Beyonce releases a preview of her new single “Bow Down”: awesome or awful?

Here is the new single cover (?) image for Beyonce’s new single, “Bow Down”. I actually think the cover image is adorable and tongue-in-cheek… sort of. Like, is Beyonce capable of doing “tongue-in-cheek”? Is she capable of anything other than an in-your-face narcissist? But… is it sexist to roll your eyes at Beyonce’s Queen Beysus routine? If Justin Timberlake put out a similar cover with a similar “Bow Down” like order to the peasants, would we hate him as much? I think I personally would hate him MORE than Beyonce. Because Beyonce IS legendary, more so than JT. She’s a legend in her own mind, of course. But she also delivers.

Anyway, would you like to hear Bey’s new single? I’ll talk about it on the other side:

The first part is super-annoying and it reminds me of the worst parts of Nicki Minaj’s songs. Right? As for “Bow down, bitches!” Eh. Unless Benedict Cumberbatch says those words, I’m not into it. Like, I would hestitate to even write those words to all of you, my fellow bitches. Something about the word “bitches” with the command “bow down”. It’s making me feel… ugh. Gross. The twirly part after 1:20 is sketchy, right? Basically, this is not a good song at all. Blah.

Photos courtesy of Beyonce, Self Magazine.

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  1. Rikki says:

    Awful! Not the Beyonce I love! But it’s not the single. It’s supposedly just a buzz. Leave that garbage to Nicki Minaj.

    • BB says:

      I’m not a fan of “chopped and screwed” music, which is a staple in Houston,TX. You either like this buzz single by Beyonce or you don’t.

      • cmc says:

        Yup, I was raised in the Houston area and the beat here makes me think of going to class with my high school boyfriend that had a “system” in his car blasting chopped & screwed music with the windows down. Hee hee…thanks for that, Beyonce :)

      • Jenny says:

        I don’t hate Beyonce like a lot of posters on this site and I don’t even mind screwed and chopped music, but it seemed so random in the song, like it didn’t fit. And the opera singing Queen Beysus in the background was so try-hard. I, like probably everyone else, took offense to the “since you were little girls you know you want to be in my world, bow down b*tches.” Really B, cause I know I don’t wanna be in your world; I think you are the only one there.

        I think I might actually kind of like the song if Beyonce was eradicated from it.

    • Nigerian Cyndie says:

      :) . Actually Kaiser, its not a single. Its two singles mashed up. Bow down/ I been on. I been on is the second part and I don’t even think anything about it now cos I haven’t heard it fully. But I really like the ‘bow down bitches’ line. New ringtone already. Ha. And her voice is great in it. She’s been working hard on this album so it better be good. And JayZ’s on one of the tracks too. What about a post on what Keyshia Cole tweeted about it and reactions from the BeyStans mostly on twitter. Their tweets would make you lol. Girl’s got loyal stans. Rih’s navy won’t even attack anyone like that let alone the brangeloonies or Jenhens. It was hilarious. Typing on my phone really stinks and English is not my first language

      • almondjoy says:

        Sorry but Keyshia isn’t really “post-worthy” on this site. Only the big name black celebs (Bey, Rihanna, Chris Brown and maybe Viola Davis) get stories. But all the urban blogs have posted the story so that’s where you should check ;-)

      • floretta50 says:

        Who would love being told to Bow down to another Bi***. Uneducated females on crack or high on weed, acting and dressing like Beyonce in clothing they can hardly afford wavng their fake expensive weave. The trophies behind Beyonce is hardly a surprise,speaks volumes, I recognized this house slave mentality girl from a mile away, commands the cotton field darkies to bow down but don’t recognize that she is just an uneducated, non talent house slave herself. A talented singer does not have to stoop low and degrade other people to promote themselve they have their talent to do that for them.

  2. T.Fanty says:

    She stopped putting out good music some time ago. This wave has crested.

    Love the Shape mag cover, though.

  3. Laura says:

    What is this trash?!

