LeAnn Rimes & Eddie got Jake Cibrian the gift of paparazzi for his birthday

I think I have the same flip-flops as LeAnn Rimes. What does that mean?! I got mine at Old Navy and they’re not that comfortable. Hers might be different though. Anyway, these are photos of LeAnn, Eddie Cibrian and one of Eddie’s sons (Jake?) at a Little League baseball game (or whatever, I’m not an expert on children’s sports). Brandi Glanville was there too! This happens every so often, where Eddie, Brandi and LeAnn are all at the same event for one of Brandi and Eddie’s sons.

Jake’s birthday was… I think Saturday, maybe? Again, I’m not an expert but both Brandi and LeAnn were tweeting about it, so that’s how I know. Brandi just tweeted something about how Jake’s party was going to be the day after his actual birthday, but LeAnn tweeted this on Saturday: “I think the best compliment of my career/life was having a 6 year old ask/demand for me to sing happy bday!” Yes, because everything is always about LEANN. Never forget!!

LeAnn and Eddie just got back (separately) from Puerto Rico where they had a little mini-break. Just LeAnn, Eddie, the beach and Twitter. LeAnn tweeted a bunch of photos – you can see them here. There’s a funny one which I guess is supposed to be arty but it makes me think that LeAnn got paid to do a harem dance at a corporate event.

As for these photos… LeAnn’s bangs are really not working out. But I give her some credit for actually wearing somewhat appropriate clothes for a kid’s baseball game. This time. Because usually her fashion choices for kids’ events are pretty questionable, like no bra, stilettos and pleather booty shorts. So props to her for wearing jeans and a t-shirt. This time.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. kixendawn says:

    I think the shirt is just another dig at Brandi. But what isn’t with her… for reals.

  2. heidi says:

    Brandi and Eddie planned Jake’s party together but Leann tried to steal the limelight and take credit for the entire thing. Yes, Brandi was at the party but Leann had to go and put up 2 pictures of it first to prove she owned Jake-but she’s been uncharacteristically quiet since then. Is she pissed that Brandi was at her son’s party? Or did she catch Eddie being civil to Brandi? Today is Jake’s actual birth day-happy birthday Jake!
    The pictures from Puerto Rico were actually pictures from an earlier trip somewhere else, probably Mexico. It’s doubtful Eddie was ever in PR with Leann but was busy planning his son’s birthday party in LA with Brandi G. Might explain the unpleasant faces of Leann’s at Jake’s baseball game.

  3. @IWiveClub says:

    Commenter “Gwen”‘s analysis to these pics and Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian exploitation of the kids toward paparazzi is very strong: justjared.com/2013/04/14/leann-rimes-eddie-cibrian-jake-pre-party-baseball-game/#comments …

  4. laura says:

    Could you imagine being Brandi and having to deal with this nutcase (not that I think Brandi is that interesting, far from it…) and her playboy husband? I really like leann to go awayyyyy!

    • Missyvonne says:

      Has anyone gone to youtube to listen and watch leann sing that song spitfire ? It is a song about brandi and leann sings it with this Cheshire grin but the actual song is unlistenable . It is so laughable , I wish I would have listened to it before . Judging from the 5,000 views, Im not the only person who thinks the song is ridiculous ! But you really get Leann’s personality exemplified in the video

  5. Why? says:

    The whole crew is there: AKM-GSI, PCN, Mateo, Kiki, and KH husband(Where’s his son? How nice to spare his child from the paps in the parking lot). The only one missing is Lizzy. Where has Lizzy been hiding out lately? The strangest thing: With the exception of KH husband, why is Leann inviting her friends and staffmembers to Brandi’s son’s game when Eddie doesn’t even invite his own staffmembers and friends to his son’s game? Awkward. Why won’t Eddie go anywhere alone with Leann? 2 of the people in this photo were with them in Puerto Rico.

    How odd that the paps only show up to his baseball game when Leann attends them. Last week when he had a game and PCN/FameFlynet/AKM-GSI were in Miamai with Leann, there were no papped shots from his game. You get the impression that Leann pays someone from AKM-GSI, FF, and PCN to be on her staff. Eddie has been able to move about LA with his kids & without Leann for 2 years now, without being papped once. If the paps “followed” them to the game, then why didn’t they “follow” Leann when she went to rehab for 30 days? 30 days and not one papped shot?

    His birthday is today, but leave it up to Leann to reinvent history. She tweeted about his birthday so much that she have everyone believing that his birthday was on Saturday even though the papped photo-ops from 2012 and 2011 show otherwise. Last year Leann tweeted so much about his birthday, that everyone thought it was her birthday. Why is she tweeting more about this child than his own mother and father?

    Being the “loving” stepmother that she is, she woke up early Sunday just to post photos from the birthday party and draw attention to how “devoted” she is by complaining about the cake ruining her jeans and then allowing the cake maker to post a photo of Brandi’s son to her business site.

    How could Eddie leave the house that morning knowing what was in store for his child? What matters most to Eddie Cibrian is the rewards Leann gives to him for using his kids like this.

