Kyle Richards’ husband cheats on her and tries to pick up women: predictable?

Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been touting her 17 year marriage, with real estate salesman Mauricio Umansky, as ideal. She regularly brags about him on the show, and Kyle put out a book in December of 2011 in which she crowed about her relationship, calling Mauricio a “devoted husband and wonderful father,” among other things. There were rumors as far back as season one of the show that Mauricio was cheating on Kyle, although those were spawned by Kyle’s then-rival, Camille Grammer. (Whose husband was cheating on her at the time, which she found out about shortly afterwards.)

Many people were willing to believe that Mauricio is a cheater, because he just seems so slippery. He has the facade of a happy family man but he’s extremely smooth and friendly with everyone, and it gives the impression that he plays the “good husband” role and gets up to things behind the scenes. Well Star Magazine has some evidence for us. They have a named source who claims that Mauricio hit on a woman at a bar and admitted to her that he’s not faithful to his wife. This “alleged” incident happened four years ago, making me wonder why the source is coming out with the news now. Maybe she just remembered it and it took her a while to realize the guy was semi-famous:

In a show known for its many relationship roller coasters, Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky appear to enjoy a marriage made in reality heaven — but, according to a bombshell report in the new Star magazine — the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hunky hubby is actually one of the biggest flirts in Hollywood!

Just weeks after Kyle and Mauricio appeared on Good Morning America dishing details on how they stay so happy together after seventeen years of marriage, an eyewitness tells Star that the real estate mogul hit on her friend in a hotel bar — and claims he admitted to cheating on Kyle!

In addition, a source tells Star that rumors of Mauricio’s flirtatious dalliances are ten a penny in Hollywood, but claims Kyle remains blissfully ignorant on the subject.

“There are tons of stories circulating about his extra-marital activities – it is common knowledge in their social circles,” the source tells Star.

“The only person who doesn’t know is Kyle, she is so proud of her sexy husband, but if she ever found out about his flings, it would destroy her.”

According to eyewitness Tess Broussard of Comedy Central’s Kroll Show, Umansky made no effort to conceal his flirtatious intentions with her friend, a busty escort named Cristina Schultz, when he set eyes on her at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel bar a few years back.

Still wearing his wedding ring, “Mauricio just beelined for us,” Broussard tells Star, claiming he even told green eyed brunette Schultz that she looked like his wife!

Broussard tells Star that after asking for her friend’s phone number and offering his in exchange, the 42-year-old left his black AmEx card on the table and told the women, “I’m married, but I stray once in a while.”

The alleged encounter occurred four years ago, but a source tells Star that Mauricio’s flirtatious behavior has only intensified with time and claims that mother-of-three Richards, 44, refuses to see the signs.

“Kyle won’t hear a word against him so people just talk about it behind her back,” the source says.

However, a rep for Umansky denies any wrongdoing on his client’s behalf, telling Star that Mauricio is “networking and being friendly and pleasant, and this is construed as flirting. He is a good looking guy.”

[From Radar]

That last quote, from Mauricio’s rep, kind of explains it all. That’s his go-to excuse, “he’s good looking,” “women throw themselves at him, but he’s just being friendly,” etc. This reminds me that after the first season of RHOBH, Mauricio claimed that women were texting him nude photos because of his sudden fame. This begs the question: how did they get his number in the first place?! It looks like Camille’s drunk “psychic” friend was right: Kyle’s husband was/is cheating on her. You don’t have to be psychic to predict that one.

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  1. MsAubra says:

    I aint believin’ that!

    • Itsa Reallyme says:

      I’m with you. I’m not buying into that without more proof than some “escort” said he hit on her and told her he cheats, FOUR years ago.
      So many people dislike Kyle enough that I don’t think it’s a stretch that someone would make something up to try and hurt her.
      For the record, I’m not a fan of Kyle’s.