    Her narcissism actually knows no bounds.

  4. Littlewood says:

    My ears are bleeding, if this is the music they produce in Houston (which is an excuse her fans are using) they can keep it there!

  5. Trudy says:

    Beyonce you are horrible and your music is trash!

  6. allons-y alonso says:

    I’ve never cared much for Beyonce and I’m not going to start now

  7. AintMisbehavin says:

    LMAO…Bow Down. What chicks in the game got Hey Bey Bey shook enough to think she has to remind folks about her overhyped, tired trap music makin, suspicious baby carrying behind.

    Girl, SIT Down!!

  8. OMG says:

    Wow, she has finally lost the plot.

  9. e.non says:

    oh, good grief. she really needs to get a friggin grip.

    the local pbs station used old ed sullivan programs for their fundraising weekend. what was amazing was watching these performers (yes lip-sinked) without all the fireworks; nudie dancers humping each other; the screeching — and hearing actual singing, with lyrics that didn’t devolve into name-calling insults.

  10. Yelly says:

    I couldn’t even listen to it the whole way through.

    • j.eyre says:

      See, now, as much as I would have preferred to have chewed on broken glass, I HAD to listen to the whole thing. I have a compulsive need to follow instructions and got confused – am I the bitch who is supposed to bow down? And why am I bowing – in deference? So she can see over my head? Am I supposed to be performing some act while down there?

      And then that gentleman asked me to take him off – off of what? Maybe he is the Elf on the Shelf and wishes to finally be found (never would ave guessed the Elf’s voice was so low)? I don’t know where I am to find a trick on such short notice.

      And then he gets just downright boastful about Willy D and whoever that is might not appreciate this gentleman riding his coattails.

  11. Vera says:

    I really didn’t want to follow the crowd and hate on Queen Bey, but this song is just a hot mess.

  12. Eleonor says:

    The cover is bad photoshop in my opinion: cut and paste to be precise.
    The song is bad photoshop either. I didn’t make til the end.

  13. Nessa says:

    This might be one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard. I don’t ever want to hear another second of that $hit again.

  14. koko says:

    Lol at’s 10 reasons why “Ratchet Bey” doesn’t work.

    1) “A$AP Bey” feels forced

    Killer Bey’s buzz snippet sounds too much like a Rihanna x A$AP Rocky record to not actually be one. Before evolving into a middle-aged hoodrat, she never cussed. Now she’s calling “b*tches” all kinds of “b*tches” on records? Nah, Bey. THIS ain’t you.

    2) She’s not Rihanna

    Musically, A$AP Bey swerved into Rihanna’s lane but lacks the gleefully-ratchet hoodrat spirit to pull it off. No, RiRi can’t sing worth a deep-fried damn but she’s always had a better ear for hits than Bey Bey.

    3) She’s too musically-irrelevant to be THIS cocky

    Adele has sold more copies of ONE album (25 million) than every Project Bey album combined (24 million). If anything, Bey Bey should be bowing before Queen Adele.

    4) She’s too old and married to be “ratchet”

    36-year-old Pop icon, wife and mother making High School burn book anthems? Seriously, how do you go from grown & employed R&B (“4”) to “fighting over tweets on WorldStar”-music? Does not compute.

    5) “Bow Down/I Been On” is completely-unoriginal

    Why would the most talented artist of her generation resort to music fads and gimmicks? Where is the artistic growth? How can you be the queen if you’re “borrowing” concepts from peasants?

    6) Everything we thought we knew about King Bey, we don’t

    Bey Bey revealed inner-demons in her Documentary to connect with fans then morphed into Diamond from Crime Mob on “Bow Down.” 4 whole albums and NOW you activate your inner-hoodrat? Who are you, Beyonce? No, really?

    7) She’s not K. Michelle

    …because “Bow Down” is something the super-ratchet singer would perform at a show…inside Citi Trends.

