Brad Pitt made $35.5 million in 2012, which was less than NCIS’s Mark Harmon

Here are some photos of Brad Pitt in France, heading out at Charles de Gaulle Airport, and arriving at LAX yesterday. We so rarely get new photos of Brangelina these days, so any time we get anything in, I’m going to publish them. Doesn’t it feel like it’s been YEARS since Brad and Angelina have been on a red carpet together? I think the last time was… last year’s Oscars? Is that right? Brad promoted Killing Them Softly last fall without Angelina at his side, and Angelina did some events solo last year too. Hmm.

Meanwhile, in last weekend’s Parade Magazine, we found out how much Brad made in 2012, compared to other huge moneymaking acts. Not surprisingly, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift made more money than Brad. Surprisingly, Mark Harmon (executive producer/actor on NCIS, the #1 show in America) made more money than Brad. Brad made $35.5 million last year, which probably includes a lot of producing and acting salaries, plus his $7 million Chanel contract, plus his side project as a furniture designer, and God knows what else. Mark Harmon made $38 million last year! Damn. Hello, Mr. Harmon! You can see Parade’s celebrity-salary slideshow here.

We’ll next see Brad in World War Z, which comes out June 21. Considering WWZ needed like MONTHS of reshoots over the course of a year, that film is either going to be awesome or a total trainwreck. My gut is telling me that Brad Pitt + Zombies = huge box office, but we’ll see.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Faye says:

    Those figures surprised me — I always assumed he made a lot more, but I suppose exposure doesn’t equal more earnings, necessarily. I think Mark Harmon makes more because of his producer status on NCIS — plus, NCIS brings in crazy $ from back episode repeats on cable channels.

    I always wondered about the Parade salary issue. How accurate are the celeb salary figures — do they obtain them from credible sources?

    • lune says:

      Prade is like People mag, celeb approved, but this seems accurate. I still don’t know anybody that watches NCIS.

      • Gine says:

        Right? Who watches this show? I always hear that it’s #1, but I don’t know anyone who’s seen a single episode. I suppose it’s popular with older people–but I wonder if the Nielsen rating system is all that accurate anymore, considering how many people DVR stuff and watch TV online.

      • gee says:

        You have not met my parents then. I think NCIS has the 50s and 60s demographic down pat.

      • L says:

        I watch it every Tuesday like clockwork, although I skip the endless marathons on cable.

        I know a few of my friends watch it and we are in the 25-40 age bracket. We were also a Neilson household last year, and they do have you include your DVR watching when you report in. You have to tell them the day the show originally aired (even if it’s a rerun), if you recorded it on your DVR, and when you actually watched it.

      • Eleonor says:

        ME!!!! I watch NCIS religiously, and my favourite character is Ducky. I adore him.

      • Faye says:

        It doesn’t get a lot of media attention, since it’s not a “cool” show like Mad Men or Homeland, but I believe those statistics – I know a lot of people who watch it.

      • menlisa says:

        I watch NCIS every Tuesday (I’m in the 18-25 bracket) my mom is the one who got me hooked on the show (she is in the 50-60 bracket).
        But it is a really good show.
        Stellar writing and acting.

        I love Tony!! He is a hoot lol
        I wish I had a ‘Gibbs’ in my life.

      • Eleonor says:

        @Faye: yes, it’s not fancy like Mad Men, but it’s a pretty solid show, they’ve mantained nearly all the cast and people love them. I follow NCIS even on FB, and when Ducky had a heart attack last year people were desperate!

      • GoodCapon says:

        I remember watching CSI religiously when it first came out. Then I lost track and got bored with the repetitive stories. Isn’t NCIS more or less the same but with hipper, younger cast?

      • JenD says:

        I love the show! (age: Still barely hanging onto my 30′s):-)

      • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

        Those who are old enough to be familiar with Mork&Mindy? Mark is married to Pam Dawber.

      • jamie says:

        My 50-something parents love NCIS. I can imagine CBS is making an insane amount of money off of cable repeats–whenever I visit my folks there’s ALWAYS an NCIS marathon on some channel.

