Tom Hiddleston at the MTV Movie Awards: lovely or cringe-inducing cheeseball?

Hand to God, before I watched the MTV Movie Awards last night, I had no idea that Tom Hiddleston is kind of a douche. I really thought he was just a charming Englishman who sometimes seems too earnest and dorky for his own good. I had no idea that he was the kind of dude who would wrestle a microphone away from Samuel Jackson (bitch, don’t be taking Sam Jackson’s mic!!) to make a cringe-inducing pronouncement about being Hulk-smashed. Maybe the Avengers fans liked it, or maybe they were like me and thought “Damn, Loki… settle down and just let Joss and Sam do the talking.” It felt… like Tom misread the room. It felt like he didn’t know he should have simply deferred to Sam and Joss Whedon. It felt like Tom was all, “OMG, ATTENTION! I HAVE TO SPEAK.” Tom Hiddleston makes Chris Evans look like a cool dude, and that says a lot because Chris Evans is not cool. At all.

Anyway, these are photos of Tom at last night’s MTV Movie Awards. He looked handsome, of course, and I’m sure he was very happy to be there and he looked pleased to be a part of such a popcorn-pleasing film. Tom won Best Fight (for the ensemble of The Avengers) and Best Villain. The Avengers won Best Movie too. I’m including the video for Tom’s Best Villain speech. He treats it like he won an Oscar and he gives one of the longest speeches!!! I mean…? He’s SUCH a cheeseball. You ladies can have him. My biscuit belongs to Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Eve says:

    “I had no idea that he was the kind of dude who would wrestle a microphone away from Samuel Jackson (bitch, don’t be taking Sam Jackson’s mic!!) to make a cringe-inducing pronouncement about being Hulk-smashed.”

    “It felt like he didn’t know he should have simply deferred to Sam and Joss Whedon. It felt like Tom was all, “OMG, ATTENTION! I HAVE TO SPEAK.”

    “I’m including the video for Tom’s Best Villain speech. He treats it like he won an Oscar and he gives one of the longest speeches!!! I mean…? He’s SUCH a cheeseball.”

    Kaiser, I LOVE to say I told you so.

    • Anna says:

      Wait, you’re not Team Hiddles? And how is it possible to be team Hems and not Team Hiddles? (Those two are the most bromantic couple ever) Eve, you’re breaking my heart!

      • Eve says:

        Oh…you mean because of my aversion to Tacky Pataky? Well, is not related to Hemsworth (well, maybe a little because he seems to be a nice guy). I’m a huge fan of Adrien Brody — still one of the best actors in the world, in my opinion. It pains me to see him not getting the roles he should be getting hadn’t it been for his pathetic photo-ops, ridiculously cheesy interviews (along with her, of course) and accepting roles in shitty movies just so he could “afford” her.

        I hate her for what she did to him (used him until his Oscar fame and roles in high profile movies declined). I read a comment on that thread about her that saying she was “harmless”. Man, that is something Tacky Pataky IS NOT (didn’t even reply to the poster because I’m tired of posting the reasons why she’s a horrible person).

        Shameless famewhores are never harmless. There’s an inherent quality to the type that excludes that.

        Come to think of it…she would make more sense being Tom Hiddleston’s wife, non?

      • Anna says:

        AWWW Come on! I heart my Hiddles, I just think he’s over-enthusiastic. It’s sort of an A-student try-hard affliction* which I find excusable when there is merit (talent or academic) to back it up. No one is perfect :)

        *See Hathaway, Anne.

      • Amelia says:

        Oh God, Tacky would eat poor Tommyanna alive. He belongs with his little woodland friends, not career destroying famewhores.
        I fear that all we would find after she got his claws into him would be a hollow shell with a solitary dragonfly looking after the last flicker of optimism.

      • Anna says:


        “He belongs with his little woodland friends, not career destroying famewhores.” – This is my comment of the day. Many, MANY thanks :)

      • popcorn11 says:

        I may be the only one here of this opinion but here goes…both those men are fug. Both are just too crawny and their faces are meh at best. Now dont get me wrong, i am no meathead fan but i draw the line at puny. Idris Elba or even pre-roid Tom Hardy any day. Now someone feed this boy some potatoes and give him a gym membership stat

    • Tiffany27 says:

      Yeah he lost me when I read some of his tweets. His tweets are the WORST.

    • T.Fanty says:

      Really, how did she not see this coming? Has she never seen the picture of him making out with his Glamor magazine award?

      *shakes head sadly and awaits the triumphant arrival if C&C*

    • V4Real says:

      Come on guys give Hiddles a break; he’s new to all this. I mean how many times have we heard Sam speak. Sam was not even the biggest draw of The Avengers but the Vilian played a major role. I agree that Joss deserves his time on the mic because he was the one who gave birth to a great action and adventure film. Captain Sexy wasn’t going to say much because I believe he is still dealing with aniexty issues but I think the fans wanted to hear Hiddles speak. I wouldn’t call him a douche for trying to get a little mic time. It’s The MTV awards, not the Oscars they are supposed to be a little off script.

      • Eve says:

        If he’s like this during a meaningless award’s acceptance speech, can you imagine how he’d behave if it was the Oscars?

        I think he’d make Anne Hathaway look “contained” by comparison.

      • Anna says:

        @V4Real Agreed. If we have to give credit to the actors in this movie, the main draws were RDJ and Hiddles. For the most part everyone else was almost disposable (sorry Hems, my love).

      • Miss M says:

        @Eve: OMG!!!!!! When I saw the video, I thought: I feel some AnnE Hathaway vibe.


      • Eve says:

        @ Anna:

        I’ll have to disagree here, but I think the main draw in the movie was RDJ’s Tony Stark and Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner interaction. Their chemistry was out of the charts.

      • Anna says:

        @Eve What do people see in Ruffalo that I don’t??? I either cant stand him or barely tolerate him – and I’ve seen him in fare like ’13 going on 30′ to ‘Kids Are Alright’.

      • Eve says:

        @ Anna:

        I don’t know how to respond to this…because I think he’s a very good actor and have been following his career for a while. So I guess we’ll always disagree with each other when it comes to his acting (with no hard feelings, I hope)?

        And his Bruce Banner was PERFECT — the closest we (Hulk fans like myself) got to Bill Bixby’s in the tv series. It was subdued yet confident, a man who knows about his condition but doesn’t whine about it and who merely wants to live his life the best way he can. Loved it.