  2. Buckwild says:

    He looks like a shady car salesman and she looks like she’s trying to live in her 20′s with that hair and the smirk. Shady shady

    • Sequined Pajamas says:

      OMG Kyle is an attractive woman. Why can’t she wear her hair long? I didn’t know women in their twenties were the only ones who can wear long hair. As for the smirk, are we really starting to believe you can’t smirk after a certain age? She might smirk because she believes she has got the world at her finger(all those HW seem to suffer delusions). However, I thinks likely she overdid the Plastic works and can’t actually smile.

      • Susie Q says:

        When RHOBH first started I thought she was attractive too. Not anymore, her nasty shite the past few years has made her as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside.

      • Skeksis says:

        I agree! Why can’t she wear her hair however she likes? I guess she should have it cropped close and tinted blue at her advanced age? Maybe a bonnet?

      • Jazz Fabulous says:

        thank you. I just turned 30 and my hair is very long, and I can’t understand the thinking of some women who insist that women have to cut off their long hair once they hit 30. My grandmothers, my aunts, my cousins, all have long black hair and they’re well beyond their 40s, 50s.

        I don’t like Kyle, but she has beautiful hair and she looks good with it.

      • Andrea says:

        I feel long hair is dated for someone in their 20′s OR 40′s. Its soo 1970. I am more in favor of bobs, layers, or middle to short hairdos. Everyone I know with long hair like Kyle it makes their entire look, look sooo dated. My mom has always worn her hair long and it just looks god awful. Everyone I knew made fun of her for it, including my father. She gave me hell for cutting my hair short, but I always get compliments on it. I have a friend who is 38 and the same dated long hair curly do from 1985. It looks awful. I’ve encouraged her to change it, but she won’t. Women with long hair are typically viewed as resistant to change.

      • Buckwild says:

        LOL calm down. Sorry if I stepped on any long-haired/smirking older ladies, I can see how my comment came across the wrong way. I think it’s bc I’ve seen her on the show and she is an absolute nightmare plus for her, her hair does seem to outwardly show how resistant she is to change. Good on you ladies who like to rock the long hair into middle age, I’ve just grown up with the preconception that hair reaching your butt is for young girls.

    • Bobbiesue says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I’m 42 and I cannot stand this look on women in their 40′s. She claims it’s all real. Wether, or not, it is… ENOUGH with this stale, outdone hair extensions on women in Hollywood (of almost any age!). All the Kardashians, and any host of any tv show, most of the RHs, all with the part down the middle and too long and constantly stroking it like it’s a God damn ermine stole. KhloeK and BrandiG do it CONSTANTLY; stroke and part, stroke and part. It’s gross. Even Julianna Rancic has updated her ‘do FINALLY! Time for a change ladies…Yawn.

  3. teekay says:

    WHO thinks this man is attractive? Uck.

  4. Kiddo says:

    I had to click on this link to find out who she was. I’ve discovered that I don’t care and will know enough not to click the next link.

  5. bravocueen says:

    I think in the real estate business, one’s cell phone number is plastered everywhere. That said, I’ve always thought Mauricio was a little slimey. This season and last he has also become another housewife. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if more proof comes out soon.

  6. Relli says:

    Yup I “heard” about this a few years back on another site i frequent. Normally I wouldnt take someone word based on “i know this person IRL but much like CB it garners a certain caliber of commenters above most other sites. The person said she worked with Mauricio and that what we see on the show is a total act. Although he is very friendly and yes always networking he is also a huge flirt and sometimes he acts on it. I am surprised it took this long for a publication to jump on it.

  7. Jayna says:

    Star mag, four years ago, shady source selling the article, hit on, no affair, no photos. Yawn. I could have written that generic article and put any recognized name attached to it. Star is getting lazy. I am sure he has probably cheated at some point in the marriage, but this is just another Star filler article to get that mag out every week.

  8. aims says:

    Usually the more in your face, we’re perfect, my husband is the sexiest man alive couple, are the one’s are the most screwed up.