    8) Her insecurities are showing

    Bey Bey is rich and powerful enough to buy Heaven from God but sounds bitter, angry and insecure on “Bow Down.” WHO is she talking to? Why does “Bow Down” sound like a voicemail she left Keri Hilson? If she’s music royalty, what’s the point?

    9) She’s not Nivea in 2002

    …or Ciara in 2004. Or Brooke Valentine. Or Fantasia. Or Gangsta Boo. Nope.

    10) Queens don’t crown themselves

    Others are supposed to crown you. Crowning yourself when you’re no longer the hottest chick in the game? Delusional.

    • Carolyn says:

      I don’t understand some of what you wrote (what is ratchet?) but I caught enough of your sentiment to agree with you 100%.

      • CS says:

        Is a new word in the urban dictionary. It means A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every mans eye candy. Unfortunately, she’s wrong.

        -BLARES anything by Drake, 2Chainz, Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Cali Swag District, or any other garbage entertainment rapper
        -rowdily quotes “lyrics” from aforementioned artists
        -has a weave reminiscent of a bird’s nest after a tempest hit the tree it was in, and is dyed at least thrice
        -wears torn leggings/stalkings (mostly of the fishnet variety), unpolished 8″ heels (or higher, depending on how God-awful they look), fitted jean jackets (to accent the blubber ’round their arms and stomach), and 4 layers of caked on make-up to go clubbing
        -repeatedly use ludicrous terms such as “YOLO”, “swag”, “boost”, “beaking”, “doe”, “really”, “naw”, “actually”, “twerk”, “coaster”, “dagga”, etc., to make a valid statement when they speak
        -have side bangs, despite having incredibly small-ass foreheads to support them
        -are commonly overweight
        and are mind-numbingly stupid; a safe assumption to make would be saying they’re uneducated (as if they could pass the 4th grade)

      • Shazza says:

        Actually ‘ratchet’ is just another way of saying ‘trashy.

      • Nclark6 says:

        Well I’m originally from Louisiana where ratchet got its origins thanks to Lil Boosie and his ilk promoting “Ratchet” music i.e. his monster local hit in Baton Rouge before he went to prison “Do the Ratchet” (you can youtube it if you want to hear that ignorance). The word ratchet has taken off and gotten more meaning nationwide I guess but in a nutshell we basically use Ratchet to refer to anyone or anything that’s tacky, tawdry, or trifling. BTW “chopped and screwed” music and “ratchet” music are two different things. So while the song may be ratchet in its quality and content, it’s chopped and screwed a la H-town (Houston). Hope this helps.

    • Laura says:

      I think everyone is taking this a little too serious. Bow Down/I Been On is not her new single. It’s not even known if it’s on her album. A silly song you talk trash on to create buzz and get people talking.

    • BlackMamba says:

      Hahaha I love bossip. Dead @# 9, I don’t even remember what these people look like, Gangsta boo??! Lol. But yeah I agree Beyonce is to good for this, it’s like she steps down from her high-end throne to go tell the peasants that she is better than them. Well DUH, they already know Bey.

      • CS says:

        I too love Bossip.. The sistas keep it real. They don’t whitewash the popular minority celebrities like the rest of the mainstream media e.g Beyonce, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Jamie Fox, Alicia Keys. Who would’ve thought Denzel hires actresses to play his girlfriend/wife in movies that he sleeps with. Beyonce’s father paid song writers off and had her re-write two or more lines to take writers credit. Also, I love the interview with her former accountant who said she makes $400k/month but spends $500k/mo. So the forbes list is a lie and she’s actually in the red. Mashonda’s interview about Alicia K. sleeping with Switz while they were still married.. Jamie Fox and his all boys parties.

      • CS says:

        Oh I forgot Will and Duane Martin coupled up in Brazil@ Carnival along with Kim and Kanye last month.

      • Rikki says:

        That interview with her “accountant” was not real.

    • Aileen says:

      Agree with 8. What’s the point?