        Honestly, I was happier than pig in shit when I saw The Avengers, especially because of Whedon/Ruffalo’s take on Bruce Banner/Hulk (because Ruffalo did most of the motion-capture for the creature as well).

      • Amanda says:

        @Anna, the same way you can’t stand mark, I can’t stand hiddleston. Guess that’s how it is.

      • Marty says:

        @Eve- Totally agree with you about the Ruffs, and seeing him during The Avengers press junket just made me like him more.

        Also, have you seen Midnight in Paris?Adrien Brody has a small, but entertaining role in the film. It makes me sad to think of all the great roles he could do if only…

      • V4Real says:

        I too am a fan of Ruffalo but let’s face it; it was RDJ as Stark that made Banner look good in their scenes. The biggest draw of that film was Loki, Thor and Iron Man. Actually RDJ made them all look good with those one liners and the banter.

        As for last night Loki was the biggest fan draw out of the cast that was able to attend; he was right to have some mic time. He might have wavered in his speech but like I said he’s new at this.

        This weekend I saw Adrien Brody in 2010′s Predators and I said wow, what a fall from greatness. I loved that man since the movie “Summer of Sam.” I find it hard to believe that Hollywood still don’t have a bigger role in the business for him.

      • Anna says:

        @Eve –

        No hard feelings :) Plus, all of my very hard (ahem) feelings are reserved for Hems, then Hiddles, with leftovers saved for Cumby.

        @Amanda –

        To clarify, it’s just Mark’s acting that does absolutely nothing for me. I don’t have anything negative to say about him personally or about his public persona. He just seems so…bland? to me. I dunno. But everyone else seems to rave about his acting, and I tried to see it, and just don’t.

      • Eve says:

        @ Marty:

        Yes, I saw it! :D He was priceless in his cameo: “Rhinoceros”. Priceless.

        @ V4Real:

        Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww…I loved Predators! I’ve always loved the Predator movies (NOT a fan of Alien vs Predators movies though) and I think that was a nice take on the character AND the humans who have to fight it (meaning we, humans, stand on no higher ground than the creature). I think it’s a solid sci-fi film (really).

        And he looked so happy while he was in Hawaii filming:

      • andrea says:

        Hi Anna! Oh, I have to disagree with Hiddles being one of the main draws of the movie. I don’t know a single straight guy who told me he was excited to see Avengers because of Loki. And even among the girls/gay guys, I say “Tom Hiddleston” around here and most of the time I still get blank looks.

        I think he has a very dedicated but demographically specific fandom, so he just doesn’t have that kind of worldwide mass appeal yet.

        (I need to add that I work with a lot of expats, film folks, and geeky creatives who live for this stuff, so I’m not just talking about this country/region-wise.)

      • Anna says:

        @EveryoneWhoSaysItsNotAboutLoki – fine, fine, more for me! :-P

      • V4Real says:

        @Eve it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who loved the Predator Movies. Brody looked fine as wine in it and I wanted to be on that planet with him. I hope he makes a serious comeback. Predators was not a box office success and neither was Splice but I saw them just to support Brody.

      • Eve says:

        @ V4Real:

        Predators wasn’t a huge success but it was a rather cheap movie to make. Plus, it made money (not only its budget back, I mean).

        I’m hopeful for a sequel :D .

    • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

      *enters the room crowned I live dragonflies with a flock of hummingbirds and pink putti holding up my diaphanous train*

      Ha! Ha! I knew he would reveal his inner narcissist to the world at the MTV Awards. It is all about him. I have hereby have earned my hummingbirds a proclaim myself Mother of Dragonflies!

      And yes, I agree no egregious harm done– I have seen worse. But seriously dude, hold yourself back!

    • liz says:

      Could not say it better than you: CRINGE INDUCING CHEESEBALL.

  2. Aww, I think he’s sweet. He seemed genuinely grateful and excited to win, which is more that you can say about other MTV Movie Awards winners… *cough Kristen Stewart cough*

  3. Amelia says:

    Y’know what?
    I think he’s kind of harmless.
    A bit like the over excited puppy who gets too worked up and piddles on the carpet but is always good for a hug.
    Oh, dear Tommyanna.
    Oh dear.

  4. JenD says:

    Since the best fight was all the Avengers vs him, I thought it appropriate for him to talk when they accepted the award. As SLJ wasn’t even part of the fight that won the award, he wasn’t really the spokesman. But maybe that’s just me.

  5. Severine says:

    I don’t like this guy (and his fans) and saw anything wrong. It’s clear SLJ gave him a nod when he got the mike.
    Sometimes I think people make too much ado about nothing …

  6. Miss M says:

    I love how Chris Evans is so simple, typical Bostonian guy. He is just hanging out without his famewh*re girlfriend (well, I didn’t see her). That’s how he would dress up walking around the streets here (Well, he would have a cap).

  7. Tig says:

    Agree- kept thinking ” Guy, act like you’ve been here before”- maybe hopped up on nervous energy?

  8. Abby says:

    Why does one has to dissect every single thing that a celeb does?? I mean he was just excited and happy that they won the award. SLJ did not mind it so why are you making a fuss about it for no effin reason.

    I am so happy for Tom…earlier I didn’t get the craze around him but the more I watch his interviews…I love him even more. Him & Fassy are two of my favourite actors right now. Both are smart, good looking, great sense of humour and ginger :$

    Hope Tom gets more accolades like these in his life….someone please make a movie with him and Fassy…I’ll die seeing them together (not literally lol)

  9. ramona says:

    Totally dorky move, but let’s all just stop for a moment and acknowledge – boy can wear the HELL out of a suit.

  10. Mia 4S says:

    Harmless? Probably. Kinda cute? Sure. Someone to get hot for? Yeah…not so much. There’s more than a hint of Try Hard about him and that’s a shame.

    On an unrelated note from watching the presentation, in the battle of the Captain Chrises, Chris Pine won a decisive victory last night, with Evans losing 50 points for his outfit. Although now I really want to see Captain Kirk party with Captain America. If anyone could get that poor 70 year old virgin some women it’s Captain Kirk. ;-)

  11. loma says:

    I knew it. You can see the cheeseball part of him in his face. Surprised about the jerk in him.

  12. ncboudicca says:

    uh, yeah…I used to love Tommy but at this point I’d only hit it if he was in bloodied-and-dirtied Henry V goatee mode and we had “no talking unless you’re reciting your Shakespearean lines” rule.

    Well, okay, also if he walked up to me with his big staff and told me to “Kneel”.

    …or in half a dozen other scenarios. OK< never mind what I just said, I'm so full of it.

  13. GoodCapon says:

    Keep the Hiddles posts coming Kaiser! :D

    I think he was tad overdressed for the night (everyone else went casual). I don’t understand the Hulk smash comment but I’ll let it pass.

    Much love for Whedon though! <3

  14. Chrissy says:

    As someone who was crazed about him all of last year, my passion for him is cooling…twitter sort of blew it with his endless synonyms for “good” and the little footage I’ve seen of him at the MTV awards makes me cringe. He was sort of arrogant yet fangirling at the same time?

    And may I add, Chris Evans looked extremely nauseous/awkward when Tom went in for a man hug for like the third time in an hour. Haha.

    p.s. Is it appropriate to wear a suit to the MTV awards? He seemed to be the only one wearing one.

  15. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    He’s handsome, harmless, just a little too smart for an MTV audience, and needs both a Twitter intervention and some gainful employment.

    But since Loki was the character that made a lot of us sit up and pay attention, I think he is justified in being so excited about it. I just hope he actually has more roles to be excited about a year from now rather than still riding the thrill of this one. :/

  16. Dani says:

    After watching a few of his interviews I’m not surprised, it’s his personality. But he seems so harmless and just genuinely excited about his rising fame. He won a British award like a month or so ago (forgot the name) and he isn’t even most proud of his work in the Avengers (he said it himself in his speech) but instead previous things he’s done like Henry V etc. I have a feeling it was scripted/he was told to do something like that.

  17. Flower says:

    All of the above and he’s smexy as hales too.

  18. lunabell says:

    I haven’t seen the video because I still have a crush on him and I’m too afraid to look, but *gulp* is it possible that this was a planned bit that just fell flat?

    I’m well aware of his cheeseball tendencies but on the other hand, I think it’s sweet that he always seems so genuinely enthusiastic and appreciative. Or am I just looking for a way to ignore the third-party embarrassment I get when he acts like this?

    • Eve says:

      …”but *gulp* is it possible that this was a planned bit that just fell flat?

      I think that could be true. But there’s no doubt he’s overly excited about this award.

    • veronica says:


      You’re very nice, you truly are. It really seems that the dividing line between “dorky and sweet” and “phony, self-congratulating douche” varies greatly from person to person. I find his MTV behavior stunningly embarrassing. I remember when Skarsgard won this same stupid award and he went up all “Eh, this is silly, but these people really like me and that’s okay” to accept his award. He’s such a natural class act. What a contrast between his approach and Hiddles fawning and grinning and kissing and hugging.

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        I completely agree with you!

        How any woman could still fangirl over this Hiddleston twit and his fug too close together eyes I will never understand. That speech and his behaviour was beyond embarrassing. If ASkars or Fassy ever carried on this way I’d be over them in a hot minute.

    • tubular_trekkie says:

      Hmm. I sympathise. Curiously though, I’m beginning to agree with the view that he is perhaps a bit ‘try-hard’ and sort of needy with respect to the attention he’s getting. And yet I still think he’s smashing in spite of all that – and maybe even because of it!
      Can’t say I find his exuberance and OTT excitement phony or cheesy either. I thought that Loki’d MTV skit thing he did was utterly ridiculous, and yes, slightly embarrassing, but there was something about it – and him – that just made me like him even more.

      Kind of surprised anyone thinks he’s a douche.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Because ripping the mike from SLJ’s hands was a douchey thing to do. Especially to make that comment.

        One simply does NOT do that. It’s a bit disheartening.

        Methinks his self-esteem is really, truly low, and all this attention has turned his geeky little head around in circles. So now I’m thinking the comments about his Thor 2 on-set behavior are accurate.

        If anyone has any deets, I’d love to hear them.

        Perhaps THIS is why the girlfriend dumped him?

      • Eve says:

        Thor on-set behaviour? That sounded like something negative to me…GAH, I need to know about this NAAAAAO!

        Oh, and it was Susannah Fielding who dumped him, not the other way around? I’d totally understand if that was the case: being with him seems exhausting to me.

      • veronica says:

        This is in reply to Miss Melissa, but there’s no reply button there:

        About the girlfriend…

        Tom’s an Aquarius, and while I don’t put my life in the hands of astrology, I do think there’s a little something to it, in the sense that all of nature is interconnected. Having said that, if you read a profile of an immature Aquarius you’ll find a frightening creature, especially in the love department. If Tom can’t keep a woman, his profile will tell you why. Ugh, awful. I would run–RUN!–from an un-enlightened Aquarian. They have some positive traits but their negative traits are awful.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Someone on ONTD posted his behavior on set was “bat-shit insane” and he was often “incoherent.”

        And that article in – the Guardian was it? – where he said he was not sure if he was in a relationship or not? That only happens when it’s the gal who is not returning his calls. If it’s the guy is ending it, it’s ovah, and he is certain.

        I’m SURE she dumped him.

      • Eve says:

        @ Miss Melissa:

        Thank you. I’ll check that out (ONTD post) when I have some time.

        P.S.: We have to filter some of ONTD’s comments though — there are lots of people trolling there, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

        @ Veronica:

        That happens (no reply button) because this mini-thread is already a reply to Tubular_trekkie’s comment (and her comment was already a reply to Lunabell). So, whenever you want to address someone and there’s no reply button available, you can just add the “@” before the person’s monicker. Hope that helps :) .

      • veronica says:

        @ eve Thanks, didn’t know that!

        Poor Tom. He’s a wonderful actor, and truly an intelligent guy. He’s off the walls at times, then other times calm and quite astute and intellectual, and then yet other times he looks haggard, older than his years, and moody (his most recent appearance on that UK morning show is a good example). I was startled by how haggard and drawn he looked, and trying to smile and laugh, but it seemed difficult.

        Poor man could be bi-polar or manic-depressive, honest to God. And that would certainly put Luke’s constant presence in a fresh perspective. BTW, I have family members suffering with M-D, including a brother who is an Iraq war vet with PTSD, so I’m in no way mocking Tom.

      • MissThing says:

        I rolled the manic-depressive idea around in my head a while back. I actually suffer from a version of it and his actions would jive with my experiences. IDK…

      • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

        What are the rumors about his thor 2 behavior?

      • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

        I have heard from a reliable source that he proposed to Susannah and was turned down flat. She was the breakupper. I would find his ego and inse urities to be insufferable.

      • dasha says:

        @Crumpets and Crotchshots,

        I thought that proposal rumor was started by a fangirl, well at least that’s what I heard. He’s pretty private about stuff like that, I know he did deny big time that rumor that he was married, and he didn’t seem to like it.

        Had a friend who happened to be in the audience during one the screenings they attended as a couple in 2011. Told me Susannah treated him shabbily, and pretty much ignored him, preferring to talk to others around them, but not to him. Friend thought it was weird that they were a couple seeing as they seemed to be so mismatched. Maybe she caught them in the middle of one of those squabbles that couples have, but she did say she thought that perhaps “the bloom was off the rose”.

        If he is bi-polar, I feel bad for him. It’s hard living with it and it’s hard having to live with someone who suffers from it. There is something about him that always seemed off to me, that he always seems (well except for a few times especially this year and during his starvation stunt) bright and happy. Never trusted people who always seemed bright and happy, because it was always so fake and translucent and somewhat scary, up one minute and then they can shut it off like flipping off a switch. I hate to be an arm chair therapist, but nobody can be that happy 100% of the time. Nada. Thoughts?

      • dasha says:


        If you google it, it comes up as Tom Hiddleston proposed to Jodie (lol Jodie) Fielding, his childhood sweetheart.

      • Eve says:

        @ Dasha:

        I agree with that (nobody can be happy all the time) and I said so in more than one occasion (read: more than one post about Hiddleston here on CB).

        There’s something off about him — not sure if it’s a bipolar disorder, but I think that’s a valid theory.

        P.S.: I still think, however, that he’s just a self-absorbed, vain guy with a pathological need for attention.

      • veronica says:

        OMG, I came across this on tumblr. Sad, really. Specifically numbers 2, 3, 4.

        @ miss thing (and others) check out these GIFs of Tom looking … shall we say … oddly disconnected from the group. At first glance I felt he looks terribly sad and awkward because the attention is not on him, but then that’s all part of it, isn’t it? When the attention is off him, he’s down. When the attention is on him, he’s manic. I’m actually feeling sad for ol’ Hiddles right now.

      • TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

        @Dasha and Eve – If I can offer some personal perspective on the “always happy” thing, I never saw it as disingenuous. In real life, I’m generally a very bubbly person with the “find the bright side” sort of attitude, so I relate to him that way. Or, what I see of him in interviews – i stay the hell away from Twitter and Tumblr. And bubbly feeds – it’s something everyone notices about you and it rubs off a little on them as well, so I enjoy happiness and its positive effect. When I am blue, my closest friends and family know and pep talk me, but I try not to let the world at large see it. So all that to say that when I was first hearing about Tom, I was seeing a guy who just genuinely enjoys life and I like that about him.

        Reading through this thread has me feeling a little sorry for him now. Maybe Hollywood, fame, and wanting to succeed has worn him down a bit. I wonder if he just lacks a close, solid friend, you know? That person who can sit him down, tell him everything is okay and that he is doing just fine, and then send him on his merry way as a much calmer person. And by friend, I mean “not a fangirl from Tumblr”.

      • Agitation says:

        Reading all this stuff about Tom is giving me a serious sad. I’m not one of those obsessed fans, but he was one of the few people who seemed genuinely happy. Looking at some of his interviews though, there were some instances where I thought his cheer were a bit forced. My dad is bipolar as well, and I’ve seen how horrible the lows are and.. I just…I just want to go back to when everything was rainbows and smiles, and I wasn’t concerned about him having some kind of severe nervous breakdown brought on by psychotic fangirls. *curls into a ball and sobs*

      • MissThing says:

        Hmm those photos would be about the time he was seeing Kat Dennings. Could be also they were having issues? They only dated for like what.. a few months? But wasn’t he also seeing Susannah during this time too? I am so confused.

        As a manic/dep I can tell you that when you are UP it is genuine. When you are down, it is genuine. We also tend to crave attention.

  19. MonicaQ says:

    Chris Evans is still an awkward dork and that’s ok. Still love him.

  20. Lipsy says:

    I didn’t watch the award show last night and I refuse to watch these videos!!! I don’t want to find out that Tom Hiddleston is a cheeseball :( I’m going to deny deny deny.

  21. veronica says:

    I was into him for a minute back when Thor first came out bc his Loki is awesome. I mean really, only for a minute. Then I started to see a trend in his behavior. Plus, I looked at his Twitter (thanks to Lainey). It’s all too much. He’s super-douchey, he repeatedly makes little comments which at first appear to just be humble little side commentary but then you realize he’s just very calculated (like “I studied Latin…don’t ask me why”…oh, I see what you did there, Tom. You WANTED us to know but you didn’t want to appear bragging). He does this sh*t all the time. And any celebrity that baits and encourages rabid fans the way he does is automatically demoted in my book. So yeah, this behavior at the MTV awards is just one more thing in a long list of douchey, egotistical, pretend-nice-humble-chap games he’s been playing for a couple of years. To be fair, I do think he’s genuinely intelligent, his voice/accent are AMAZING, and he can sometimes be legitimately cute/funny even without trying. But overall he’s vain, desperate for attention, and try-hard.

    EDIT: By the way, I sincerely tried to like this guy. I used to make all kinds of excuses for him. But there’s only so many excuses one can make when he repeats behavior over and over and over. I think he’s a super actor. But as a person…he’s painfully transparent and phony. And frankly, a bit creepy.

  22. MissThing says:

    I would still hit it all night long though and would have no shame in doing so.

    Looks like he went commando again last night too.

  23. Miss Kiki says:

    And so continues the steady decline of my love for Hiddles. I actually can’t bring myself to watch the video because I think that I’m going to cringe so much my bum will clench.

  24. Claudia says:

    OMG So I gave the MTV Movie Awards a shot last night and was stunned by how cringe-inducing and awful it was in every respect. Horribly unfunny, boring, awkward, and terribly paced. I noticed this exact same sentiment on the faces of the audience/celebrities, who barely clapped or smiled. I turned it off probably nearly halfway through (even having it as background noise was offensive to my ears).

    I did get around to the Hiddleston bit, and I did cringe, but that was his over-earnestness kicking in. It was awkward, but not rude or douchey.

  25. Tia says:

    I dont find him handsome, he looks like a nerd. And yes huge cheeseball in these clips. I dont see the fuzz over this guy the funniest thing is that some people call him hot?? Wut??I get it if people admit to liking nerdy looking weedy englishmen. I mean we all have different taste..

  26. Dommy Dearest says:

    I’d do him over and over in Loki attire. Over. And. Over. As himself, I’d go for some hemsworth over hiddles. No shame at all. At all.

  27. Ginger says:

    I do prefer Fassy over Hiddles. I think Hiddles is probably over enthusiastic but still cute. Fassy is Sexy! Big difference. (Hope Hiddles army of minions don’t cut me over this one)

  28. OhMyGawh says:

    He’s dashing and can do the running man. I’d do him in a heartbeat.

  29. Dommy Dearest says:

    And I will admit his accent is liquid sex. I’ve always been a big fan of Loki in the comics ( comic nerd right here lawls) and the way Tom played him was well. I didn’t know who he was before Thor and I haven’t watched anything else with him in it- that I remember. I loved his hair in Thor, you could see the fake in the Avengers after he killed Coulson, right after he launched Thor out of the hellicarrier.

    I’m a villains girl. They are always hotter to me, it’s that kinky side that you KNOW is there I think. Or that’s just me >> -no shame- Tom Hardy as Bane: all night long. Alllllllll. And his accent, not Bane’s mind you, makes the knees weak.

  30. TheOriginalKitten says:

    The only thing preventing me from disliking this guy is his accent and the fact that he’s not a terrible actor.

    That being said, his dorkiness is like a block of ice to my biscuits. Just not attracted to him at all.

  31. EscapedConvent says:

    Wow, his accent is delicious. But the speech I saw was very self-conscious—the one accepting the worst brother ever award? It seems as if he was accepting a Nobel prize. And they’re giving awards for “Best Fight” now?

    Of course he loves attention—what performer doesn’t? Actors have to be exhibitionists. & did he mention his Twitter followers in his speech?!

    I still like him, but was cringing a bit.

    • j.eyre says:

      I cringed a bit as well. What is a suitable punishment for making us do that? Remember, he is very bendy.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Why, hello, Miss Eyre! If you still have your Voodoo Doll Kit, I would think you could just add a few pipecleaners to make a Tommy doll, & then leave him in the Thornfield attic for a few days until he cries.

        Unless you like him today? I can barely keep up with your Asgard shenanigans.

      • j.eyre says:

        Well, that does not involve as much sex as I had hoped but, okay.

        Of course I still have my voodoo doll kit – why wouldn’t I?

        As you once pointed out in the HiddleArena oh so many fickle fascinations ago, I am espoused so everyone is just a side-piece to my Mr. Rochester. The fact that Mr. R is blind and crippled just makes my hobbies much easier.

        Where did Mr. Rochester get off to now? Honestly, I need to put a bell on that one! Shoot, and I just sent Grace Poole to throw some meat to you-know-who upstairs.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Awww…..your devotion to Mr. Rochester is so lovely. I hope he realizes that not every blind, grumpy old man has a devoted governess/wife who bakes, knits & decorates leather harnesses for her other lovahs.

        I thought the Reverend tried to confiscate your Voodoo Doll materials—he really should not mess with that. What does an Episcopalian curse sound like?

        You’re right, my Pipe Cleaner Tom Doll punishment was completely inadequate. I am going to make some more tea (blackberry) & think on it some more, & if I don’t get a better idea I will have to break into Cumby’s secret cigarette stash—they’re good for concentration.

      • j.eyre says:

        Taking my doll materials would be far too aggressive for an Episcopalian. We tend to let our Alter Guild cast disparaging looks upon you as you go up for communion – that’s about as harsh as we get.

        As for the curse – do you mean how do we swear or actual sorcery bestowed upon on our intended victims? Swearing: the Reverend might grit his/her teeth and hiss a large amount of air through them, possibly a well placed “Drat.” Me? Have you ever hung around the docks much?

        Sorcery alludes us as we “sample” anything pungent and liquid and whatever we concoct is consumed by its creator, who will be rendered unconscious(or into a Newt – depends on the spell) for a matter of days.

        I think ignoring TommyannE is possibly the best punishment out there at present. But not in the attic, that Crazy B!tch will make his Stoners and Army seem… normal. Let’s tie him to the settee in the Sun Room with no means of communicating with the outside world for 5 days.

        Now, if you will excuse me, Remora has just found a mirror store so CHemboy has a few free moments.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Disparaging looks from the Altar Guild, you say? I think I’ll quote Sherlock here: “What a tender world that would be.”

        I meant Episcopalian sorcery, I guess, although those two words look really weird together. Let me try that on again….Episcopalian….sorcery……mmmm, no.

        I tend to forget that other clergy don’t necessarily have the knowledge of or access to the really good sh*t that Mother Superior does, like the stuff in the files of the Inquisition.

        I told Fanty earlier today that I thought you were punishing Tommy by making him till the lavender fields with the Pomeranians. Those little Poms send the cutest tweets! (Their spelling is not that bad.) They’re even mortified by his over-eagerness, & they’re puppies. But have you considered turning Hiddles into a Newt? I don’t know how to do that either. On second thought, I think your idea of exile in the Sun Room will be the perfect thing for him, as being cut off from Twitter for 5 days is a horror that will stay with him a long time.

      • j.eyre says:

        eludes us, not alludes us. Should not typewhile on the phone

  32. Bijlee says:

    I’ve only seen this guy in two movies. Thor (which was a god awful terrible movie) and 20 minutes of deep blue sea (which I’m sorry was soooooo freaking boring). I loved him in thor. He was one of the few (very few) good things about that movie. Then I hear how douchey and How
    Pretentious he is and it just kills me. I’ve seen some of his earlier interviews and he seemed so down to earth. I think the kid is overly ambitious. I heard that he signed on with CAA and they are doing nothing with him. Like for some reason he believed he would get big opportunities so I figure he’s just doing this to up his profile more. It’s still gross.

    • tubular_trekkie says:

      I like him a great deal and so don’t agree with your harsh assessment of him.
      But -
      I do believe he’s very ambitious and I’m puzzled as to why he doesn’t seem to have more on his plate acting wise. Perhaps he’s waiting for a really plum role to come along? I can see that might be a reasonable strategy in some ways, although in the meantime he seems to be giving the impression he’s more interested in modelling for photo shoots and going in for general self-promotion in the media. That doesn’t make him a douche in my eyes (the guy needs to promote himself to get on in his profession), but it does make it look like he hasn’t got anything in the pipeline to me… Surely the whiff of desperation isn’t already creeping in is it? Maybe one to file under ‘too try-hard’.

      • Bijlee says:

        Haha if I came off overly harsh I didn’t mean to. I was trying to be “fair.” I think he’s trying to “get with it” and use social media in a way advantageous to him because of what I heard about him signing on to CAA. I heard that a long time ago so things may be different. I do think he’s pretentious, but he’s really funny especially with his impersonations. I think honestly it’s his publicist or his pr team that encourages this. I think his ambition blinds him to whether something is really a good idea or not. I don’t know. I do find him attractive though and he is a good actor (seriously he’s the saving grace of that train wreck Thor. I rooted for HIM in that movie), but he probably needs to tone it down. He desperately wants to be leading man material and I’m not sure if this is the way to go about it if he wants interesting work to come his way.

    • dasha says:

      Yeah he’s a try hard, but most very ambitious actors usually are. He wants to be liked, it’s in his Aqua(rius)-marrow, and he wants to be the centre of attention. Why else suit up at an awards show that is known to be informal, why else make a point of it and stick up on that stage for longer than usual after winning that award?

      It’s really sad to watch him pander to those morons on twitter though, these are not the people he should be pandering too, he should be pandering to the people who are in a position to get him a job.

      • tubular_trekkie says:

        Maybe to get more attention I’m thinking. The man totally rocks a suit though so I don’t blame him!

        Call me a cynic if you like, but I’m thinking the fact he mentioned One Direction is another profile-raising tactic. He now gets his name linked with them on the net doesn’t he? Pretty savvy that. God, it really is about time somebody hired him.

    • veronica says:

      Ugh, I decided not to see Deep Blue Sea after catching a glimpse of Hiddles’ pale, thin, naked sex scene with Rachel Weisz. I’m actually not into sex scenes in general. Can’t explain why but they make me squirm. I always feel like I’m peeking in on something I shouldn’t be peeking in on, but it’s not like I’m a prude or something. It’s not a moral issue or anything. I can’t explain it. But I DO watch movies with sex scenes–I just squirm at those parts or look at the ceiling. However, I was more off-put than usual when I glimpsed Hids and Rache going at it in sideways prone.

  33. dasha says:

    Cheeseball, absolutely, douchebag, I don’t get that vibe from him tbh. He was always overly excitable, and dorkish, but I think that’s how he is. No doubt he’s never had this much attention in his life as what has been focused on him in 2012 and this year. Tumblr made it sound like the entire show was focused on him, and if it was it must have sent his ego into the stratosphere.

    As for Luke, he needs to go somewhere where they put the PR people at events like this, like a pen behind the stage or something. He is getting annoying and cloying and he is going overboard on his PR job.

  34. eli says:

    I saw Thor and Avengers and I don’t get why any woman would wet herself over this guy. He’s a dork and you can smell tryhardness from miles away.

    It’s even worse than with Ryan Gosling who while a good actor has in the past 2 years gotten overboard with the cool-shtick stunts.

    Really cool people don’t need to draw attention with these kind of antics. You can see when someone effortlessly is himself and has a sense of humour.
    Prime example Timothy Olyphant, that man is coolness personified. Watch his interviews on Ellen and Conan. To die for.

  35. Miss M says:

    Off-topic: I hope commenters in Boston and their families are safe and sound. Thanks to those of you who checked with me if I was OK on twitter.

  36. Hannah says:

    Oh come on.. The guy has never received such an award and was very excited about it. He is a rookie & a genuinely kind human being. Plus he’s a total dork.. Which is great and a lovable factor about him.

  37. Cordelia says:

    Ladies if you’re in need of some British hotness in your life, check out J J Feild. He is married to Neve Campbell, and his voice is to die forrrr!

  38. Agnes says:

    Most of time Hiddles reminds me of an overly excited puppy who found a ball his owner threw him but today he was too eager. He was channeling Anne Hathaway too much.

    Cumby will probably get nominated next year for STiD. I wonder what he would have said :D

  39. carla says:

    I was reading some of the comments and wth ladies? a guy can’t be nice that he’s “trying too hard” and a “dork”? what, do you guys prefer impolite jerks? I don’t understand O__O

    Also, he took the mike back from Samuel L. Jackson not to call attention to himself but to say something… the award was best fight and it was for him and Chris Evans (the only ones present, because the other Avengers won too), so it was not for Joss or Sam to give a speech, but for the other 2 guys.

    • Agitation says:

      That’s what I;m saying though.

    • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

      Who’s criticizing him for being “nice”? I think the criticism is that he is a desperate famewhore who is pushing and trying way too hard and who is way too dependent on his most insane fans. Big difference.

      • Agitation says:

        Tell ‘em why you really mad Crumpets, damn lol. I don’t get this ‘douchey’ vibe from him personally, like some of the posters are saying he has. He seems really attention whoring and lacking in self-esteem, yeah, but I don’t think that’s enough to merit a douche card. He just seems like those teacher’s pet kind of guys.

        He really needs to tell his fans to calm down though. I saw some people on Tumblr today, trying to come for ya’ll heads on here and I was just like…

        0_0. Nooo.

      • carla says:

        I didn’t quote ‘nice’, the word came from me. The thing is, it looks to me like Tom is being somewhat criticized for being a nice, happy, excited, puppy-like person in general and for giving a decent acceptance speech (in any other award show it would have been a great speech). Joss also gave a longish heartfelt thank you speech when the Avengers won best movie and I don’t see him being criticized for it. Maybe the next time Tom wins something he will only say “Thanks, bye.” and leave the stage, I can totally see people in the next day calling him rude.

        Hiddles, a desperate famewhore? I’m not even going to comment that one.

      • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

        @carla: Which is proof positive that being nice or sincere isn’t the issue. Joss Whedon is not a desperate, needy famewhore.

      • carla says:

        Then what is the issue? people mistaking his happy disposition for something else? it’s not okay for him to embrace his fanbase, even if they are “insane”? it’s his fault that he even has one?
        I don’t understand why he gets to be a famewhore when honestly the only major role in his career until now is Loki; I believe after that he did a period drama for BBC and right now I have no idea if he’s filming or will film something big (besides the new Thor and Avengers 2, that is). So I don’t know how this famewhoring is working out for him, maybe after the Movie Awards he’ll get a good leading role, or maybe my english isn’t enough to understand what’s going on here, I apologise if that’s the case.

  40. Resnictem says:

    Oh, oh…some of the Hiddlyanna Tumblr fans are getting butt hurt over the comments here.

    Despite their insistence, Hiddles didn’t arrive on angel wings.

  41. jen says:

    I don’t understand the need to dissect Tom under a microscope just to find some faults in him. I am sure if you look harder you can find germs on the most beautiful porcelain skin, and I am also sure we would all be happy loving human beings if we don’t always try so hard to find faults in others.

    If you like Tom, just be happy that he has some, or many, or infinite amount of, merits that you can be fond of or root for. Is he pleasing to the eyes? Breathless YES. Does he have talents? You bet. Is he a nice person? Sure thing. Is he single? Well, one can always dream (married folks can too.)

    If you truly honestly have the urge to demand everyone else in this world to be perfect, and you happen to think that Tom unfortunately does not fit into your lofty standard for human beings, then just forget him, either leave him behind or leave him alone. Why waste any time on him? If Tom turned into a phone-throwing, potty-mouthing, wife-beating sociopath with murderous intentions, then some of the criticisms directed toward him might be justified. But come on, for a harmless award speech?

    I only sorta started to like Tom 3 weeks ago due to my belated introduction to his works. Knowing myself well, I doubt this warm feeling I have for Tom will last another six months. However, I have no problem with many of his fans being devoted, dedicated to him. People are different, and their ways of showing their affections and appreciations are all different. Just let them be.

    And just let Tom be. Tom is not obligated to live his life for anybody else but himself. As a casual moviegoer, I hope to continue to be entertained (others may say inspired) by his works, but I don’t want him to make only the kind of movies I like. I don’t want him to be this perfect prince that only shows up in Disney films. Why should I demand Tom, someone who has little to do with my life, to do anything? Why should he care what I say anyway? Heck I cannot even make my dog listen to me.

    So…We cannot demand Tom to be someone we wish him to be. But…we can choose to like him, or not like him.

    Like him? Just keep going to his movies, blog news of him, write fanfics and make fan videos about him (some of them are very enjoyable, btw), or simply sit there and admire his beautiful smiles popping out of a computer screen. Be happy.

    Don’t like him? Don’t waste another minute on him. Be happy.

    See, easy.

    • Lauli says:

      I beg to differ. Being critical is always a positive thing. I like Tom and think he’s lovely and harmless but I can understand why people say he’s vain and likes attention. This is, thank God, a discussion board, so people discuss and exchange their different point of views. Btw, the “negative” opinions didn’t interfere at all with my positive opinion of him, except for the fact that, IMHO, he should work more and talk less.

      • tubular_trekkie says:

        ^^ Absolutely.
        The fact that so many of us are sufficiently interested in him to want to discuss him in the first place has got to be good news from his POV I would’ve thought.

        I can’t dislike him in any way really. He sometimes seems a bit hyper and I’m unsure about the merits of his twitter feed, but that’s because I’d rather see more of his acting. (OK, sure, I’ll admit I’d be more than happy to know all about his day-to-day activities and to get to see the inside of his house(!), but only if that could be IRL and in private :) Zero chance of that, so I’ll content myself with watching his films, or better yet, seeing him on stage.)

      • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

        This is a forum where people can think and say what they think.

        This is a place where critique, debate, humor, snark, etc. are all seen as good, fun, and necessary for sanity in today’s celebrity saturated world.

        Celebrities are fair game. Any celebrity who pays a publicist to accompany him everywhere is probably trying hard to control things, and that sort of thing is just begging the universe to offer a bug correction. This is not a worship site, though i think you will notice, if you give it a chance, there is also no shortage of appreciation and love.

        Appreciation and love can never be enforced though, and nor should silence. That might be appropriate for church and meetings of the DAR, but this is Celebitchy. I like to think of us as the Jane Austen Fight Club of gossip blogs:

        You can snark, point out the emperor’s nakedness– and also be happy. I am willing to bet that people who say what they are really thinking and
        actually have a greater happiness quotient. I highly recommend it. These things are not mutually exclusive.

      • Eve says:

        @ jen:

        Here’s a better idea: cannot stand anyone saying anything even remotely negative about Hiddleston and are unable to accept a different opinion about him? Don’t visit the site. See? Easy.

        This is a discussion blog, like others said above. Not a freaking fan site.

        By the way, you sound an awful lot like a troll who has vanished from here.

    • Flower says:

      @Jen, this isn’t the Tom tag at tumblr or one of his fansites you know. I like the man too, but I am not one of those fans who buys into his carefully crafted PR and the hero worship that is put towards him. The fandom treats him like he’s a chaste virgin who is absolute perfection, this site does not.

      • tubular_trekkie says:

        Yeah, quite.
        Although I don’t understand this wish to cast him as a “chaste virgin”; it’s strange and entirely besides the point. The options aren’t limited to on the one hand ‘total douche who uses women’ versus ‘chaste virgin who lives like a monk’ on the other. I’m sure he can still be gentlemanly and nice at the same time as being flirty and a wow with the ladies. (And what I wouldn’t give to find out!!!)

        As for Tumblr: some of those folks are out of control over this awards thing. Seriously, it’s off the chart over there.

      • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

        Tubular: Whether or not he is flirty with the ladies is open to conjecture; from what I hear, he mostly strikes out in that department. It’s also not relevant to this thread. Nobody on CB needs him to be either the perfect Disney Prince or a sleazy douchbag. Weare just calling him as we see it .

        Onto other topics: it has been observed that he went commando again. Is he trying to pull a Jon Hamm? Just how desperate for attention is this man?

      • tubular_trekkie says:

        Ah well, I wasn’t trying to imply that anyone on here needs to form any impression of him in that respect either one way or the other. Maybe the point about nuance is more for the Tumblr crowd.

      • Eve says:

        @ Tubular_trekkie:

        Unfortunately, I don’t think the Tumblr crowd will ever get that there is such a thing as middle ground :( .

      • Jen says:

        Point taken. If making certain comments about others makes one happy, one is free to do so.

