Will Pippa Middleton get an aristocratic title after her sister gives birth?

Here are some photos of Pippa Middleton and Carole Middleton (Carole is Duchess Kate’s mother) several days ago in London. They went to lunch at Comptoir, a Lebanese restaurant. I’m not sure if they meant to get pap’d. Hear me out! I think if Carole and Pippa – who are both famewhores, let’s face it – really thought they would get pap’d on this day, Pippa would have worn more makeup. This is maybe the first time I’ve ever seen Pippa without her patented Middleton Raccoon Eyes! I can’t say I think she looks amazing without makeup. All I can see is how orange she is. All of the Middleton ladies (Carole included) need to stop with the fake tans.

Meanwhile, did you know that Pippa has a new gig? Her cooking/party-planning book was such a monumental failure so of course magazines are offering Pippa the chance to write for them. Waitrose (a British grocery chain) has a monthly magazine and they’ve hired Pippa to be a “columnist”. When writing a column for the Waitrose Kitchen magazine, it’s a good idea to sit down and write your column on the computer. #pippatips

Pippa will be offering “casual dining ideas and recipes” and the magazine’s editor said Pippa will “be an excellent contributor to the magazine, bringing with her a wealth of experience of entertaining, gained in part from working at her family’s party business.” Pippa said that Waitrose Kitchen “has always been a source of inspiration to me, for its extensive spectrum of food and beautiful style.”

Meanwhile, have you heard the rumors that Kate and William are arranging titles for the Middleton family? Allegedly, Kate wants her parents and her sister (I don’t know about the brother) to have titles after she (Kate) gives birth. Like, Pippa will become Lady Phillipa Middleton. Carole will become… I don’t even know. Obviously, there is backlash to this idea, especially considering that the Middleton family just seems so… famewhorey.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    So the Middleton eyeliner is not tattooed. I was really starting to think it was.
    That’s a relief.

  2. apsutter says:

    Wow..that is the skin of a woman in her 20′s?! YIKES!

  3. Britt says:

    Pippa doesn’t look good, I’m surprised she doesn’t have better skin. I really like her boots though.

  4. Ruze says:

    I don’t think anyone has ever suggested that Pippa should receive her own title. Some have suggested that Michael Middleton be made an Earl (the Earl of Bucklebury if one story is to be believed). If that were to happen, Carole would become “Countess of Bucklebury”, Pippa would automatically become “Lady Philippa” and James would become “Viscount X”. Think of Downton Abbey. The Crawley sisters are Lady Mary, Lady Edith, and Lady Sybil. They don’t have titles; their father does. Long story short: no one is suggesting that Pippa receive a title herself!

  5. Red Snapper says:

    Those boots don’t go with the rest of it. God! It just goes to show you cant buy good taste. Pippa always ALWAYS has something that doesn’t match. And her skin looks rough too.

  6. Erin says:

    I swear, when I saw your header pic, I thought it was Val Kilmer.

  7. Faye says:

    Okay, not to be too catty (well, who am I kidding), but Pippa looks *awful!* That skin is like an advertisement for the dangers of too much sun exposure sans sunscreen. I’m a 33-year-old paleface, and I look way younger than her.

  8. Talie says:

    That’s sun damage, not a fake tan. Anyway, about the titles, if William wants it, it will be so. He’s way too bratty not to get his way and people need to deal with the fact that he likes the Middletons more than his own family.

    • m says:

      Its not that easy to get titles. They would have to file an application stating why they think the Midds deserve one, have the queen approve and sign and finally get parliaments approval. Its not going.to happen and if it was, there would have been a palace confirmation already. The only people who get titlrs in todays world are born royals. Plus I dont think the queen is dumb enough not to see that this exactly what the Midds want, so much so they probably planted this story themselves.

  9. CC says:

    She looks really rough. And a pity because you can easily see that she wouldn’t look like that if she took proper care of herself. Skin is awful, everything about her seems worn out.

  10. Red Snapper says:

    Just to add, the backlash against the Midds getting a peerage would be immense. Mind, the pressure from William to give them one might also be immense, who knows? Immovable rock, meet irresistible force.

  11. Barrett says:

    Pippa’s eyes look so small! But Carole Middleton what an incredible figure for her age! Those legs!

