Has Jessica Biel been blowing $20,000 a week (of Justin’s money) on clothes?

Here are some photos of Justin Timberlake and Mrs. Timberlake earlier this month which I never got around to publishing. They’ve been doing more stuff together since they got married last fall. And by that I mean that JT is more open to having Jessica Biel as his official “plus-one” for all of his events, which is good news for her, I guess. Surprisingly enough, I haven’t given that much thought to JT and Mrs. Timberlake since they got married. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t drama with them – I think they’re just trying to tighten it up a little bit, especially since Justin has to promote his album and he doesn’t want anything getting in the way of his new image of a loving husband (eye-roll). But how is Jessica “getting hers”? What does she get out of this marriage? Perhaps she’s getting the same thing Katie Holmes got when she was married to Tom Cruise – a no-limit credit card!

Since saying ‘I Do’ to Justin Timberlake, self-proclaimed sporty girl Jessica Biel has morphed into a fashionista with very expensive taste – all on Justin’s dime! Jessica has been spending $20,000 per week on designer shoes and bags from Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys NY.

“She can’t resist anything from Chanel, Prada or Valentino,” says a source, noting that Jess’s closet was so overstuffed, she had to rent a storage unit to house her new goodies!

“Justin can afford it, but he’s still a little taken aback by how voraciously she’s spending.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

For what it’s worth, Gossip Cop has an unnamed source who claims that Jessica is not a “frivolous spender” and that this report is “ridiculous.” I don’t doubt that Jessica has her own money and that she spends her own money on her clothes and such. It would surprise me if Jessica and Justin combined their assets at all or if Justin even put his wife on any kind of budget. I just don’t think they have that kind of relationship or marriage. That being said, Jessica has been trying to remake herself into some kind of major “Fashion Girl” for years now, and I do think that Justin views his wife as his model/muse and she has to represent his vision for how women should dress. When you look at it that way… yeah, Justin could be financing her new married-woman wardrobe. But he wouldn’t let her go shopping by herself. Please! He would go and pick out all of the clothes he wanted her to wear now.

Speaking of Justin’s “vision” as a designer/stylist/bon vivant/jack of all trades, did you hear the rumor that he’s quietly pulling out of his label, William Rast? He and his BFF Trace Ayala started the label in 2005 and while JT is still barely involved, sources claim he’s “all but abandoned” the line and “by the end of the year, he won’t be [involved] anymore.” The label has had a sharp decline in sales over the past few years and one source told Page Six, “Not a lot of retailers wanted it… Because the perception is [Justin’s] not involved, so why would anyone want to wear it?” Wait… you mean… Justin Timberlake does NOT have a Midas Touch? You mean that every single thing Justin does isn’t successful?!!? MIND BLOWN.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. marie says:

    meh, why not. he cheats, she spends-sounds like a lovely marriage..

  2. T.Fanty says:

    Can’t really see the evidence of it.

  3. henderswife says:

    If this is true, I can understand how Jess spends that much on clothing. I spend more than I should on clothing/accessories and I don’t have near as much fundage as they do. They are millionaires after all. I would do the same thing if I were her.

  4. ellie says:

    She should use his money on acting lessons… Or a stylist… Or an anti-idiot tonic

  5. poppy says:

    she expertly makes the point that money can’t buy you taste. or a career/talent. or fidelity.

  6. Cleveland Girl says:

    Don’t hang me for this, but her whole outfit including her purse and shoes looks like it was purchased at a Salvation Army thrift store.

    • Jill says:

      Second. I have bangs, too (I know, I know). Usually they’re worn to the side. But I don’t recall ever severely putting them back in a barette at the top of my head. She could be mistaken for a third Affleck daughter.

      And, for the love of God, her nose job is the worst in Hollywood. Even worse than Olsens. You could shank someone with the tip of Biel’s nose. Her face is too broad for a nose that narrow. When are these girls going to learn that its okay to get what looks nice on YOUR face, and not just get what they see in some random picture they ripped out of a magazine?

