Justin Bieber cancels another concert, this time in Portugal: is Bieber off the rails?

I think last week was the most coverage we’ve ever given Justin Bieber. He’s been on the verge of a total childlike temper tantrum for a while, but it all seemed to come to a head last week in London, where Justin was camped out to perform at four sold-out concerts. The week was full of drama, what with Justin’s “collapse,” hospitalization, Twitter meltdown, showing up hours late to one of the concerts, and on and on – go to the Bieber tagged posts to review. As I wrote yesterday, it seemed like Bieber spent the weekend “getting better” and he was tweeting about being “blessed” because of course. And now comes word that Justin has canceled yet another concert:

Justin Bieber is canceling one of his two scheduled shows this week in Portugal “due to unforeseen circumstances” … this according to the website for the venue.

Bieber is scheduled to play the Pavilhao Atlantico in Lisbon on March 11 and March 12, but the site now says the second show is canceled.

A statement posted on the site (and translated thanks to the good folks at Google) reads, “Due to unforeseen circumstances, Justin Bieber was forced to cancel the second performance in Portugal, March 12.”

It continues, “The Canadian singer is eager to play for the Portuguese fans on March 11. Holders of tickets valid for March 12 should contact the respective place of purchase to receive a refund within 30 days of the date of the scheduled concert, which ends April 11.”

It’s unclear what the unforeseen circumstances are, but he was hospitalized last week after collapsing backstage (though that wouldn’t explain why he’s canceling the SECOND show).

He also tweeted earlier today simply, “#sundayfunday.”

[From TMZ]

The UK papers claim that Bieber canceled the concert because of low ticket sales and because Justin has never gotten so much bad press in his life as he did this past week. But! Justin’s manager Scooter Braun told Gossip Cop that the concert was canceled “due to logistical problems with the unions” – meaning that Bieber’s stage couldn’t be taken down quickly enough in London and brought to Portugal. Braun also told Gossip Cop, “The British tabloids are full of sh*t.” O RLY?! Excuse me if I don’t believe Baby Bieber’s mouthpiece (a man named Scooter!) when Justin has been all over the map lately, and it wouldn’t be impossible to consider that a concert was canceled just because Justin is a tantrumy baby who doesn’t give a crap.

Also – Us Weekly had a bizarre explanatory story about why Justin was wandering around London wearing a gas mask. According to sources, “The gas mask Justin has been wearing around London is a joke between his friends, but people are starting to take it seriously… Justin’s close friend Julian Keyz (a young songwriter/producer also known as Julkeys) also wears it to pretend he’s Justin and throw people off as they’re the same height. All his friends take turns wearing it as a joke to throw off the paparazzi. It’s not a serious thing, they’re just having fun around London with it.” Hey, remember when Britney Spears used to wander around LA in busted wiglets, speaking in a fake British accent? That’s what this reminded me of.

Photos courtesy of WENN and Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Gwen says:

    Is the pink wig moment very far away? I don’t think so.

  2. MojoRising says:

    Please don’t ever stop using the “1994 Putting Baby in his Seat” pics. Like ever. Because I LOL every fucking time.

  3. QQ says:

    Drugs, Basically… Plus a heaping amount of “rich child who doesnt get told no” entitlement and do on

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      He is a product of his environment and now they have to deal with him, haha.

    • Mia 4S says:

      Drugs? Quite possible but I’ve seen it suggested elsewhere maybe it’s something like steroids? It makes a certain sense, not a hard street drug (so The Lord is probably OK with it ;-) ) and you’ve got a full of himself little douche who I would guess is done growing (what is he 18? 19?). Maybe trying to act and look like a “big man”?

