Duchess Kate repeats the same green coatdress she wore one year ago

Duchess Kate and Prince William did some “work” today! Amazing! They took in the races last Friday, their first public appearance together in a long time (and it was just for fun too), and now here they are at an event for the Irish Guards to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. William was in one of his dress uniforms (he’s a colonel in the Irish Guards) and Kate wore the same green Emilia Wickstead coat dress that she wore last year to the exact same event… which is incredibly lazy, in my opinion. In all of the shopping she does, she couldn’t be bothered to pick up another green outfit? She had to repeat the same coat dress that she wore exactly one year ago on St. Patrick’s Day to the same annual event? I mean, I guess she styled it differently – she’s wearing a different hat, she removed the belt and last year, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath the coatdress. You can read more about the event here.

During the event, Kate’s heel got caught in some kind of drainage grate, and she laughed and held on to William as she corrected her heel. It happens! I’m not going to slam her for that or anything, those are some of the cutest photos – William holding on to her hand to steady her as she fixes her shoe. Poor Katy. She’s going to need a lot of shopping and another vacation after this trying day.

Oh, and she’s wearing her hair back! That only happens once every four months or so. It happens so rarely, it’s a banner occasion! I know a lot of you are on Waity-Weave-Watch (which I sometimes see and sometimes I think it might be her real hair, so I don’t know), but I have question: she’s wearing some kind of hair piece in the back in these photos, right? She doesn’t have enough hair to put in that massive hairstyle, correct?

Photos courtesy of WENN, Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Rianic says:

    I totally see not buying an outfit for a single occasion while pregnant if you have another that will do

  2. aims says:

    Still doesn’t look pregnate!

  3. Agnes says:

    She has some weave/something extra filling out the bun, definitely. She should recycle clothes more often in general. It’s not like she works for her own upkeep.

  4. spinner says:

    She looks lovely. What’s a Princess gotta do around here to get a little respect?

    • GoodCapon says:

      So just because she looks nice means that we have to respect her? Is that what you’re saying?

      And she’s NOT a Princess.

      • DaniLakes says:

        Actually, her title is HRH Pincess William, DoC,…..blah blah blah, and so on and so forth. So, like Princess Michael of Kent, she IS a princess, they just choose to go by their DoC titles, bc seriously, who would want to be called Princess William? (Although I DO like the title Princess Michael of Kent, but thats just me :-) )

      • LAK says:

        @Danilakes – there is a huge misconception/misunderstanding about Princess Michael of Kent’s title which is then applied across the board when Princess Michael is in a unique unprecedented position.

        Princess Micheal is known by her husband’s highest title because he was never given another one and isn’t a Peer unlike his older brother Prince Edward better known as Duke of Kent. Due to that lack of a ducal title, he might as well be plain Mr Michael Kent, except that he is a grandchild of a Monarch [George V] which is why he has that ‘Prince’ style in front of his name. In Britain, all children/grandchildren of a Monarch are accorded ‘Prince[ss]‘ in front of their name. It’s not something they can share with their spouses. Only one person has been appointed a princess without fulfilling that criteria. That was Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. Princess Michael is in effect forcing everyone to call her Mrs Michael Kent at ALL times.

        European Aristocracy is different, and they recognise ‘Princess by Marriage’ which means anyone who marries a Prince[ss]is made a Prince[ss], unlike Britain.

        Also ducal titles are higher status than princely ones for the simple reason that princely titles are not recognised in British peerage except for POW and HM for the reason i’ve given above. ‘Prince[ss] is a unique situation that can’t be shared by the Aristocracy. It isn’t a choice to use the ducal titles they’ve been granted over their princely ones. They are using their higher status titles.

      • DaniLakes says:

        @LAK then I stand corrected! Thanks for the info, I appreciate it! (And I mean that seriously w/no sarcasm…I can always appreciate someone educating me on my mistakes/misinformation if its done w/o being rude :-) )

  5. Chrissy says:

    It’s definitely lazy of her. But what can we expect from Waity? She’s a repeat offender. At least, she looks nice here…

    • Clare says:

      I don’t get how not shopping for new clothes makes her lazy- could be the total opposite and she just had more pressing matters to attend to rather than what to wear.