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      Have to say I shop and love thrift shores! Love them; I find all kinds of treasures there, and since it isn’t expensive, I can try lots of different styles. Justin, however, is an idiot ass. Jessica does have a nice back trunk, is pretty , but also is very dull…also, don’t see why they call it Justin’s money…In most states, if you marry, it’s joint money. I think. Again, who else thinks Justin is a little twerp?

  7. truthful says:

    I sure haven’t seen her in nothing that looks really good.

    They bore me as a couple and he’s so full of himself, its pathetic. LOL

  8. Elceibeno says:

    I want to see pictures where Jessica is wearing all the gorgeous clothes she is buying.

  9. Rachel says:

    I still think he’s gay…

  10. Madpoe says:

    spending his/her money on a stylist and/or an agent would be more ideal.
    I so doubt they’re pooling their money together. There had to have been a prenup too.

  11. Mich says:

    I don’t really get what is going on with this ensemble. Striped scarf, leopard gloves, shiny gold bag with green fringe, plum shoes… My eyes hurt.

  12. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    (Blinks) Why should Jessica have to blow ‘his’ money? She has plenty of her own.

  13. Diva says:

    $20,000 a week to look like that? She should hire a stylist. Her look never quite comes together.

  14. ChocolateFreak says:

    Whenever I look at her in these photos, I keep thinking how well done make-up can turn anyone into a beauty.

    I think she’s his gadget, in a way. You know, a car, a big house, a trophy wife…

  15. Dhavynia says:

    Money can buy clothes not taste

    She has one and not the other.

    Considering he has more money than her I would spend his as well and save mine for a rainy day and considering her lack of talent, she’s going to need it

  16. Pixie says:

    I’m not a huge Justin Timberlake fan…but whenever I hear Suit & Tie & his voice does the high pitched thing, I fall in love a little. Just had to get that off my chest!
    Meh, with Biel’s spending, it’s her marriage, his money…whatever.

  17. NeoCleo says:

    Her face is so masculine and his is so feminine. Well, I guess that works somehow.

  18. lin234 says:

    Who rents a storage unit when you have a mega mansion for two? That’s the only thing I find unbelievable. You would just turn the spare bedroom or bedrooms into extra closets.

    Plus, it’s really easy to spend 20 grand on clothes and accessories- it’s like one or two outfits. Just look at Goop. If I were her, I’d be investing in high end jewelry. I really don’t see this marriage lasting and jewelry retains a lot more value than clothes.

  19. Quinn says:

    I could get a cuter outfit from Target.

  20. snappyfish says:

    she has the charisma of a lima bean.

  21. Luxe says:

    They are both such try-hards, it’s comical to me. I’m sick of seeing his face everywhere I turn. I say this as an NSync fan.

    • TheOneAndOnly says:

      I agree He was on SNL (which I have to admit was a funny episode), all five nights of Jimmy Fallon, other talk shows, I know marketing is 70 per cent of pop music these days, but I’m tired of him (his music isn’t my thing) At least he’s not Beyonce in the marketing department.

  22. anonymous fan says:

    I really don’t buy this story.She has never worn an outfit that looked like it cost more than 60 dollars.But at the same time if it is true so what?She married a rich pop star who can afford to buy her anything she wants,girl get yours.I’m jealous but I’m not gonna hate on her for it.That’s your husband and marriage is a partnership.What is his is hers now anyway,including money.

    But Jessica girl ,please use some of that money for a red carpet stylist.

  23. Kristen says:

    Why does she always look so exhausted? I just want her to book a hotel room for a week and nap the days away.

  24. Rux says:

    i have several wil rast jeans and I LOVE them…great quality and amazing fit if you are a “curvy” girl. I want to get more but they are so hard to find now; which sucks.

  25. ctkat1 says:

    She’s remaking herself into a “fashion girl” because the film roles aren’t materializing, and she won’t/can’t do television (my opinion: she thinks she’s “above” going back to tv, and now that she’s married to JT, she can’t commit to a 10-month daily filming schedule if she wants to be his plus 1/wandering-dong wrangler).

    The Hollywood Reporter wrote a whole article about the rise of the “Mocktress”, which is a former actress who turned her name recognition into a career of basically showing up places wearing high fashion- it’s a good read: