Kristen Stewart & Rob Pattinson have been apart for 50 days, ‘Rob wants a break’

Considering the obsessive amount of attention given to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s relationship for four long years, I continue to find it bizarre that there’s so little legit-media coverage of the fact that Rob and Kristen really do seem to be over at this point. I mean, Hollywood Life is doing breaking news coverage of everything Twihard-related (“Breaking: Kristen Stewart sneezed! Does this mean she’s allergic to Sparkles?!”), but where is People Magazine on the subject? Where is Us Weekly? Where is TMZ? And where are Kristen Stewart’s publicist’s strategic leaks? That’s what convinces me more and more that there’s no going back to Twilight – Kristen’s publicist can’t even be bothered to send out happy, smiley “Kristen’s thinking about Rob all the time, she can’t wait to visit him!” stories.

Anyway, in the absence of legitimate news, the lower-tier tabloids are trying to pick up the slack. By In Touch’s count, Kristen and Rob haven’t seen each other in 50 DAYS. And their sources are saying Rob is totally over it:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and nothing could be more true for Kristen Stewart. Her on/off beau of three years, Robert Pattinson, has been 8,000 miles away in Australia shooting his movie The Rover and sources tell In Touch he’s reflecting on his relationship with Kristen as they spend time apart.

“Rob doesn’t want her to visit,” a friend of the troubled couple tells the new issue of In Touch. “He felt like they needed space. He wants a break.”

And though it’s been 50 days and counting since the couple were last united, a source on the set of The Rover tells In Touch, “Rob is really enjoying himself.”

Seeming to have no trouble keeping his mind off his relationship, Rob was spotted at a tavern near his shooting location on Feb. 24, chowing down on garlic bread and chatting up the locals.

“He was relaxed and friendly,” the eyewitness recalls to In Touch. “He even complimented one waitress on her hairstyle.”

But stateside, Kristen can’t help but worry that she’s losing Rob for good. Still recovering from her scandalous fling with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, which caused Rob to break up with her last summer, friends of the couple say her insecurities are driving him away once again.

“She was calling and texting him constantly — if he didn’t respond she would fly off the handle,” the friend dishes to In Touch. “So he just stopped responding.”

[From In Touch Weekly]

Ha. It’s almost like she WANTED him to be the bad guy and just dump her, right? Of course that was her plan all along. I’ve always had a theory about their reunion after she cheated on him – and no, this conspiracy theory doesn’t involve “staying together for the publicity machine.” I always thought he really loved her, and I think Kristen always believed he would do anything for her. When she cheated, I took that as her immature way of looking for a way out, even if she didn’t want to acknowledge it at the time. I mean, if she had the maturity and the balls to understand and verbalize her own needs, she would have just dumped him and then pursued whatever she needed. Anyway, she cheated on Rob and the power dynamics of their relationship changed a little bit. But even though Kristen begged Rob to get back together, I don’t think her heart was in it. And I think she’s been holding it against him ever since he took her back – like, she looks at him and thinks, “Where’s your f—king spine, dude? I don’t want to be with a man who would take me back after what I did.” And now she wants him to be the bad guy and dump her, because she’s too immature to pull the trigger on the breakup herself. #TwihardTherapy

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.


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  1. T.Fanty says:

    Do you really think they were actually together in any meaningful way? I ask this as a genuine question. I mean, do actors like this just delude themselves into thinking they might feel something? I don’t understand why someone is willing to give up X amount of years of their life for a charade like this. I also include Taylor Swift and her revolving door of men and Katie Holmes in my question.

    • Moore says:

      It is really wrong to dehumanize these people in order to feel better then them.
      I believe they have the same feelings as anyone else.

    • Nina W says:

      I think they had a relationship but they are both young and in a business that is destructive to lasting relationships. It was unlikely this relationship was going to last forever under any circumstances. I find it hard to believe the relationship was just a charade as there does not seem to be much true benefit for them to such an act.

      • Kim says:

        I don’t think it’s necessarily dehumanizing them to take into account the fact that they were promoting films in which they played the leads who were “in love” and that there’s a pretty good chance that there was never any real relationship at all. It moistened all the little Twihards panties to believe that there was (cha-ching!) so I understand what the charade was for. But now that there’s no more Twilight, there’s no more need to pretend. Doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of real human feelings; just that they are actors and know how to play the publicity game.