  9. Melma says:

    Dude needs some Botox or something… maybe it’s just being next to his wife’s blown up face though.

  10. hoya_chick says:

    Ha. What was the psychic’s name? The one with the fake electric cigarette thingy? Haha that was my favorite RHOB episodes ever. The SHADE!

    Anyway, I totally believe this. He seems like such a douche. I hate his nasal voice and he always sounds like he has a cold. Yuck. You can tell that Kyle’s happy facade is just that, a facade. She tries so hard. He is not into her, I think he wants the attention the show brings him and his business. Every time one of the housewives moves or gets divorced he is the one who sells their house.

    Everything she asks him, his go to phrase is oh ‘it’s aaamazing’ lol without looking at whatever she is asking about. LOL.

  11. MisJes says:

    Ugh, this woman is a snarky, vindictive high-schooler who revels in putting others down to make herself feel more important.

  12. Anmelt says:

    Kyle is a beautiful woman but her husband, eh, he is not a looker.

  13. Cody says:

    Well another reality TV couple will be heading into divorce court soon. I don’t know how any marriage can survive when cameras are constantly following you or why would anybody want cameras capturing your marriage for the world to see.

  14. murphy says:

    I think Kyle’s opinion is a la ‘As long as he pays the mortgage and shows up to my RHOBH events I don’t care’ Which is fine–but don’t pretend to be all high and mighty about a “perfect marriage” if it doesn’t exist. Its ok if it doesn’t exist! If you’ve found what works for you, thats great.

  15. joy says:

    I don’t get the talk of his sexiness. He looks to me like an ugly version of John Turturro, and he always sound like he needs to blow his nose.

  16. Ginger says:

    Wow! Kyle is the same age as me? I honestly thought she was older all this time. Mauricio is too slick…my motto has always been to watch out for men who are that way they are trouble!

  17. hadleyb says:

    He married her for the Hilton connection, his biz started with Hilton right?

    Thats why he stayed with her, only this past year did he leave Hilton and start on his own. I bet in less than 2 they will divorce.

    • ol cranky says:

      Hilton & Hyland. I think that’s where Marissa works as well. I can’t imagine her stint on RHOBH really helps her career any, it made me have 0 respect for her and I can’t imagine it helps her image in her office. Good think she married well (though I don’t know why her husband would still feel comfortable being with her the way she talks about him and their marriage)

      • Andrea says:

        I like Marissa and she is honest. A LOT of married women are still atrracted to other men and some are very unsatisfied with their sex lives. I know a married woman who cheats on her husband because her and her husband have “boring” sex. I am not justifying it by any means, but people need to realize that its human nature to e attracted to oters, doesn’t mean Marissa is cheating on him.

      • Mona says:

        Andrea, why doesn’t the woman try and spice the sex up in her marriage? She is one half the marriage, right? So if its boring, shes partly the reason why. Maybe she could try communicating with her husband and they could try something new. Rather than expecting to give nothing to the marriage. Maybe you should tell her that?

  18. Amanda_SB says:

    Not surprised by this at all, even though it is Star reporting this alleged encounter. Maybe that was the reason he got her a Maserati GranTurismo.

  19. Sherry says:

    He’s attractive, rich and lives in Beverly Hills. Because of his profession, he meets many, many attractive people every day and can arrange “meetings” to “show houses” whenever he wants.

    I would be surprised if he wasn’t cheating.

  20. Talie says:

    The source is a hooker for godsakes….

  21. MuzzikLvr says:

    So far, each season on RHOBH a married couple has split. I was wondering who would be next.

  22. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    Matter of time – she’s been so smug and so manipulative for so long. Kyle’s constant “worry” about Kim for example seemed to keep Kim just where Kyle wanted her and made her Kyle look like the “together” sister. Will be interesting to see what happens here if she is in fact humiliated by her husband’s philandering – will the facade crack?

  23. Sweet Dee says:

    Somebody call January Jones! She’ll know what to do.

  24. Trudy says:

    I think I was the only one that saw the slime in Kyle and actually agreed with Allison DuBois. If you watch the Real Housewives, you will see that everything Allison did say about Kyle was true. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 1, Dinner Party from Hell. Classic stuff!!!!

    • JustBored says:

      Yep, I totally agree. Nobody knew Kyle back then so they assumed that Allison was just being a bitch. Plus that electronic cigarette didn’t help her seem credible at all…lol.

      Classic stuff indeed.

    • Mellie Khunt says:

      Trudy, I always knew she was a sleaze. She makes faces when people are speaking and behind their backs just to degrade them. She has no backbone and gets that bulldog Faye in to do her dirty work. I never liked Kyle (boys name).

      • Trudy says:

        Thats exactly why I don’t like Kyle, she has no backbone. All the other bravo b itches own it, except her. She acts as if she is innocent when she is the one starting mess. Teresa, Bethenny, Tamra, Vicki,Nene they all own their shizzz… Kyle is an angry bitch. She just is.

    • lin234 says:

      Trudy: I can’t believe I was team Kyle season 1! I was watching season 1 again after this last reunion just to look at it in a non-teamKyle way. I now believe Kyle did say those things to Camille. And when Camille tried to take her head on, Kyle would go nuts and tell her she was crazy and needed a psychiatrist. She really said the meanest things to Camille and only cried REAL TEARS when Camille cut their business relationship.

      The only reason Kyle got away with this was because Camille was worse than her on S1. I still believe that is the real Camille. She played up the scorned wife but everyone seems to forget how she was all over her “friend” Nick while Kelsey was gone. I definitely believe she cheated too and they must have had a open marriage or something.

      I believe this is why she sends Faye to do her dirty work for her. Kyle’s claws are sharp but she needs her image. I also believe that Kim heard what Kyle said to Camille and that’s why she choose to be silent instead of lie.

      Mauricio is just ok but he does have that certain eel-like charisma where he’s basically able to snake his way out through any situation- like when Lisa and Ken confronted him on dropping them as friends after he sold their house.

      In fact, Kyle and Mauricio motto in life seems to be deny, deny, deny when faced with the truth – add Kim into that group. The Bitchards sisters are really one of a kind.

      Kyle probably knows of her husband’s wandering eye and that’s why her claws are always out when another woman touches him- she’s so insecure.

      Compare that to Lisa and Ken (I hope their marriage is exactly the way it is on the show.) They both seem so secure in each other that when Brandi (a 6-foot amazon) calls Ken her boyfriend, there is nothing sleazy about it. Brandi just seems to admire their relationship so much she hopes to find her Ken too.

      Kyle will just deny this rumor and Mauricio won’t leave her anytime soon. They both need each other. Kyle has the connections and probably no pre-nup as Mauricio’s wealth seems to be through her Hilton connection. Plus, image is everything for a greasy salesman.

      • Trudy says:

        I doubt they have a prenup, nothing against shotgun weddings, but Kyle had Two!!!! I always wondered what Lisa saw in Kyle in Season 1 but thank the lord Lisa has now seen the light. I liked Camille in Season 1. She just HAD to be a bitch around those women. As Allison DuBois said, “Bitch is a one syllable word for a reason, its all they understand”. And we all see the truth now! LOL I have the episode taped, and anytime I need some enjoyment I just drink some wine and watch it. Classic!

        Kyle did say stuff about her and it was just the way Camille reacted that turned viewers off. But Kyle started everything on that show, Kyle called Camille insecure then said she didn’t ,to quote Allison DuBois again, “Kyle saves her stories then she tweaks them”. Then when confronted she gets her former junkie mouthpiece Faye to speak for her.

        I quote Allison a lot because because she brought it that night and everything she said was the truth and the electronic cigarette was the final touch. You cannot make this stuff up! LOL

  25. JustBored says:

    So the psychic and Camille were right after all huh…A lot of the things she has said about Kyle is spot on.

    Allison to Kyle “You are entirely washed up.” She is…

    Allison “Kyle is a little bitch.. Kyle was every girl at a high school that made somebody kill themselves. She’s that girl, that’s so mean and profoundly bankrupt.” While I wouldn’t say kill themselves, I’ll say that she has proven to be very mean and childish.

    Allison “Kyle is a conspirator.”….look at all the feuds she has started and still can’t own up to.

    Camille to Allison “I think you’re more on to her personal life with her husband than she was willing to accept”…Probably

    Allison says Kyle’s husband is cheating “He loves his nannies. You can’t fault him, she’s an icy bitch.”…Hmmmm, you don’t say.

    Camille “He loves more than his nannies. He loves women in general. Let’s be nice, I’m not saying he’s cheating on her… he really loves women.”…Well I’ll be..

  26. Cheryl says:

    It must be hard for him to read all the comments on Kyle’s true unattractiveness from so many other people – she’s so made up and shot up with botox and lypo, and she’s so very ugly on the inside as well. He could do much better than her – if he’s as down to earth as he says he is.

  27. Mellie Khunt says:

    Who cares about Vile? She watches shows where she knows she will be mentioned and then Tweets her indignation when someone tells the truth about her. She is sneaky and underhanded and when she makes her stupid faces behind someones back I want them to turn around and slap her. She’s pathetic and always has her nose in the air.

  28. Jayna says:

    I’m not a fan of Kyle’s, but her hair is beautiful, but maybe just a little shorter (only an inch or two, still long) would be prettier and less dated for her and more volume. But gorgeous hair. I’m sick of the typical RH’s uniform hairstye: too bleached hair with lots of extensions and pieces and layered exactly the same. And at least she didn’t blow her face up with fillers and mouth like a trout pout like some of the others and faces that don’t move from too much botox. I hate the way she dresses. It just makes her look even squattier looking. I would say she needs a stylist for a more flattering wardrobe, but she probably already has one. Some tacky self-titled stylist. You know, like an interior designer/fashion stylist to the stars/author/centerfold extraordinaire? Faye maybe? LOL

    I will have to say on the second part of the reunion her eye makeup was stunning. I loved the grey/silverish glttery eyeshadow on her and the color lipstick. Well, done, makeup artist. Too bad her sister, Kim, didn’t use the same makeup artist on the reunion.

  29. truthful says:

    **raises hand

    I think he is sexy in a dirty, slick bad boy kinda way.

    and he is not tiny or petite…

    he reminds me of Rick Fox but Rick looks better, in a bad boy, slick kinda way. LOL!!

    He’d be too much work, for me.
    old slick ass…

  30. april says:

    I see them as having a great marriage which is refreshing.

  31. Andrea says:

    I don’t believe the bs. He just has that LOOK of a married guy that can’t be trusted around your single friends, or any women for that matter. I have met men like him and avoid, avoid. Because I have been hit on by my friend’s married husbands before and it is gross. He said, “no one will ever know”. Yuck. No thank you. He totally looks like the type and I have been right when I have said they looked like the type and lo and behold they were/are.

  32. Kim says:

    I was wondering why more on this hadnt come on. He is known in LA for being a serial cheater. I know a few girls he has hit on. Camille even brought it up on the first season – how Mauricio likes the women. Maybe Kyle does know and this is why she is so vile and overly interested in other peoples lives – to deter from her own problems.

  33. Fue McCormick says:

    Mauricio is a real estate agent; his cell # is in wide circulation. When RHOBH started his cell # was probably plastered all over the internet. Anyone could have sent him nude photos.

  34. Cletus says:

    I know *I* did. HOLLA!

    (yeah, not really though.)

  35. Cinderella says:

    Tell me he’s never diddled with a rich woman to get a listing.

  36. Joanna says:

    I think Kyle looks the best out of all the housewives. She still looks normal and she looks younger than her age.

  37. Holden says:

    I assume everyone is cheating in Hollywood.