in a month, XOXO, Kyliz!!” As for Jaden… he’s probably in some Scientology “home school” program. *shudder* The state of education today… I can’t.

Does it bug anyone else that Kris has repeated the exact same “come check out my daughter on her first date with a famous guy!” move that she pulled with Kim and Kanye West? This is exactly what Kim and Kanye’s first date-weekend in New York City was like too.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Bowers says:

    Can’t tell one Kardashian from the other.

  2. Hannah says:

    So Kylie, 15, is abroad on her own?

  3. brin says:

    Pimp Mom Kris Mantra: You can never start pimping them out too soon.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    EWWW. Eww, eww, eww, eww, eww.

  5. Skipper says:

    If a guy wore that on a first date, I would be appalled. I don’t think either of the kids are into it at all and the Smith’s parenting is looking pretty sad these days.

  6. truthSF says:

    Those pants should be illegal! And can these 2 kids look anymore disinterested from each other?!

  7. DanaG says:

    Will and Jada are doing the exact same thing with their kids. All this “home schooling” I wonder if they really do study and what their education levels are like? I bet none of them could hold their own in a real classroom. It’s a bit of a stretch to make this into some big lovestory they are both underage and it isn’t apropriate on any level.

  8. dcypher1 says:

    Hes wearing those stupid diaper pants. I just dont understand the next generation. They keep me up at night with their diaper pants and lack of an education.

  9. Blondie says:

    This is disgusting. They are 14 and 15 why aren’t they in school? Their parents should be ashamed of themselves. Future Lindsey Lohans here I think.

  10. Carolyn says:

    Oh I doubt this is a date…it’s a really weird PR ploy. The Smith/Kartrashian family combination is just weird. These two have been pushed to be photographed together…can tell by their body language. Neither of them wants to be there.

    • Dawn says:

      Jenner, Jenner, Jenner! This kid is a Jenner and NOT KrapTrashian. Her mother was married and had 4 (well maybe 3)kids with Robert Kardashian and then divorced him, this kid is Bruce Jenner’s kid and shares absolutely no DNA with poor dead Robert Kardashian. Stop calling her and her sister KrapTrashians because they simply are NOT.

      • Sandy Pandy says:

        If they are not technically Kraptrashians, then we need a new nickname for them as they are the next generation of useless famewhores who will b3e shoved down our throats ad nauseum. How about Jennergoingaway? Submit your nicknames!

  11. Bubbles says:

    what the hell is he wearing?

  12. Yellowshaba says:

    Will and Jaida “seem” to have somewhat a respectable relationship why would they let their kids date a trashcan, er kartrashian. Bad for business Smith fam

  13. Lolly says:

    This Kylie is the next Kim. And maybe it’s a cultural thing but my mama would have smacked me silly if I was going on dates @ fifteen & fourteen.

  14. Lulu says:

    WTF is with this expression these boys are sporting? Mouths open and eyebrows up to there? That along with the “gorilla looking for his glasses” posture makes them look like teeny tiny, puzzled Neanderthals. Wearing diapers.

  15. Faye says:

    Anyone else getting Bieber vibes off of Jaden?

    School, ha. Don’t make me laugh. These morons probably can’t do basic addition and subtraction. Although I guess I shouldn’t blame the kids that much; based on Willow Smith’s interviews, it’s clear the parents are the ones who care more about their kids famewhoring themselves out instead of an education.

  16. Larissa says:

    So underage people don’t date? None of you have been to high school???

    • fabgrrl says:

      They do, of course. But I think it is strange to sell this like a date-date. They are young teens going out together, hardly a “hot new couple”. Let them be kids! The last thing you need at 14-15 is to have your budding romantic life made public.

  17. Really? says:

    Despite his tragic dress sense, he is very, very cute…dare i say, even cuter than Kylie…she has a strange look about her, and it’s not mellowing with (teen)age…

    • MaiGirl says:

      This. It will be interesting what she winds up “doing” for a “career”, as she doesn’t have the tall, willowy, model-type look that her sister Kendall has. Kendall could have been a model without the Jenner name, as she has the stereotypical raw materials. Kylie, while cute, just looks more like a normal teenager, and doesn’t photograph nearly as well as Kendall. I imagine there will be a lot more PR stunts like this in Kylie’s future, leading up to some sort of fame-via-infamy incident to stay in the spotlight, since the modeling thing probably won’t be her forte.

  18. Trillian says:

    Well, she’s too young for a sex tape, so we’ll have to settle for a “date” *eyeroll*

  19. vvvoid says:

    He is going to be so damned gorgeous when he grows up. I had a huge crush on his daddy when he was the Fresh Prince and he looks so much like him in but even better.

    Not gonna comment on the obvious parenting issues, everyone else above has hit the nail on the head.

  20. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    15 and dating? Parents allow that? What is going on these days? At fifteen, all we cared about was passing our board exams with flying colors and get in a great college. Dating was no where in our mind 7 years ago.