  2. Cletus says:

    I pulled this exact stunt often between the ages of 18-22…. and it IS immaturity and not a little bit of narcissism. I grew out of being such a total asshole, though, I am happy to say. (At least being an asshole of THAT nature. I’m probably still kind of an asshole, but at 37 I hope I’m at least a more mature asshole.)

    Not that I am defending KS because she annoys me with all the slouching, mouth breathing, etc… I may have been (or might be) an asshole, but I practice good personal hygeine and also I can close my mouth when I breathe.

  3. Tessa says:

    Yes, he HAS to dump her this time, that’s the only way for Kristen to seem at all sympathetic. She’s remorseful, she’s trying really hard, yada yada yada, and Rob’s the one that can’t deal. It keeps her in her fans good graces, and she maintains some sympathy. If she dumped him? Trainwreck.

  4. Lauren says:

    You’re right he loves her, but I think she wants to keep him because he dotes over her and isn’t like her. She doesn’t want the overwhelming possibility of having someone who cheats on her as well. Stability with him and PR attempt to say he took her back, forget Rupert.

    • Annie says:

      So far she’s been the one in control of her relationships. With Michael Angarano, just like Rob, he was the one chasing after her, always walking one step behind her, and she cheated and left him for Rob. She had all the control. Back then I didn’t like Michael. He was always there on set, following her, creeping. But now with this situation I see she likes it when men are absolutely crazy about her to the point that they stop thinking if they might be embarrassing themselves. I mean Rupert went nuts for her and he paid a high price for that, but he was crazy about her to even consider fooling around in a car in broad day light.(I still think this was a plan of hers, getting caught doing something scandalous. But i don’t think her PR even knew.)

      Next time she’s in a new relationship, if the man cheats, she won’t be able to handle it, and that’s when karma will bite her in the ass! Her men have been there 100%. They have been loyal.

      I can imagine Rob claiming control right now is not sitting well with her. For once she doesn’t call the shots. And I hope he’s getting time to talk with the men in this movie and I hope they give him sound advice. He needs real bros. His hipster sensitive friends are too spineless to get involved.

      • Perplexed says:

        ITA with your last paragraph re: useful advice, plus the fact that he is light years away from the ‘hipster’ LA scene and that must also be beneficial.

      • Annie says:

        Of course! People like Marcus and those boys are just like him: young, easy going, passive, sensitive. They probably advice him to forgive her if he truly loves her, not considering he’s at risk of being subjected to more BS again if he stays and that maybe yeah, he loves her but does she live him? Because she is who she is, even if she does love him (which must not be that much) she doesn’t respect him. Their advice is not helpful.

        Rob needs older and more experienced bros like his costar Guy Pierce, who are going to sit him down, leave all the romanticism aside and just break it down like it is. And he needs to hear it from someone like that. Because to all his friends, Rob is telling the truth when he says she’s The One so they back off. An older guy knows this is not the end of the world and he has a future and endless options. I hope he takes him out for beers and gives him sound advice while they’re working together because Rob is a good guy and he needs someone to teach him how to look out for himself. He’s just too damn good.

      • B says:

        Wow great comment. I noticed her always walking infront of other people. She doesn’t even stand next to her friends or her father.

  5. elceibeno08 says:

    I wish that both of them just break up officially and get on with their lives. No one is going to be surprised at this point.

    • Just Me says:

      You know, I don’t think there will be an announcement. Per the gossip blogs, doesn’t Rob have another movie to film right after this one? I think it’ll be him going from work committment to work commitment and they won’t acknowledge anything.

  6. Caroline-Vivienne says:

    The most genuine reasoning (IMHO) for what is going on came from a so-called insider on ONTD. I doubt they actually are…but their statement is the most sensible one I’ve seen.

    Rob essentially DID choose to cut things off after the affair….but Kristen was getting death threats.

    So I could see him (or myself) giving shelter to someone he still loves by agreeing to ‘forgive her’ and allow a ‘public relationship’ to continue awhile longer until things cool down with the fans/mob/crazy-pants-sickos…..and then they can both quietly part ways in a much calmer and SAFER public environment.

    *Plus, Rob gets MAJOR bonus points in Hollywood for taking a hit for the team and protecting the Twilight movie franchise bankability.

    • bluecalling says:

      hmm… i like this assessment.

    • Nicole says:

      That does actually sound very plausible. BD2 promo would have been a disaster for Kristen (and maybe everybody else) if Rob hadn’t seemed to forgive her. A lot of people suggest his motives must have been purely mercenary, and that’s always possible of course, but there may well have been more to it than that. Maybe he didn’t want the franchise to go out on a bum note for everybody involved. Maybe he thought that, despite what she did, Kristen didn’t deserve to be thrown to the wolves.

      Also, since she resurfaced back in September, Ruth’s many photo-ops notwithstanding, Kristen has seemed to me to be really quite fragile, psychologically speaking, especially when Rob is not around. I dunno whether she’s just guilty or depressed that she’s lost him (assuming that he hasn’t taken her back) or just worried about consequences, but I’m not sure she’s at ease with her post-July situation. Even allowing for her famously miserable public persona, she doesn’t give the impression of a woman who dodged a bullet, but rather one that was squarely hit and badly wounded.

    • The Original G says:

      @C-V. ^^^ Very rational and simple. I buy it.

    • Anname says:

      I don’t think that theory works. They immediately went to London together for the week after BD promo. And they spent New Years week together there too. I think they are still together, but not as intense as it used to be.

      And I agree with one of the other posters here, Kristen seems a total mess lately, more disheveled than usual and very fragile.

      • Nicole says:

        @Anname – Exactly. Disheveled, nervous (all the leg twitching), distracted and yet lacking the “go shove it”, bird-flipping, swear-dropping attitude of her pre-July past. A bit kind of “broken” somehow, if that doesn’t sound too extreme. Unlike some here, I have nothing against her BTW, so this is just my impression and I’m not trying to diss her, just reporting how it seems to me and recognising I may be completely wrong.

      • Diana says:

        I have been wondering if she just had a nervious breakdown for quite some time. That Oscar appareance was so out of place that it can’t be anything else. She’s like a car wreck that can’t be stoped.

    • megsie says:

      Caroline-Vivienne, I do believe you are on to something here. This story has been making the rounds since maybe last September. Kristen was in a dreadful emotional state, a genuine nervous breakdown up to and including suicide threats. All this combined with very serious but not reported death threats gave Rob good reason to play nice. Plus the added benefit of points earned with the HW powers that be. It makes sense to me.
      I think the best their respective management/pr teams can do is allow the relationship to slowly fizzle out in the tabs. The Twilight fans will gradually come to grips with it.

    • pepper says:

      Makes a lot of sense and very much plausible.

    • Bijlee says:

      Rob seems like that kind of guy, ie a nice one. I’m worried about Kstew too. I have no idea what it must feel like to get mocked endlessly everywhere and then put on a public face while people shout god knows what to you and you just have to take it. It’s sad. I mean I understand that what she did was categorically WRONG, but the vitriol and seething hate for her is frightening.

  7. notpretentious says:

    I completely agree with your assessment Kaiser. That’s it!

  8. marie says:

    I’ll start off with something nice, they looked amazing in that VF shoot..and I agree with Kaiser.

  9. Another Ann says:

    Clearly, the tabloids have determined that running stories about them brings readers and hits. So even when there is no news, they make something up. It’s that simple.

    In Touch and Hollywood Life aren’t exactly known for their accuracy. HL prints something like 6 stories a day about them, half of them contradicting each other. It’s hilarious, really.

    I find it a little hard to believe that a “friend” of theirs is spilling any beans to In Touch.

  10. jojo says:

    i just do not see the allure with KS. At least to me, she’s only average looking (and that is being generous) and her acting is atrocious.

  11. c'est la vie says:

    The only person she loves in that “relationship” is herself.

    I think Rob’s just in it for the money at this point. What a beard.

  12. Sue says:

    He is finally taking my advice!!! ha-ha!

    Also, she looks really pretty in the top picture. She should stick with that look……

  13. MonicaQ says:

    I ask this in all honesty: Am I the only one that thinks her constant facial expression is “Did someone fart?”

    Maybe that’s just her face–I get told I’m pissed off all the time when really it’s a neutral expression. Anyway…

    “He who holds the Ring holds the Power”–and Rob is Frodo in this relationship. Gollum’s just trying to steal it and when it can’t be had, she’ll just push him into the Mount Doom of Seething Twi-hard Rage.