    • RHONYC says:

      lacks the gleefully-ratchet hoodrat spirit to pull it off


      oh, such gems Bossip…oh how i miss thee. :lol:

      her desperation & insecurities are staggering. smh :-(

  15. Zvonk says:

    Not as good as the next single, which I believe contains the lyrics “roll your eyes, bitches”

  16. Aileen says:

    I don’t get the compulsion to address the haters. She’s a successful mother. Why does she care what people think? I would think it would be better to ignore and not play into the drama.

  17. OrangeOprah says:

    WTH was that mess? I’ve never thought she was a good singer, could never understand all the hype about her. But I’m pretty sure she’s jumped the shark with this mess!!

  18. ohiogirl says:

    Gross, the song is terrible no matter the lyrics but she should know better than to say “bow down” to anyone other than God- she does profess to believe in God.

    • BlackMamba says:

      She thinks she’s right up there with God. In fact, she is known as *Beysus* as well as King Bey, Baddie Bey, Queen Bey, you get my point, this woman is full of herself.

    • kibbles says:

      My mom and I saw a segment on Bey and this new single on Good Morning America today and my mom who does not read gossip and doesn’t follow Bey closely commented that she thinks Bey is insane and must think she is God with this new music video and single of hers. I couldn’t agree more. Even passive observers can detect Bey’s narcissism.

      • Mr.Smurf says:

        Ha, your mom and my mom would get along great. My mom doesn’t read gossip. in fact the only thing that can be construed into gossip is Yahoo! and even she thinks beyonce is a quack. One day, she talking about how beyonce couldn’t sing, and my dad’s asks how is she so famous (he loves her song If I were a boy)…… mom says “because she has a big booty and knows how to shake it!”

        I laughed so hard, I got a stomach ache. God, I love my mom….able to cut right through the bs.

        I was a little confused with this “song”. is she doing it for fun? is it on her album?

    • JenniferJustice says:

      Thank you! Reminds me of Faith Hill and her “They might know me all over the world, but I’m still a Mississippi girl.” Really? You’re claiming you’re world famous and then claiming to be humble? The self-centeredness of some of these “stars” is mind-boggling. When will these people ever learn you dont get to title yourself. Gross!

  19. Nicole says:

    I thought jay-z would renounce anyone who used the word “bitch”… ???

  20. Toot says:

    I can’t stand Beyonce and Justin equally. They’re both egomaniacs who aren’t as wonderful as they think they are. So, if Justin did a cover and song like this I’d tell his ass to shut the hell up and sit down too.

  21. marie says:

    Honestly, I dislike JT more than Beyonce but this is a stupid song.

  22. Ms Kay says:

    Well…that dumbass song shows that her ego power is more powerful than she can understand nor digest…

  23. Cat says:

    horrible & it sounds like the voice that would match those pics of her from the SuperBowl. You know the ones, that no one was to see. >_<

  24. Agnes says:

    Kaiser – i TOTALLY agree. even writing that down feels awkward and somehow “wrong”, let alone saying “bow down, bitches”. ugh. yuck. i am no fan of beyonce, but i do enjoy her music from time to time (working out etc), so i expected more of her. this is rather peasantly and crass of her.

  25. Veronika Knowles says:

    I like it. It’ll win 3 more Grammy’s.

  26. Diva says:

    Beyonce’s is insufferable. JT maybe annoying at times but at least he actually writes his own songs, and plays instruments. Beyonce just steals and flips her wigs. She’s far from legendary.

  27. Lizzie K says:

    The lyrics are offensive, and Beyonce isn’t even singing most of the track. Not going to analyze why she is doing this. I’m satisfied that it’s crap.

  28. Sorella says:

    That song is horrible, I couldn’t even listen to the whole thing it was so painful. It sounds like a Minaj reject!! And Beyonce constantly harps that she is god-like, Beysus, an icon ect, so that we the public start believing she is (brainwashing us), it’s like the more you repeat something people will believe it’s true. But her last album taked (and Run the World didn’t even climb the charts I think), but she has her pregnancy/baby excuse for that failure (and it was a failure for her), but she swept that under the carpet.

