LeAnn Rimes makes an appearance at a charity event in LA, wears fug wedges

I’m a little bit confused as to what exactly this event really was. Fame/Flynet says that LeAnn Rimes was making an appearance at “the Miracles For Kids Lookstyle Clothing Drive hosted by Go Country 105FM” in LA. The Mail says LeAnn “made a special appearance at a Jiffy Lube”. And LeAnn says on Twitter that the event was something to do with “Barks of Love”. Could it be all three? Was the event for Barks of Love, Miracles for Kids (sponsored by a radio station) AND the event was close to a Jiffy Lube? Perhaps. Or perhaps there were two separate events close together and LeAnn wandered away from the Miracles for Kids event so that she could play with the (totally adorable) puppies? Anyway, new photos of LeAnn from the weekend. That outfit is… not good. The wedges in particular are hideous.

LeAnn also tweeted throughout the weekend, of course. Go here to skim LeAnn’s endless rambling and quote-ifying. First she tweeted about this charity event, posting a photo of herself with a dog: “Hanging out with @BarksOfLove @MiraclesForKids @gocountry105 Soooo dangerous having these cutie pies by me.”

Then she tweeted this photo of two loaded up Easter baskets with the message “Easter #luckyboys Going to wrap a hubby gift now The Easter bunny dropped off something for me too I guess :) ”.

And of course LeAnn had to show off what Eddie Cibrian got her for Easter. Thank God it wasn’t another hideous piece of jewelry charged to LeAnn’s credit card. Instead, Eddie “got” LeAnn an herb garden. She tweeted this photo with the message: “How adorable is my husband w/ his sweet card & an herb garden he made for me. I’ve wanted one so bad!” So now you know.

More photos from the Saturday event:

Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter & Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Buckwild says:

    That puppy!!! Anyone know what breed? (The soft looking grey and white one)

  2. SmokeyBlues says:

    She looks so trashy all the time. And who even cares about all the details of her Easter holiday?! This lady’s oversharing issues have not been cured as of yet.

  3. brin says:

    It was a photo op. She will go to the opening of an envelope if she can have her pic taken.
    I love how she has to take pics of the 99 cent card “Ed” got for her. Agreed, no one is as “special” as Leann.

  4. dorothy says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if she’s been reduced to Jiffy Lube grand opening appearances.

  5. Kota says:

    Do you think she could have stuffed those baskets with anymore candy? There’s nothing wrong with a few pieces of candy but my gosh that’s a bit ridiculous. But I’m not the one who has to so with two rambunctious boys on a sugar high.

    • smartyparty says:

      I have actually seen some obscenely large baskets on facebook, among my own friends. When I was a kid Easter was a small basket of candy and we went WILD over it. Kids today are being raised with such excess and it will do them no good in the long run.

      • Jenny says:

        I’m not really one for the overdoing of all holidays as has become popular with parents lately. My mom wanted to bring an Easter basket for my daughter yesterday and I told her only a little candy; the basket had maybe 10 different candies, 7 or 8 of which I ha to tuck into the cabinet to save for another day. And that basket was nothing compared to these!

    • MollyB says:

      This year, we were invited to two Easter Egg hunts and my daughter’s birthday was the day before Easter. I figured they got enough sweets and didn’t even put candy in their baskets this year.

    • Rachel R says:

      I was more surprised by the gift cards. $50 to GameStop for Easter, seriously? I know she’s got the money, but it seems over the top for a holiday that’s not hugely gift-focused.

      As far as candy goes, I quickly discovered that my kids won’t eat very much at all — they don’t nearly have the sweet tooth their mother does — so if I buy too much it will stay around forever. We still have candy from their Christmas stockings left! Yeesh. Better off getting little toys that they’ll use than candy that will go white and waxy by the time they’re ready to eat it.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      And don’t forget the gift cards in each of them. Always trying to top Brandi with gifts. Sad, sad, little girl.

  6. Victoria1 says:

    Awe puppies! I’d skip whatever event and go play with puppies. The outfit though … No bene

  7. Jennifer says:

    It’s always great starting the day with a good laugh from a LR story from CB!
    1. I can see how Brandi is her fashion idol as LR has NO style sense whatsoever on her own.
    2. Eddie got her an herb garden and THAT card??!! Are you kidding me??!! That’s stuff a girl would buy -not a guy. Another one of LR’s self-gifting example.
    3. Dogs and kids are cute. Before LR, I wasn’t familiar with the whole PR game that celebs and their publicists play. She’s tried tying herself to things that everyone likes (since she’s so unlikeable), but even dogs, kids, Adele, Rob Thomas, etc…are not going to make me like her.
    4. What a screwed up face. All that plastic surgery, botox, fillers, whatever has really messed her face up. It looks really freaky.

  8. Arock says:

    Holy contempo casuals, Falcor.

  9. Winnie says:

    Adults get Easter presents? Why do I feel like this year (not just Leann) that people are treating Easter like Christmas in terms of gifts?

    • Agnes says:

      i know, right? it used to be just some candy for the kids, but judging from people’s facebook pics, kids these days (this year?) are getting huge gifts. it’s bizarre. whatever happened to a large cardboard (?) egg filled with candy?

    • NerdMomma says:

      Yes…I thought Easter was more about Easter egg hunts for the kids, maybe church and a family dinner if that’s your religion…but gifts??? I’ve never heard of such. Nor can I figure out baskets for kids that are already filled, and with gift cards to GameStop and whatever else she has in there.

    • Erinn says:

      Usually, the fiance and I get each other some little candy… like a bag of cadbury eggies, or a chocolate bunny. This year, he was heading home and he’s like “wait… I didn’t get you candy. Is that ok?” and I laughed because I had completely forgotten that we usually get some little trinket for each other, and hadn’t gotten him anything either.

    • Chicagogurl says:

      Yes. It’s like spring halloween. Huge baskets jam packed full of candy and goodies. My mom thought $50 was a reasonable amount of money spent on my nephews basket and I’m all….didn’t you used to give us like a toothbrush, pack o crayons, 1/2 a container of peeps and like a handful of jellybeans or chocolates in a crappy plastic basket and it all costed about $5.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      My husband and I don’t do Easter gifts for each other. My boys each get a basket. This year they each got a stuffed bunny, a small toy (less than $10) and some candy.

  10. elceibeno08 says:

    I don’t like her outfit, but she looks much healthier than a few months ago. I would dare say that LeAnn once she is made up she would look more beautiful than Brandi Glanville.

  11. Margarita says:

    Brandi wore very similar shoes/jeans to the boys baseball game a few weeks ago leAnn made sure to call the paps.


    they aren’t exactly the same but Leann is soooooo SWF you know she saw Brandi wearing them first.

    • Arock says:

      Cue the twilight zone music. i can’t believe someone on her staff hasn’t sat her down and said, “look, the music things in the toilet, you married the d-bag man whore who uses your credit cards, the whole rehab from the iPhone thing was a mess, and now you’re sending yourself cards while wearing jeans you clearly crawled through Brandi’s bathroom window to steal. We need to talk.”

    • Jacqueline says:

      Pretty sure she just wants to skin Brandi & wear her as a coat. I’d be super freaked-out if I were her.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Does this woman not know her copying Brandi is making people shake their heads and laugh at her?? She is so disturbing. And disturbed.

    • Cam S says:

      Lele has been copying Brandi’s shoes or versions of them since the start of her affair. I’ve notice A LOT of other instances that never even get documented. It is just so blatant and disturbing.
      Leann and North Korea both need to can it w/all this propagada BS “Everything is awesome!”. Uh huh

      • Margarita says:

        I’ve also noticed that LeAnn is especially fond of SWFing Brandi’s shoes. There are just too many instances where I have noticed it (she also loves to SWF her purses too). You are right that so many times it goes undocumented which is too bad because they are pretty obvious to me.

        I think it is because I had my own SWF a few years ago. She never went after my man (because he is a REAL man and would never have fell for it) but she infiltrated my friend group and loveddd to stalk and copy my wardrobe. It really gave me the creeps and I had to stop being friends with everyone in that group because they didn’t really believe me which was the most painful part.

        Sorry for the sidebar I just think the SWF part of this saga is soooo twisted and totally showcases how NUTTY LeAnn really is.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        No, Margarita, if you’ve never been stalked then you won’t get it. That’s why people keep telling Brandi to get over it. No one gets the complete crap that Leann pulls. Any mother would be demented from what Leann does with those boys. And I truly believe that at some point she would like harm to come to them. They’re no longer tiny, cute babies and soon enough they are going to start asking questions. Why else would you put a five year old on a bike without training wheels and no helmet on a street where there are cars? Why else would you tweet the boys’ locations constantly? She endangers those kids on a regular basis. I had a male stalker years ago that terrified me more than I can ever say: following me on the street and taking my picture for example. It was awful and it’s been over for years, thank heaven, but I remember the sheer terror of it. I don’t think Brandi scares easy, but any mother’s kids are the way to her heart and don’t tell me that Rimes doesn’t know it and exploit it. EVIL.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Did that come off as understanding what Margarita was saying? Wasn’t sure. I meant it to be understanding because if you’ve never been stalked, you don’t know the horrible, helpless feelings involved. And people telling you to get over it because THEY’RE sick of it, when they don’t get how much you just want it to STOP.

      • Margarita says:

        Jennifer, I totally understood what you were saying! I believe one of the worst parts of having a stalker is when your friends and family deny/try to ignore it. It makes you feel totally crazy. My experience was a walk in the park compared to Brandi’s and I can for sure say that if I was her I would be totally broken by now and probably in an institution. When dealing with crazy you sometimes start to feel crazy yourself especially when you feel like the only one on your side is you.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Thanks, Margarita. I didn’t know if it came out right. Stalkers are something that push my buttons because I know the feeling of, oh, you’re overreacting. Or (since my stalker was male), aren’t you flattered? Or, come on, he wasn’t really following you with a camera. Are you *sure* it’s him calling you at all hours? Um, YES, I f—ing am sure. I’m not flattered and I want it to STOP. I guess with a SWF, it’s, oh, she just admires you and it’s a compliment. PLEASE. Brandi is amazing and so are the BBs because I’d be out of my mind with rage by now with what Leann and her minions pull. And you do NOT f— with someone’s kids. That’s a given. Especially if you blew apart their lives and broke up a family, you do not then decide that you are the mommy now and the actual MOTHER needs to get out of your psychotic way. I can’t even imagine if the stalker is a celebrity and people are like, oh, get over yourself, she is not stalking you and you need to get over your marriage. And you’re screaming, she’s SWFing me, her minions are tweeting horrible things to me, she is allowing these horrendous people around my kids and there’s no one to stop her, she’s selling my kids’ photos for money….. and the world tells you to shut up and move on. Brandi ROCKS and is a seriously strong woman. Leann is certifiable and Eddie is complete and utter s—-.

      • karmasabiatch! says:

        Agree 1,000% with all of you ladies. I had to cope with a SWF’er on a minor scale compared to the sh#t that LR pulls on BG. A co-worker, but it was still creepy and annoying as hell.

        No matter how you feel about BG, I think we’d all agree that someone trying to “be” you and having partial custody of your kids, would make all of us cray to some degree. LR is more than just annoying, I fully believe that she will pose a huge risk to those kids at some point. Poor Brandi. *sad face*

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Yes to what karmasabitch said. Those kids are in some kind of danger from Leann’s insanity and their father’s apathy. It’s not good.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      OMG NOT AGAIN! NOT AGAIN!! Crazy bitch.

    • Pandy says:

      Oh god, you are right … still a cute outfit though.

  12. Jane says:

    She’s looking more and more redneck each time I see her.

    As for the so called “gift” Eddie got her. That is a bunch of c####. She bought the card and made up a story about the herb garden. Eddie doesn’t have a sensitive bone in his body. He would know what an herb garden is if he saw one. Notice how she “hinted” that she might get a gift:

    Going to wrap a hubby gift now
    The Easter bunny dropped off something for me too I guess :)

    She wanted people to be envious of her that her “love” and her “man” is sooooo sweet and got her something. H***, was the man even home?

  13. moon says:

    I would be pissed off too if I were Brandi, I wouldn’t want someone else talking about my children like they were hers

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Seriously. She really does consider herself a mother. Someone asked her what it was like to have the boys’ “other mother” at games and she’s like, “It’s fine! I do what’s best for our family!” It’s bad enough she deliberately broke up the family, but like Brandi said, affairs happen all the time and that’s not the issue anymore. It’s her attempts to take over Brandi’s role as parent. WTF did that person mean, “other mother”?? Brandi is the boys’ mother. The end.

      • Theskinny says:

        Yeah, she seems to forget that the Mom is the person the kids refer to as MOM and not by their first name. What a WEIRDO Rimes is. But, if Leann drinks as much as is rumored, then she probably has brain damage, imo. That would explain her swf’ing and bizarre inappropriate behavior.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        The drinking definitely contributes, along with whatever pills she takes. But I think she has some type of disorder or mental illness and that’s what started this all off.

  14. JL says:

    She just tries too hard and seems really unhappy to me. It’s like she screwed up with Eddie, knows it and is trying to cover the best she can.

    Love the dogs. Now I’ve been known to throw on some favorite “F” it bohemian clothes and roll on a Saturday just because I’m in a happy just being me mood.

    At “WORK” however I dress appropriately even if it’s jeans on Friday. This woman seems to totally miss that concept.

    If you’re going to wear casual clothes (using term loosely) than at least coordinate colors and textures.

  15. ilovejapanesefood says:

    I find it so disturbing that Eddie never defends her in public. And I think that man is simply vile, messing women up like that. LA is no saint(e) and I am not defending her, but he is so not kosher. Spouses are supposed to defend and support each other, at least in theory. That’s how a real marriage is supposed to work. Get rid of him now!!!!!

    • truthful says:

      Hun, I’m pretty sure Slimeball Eddie has told her to stay off of twitter etc.

      but she is Mrs. Moneybags, all he can do is step back and let her do her thing, cause she holds the purse strings.

      while he is sneakily doing his.

      • brin says:

        I agree…she has to pay for everyone in her life…that’s pathetic.

      • Lady D says:

        If she really wants to know who her friends are, she should just cut the purse strings for a few months until summer is over. She’ll find out pretty quick who her friends are. That would include paying rent for the in-laws and parents. I’m sure Ediot’s parent managed to pay their own rent for years before Bonus Wallet came into their lives. Don’t really know the circumstances with her parents.

      • Christin says:

        Several months ago an article claimed Eddie had told her to lay off Twitter. Given how he seems to be less visible and vocal on her behalf now, it makes me wonder if he doesn’t care (lazy / passive) or if he’s purposely distancing himself so he can claim innocence later.

    • gg says:

      Heck no – the more people that get involved and place their sticks in the pile of poop that is this situation, nothing more will happen except it’ll stink worse. He well knows to stay clear of that drama nightmare. So I give him points for staying out of it (but only for that).

  16. Celeste says:

    I think Leann is making a big deal about all the candy she bought the boys because of Brandi’s laxative story. Where Leann keeps no candy in the house, so Mason thought he found a Skittle. Overcompensation again on Leanns part.
    Oh yah, so has Leann’s album been shelved in North America?

  17. truthful says:

    all I can say is “JiffyLube” had me laughing and coughing so, I had some kind of attack or something…

    then I looked at the card and the thought of Eddie caring about an herb garden and got choked again.

    the jokes that are Lee’s life just write themselves.

  18. Cam S says:

    Why wasn’t Ed there and why hasn’t she been wearing that big ole gaudy engagement ring lately? She used to even wear it on the beach!
    Nothing says trying to gain approval like posing with babies and puppies.
    I’m sure the paps often stake out Jiffy Lubes just waiting….
    Where is the picture of the herb garden?

  19. Kizzy says:

    I don’t like the girl but I always wanted an herb garden! I’m a bit worried now. Eddie gets 10 points in my head (…if he actually did that)! Twenty million more points to go.

    • anne_000 says:

      If there actually is an herb garden, I sincerely doubt Eddie got down on his knees & dug in the dirt for LR. I think it might have been the gardener who did it & Eddie just gave the orders…

    • Why? says:

      Eddie didn’t plant the garden. Eddie wasn’t home. Leann was on a twitter rampage the night before Easter posting quotes(when she starts posting lyrics and quotes, Eddie isn’t there) and on Easter morning. She only said that Eddie planted the garden just like he “bought” the card that doesn’t seem to be signed because she is doing damage control. Leann is a liar, she said that she was watching the Lakers on Friday with Eddie and then when told that the Lakers didn’t play on Friday, she said that Eddie told her wrong. Why would Eddie get the day and time that his team plays wrong? If she would lie about watching the Lakers game to convince people that her husband was home with her and not out with his mistress/girlfriends, then she would lie about the herb garden and card. She has been tweeting about being outside all week long. The herb garden was planted by Leann, not Eddie. Her own tweets even put her and not Eddie in the backyard.

  20. Jennifer12 says:

    Talk about trying to buy kids’ love. Candy, toys, gift cards…. why does this sorry excuse for a woman feel like she needs to one up the children’s mother every time? Wonder why she’s wearing only her wedding ring and not that huge engagement ring? And seeing those pictures of her copying Brandi yet again- Leann, copy Brandi’s kindness, her love for her friends, her humor, her HONESTY. Stop SWFing that poor woman’s clothing for Chrissake.

  21. Samigirl says:

    So…everyone was lambasting Brandi for the McWrap, but at least she wasn’t at the Jiffy Lube!

  22. Jayna says:

    I really don’t like her new teeth. They seem to have spaces sometimes and they aren’t white, really, and her smile is odd since she got those. Someone mentioned possible gum surgery that make the upper lip curl like that.

    I even think her bigger, whiter veneers were better than these teeth she has now. Call me crazy.

  23. Why? says:

    Why didn’t Eddie sign the card that he bought for Leann? Because Leann bought the card and is saying that Eddie bought it. You forgot the most funniest tweet of all, Leann bought Eddie gifts for Easter too. He got two new pairs of shoes and a shirt. He is 40 years old, why is he still getting gifts on Easter? I could understand a fruit basket or even a gift card, but she went out and bought him two pairs of shoes like it’s Christmas or his birthday. Maybe the shoes and shirt are Eddie’s payment for the staged photo-op she set up with the kids at the Greek restaurant yesterday.

    I’m shocked that her mouthpieces haven’t bombarded the internet with her Easter twitpics and staged photo-ops yet. The sad part is that when given the chance to enjoy the holiday with “her family”, for the 3rd year in a row, she turns it into a media circus for her mouthpieces.

    Leann is so predictable. When Brandi had her meet and greet for her book, we should have known that Leann was going to set up a very public meet and greet and make sure that AKM-GSI and Fame/Flynet got “candid” photos of it. She had AKM-GSI take photos of her with the dogs snd Fame/Flynet take photos of her with the kids. The photos with both the dogs and the kids look very contrived. Even when she is posing with the kids and dogs, notice she stops to look for AKM-GSI and Fame/Flynet’s camera?

  24. Luxe says:

    Not trying to be the spelling police, but those tweets…you can tell she’s a manic tweeter bc there are so many errors. She really needs to find a hobby. Well, another one. Living her life in public isn’t working for her.

    I have never ever seen gifts for Easter. Ever. And I have celebrated it my entire life. My brother and I would get small baskets from church and family, but gifts like it’s Christmas? Nope.

    I think the closer to this marriage’s expiration date, the worse she’ll get about EVERYTHING. It won’t be too much longer. He’s off doing whoever and she’s lying about how in love they are to save face (that Lakers lie still cracks me up)

    • Jayna says:

      She is a manic tweeter, you’re right. But people have been saying their marriage is over for several years now. Keep dreaming. I think this is a happy enough time for them, the excitement of a new home. I don’t think Eddie was off away from home. I think he was right there. It’s just, as usual, LeAnn’s need to paint some romantic cozy moment at home together that is a fabrication – ala music playing and the Laker’s game on (how can that be anyway? Music and a game on -LOL) just so she could show her photo of wine decantur and two wine glasses, like a romanantic twoesome, and also as an excuse to mention that their little ones were gone (which was an excuse to bring up how she’s been mommy all week).

      It’s just her hobby, tweeting things to show her happy life. That’s the sad part. He was probably outside doing hoop shots or working on his golf swing, and she was up in her bedroom making her delusional tweets about her perfect (instead of normal) life. Like the way the girl complimented her Easter flowers on the table and mentioned her husband buys her tulips so she can plant the bulbs and mmediately LeAnn tweets back how Eddie planted a flower in a pot for her JUST that morning and her next tweet is she gets a herb garden from her amazing hubby (More like she asked him to make one for her or she made it with his help).

      She seems to need to copy others by way of one-upping them to say something to make her marriage special. It’s not that I think Eddie is gone from the house when she does these immature tweets. I just think he’s off puttering around in the house, not with her, like many husbands during the day. I can’t imagine having that need to impress strangers, like the Easter card, if you are truly living life to the fullest, in the moment and not concert what an internet full of strangers think of your life.

      • Deanne says:

        The music playing with the imaginary basket ball game on at the same time perplexed me as well. It’s like she tries to paint the most blissful picture that she can and doesn’t think about the plausibility of what she tweets at all. That reeks of desperation to me. Why does she feel the need to share so much of her private life on Twitter anyway? She has been in a complete tweeting frenzy the last few days. About the only thing she isn’t tweeting about is her new album. People keep asking and she keeps ignoring them. I agree with you about her smile. Her teeth are too short and look dingy. I can’t believe that I actually am saying it, but her larger veneers were much more attractive. Her smile looks really odd now.

      • Izzy says:

        Yeah, the music sounded suspiciously like the theme from Psycho.

    • Why? says:

      Leann is a manic tweeter because her husband isn’t home with her and he ignores her a lot. Leann and Eddie are not happy in their marriage, it’s why she is always covering for Eddie’s absences and lack of interest in her.

      Leann tweeting that the Lakers were on because she wanted people to think that Eddie was home with her watching the game and not out. Happy couples don’t feel the need to set up fake dates. If Eddie was there with her somewhere in the house, she would have never gotten the day of the Lakers game wrong.

      She says that Eddie made the herb garden for her, yet he doesn’t bother to make his kids Easter baskets. Happy couples don’t have to buy/make themselves gifts and pretend that the other person bought it. There is no way that Eddie made that herb garden because he would have made the Easter baskets too.

      Leann tweeted that Eddie was in the garden because she didn’t want anyone to know that Eddie didn’t come home that night. She was covering for him.

      She says that Eddie is in the same room with her listening to music, only to later reveal that he was in a different part of the house the entire time. Once again, why provide her husband with a fake alibi if they are so happy?

      • brin says:

        I agree…she overcompensates for him not being there. If she was as happy as she portrays, she wouldn’t be tweeting non-stop.

      • Why? says:

        Well at least we know that Leann watches RHOBH. The idea for Eddie planting the herb garden/flowers in the vase came from the episode of RHOBH where Ken planted flowers/landscaped their backyard for Lisa. Why is she taking cues from a reality tv show when she flat out stated that there is no reality in reality tv? Maybe she was watching that episode of RHOBH while she was waiting for Eddie to come home.

      • Deanne says:

        Really, if her husband is so into her, why is she tweeting NON-STOP? You’d think she’d never tweet because she wouldn’t have the time or inclination. She’s so hell bent on painting a picture of their marriage as the love story for the ages that she tweets before she thinks. Happy people exude it. All she exudes is desperation and delusion.

      • Iy says:

        I agree. When I am having a great time or an especially fun/romantic day/night with my boyfriend, the last thing I ever think about is- I should post about this on my social networking profile!

        I’m too IN THE MOMENT and in love with my boyfriend and the time we are sharing together to think about talking to strangers online. She is such an oversharer of private moments with her husband and she really rachets it up around holidays. I think we are all in agreeance that she is trying to prove to the world-Eddie isn’t a gold digger, he REALLY loves me. Yea, thats why he lies and says there’s a Lakers game on when there isn’t so he has an excuse to ignore you for the night because the “game is on.”

      • Luxe says:

        What is she going to do on that inevitable day when she tweets like he’s right there with her, but someone sees him somewhere else?

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Already happened. She said they were both in bed with the flu and some girl was tweeting about seeing him in an airport. LR didn’t bat an eye.

      • skuddles says:

        Why? I have to ask… how is it you know so much about MeAnn’s and Eddy’s private life?? I mean beyond the stuff she tweets to the world? Because you seem to know A LOT.

      • Why? says:


        That’s just it. Leann’s “private” life isn’t private. We know so much about Leann and Eddie’s not so private life because of Leann’s tweets, staged photo-ops/twitpics, blog entries, single white femaling of Brandi/Scheana/Lizzy, insecurity, oversharing with her fans on twitter, and interviews. All the information is there for all to see.

        Leann also does the same things over and over like she is following a script.

        The majority of the things Leann does with Eddie is based on what Eddie did with Brandi or Scheana. Leann’s “only one that matters” foot tattoo is something that Eddie’s mistress said in an interview with AH in 2009 and when Leann got that tattoo, Scheana was making her very first appearance on RHOBH the very next day. The media went on and on about how solid Leann and Eddie’s marriage was when she got that tattoo, but all they had to do was google Scheana’s name and the interview with Scheana’s “only one who matters” comment would have came up and they would have seen that Leann and Eddie’s marriage is a sham. What type of person walks around with a quote that they inaccurately copied from someone’s interview? And the sad thing is that Leann is proud of the tattoo, prancing around in shoes that show if off and even taking her shoes off at concerts so that everyone can see it.

  25. Shira says:

    Oh, but you’re ok with those awful jeans?!?

    The hair is STUNNING though.

  26. Zooyork says:

    I think that there is too much candy in the kids’ Easter baskets and just too much gifts in general in those baskets.
    Its not good for the boys long-term to be spoiled. Leon does not truly care about their best interests.
    If I were Brandi, I would be mad that the kids got that much junk. Its too excessive.

  27. BeachBelle says:

    I looked at the pictures of the Easter baskets earlier. In addition to everything else in both, one has a $50 gift certificate and two $25 gift certificates in it. The other one has one $50 and one $25 that I can see. The boys are six and ten or eleven I think. Talk about excessive and overboard. Brandi has always said LeAnn tried to buy the boys, and if this isn’t proof I don’t know what is, and then to post a picture? Crazy.

    Also all the quotes… I love this one from LeAnn this weekend that someone else posted on another article, too: “The world has grown suspicious of anything that looks like a happily married life. – Unknown” Is she nuts? The more LeAnn tries to confirm how happy she is and what a wonderful marriage she has (and she does this all the time) the more I know she trying to convince herself along with everyone else, too.

    • Jane says:

      I posted the info on her infamous “suspicious” tweet and it just made my stomach churn to see it in the first place. She is expounding all these quotes as if she is some soothsayer. It is sick behavior of the highest degree. She honestly thinks we buy this c&&& from her.

    • Jayna says:

      Those huge giftcards are so silly for an Easter basket of young children, but, more importantly, terribly crass to post a photo of it with those gift cards placed just right for the photo-op. Of course, this is Hollyweird, where people give ten-thousand-dollar birthday parties for a four-year-old (Hi, Kyle).

  28. Why? says:

    The most disturbing thing about the baskets is that she couldn’t keep it to herself. The fact that she just had to post photos of it and annouce to the world what she did for her bonus sons(so that come Monday the internet is slammed with over 30 articles about the basket), says that it was more about her and not the kids. Everyone is also missing one important thing about these baskets. Eddie. Why didn’t Eddie make these baskets for his kids? So Eddie is thoughtful enough to plant a herb garden/flowers in a vase for Leann & get LovE engraved on glass for Leann, yet he couldn’t be bothered to make his sons Easter baskets? Marcel said that Eddie financially supports his kids, but yet again Leann provides another example to contradict Marcel.

    The basket is also Leann’s staged photo-op/twitpic list. Look at the gift cards. So now we are going to see photos of her and Eddie with the kids at Gamestop or in some parking lot going/leaving Gamestop. Don’t you love how she got the youngest boy(his basket has the chalk) a Itunes Gift Card? So that she can download her album off of Itunes when it is released in the UK on 4/15 for him.

  29. K-rock says:

    She def put weight on. She doesn’t look as gristly as she did.

  30. rachel says:

    Girl looks really good (for her). So much better not scary skinny- and her skin looks good and a little glow-ey (BTW I am not a plant- Team Brandy!). Sorry if this was already said– I am posting after only skimming- a cardinal sin, I know.

  31. Sweet love says:

    How can Lehorse have a happy blissful marriage if she is investing all her time on twitter ? I don’t get it. She has so much free time on her hands. Makes you think that Eddie Rimes must certainly not be giving her the attention in the marriage… Only when he is drinking.

  32. Why? says:

    “Who else had MASSIVE amounts of food yesterday?!”

    Leann is setting the stage for the staged photo-ops she set up with Brandi’s kids and Eddie yesterday. Who will it be? AKM-GSI or Fame/flynet? People magazine?

    Today being April Fools, what’s the first thing that Leann does? First she claims that she forgot it was April Fools Day and then she sets off to spark pregnancy rumors. Why does she keep tweeting that it’s spring break? Because she wants everyone to know that she has Brandi’s kids. Why won’t she give those boys a break from the paps?

  33. Rita says:

    Look at that Easter Card. Does anybody think a man would pick that one? The words are fine but that card was pre-ordered by LeAnn…..it’s the only “pre-order” she can get these days.

    Speaking of pre-orders. She charges people to subscribe to her website with the same name as her album but the album apprears to be cancelled and she won’t talk to her fans about it.

    To be a LeAnn fan, one has to be smoking a joint as big as a cuban Montecristo.

  34. irishserra says:

    “…made a special appearance at a Jiffy Lube…”

    Funniest thing I’ve read all day!

  35. Chell says:

    Hey Meann~ just beacuse you load up the kids baskets with $100 gift cards & 50 pounds of chocolate, that doesn’t make you a good stepmom…excuse me “bonus mom”. And posting it all over Twitter just to prove how amazing you are actually makes you look desperate, like you are trying to prove something!
    This woman gets under my skin SO bad! She’s so pathetic.

  36. eileen says:

    LOL where’s Jezi?? The earrings! They’re baaaaaaaack!!!

  37. Hakura says:

    I *still* say that tattoo on her foot looks like a big ol’ blue vein in all her pictures.

  38. Why? says:

    Look what Leann just tweeted 12 min ago: “Headed to use the boys GameStop cards. They are burning a hole in their pockets!”

    Did I call it or what? Next happy family/devoted bonus mom staged photo-op…Gamestop with Brandi’s kids and Eddie. Why is Leann so predictable? Her typical pattern, she tweets where and when she is going to be with those boys and then hours later her mouthpieces post photos of her exactly where she said she would be with the boys. Sad. Gamestop staged photo-ops in 3, 2, 1. The only question is which one of her pap friends will she use today? Hopefully not the same one she used yesterday.

    It sounds like, it kills Leann when she can’t be papped with Brandi’s kids.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Did you see a follower told her to eat so she’d feed her baby? WTF? And you should seriously join the FBI as a profiler. #skills

      • Why? says:

        This is what she tweeted on Saturday after her staged photo-op with AKM-GSI and Fame/Flynet: “Takeout from our favorite Mexican food spot Sol Y Luna, so good! Time for a beer and the sunset!!!”

        I don’t think that she is pregnant(unless she is drinking while pregnant), just that she is playing cat and mouse with the media just like she did with her engagement.

        Leann was the first person to bring up her “pregnancy” since today is April Fools. It’s just another means of getting attention, just like the Gamestop photo-op with Brandi’s kids. One of her fans also tweeted an US of a baby with it’s middle finger sticking up to Leann.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I’m stuck between hoping she’s pregnant so maybe her obsession with the boys will lessen and being like, no way, some poor baby does not need THIS as it’s bio mom. Thoughts on where her engagement ring is? I’m serious, you have what we call mad skillz in the city. :)

    • Lady D says:

      I wish, wish, wish, Brandi would show up there too when the cameras are waiting. Falkor does enough tweeting about her current and future locations that Brandi could show up at everyone of them. Think of the attention Grimes would get with Brandi in all her pictures. I wonder what Falkor would do if B started copying her style, haircuts, took front row seats at her concerts etc. It would be funny to watch I think.

    • brin says:

      Not that she ever needed a reason for a photo op, but today is RHOBH day so it’s an extra incentive.

  39. KellyinSeattle says:

    Did she sing at Jiffy Lube? I don’t get it. Weird. She’s trying to do charity but has photos of it…other celebs do charity work w/t having to brag about it. She’s missing a couple things: dignity and class.

    • claire says:

      I guess a fundraiser used Jiffy Lube’s parking lot to set up booths and stuff?

      On another site someone shared that one of the rescues at that fundraiser posted a photo of her with a dog on their Facebook page and got bombarded with hate comments (towards Leann, not the dogs, obviously). They had to take the photo down and admonish people. Sad for the rescue, huh? I’m curious if she knows that happened or not.

  40. TheTruthHurts says:

    Hold up….Sooooo, she’s claiming Eddie planted her an “herb garden,” yet, no photo of said herb garden? This, coming from the woman who will take a photo and post anything to prove her husband’s “love” for her? But yet she only posts a photo of a cutesy card, which she more than likely could have purchased herself? Like I said in a post above, the little flower at the bottom of the card does not qualify as an herb garden dear. No photos of their “family” Easter with the boys in the new “Casa?” Mmmmmhmmm. Maybe Eddie was smart and took the boys by himself to see the grandparents. I also think it’s hilarious how she was nailed about the Laker game. If you had the Laker game going on the tv in the background, one look would tell you if they are playing or not, just by their uniforms. She is SUCH a fake!!

  41. Gal says:

    This is waht happened: Someone called her and told her there were paps taking pictures at a charity event. She didn’t have time to change into her bikini and ran of the house with those crappy jeans on.

  42. apsutter says:

    Dear lord…why the hell is she tweeting so much?!?! I love how much she tweets to show how busy she is doing this and that. News flash, people who are actually happy and out LIVING their lives don’t tweet like she does. When I have a busy weekend or go on an outing with the bf I wont be on twitter or facebook for days at a time. Then again I like to actually enjoy my life and live drama free unlike crazypants Meann.

  43. Stuart Horsely says:

    An interesting and funny story: years ago I dated a fellow with a shoe fetish. He had fabulous taste in shoes and heels (high). He once noted that “you can spot the losers by the type of heels they wear: losers always wear wedge heels.” I’ve always noticed it to be oddly true. Furthermore, as a former mental health worker, her body language is saying something to me. It’s forced, very forced, and it’s not at all genuine. She’s putting on an act here. At home with Eddie is not all sweetness and light, trust me there.

  44. Memphis says:

    Yeah I can just see Eddie strolling the aisle at Walgreens looking for the cutest, girly-est, most childish card he can find to show his undying devotion to LeLe on fricken Easter. LOL

    Give. IT. Up, Leann.

    Eddie was off boning a waitress while you made Easter baskets, planted yourself some herbs in your garden, and picked out a card for the kids which you then passed off as your own when Eddie showed no interest.

    LOL. At least she’s always good for a laugh.

  45. Why? says:

    “Successful kid trip to GameStop! Going home to make tacos. Love cooking in our new kitchen.”-Leann Rimes

    AKM-GSI and Fame/Flynet must have gotten some good photos of the kids. Or by successful kid trip, Leann means the oldest boy cooperated and didn’t try to hide when he saw AKM-GSI or Fame/Flynet.

    I bet she loves cooking in her new kitchen just as much as she loved watching the Lakers game on Friday with Eddie!

  46. Sheila McCoy says:

    Kaiser/CB: I think you are totally missing that LeAnn is pregnant! That’s my theory. Her face is definitely fuller, she’s wearing blousy tops for the past 6 weeks or so, she’s definitely gained weight.
    That’s my theory — if she is pregnant by my count it would be another 6 weeks or so before she’d be in the “safe” zone to announce but LeAnn is definitely fuller in her face AND her middle she is trying to cover up

  47. Kiikii80 says:

    Does anyone not see her big belly popping out in the first photo? She is obviously pregnant!

    • Why? says:

      The major problem is that after this staged photo-op she had a beer and on Friday(the day she “watched” the Lakers with Eddie), she had wine. While she was in London she tweeted that she had a vintage cocktail, drunk red bull and water, and annouced that she was going to be in the pubs on St Patricks Day. So she is doing a lot of drinking for a pregnant woman. Which is odd because if Leann is pregnant, why hasn’t the media slammed her by now for drinking while pregnant just like they do everyone else?

    • UghInsomnia says:

      Nooo. Your uterus is still well below your pelvic bone this early on, and if she was farther along, she wouldn’t be able to get those jeans buttoned.

    • Jane says:

      If you call her on it I bet she’ll use the same lame a$$ excuse from a couple years ago, “It’s not a bear gut, honey, those are abs!”.

      I’m actually shocked that she hasn’t been prancing around in a bikini lately! No doubt she is going to have another vacation to Cabo soon. Isn’t she due for another one of those?

  48. gg says:

    Those pulled-back bangs are my most hated hairdo of all time. My mom used to do that to mine and my sisters’ hair and we despised it with the heat of a thousand suns. We’d take out the barrette just as soon as we cleared the house on the way to school. :: shudder ::

  49. Amanda says:

    Who gets presents for their significant other for Easter? Am I the only one who thinks that’s weird? I mean getting your kid an Easter basket is the norm, but i mean the purpose of Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I’m not connecting the dots here!

  50. Ming says:

    Just because leann holds a puppy doesn’t mean we forget about all her craziness…even if said photo is perfectly set up and papped by the usual sources.
    Her teeth are smaller in the front, but all the molars and side teeth are still the old big ones..maybe that’s why her face looks stretched from side to side when she smiles.
    I have also notice no ring for awhile..she definitely sold it to put money down for the house. Her upcoming casino shows prove the desperation.

  51. janie says:

    Once again she is trying so hard to convince anyone how ‘happy’ she is… It’s so sad.

  52. Lexi says:

    Everything she says is sooo fake and all the photos are totally staged! She is trying soooo hard to act like everything is great and wonderful, but it aint fooling anyone, everyone knows its just an act and that their marriage isnt great and awesome

  53. Why? says:

    Stay tuned for a “Lizzy and Leann spa & shopping spree girl’s day” staged photo-op near you. It’s amazing how Leann “reconnects” with Liz and Dave and starts tweeting about them again on the very same day that several people pointed out how Leann hasn’t been seen with Lizzy since the parking lot “crying” incident. Well now we know for sure that Leann is reading here.

    Here are Leann’s tweets about Lizzy and Dave:

    TWEET 1: “Our friends Dave and Liz just got us soooo good on April Fools. Omg, my heart sank!!!! Going to get them back for sure”-Leann Rimes

    TWEET 2: “@vigyal it involved a hospital and them not speaking to each other. It had me in tears!! Going to get them back so bad!!”

    Could Leann be anymore transparent and obvious?

    Leann’s craziest single white female moment is that Leann is releasing Spitfire in the UK on 4/15, Brandi’s son’s birthday. It looks like they worked out the problems they were having with pre-sales. I wonder why they removed her album so quickly from the pre-sales on amazon and B & N right after her London tour? Did Leann and Curb have a disagreement about the release of her album because the London tour wasn’t as successful as they were telling everyone?

    • Jane says:

      Well, now we know Leann lurks here (Hi LeLe!) So, Leann…when are you, Eddie and Lizzy going to Cabo in bikinis making out on some balcony again? Then tweet about the AMAZING company that sent you the AMAZING bikini. While you’re at it, rent another yacht to have staged photos taken. He’s another perfectly staged photo for you: Have Eddie feeding you to show the world how he adores you seeing that he hasn’t been seen or heard from in quite a while. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if we see this in the near future.

  54. Why? says:

    What really had Leann in tears is the fear that Lizzy and Dave’s breakup would be followed by Eddie telling her that he wanted a divorce because he was leaving her for Lizzy. Are Lizzy and Dave that really great at acting? Because inorder for Leann to fall for their joke to the point she claims to have broken down in tears, there has to be something very bad about Lizzy and Dave’s marriage that would make Leann very certain that a breakup was coming. What would make Leann certain that a breakup between Lizzy and Dave was possible? Eddie. Leann needs to stop tweeting because she reveals way more than what she intends.

    • Ming says:

      someone asked you above how you know so much.. its not hard to read between the lines of leanns own tweets mixed with her multiple interviews and quotes she has given recently. she makes it obvious and easy.
      anyone with a memory and eyes can clearly see the lies and circle stories leann tells.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      I don’t understand why you think Eddie is interested in Lizzy of all people? I think they are always together b/c her husband is his best friend and Eddie would rather do things like vacation with another couple than be alone with his wife. Lizzy is NOT attractive and her lips are horrible, why would Eddie want her? It’s not like with LeAnn where he gets money & prezzies out of the situation. I think Eddie would be much more interested in Playboy models, gorgeous waitresses, actresses, etc over that Lizzy.

      Oh, someone on Twitter today said that there are pics of Eddie & some woman coming out of a “safe house” being shopped around “allegedly” and LeAnn better “buckle up” or something. Does anyone know more about this?

      • brin says:

        No, but can’t wait to find out!

      • Theskinny says:

        She knows he cheats. You won’t hear about it because she will pay them off, buy them an ipad and make them sign a nondisclosure agreement. She’s WHITE TRASH ya’ll. They don’t care if he screws around cause he sleeps at HER HOUSE. rme. Their relationship is so gross. But like any ignorant, non educated, ugly woman would think “It’s not what is actually happening that is important. It’s the lies I sell myself and others.”

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        I do believe that she buys the chicks silence with $$ and Ipads. But what if an independent paparazzi had the photo and not the girl? Yes, she could buy them off too if she found out who it was, but one day, there will be a paparazzi or photo agency, etc who will think they will get more $$ from all the magazines printing the photo over and over and will already own an ipad. LOL

      • Why? says:

        Why would Eddie be interested in Lizzy?Because she has a pulse. The common misconception is that Eddie has a type, but as we can clearly see in his choices of women(ie-Brandi, Leann, Scheana)Eddie doesn’t have a type. Since Eddie slept with Leann, why wouldn’t he sleep with Lizzy? Leann went through the trouble to get bangs just like Lizzy because everyone was calling her out for copying Brandi, made out with Lizzy on a balcony while Eddie watched, has her body tattooed in the same places that Lizzy has tattoos, and celebrated her birthday an entire month because it’s the same month that Lizzy also has a birthday and she had to one up her, so Lizzy isn’t just with Leann and Eddie all the time because her husband and Eddie are BFFs. Based on Leann’s own staged photo-ops we know that something is going on between Eddie and Lizzy. There is a photo of Eddie watching Dave grab Lizzy’s behind and another one of him flirting with Lizzy right in front of Leann’s face.

        If Eddie had a type, Leann wouldn’t be worried about him kissing pretty girls when he is on the set.

  55. WE says:

    love the wedges
    and the fact that she is gaining weight
    either she is preggers or he is cheating big time and she can’t do anything about it

  56. Christin says:

    Last week’s Lakers game mixup is classic. What guy who follows a team does not know their game / TV schedule for any given week or weekend? Makes me wonder if he might have been out “to watch the game” with a buddy that evening, leaving wife at home to stage wine glass photos and tweet away.

    • Jane says:

      Remember people, Leann has barely a high school education (if that). She thinks like a 16 year old. (And a totally spoiled one at that) Therefore she insists the whole world is going to believe everything she says regardless of the situation. When she gets caught in a lie, her 16 year old mentality cannot handle it. She either ignores it or turns b!tchy. Right now she in conjuring up a plan to “prove us all wrong” and stage an extreme romantically charged photo-op with Eddie.

      • Deanne says:

        You know, sociopaths will not back down from a lie, even when they are caught and proven to be lying. She gets outed so frequently, you’d think she’d give it a rest, but she seems compelled to keep going. Most people are mortified when they get caught lying, even when it’s just a “white lie”. She seems to think that she can choreograph and stage things to convince everyone about her perfect marriage and excellence as bonus mommy. She’s scary as hell.

      • brin says:

        She can’t control everything all the time, sooner or later it will all come crashing down.

      • Christin says:

        I remember when her parents pulled her out of middle school (junior high), and have always wondered if she got her GED or just quit the tutoring around 16. Middle school is rough for most anyone. If she had remained in school she might have gained some emotional maturity and conflict management skills.

      • Ming says:

        most people would die of shame after being called out about lying especially since there is legit proof of her multiple lies..but not leann. its almost like it fuels her fire, the more people question her and have comments, the more leann lies.
        she is stuck in high school forever trying to get people to like her and to be accepted into the “popular” group–easter last year with kim k, tweeting other celebs who never respond.
        leann has zero communication skills and minimal people skills.

  57. Helvetica says:

    I love her jeans.
    I do not love how she has to tweet every single thing she and Eddie do. Tweeting his card to her? Have some privacy, woman! (I know this is a concept lost on her).

  58. Deanne says:

    No one who tweets as much as LeAnn has the last couple of days, is living a happy life. How can she be enjoying anything that she experiences when she has her phone glued to her hand 24/7? She tweets while at dinner, when getting “romantic” with her husband, while undergoing dental surgery, while on vacation and seemingly before and after every single thing she does. She even says she’s done tweeting for the day and then comes back an hour later and keeps on tweeting. What kind of mental state must she be in right now? I feel like a dam is about to break or something. Like she is covering up for something that’s happening right now. Maybe concerning her album, maybe about Eddie. She’s trying to deflect. She will not stop tweeting about those kids even though people call her out for it constantly. She says she won’t stop sharing her happiness regardless of what anyone thinks, including their Mother. Is nothing sacred to this woman? Something’s up, that’s for sure. The question is, what?

  59. Jane says:

    @brin…oh no, I hope you didn’t think I was trying to diss you. I agree with you and thought it was very clever, but then then I also thought of what Brandi said in her book. Peace.

  60. Why? says:

    Good News: So far no “happy family/devoted bonus mom” staged photo-ops of Leann and Eddie with Brandi’s kids on Sunday or Monday have surfaced.

    Bad News: Leann went nuts on twitter last night and this morning, tweeting that she doesn’t have to respect Brandi and that she has the right to tweet about Brandi’s kids because she has a right to share her happiness. Is this what they taught Leann in rehab? It’s like she is trying to incite a war between stepmothers and the mothers of their stepkids. It’s like the crumbling of her marriage is being manifested in her tweets and she is blaming Brandi for breakdown of her and Eddie’s marriage.

  61. candigirl says:

    I’m glad people mentioned Leann’s stalking, because it has not stopped. The outfit earlier in the week, where she wore Brandi’s ripped cuffed jeans, the nude wedges and the white purse was another SWF of Brandi. And the parking lot appearance for the charity was because Brandi was at the McD’s charity event earlier in the week. Leann started gaining weight right after Brandi’s interview with Howard Stern when she said Leann was too thin and it wasn’t a good look. Everything Leann does is in response to or a copy of Brandi. Somehow Brandi is her obsession (love or lust?) And I agree that she will use the kids and endanger them if it helps her get Brandi’s attention. The sad part is that Eddie is so checked out on Leann, I bet he doesn’t even know half the psycho crap she pulls. He must have a full time romance going on with the new waitress.

    • Mela says:

      She is such a petulant disrespectful little girl. Leann should put her feelings aside and have respect for Brandi as mother of the children. Leann doesnt have to like Brandi, but Leann should respect Brandi’s authority over her children. I really don’t get what Leann sees that “no one” else sees about Brandi that would warrant a total disrespect for her as mother. Leann is the true definition of an evil stepmother!

      • candigirl says:

        Yep I agree. But I don’t think there is anything real that Leann “sees” about Brandi, it’s just wishful thinking. Leann wishes Brandi wasn’t there, as in never lived or left Limp Eddie and the boys years ago. That’s why she calls Brandi a “bio mom” like she was a surrogate who gave just birth to the boys and then abandoned them. It’s very disrespectful because Leann doesn’t want to acknowledge Brandi’s existence and long history as a wife and mother to HPV Eddie and the boys. Leann wants to wipe out that history, pretend there was no Brandi, and act as if she is Brandi, the model who married Eddie and now is the Beverly Hills wife and mom of two kids. That’s why she SWF’s Brandi, she obsesses about her because in Leann’s mind SHE IS BRANDI. It’s like the psycho killer James Gumb in Silence of the Lambs.

  62. Jane says:

    Has anyone read about this so-called “snake incident” that is mentioned on line? Apparently there was a snake in her yard and she flipped out over it. E Online posted some dribble about it.

    Her twitter shows the incident as well plus a new “Strike a pose” picture” that is revolting. Her make up is just awful and something is wrong with her nose—seriously wrong. She’s also whining that she doesn’t want to finish getting dressed and begging for someone to her finish. So…..why isn’t Eddie helping her? Is he spending the day with his mistress?

    • Deanne says:

      Like I said, something’s brewing. I don’t know what’s going on, but her Twitter behavior is reaching manic proportions. The hysteria about the snake, the asking for someone to come help her get ready, the weird arm over the head, posed photo. All attention seeking. Add that to the plethora of insults to the boys real Mother and you’ve got LeAnn at her finest. Why do that group of woman refer to the real Mother as Bio-mom? They haven’t adopted the children. Step-mothers have zero legal right when it comes to the kids. They can’t even access medical information, If they get divorced, the kids never have to see them again. Does LeAnn realize this at all?

      • BeachBell says:

        OMG. That picture she put on Twitter today. It’s just plain awful of her. No way…. No way in hell Mr. Rimes is physically attracted to her. He has to keep his eyes shut most of the time, and I agree. Something is up with her, and it’s definitely something she DOESN’T like at all.

      • Jane says:

        Brandi is hinting on Twitter that something amazing has just happened, therefore Leann is up in arms and feels threatened. Seeing that Eddie is not literally by her side right now, she is having some sort of panic attack and is being passive aggressive at the same time. No doubt she wants to stir the pot. A petulant child does that when she is not the center of attention and wants to create drama and trouble for someone who is better off in a certain situation (such as Brandi), Either Brandi is financially doing very well now, is in the process of signing another lucrative book deal or the gossip about making her first book into a movie is/are coming true. Brandi’s career is going nowhere but up while Leann’s is going down. Leann simply cannot stand that someone is thriving. In her world, only SHE can thrive and do well. Others must fail-at all costs.

      • Eileen says:

        I think sh!t is about to hit the fan folks!!

      • brin says:

        Eileen…it’s a loooong time coming…woo hoo!!

  63. Why? says:

    Is it true that Curb postponed the US release of Leann’s album or was Leann just pulling an April Fools prank on her fans?

    • Jane says:

      Strange situation. The CD is available on Amazon for Canada, Germany, Japan and the UK between the dates of April 15-19. However the US and France have a Currently Unavailable tag attached to it. China, Italy, Brazil and Spain aren’t even carrying it as an import.

      • Deanne says:

        Actually, Amazon.ca now says that is doesn’t have a release date for the product. Wonder what’s really going on with it. She and DB were both frothing at the mouth with there gushing about how excited the record company was with the album. Now, they are saying nothing and aren’t even answering questions. If it really was just a temporary delay, wouldn’t they both be tweeting about it? LeAnn shares EVERYTHING on Twitter. Why not this. Bizarre or what.

  64. Christin says:

    Well, the ACMs (country music awards) are April 7, the same night she’s booked at a 1,200 seat venue in Florida (following a Mississippi casino gig on Friday). I also noticed she’s scheduled to appear in a small town near one of her most ardent supporters (“day one fan”) in May. I certainly hope that loyal supporter gets a free ticket to the show.

  65. Dee says:

    Twitter rumors say some pictures may be coming out very soon. Something to do with Eddie and his mistress and a baby?? Asking if Leann is ready to be a bonus mommy for the 3rd time. Lots of speculation. My thoughts… Her assistant that went to the UK with them. Last I read she was in Brazil visiting her family. Wonder if Eddie knocked her up. Wouldn’t put it past him. All speculation of course. I will only believe any of it when I see it and no matter what they will both deny deny deny as we all know. I am so tired of waiting for the pink wig to come out. Lets get the show on the road here.

    • brin says:

      Yeah, if this is as epic as it sounds, it will be worth the wait!

    • Jane says:

      According to the IWiveClub Twitter—it is Leann’s assistant. She is supposedly pregnant with Eddie’s baby. The tweets are nuts. I have checked TMZ, Perez and Radar online and they have nothing on this. LOL–I’ve picked one heck of a week to be housebound with an epic sinus infection. I actually forgot how blooming sick I was for a few hours. Seeing that I won’t get much sleep because of the pain, this shall keep me company for awhile.

      • Dee says:

        LOL, my intuition was good then! I had a funny feeling about that gal for sometime now. I mean she was always around. There is a pix out there somewhere of her and Leann out shopping during the time Leann was packing for the move. I thought when I saw that picture that I wouldn’t be surprised if Eddie wasn’t hitting it with her since she was close and trusted by Lele.She might as well of handed her to him on a platter if the rumors are true.

  66. Lynda says:

    TWITTER is on fire with gossip that Mr. Ed has a baby on the way with someone other than wewe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOA! https://twitter.com/IWiveClub/status/319223150988627968/photo/1

  67. Baylor says:

    It galls me so much that LeAnn thinks she can disrespect Brandi completely as a mother/her wishs because she “knows stuff” about Brandi.

    There are very few incidents/situations that could warrant that kind of reaction. They include:

    1)Brandi was truly just a biomom/surrogate/gestional carrier who then handed the kids over immediately to Leann for adoption, etc.
    - We know for a fact the above is not true.

    2) Brandi seriously hurt/endangered the children’s safety and/or lives. This includes her physically/sexually abusing the children or permitting others to do so, trying to kill the children, leaving the children completely alone for hours on end, and feeding them illegal substances.
    - If any of the above were true than there is no way CPS wouldn’t have been involved in this case. Eddie would also be just as much to blame for leaving her with them alone on a constant basis. Then if for some reason he “didn’t know” and then found out later, he is an equally horrible person for permitting it to continue and allowing her to have custody at all.
    Therefore, I don’t think any of the above is true.
    I think LeAnn thinks things like vag rejuv. and “brandi may have cheated” and “brandi won’t shut her mouth” are reasons to disrespect her. They are NOT.

  68. Snowpea says:

    Rimes tweeted: “Hey my love @kikicaldas just heard the funniest rumor of life!!!! Btw, I’m throwing your baby shower!”

    …and then about five people tweeted stuff about Eddie’s baby and baby mama and a few mins later she’d deleted it.

    God it sucks to be Leann Rimes doesn’t it? What the effing eff is wrong with her? She just makes it too damn easy to dislike her.

    But seriously, if the Brazilian assistant IS knocked up can you imagine what is going on down in the Rimes/Cibrian ‘casa’ right now?

    Holy herb garden, Rimes must be having a psychotic meltdown right about now. And I feel very very sorry for her, even though she has been the architect of her own demise : (

  69. SouthernGal says:

    That entire get up is FUG! Period. And WTF is up with those earrings. One would assume those are her only pair.

    Now on to the pregnant assistant. I’m on Twitter and it is an interesting rumor. Hard for me to believe but she did Tweet something regarding her assistant being in Brazil to her followers and asking them to beg her to come back. Not sure why but whatever. If the rumor is true…KARMA. I feel sorry for the boys if it is because their nothing ass father can’t be faithful to anyone. But you get what you pay for (and we all know LeAnn paid to get him and is paying to keep him).

    My hubby travels (50% of the time) and there is no need to tag along on his trips. I have my own business and three children that require my time and attention. She is pathetic. The man can’t even work without her being attached to his ass. He will be working on The Best Man II and I wonder how many wives will be on set with their husbands.

    LeAnn is a sad sad human being. She don’t have any real friends and let’s be real she is not very attractive. She is trying to be this LA babe but comes off as homely and desperate. Curb shelved the album and she knows that her career is OVER. All that is left is her need to create drama to stay relevant. Brandi is moving upward and ignoring her which just fuels her need for the attention (which explains the passive aggressive tweets).

  70. Why? says:

    It’s quite pathetic that Leann is so insecure that she is on twitter acting like she has never been to Canada before just so that she can draw attention to the fact that she will be in Canada with Eddie while he is filming with his gambling buddy Morris Chestnut, but then again Leann is just doing damage control. Her husband is a cheater and she is afraid that his affairs will become the #1 headline because then she would be forced to face the truth that her marriage to Eddie isn’t any better than his marriage to Brandi. If only the media would stop falling for Leann’s ridiculous attempts to save face. Eddie is a cheater and being papped in Canada every day, posting twitpics from the set, or stalking his castmakes isn’t going to convince anyone that Eddie is being faithful. It would be nice if for once, the media were on the same page with the general public concerning the farce that is Leann and Eddie’s marriage.

    Strange how Eddie can gamble with Morris Chestnut every week without being papped once, but AKM-GSI/FameFlynet/Splashnews always knows where to find him and his kids. When Morris Chestnut was on Wendy Williams he stated that he goes gambling with Eddie. Funny how Leann never mentioned this considering that according to Morris Chestnut he and Eddie are really good friends who went to school together! Such good friends that he got Eddie a part in the sequel to a movie he did in 1999.

    Why is Leann so afraid to leave Eddie all alone in Canada with his gambling buddy Morris Chestnut? If her marriage is as secure as she claimed in the retweets she made on Saturday, then she will let Eddie go to Canada for those 4 weeks by himself.

    • Jane says:

      I think it is such a joke that she went out of her way to Tweet that she was going to be in Toronto and had to ask her followers what to do there.I could sworn that she filmed Reel Love in Toronto with Burt Reynolds a few years ago. She would know the hot spots there, yes? I could be wrong, though. P I’m on heavy doses of meds for my illness. Please…can someone verify?

      • brin says:

        I’m pretty sure it was filmed there.
        Hope you feel better.

      • Christin says:

        Several mid-2011 photos and articles online reference her filming in Toronto. Eddie came for a visit, too. Since she was in and around Toronto less than 2 years ago, she should be familiar with the city. I was there for a business trip 10 years ago for just three days and remember it well. It’s a great place, but I think her main reason for going is to keep an eye on hubby.

        I am amazed that EDDIE isn’t the one the paps are chasing. Seems like catching him in action (partying, etc.) would be more lucrative than photos of them and the kids in parking lots. Am I missing something?

      • Why? says:

        Leann’s lies are getting out of hand. Not only did she film Reel Love in Ontario, she and Eddie were papped in Toronto taking a “romantic stroll” on May 7 and walking on the set together on May 6(Leann even tweeted photos of herself kissing Eddie in her trailer).

        Why act like she doesn’t know what to do in Toronto or where to dine/eat in Toronto when she made a big deal about checking out Toronto with Eddie in 2011? This is from one of staged photo-ops Leann set up in Toronto with Eddie in 2011:

        “Eddie Cibrian wraps his arm around wife LeAnn Rimes while going for a stroll on Saturday (May 7) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.”

        “Having the be[s]t day in Toronto!!!! Amazing food at Le Select Bistro….croissants are heaven,” LeAnn, 28, tweeted.

        “Just had THE BEST time walking around Toronto trying every pastry and coffee shop and taking pics of such interesting things w/ my husband,” she said in another tweet, before adding, “The people of Canada are the sweetest! Honestly, I love it here.”

  71. citygirlsf says:

    Wow. She looks really pretty! This is her PERFECT weight.

  72. Jane says:

    @brin. Thank you. Now I know I am not losing my mind. Also, thank for the support. Sinus infections suck! At least I have a proper excuse for not thinking straight. Leann has no excuse. She’s just flipping crazy!

  73. Jane says:

    @Christin. Spot on. Yeah, it would make sense to have the paps hounding him day and night to see if he is on to something. Parking lot shorts are just bot cutting it anymore. I wonder why it is not happening? I simply does not make sense, but then…nothing about that marriage makes any sense.

    Thanks for the second notion for the Toronto filming. Someone should Tweet her telling her to recall Reel Love’s filming there and why doesn’t she know of any good places to tour. I’d love to see her squirm out of that one.

  74. Why? says:

    It’s a combination of Eddie not wanting to be seen when he is “picking out floors/planting a herb garden/working” and Leann instructing her pap friends/tabloids not to photograph Eddie under certain conditions and then giving them some sort of incentive to hold up their end of the deal. US Weekly works mainly with Fame/Flynet. Since Leann has a deal with Fame/Flynet we know that US Weekly isn’t going to expose Eddie’s affairs. Leann feeds Star and NE stories about herself. There might be a connection between PCN and Eonline. “Eddie” threatened to sue Life and Style when they said he cheated on Leann with SMJ in 2009. People magazine won’t ever write anything negative about Leann. OK follows US Weekly lead. So what pap or tabloid agency does that leave to expose Eddie’s affairs?

    Eddie was papped alone twice. Once by x17 while Leann was in “rehab”, but no other media outlet picked it up, so Leann probably had x17 babysitting Eddie. Then by that pap agency that caught Eddie without his ring. I don’t know how that agency knew where to find Eddie, but TDM uses it a lot.

    • Jane says:

      The only people/agency I can remotely think of is TMZ and In Touch magazine and that is grasping at straws here. This whole thing is just so utterly insane, I simply cannot wrap my mind around it. I am wondering what the “incentive” is. Is it that lucrative that the paps/organizations keep up their end of the deal? What blows my mind is she is not an A lister with hundreds of millions to her name (Hello Madonna). Does she bribe-pay off people to get her way? How long can she keep this scenario going on before she is filing for bankruptcy?