  14. booboocita says:

    “Rob wants a break …

    We all do, dear. We all do.

  15. kiingkayski says:

    “It’s not ovah till Rob say it’s ovah!” Notebook style lol!

  16. Tig says:

    No one sane ever thought they would be together “4evah”- she was just way too young and immature. I would have given her a bit of a pass if she had been caught out with some 20 something hipster, but Rupert and that whole situation was just too vile for words.

    I hope for his sake he has moved on, and leaves Oz and goes to London, or anywhere but LA for quite some time. He is now edging closer to 30, and what would be the continuing appeal of hanging around girls dressing like 12 yr old boys? I have never seen 20 plus yr old girls dress like KS and pals in these photos- who does that??

  17. Sweet Dee says:

    I wonder who would win in a fight between Kristen “Lip-Biter” Stewart and Taylor “Mad Hatter” Swift.

    • booboocita says:

      Oh, Taylor, fer shure. KStew would open up a can of awkward whoop-ass and land a few punches while Swifty shrieks and cringes, the better to distract KStew from the nail file hidden in her palm. As soon as TayTay can slip it between KStew’s ribs without anyone seeing, she’ll do so, then stagger away and swoon melodramatically while KStew bleeds out.

      • Sweet Dee says:

        Right! I agree, and KStew never saw it coming after she slipped in a puddle of her own grease and bongwater.

        I heard Swift keeps a spare unicorn horn and a canister of glitter in her purse just in case she needs to stab someone in the back or distract them with crafts.

  18. Dani says:

    To normal, sane people, he’ll never look like the bad guy because he was the one who cheated on. He essentially did nothing wrong, besides taking her back.

    • Perplexed says:

      +1, as he’s too much of an all-round nice guy. This is what the public at large could not understand when she cheated on him and turned so many against her, the fact that she could do this to a guy like Rob.

    • Annie says:

      Exactly! Rob is so normal, good, uncomplicated. He is genuinly a very good person and look how he handled everything with grace. Justin Timberlake is STILL not over what Britney did to him and that was 11 years ago! He trashed her everywhere he could, wrote song after song, embarrassed her. I blame him in part for her meltdown because he was heartless and even talked about their sex life on Howard Stern. He is still bringing it up to this day.

      Rob is such a good guy. He knows forgiveness. He stayed quiet and he has respected her, taking her back in time for the promo, not messing around behind her back. A much better person than she is.

  19. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Ok..moving on.
    Who can we set Rob up with now?
    Emma Watson? She is a tad insufferable right now.
    Michelle Williams? He would have to move to NYC.
    Amanda Seyfried? Jessica Chastain?? Hmm..OK now I’m getting all excited at the possibilities…

  20. Original A says:

    The reason the more legit media hasn’t covered this is because they either a) want to give the allusion that there still together despite no PR leaks or public visits or b) they are still together. The way the affair unfolded, the deleted tweets from some LA based journalists (not tabloid ones) and the bizarre way they always conducted their relationship (visiting each other briefly, like for a weekend, and only once while they were filming in the past)…not to mention the ease at which his (well, they may be mature and mutual) friends seem to have accepted her back…or that photo on the Daily Fail of his sister going up
    and giving her a hug at a premiere…and the weird fact that she supposedly lived in Los Feliz with him at the time but worked out at a gym in Santa Monica… Anyway, there’s a lot of evidence that they were never together in the butterflies and rainbow sense. I think they had an open relationship or close friendship
    and they allowed the studio to market the relationship as something different. When she got caught, a lot of panicking ensued and the studio figured it was better to keep up with the ruse. Now that it is all over and it’s been 7 or 8 months, I think neither one cares that much (she did, back when she was getting death threats and had no jobs lined up) and are either together in the casual sense or giving the allusion because they realize how PR obvious it would be if they broke up right after the DVD came out. Frankly, I wouldn’t trust anyone on ONTD but there is a long time commenter on Gawker who usually
    doesn’t even comment on entertainment stuff…said that he worked the last two films and something along the lines of “those two were never together in the traditional sense, not terribly discreet about it, and that he’s suprised one of them didn’t get caught earlier.”

    • jess says:

      About them visiting each other on set, Rob visited Kristen a couple of times when she was filming On the Road (their are alot of pics and of course the road trip that him and his friends took to New Orleans when she filming down there) it was also reported that the director wasnt too thrilled when Rob showed up because of all the paps that follow him. That could be a reason why they dont visit each other that often.