      • QQ says:

        *dead* at the Lord being ok with It

      • erika says:

        Classic Napoleon Complex. Classic. He’s a shorty, puny lil guy. Not even body hair!

        he’s 19 yrs old and it’s painfully obvious to him that he’s a scrawn.

        so, good thinking there on the ‘toids. Might explain a lot of his physiological as well as emotional issues/outbursts

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I don’t think that I’ve ever heard a Beiber song and have always found the hype surrounding him to be annoying. Still he was just a harmless teeny-bopper-of-the-moment.
        The thing about him that garners my sympathy is all the snark about his size. I mean growing up is hard for everyone and undoubtedly more difficult in the public eye. His physical size though is something that he literally can’t help.
        As for his current behavior, just sad, pathetic and disgusting. I put it down to really bad influences and way too many ass-kissers along the way. Somebody, parents or someone he looks up to, should sit this kid down and tell it to him straight. He is embarrassing himself and there is absolutely no need for it. He should have been more prepared for the inevitable fall in popularity by someone.
        Yeah, I don’t like him but just some thoughts.

      • KK says:

        It’s opiates and the swings that come with withdrawl and hiding it.

  4. marie says:

    in that picture where his bodyguard is holding him up, he reminds me of Warren from Empire Records, “you’ll be sorry”

  5. sirsnarksalot says:

    That shot of hime being lifted into the van mid tantrum is the BEST.

    Here’s an idea for a reality tv show…throw Beiber, Lilo, Amanda Bynes and Shia La Douche in a locked room with unlimited booze, a switchblade and a million cameras and let them go Lord of the Flies on each other. It’ll be entertainment gold.

  6. Syko says:

    I just want him to pull up his pants and stand up straight.

  7. TheEmpress says:

    I really hope we’re at the end of the line with this talentless, petulant little douche.

  8. Annie says:

    He looks so stupid in that last picture, acting all tough but wearing that hat and with his pants pulled down. Remember that song? “Acting like a fool with your pants on the ground.”

    Also, look for a picture of the guy he wanted to fight. He’s this thick, big, tall, bald, tough Bristol guy. Bieber is so full oh sht. He knew his bodyguard would step in and make it seem like he was being stopped. No way his sorry ass would legit try to fight that man.

  9. aims says:

    First of all, pull up your damn pants. Secondly, quit acting like a spoiled little bitch. He has a ton of money, for running around a stage and lip singing, like the turd he is. He has been made to believe that he’s special, when in fact he’s a teenyboper. They are a dime a dozen. . And a majority take a nosedive, lose there money, and end up on a vh1 show.

  10. Winnie says:

    I do know there are UK union issues going on, because I read that Kristin Chenoweth had shows cancelled for that reason, but that would only ring true if they cancelled his first show, not the second.

    • bluecalling says:

      it should explain why shows are so expensive… maybe they rotate sets. I am sure this was done with looks at the finances as well (maybe the second show was not completely sold out and was not worth bring stage to lisbon only to be late and then taking it to another destination. that, coupled with the economic issues there, totally not surprised).

      not a justin fan at all and love the snark but this glee in seeing him fall apart is a little bit off. i remeber people felt the same way about britney too. (this is of course, not the same, the kid is a kid and will ACT like one for a long time). and i was watching like, that girl, there’s something clinically wrong and that ain’t funny. but the internet laughed away.

    • Meredith says:

      Re : problems with getting stage down in London in time to set up in Portugal, Scooter?
      If that was the case (i.e. not enough time to move the set and get it to P.), then 1st show would have been canceled, not 2nd show. So my vote goes to low ticket sales for $400, Alex.

  11. Madpoe says:

    WOW! Baby Bieber got into the wrong candy jar or something!

  12. OhDear says:

    Damn, even Lindsey Lohan didn’t go off the rails that quickly. He needs a new entourage.

  13. eliza says:

    I can’t wait until he is a distant memory. He’s just an insufferable brat with zero talent.

  14. Poppy says:

    I honestly hope this immature brat does not place foot in my country for any of the concerts.

    The stage could not be taken down quickly enough in London to be brought to Portugal and geniuses that they are, they decided to cancel the date for the second concert, after the stage will be totally set up for the first concert…
    I hope they cancel them altogether.

    The two final pictures show him in all his glory. Ass-hanging, tantrum-throwing brat who needs people to carry and coddle him.

    • Hoya_chick says:

      Lol Poppy! My condolences to you and your country.

      Yea, Scooter’s (ugh I can’t with that name!) excuse doesn’t make any sense. If they are canceling the 2nd show, wouldn’t that mean that the stage would already be up for the 1st show. I’m confused. Is it at another venue?

