Katie Holmes covers Allure, talks having more kids: ‘I don’t know, I’m open to it’

Katie Holmes covers the April issue of Allure, and this photo shoot is way sexier than anything she ever did when she was married to Tom Cruise! It even seems like Katie might have gone topless for a few shots (or she was wearing a tube top, whatever). She’s all oiled up and damp-haired and clear-eyed, like she’s been boning someone hot at the beach. Does this kind of styling work for her? Not really, but it’s nice to see her mix it up a little bit. As for the interview… well, I’m not really sure what Katie is even promoting, except maybe “her new life”. Some highlights from the interview:

Her future plans: “I hope this is a peaceful year for a lot of people in the world. When you look back on the last year, there were a lot of tragedies—Hurricane Sandy, the Connecticut shooting. I…I just hope it’s a good year for everyone.” You included? Holmes smiles, then is quiet for a few beats. “A lot of people have gone through a lot of stuff.”

Will she have more kids? “I don’t know. I’m open to it.”

She is now the face & co-owner of Alterna Haircare and the face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics: “I’ve been a fan of her makeup for so many years, because I just feel comfortable putting it on. And I don’t feel like I can screw it up.”

She was into supermodels: “Growing up, I was really into the supermodels. I would listen to RuPaul’s ‘You Better Work.’”

Suri chooses her own clothes: Suri is picking the wee high heels and feminine dresses herself. “She’s got a great eye, she really does,” Holmes says, with a hint of pride.

The best beauty advice Holmes got from her mother: “She said, ‘You may be pretty, and you may be talented, but nobody will remember that if you’re mean.’”

Law school? When asked about a National Enquirer report that Holmes might be going to law school, she is tickled. “Well, my brother and father are attorneys, and—we’ll see. I like the practical thinking of attorneys.”

Doing the now-closed play Dead Accounts: “I was open to – well, to whoever wanted me. But it was always my goal to make it back to the stage.”

[From Allure]

“You may be pretty, and you may be talented, but nobody will remember that if you’re mean.” Well, I think people will remember you if you’re mean, they just won’t remember you kindly. But Katie does have the reputation as one of the nicest celebrities out there – literally no one (but Scientologists) has a bad word to say about her. Even the paparazzi like her. As for more babies… I would like Katie to find someone really amazing to just date. I don’t need her to get remarried (I would imagine she’s gun-shy about remarriage), but I think enough time has passed, and it would be great to see her with someone awesome, someone who wanted to be her life and Suri’s life, someone who maybe wanted to get Katie pregnant?

Photos courtesy of Tom Munro/Allure.

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  1. lune says:

    Kaiser, she’s the new face of some luxury jewellery line. I read it on the daily fail a couple of days ago
    The shoot also looks like it was done by the same person.

  2. Gracie says:

    She seems nice enough, but is too bland to be the face of Bobbi Brown IMO. When I see her ads I either quickly turn the page or avoid whatever product she’s shilling for. That’s about all I can muster up for her. I guess it’s refreshing to see a nice celeb though….

  3. PHD Gossip says:

    Never noticed her cheek implants before.

  4. Aileen says:

    “You may be pretty, and you may be talented, but nobody will remember that if you’re mean.”

    Her mom is not saying no one will remember you, they just won’t remember your prettiness and talent. You’ll be known for being mean essentially.

  5. Barrett says:

    I think she is pretty. But these photos accent flaws or something. She looks funny looking which she is not?

  6. brin says:

    Better ask Suri if she’s open to having a sibling.

  7. Carolyn says:

    Acting offers are drying up. Good on Katie for getting other gigs (the Bobbi Brown one was a surprise) instead of just living off Tom’s $$ settlement.

    I too hope she meets someone kind and nice and has a happy relationship. Suri needs siblings so she learns her place in the world – it’s not all about her.

  8. annabelle says:

    She’s looking a bit consumptive in a few of these, but I like seeing her show herself as a sexy woman. I’ve always thought she was beautiful in an unusual way.

    • Amory says:

      Problem is that she can only do sexy in two-dimension, with photoshop. Her lack of poise, confidence and posture scream anything but sexy in real life. She seems like a wet rag who wants to craft and bake cupcakes all day. While that can be perfectly lovely, I don’t think that makes for a compelling tv or movie character.