      • Angel says:

        LOL! I watch it. I’m 42. My uncle got me hooked on it. I used to make fun of him for watching it, but now my hubby and I are full on NCIS junkies. It grows on you, and I love Mark Harmon. I know quite a few peeps between 30-45 who watch it as well. It’s like the tie that binds, it’s really a crossover show as it appeals to a larger age range than you might think.

      • Bijlee says:

        22 here and I LOVE NCIS. I don’t watch it regularly at the moment cuz I don’t have access to a tv and I hate watching it on CBS (too many ads) so I usually have my mom DVD all of them and when I visit her, I just marathon it. I love the show, Abby is awesome, ziva kicks ass, McGee is pretty cool, and tony is hilarious. Then include the silver fox and ducky and you have a great cast. They have great chemistry and while the storylines are often cheesy, the show is really engaging. And it’s like something you can typically turn your brain off for. You don’t have to be so invested in the story line. Mad men drains me some times. Everyone I know watches NCIS and I got my family hooked. I was like 17 when I started watching it. It’s a great show….sorry NCIS fan girl here. It’s not cool, but I love it regardless.

      • Melissa says:

        Another NCIS watcher here. I’m 40. I don’t watch it religiously (I couldn’t even tell you what day it airs), but it’s good to DVR and then on a night when I want to watch TV and nothing is on and I don’t have anything amazing DVR’d, I’ll watch NCIS. Something needed to fill the L&O void!

      • lulu says:

        What TV show is Mark Harmon on, doesn’t it have something to do with the Navy. I guess you can tell I don’t watch too much TV and certainly don’t care what Harmon does or doesn’t do.

    • V4Real says:

      @faye I don’t know how accurate this mag is but 35 mil ain’t bad. Although according to Forbes RDJ was the highest paid actor of 2012. If Brad only made 35 mill, how much did Robert make and I certainly took the wrong career path.

    • andrea says:

      Brad didn’t do a lot of acting last year, so I’m not so surprised. I read that his asking fee is in the $17.5M mark, but he didn’t have any big blockbuster movies out. I’m sure his income statement will look very different next year.

      As for NCIS, I used to watch every episode, up until it got really big (season 4 onwards, I think) and spawned the totally unnecessary NCIS: LA. It’s great to see Mark Harmon’s doing well though. Seems like a great guy in a solid marriage (26 years!).

    • lulu says:

      It was reported that Brad Pitt worked a total of 4 months in 2012, so that’s not bad, plus “Mama” Angelina, no doubt, made more than a few million herself, so the JP kids won’t starve.

    • Cameron says:

      He probably did. The media never knows what stars make. Some stars get upset that their not on the Forbes top 5 llist.. Donald trump, Jon Bon jovi was upset last year he didn’t make the list.. Beyonce/Jayz’s former accountant gave an interview last year that Beyonce makes $450k per month but spends $550k per month so she’s always in the red. But Forbes listed them as the wealthiest couple in entertainment Making $175 mill in 2011.

      couple in 2011.

      • V4Real says:

        LOL at the Trump & Bon Jovi being upset they didn’t make the list.

        But it’s possible that Bey & Jay were the highest paid couple in 2011 when you combine their salary. Let’s not forget that Jay is an enterprenuer which includes Rocawear, which I believe he sold part of it but still has ties to. He owns the 40/40 club in Manhattan and also has stake in the now Brooklyn Nets formerly know as the New Jersey Nets. So it’s possible they got that one right in 2011.

        I wouldn’t think Robert Downey Jr. was the highest paid actor in 2012 but it’s been reported several times that he secured a 50 million dollar deal for the Avengers on the back end of the movie. Which basically meant if the movie made over a billion dollars, which it did, he would get 50 mill.

        But still who gives the mags this inside info on the salaries of celebrities. At least I know Rob’s salary came from the offices of Disney and Marvel. That’s a whole lot of cheeder for one damn movie.

  2. Eleonor says:

    Special Agent Gibbs is kicking the ass!!!