      I wouldnt be shocked if they had an open relationship but personally, I dont think they do. Maybe, the whole Rupert thing was just that once and their was no sex? Maybe thats why he and his friends were so forgiven. I kinda wish Liberty would pull a Brandi and start talking about Kristen. As for the person of Gawker, I wouldnt believe him. Their was an incident recently on Gossip Cop were someone was posing as an intern and was talking about Rob and Kristen saying that they were together and blah blah blah. The only person who I believe is Lainey. Shes been right more than shes been wrong.

      • Hannah says:

        “THERE was no sex?”

        lol, you might as well believe Rob and Kristen are both virgins if you think that’s even a possibility.

      • jess says:

        @ Hannah, It could be a possiblity. It would make sense as to why Rob and all his friends have forgiven her so quickly.

      • megsie says:

        Considering the Sanders’ divorce, I’m surprised anyone would continue to entertain the possibility that Rupert and Kristen never had sex.

      • Annie says:

        Liberty would not have filed for divorce if the affair was really at the extent these two claim. She totally knows the whole truth and Kristen should thank her lucky stars that Liberty has not gotten a book deal, an interview with a tv show or a magazine exclusive, because she could totally ruin her if she wanted. And who knows… She’s single now and on her own, so we don’t know if she will start considering her options now.

      • Another Ann says:

        Annie, I’m not sure what more Liberty could say to “ruin” Kristen. The pics were pretty solid evidence. What more needs to be said?

        I don’t think Liberty would do it, tempting as it may be, because it would hurt Rupert’s livelihood. She will be looking for generous alimony and child support from him, so to hurt him in the industry would be cutting off her nose to spite her face, so to speak.

      • Annie says:

        Yes, but Kristen is still maintaining her version that no sex was involved and some people have even defended her despite everything we saw. So even if there are embarrassing pictures out there, this can always get worse with the plot holes filled by the wife. If Liberty confirms what people suspect, and she shares more details about the affair, Kristen could face a backlash of LeAnn Rimes proportions. Look at her. People don’t like LeAnn anymore and Kristen is almost there too with her own baggage. People will never ever side with the woman who helped destroy a home because people project themselves into the situation and would not want to have that happen to them. Tyese things are career ruiners. the only thing that saved Angelina was the family she created with Brad, but if they were not together anymore and there were no babies, who knows. Look at January Jones or Sienna Miller. LeAnne is done and seeing the backlash Kristen faces now and how pretty much everyone openly trashes her (even her peers, like on Oscar night on Twitter), she can’t afford the wife selling her story. She is already having problems getting work. That is what I mean by ruined. Things can always get worse for her.

        People can trash Liberty all they want for dressing sexy. But this right here shows that she’s a good woman. She’s not even the attention whore people say she is. She has given no interviews or sold her story, when she could. You ruin my family, I ruin your career. Kristen should be very thankful right now, because she gave her every reason to not care, but in the end she’s rising above her. Like Rob, they’re better people than Kristen.

      • @Annie says:

        Great comment! Liberty is much kinder & classier than I would ever be in her situation. Kstew is a hipster poseur who talks of being a bad a$$ but in reality is a coward. She is hiding behind Robert now to save her butt, while she had no problems making out (& who knows what else)with Rupert.

      • kay says:

        Liberty shut up because she did not want all her dirty laundry to become public. It works both ways. Plus the fact that her husband is a womanizer. How convienent, that her husband hooked up with a famous actress. So that she could use this scandal to try to revive her dead career.

    • B says:

      There is nothing wrong with Liberty trying to revive her career. Kstew is servicing her husband on the side of a road & you are talking about Liberty’s skeletons? Nobody even cares about Liberty. People wanna know about Snow White and the Rupert instead.

      • kay says:

        There have been rumours that Liberty also had an affair with his business partner. If she gave an interview to the media Liberty would come under more scrutiny. Plus if Liberty’s husband step out before on their marriage and a woman were to come forward and confess to an affair with Rupert this scandal would change from Kristen the evil person who broke up a marriage to Rupert the dirty old man. By the way anybody thats a model and is thirty-five is going to have skeletons in their closets.