  9. Sara says:

    It is amazing that they can make her look beautiful. She is so far from it imo.

  10. Cody says:

    IMO for some men it would be hard to date Katie or even approach her knowing she was Tom’s ex wife and that he might be still be lurking around and that Suri is his daughter. Also, that cover looks so airbrushed.

  11. Ranunculus says:

    Sorry she can’t pull off sexy (or even interesting) not after 5 years with Tom Cruise.

  12. cat1 says:

    something about the phrase “somebody who wanted to get katie pregnant” sounds really … um… off. it sort of sounds sexist. do people talk that way?

  13. Stig says:

    All I can see is dry lips.

    I wish her the best but I still don’t care much

  14. allons-y alonso says:

    She isn’t much of an actress but she seems like such a nice person.

  15. K-rock says:

    She really is very beautiful.

  16. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Aw man, you guys are harsh. I think she looks awesome here.

  17. Talie says:

    That subtitle about cleaning out her closet… the shade!

    It seems like she’s avoiding a big sit-down interview. I predicted she would do Vogue by now, but maybe Anna is saving her for the big September issue.

  18. Helvetica says:

    She’s kind of boring but I like her. She seems harmless and like she’d be a good girl friend to hang out with.

    I also dig that she keeps a low profile.

  19. serena says:

    Aw I just hope she finds some good guy and a good successfully job.

  20. janie says:

    Who cares! U can’t act, so strip… Those who can do, those who can’t strip.

  21. Hillshmill says:

    Jason Segal would be perfect for her. Although maybe that’s just me casting some Dawson’s Creek drama

  22. RHONYC says:

    “Growing up, I was really into the supermodels. I would listen to RuPaul’s ‘You Better Work.’”


    dammit Katie! your cool factor just went up a-gain! :mrgreen:

  23. CF98 says:

    She’s a beautiful woman and I’m a fan of course but this is soo photoshopped and she’s someone that doesn’t need it :/

    Which is probably why I don’t get excited about magazine covers anymore they’re so photoshopped. It irks.

    That being said she’s probably fun in RL but boring by Hollywood standards..

    I guess you have to get a DUI or do something perverse to be considered interesting in this business…

    That being said she didn’t say anything new either. She always said she was open to possibly having more kids one day.

  24. s says:

    wow, I think she looks AMAZING in this shoot. I don’t get why other people don’t like it ?

  25. Gemini08 says:

    @Kaiser – her mom’s quote doesn’t say no one will will remember you it says that no one will remember your talent or looks if you’re mean. And she’s absolutely right.

  26. maitri says:

    Her mother said ‘they won’t remember that’, meaning ‘pretty and talented’. Meaning they will only remember the ‘mean part’. She did not say they won’t remember ‘you’ if you are mean.

  27. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    It’s funny that her hair is considered ‘damp’ looking in this photo shoot, but if any other actress had a similar looking hair style in a photo shoot it would get called ‘greasy’. Funny.

    As for the rest, well good for her, I wish her the best.

  28. apsutter says:

    Love the titles on the cover. “Want to Look Younger?” Well then just drop your crazy Scieno obsessed husband and drop 10 years and 150 lbs!

  29. Meg says:

    i hope to see kate as more of herself, a sensible midwestern naturally beautiful woman. now that her crazy tom cruise faze is done i look forward to seeing her again. she’s not an incredibly talented actress but i love to see her riding the subway, working on stage, taking her daughter from school and seeing suri wearing normal kid clothes and not inappropriate stuff like drinking out of a bottle at 5 years old. boundaries show kids you love them. good for her.

  30. Meggin says:

    I think she looks very pretty in these pictures!

  31. annie says:

    Saw behind the scenes video of those pics, and a few others, in Allure she’s very beautiful, in the behind the scenes video.
    Amazing , when somebody gives honest , simple answers, they are considered boring, she looks neither in the pics or the interview.
    She gets these jobs bacause she’s so nice looking, .
    The behind the scenes videos for H Stern jewellery, Alterna Hair, Bobbi Brown, are also stunning, didn’t find the Allure much photoshopped, when you see the video.

  32. Starllight says:

    She is amazingly beautiful. I am waiting for her movies to come out.