      • Kaiser says:

        SHE HAS BEEN SHOPPING FOR NEW CLOTHES. Every other day, there are reports of her latest shopping excursions. She spends more time shopping than working. So why not wear some of her new clothes?

      • LAK says:

        Kaiser – Have you seen the clothing chart from Katepedia, the article in British Vogue that listed everything one needed to know about Kate’ clothing choices? There is a chart of her clothes within it.

        I was very surprised to see that out of ALL her public appearances, Private and Public, since she became a royal, she’s recycled outfits only 8 times. Her appearances are so far and few that it is memorable when she recycles, but when you see her appearances lined up in a chart, you realise how little she recycles. She tends to recycle her jewellery, purses and shoes, but not outfits. I think she’s recycled 2 hats twice, 1 hat 3 times but otherwise buys a new hat every single time.

        It’s a sobering thought when you know that officially she’s worked 150hrs in 2yrs. That’s 134 new outfits if you discount the 8 that were repeated.

    • erika says:

      oh come on ladies, chrissy really?

      can’t have it both ways, you claim she shops all the time yet if she DID shop all the time would she be recycling clothes like this? have u peeked inside her closet??? ease up a bit y’all…it’s not like we’re seeing here in a new outfit every 5 hrs…

      damned if shes does/damned doesn’t. it’s not lazy to wear the same coat as last year on st paddys. if she donned a new outfit every single time she stepped out we’d be ragging her for that too!

      i think it’s a very wise move and sends a v. positive message to the anti royalists. just cuz she’s a hrh/duchess future queen does not mean she needs to power through the publics’ money (come on, their on a publicl bankroll).i think it sends a positive message.

      is she like me? maybe you? i’d hope so, it sends a positive message to the public and the british women too that makes her relatable. even though she’s royalty she can/should at times be relatable.

      she’s also pregnant. maybe like you/me if we were pegnant “oh maybe i’ll wear the same as last year would seem to be a waste of $$$ right now (as in pregnant) and likely might not waste

      • Sachi says:

        Recycling once or twice a year (since she barely works, where else can she wear this coat?) is not enough to convince the “anti-royalists” that she’s sending any positive message.

        She’d have to do more work and lay off her vacations if she wants to send anything positive. The many reports of her shopping in London clashes with your opinion that she wants to be relatable. She’s anything but. Their many vacations prove she and William are incredibly arrogant and out of touch.

        I’m one of the taxpayers paying for the royals, and I can’t relate to Kate because I actually have a real job, and if I want to go shopping, I spend my own money.

        As it stands, she still comes across as lazy and disinterested when it comes to her royal duties.

        A coat she was worn TWICE is not enough to convince me that she cares about the economy and those who are suffering from it. She’s no more relatable than a spoiled trust fund baby.

        And really, how much did that coat cost? Most of her coats cost upwards of $500. She better damn well recycle often for the amount of money she spends on her wardrobe.

        Last year from January-June 2012, she spent $165,000 on her clothes. That would take me 3-5 years of working to make that kind of money and Kate spends it all in 6 months just for her wardrobe when she didn’t even make 50 appearances from Jan. to June.

        How does that send a positive message to us “commoners” and how is Kate relatable when she spends such an obscene amount on clothes? Relatable to other spoiled, WAG-like women perhaps, but not to me.

        Recycling is not a commendable effort from her. It’s something that she should be doing in the first place. I’m not going to praise her because she wore a coat only for the 2nd time in a year.

  6. reggie says:

    She’s criticized for wearing the same clothes and she’s criticized for shopping too much…. All in the same breath…

  7. The Original Mia says:

    That is incredibly lazy. What is she buying on all these shopping trips? She could have bought a nice reasonably priced coat, but no…let’s move the buttons so it fits around the bump. It works with this coat, but didn’t with the pink. But that’s a story for another thread.

  8. GoodCapon says:

    Why can’t she wear her hair up like this all the time! She looks a lot nicer.