  3. Kim says:

    How many months did Brad even work in 2012 ? Maybe three? 1 week on Twelve years,about three weeks on Counselor,two weeks on WWZ reshoots…Mark worked eight or nine months.I dont know how Brad made that much in 2012.

    • Gemini08 says:

      He didn’t make all his money on films. It states above what he’s been working on. He has business ventures, contracts, etc.

    • lin234 says:

      I was thinking that too! It seems like he hardly did anything this year and he still pulls in mega bucks. Actors on TV shows work long hours and for longer periods of time as opposed to people in movies.

      Justin and Taylor have hectic tour schedules so it makes sense they are making a lot more. It should be seen as Pitt hardly needs to be in the public eye to make his money. Insane. I wonder what Jolie pulled in without really doing much too.

      Whenever I think of him as a furniture designer, I always imagine him making a few squiggly lines and called it furniture.

  4. Amelia says:

    Tbh, I’d take one million, let alone thirty-eight as my annual paycheck!
    And I’ll be going to see WWZ simply on the basis that part of it was filmed in Falmouth, Cornwall which is where I grew up :)

  5. L says:

    Oh Leroy Jethro Gibbs how I love you. :)

    Mark Harmon is prob making lots of money from NCIS in syndication on TBS/USA (it feels like it’s always on a marathon), plus I believe he’s a producer on NCIS:LA which also rakes in the dough.

    Does anyone else remember when he was the hot doctor on Chicago Hope?

  6. Kim says:

    I just saw new pics of Maddox after almost a year,since April 2012,he has grown alot.Duh as most kids do :)

  7. turningviolet says:

    I’d hit Mark Harmon over Brad Pitt any day even if you took the many millions out of the equation. My teenage crush. St Elsewhere, Flamingo Rd, a bit of Moonlighting. Goddamn it, he was gorgeous (and has aged well unlike the Pitt who is looking distinctly meh these days)

  8. marie says:

    this made me giggle, but I love Mark Harmon (would definitely hit it), always have, so good for him..

  9. Blue says:

    I love me some Mark Harmon. I sooo would. I watch NCIS every Tuesday, which makes things difficult because I have a test to study for this week. But Gibbs!!!!

  10. Melissa says:

    I LOVE NCIS AND MARK HARMON! Brad is nothing… and he always looks dirty now. Just goes to show that if you lay down with dogs (Angelina) you are going to get up with fleas!

  11. missie says:

    I’d rather see photos of Mark Harmon than this scraggly specimen.
    Harmon is hot in every way.

  12. Tessa says:

    Mark Harmon’s earnings don’t surprise me, and why shouldn’t he earn more than Brad Pitt? What is Brad Pitt doing lately anyway? NCIS is a hugely popular show and Mark works hard on it. It makes sense.

    • Gemini08 says:

      Ummmm what is Brad doing lately?? Did you not read the article. He has business ventures as well as film and producing. That’s how he made his money.

      • Tessa says:

        Um, yeah, I did read the article, and it implied some mild surprise that Mark Harmon made more money than Brad Pitt this year. Brad, relative to previous years in his career, wasn’t up to much this year other than side stuff like perfume and overseas endorsements, so I for one am not surprised. So basically I just reworded my original post. I hope you understood it better this time. ;)

  13. Hoya_chick says:

    I don’t know anyone who watches NCIS (what is it about?!) but I always see that it’s number one in Nieslen’s ratings so I’m not that surprised Harmon made that much. Brad looks good here. I am not really interested in seeing him with zombies though, meh.

  14. original kay says:

    well, Mark Harmon.

    He can do no wrong. NCIS is absolutely our favourite show.

  15. Micki says:

    Navy CIS is probably my least favourite show. My top is the original with William Petersen followed by NY CIS with Gary Sinise.

  16. Sugar says:

    all I know is that I have been in love with Mark Harmon ever since I was a teen. He was & is still handsome to me. I both hate and adore Pam Dawber because…they are so perfect together.

  17. Gemini08 says:

    Brad’s looking good. But I have always loved scruffy Brad. That man ages like fine wine.

  18. Gwen says:

    Mmmmmmm Mark Harmon :D Love him, love NCIS.