  21. Allison says:

    she looks like 21 and he looks like 13…

  22. MyLeNe - Montreal says:

    she is not pretty .. sorry to be rude but she look like a 28 years old women. She was cute as a kids but not now.

    • INeedANap says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s why we’re seeing this “date” — Pimp Mama Kris tried to get both girls to do modeling, but this one has neither the face nor the body. She needed a new avenue to accomplish her famewhoring, and you’re looking at it.

  23. Dawn says:

    Nothing is going on here other than two kids hanging out. Will and Jada would never ever allow their kids to get too involved with pimp mama Kris’s kid unless of course she was going to join Sci-high too! And that will never happen because Kris likes her money way too much and would never share with that cult.

  24. Amory says:

    I had no idea that the Smith family had fallen to pond-scum level. I always liked that Will Smith, but I guess he wasn’t the normal, smart guy I thought he was.

  25. Lexie says:

    what’s with the pants??
    between these diaper monstrosities and the equally absurd superskinny jeans, i’m starting to miss the baggy pants and wannabe rappers from way back when…

    • BlackMamba says:

      Right? I was just thinking about that, the real baggy pants were much better than these diaper pants. For what it’s worth, Jayden, Bieber and their entourage seem like the only ones wearing this ugly stuff and sporting this baffling raised eyebrow expression, hopefully no other kids will pick it up.

  26. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Wait….so…why are they staging this routine in London?

  27. FassDaActor says:

    This is really disturbing. Is Chris pimpin’ this girl to the (very rich) son of Will Smith?

    PS I like his fashion freedom look lol

  28. MST says:

    I don’t like to say negative things about kids, but these two celebspawns come from two rather unpleasant families.

  29. palermo says:

    Has he EVER been seen, anywhere, where he didn’t have his forehead all scrunched up? He must have practiced in the mirror making faces, cause that is his constant look

  30. BB says:

    The Smith kids give me the creeps! It’s that Scientology upbringing that’s why they whatever they want!

  31. PinkG says:

    Who brings photogs to a “date”?

  32. Luxe says:

    The Jenner, Smith, and Jackson kids are going to be spoiled terrors when they become of age. And all because of their pimp families. Ridiculous.

  33. Grace says:

    If this moron gets pregnant it’ll be world war three. Can you imagine Pimp Mama Kris facing off against Jada Smith? No bueno.

  34. KellyinSeattle says:

    He’s insufferable; she’s just very ordinary and happens to be famous since Bruce Jenner is her dad. Both Jaden and Willow seem annoying to me. It’s good to raise kids to have some self-esteem, but not a “I own the universe” attitude. Kris probably tried to get her to date Beiber (he’s more famous); I’m not going to comment on the clothes, because that’s what they want us to do.

  35. The Original G says:

    Sigh. What is Will Smith thinking?

  36. Jaana says:

    “My mom is a famewhore and she’s got Will Smith on the hook. See ya in a month, XOXO, Kyliz!!” LOL TOO FUNNY!!!

  37. JL says:

    I’d expect more class out of Will and Jada, even with scientology BS.

    Neither kid looks all that thrilled to me.

  38. holly hobby says:

    I think this will blow up in Chris’ face (yes I am deliberately misspelling that name. All the Ks have to stop) when her daughter runs off and joins the Scis. If that happens, Chris will no longer be in control of her daughter or her money. The evil cult will.

    I bet Chris pushed her daughter to date Jaden so she can find an opportunity to become Will, Jada and Willow’s manager. When will this nonsense stop?

  39. OhMyGawh says:

    Why is mama Kris ruining her childrens childhood by selling their personal life to the highest bidder?

  40. Janet says:

    Call me an old-fashioned, no-nonsense mom, but there is no damn way my son would have ever walked out the door looking like that. I’d bust a stick over his head.

  41. Lux says:

    He’s doing the same eyebrow thing bieber does. It’s super creepy.

  42. janie says:

    Who exactly is home schooling her? Why is this CHILD on her own in another country? She is 15? Isn’t this child endangerment?

  43. Sean says:

    Why are they not in school?

  44. Jesscar says:

    Cafe Nero is the best they could do? Think low rent Starbucks….

  45. Beatriz says:

    That damn facial expression Jaden keeps pulling is hilarious, my dad saw this photo the other day and asked me “Why is that kid pulling his face like that, is he in pain??” hahaha!

  46. Vera says:

    Actually Jaden goes to a private all-boys school on the mainline called the Haverford School.

  47. jelynn says:

    This is not the first time the Smith and Jenner children have been associated.

    Below is a link to an article about Kendall’s bday party which contains a picture of Jaden and Kendall skating hand-in-hand.

  48. Good_as_Gold says:

    Glad to see taste runs in the family!

  49. truthful says:

    soooo she flew to London??


  50. Meanchick says:

    Too young to date. Don’t care who they are.

  51. Laura says:

    Don’t be so quick to dis homeschooling. I was homeschooled and I was in college full time by 15.