    One of the mother’s who Leann is tweeting with said that the paps are not allowed on the field or in the ball park, so how did PCN get the pda photos of Leann all over Eddie with her hands in his lap? She said the photos of Leann all over Eddie in the bleachers were taken from the parking lot, but if the paps could get photos of Leann and Eddie in the bleachers by standing in the parlking lot then why were the first 3 staged photo-ops just parking lot photos? The paps didn’t get photos from inside the game until Leann gave time alone in exchange from photos from with his son’s game.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      This is just too much investment of time and intimate knowledge not to be Brandi 😒

      • april says:

        Agree. Also, I think that t-shirt is really ugly.

      • claire says:

        LOL. There’s no way Gwen/Why is Brandi.

      • Not Margaret says:

        Really? You think Brandi has inside knowledge of the agencies taking the pics and the deals? Hon, you are so mistaken. I’ve read Gwen’s post on JJ and this girl knows what’s going down. So many of us are so tired of LeAnn’s minions with their free I-Pads writing lies about a woman that just wants her boys to be safe & happy.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @not Margaret, I think Brandi would be interested in what photo agencies are distributing photos of her children, so she would take an interest in knowing that. Why anyone else would is strange. Furthermore, where are all of these Leanne minions of which you speak? I never see anyone here defending her. Also, I prefer Mort to Hon 😉

      • littlestar says:

        @Mort – you make a really good point there about the intimate knowledge. I don’t think it’s Brandi though – as much as I like her, Brandi has pretty poor spelling/grammar from what I’ve read of her Tweets. So maybe it’s Eddiot? Or am I giving him too much credit? :)

      • ya says:

        I always wonder about Why’s posts too…. of course I don’t have the energy or inclination to look into them further, but are there more people like him/her, who seem to know – and/or extensively speculate on – so many details of these people’s lives? Kind of strange/creepy.

        I enjoy reading blog posts about them, but they don’t seem nearly interesting enough to worry about further.

      • skuddles says:

        I agree Mort – I think Why? is either Brandi or a close associate of Brandi’s. The shocking level of detail and obvious emotional investment in MeAnn’s and Eddy’s lives (and the children’s lives) has to be coming from someone very close to the situation.

      • eileen says:

        ‘Why’ is not Brandi or anyone close to her. Trust me on this-we are always wondering who she is. ‘Why’ has been like this for years so why are you guys all on her today? If I think her posts are too long, I skip them. She is interested in the story-a lot of people are.

      • Samigirl says:

        Mort, she has bashed me on JJ in the past as well. She accused me of posting as other posters on other sites when this is legit the only site I post on, save for 1 time on d-listed and one time on JJ. She is insane.

      • Samigirl says:

        .@ SAMIGIRL: That wasn’t why? who attacked you. That was someone who you attacked on that twitter account you claimed you never owned. Why play the victim? You organized a massive reporting spree against certain posters on Celebrity Bitchy, even the posters who you said were you friends. It’s you who are insane. I saw the comments you were sending into Celebrity Bitchy to get certain people banned.
        By: TROLLS on Celebrity Bitch

        From JJ. The ONLY person I tried to get banned was Why because of her abusive behavior towards others. Hardly a “massive reporting spree.”

        How am I going insane? I simply pointed out that you harass others.

        As for twitter accounts I claim not to own, I have 1 twitter account and I’ve made maybe 20 tweets. @SamiTBaker if you’re interested, dear. Stop calling people out as being in LR’s camp when they don’t agree with your crazy accusations. THIS is the only site I comment on, PERIOD. I don’t tweet ANYONE, PERIOD. Chill the f*ck out.

    • Why? says:

      By your “time investment” logic that would mean that 95% of the people who post on this site is Brandi.

      The “intimate knowledge” comes from Leann’s very public records(ie-Leann’s staged photo-ops and tweets). How do you know which pap agency was responsible for the photos? Look at the pap credits line. It’s the same pap agencies 90% of the time: AKM-GSI/PCN/FameFlynet(How odd that none of them showed up to the game when Leann was being papped in Miami). How do we know who is in this photo with Leann? Because Leann has been papped with those 3 people several times before. How do we know that’s Mateo? Because Leann posted a twitpic of her and Mateo sucking on popscicles in the park on Father’s Day. Just last week, Leann was papped 3 times with her assistant(airport & 2 beach photo-ops). These are not intimate details because they have already been plastered all over the internet.

      I just think it’s hilarious when people show up on these sites just to take the time and energy to tell others that they are way too invested!

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        Your level of delusion is high if you think @Mort just shows up here on this site to tell you that you are too invested. She posts and has been posting on all these threads and lots of other CB threads for years.

        Just another regular poster pointing out your level of obsession. She isn’t the first one to make the leap that you are Brandi. You post up to 20 times a thread on LR posts and nothing else. Your level of intimate knowledge of these people’s lives is breathtaking in the scope of it. Who else but Brandi would be so interested in the minutae of their lives?

        She isn’t alone in her thoughts…

      • HappyMom says:

        If you’re not Brandi, you really need to step back and take a breath.

      • heidi says:

        I appreciate your in-depth coverage on this topic. Keep on contributing-I think many more like it and support you than not.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        It takes about 3 seconds to tell someone that they are scarily obsessed–so not much time invested there at all, really.

        There’s a world of difference between having an opinion about a celeb–and having their twitter feed memorized down to dates, events, probably favorite color, measurements, who the hell knows….

        It’s just strange to care so much about people who are essentially irrelevant.