    • Meredith says:

      I’ll say this much for the Middletons. They really do seem to like each other – lunch together, vacation trips together, weekends in Buckleberry together. My goodness. But it’s nice to see they get along and enjoy each other’s company.

      • Spooks says:

        If I may ask, are you American? I’m not being rude, I’m just curious. I have noticed that Americans tend to drift away from their families much more than people from other nations. I am very close to my family, and not just my parents and my sister. I see my grandparents every week, and I regulalry see my aunts and uncles, my cousins, even my second cousins and goodparents. And a lot of people around me do too. My American friend was outraged when I told him :D

      • JulieM says:

        Spooks: fair question even though you didn’t ask me! Keep this in mind. The US is a lot bigger geographically than the UK. When we move around, say for employment, or marriage or whatever the reason, the distances are usually much greater than in the UK. I’m from New York. When I got married, I moved to San Diego, 3000 miles away. So I was far less likely to see my parents in New York every week. Now talking to them was another matter. This may explain the different perspectives.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        It’s not an American thing. It’s easy to pigeon hole groups, but it breaks down to individual values.

        I took Meredith’s post to mean that they ONLY hang out with each other. Carole is never out with her friends and Pippa is either out making scandalous headlines with shady friends or with her mother.

      • Spooks says:

        Well, that explains it. And I am from Croatia, which is even smaller than England. That is why my English is a bit off at times :D
        Part of my extended family lives about 600 km away, so I see them twice a year, but we talk on the phone every week, chat on facebook, etc. We do keep in touch. That American friend of mine speaks to his parents about once every two months which I find scary, to be honest. I guess it is individual.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Meredith, I was going to make a comment similar to yours. I think that it is wonderful to see a close-knit family. I don’t understand why people throw shade Kate’s way b/c she likes to (gasp) spend time with her family! I love spending time with mine and do so as often as possible despite a two hour commute. BTW, I am American.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:


        Shade is not thrown at Kate for simply spending time with her family.

        She cast out all of her friends because of “trust” issues and only had Williams friends. I’m married and am friends with my husbands friends, but I also have friends independent of him that I made on my own.

        Kate is with her mother and pippa often and that’s fine! But she practically lives with them when William goes on his party binges. This only really comes up when people swear they’re a down to earth couple that spend all their time in the country side cottage that they’re never at.

        She spends more time at home with her family than she does with her husband and no time with her friends. That’s where the issue is taken.

        Side not: Apparently she’s reconnected with a friend from her past and that’s really nice.

    • Esmom says:

      Agree that she has a great figure but she strikes me as try-hard in this getup. Kinda like those most recent shots of Sarah Palin-gone-Hollywood.

    • Another K says:

      No kidding! I’m the same age as Carole and I sure as hell wish my legs looked half that good!

  12. danni says:

    she isn’t pretty
    i don’t understand the buzz

  13. emmie_a says:

    Pippa looks horrible. Middleton women do not age well. And they have seriously short legs.

    However, they do have excellent taste in bags — Does anyone know the designer of Carole’s purse???

  14. Gine says:

    I don’t think their tans are fake–that’s why her skin is so bad. Caroline actually looks pretty great for her age, though.

  15. danielle says:

    Im the small minority that thinks she looks better here. She needs to ease up on the makeup

  16. LAK says:

    Where do people get these ideas that the middletons can or will get titles due to Kate’s baby? We don’t live in the 1500s anymore.

    And these days, the system doesn’t work like that. You have to have given public service to the crown.

    Not to mention parliament would have to approve any titles, however minor, to be given to them.

    • m says:

      This idea came from the Daily Mail, aka the Middleton tabloid of choice. In short, Ma Midds planted the story.

      • LAK says:

        I saw the DM story weeks ago. A bunch of posters have been having fun with the idea that one can gift oneself (or rather Baroness Bluhare is the designated giver) with a title.

        On a serious note, this plant is on the same path as the christmas invitation to sandrigham meaning it’ll go no where.

        And it shows that Ma Midds is dumb if she thinks using the media is going to help her cause as far as trying to wrangle favours and gifts out of the Queen. And it shows she doesn’t know her history nor has she cared to study it to know what is possible vs what is not.

    • Angelic 20 says:

      Yup I think American tabloids need to learn a little bit history before writing these stupid stories. Carole wishes that her daughter have the power to pick and decide what title they get. It will never ever happen in a million years, the whole selling point of Kate and her family is their commoner status both for pr purpose and for William. It will never change no matter how much they dream.

    • Micki says:

      I thought only the Queen can bestow a title. And William is only a heir apparent of the heir apparent.
      Even Queen’s grandchildren from Princess Ann don’t have titles (as far as I know) but the Middleton family is in line for it? Don’t believe it is true.

      • GoodCapon says:

        Princess Anne couldn’t pass on titles as she’s female (LP) so the Queen offered her then-husband Mark Phillips a title. However Anne declined because she wanted to give her children a chance at a normal life without the “burden” of having royal titles. I think I got that one right but there are more informative posters here, so someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

        Anyway Anne’s situation v the Midds is different. It’s going to be the first time that the grandparents of a future King will be title-less which I think is the issue here.

      • LAK says:

        That’s a general misconception.

        Any titles The Queen bestows have to have parliamentary approval. There has only been one occassion when she created a title without recourse to Parliament, and that was Princess Alice. And that after a long life of public service.

        There is also the tradition that titles that should be automatic aren’t so eg POW should automatically go to the heir apparent, but it hasn’t always happened. Prince Charles wasn’t POW until he was 21 where as the last POW was his uncle David who received the title when he was early teens.

        Ditto Princess Anne receiving her Princess Royal title which should be automatic for the oldest daughter of the Monarch but wasn’t given until late adulthood.

        The Middletons haven’t done anything to warrant any honours and even if they did, it would be sometime before they were bestowed. It’s really bad form that they think (or are allowing this story) they are owed a title simply for marrying into the royal family.

      • Red Snapper says:

        LAK Prince Charles was given the POW title at age 8, but the formal investiture was when he was 21

      • LAK says:

        @redsnapper – thanks for correction. I noticed my mistake after posting and after couldn’t edit my post with correct age :)

    • Sachi says:

      LAK, they’re probably the same people who think the crown will pass to William automatically because apparently, he’s more popular than Charles, the Queen wants her grandson to be the monarch after her, and the public wants William to be King rather than Charles.

      Pure baloney.

      However, I won’t be surprised if a lot of people have that misconception. A lot of people I know in Canada only go by what OK! or Hello! magazine tells them, which is usually “William and Kate are so great! Kate is so beautiful!”-type of drivel and they still go on and on about Charles and Camilla being unpopular so that must mean Charles won’t be King.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        I don’t read the tabs, but here in the states it’s the same mindset. Shows like Today and GMA Often have stories of how great/brave/thrifty W&K are. And they never recanted their stories on how Camilla was a witch way back. There’s nothing negative about them here.

        Ugh! I have to go shopping in a few and I hate standing in line to see the tab covers saying how sad/brave/misunderstood Kate is. There’s an agenda here for sure.

      • LAK says:

        I saw once a tabloid headline that said that Charles and Camilla were plotting to steal the crown from William and Kate!!! I don’t understand why people don’t understand the rules of inheritance.it’s the same principal where ever one finds it, and if the top heir have been passed over in favour of someone else or someone lower in the line of succession, there is a very good reason given. It’s not a popularity contest.

      • Sachi says:

        Alexandra – I know what you mean. My friends and relatives in both USA and Canada who aren’t really interested in royalty just mostly go by what they hear/read from People magazine or OK/Hello! magazine. Many of them are still going by the legacy of Diana and her life as a Princess, so there’s that positive perception of William as Diana’s son (helped by the media sweeping things under the rug) that has now been extended towards Kate.

        My Dad is different. He thinks the Queen should retire and just give the throne to Harry, because Harry still has hair unlike William. :D

        LAK – I think that is the problem: most people either go by what the tabloids say, or they are not that invested into learning how monarchy/royalty really works. They latch onto the info they hear the most, and since they’re not that invested into actually learning facts vs fiction in the first place, they refuse to change their views.

      • HK9 says:

        Hi Sachi,

        As a Canadian, we’re well aware that Hello is a huge PR machine and most people buy it because it’s cheap and they like the pictures. Most of us are well aware that the actual history & goings on of the monarchy are another thing entirely.