      Sounds like Baby Bieber is having a meltdown. Lol. He is such a brat and has no talent. I am really enjoying that last photo of him being put in the car! Haha how apropos! I’m paraphrasing here, but nobody puts Bieber in the car (corner). Ha.

      He has all these enables around him allowing him to do anything he wants. This will not end well. #trainwreck#

  15. lady mary. says:

    THOSE pics of him bein airlifted into th e car should reccieve some kind of photography award for capturing bieb’s doucheness,reality of him really being just a baby and not a super star ,awesome bodyguard ,great action and unexpected drama AH,wonder why he is spiralling down i guess he is under pressure frm record for hits and grammy noms

  16. swack says:

    “Scooter Braun told Gossip Cop that the concert was canceled “due to logistical problems with the unions” – meaning that Bieber’s stage couldn’t be taken down quickly enough in London and brought to Portugal” – if this is true then why cancel the 2nd concert and not the first one. Makes no sense at all.

  17. Jules says:

    He is forever 14, like someone once said, it seems like the age they make it big is the age where they stick mentally. He will forever be a petulant little douche.

  18. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Thats cause he may be on the rails.

  19. GoodCapon says:

    I really want to know what’s going on with him this past week. I know he’s an entitled young brat, sure, but his past actions didn’t compare to everything that happened lately. Everything is just so weird.

  20. swack says:

    Tonight is his FIRST show. He is cancelling the SECOND show.

  21. Samtha says:

    I hope he has a good financial planner and has invested his money wisely. Otherwise…hello, future Celebrity Rehab star.

  22. Gine says:

    Somewhere I read (maybe it was here, I can’t remember) someone say that Beibs is the pop star version of Joffrey from Grame of Thrones, and now that’s all I can think of when I see him.

  23. i'm french don't kill me says:

    i hope he won’t do a Britney Spears break down

  24. Mia 4S says:

    The problem with teaching these little dears the God has blessed their careers is that it’s brutal when things start going down hill. Instead of understanding that you take the good with the bad, sometimes you’re doing well, sometimes you screw up…what’s their fallback? God wants me here! Nothing I’m doing can be wrong, God blessed me! It’s crap like this that gives religious folks a bad name. God gave you free will Justin, take some responsibility!

  25. Neekie says:

    I know Scootet personally. He IS the mega douche that we all think he is. They are all enablers. At this point, I am watching and waiting for it to unfold and praying for Justin. He used to be a really good kid.

  26. Kiddo says:

    It’s almost over. How many tweeny heartthrobs ever made it past their tender youth to continue to be big stars, outside of Michael Jackson? Love him or hate him as a person, Jackson had a heap of talent that transcended the tastes of only one generation. I can’t name a single adult who thinks the Baby Biebs’s music is all that, or even somewhat tolerable.

  27. Dhavynia says:

    I wish I was his mother this moment so that I can smack the self entitlement out of him

  28. Joy says:

    I may make that bodyguard pic my screensaver. It’s so perfect.

  29. Jayna says:

    I agree with @MissM., who is from Portugal. He was set for two concerts. Because of not selling well, they cancelled the second show. They can go to the other show on their ticket. So it was cancelled for low sales, not a meltdown. And there was, obviously, low sales at the first show too if the other ticketholders can go to that one.

  30. dorothy says:

    Pull up your pants, stop whining and do your job. Yes, your job. You are paid to perform, much like a trained lip-syncing monkey. So, get out there, smile and give your elementary school fan base what they paid for.

  31. Happy21 says:

    Stupid a-hole kid need to pull up his freakin’ pants!

    Seems to me like Selena Gomez got out just in time. He is reminding me of Chris Brown these days…

  32. LeeLoo says:

    If everyone here remembers Leif Erickson, I really think Justin’s path is going to be a very similar one. I really think Justin’s 15 minutes are coming to an end. In reality he is a child who never had Disney or Nickelodeon help prepare him for the enormous burden of fame. While both still exploit their young stars, I do understand why they (Disney, especially) have the strict rules in place that they do. It
    Prepares their stars for life under the spotlight. Many can argue that those still may not be successful examples ( side-eye to LiLo) but I also think it depends on the personality of the star. Bieber is going to be in a world of hurt for the rest of his life and I don’t think there is any way to help him.

    • Mich says:

      Yeah. I was thinking about Erikson earlier in this thread. He at least theoretically had what it took to transition into the adult world but drugs got him first.

      I can’t see this kid ever really having a future as an adult performer. Young girls might find him dreamy but adult women (and men) laugh at him. New Kids on the Block had a better chance and look at them now (if you can find them…).

    • hazeldazel says:

      wait, are you talking about the 70′s heart-throb Leif Garrett? Cuz yeah, he had the EXACT same path – total musical success, was a heart-throb with the young girls and then as soon he made it to his 20′s, he crashed and burned with drugs and alcohol (plus he wasn’t pretty anymore). He ended up crashing his car and killing his buddy in the passenger seat and scarring his face pretty badly. Until a few years ago, he was still battling drugs but I think he’s clean and sober now.

      A lesson to be learned, Bieber…

      • LeeLoo says:

        OMG. Yes, I meant Leif Garrett. Sorry, when I wrote this I hadn’t quite woken up yet (I live on the West Coast) and had watched that new show Vikings on the History channel the night before and was discussing the show on another board and writing about Bieber at the same time. Btw, if you haven’t seen it yet watch Vikings on The History Channel.

    • Tara says:

      Leif Garrett? I think Leif Eickson discovered Greenland or something…

  33. JL says:

    Love the last pic. It looks like someone getting a baby out of a carseat- very apropos.

  34. Michelle says:

    He is only acting hard because his bodyguard is “holding” him back. That boy would get his ass whooped if he had to get his knuckles dirty!

  35. Thiajoka says:

    I’m just glad that Scooter Libby finally found another job, as Bieb’s PR.

  36. palermo says:

    I think it’s well past time for rehab for this little boy

  37. Jane says:

    The “putting baby in his seat” comment is soooo funny and fits perfectly.

    The only thing that bothers me about the comment is that he will probably blame the body guard and fire him instead of thanking him for keeping him from making an even bigger fool of himself or getting a beat down.

    I guess I am not understanding exactly what they are talking about when his manager said:

    >>the concert was canceled “due to logistical problems with the unions” – meaning that Bieber’s stage couldn’t be taken down quickly enough in London and brought to Portugal.<<

    If Bieber Baby is still going to perform on March 11, then the stage clearly was set up in time for the March 12 show.

  38. chria says:

    pull up your pants little boy…no one with a brain in their heads wants to see that

  39. KellyinSeattle says:

    He’s being lifted by one of his “entourage” in the last pic; like a baby…anyway, his hat says 1994; ;was he even born then!

  40. Mac says:

    Meanwhile thousands of parents in Portugal are probably breathing a sigh of relief.

    It’s as if The Biebs is deliberately biting the hands that feed him.

  41. Lexi says:

    Is baby beiber gunna be the new brit bit? I’ll stay tuned

  42. greta says:

    Too much success and wealth has gotten into his head … that it turned him into a little tyrant. Selena’s youtube video, esp the lyrics of the music that she danced to, is really a good reply, message and description of his drama. It is as if she is calling him out for his bad behavior.


  43. Lexi says:

    Poor baby bieber, that is the second show that he has cancelled!!!! Hope the biebus is okay!!!! :P

  44. anna says:

    Bieber’s mother is writing or has written a book about being his mother. Sad and pathetic.

  45. emma says:

    sunday funday?! He was totally getting f-k’d up and was too fk’d up to do the show.

  46. SFRowGuy says:

    The Long Journey Into Obscurity: Justin Bieber edition. Chapter 7, Acting Like an Idiot to Keep the Paparazzi and Public Focused on You.

    Wow! Didn’t take him any time to catch up to Lindsay.

  47. PetDetective says:

    My kids and I have tickets for his show in Copenhagen so I hope he gets a head start up that slippery slope he’s on before then. ( And gets his pants pulled up too!)