      • Relli says:

        @ Heidi, agreed. I like WHY? insightful perspective and appreciate the connecting of the dots! He/She makes some great points and always seems to be one step ahead!

      • Lady D says:

        LOL Relli, I just said the same thing a couple of posts up.

      • BeachBelle says:

        I like WHY’s posts, and I don’t think she is Brandi after reading many of her posts and many of Brandi’s tweets. No way they are the same person. If she wants to get into the details of what’s going on, and she has some inside knowledge or she has the time and ability to read and research and wants share with us what she has found out, I say please do. I bet others feel the same. I love her posts!

      • ya says:

        Why reminds me of conspiracy theorists who obsess over historical events – like all of the people, for instance, who extensively speculate on JFK’s death. Sometimes they may be right, sometimes they may be off base – we don’t really know. For some reason Why seems to have chosen to focus this kind of energy on the personal lives of D-list celebrities.

      • candigirl says:

        I always appreciate your comments Why, keep them up! There is no information you wrote about here that I didn’t know. Anyone who closely follows the hillbilly drama of Leann knows most of this stuff. Some of us have been stalked and know how dangerous and frightening it is. But it’s great to point it out for others who are unaware of the completely delusional obsessive, stalker psycho Leann Rimes is.

        Also I agree with Jane’s post from the last LR story. Leann is very sick. Like the last “Father’s Day in the park” photos she posted of herself all over the kids, and the sexualized poses with the “kid’s play” captions, the frequent posing with the kids, half dressed awkwardly groping them, the sex birthday cake, and the recent “Happy Sexy Saturday” tweet on Jake’s birthday show how sick her mind is.

      • nomorerimes says:

        Please keep up the good work, Why! You get the facts out there so well and I always enjoy reading your posts!

        And where is Lizzie????

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        Oh please people! Why? is NOT Brandi. Why? Isn’t even accurate with their facts a lot of the time & has an unhealthy obsession thinking Eddie is doing Liz. His best friends wife. They are just someone oddly obsessed. Sorry Why?.

      • meh says:

        Told ya! :)

        ETA posted in the wrong spot.. This shizz is hard on mobile

      • jwoolman says:

        I feel obliged to point out that some of us are afflicted with a very good memory for the written word (mine was nearly photographic when I was younger) and can bore anybody in minutes spitting out considerable detail once the memory bank is accessed… Doesn’t require special effort or gobs of time. So I wouldn’t fault anyone for such detail in posts. It doesn’t mean obsession, it’s as normal to some as knowing how to knit a sweater without a pattern. Humans love to deal with big batches of detail and to try to connect the dots to figure out what it means- it’s our version of the feline hobby of playing with strings. Some people play with sports stats, Pokemons, Star Trek, Star Wars, operas, politics, history, etc. and some play with tabloid reports on “celebrities”. It’s harmless. Just exercise for the brain.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Why is Gwen, but not Brandi. I love Brandi, but she does not spell as well as Why or have the grasp of mechanics that Why does. I think Why is a total avenger. You go, girl!!!!!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @eileen, if you’re all wondering who why is, then you can’t say why isn’t Brandi (and if why seems too articulate to be brandi, maybe it’s her mom or other relative). Also, for the record, I’ve defended why in the past. There was one particular post where everyone ran her off the site for a good 6 months and I did my part to diffuse that. I’m not a bully and I do my best to be mild in most of my assessments, but I don’t appreciate why’s go-to cry of troll whenever someone disagrees with her.

        @ya, lol. Exactly.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        MDID, I would bet my last dollar that Why is no one that knows Brandi, and most definitely not Brandi. Brandi is really upfront and so are most of the people who know her. They’re not the hiding types. They also don’t write/speak with the same professorial tone as Why does, and their spelling/ punctuation is not at the level of correctness that Why’s is.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Why? has lost her marbles and is over at Just Jared bashing me. Thanks to the commenter above who provided the link:


        Here is what why? Posted about me:

        The LeAnn twitter TROLL, MorticiansDoItDeader is at it again, did you see the post she just made? Now she is whining because she is being called a troll. When was she called a troll on Celebrity Bitchy? She showed up on Celebrity Bitchy writing the “you are way too invested” line(which we have seen LeAnn fans make how many times now) sand she doesn’t understand why someone would call her a TROLL? MorticiansDoItDeader is a Leann fan. She used to go by the name of MomentofTruth/DelieverofDeceit. “There was one particular post where everyone ran her off the site for a good 6 months and I did my part to diffuse that.”That was because Leann and several of her fans who are posing as Brandi fans on Celebrity Bitchy went on a massive reporting spree on Celebrity Bitchy. Leann used the threat of a lawsuit to get her way.
        By: TROLLS on Celebrity Bitchy
        I made another post as BUMMERBETTY! What do you suppose that means? That I am skeert! I got busted trolling on Celebrity Bitchy again! What was I thinking when I made that post as Sara B? Did I really think that it wasn’t going to connected back to the posts that I made about gwen when I was posting as Selena and RTD27?
        By: Tammy
        gwen is skeert!
        By: bummerbetty

      • Isa says:

        I read a lot of these Leann rimes posts and I have no idea who most of the people mentioned in the original comment was. It must take a lot of effort to follow all the tweets and put all of the pieces together.
        Seriously, have you looked at Leann’s twitter? It’s exhausting. I can’t look at it anymore though. I got blocked.