    Kaiser you should include photos of the Irish wolfhound mascot! Makes these boring pictures a lot more fun to look at ;)

  9. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    Damn, I was hoping to see an Irish Wolfhound again…that’s my favorite part of photos from this event.

    The coat-dress thing is still pretty, but yeah…it’s lazy. If you are going to be photographed at a big event 2 years in a row, get another coat.

  10. dorothy says:

    I think she looks nice. If she bought new clothes for every occasion everyone would fuss then too. She can’t win.

  11. Kaboom says:

    The only one looking pregnant is the guy in fatigues on the last picture.

  12. LAK says:

    The hat is also a repeat from when she went to Leicester (I think) on joint engagement with the Queen last year.

    Come to think about it, the colour scheme from that Leicester visit is exactly the same here.

  13. dvz says:

    She’s wearing whatever the equivalent to a “bumpit” is over there. Foam blob and you cover it with your hair (or extensions *ahem*).

    Sick of her improper heel height, Though that’s nothing to do with getting stuck in the grate. It does happen. The other day she was wearing stiletto hooker boots. Ridiculous.

    Also, Seabiscuit there looked like a twat laughing at her and limply holding her hand. The other guy looked much more like he wanted to properly help. So sick of these two.

  14. bettyrose says:

    That coat needs to be worn often. If she can’t work it into her schedule, they need to hire someone else just to parade around town in it.

  15. dvz says:

    As much as I can’t stand her, I’ve noticed that Waity never sports any yummy bling, and that sort of makes me sad for her.

    Note, I am NOT referring to that debacle of a necklace from the Olympics. That was disgusting. But it seems she hasn’t been gifted with any lovely brooches, earrings, or necklaces. What she wears looks like she got it at Claires, or at best the sale counter at Macy’s.

    Shouldn’t she have been gifted some proper jewels by now? Not that cheap charm bracelet she sported for a while from Camilla until they fell out. And god knows the ring of doom doesn’t count. I think the Queen hates her. Sophie has some lovely pieces, even though she has a low profile, because she is a favourite.

  16. Malison says:

    I think it’s inappropriate and wasteful to wear something only once. Very appropriate to wear the same thing over again. She should do it more often, sending a good message.

  17. cumber says:

    I like Kate. I believe PW and her genuinely love each other. Good for them, good for GB and the sustainability of monarchy.

  18. MrsBPitt says:

    I seriously hope she is EATING while pregnant, because I do not see any baby bump!

  19. Auruor says:

    Shrug… I guess I’m in the vast minority here, but I don’t mind her recycling clothes. I think the mentality of never wearing the same thing twice is INCREDIBLY greedy and wasteful and absurd, and I’m always happy to see people who could afford to wear a different outfit every hour of the day actually choose to be sane and repeat clothing.

    I also don’t mind her not “working.” If I were a princess, I’d do the same damn thing. She doesn’t seem to be an entitled asshole. I don’t find her objectionable at all.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      The problem is she is a public servant. If she wants these perks she needs to do charity work. If she wants to cancel on her charities then she can stop accepting the tax payer funds. Simple. Good for you for wanting a life of servants and tax payers to take care of all your wants while you do nothing for them in return. All while putting up with your husband that publicly humiliated you while dating and making fun of you with his friends behind your back while cheating.

      Great example for women today.

      • LAK says:

        My Lady,

        I am afraid that Duchess Dolittle is already an influence. Every young lady who says they wish they had her life as long as it’s only the public fetes/galas/premieres, endless vacations, self indulgence and pampering part of it ONLY, is seeing her as a patron saint for that sort of life.

        We like to bemoan what an influence she could be, given her platform and completely overlook the influence she’s already having.

        It was/is funny and entertaining when it’s sports’ stars’ WAGS who behave this way because we don’t value them and can see how little accomplishments they have beyond snagging the star and hanging on for dear life no matter how they behave.

        However, put royal title infront of the woman’s name and she’s suddenly classy, respectable and someone to be revered as an example to all of us, with people glossing over the negatives AND the responsibilities.