  29. NerdMomma says:

    I absolutely LOATHE songs that are one long endless brag about how much sex/money/power the singer supposedly has. Men or women. I have no respect whatsoever for a woman trying to do a brag song, I just think everyone needs to stop.

    And hey Beyonce, I actually don’t ever want anything to do with your world. I point and laugh at you. Meanwhile I might go bow down to some teachers, police officers, firefighters, and EMTs.

  30. Jaana says:

    This is just a fun song… its not even a single. So gullible.

  31. Dawn says:

    Well Mrs. Carter No offense but I think it is all awful, the song, the lyrics and the dance. I don’t bow to anyone and I do believe there was a war fought on these shores to ensure that we Americans never have to bow to anyone at anytime. Get over yourself.

  32. Marty says:

    Thanks Bey, but I’m my own Queen, so I don’t need to “bow down” to anyone. Nice try though!

  33. kibbles says:

    Horrible music but you know millions of Bey’s fans will buy her single thereby giving her millions of dollars for putting out horrible music. It’s not even about the music anymore. It is all about Bey and her image. Her image is worth more than her music so she can put out any kind of trash music or video and she knows stupid peasants who worship her will buy it.

  34. Miss M says:

    “Unless Benedict Cumberbatch says those words, I’m not into it.” I have to agree with your phrase, sorry Eve!

    This song is awful and annoying, argh!

  35. Nev says:

    both her and Jay Z have these god complexes (do the research) and it is sooo weird and dark and down-right GROSS…I cannot see her the same anymore. nah.

  36. Helvetica says:

    I feel like there’s too much Beyonce lately. I am Bey-ed out.

  37. Garvels says:

    Considering that the majority of her fans are tween girls,I think this is a disgusting intro to her new album. What parent would want someone to tell their daughters to “bow down bitches”. I have 2 young daughters and this message makes my skin crawl. I personally would like to punch the bitch-tongue and cheek sarcasm.

  38. Dkg says:

    I LOVE bey,but this song doesn’t work for her… However i love the opera vocal background,,, only RIH can get a way with a song like that

  39. Original A says:

    As people mentioned, it’s hood and screwed music (not my thing either). That said, it’s supposed to be addressed at haters (not her fans).

    • Cherry pie says:

      Exactly!! People here are taking it too personal lol

      • Tanya says:

        Actually because she didn’t make specifications she left it to the listeners intrepetation, if you are the one hearing it’s like she’s talking to you. I don’t bow down to my mother and I don’t make my kids bow to me although I am the Queen of my castle, so why would I bow to her egocentrical ass? No matter how you wrap the package it’s still a box of bullsh*t, she thinks she can do no wrong and her fans stamp that calling others haters as if they can’t have an opinion. If I’m going to hell it’s going to be for a something that benifits me and mine(don’t plan on it, Jesus is mine), not for bowing down to bootleg Beyonce.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Hood and screwed? *scratches head* I guess I’m seriously out of touch with new music genres. First time I’ve ever heard of such.

      But seriously, whatever you want to call it, it sucks!

  40. Shannon says:

    Suck ass song. I’m so over Beyonce. She’s becoming such an @sshole.

  41. theoneandonly says:

    Please people don’t hate bouncy and camel; tha’ts 10 yr. old jargon; they find her overrated,overexposed, entitled, generic, dumb as a radish, and they are sick of her being shoved down our throats;
    People Hell and Angels by Jimi Hendrix just came out, and Billy Cox,Buddy Guy and the Jimi Hendrix experience were on leno last week – why isn’t that being talked about, not this trashy ho -there are millions of musicians around the world that have more talent in their fingernail than bouncy has in her useless fake body, but they will never be heard; are her “fans” tone deaf and that naive.

  42. mommak918 says:

    Been over her for awhile. She thinks she is the second coming of the messiah.

    Sorry, Bey, not buying your stink.