      • ya says:

        Mort. – it’s probably best to ignore Why’s posts and not worry about the situation – you don’t want to provoke someone who may be having serious issues with his/her mental health.

        Isa – completely agree. The whole situation is strange!

      • Chaz says:

        You mean I’m not the only one “Why” has flame-wars with? I’m shocked, I thought we had something special!

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @ya, you’re right. I’m just shocked that Brandi’s supporters are egging this person on. Why any group would want to be associated with someone so unstable is beyond me.

        @chaz, why? has so many flame wars she’s starting a forest fire! You, me, samigirl etc. according to her comments in the above link, anyone here that disagrees with her is a paid Leanne troll (original tiff, original kitten, ya, skuddles, thetruthhurts, happymom etc).

      • Cirque28 says:

        @Mort: Bummer about the bashing. We all know you’re absolutely the farthest thing from a troll. How silly.

        I tried to read some comments on that other site, but couldn’t really understand. I just caught something about people on message boards pretending to be against LeAnn but secretly being against Brandi. Like double agents under deep cover, apparently. Ummm. If anyone here honestly believes that, please take your meds. I don’t like LeAnn at all but I also don’t need to chuck logic and reason out the door.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @cirque, thank you 😊 I had a hard time following their stream of consciousness too and agree with everything you said. I’d also like to add that those above who are egging it on don’t value these rants because they’re smart or informative in any way, they just enjoy watching one crazy stir the pot. I’d advise against that in the future, because those same people will (one day) be on why’s troll list when they disagree with something she says 😳

  6. My_Truth says:

    Note to Kaiser: In yet another episode of “Desperately Seeking Brandi” in yet another round of SWFing, LeAnn wore those flip-flops only one day after Brandi was papped wearing hers & looky looky, in the same daggum color too!


  7. LadyJane says:

    I thought the tshirt might be hinting at a pregnancy…

  8. NerdMomma says:

    Pow! Bam! Happiness!

    That’s got to be the stupidest t-shirt I have ever seen. But if it said Pow! Bam! Bitchiness! I’d wear it.

  9. Southerngal says:

    I see LeAnn brought the Get Along gang with her. Let’s see behind her is “her stylist” Mateo, taller gray hair gentlemen Steve Hoffman and the lady beside LeAnn is her assist. The pics taken of Brandi shows her arriving solo. Leann requires an entourage for a kid’s baseball game which is pathetic. Last week when Brandi took him there were no paps. Not one pic surfaced at his game. So you all know Step Psycho called.

    Brandi stated on Twitter she and Eddie had a combined bday party. Her best friend, Adrienne, also confirmed that Brandi planned the entire event and LeAnn purchased the cake which she confirmed herself on Twitter. SKANKANN tried to make it seem as if she did everything and as always the narc made it ALL about her. I doubt she was asked by a 6yr old to sing HBD bc kids don’t care about that crap especially boys.

    IWIVESCLUB posted a link to JJ and comments made by Gwen. I think Gwen and Why are the same commenters. I will say this….every comment made was true. It is like this information is from someone in LeAnn’s camp.

    • Why? says:

      I am not in Leann’s camp. The information is there for all to see via Leann’s daily/weekly staged photo-ops, interviews, tweets, blog entries, and twitpics. Like when the media and some people were pushing that Leann was pregnant because she looks fuller/gained weight. They ignored the fact that Leann was on the back of a wave runner with Eddie in January, went out for sushi several times after she returned from Cabo(I remember the backlash the media gave Nicole Richie for eating sushi while she was pregnant), and tweeted several times about getting drunk(cocktails, beer, red bull & water). I also wondered why the media purposely left out Leann’s alcohol tweets in their “Leann is pregnant” write ups or didn’t slam Leann for drinking while pregnant if they were 100% sure she was pregnant.

      Lizzy goes everywhere with Leann and Eddie(she was photographed vacationing with Eddie and Leann as early as 2009), Leann is seen making out with Lizzy while Eddie watched, in the same photo of Eddie grabbing Leann’s behind Eddie’s head is turned and he is watching Lizzy’s husband grab her behind. This all came from Leann’s staged photo-ops. The information is there for all to see.

      • Southerngal says:

        You are correct Why. If you read her Twitter feed it tells a story. She’s gaining weight to dispel the laxative rumors and I also noticed how the boys are photographed with junk food now after Mason ate one of her laxatives. She’s pretty predictable now. No pap pics at the bday party bc the parents made it all about him. Anything LeAnn plans (even a picnic in the park) is turned into a media blitz. Strange how real celebrities can move around w/o being papped. I pray main stream media start paying attention and call her fugly ass out. Enough already exploiting these kids to keep yourself relevant.

    • brin says:

      Sad that she needs her paid lackeys and paps around for a kids baseball game.
      Those poor kids are being exploited by this famewh0re.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Her desperation is equivalent to how often she calls the paps. Her delusion will prevent her from seeing that hardly anyone is going to buy her albums or watch any ridiculous tv show she is in.