        They see this as winning the lottery. They don’t see that this particular lottery is actually a job rather than glitter.

  20. TheVoice says:

    Her blush is the same as last year except it’s heavier! It looks good from some angles and way too severe in others.

  21. aud says:

    idk on the hair.

    you lose less hair while pregnant so it gets super thick. she may be weave free for the next little while

  22. Reece says:

    It wouldn’t be so noticeable if she’d worn it since then. It’s like my mom wears the same damned sweaters every year at Christmas (and they are Christmas-y sweaters with tinsel and all) so Kate gets the same eye roll.

    That said, what is she buying on all those shopping trips because it doesn’t appear to be maternity clothes?

    Edit: Something nice. I think it’s styled better this year.

  23. Kelly says:

    It’s hard to believe that she and Kim Kardashian are from the same planet and are approximately at the same point in their pregnancy.

    It works for me. Plus, the hair loss with pregnancy usually comes after. I had a ton while I was pregnant.

  24. Bookworm mommy says:

    She looks a lot bigger when you look at last years post to compare, she has gained a lot of weight…for her.

  25. Jane says:

    Stop the presses everyone. The world has come to an end. She had the audacity to wear the the same coat twice. Should we behead her like one of King Henry’s wives? Dear God, people, it’s just a bloody coat. Get teh f*** over it!

  26. Elo says:

    I think she looks lovely. As a fellow Prego, maybe she just didn’t want to go through the stress of trying things on. As for her hair it could be a hair piece or just ratted and folded over. I have very fine hair yet I can make a huge bun if I rat it right. Either way, not a huge Kate fan but I think she looks nice and I don’t mind her recycling the item.

  27. erika says:

    damn…that chignon looks stunning on her! if she’s gonna do the long hair thing more of this look….gorgeous.

    I wish i could step into kate’s role. Damn it. damn it. I would chop the hair, color it a bit with warm brown/ hilites, trash the racoon look, pick a wardrobe that is a lil more on trend but w/in queen’s approval, welcome high fashion designer’s to dress me and hit those charities like a bad ass…..work it, work it….

  28. erika says:

    its her own hair but probably used a bun cushion to give the effect of the hair more fullness –

    ‘bumps’ are used a lot in formal hairstyles like this, brides use bumps a lot to give that illusion. makes the chignon look like a proper chignon if she doesn’t have enough hair..— are we gonna rag on her for using a hair stylist for every single time she steps out her palace door?

    least she’s not like kim k who appears to have a full hair/makeup crew do her up every time she visits the toilet

  29. Ms Kay says:

    Princess William is a colonel in the Irish guard… colonel uh… mmmmkay!

  30. Mich says:

    Are people being purposely thick when commenting on this story today?

    The point isn’t that she wore the same coat. It is that she wore it to the exact same highly publicized event two years in a row. Even those of us without her millions wouldn’t do that.

    And it is particularly ridiculous because she shops all the damn time.

    I fail to see what is so difficult to understand about this.

  31. jenn says:

    Is anyone else bothered by her warrior stripe blush?

  32. Morgan says:

    How come no one notices when guys wear the same thing twice?

  33. Sachi says:

    That coat is quality and I bet it was very expensive, so it’s just right that she’s repeating it again.

    Wearing this coat a 2nd time has nothing to do with her being the “Thrifty Duchess” or being relatable to the public and commiserating about the economy. How does repeating an outfit make you relatable and “one of us”? Kate is not the first royal to recycle her clothes. It doesn’t make her special.

    Princess Anne is still wearing her clothes from the ’80s!!!! The Queen has often recycled her outfits, too. Princess Letizia of Spain has been recycling for 5-6 years now even before Spain’s economy went down. Other female royals from Norway, Netherlands, Luxembourg, etc. even share outfits among their family, from Queens to daughters, to nieces and daughters-in-law.

    For the amount of money that Kate has spent/spends on her wardrobe, it should be expected that she repeat her outfits. It’s not praise-worthy so much as it’s what should be done in the first place. She’s not the pioneer of recycling clothes among royals.

    That being said, she looks very nice today.