  19. spinner says:

    I love Mark Harmon. He is a solid actor & seems to be a great person over all — not to mention good looking. He has been married to Pam Dawber (remember Mork & Mindy) since 1987. My in-laws got me hooked on NCIS. Love it!!

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      I know, right? I love him, too…and I love how they really keep out of the spotlight. I wouldn’t be able to say what Pam Dawber is up to nowadays, because they keep a low profile….what would be cool? Pam Dawber of Dancing w the Stars, even though I don’t like the show, she’d probably kick ass!!

  20. Toot says:

    Brad did pretty good not having to do too much work last year.

  21. WTH says:

    Brad did very well for not being in front of a camera that much. He worked what 3 months in 2012? 2 to 3 weeks for The Counselor. 2 weeks for 12 years a slave. 3 weeks for WWZ reshoots. Not to shabby. If you know anything about filming TV shows. Mark Harmon had to work 8 to 9 months to make his money.

  22. wynona says:

    Is it just me or is brad looking kind of skeevy? So not hot nowadays

  23. MissKittyKay says:

    I think Mark Harmon is pretty yummy

  24. Brittney says:

    I had to Google Mark Harmon because I don’t watch NCIS, but now that I’ve done that, I will echo your “hello Mr. Harmon”!! Didn’t realize CJ’s body guard on the West Wing was so famous these days, and with that classically handsome and apparently ageless face, he could be related to John Barrowman.

    His wife is my age, though, and he’s older than either of my parents. Creepy.

  25. lisa says:

    i hope brangie can scrape by

    i had no idea NCIS was still on let alone doing well, good for them. i see that girl with the bangs doing a lot of charity work, she seems really nice.

  26. lisa2 says:

    So this only news because they used Brad Pitt as an example.


  27. Anon says:

    Love NCIS, Mark and the whole crew, love Brad Pitt and Angie too. Not so crazy about the Zombie stuff.

  28. Brass says:

    Hey, don’t forget all of Brad’s Japanese commercials.

  29. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    I just finished an NCIS marathon starting from s1e1 up to the present (took me over a month). I loves me some NCIS! The amount of man-candy on that show is amazing. You have a flavor for every palette. I can admit I have a mini crush on just about every male character on that show.

    And every time they have an Abby/McGee and/or Ziva/Tony moment, this 40 year old woman squeals like a school girl.

  30. Leslie says:

    What’s astonishing is that Taylor Swift made $57 million. And that pic of Brad coming through the airport–love Michael K’s description:

    “And here’s Brad dressed like a middle-aged lesbian architect while walking through LAX yesterday.”

  31. AustinMJ says:

    only 35.5 million? waaaaaaa.

  32. bettyrose says:

    but it’s the most Mark has ever made and the least Brad had ever made, right?

  33. Lily25 says:

    I don’t know why the blogs are attacking how much Brad makes. All of the headlines are so and so make more than him. He barely worked in 2012. The movies he did shoot were small roles, just a few weeks on set. I don’t think Brad made much from the furniture line. It seems more of a personal venture than a financial one. Besides I doubt he got paid a lot. Furniture isn’t as big as cosmetics or clothing.

    Just a pet peeve but it’s annoying that this site keeps insisting WWZ has been filming for years. Filming took 3-4 months and reshoots was another 3 or 4 weeks. Not unusual for a big budget film but people are trying to portray the film as a disaster.

  34. embra says:

    NCIS is the best! I watch the new episodes, I watch the marathons when there is nothing else on. I am 40, my 22 year old son loves the show and my three year old even does a little NCIS theme song dance. Harmon is worth every penny and i hope the rest of the cast is making lots too! Haven’t been interested in anything Pitt has done since legends of the fall and i still waited for video on that.

  35. Felicia says:

    Brad’s morphing into a rich Missouri redneck/hippie and I think it’s working for him. lol. :P I was more interested in Angelina before Brangelina happened. I adored her for all her weirdness so I initially thought Brad was a little too straight for her. Hah. The longer they are together the more he’s letting his inner freak flag fly. lol. They really fit. I’m sure this comment will be flamed but that’s how I see them.