      • Sachi says:

        Hi HK9,

        That’s good to know.

        Unfortunately, the people in my circles are not the same. Chalk it up to us being “young”. Not that my friends in Canada don’t know history and Civics, but they’re just not interested in royalty apart from what they usually see and read on the media. I’ll be hard-pressed to find friends my age (early 20s) who truly know how the monarchy works. It’s just not a big part of their lives and I think it reflects the trend in which the monarchy’s appeal and influence are heading when it comes to Canadian youth.

        If I ask my friends what they think of the Windsors, they’ll say, “Kate is pretty and she and William make a good couple.” They’ll turn up to see the royals because that’s what many people do when VIP visit. But aside from that, the Queen is the only one who is the focus and talk of monarchy are pretty non-existent. None of my friends in Canada are aware of what the Windsors actually do. They don’t know and they don’t really care. They’ll see photos on People and Hello and come away with positive opinions.

        I’m also Canadian but now living and working abroad. ;)

      • Another K says:

        Sachi – Don’t tell your dad but I saw a photo that featured Harry with a balding patch. I fear he is following in William’s footsteps. :(

  17. GoodCapon says:

    Giving them a title will go against the grain of why William supposedly likes them: because they’re apparently a very normal, close-knit family and they’re so down to earth…

    If there is such an issue of the future heir’s grandparents not having titles then William should have married someone from the upper-class in the first place.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      William tried to marry someone with a title, but they would not marry him. People that insist William does love Kate often forget that he was looking for anyone else to be with while dating Kate. It’s sad. W is in love with her family for their close knit and whatnot, but here’s my take.

      He loves that they live a carefree lifestyle. Vacations often with no work commitments or responsibilities. And I am very sure they treat him like gold. In his family he’s treated fairly for the most part. And he may think he deserves better.

  18. MyLittlePony says:


    Their make-up style seems to span not over just two but three generations …

  19. Seagulls says:

    Famehooring or no, Carole Middleton will be grandmother to the future Queen or King, so she has the last laugh here.

  20. Dena says:

    Perhaps she’s going with a “skier’s tan?” I like her boots too. Carole Middleton looks good there. I think Carole is comforting Pippa. “It’s okay, Pip. You do look rough and old in the face, but you came out without the raccoon circles in public and that’s a victory for you. Now give Momma some sugah. That’s my big girl.”

    I also think Pippa needs to watch herself if she wants to marry up. All of the exposure can’t be good for that tactic. In this modern age, which English aristocrat would marry her for a closer alliance to the House of Windsor?

    The family needs to work on a serious Plan B. Pippa needs to be launched and who is going to take James, the son, off of their hands?

    • bostonian says:

      James is so creepy. He’s really unattractive plus looks like he would slip you a date rape drug then pretend the next day that it was all your idea and brag about his conquest. Foul.

      The thing about the Middkids is they were low born but groomed and educated in the finest schools money can buy… shouldn’t they have achieved something with all that education and those connections? Not one of them ever held a real job or even a public service job. James’s cake company is in debt, they’re all still suckling at the party pieces tit. They say they don’t want fame, but their ambitions (Pippa is now a columnist AND a deeply private person?) seem specifically tailored to fame.

  21. Jen34 says:

    She and her butter face need to go away.

    I think the mom is hot, though.

  22. Tessa says:

    She, and Kate, look like smokers and sun worshippers who unfortunately didn’t listen when everyone told them they’d lose their looks by 35. It’s true, it’s always been true, and young girls never listen.

  23. DeltaJuliet says:

    A title for what? Just being there?

    And yeah, she looks awful. If my skin looked like that I wouldn’t go out without at least a little make-up, and I don’t even have people talking my picture.

  24. Dinah says:

    Given how her derriere looks in those jeans, I’d bet she was wearing a prosthetic booty panty in big sis’s wedding. That is so damn funny!

  25. lin234 says:

    I’ve read a lot of comment’s on Pippa’s skin. Didn’t she just finish a skiing trip with her family or something?

    That looks like windburn that is still healing too me. I’ve had it once. If you leave your face uncovered and it’s super cold while skiing, you can get windburn. It hurts too! It dries out your skin and wrecks havoc- probably why she doesn’t have any make-up on.

    If that’s not the case then yikes!

    Opps! Dena already threw in that theory.

  26. Larissa says:

    I am no expert, but she seems like just went through some cosmetic procedure, exfoliation, peeling or dermaoabrasion, it is no rocket science ladies!!!!

  27. LAK says:

    Does anyone else see how grey her roots are?

    I thought it was stress that was causing the grey roots in Kate, but it looks like it’s a family trait.

    Thank goodness I don’t get the magazine, but I will be pissed if they put up promtions for her in waitrose. I’d hate to have to switch supermarkets.

    • Mich says:

      I don’t know…I had a HUGE laugh reading about her suggestion to serve quail eggs for a one year old’s birthday party!

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      I personally can’t stand it when some women color their grays. Sometimes it helps to age gracefully and looks appropriate.

      When you have dark brown hair (like me) and you color your grays (like i did) the roots pop out more. Darker the hair the more they’ll show. I have a strong “skunk trail” and I get more compliments over it than when I colored.

      • Kikich says:

        Yes, but she is 29. She hasn’t aged that much yet.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        I’m 27. Started getting grays at 22. At least my hairs are confined to that 1 area. I am lucky. I can’t say how pippa is graying. Sometimes when you color the roots really pop, but when it grows out it’s less noticeable overall.

      • Another K says:

        Oh! You’re 27! I understand all your comments over the past several months much better now. When I was 27, many many years ago, I thought I knew everything as well. Guess what I learned over the next thirty years? People aren’t either black or white and they aren’t either good or evil. Most people, and most topics for that matter, are just various shades of grey. Each person’s idea of “truth” is different, totally dependent upon what they are personally dealing with at the moment.

  28. Kata says:

    Well, titel or not, if Will wants it, Will gets it.
    I think the Queen is getting old and weak. I mean, just think about it, couple years ago there was not even a question where the Royal family is spending their Christmas. No outsider was ever invited. And now, not that the Queen invited the Middletons to spend Christmas at Sandringham, but they actually said no, and Will and Kate spent the Holidays with her family. Sure Kate is pregnant, and she was sick and bla bla bla, but come on, she knew what she was marrying into. That’s no ordinarry family! You wanted this, than play by the rules.

  29. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Why does she always look like someone just let off a big ole toot in her face.

  30. Sal says:

    I actually read an article in The Telegraph recently that indicated that her book wasn’t a momentous failure. It sold a decent number of copies in the UK and the States, and it’s international sales are quite high.

  31. moon says:

    Eyeliner seems to be a posh british girl thing, when I was studying at St Andrews all the sloan-y girls had racoon eyes

  32. JulieM says:

    Well, I’m one Yank who thinks: #1- The Middletons will never get a title as long as the Queen is alive, and #2- Charles will never be passed over for William. Just not happening.

  33. Auj says:

    I like these pics of these two. Neither one of them look good. They look like anyone else.

  34. NeoCleo says:

    Katie got lucky with her looks. Pippa and her mother both look like they got rode hard and put away wet. And talk about the ability to give divine stink eye. Those eyes are evil.

  35. val says:

    Sorry but she has the skin of a smoker. She’s pretty young and rich so her face looks rough for her age.

  36. Elly says:

    Don´t mess with mummy Middi… she gives the evil eye.

  37. snoots says:

    Does this mean Sir Elton John would out rank Michael Middleton if they were in the same room together? Maybe this whole title business for the Middletons is to avoid the family of a future monarch from bowing to entertainers?

  38. Hyuga says:

    Someone should tell Carol to stop dressing like her daughters. The fur gilet, the skin tight jeans… she looks ridiculous.

  39. Patrice says:

    Eek. Pippa without makeup=NOT GOOD. She’s a classic case of someone whose ‘beauty’ all completely comes from bottles, tubes and jars. Yikes.

    As for the ridiculous Middleton family being given titles? I’m not even British and I have to throw England a giant “NO” on this one. They’re so famewhorey, and have been blatant title-seeking social climbers from day one! Where the hell are all the people at Buckingham Palace who have historically always kept this type of thing in check?! If they don’t get Kate Middleton’s slowly growing power and influence under control now, things will be out of control by the time the Queen dies. It’s painfully clear that the Middleton’s already have far too much an influence over William as it is. Not.Good.