  43. Cherry pie says:

    I love it!! It’s something different….

  44. s says:

    the irony of the “bow down” paired with this piece of crap song is just priceless.

  45. KellyinSeattle says:

    Off topic, but I think it’s ridiculous that Omarosa is suing LaToya, but LaToy has has no class…kind of difficult to sue someone for lack of class, but Judge Judy could do it.
    As for Beyonce, she seems really nose in the air.

  46. Happy21 says:

    Beysus H Ch**st that is awful!

    It’s been a long time since Bey has put out anything credible.

    She’s starting to sound like a male hip-hopper (like her hubby). She doesn’t sound like an R&B pop singer anymore. Is she trying to be Lil Kim?

  47. NeoCleo says:

    MASSIVE EYE-ROLL. That is all.

  48. mar says:

    I like the humble Beyonce much better. In all honesty, she has nothing new to bring to the table. She needs to go find some creative music or some nice ballads to sing.

  49. Shelly says:

    This song is fyah…..I love Beyonce’s gritty side and glad she feels comfortable enough now to let it all hang….BOW DOWN BITCHES…most of you commenting just don’t get that kinda music(chopped and screwed)’s ballsy, rough and in yah face and people she has been showing this side from the beginning..check out the video for Bootylicious..that was the first glimpse, being Jamaican i can listen to Kathleen Battle and the next minute rocking to Vybz Kartel…people we are multifaceted, we have different sides to us.

    • garvels says:

      I think a lot of people aren’t getting her music..hence the low sales for her previous album. Beyonce is trying to sell her albums with gimmicks because the music isn’t that great. Adele’s sales are through the roof without the gimmicks because people enjoy it and want to buy it.

  50. Sweet Dee says:

    I spent one year tortured by hood/chopped and screwed music due to an unfortunate roommate situation, so I’m not going to listen to it, but I’ve read the lyrics. Also, I get that this is for the haters, but obviously she doesn’t realize how stupid people look when they write songs just for people that hate them. It comes off as petty and narcissistic.

    Anyhow, the best way to deal with Bey is to ignore her. She only exists if we’re witnessing her, you know, bitches?

    [I'm considering a social experiment where I change my name to Queen Dee and start calling everyone "bitches" just to see if people start snarking on me here.]

  51. Saskiamq says:

    The only song I can listen that has bow don on there lyrics in Trent Razor NIN Head like a hole.

  52. Mew says:

    It’s absolutely horribly bad, empty and stupid. She actually did pretty ok songs back when she didn’t try to be all boss b*tch and so.. Yeah, we get it B, you’re da b*tch, you eat diamonds for your breakfast and piss gold. Get over yourself and start making sensible ballads once again.

  53. minime says:

    Wow she is really spending some time with Gwyneth Paltrow, isn’t she?
    I can’t even go over the first 35 seconds, cause I have a strong case of fremdschämen going on…err..she’s so full of herself. And my problem is not really the “bitches” but everythig else…”Bow down”??? Bow down u b*tch, to everyone one that buys ur crappy stuff and makes you a billionaire.

  54. apsutter says:

    Wish that she’d keep making music like Halo and Single Ladies. And I don’t think she is capable of being subtle because it’s all about owning the world and being the most popular wll known star. Just look how at how she lives and dresses. She and Jay-Z are the definition of ostentatious.

  55. RK says:

    You are the preeminent mistress of the universe.

    “Your allure lies in the crux of the tension between hot and cool, so how do you balance that? Are you aware of that? That’s you’re hot and you’re also cool?”
    “You know what I thought it was, watching you [at the Super Bowl]? I thought, ‘That is where art meets God.’”
    I always had a lot of admiration and respect for you, you know. I like dancing to the music, I like playing it when I’m working out, but after watching Life is But A Dream, I have to tell you that I came away being reminded of that line in a Maya Angelou poem that says, ‘You make me proud to spell my name W-O-M-A-N.’”
    Life is But a Dream is so great that you’re not just going to be mistress of the universe, you are now BELOVED mistress of the universe.”
    All the above was from Oprah’s interview with Beyonce. Of course Beyonce would put out something like that song. This is what she is hearing. Ugh.