  34. Apsutter says:

    She looks soooo much better with some weight on her face!! And look how slim her legs are! I must say she’s been wearing cuter shoes lately too.

  35. Sachi says:

    Video from the Daily Mail at the end of the article:


    William is so bizarre. He just walks away from Kate without looking back at her to see if she was going with him and if she was OK after she got her shoe stuck. And Kate was left alone, looking around when everyone else walked away.

    He’s done this several times, including at the races a couple of days ago: he got out of the car and then continued walking without waiting for Kate and he only stopped so she could catch up with him but he never offered his arm.

    Kate can walk on her own, sure, but when it’s raining and she’s wearing 4-inch heels and she’s pregnant, surely a bit of chivalry and manners from William wouldn’t hurt?

    • LAK says:

      i noticed that right from the beginning. At the wedding, he didn’t help her in or out of the coach. It’s quite embarrassing because Harry, who is in the coach behind, comes over and helps her with her dress after she manages to get herself out of the coach.

      In Canada, Zara’s wedding, and every other event they have been, William just strides out. doesn’t wait for her, doesn’t wait to see if she’s ok or if she’s out of the car/coach.

      Every video of them together he is striding ahead of her even when she was just a GF, without looking to see where /how she was doing. I think that’s why when the 3 of them are together, it’s so noticeable how courteous Harry is to her simply because William just ignores her.

      I don’t know if it’s because he is used to being first in line for everything and so has never stopped to be considerate of others or it’s just Kate he isn’t courteous to.

      • Apsutter says:

        He seems like a very cold fish and that he only cares about número uno. I feel sad for anyone that commits to someone like that, what a lonely life when your husband can’t even make the most basic chivalrous gestures to the woman he supposedly loves . To me a marriage like that is hell on earth.

      • Sachi says:

        LAK, speaking of their Canada tour, I saw a video on Youtube about Kate’s “awkward moments” and one of those was when they were in Canada and they were being welcomed by crowds in the streets. William was talking to someone else and got separated from Kate.

        William just kept on walking without even looking back at his wife, and Kate didn’t know what to do so she started randomly shaking hands with the people there until an aide told her she wasn’t supposed to do that, so she had to stop and keep on walking all by herself. She looked so lost and confused.

        So, so odd as William is often gracious and even flirtatious/charming to other women but he often treats Kate like he doesn’t care.

        Do you remember during the Jubilee when Kate almost poked his hat with her umbrella and William looked so tense and annoyed, complete with clenching hands and gnashing teeth?

      • LAK says:

        Sachi – i saw that canada video too. i felt so sorry for her.

        That Jubilee thing is burned into my brain because she was ignored completely by entire family. If they can’t be polite in public, what are they like in private?

        That was a bad year for them because he couldn’t hide his annoyance, but i think this new separate lives they are doing [or returning to] is making him more tolerant, don’t you think? He is still discourteous to her but at least he doesn’t look as annoyed as he used to.

        And i agree that he is only cold to Kate.

      • Sachi says:

        LAK – I wonder if Kate’s pregnancy also has something to do with it? Now that she is pregnant, William doesn’t have to spend as much time with her in order to have his heir. He’s basically done one of his jobs as a royal.

        He’s now free to be away from her and her family as much as he wants, only to return when it’s time for another holiday or when he doesn’t want to see his own family and relatives.

        It’s really odd how he acts towards her in public because we’ve seen from the photos in France that he can be different in private.

        They’re really starting to look like a Victorian aristo couple: only get together for public appearances and several times a month to procreate…but the rest of the time they’re living apart. In W&K’s case, William’s job at the RAF provide him an excuse and Kate’s dependence on her parents is probably at an all-time high.

        Who is decorating their Kensington apartments if they’re both rarely there?

    • Suze says:

      I think William is probably an ass in private.

      I give our Duchess Kate grief over her lack of work ethic, but I think William is the root of the problem.

      And I think he’s probably extremely difficult to live with.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Yes! William is such a problem. You can’t take your pregnant wife’s arms even just for the cameras sake?! If he did more I believe Kate would do more to stay in his good graces. Reading above comments I do feel sad for Kate. She’s in a loveless marriage with a terrible man, but then I remember this is all she strived for. it’s all she knows and cares to know. The child she’s carrying isn’t going to have much of a chance.