  40. aurelia says:

    Alexandra Bananarama you are excatly right. William’s in love with Kates family more than her. I have dated a guy longer than I should have because I just loved being part of his family. His parents were so cool. His 3 brothers and their wifes were cool too.

    Anyhoo, gosh kate was a little fug baby. She sure has changed. The “duchess” carole’s mother has the same rat face of coal miner stock carole has.

    Pippas face isn’t just sun damage, its booze face and fag face too. Even kate smokes!

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Hmm…. Carole’s rat face. I have a feeling she has that face that when you age and lose weight your face takes a hit. It doesn’t help that the family has poor skin all around and yes. They all smoke. There are pics out there that show around the time Kate conceived she was caught with cigs in her purse (i’m not confusing it with the other time also when she flashed her vadge). William of course sued and all pics were taken down.

      If you see a close up of Kate’s face via fan pics vs a pic of her face after the press photo shop and release it the difference is huge.

  41. Elisa says:

    Serious question I’ve been wanting to ask for a while – what’s so wrong with being “try-hard?” Shouldn’t we give more credit to someone who’s trying, even if they don’t quite succeed, than to someone who doesn’t care and doesn’t try, or to someone who it all comes naturally easy and needs to put in little/ no effort? Why is being “try-hard” such an insult? Thanks!

  42. BostonianTraveler says:

    Sat at a table next to them at very small Kensington restaurant 2 years ago this week. They are all very skinny, very long legs but also very orange and dear I say “leathery” looking… but again, very tall and thin…

    I do have to admit that back in the day (Ed VII, etc) title were given out all the time. I don’t think it would really put them into Peerage, just some nice courtesy title.

  43. junegorilla says:

    That SKIN! Why do English women age like an open beer. Like Chelsea Handler…..

  44. Brat says:

    Wow, that’s what she looks like? Whenever I read about her they always focus on her butt, now that they’re focusing on her face I wish they would go back to her butt

  45. Caroline-Vivienne says:

    Yes, I believe Pippa (and the Middleton family) will be enobled. But I’d say it’s about 30-50 years away at William’s Coronation. And if the marriage falls apart before then, they will have to wait until Kate’s child is King/Queen to get the peerage.

    Because Elizabeth and Charles arent gonna do anything about it.

    So it’s a bit interesting….all of that social climbing, and odds are that Carole won’t be around to see the family reward (Earldom for Michael and/or James).

  46. Peta says:

    Pippa will not be granted a title. Now or ever. The only way she will gain a title is if she marries one or her rich titled friends (a distinct possibility). James Middleton will die being called exactly what he was at birth: plain James Middleton.

    The trend in the UK is for titles to be downsized or taken away: the House of Lords was reformed so that hereditary peers could now longer vote. The Queen gave her youngest son Edward the lesser title of “Earl” instead of the traditional “Duke” in an effort to downsize the scale of the Royal family. There was talk of the York Princesses losing their “HRH” status possibly at marriage (this will not happen) and their security detail was reduced to save $. Iroinically, it was alleged that William & Kate did not want the ducal Cambridge title they received when married, in order to keep things simpler, but the Queen insisted. She may very well only grant Harry an earldom when he marries.

    This trend will not change after the Queen is gone and Charles and William become King. The move towards downscaling will continue.

    • Caroline-Vivienne says:


      Edward was granted a mere Earldom at his wedding because he will be given the ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ title/peerage when his father dies.

      The sons of Kings/Queens are Dukes. Harry will also get a Dukedom.

      Kate wanted to be ‘HRH Princess Catherine’ upon her marriage to William. That was not granted. She was offered the ‘HRH Duchess’ title (through William being granted a Dukedom) instead. She accepted the offer, which was less than what she hoped for/requested.

      The Middletons will get their Earldom, many decades from now.

      • Peta says:

        I stand corrected on your point re. Edward eventually receiving the Edinburgh dukedom. I maintain however that the initial application of the earldom was to downsize the Royal family’s need for titles; even when Edward receives the dukedom his daughter Louise will still be styled “Lady” and not the HRH she is actually entitled to (she’s still legally a Princess of the UK and N. Ireland).

        The sons of UK Kings/Queens are not automatically Dukes; they need to be created as such by a royal Letters Patent. QEII or Charles may/may not choose to make Harry a Duke; Charles has already made it very clear he intends to carry the downscaling on even further from what’s planned now so we’ll see. He will be a Duke or Earl, and it’s up in the air as to how his children will be eventually styled.

        The Middletons – none of them- will ever be granted titles. Kate has no say in the matter – only the monarch. Charles will not do it and I doubt William will either by the time he ascends. Pippa will have to marry her title :)

      • Peta says:

        And Kate was never “offered” the Duchess title; it was bestowed by QEII on William the morning of his wedding, when he and Kate said “I do” she then automatically became DofC. They never “accepted” it, they had no say. William was vocal privately in his wish that they simply remain Prince and Princess William after the wedding for a while (for simplicity), but the Queen overruled this. Kate NEVER had the temerity to demand she be “HRH Princess Catherine”, that is legally reserved for Princesses of royal birth such as Anne, Beatrice, etc. She automatically became “HRH Princess William, Duchess of Cambridge, etc.” when she said I do. That’s it.

        Much like Diana in her time was mistakenly called “Princess Diana” by the media. She was always “HRH Diana, Princess of Wales”(later minus the HRH after her divorce) but she was never “Princess Diana”.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:


        I don’t think Princess Diana was being called that as a mistake. I understood it as an endearing title. Not a formal one.

      • Caroline-Vivienne says:



        Please review the link.


        William was vocal that he (and by proxy, Kate) wanted her to have the title ‘PRINCESS CATHERINE’. To bestow that title, Queen Elizabeth would have had to elevate Kate ABOVE that of a royal Duchess (in her own right) to that of a royal Princess (in her own right). That is why William did not want the Dukedom. He wanted an additional elevation for Kate above the rank of Duchess.

        The Queen chose not to offer Kate this privelidge (as she had given to Princess Alice) and instead offered William the Dukedom of Cambridge. He ACCEPTED it. It was not forced on him. The royal family members may choose to reject offered titles, if they wish. Princess Anne did just so.

        The Queen also offered Anne’s husband an Earldom when Anne got married and Anne REFUSED the offer.

        Both Anne and William willingly chose their options. Queen Elizabeth did not force anything on anyone at any time.

        The Middletons will get their Earldom.

        And Harry will get a Dukedom.

      • Peta says:


        There is no evidence anyplace that William ever requested that Kate be elevated or styled as “Princess Catherine”. (your link is to Mandrake in the Telegraph, an amusing and fun *gossip* column – the report has no named source). He knows what kind of sh*tstorm that would have caused – it would put Kate on footing with Anne, Beatrice and other born royals and *above* Camilla, at a time when there was already dissension about ranks and who would curtsey to whom (widely reported). They accepted the Cambridge dukedom grudgingly (there really was no choice as widely reported it was what QEII wanted), as your link also suggested they would have preferred to wait on the ducal title.

        The Middletons will never be given titles. There’s no precedence for this since the 1500s (enobling the monarchs spouses family). It is not the same as offering a son-in-law a title, as with Mark Phillips or Tony Snowdon decades ago (and these would not be offered today in the current era). Unless they perform some kind of special service/s to the nation to earn it like everyone else, the Middletons will not be knighted or titled. Royalty & nobility aside, Britain prides itself as being a meritocracy.

        Harry may become a Duke or an Earl, not both (or the Duke of Earl :) ) it remains to be seen which.

        Sorry we will have to agree to disagree on this :)

      • Caroline-Vivienne says:


        Your argument regarding Will and Kate’s wishes for her title after the marriage has no credibility when you: trash my source, assert your counter-claim, and provide no source at all. So we will have to disagree on that point.

        And the reason there is no precedence for the family of the King’s Consort receiving a peerage in hundreds of years is quite simple – a King of England hasn’t married a commoner since Edward IV married the widowed Elizabeth Wydville in 1464. (Her father was ennobled by King Edward as the 1st Earl Rivers. And her son from her first marriage became the 1st Marquess of Dorset.)

        Yes, the Middletons will get their Earldom. But you do realize that it will not be a royal peerage, right? Just a hereditary one. No HRH. No tax dollars will be spent for security and all that. And they have the money for the rights, airs and graces that go with a hereditary peerage. THAT is why it will be ok in the long run. It won’t cost the public a penny.

        And yes. Harry will get a Royal Dukedom. Just as any father offers his children equal inheritances, Harry will become a Duke on his wedding day just like his brother did. Just like every other son of a King/Queen did for hundreds of years. Charles will not publicly slight his son and ignore history, heritage, protocol, and most importantly…..family.

        Harry’s children though, will have a difference. As the grand-children of a sovereign NOT in the direct line…I believe they will be downgraded in the future.

  47. Patrice says:

    Here’s what I don’t get though @Caroline-Vivie: IF what you predict comes true and no titles are granted to the Middleton’s for several decades, how in the world would it all pan out if Will & Kate are divorced by then? (I mean, Will is a royal so the likelihood for a nasty split is pretty high.) It can’t possibly be a possibility that those God awful Middleton’s could STILL be in the running for anything after all that right? I would imagine that being relatives of the future heir(ess) to the throne on Kate’s side wouldn’t mean much if Will & Kate do eventually have a contentious split. After all, all royal kids, particularly the first in line, are considered “property of the crown” so I would assume that would mean that the Windsors would all but cut off all ties with them, never mind grant them titles…Just my thinking on the whole thing. So glad we don’t have a monarchy here! :)

    • Caroline-Vivienne says:

      If Kate is estranged/divorced from her husband when he takes the throne, then she will have to wait until her child is King/Queen for the Middletons to get their title.

      Kate’s daughter/son will then enoble their mother’s family (as Kate so wishes) if William does not.

      The child will be a WINDSOR, yes; but it will also love it’s mother. And when it is King/Queen, (and everybody who disapproves is either dead or of lower rank) it will do as it wishes.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        CV (love the name)

        Kate is already estranged from William or at least they spend very little personal time together not counting vacations. The question will be is William estranged with the Middleton family? He adores them and will grant titles unless there’s a falling out.

        The Windsors live forever it seems. By the time Kate’s child ascends (unless they abdicate) Carole and Michael will be long gone. And you assume Kate’s child will love her. That’s not a guarantee. The child might grow closer to the army of nannies for example. We have to keep in mind the child will be brought up by nannies and then be sent away to school for years.

        Just tossing out a few possibilities

      • Caroline-Vivienne says:

        @AB – Yes, if Kate so thoroughly screws up her life that her husband and children hate her; then the Midds won’t get a title.

        Those odds are long.

  48. Aud says:

    She is so overrated and in need of a dermatologist.
    Kate and Pippa definitely get their looks from their mother. Ugh.

  49. lambchops says:

    Oh the power of money and connections. Where did she gain her illustrious party hosting experience? Oh yes, her parents are loaded and her sister is a princess. Well then, she must be an expert!

    • LAK says:

      Kate is a Duchess. They all go by their highest title,with exception of Camilla who chooses to use her lesser title of DOC rather than her higher POW title so that the still rabid Diana fans don’t stone her.

      • Caroline-Vivienne says:

        Kate also has a ‘Princess’ title through her husband’s birth status (HRH Prince William of Wales), but it is inferior to her HRH Duchess rank. If she so wished, she could be referred to as:

        HRH Princess William of Wales. (Just as the former Marie-Christine von Reibnitz is known as HRH Princess Michael of Kent).

        She chooses to use her husband’s peerage title with the HRH which allows her to use her own name (as a Duchess), instead of using ‘William’ (as a Princess).

        Also, Lady Louise Windsor, as a grand-daughter of a monarch, is allowed to be styled as ‘HRH Princess’ just like Beatrice and Eugenie.

        Her parents have chosen not to use that title for their daughter, but it is hers…by right (Letters Patent).

  50. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    I think it more likely that the Middleton family, Pippa’s maw ‘n’ paw, will receive a title; said hereditary titles and benefits will then filter down to their family and the great British public will, as per bloody usual, pay for it all. After all, one may marry a commoner, but one certainly cannot breed with one. Makes you kinda sick, doesn’t it?

  51. Adrien says:

    Doesn’t she remind you of Marcia Brady and Sydney Penny? Pippa looks like a Filipino.

  52. Azamat Bagatov says:

    well… she is ugly like the queen´s relatives… so… why not! Name her Duchess