  56. I Choose Me says:

    Christ on toast that song hurt my damn head. I lasted 40 seconds before I had to turn it off and go get an Aleve from my purse. Goddamn it Beyonce. I know you can sing so what is this inane, codswalloping dreck?

  57. JenniferJustice says:

    This girl has been lightening her skin for years, had nose jobs, bleached her hair, wears weaves and double/triple spanx and claims she’s so proud. No, me thinks you are insecure and don’t accept yourself the way you are. And, sorry, but nobody gets to crown themselves. That is earned by the people and we, teh people, do not deem you Queen of anything. Studio magic and powerful daddy, now powerful husband – does not equal talent or deservedness. So much try and delusion – screams of fear and insecurity. Get an education, so you have something to fall back on, b/c your days are numbered in the music biz and then what?

  58. dahlianoir says:

    What a fierce and proud woman, in control of her life and powerful… NOT. She went from her dad’s control to her husband. Not quite an independant woman so YOU BOW DOWN and say sorry to all women in the world who actually do something of their lives.

    And that single is a knife in my ear.

  59. sashavice says:

    I don’t even want to hear it. What a brat. I always found Beyonce painfully bland.

    Bow down to whom?? You Beyonce?? Nope.

  60. JD says:

    Isn’t beyonce a little…OLD…to be singing crap like this?

    Reminds me of Mariah Carey when she was trying to compete with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, and she flopped. She didn’t get back on track until she went back to more age-appropriate music.

  61. Mr.Smurf says:

    In honor of Beysus,

    This is how you do a love song, bitches!

    I hope I’m not the only one in the world obsessed with Edith Piaf.

  62. Sally says:

    Horrible, ear-scorching, satanic sounding screeching. Jumped the shark. Hope she doesn’t come back.

  63. emma says:

    I hate it. I know bragging is part of the hiphop culture, but this is just stupid. And sounds terrible as well.
    Calm down B, everyone will like you much better if you’re not acting like the best of the best.

    I like Kelly Rowland’s voice much better than Beyonce’s. Always have. It’s a shame that Beyonce got this big and Kelly’s still behind.

  64. Ellearie says:

    Beyoncé will never be a legend.

  65. mk says:

    what in caca hell is that?!! She needs a taste of humility. I cant stand this lady’s ego anymore.

  66. Sh00p says:

    Not a fan of this song or her new persona. I was never really a fan of Beyoncé, but I liked that her and Jay-Z were private celebrities. Now, she’s in PR overdrive and it’s coming off as sheer narcissism. And maybe it’s just me, but I feel like her new change, particularly in her sense of style is mirroring that of Rihanna and Rita Ora. It’s as if she thinks Jay-Z is attracted to that type of girl, so she did a little revamp of herself Unfortunately, Bey is too late in the game to pull it off. She already has an image trajectory.

    • Hipocricy says:

      This stupid, immature woman has no personality whatsoever, including no ARTISTIC one.

      I was a biggest fan back in the day and havn’t been one since DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE. That was the pinnacle of her career and after that, the beginning of her downfall as that mega success went straight over her head. She became lazy and exploited her new sexy image to the max.

      Artistic wise she always exploit and try to emulate the IT girl of the moment. Today it’s Rihanna, yesterday it was JLO.

      I prefer artists like Erykah Badu, Sade or Anita Baker who didn’t change one bit their style just to stay in the limelight.

      Beyonce will just go with the current flow wether it’s silk or shit and as long as she is still perceived as being the shit eventhough it’s all about her image and nothing artistic worthwile.

      She is becoming pathetic and a charicature of her former self. So much insecurity of hers in full display…yuck !

  67. Amelia says:

    Seriously…? until she improves her music and her illiterate intonation …then I will begin to pay a little attention.