      • male says:

        @ Kay ,kind of sad to see how you try to damage Liberty, who was at home with the kids while Stewart knew her and the kids but it didn’t stop her picking up her husband, looking like Trash to get dry humped. You don’t go on a Date looking like that and being that intimate with someone you don’t had sex with already . You just don’t hug someone this way or share a passionate kiss. And it clearly doesn’t matter how the state of their marriage was. People have problems and handle them, but if a young woman gives any old guy signs for being available even maybe knowing there are problems and still it doesn’t stop her , you can’t blame the wife

      • kay says:

        If you can assume that Kristen had sex with Rupert then I can assume that rumors that Liberty had an affair with Rupert business partner are true. Besides Rupert Sanders who watched his wife bear his children had no problem meeting up with a twenty year old girl old enough to be his kid to kiss and hump her. But I guess in your eyes the woman is only the one to blame.

  21. lady mary. says:

    god lord ,leo’s face in the featured links is creeping me out

  22. Hannah says:

    I totally agree that she resents him for taking her back and basically forcing her to live a lie that only delusional shippers still buy.

    And she does strike me as the type who wouldn’t forgive cheating at all. She has way too much ego.

  23. Jeanie.amour says:

    In my opinion, and from my experience, I think it is over. Maybe the final trigger has yet to be pulled, but my bet is that it is just a matter of time. I myself experienced a similar situation, and know of others who have as well (maybe its common for real first loves of those in their 20′s?). In my case, I was in my early 20′s, and I was the one cheated on. I was with my first serious, long term, real love boyfriend, of a year and a half. I found out he had cheated, (after endless previous sketchy questionable behavior..and yes I was a fool for tolerating that, but what can i say, I was young, dumb and in love). Anywho, I was devestated beyond words, I really felt like I was spiritually dying (so dramatic I know lol). Should have dumped him then and there. However, I was still despearately in love as well, and didn’t know how to turn that off. Also he begged for forgiveness, said all the cliche apologies and proclomations of love for me on his knees. Being too confused and hurting to think or function, I took him back because I still loved him. As the actue hurt diminished, I gradually realized, that I could never trust him again, could never feel the same for him again, and while I cared about him and loved him still on some level, it was never going to be the same, and it wasnt the love that you need for a bf, more like for someone who was an old freind, who you aren’t close to anymore. I ended it. I wish I could have ended it sooner, more gracefully, more tactfully, less hurtful to him, but i couldnt, and i had to take care of myself. He was hurt and said he thoguht I would never leave. In a way that infuriated me if he thought I’d never leave, did that mean he thought he could do and get away with anything (I guess I can see WHY he’d think that after I took him back). ended badly, as has every other similar situation I know of. Sorry this turned into a drama saga lol, my point is…I dont see Kstew and Rob, lasting…if it hasnt already ended for them. The hurt that comes from cheating…just cant be recovered from in a way that will keep a relationship together. Moral of the story…If you want the relationship to last…dont F*cking cheat lol

    • Dana says:

      Maybe her new co-star Jim Sturgess is her type. Apparently, he is very fond of her and told MTV in an interview she had beautiful feet.

      • Another Ann says:

        LOL. He also said in that interview he’s never met her. I think the foot thing was a joke, as his character has a foot fetish in the movie.

        I think the best thing for Kristen would be to take a long break and get her act together before she starts any new relationship. She’s clearly been a mess this past year, perhaps the fame and expectations caught up with her.

    • Anname says:

      Jeanie – I think you may be right. The way he has talked about cheating in the past, and the way he values the loyalty of his friends, it seems likely it would be very difficult for him to get over the “hurt of cheating”, no matter how much he might want to. Hope the best for them, either way.

    • Annie says:

      You are so right Jeanie. Sorry you had to go through all of that crap, but all the stuff you said is the reason why I don’t believe in forgiving cheaters. For one, you won’t feel the same happy, inconditional love again. You will be sad and not trusting. It won’t be the same anymore. And the cheaters cheat because they think they can get away with it. When they realize that they can’t, here comes the drama and the groveling. Look all the weight Kristen lost. But in the end you have to face the music and realize that a person who truly loves you never puts you through so much or inflicts you pain intentionally. And if you forgive a cheater, they’re going to do it again because apparently nothing is a deal breaker.

    • Nina W says:

      Once the vase is shattered no amount of glue can put it back together.

  24. B says:

    I find Kristen to be very pretentious & cocky for someone who doesn’t even have any legitimate talent to back it up. Girls like Taylor Swift & AnneE Hathaway are harmless. But a social climber like Kstew is someone you don’t turn your back on.

  25. mac says:

    Wow Rob looks attractive in that first picture. He should grow his hair out again. I watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last week and he was cute in that too. WHAT HAPPENED.

    • pepper says:

      Kstew happened. That’s what. She sucked the hotness out of him.
      When he becomes single he will be hot again.

    • Janet says:

      He got older, that’s what happened. He’s got the kind of looks that hit their peak in the late teens and early 20s and then it’s all downhill from there.

      • Skiharder says:

        Sad to say but i think you are right. Plus he has it stupidly in his head to shrink and to try to be unattractive. The smoking also does nothing but hurt.

        Great cooments on this site by the way…

      • Jeanie.amour says:

        Idk, I still think he is attractive. Sure in some pictures, movies etc..he looks htoter than others…it could be the hair, the styling or the day (I for one know that I myself, don’t look unconditionally, equally and consistantly glamourous each day and moment of my life…(lol jokins with the adjetives obviously). But seriously some days, depending on my sleep level, my mood, stress, who knows what else..some days I just look signifcantly more attrative, and some days, I look a little bit scary lol) I am sure it is same for most people, even our sparkly vampire ROb. (In fact I saw a documentry-I forget the name- the studied the face, shape, symmetry, features, and appearance of people, every day for a month or two. They found that people face and features actually do change for the better and worse -lol- throughout the month! For women it is more based on our mestrual cycle..for men..I forget the reasoning..but it SciFi! lol. Regarding the hair…I saw Water for Elephants, were he was rocking the short hair..and in my humble opinion..MAN, did he rock the ship out of it. Yummo! So I will cut him a break for now. However, I DO AGREE, for some of our heartthrob movie stars, their looks can sadly fade with age. Leonardo DIcaprio, for one! Back in the days of Romeo&Juliet, and Titanc…*sighhh* there are just no words worthy for describing those angelic looks. Now however….uggggg..just yuck, gross, no way. It is sad how badly and quickly he degraded with age, partying and booze. So personally I choose not to think of Leo as he is…I prefer to remember him as he was. In my heart, Leo will always be the dear Jack Dawson! LOL

      • male says:

        He stopped smoking and he is desperate to get rid of that stigma to be a pretty boy. Pretty boys don’t last. Remember Brad in 12 monkeys or seven. Pattinson wants to have a long career with a male base and not only some squeaky little girls . I met him in NEw York last year and believe me he is a beautiful creature

  26. Tig says:

    Nothing happened to Rob’s looks- he was a 17 yr old in HP- of course he’ll look different 10 yrs later! I am hoping Cosmo Rob comes back soon. I hope that Hold on to Me movie gets made, bec the costuming possibilities with that one are interesting.

  27. Nev says:

    he looks great in that top pic!!!

  28. Laura says:

    Oh, well if In Touch Weekly said it…

    Maybe the reason there haven’t been any legit reports is because there is nothing to report and they’re still together. It’s not like he’s on vacation, he’s been filming in the middle of nowhere and it takes forever to get there. She’s probably been busy working in LA too.

    I just find it funny that people act like they know these complete strangers and what they’re thinking and feeling.

    • kingkayski says:

      I never thought that when the other half is working overseas it’s consider separated already,what a pile of crap.The thing with Kristen,i think the reason why Rob can’t leave her is because she’s not a clingy type,i mean physically clingy.She may wear his sh*t all the time but she never stalked him ,never stayed glued on his side,never all over him in public,never bugged him at work.She keeps him interested by doing all of that,she gives him his space,she makes Rob craved for her and not the other way around.I think that’s what’s wrong to most of the women that got jilted all the time by their bf or spouse,they ‘re are way too clingy and possessive,they mother or baby the sh*t out of their partner they suffocate the heck out of them no more challenge for men for these kind of women,and they whine whine whine when men leaves them ,go figure!

      • Nina W says:

        Sorry, no, you don’t get to blame the women for men flaking out on relationships and I don’t buy for a second that KS has some magical power to make men stay that other women are somehow missing.

      • kingkayski says:

        Duh!Liberty and Rupert divorce over her and their mere kissing.Rob lost so much weight due to her infidelity and can’t stand it anymore took her back and face all the doormat,pussy,whipped BS name calling from her derange fans and still don’t care just to be with her,if that ain’t compelling thing to have for a woman i don’t know what is.There’s just some women that have these efficacious way about them when it comes to their men and some don’t have ,she have it.I don’t know what it is ,coz she’s really not the prettiest girl out there,if you’ll ask me,but she’s got these puissant characteristic in her that men probably find attractive and can’t resist it,that’s all i’m saying.

  29. Jennifer12 says:

    I can’t stand Kristen; she’s so damn manipulative. She doesn’t have the guts to do what she wants and doesn’t want anyone to think badly of her, despite her “I’m such a badass” posturing. She cheats on the guy, breaks up a family, and STILL sees herself as the victim??

  30. Tig says:

    You never heard of a separation of convenience? Pretty “convenient” to bury a relationship under the banner of distance and time? No drama that way- works well

  31. babyturnsblue says:

    I don’t think they were ever together, I think it was all to promote the movies. Movies all made, faux relationship donzo. The whole Rupert scandal was convenient there at the end.

    For some reason KS gives me a lesbian vibe…

    • kay says:

      I agree the scandal is a bit too convienent and I think this was a pr relationship with pr scandal to end the pr relationship. But the thing that bothers me about this theory is why would Rupert do it. He would risk losing Snow White and the Huntsman plus get a bad reputation. Kristen also has been slammed by the media. It would make no sense for her to damage her reputation on purpose. What could she possibly get out of that. Unless she was planning to retire.

      • Nina W says:

        You’re answering your own question and it’s pretty clear to me that it was not all for PR because there is not much good PR to be got from it. I would venture to guess the Twilight people would have preferred the two leads not get romantically involved for many reasons. I do think the reconciliation is a PR move and the relationship was killed by the adultery.

  32. K says:

    These pics look nothing like KS! She looks totally different and gorgeous!

    If only she could incorporate her photo shoot/red carpet styles with her everyday style! Sigh..

  33. Dana says:

    I agree it’s surprising that there is little legit-media coverage. But I guess that is because Kristen’s publicist keeps silent and no one knows what’ s really going on. People Magazine doesn’t want to announce the break -up and then be proven wrong.

    • JS says:

      There’s no legit media coverage because the breakup isn’t a legit media story. It’s speculation at the moment by people who have no inside knowledge whatsoever and are basing their opinion entirely on guesswork. The bottom-feeders in the media create their own stories and then circulate them incestuously until they seem, to the gullible observer, to be real, simply because so many crappy outlets are repeating them. But that is because all the lazy bast*rds do is copy off each other, sometimes without even bothering to change the wording.

      I’m not saying RP & KS are still a couple, or even that they were ever a couple, because I don’t have a clue TBH, but the stories of their “breakup” doing the rounds at the moment are pure tabloid invention IMO. Having said that, I do think it would be odd for a real couple to spend so little time together as they have over the past 3 months if they had a choice to do otherwise. But, then again, “there’s nowt so queer as folk”, as they sometimes say in the north of England.

  34. kay says:

    Taylor Lautner and Kristen make a cute pr couple.

  35. Jules says:

    I think that there was definitely chemistry and they did fall in love but they were both young, both fairly unknown actors at the time, they had a lot in common. He is older and I think was raised with a good family foundation and I think thats what he wants, her on the other hand, she is still very immature and seems to have a lack of self-confidence and assurance. Look at her behaviour during public appearances. She has some emotional and perhaps psychological issues that she needs to deal with, as minor as they may be. and Im sure that it was hard for Rob to make the decision to take her back (if that is the case) but if love someone, truly love someone,and witness the incredible backlash that she received for the alluded indiscretion…you will forgive and try to move past it..maybe in this case the best is for both of them to move on…for now.

  36. Bijlee says:

    Im convinced that all those involved had open relationships and none of them say anything because its still unacceptable around the world to be in something like that. Even in the sexually free European countries. Can you imagine some publicists trying to make that situation a positive one? I mean she still had twilight left to do at the time. That would just be a nightmare and totally lose them more fans then win them. I think they are so aware of their public image and everything because that’s what pays their bills, gets them their jobs, basically endears them to an audience. Kstew getting caught was just inconvenient for them all. I just feel really bad for the gal. It seems like there was more to this situation then people know..