Rachel Weisz has a sultry photoshoot for Esquire UK: would you hit it?

I should make this a “Would You Hit It?” post because Rachel Weisz is just that sexy. Rachel is promoting Oz the Great and Powerful which comes out this weekend. Industry people say it’s going to be a hit, but I have my doubts. I just don’t understand who the target audience is, besides ladies who girl-crush on Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams. Anyway, Rachel’s Esquire UK photo shoot is HOT, and her interview is predictably awesome. I love her.

Would she ever become a Bond Girl? “I’d like to! I wouldn’t say no. I’m not a snob about entertainment.”

She doesn’t always go for mainstream roles: “Some of the material I’m attracted to is not… it’s just not commercial. Which means it’s really f**king interesting, you know? It’s off-centre. It doesn’t fit in a genre.”

She doesn’t want to talk about her marriage to Daniel Craig: “There are lots of people involved, including children who are getting older. And they didn’t choose to have us as parents. I genuinely just don’t think it’s very fair on them to have their parents talk about stuff.”

Career successes: “You can be more successful if you’re more strategic. There’s a lot of big movies that I’m not interested in that I get offered. But this [Oz] was one that I really, really wanted to do. I was piqued by it.”

Her role model: “Jack White is how I’d like to act. You can tell he isn’t faking it and that the band really don’t know what they’re going to play next. It’s abandon. He just lets himself go. Abandon plus skill plus technique. That’s a great cocktail.”

[From The Mail and Esquire UK]

Jack White is how I’d like to BE. He’s incredible on stage. As for Rachel’s “I’m not a snob about entertainment” comment – was she subtly throwing shade at her husband? Like, she’s saying she’s not a snob and I believe that, but there’s implicit judgment about the James Bond films, right? Like, she’s looking down on mass-entertainment films. Daniel is going to have to give her a good spanking for that one.

Photos courtesy of Esquire UK.


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  1. Sara says:

    Anyone who would get married to that sourpuss Daniel Craig is suspect in my eyes.

  2. NYC_girl says:

    OMG, she is so beautiful. Her eyes, her hair!! I love my man, but I would totally get naked with her. And Jack White too. Maybe at the same time? ;)

  3. dahlianoir says:

    The day actresses stop stripping to get media attention ? Apparently not in this millenium.

    • menlisa says:

      This is a classy shoot.

    • Christina says:


      I agree. Red underwear, biting her finger, making vacant eyes at the camera… every ladz mag sterotype is there. This is the type of shoot you’d expect from a 20 year old wannabe, not an accomplished actress like Rachel.

    • mebee says:

      True but she is so smokingly sexy that if you’ve REALLY got it to that extent, it’s almost a sin not to flaunt it a bit. ;) I think she knows she hotter than hell and probably enjoys being able to show off a little. She knows she’s an accomplished actress and doesn’t need to pose for sexy pictures in order to further her career, which is exactly what makes me think she probably actually enjoys this kind of shoot. She doesn’t need the sexy pics — but they are fun, hot, and she looks amazing in them.

      • Christina says:

        It’s not that I blame Rachel for flaunting her sexiness – god knows I would to, if I were as beautiful as her. It’s just that it’s a bit disappointing that she did so in such a banal, stereotypical fashion, in a mag known for its banal, stereotypical depictions of women. IMHO Rachel is a hundred times sexier and more sensuous when she’s not trying to do the job of a teenaged glamour model.

  4. Kaboom says:

    I had a thing for her since the first Mummy movie.

  5. Dorothy#1 says:

    Anyone that name drops Jack White is OK in my book!

  6. bns says:

    Gorgeous! And I love that she doesn’t look like an animated version of herself.

  7. PrettyTarheelFan says:

    I think there’s a bit of difference between being BOND and being a disposal Bond girl.

  8. Lipsy says:

    SO BEAUTIFUL. And um, I want to be in the corner of the room watching Craig spank Weisz for that comment… what’s wrong with me?

  9. Eve says:


    P.S.: She used to be my #1 girl crush — until the day Angelina Jolie, that evil succubus, decided to steal me from her.

  10. ronnie says:

    She is totally hot and totally talented, Daniel is a lucky guy.

  11. Jade says:

    I’ve loved her since the mummy too !

  12. T.Fanty says:

    Totally. And if Daniel is good, I’ll let him put on a nice cardigan and watch.

  13. elceibeno08 says:

    I guess this post is meant for straight men. I don’t think I know any man (or gay woman) who wouldn’t hit on this girl. She is very beautiful.

  14. Simple Red says:

    She pretty!

    Daniel is quite the opposite of what many think :)

    I like what said about discussing her personal affairs

  15. Ailine says:

    Daniel Craig is hot to me, but I don’t like pretty boys. And the man can fill out a suit, bathing or otherwise. Of course she’s not throwing shade when it comes to her husband—he is James Bond currently. If he were a snob, he wouldn’t have taken the gig.

  16. Aria says:

    So beautiful. She gets better with age.

  17. lilred1 says:

    She doesn’t want to talk about her marriage to Daniel Craig: “There are lots of people involved, including children who are getting older. And they didn’t choose to have us as parents. I genuinely just don’t think it’s very fair on them to have their parents talk about stuff.”