      • Why? says:

        Bribe-pay offs and when that doesn’t work bullying(ie-C & D, lawsuits, employs the help of her fans/manager/hairstylist).

        She made a special effort to make up with her dad last year, so her finances might be coming from him. By the way she tweets about certain products(ie-clear travel bags), it looks like she is getting paid for tweeting. I also wonder how much she gets paid for showing up at those charity events. She also has her BFF who tweeted about having dinner with Eddie and Leann last night because everyone was doubting Leann’s “Eddie is home with me” tweets after her huge Lakers blunder.

      • brin says:

        I agree, this makes no sense. They know it would be a $$maker for them and Leann is not Angelina Jolie (deep pockets). Someone will publish pics if it makes money for them.

  75. Deanne says:

    Wow, LeAnn says that nobody owns anybody or anything but she sure tweets using the words my and mine a lot. That along with me, me, me, I, I, I and you’d think that she was some sort of narcissistic hypocrite. Good thing she sets everyone straight by telling them what a saint she is and how no one knows how much SHE has to put up with, but still rises above it all. She uses Twitter like a propaganda weapon and then cries bully whenever anyone calls her out for it. She tweets non-stop from a public account and then calls people mental and obsessed for reading her crazy tweets. Girl’s got a problem. Makes me think that Eddie’s on the missing list. If he’s there, what does he do? Sit beside her while she texts like a mad woman? Must be fun.

    • Mela says:

      I know! I noticed the night she put up the “jake just said ‘country for life!’” (which really isn’t all that tweet worthy by the way, kids say funny stuff all the time??) that she went on to get extremely angry and defensive for hours on twitter. What exactly is she doing with the kids and hubby at her house while she is tweeting angrily? She claims to have such a happy home life with her hubby and step kids but I’ve noticed she tweets through most of her time spent “with” them. And she tweets in a very hostile tone 99% of the time when speaking about her husband and stepkids. It really says something about her state of mind while she is with her step kids and hubby. I hope she doesn’t take out her bitterness and anger out on the kids.

      She must be one of those really rude people who have their eyes glued to their phone constantly. Not that Eddie cares, I’m sure. The more she is occupied with other things besides him, the better he thinks I’m sure of it.

      I hope she isn’t bitching out loud about the tweets and exposing the children to her stupid twitter drama.

      • Deanne says:

        You are right about her tweets having an odd,hostile tone. She’s so defensive. She’s off the rails right now with the Bio-mom crap. Brandi and Eddie were married for almost a decade and share two children. If that isn’t a bond, I don’t know what is. They made two babies that share their genetic make-up, but according to LeAnn, sleeping with the Dad is the real bond. The last two days, she’s exposed herself as being an unfit step-parent, just by her non-stop tweeting and insults towards the MOTHER of the children she claims to love. How can she be properly taking care of them, if she is Twitter fighting with people all day and night long and taking the time to post quote after quote and also engage with fellow “special” step-parents, who kiss her ass and feed her delusion. Seriously, she’s tweeted enough to show that she can’t even be paying attention to the kids. So who is? Eddie’s Mother or a nanny? She’s unstable, deluded and despite her protestations, a crappy step-parent. Her hostility alone shows she’s unfit. The “Jake says he’s country for life” tweet was stupid. Does she have to tell the world everything the kids say and do? She’s already tweeted their school address and tells the paps exactly where to find them whenever they leave the house to take part in games and outings. Can nothing be kept sacred? I guess her “intense love” of them doesn’t include respecting their privacy. Sometimes, I get the feeling, that despite her protestations that she and Eddie are planning a family, that isn’t the truth and she’s claiming the boys as belonging to her because she knows she’ll never have her own. When those boys are older and can tell her to back the hell off, she’s not going to handle it well. I completely agree with you that Eddie is probably glad that she’s occupied with something other than him. He looks miserable most of the time now.

  76. Jane says:

    She recently Tweeted that she is in talks with a new record label. So, Curb dumped her?

  77. Dee says:

    I don’t feel a bit sorry for Leann. She brought all this on herself. She was a spoiled child, and she never had to share anything in her life. She can’t stand it that she has to “share” these children. She would like nothing better then for Brandi to evaporate and she could have it all. That’s what she is used to> “Having it all.” I seriously doubt she can have a child of her own, otherwise she would already have one. She is so jealous of Brandi because Brandi has something she doesn’t. She can SWF everything Brandi , but… She can’t copy two little boys so only thing she can do is borrow them for a while and send them back, and we all know Leann hates to give anything back that she borrows.

  78. Mela says:

    Her latest tweet is a real gem

    Gives birth
    Makes sacrifices
    Offers support
    Financially supports

    Makes sacrifices
    Offers support
    Financially supports
    Shares a bond with their dad

    Love this! ”

    So mom just gives birth to her babies on a silver platter for homewreckers to take and then call themselves mom? Jesus Christ. Stepmom shares a bond with their dad and mom does not? Leann boinks Daddy and pays his bills, MOM HAS CHILDREN WITH DAD you dip!!! And how many mistress’s also share this bond with Daddy Eddie?! Idiot.

    Those babies are Brandi’s flesh and blood. She has raised them from conception. Mason, Jake and Brandi have a primal and genetic bond that Leann will never be able to duplicate, replicate or replace. Her posting these idiotic tweets do not change that fact. Ever.

    Good lord, this might be her most epic, delusional tweet ever.

    • Jane says:

      I’m waiting for the day when one of her bonus boys grow up have an attitude and tells her “You’re NOT my mother so f*** off!” I would pay money to see that!

    • BeachBell says:

      I am more and more convinced LeAnn is sitting home alone and does most all the time. If she had a real life with friends and things to do she would not have time to spend hours on any phone or computer tweeting. She is obsessed with this bonus-Mother thing and trying to convince EVERYONE she is just a wonderful person, and the more she tweets the more pathetic and miserable she appears. Could it be LeAnn knows she will never have children of her own? I am beginning to think that’s why she wants Brandi’s children so bad.

    • Christin says:

      As those boys get older, they will become more independent and it will be harder to get their attention. I don’t understand the incessant tweeting on the stepmom topic, unless it is an attempt to degrade the mother and raise her own value in her husband’s eyes (as in, I am so important to your children). As others have said, if there is a divorce, she will have no legal right to see those kids. She should not be interfering with the parents’ decisions. If she has such a solid marriage of destiny as she tries to portray, she shouldn’t have an issue with the parents making decisions, talking, attending school meetings together, etc.

      I may be wrong, but I think a lot of her behavior is about hanging on to Ed. Truly content people don’t behave like this. Would he be with her if she had very little money and no fame? That is probably a question she avoids as much as discussing why her album isn’t showing up for purchase.

    • Why? says:

      “Shares a bond with their dad”

      Why does Leann feel so threatened by Brandi’s presence in Eddie’s life if according to Leann, DB, and her friends Eddie loves Leann and wouldn’t dare cheat on her? What is going on behind closed doors between Eddie and Brandi that has Leann all up in arms? Brandi and Eddie have two sons, therefore Brandi and Eddie will share a bond for lifetime.

      What sticks out the most about Leann’s last comment in the list is that based on Leann’s tweets, staged photo-ops, and interviews, Leann and Eddie don’t share a bond. Unless of course the bond she is refering to is Lizzy.

      • Jane says:

        Leann has an extremely unhealthy amount of jealousy of Brandi that is eating her up inside. So much so that there is an element of schizophrenia to her. So much for the “rehab” she went to a few months ago. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Leann found out she cannot have children and is trying desperately to get Brandi’s kids…at all costs.

  79. Christin says:

    A performing arts venue (1,100 or so seats) in a very small Tennessee town is running an ad promote her scheduled appearance. The headline describes her as “Country Music Superstar”. The ad text says that her performance is “part of her Spring 2013 tour featuring the release of her new CD ‘Spitfire’.” Tickets are $65/$50.

    For someone who hasn’t had a hit in years, she seems to have a high ticket price in this case. A five-time Grammy winner and his band played at the same venue a couple of weeks ago for $35 per seat.

  80. BeachBell says:

    Be sure to read ROL. Article on LeAnn and her tweets. She won’t want to read the comments. Very, very negative.

  81. lindy says:

    She is truly an unattractive person, esp inside.

  82. Why? says:

    It’s good that ROL is calling Leann out on the frantic tweeting, but their story has too many holes. Leann isn’t defending stepmothers, she is using them. Leann’s tweets today didn’t start with people attacking stepmothers, it all started when Leann went off on one of her fans after that fan asked Leann shouldn’t Brandi’s kids be in bed after Leann tweeted something about Brandi’s youngest son.

    How is it that ROL ignores all of Leann’s other tweets, like the one where she basically says that she has the same right as Brandi.

  83. Jane says:

    Daily Mail just did a post on her antics on Twitter. I wonder if this will put a fire under her belly for more temper tantrums.