    • The Original Mia says:

      I’ve noticed it before. It’s odd.

      • Andrea says:

        You’d think since he is first in line to the throne he’d have better manners. Maybe he doesn’t care for her as much as we think he does and felt bullied into giving it to her after 10 years of waiting? Maybe he is full of himself? Harry I would be much happier with!

  36. mel says:

    Does anyone really remember what she wore last year..unless you are paid to remember??

  37. Suze says:

    Like the hair, like the coat, think she looks lovely as a pregnant woman. I would love to see her not get stick thin again once the child is born but we shall see.

    If she had recycled this outfit at another time I think it would have gone unremarked. It’s just that the same outfit for the same event makes people wonder if they’re getting their money’s worth out of this royal thing.

  38. dave says:

    Perhaps she had another outfit planned but the weather was unexpectedly cold or something and the outfit from last year worked better. She has the layer undernearth plus gloves and stockings so perhaps it was just super cold!

  39. Feebee says:

    I find the whole thing with the British Royals (and i suppose with the Queen being the “head” of the Church of England) celebrating St Patricks Day/Ireland’s national day a little odd.

    As for her clothes choice, it’s six of one, half dozen of another. What’s she going to do with two green coats suitable for day-time events? Pity the tabs couldn’t provide a list of the the other green items she’s purchased on her shopping trips.

    • Just Me says:

      The British Army includes the Irish Guards among other Irish regiments and have celebrated St.Patrick’s Day for a long time. The Queen Mother used to hand out the shamrock. The regimental quick march is in fact entitled “St. Patrick’s Day” (and a very catchy tune it is too!)

  40. KellyinSeattle says:

    I like the cap/hat ; it’s a bit different but nice.

  41. G says:

    You think they bought her dresses or coats last year that could easily be given out when she’s pregnant? I mean when your job is to produce an heir and this isn’t the staffs first rodeo they might “plan ahead” just seems odd the coat fits this year too. I remember thinking so many of her dresses and coats were like this, big and over wrapped on her frame previously.

    • Apsutter says:

      I think that that’s just her style plus she might have been trying to hide her figure. Shes always loved wrap coats and dresses and stuff that she can belt. Plus when they were married she became emaciated and way too skinny. And many women who are battling with eating disorders try to hide their frame under layers so its not so noticeable.

  42. cwebb says:

    This post is insane. It sounds like whoever wrote this has a personal issue with Kate.

  43. Aurelia says:

    Yikes, $165,000 and she still looks like Chite.

  44. Mew says:

    PR stunt. She’s really trying to create this down-to-earth-I’m-just-like-you image, after all, she’s trying so hard to be the new Diana, while in fact, she has everything from the fake hair to shoppping trips to _constant_ vacations around the world…

  45. MyLittlePony says:

    Hooray! All hope is not lost: Waity looks good! And a special thumbs up for not hiding behind the hair AND for NOT wearing a pair of her usual God awful suede boots! However, repeating that coat on any other day would have been fine, but doing it for the exact same event a year later is not only lazy, but also quite disrespectful, I think. The make-up is bad as usual, and is in fact getting worse, I think. But as to her clothes and hair, this is a good look for her, I think. IMO PW has serious anger issues when it comes to media, and probably is trying hard not to throw a hissy fit each time he sees a camera. So Waity doing, well, simply anything that is going to make the cameras flash probably annoys him enormously, and leads to him giving her the evil eye etc. On top of that, PW is probably just an extremely selfish person who is used to having his way no matter what…

  46. MinnFinn says:

    That coat was all wrong last year but noone told her (or she ignored them) and she wore it again!

    The glaring problems that a good stylist would have noticed are 1)that particular shade of green clashes horribly with the shamrock 2) it fits poorly and 3)is horribly constructed (evidenced by the uneven hem that is SO obvious in side views plus vertical sagging along both shoulders).

    Like the chignon a lot though.