    This is what she has come to (and obviously what she likes and promotes)….gossip fodder

  11. maria says:

    Its weird she is always touching those boys in pap shots now. I know one of these days the older one is going to show his dislike of it in photos. Hes at that age

    • Kudzuqueen says:

      I have thought many times that this is why she takes pictures with the younger one so much. The older one is right at that ripe age where they get very self conscious and will not let you take a picture for anything. And if you do, they are frowning. I have middle school children, and they are all this way. They also get a really good mouth on them and will certainly point and call something out when they see it. They definately make you step up your game. And I am in a non-divorced household. I can only imagine the difficulties Leann is about to start going through. She really has no idea what is about to happen. And she really better be thanking God it wasn’t two little girls.

  12. popcorn11 says:

    Wonder why i get the feeling that some might be far too involved in this trashy soapy, That said, leann rimes is the absolute worst. Just truly despicable and shameless at it.

  13. qtpi says:

    I see she is trotting out the ugly bauble ring again. Wonder why it has been mia for so long?

  14. Green_Eyes says:

    Women like her (though she goes to the extreme because she’s well the self proclaimed “America’s Sweetheart of Country Music”) which sadly make the stereotypical ideas of how bitchy & callous a step mom can be..actually seem to ring true. Which is sad for all those out there that not only love their step children, but actually make it work w/ both their parents for the sake of said child. Wow LeaAnn imagine the positive press you would get if you weren’t acting like such a beyotch!

  15. Rita says:

    Brandi really is an incredible woman. Every day she has to put up with LeAnn using Brandi’s children for taunting and publicity purposes.

    I’ve no doubt that before the marriage Eddie said something along the line, “There will be absolutley no children in our marriage but you’re welcome to use mine for whatever you want….especially if we can make some money doing it”

    Oh yeah, Karla Hoffman, is a c-nt of the first degree. LeAnn is no genetic aboration. She is the spawn and chip off the ol’ Belinda. Wilbur dumped LeAnn and Belinda because that “Den of She-Devils” was intolerable.

    • Deanne says:

      I can’t understand why you aren’t buying into Karla’s sparkling message of positivity. It’s not like she’s a hypocrite or anything. After all, it takes a really special person to live on Twitter all day long and jump down the throats of anyone who dares use the image of the deity that is LeAnn Rimes Bio-mom, yet happily tweets with the woman who discussed Brandi’s vagina at length and who continues to call her every name in the book. That’s Karla’s version of neutral. Defend LeAnn and deflect any questions as to why she doesn’t set LR’s minions straight when they abuse Brandi. Why can’t you see her sparkle Rita? #positiveenergy #hypocrisy #sparkles #twofacedbiotch

      • claire says:

        Oh gawd. That woman is a nut. And I googled the infamous Steve Hoffman, master remixer, one day. Hilarious stuff. Those two are totally using Leann, and that neutral sparkly stuff is for the birds.

      • Rita says:

        I used to think KH was harmless but then LeAnn sucked her into the snow globe. Now I imagine KH chasing LeAnn around the living room filled with a fog of incense and ganja while the brownies burn in the kitchen as the kids play video games.

      • claire says:

        What I don’t understand is why anyone gives her the time of day?? Why they care about her opinion on anything?! They’re just feeding into her thirst for drama and to be in the center of it all. Stop making her feel important – she’s not.

      • DGO says:

        Did you guys see the screen cap someone posted on twitter of Steve Hoffman thanking LeAnn Rimes for getting his kids into the same school Brandi’s and Eddie’s boys attend? Karla was claiming it didn’t happen, then someone posted the screen cap and it shut her right up. So much for Ms. Positivity, who hates her own mother, btw.

      • heidi says:

        Don’t forget the #happiful hashtag

      • Deanne says:

        If you read KH’s tweets, she actually starts fights. She’s very subtle about it, but she’s definitely an instigator, disguised as a neutral party who spreads glitter, positivity and “happiful”ness to all. She tweets constantly and inserts herself into EVERYTHING. She engages some LR fans, who are quite obviously mentally disturbed (faking suicide attempts and appearing completely emotionally unhinged) at all hours of the day and night. She talks (tweets) in circles when called out for what she’s doing as well. Accusing anyone who points out her total hypocrisy of being negative, mean etc. She obviously needs to be in the middle of it all and enjoys the attention she gets for being “friends” with both LeAnn and Brandi. I think she’s a nut job.

      • claire says:

        @Deanne: you’re spot on. It’s obvious that she craves the attention as she’s on there 24-7 inserting herself into things. She will find many anti-LR folk to argue with, but will pretend dumb when anti-Brandi twitter contacts of hers are harassing Brandi. It’s pretty obvious the game she’s playing. All the people who tweet her are feeding into her issue. The best idea would be for them to ignore her. She would hate that!

      • Zobeth says:

        I started following KH butt-insky behaviour last year and couldn’t figure out how she continues to be friends with both Brandi and LR. I actually think I went to high school with KH. She looked so familiar to me when I first noticed her popping up in this drama. I can’t find my one yearbook that she would have been in but I’m a year younger than her and grew up in NorCal. what is her actual connection here? I know her husband is a composer or something and I think she used to model. Did she model with Brandi I wonder?

      • claire says:

        @Zobeth: I don’t know anything about her. I think one of her kids is school buddies with one of Brandi’s sons and that’s the connection. I highly doubt she modeled, but who knows. Maybe she did. Her husband has a controversial history.

    • Christin says:

      I wish WR would write a book. Rita even supplied a fabulous title idea! And I wish one or more of the guys from the pre-Dean days would talk. Doubt it will happen.