    Can I just say how much I love this comment,what a refreshing change.

  18. Cathy says:

    I’ve always liked her. The fact that she’s picky about the roles she takes, make me like her even more. She’s not a famewhore and I like that.

  19. serena says:

    I never thought I’d say this, but she’s freaking hot.

  20. menlisa says:

    I would marry Weisz in a heartbeat.
    Her and Jolie.

  21. Amanda says:

    My husband LOVES this woman. I can’t say that I blame him. She’s mega hot.

  22. Diana says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous woman. I would swing the other way for her. She’s smoking hot.

  23. anonymous fan says:

    I really like Rachel Weitz and think she’s beautiful but I don’t think she would’ve done this photo shoot 10 years ago.It seems the older actresses get the more they have to sexualize themselves to compete with these new 20 year old JLaws and Dakaota Fannings.I’m sure it is the same reason 45 yr old Jennifer Anniston is topless on every magazine cover now.Rachel and Naomi Watts have more talent in their finger than K-Stew and these other IT Girls ever did.She shouldn’t have to pose in lingerie just to get on the cover.
    Also her and Daniel Craig onscreen together would be Hott.Hope it happens.

  24. RHONYC says:


    is she Monica Belluci-make-me-turn-into-a-straight-up-lesbian sexy? no. ;-)

  25. andrea says:

    Rachel did The Mummy AND The Mummy Returns, so no, of course she can’t be a snob about entertainment. Rachel is absolutely gorgeous to me, and unless she messes with that face (please Hollywood gods, NO), she will age gracefully as one of the classic film beauties of her generation. Sorry, am I gushing?

  26. JC says:

    She is perfection, and her husband is one hot bitch, who I bet is a lot of fun to be around when they’re alone.

  27. I think the “I’m not an entertainment snob” comment is a response to her lack of mainstream, franchise-friendly roles. She is saying that she’s not a film snob, she enjoys entertainment and “popcorn flicks,” but she loves to make harder-to-categorize indie stuff. Just my two cents!

    She was my favorite thing about the Bourne movie with Jeremy Renner. She is just a FANTASTIC actress.

  28. shannon says:

    She is hands down the reason I’m going to see Oz this weekend. I love her and hope she doesn’t go all botox-y. She’s too beautiful to turn plastic!

  29. Mira says:

    I don’t think she’s throwing any shade at Craig. In fact it’s the opposite. She’s supporting his choice to play the Bond. That’s how I interpreted her “I’m not an entertainment snob” comment. She won’t turn down an offer to play a Bond girl because she’s not a snob about it. She’s not judging Bond movies as they usually are. She enjoys both mainstream and indie stuff.

    I love Craig and her. Hottest couple!

  30. Gemini08 says:

    I think you’re reading to much into her comment Kaiser – she is not throwing shade. She HAS starred in mainstream genre films- The Mummy franchise, remember? But I think there is this idea with certain actresses that they only do certain “types” of roles and she is one of those actresses. I merely think she was pointing out that she doesn’t look down on big films.

  31. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    She is probably my number one girl crush. Absolutely stunning looking woman. These photos- wow. But I don’t care for who she is married to at all. I wish she was with a Clive Owen or James Purefoy (type) instead. Sigh.

  32. Hubbahun says:

    Oh my God, she’s hot…

  33. Cait says:

    She is so beautiful, but her husband seems like a tool.

  34. Mazunte says:

    Heavens! These photos are absolutely breathtaking. So gorgeous!

    Her husband is not a pretty man but he’s super sexy. I’d do both.

  35. sunny says:

    She is gorgeous, but I think she deserves better than Craig. If I recall, he was not exactly a great partner to his previous women. I really don’t see him and Rachel lasting. And sure, he does seem a manly man (who is more like a grumpy grandpa or just a big baby) but there are manly men who also happen to be attractive (even pretty) and are a whole lot less sour. Sorry, I just don’t find him appealing.

  36. Snowpea says:

    These two totally sizzle together and if the celluloid gods ever put them together on screen it may well ignite.

    You just know that at home they would stop and randomly pash in the kitchen, hard up against the wall, and meanwhile, the chops would burn and the water boil over… ;)

  37. Ally8 says:

    I didn’t know Craig had a child… she’s 25! Also he dated Kate Moss in the early 2000s. Random. (from his People profile)

  38. Jack says:

    i would hit this and hit this. very sexy lady. love the fact her boobs are real.

  39. I Choose Me says:

    Fell in love with Rachel after seeing Swept from the Sea. There’s this scene. in water. in a cave. Unf!

    And yes, Daniel Craig is hot man beast.
    Love the two of them together.

    *waves to Jane* Bless to you and Fanty for the knitwear thread. You ladies are ever inventive. Love it.

  40. Carolyn says:

    Joining the chorus. Rachel is beautiful and seems like such a nice person. Daniel Craig is a lucky man.

  41. Helvetica says:

    She is SO beautiful. Love that cover.

    I bet she and Daniel have really awesome
    s exy time!

  42. Ravensdaughter says:

    I bet Daniel Craig has her locked in a tower for a couple months until the heat wears off. He’s a jealous guy, and freely admits it.
    Compare these to Kate Winslet’s shoot-Rachel is naturally gorgeous and sultry, Kate-meh