  16. Nava says:

    The more LR gains weight, the more she looks like a linebacker.

  17. OK says:

    That shirt is lame and desperate looking. If you are truly happy you don’t have to do shit like wear a shirt that says that.

    And why the hell is that boy always drinking a sugary drink and have candy in his hand right before his games? Looks like he is being bribed with sweets.

    I will say this again. They have an agreement not a marriage. She will do just about anything to make sure no one finds out.

    Also, what the hell did she do to her face. When they first go together she looked a lot better. Not saying she was a beauty, but she wasn’t flat out ugly.

    • Kudzuqueen says:

      Look how good you are!!! I am intrigued with people who are passive aggressive. I do not have this talent, so I am studying those who do, and Leann needs a gold medal…

      My MIL use to bribe my children with candy, give them back all sugared up, then I would have to deal with the fallout (one cannot have sugar before a meal or everyone will pay..)

  18. Izzy says:

    Side note to @Kaiser: Teva flip-flops are much more comfortable. A little more expensive, but you can get them at a reasonable price at places like DSW, and they’re also more durable – worth the investment. Mine are going on four years now.

  19. me says:

    The most twisted part of this whole thing is when the inevitable divorce occurs and after years of her over bearing “bonus mom” crap the kids never see her again because she is so obviously using them.

  20. Memphis says:

    Leann really is nothing more than a jealous, petty, spiteful, blackened soul media whore.

    And her friends are no better…

    I see Mr. H is there, Karla must be either home or off sucking up to Brandi trying to remain sparkly and ‘neutral’…

    It amazes me how any woman that claims to be friends with Brandi (still to this day) can hang out and SPEAK HIGHLY OF Leann. But I guess if the moneys right…..

    Leann may claim to love them and have their best interest at heart, but her actions show otherwise. PR props and digs at Brandi are what they’re used for most. Sad.

  21. RHONYC says:

    i don’t give a f*ck what this bitch does to proclaim her ‘POW’ ‘BAM’ ‘HAPPINESS’…when you get something at the expense of someone else’s ‘happiness’, it’s tainted 4 L-I-F-E.

    homewrecking falkor wench.

    and yes. i’m still a lil’ grumpers from my commute. sorry. :evil:

  22. Samigirl says:

    Lord, are all of those people REALLY interested in a kids baseball game? I don’t understand why LR needs her entourage with her? I sincerely believe it’s because she thinks it intimidates Brandi that she has all these people on “her side.” Also, because she’s insecure, but that’s a completely different issue. I’m glad it doesn’t faze BG one bit.

    • Kate says:

      Oh my goodness, I don’t see how anyone could be interested. Kids’ little league games are so boring (unless your kid is at bat or fielding a play which, let’s be serious, they almost always mess up until they hit about 8 or 9). I feel like one of the perks of divorce would be to switch off for those games. Why do both sets need to be there for every game? Conan O’Brien once said you could duct tape baseball mitts to cats and let them wander the field and basically that’s a T-ball game.

    • claire says:

      I’m sure Brandi is laughing her ass off that if Leann wants to bring friends with her, it means hairdresser and assistant coming along. Those are her “friends.”

    • Cirque28 says:

      I know, right? (Oops, just posted the same stuff farther down the thread!) Surely most adults who got invited to not-even-your-child’s baseball game would say, “Ummm… huh? Can’t we just go get a drink or have lunch or something like normal people?”

  23. Jacqueline says:

    She has gained a ton of weight in her face. What does Eddie’s wandering wonder-dong think about that?

  24. Cam S says:

    Where is her “bestie” Lizzie? Why are her makeup, artist and assistant at a kid’s ballgame? Does Leann not realize they are PAID employees? They will be gone as soon as she stops cutting them checks. I truly believe this girl has no “friends” that don’t she doesn’t pay in some way (free vacays etc.).

    • Deanne says:

      Even her loyal “fans” get free iPads as an incentive to troll the internet defending her. Everyone around her who “loves” her is bought and paid for.

    • Girlygirl says:

      Don’t know if you ever watched RHOBH but it remindes me of Camile Grahamer. She always hung-out with the help. You can’t get ahead in your career when you hang out with people that you are always willingly giving to and the offer nothing back. The yes people don’t get you ahead, they just take your money.

    • Mela says:

      Why the hell would a hairstylist go to his-client’s-stepsons-6 year old-tball game? That is so freaking weird.

      Leann loves to bring her mean employees like D brown and Mateo to Brandi’s kids sports games. Im sure they sit there and whisper mean things about Brandi and try to make Brandi feel uncomfortable. Leann tries to intimidate Brandi at these games and that is psycho. Leann uses those children as weapons to hurt Brandi and that is unforgivable. I think the public sees that and hates leann for it.

  25. the original bellaluna says:

    WTH with her face in those last 3 pix?!?

  26. Girlygirl says:

    This could not be a better day–snow day and Lohan, Glanville and Rimes treats! Thanks Colorado and Celebitchy.

    I have read comments about people being to invested in Rimes but with out them, I would know nothing!
    She is pure crazy and I wish that the main stream media would call her out. She has been in a spiral for a long time, kind of just flailing. I just wonder when this spiral is going to go out of control. Control is her big issue but at some point she will not have control of her image, Eddie and the boys. The fact that she stages paparazzi and focuses on her Twitter goes to show how she tries to control her image but has no control of her real life.
    Mark my words, the loss of control will be her down fall.

    • SouthernGal says:

      Girlygirl…I like the information and what people choose to do with their free time is THEIR BUSINESS. If you don’t like a comment there is the exit button or better yet just keep scrolling. Everything that WHY post is true and if anyone reads LeAnn TL it is all there for the public to read.

      The only thing I want is the TRUTH. Why is it okay for LeAnn to stalk someone and get away with it? She has no shame and let it be known that she copies everything Brandi from the white Land Rover to her clothing. Hell even her poses. That is beyond crazy to me!!!

      Wonder what would happen if Brandi stalked LeAnn? I’m sure it would be police reports and hell she might even try to sue.

      • Girlygirl says:

        SouthernGal-I agree with you 100%, what people do with their own time is their business. If they want to share it with us and it is a topic I enjoy then I will read it, other wise…keep on scrolling!

        I think the truth is out there. I believe that between Brandi and Leann they have both spoke the truth. Leann, told the truth about the affair. Brandi, told the truth about all of the underlying crap that has gone on. Also, the paparazzi has been able to capture the truth of the real nature of the crazy.

        I don’t think that Leann realizes that when she calls the paps, she is just solidifying all of the crazy that Brandi is speaking and writing about.

    • Theskinny says:

      No snow yet here in Doug Co Girly Girl, but your right. It’s fascinating to see how all of these mentally ill people made it so far up the career ladder. And now they must come down. Karma is a bitch.

      • Girlygirl says:

        Theskinny, I am up in Fort Collins and work in Cheyenne, WY. I-25 North was closed this morning, snow day!

        Yes karma is going to get LeAnn. This girl is going to fall hard but I don’t think it will be any time soon. She is going to grow old all alone.

  27. JL says:

    LeAnne reminds me of my dog, the paw of possession. Claiming her person.

    It’s kind of cute when a 5 lb toy poodle puts his paw on you to claim you – but when a psycho bitch does it to a kid. Totally inappropriate especially with his mother there.

    The 1st thing I’d have done is at least send the child to say hi to his mom and acknowledge her.

    Classless, and yes the bangs are not working for her.

  28. audrey says:

    old navy flip flops are the worst

    i can only wear reefs. pricier but they last for years. old navy ones fall apart

  29. Jill says:

    Why do people pretend to know what really goes on with these people? Seriously. None of us have a clue, but it’s clear that she loves her stepkids and they’re lucky to have a stepmom that does when so many don’t want the kids around. I like Brandi but she’s used Eddie and Leann for attention way too long now. Move on already.

    • claire says:

      FOR THE LIFE OF ME, I cannot figure out why people speak as if there are only two ways to be a stepparent: hate the kids or overstep. There is something called a middle you know? Be a loving stepparent and don’t try to alienate their mother? Love the kids and don’t talk shit about the mom nonstop publicly from the minute you get upgraded from mistress to girlfriend? Love the kids and don’t exploit them to give life to your failing career?

    • nomorerimes says:

      Your earlier post makes me think either you are LeAnn, one of her (paid) friends or totally don’t know the facts.

      Really–Brandi has “used Eddie and Leann for attention way too long now.”???? Yeh sure, Brandi is the one calling the paps all the time. NOT! Again the same old spiel put out by the LiaR camp!

    • RHONYC says:

      Why do people pretend to know what really goes on with these people? …but it’s clear that she loves her stepkids



      probably THE funniest f*cking thing i’ve read today. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  30. brin says:

    It’s interesting that LR’s first tweet of the day is about Spitfire coming out in the UK and her second tweet is wishing her bonus son a happy birthday. Wewe always comes first.

  31. Vanessa says:

    I think Leann purposely causes drama with Brandi so she can have something to do and the thought of Brandi and Eddie getting along being actually parents to thier kids . Scary the crap out of Leann that why she going over board with the bonus boys this and that why she constantly referred to those boys as a bonus they are human being not a prized to be won . Why can she actually be a adult referred to them as my step sons

  32. Karma says:

    A few weeks back when I was checking out the twitter feed of LeAnn. It was shocking how many times she retweets or responds to people slamming the mother of their step-kids.

    I don’t know how someone who claims to love their step-kids thinks this is an acceptable reaction. LeAnn would have to be a drooling idiot not to understand the implications. And since she is not. It’s clear that she enjoys it.

    Anyway, back to the point of this post, at the same time when looking up Brandi’s tweets I came across another Brandy on Twitter who had a link to this famous quote from a family law judge.

    It sums up what every decent person knows in their heart and why they are against LeAnn’s mean girl existence.

    To attack the stepsons’ mother is to attack her stepsons directly.


    And Brandi is right, Eddie needs to man-up and check his wife. Letting LeAnn attack his ex will not be looked upon kindly by his sons. They know it’s wrong and they will know that he could’ve stopped it.

  33. dorothy says:

    Can anyone say Mentally Unstable?

  34. Cirque28 says:

    This habit of bringing an entourage to a little kid’s game is too funny. Can you imagine inviting your hairdresser, co-workers, employees and/or various acquaintances to attend your husband’s son’s T-ball game? Bizarre.

  35. eileen says:

    Watching this news. WTF is wrong with people!???

  36. Sara B. says:

    This poster Why? posted about this at JJ. She posts exactly like gwen, it must be her. So sick.

  37. Snowpea says:

    The people who accuse Why? of being Brandi aren’t paying close enough attention. Every person who posts online leaves a trail of clues as to who they are; tone, grammar, spelling and content.

    Brandi can barely spell on her Twitter feed. Why? is an excellent speller and has a methodical, systematic analysis that I don’t believe Brandi is capable of.

    You don’t have to be a creepy obsessive to find this hillbilly drama riveting. I’ve been glued to the drama for a year now and I believe there are others, like me, that have some sort of parallel situation in our own lives which makes us so compelled to keep watching.

    I believe that Why? is Gwen on JustJared. They have the same methodical style that breaks down the minutiae of these people’s lives in a way that makes sense.

    I am so grateful to Why? because s/he is actually providing a valuable community service in tracking the insane antics of Rimes over the last little while.

    I believe that if BG did take Rimes/Cibrian to court to get full custody, Why?’s online timeline could be used as evidence of this lunatic’s trail of destruction and instability.

    When I think about Rimes and her obvious obsession with BG (stalking, SWFing, copying so SHAMELESSLY), the constant papping of BG’s sons and the bullying and tormenting of BG on Twitter, I get chills at just how mad and crazy Leann Rimes really is.

    I don’t believe anymore that this is just an ordinary D List celeb drama.

    I think that Leann Rimes is so unbelievably unstable and mentally unhinged that it’s not ‘if’ but ‘when’ she blows a gasket.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Why?

    Leann knows you’re watching too.

  38. Jennifer12 says:

    What Leann does not understand is that she sets off the maternal tiger instincts in us “bio moms”. If she had just shut up, left Brandi alone, didn’t try to co-opt the boys, and didn’t try to keep Brandi and Eddie from co-parenting, all of this would have died down and she wouldn’t be so despised. She’s really sick. She keeps doing the same things over and over again, looking for people to see that she’s not that bad, that her stepkids are her life, and so on. All anyone sees is how inappropriate she is and how she needs to back off, but she keeps trying. You can sense how someone is right off, and it is easy to sense the anger, hatred and obsession that rise out of Leann like smoke. Brandi f—s up sometimes, but she owns her mistakes and is extremely honest. People like those they can trust. Guess you’re s— out of luck, Leann.

    • qtpi says:

      If everything had gone down like she claims it did (they fell madly in love, etc) if I was LR I would not attend the ball games and would keep a low profile in general when it came to the step kids in particular. But she isn’t secure in herself or their relationship so she can’t let Eddie out of her sight when Brandi might be around.

    • Sapphire says:

      I remember her doing the same thing in interviews prior to this whole drama, her conviction that if she just explained enough, everyone would like her. And explained. And explained.

  39. Jane says:

    I wish Brandi could get a high powered lawyer to wage a war against Leann. A restraining order needs to be drawn up-pronto.

  40. Zooyork says:

    I don’t think a small child should have a soda that big… And a candy ring? Before a sports game? Wth? What about an orange or something instead? Leon and Eddiot suck so hard.

  41. Leslie says:

    I get that LeAnn is trying to piss Brandy off with her tweets about the kids, and the photo ops. The thing she (with her old-lady-open-mouthed smile) doesn’t get is that she’s pushing a lot of mothers’ anger buttons. She’s made herself unlikable/hated. And she won’t be able to reverse that once Eddie leaves her.

  42. Missatx says:

    Has anyone gone to youtube and listened to that song spitfire ? It is completely about brandi and the way she sings it with this self-satisfying grin makes me ill . The song is unlistenable, who would sit around and jam to such a ridiculous song?
    No wonder her music career is going down hill. Every song is about her cheating and brandi . The look on her face at the end of the video is twisted . I cant fathom a grown woman singing a song like that .

  43. Karma says:

    Did you guys check out her shopping bag? Which she is holding in front of her while walking along side Jake?

    Ya, that looks completely natural when she turns it towards the paps… cough… cough… and while holding the SWF bag on the same arm. /s

    The shopping bag says “Mother Earth” and below it says “Lemons.” And I’m sure it has several meanings to MeanAnn in order for her to make such an effort to get it papped.


  44. Snowpea says:

    Ok, Rimes is soooooooooooooo unwell I am scared now.

    From her Twitter:

    ‘I love my sweet mom “baby, crazy people must look at your twitter all the time just to start S&$#” she’s just catching up on the nonsense…”

    Um…okaaay Leann. Riiiiiight *backs away slowly*

    • Christin says:

      So much of current d-lister drama reminds me of spoiled kids or teens who stir the pot so they can cry victim when someone else calls them out in any way. And often there is a parent (their very first enabler) that thinks they hung the moon and can do no wrong. “Honey, it’s everybody else but you.” And those kids grow up to be adults that continue the same behavior in many cases. They are usually exhausting to be around.

      In addition to people we encounter in our own lives, a great number of “child stars” fit this mold. I think some of them end up with little more self-awareness at 25 or 30 than they had at age 15.

  45. cari says:

    Her shirt should read “Pow, Bam, I’m trailer trash, Wham!’

  46. skeptic says:

    I can’t tell you how much I dislike this woman. She may have a nice singing voice, but that’s the only positive thing I can see. She’s ugly both inside and out.