        Honestly I don’t care about actors’ private lives. If they start making movies showing neither passion nor effort (even Oscar winning actors stop trying. Sure you can do something mainly for the money, but at least make it look like you give a damn), they lose me. Therefore, I will never be a true and loyal fan.

        I am not picky about people I like either. I even like someone who blatantly carried out real-life phone-throwing action, and I don’t care to defend him. Compared to him, Tom would be like… a saint. LOL.

        And isn’t it usually the case fans of one actor up in arms against fans of some other “imaginary rival” actors? Rarely do I see fans of one same actor go against each other. It’s quite interesting.

        Regarding tumblr, I did not know its existence until I read about it on message boards. :) I do like some of their creative pics. No tumblr account, have not made any comment on any of them though. My Tom phase is only three weeks old, after all.

        Again sorry about my intrusion. I still think the purpose of liking some actor is to make oneself feel happy. And it doesn’t matter how you achieve that happiness, as long as you don’t do something really stupid like stalking him. We can all like the same guy, in different ways and for different reasons. There doesn’t have to be a “perfect” way to do it. That’s all.

    • Jaime says:

      I’m fairly new on here but I’ll just speak my mind…
      @ Jen: I agree with you. On some parts. But people here on Celebitchy are obligated to say their opinions, even though I may disagree with a few, but I’ll accept it. And you can’t simply tell people who dislike Tom to leave him alone. People do what they like. I also agree with Lauli, that being critical is a positive thing, and also that Tom is a lovely person.
      At first, when I read through everyone’s comments, they seemed pretty harsh to me, but people are free to express their thoughts and be realistic, and that’s fine with me.

      • Jen says:

        Being critical over important matters is fine. Being overly critical about trivial matters is, at least for me, simply not fun. I find being negative exhausting. It doesn’t make one a better or happier person just because everyone else has flaws. But that’s just me.

        It’s not easy to satisfy everybody. For example, a celebrity, while in private, gets approached by a fan who eagerly takes his photo without permission, he says some not so nice things to the fan, gets angry and grabs that fan’s phone, makes some threats… then all of sudden he is this nasty,rude, stupid, terrible human who should go to hell.

        Then you have a rare case in Tom, who is super nice to his fans and treats them with courtesy, kindness and respect. All of sudden he is PANDERING to everyone and FANNING his fans obsession with him.

        What can they do to make everyone happy? Is there such a thing in this world that could make everyone happy? (Money????)

        Perhaps they should all be indifferent to their fans, completely ignoring them as if they did not exist. Then everyone would be happy.

  42. dasha says:

    Just saw Tom’s new vogue shoot with Cara Devigine (cannot spell her name). Not bad, just wish she’d smile for once, or maybe they want her to be more like a Garbo, rarely smiles, only smolders?

    @C&C, hard to believe Tom would strike out with anyone, unless he’s trying to hit way, way above his level.

    • Agitation says:

      I was just about to post about this. That Cara girl better get below decks and batten down the hatches before the fangirls rain down on her.

    • Resnictem says:

      The current Vogue shoot is creeping me out mightily. That girl looks about 16, even if she’s not. I do have to say, it’s perfect for the demographic that follows Hiddles slavishly on Tumblr & Twitter. IMO, not a good move, not a good move at all.

      • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

        I am finding his fashion modeling career pretty tiresome. It is clearly very important to him– he is very vain–but he just doesn’t have it.

        Seriously: he needs to get back to work. And I mean a real acting job, not a muppet cameo, and not another pretentious photoshoot where he is way out of his depth.

      • tubular_trekkie says:

        Crikey, you’re really down on him C&C!

        Funny thing is I do agree with many of the points you make. He’s starting to seem a bit insecure in some ways. Case in point – have you seen the video of him that’s floating around where he’s baking a potato in his kitchen? I mean what’s all that about? I can’t see how it’s anything other than foolish and needy pandering to his crazy fanbase… He should be doing more Shakespeare, or Brecht or Pinter or something, and I don’t understand why he isn’t.

        And I still like him. Enormously. And I’m still here burbling on about him. No, I don’t get it either!

      • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

        Tubular: I would cut him so much slack if he would put away the starved-for-attention antics and get a bloody real job. Get back to acting, talk about acting, stop pretending to be a fashion model, etc. He’s slipping.

        I am very puzzled as to why he has not signed on to anything. Dark Wings Has My Angel was put on long term hold more than a year ago. I can’t believe he does not have offers. If he is holding out for a plum role, this is the wrong time to do it. This could be a year of really building things up, but instead he is adrift, and it’s showing up in all of this needy behavior. Get to work Hiddles!

        Maybe we should get him a paper route

      • tubular_trekkie says:

        “Maybe we should get him a paper route”
        lol. I don’t think it’s quite that bad is it?! ;)

        I don’t know in all honesty. After seeing him in The Hollow Crown last summer I was bowled over and very much looking forward to seeing him in lots more things. Dramatic things, emotional things, intriguing things. Not necessarily Shakespeare, just lots of roles where he could really show off his acting talents.

        He seems like a genuinely nice chap and I have no doubt he wants to achieve as much as he possibly can in his career – so why is he doodling around with videos of himself with baked potatoes on Twitter? Yeah okay, he’s ostensibly promoting Unicef, but it’s all so irrelevant and unnecessary IMO. Surely he must realise it’s just drooling fodder for the Hiddlestoners?

      • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

        Of coursse he realizes that, Tubular! That is exactly what he has in mind, IMHO.

      • tubular_trekkie says:

        Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t. In any case I don’t see how that kind of thing is going to help him in the long-run. Does it betray a certain insecurity, a need to be liked and to be popular? Yes, I can probably see that. I’d just so much rather see him channel that attention-seeking into something else – his serious acting career. His fans *are* important, of course they are, but it’s not the ‘fandom’ that’s going to land him more work is it?

    • tubular_trekkie says:

      Another photo shoot eh?
      I’m not really aboard the Hiddlebus for his qualities as a fashion model. Probably time for me to tune out until Thor 2 appears or he gets a theatre gig.

    • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

      @Dasha: word has it that he does alright with hookups and one night stands, but pretty much strikes out on anything more. The giels they move on, yo. It could be that he just wants to be a playboy, but given how much he alludes to wanting to have a family, I suspect intimacy issues.

  43. sophie says:

    you are all very narrow minded… you don’t even know tom hiddleston, do you? he’s just happy to win the award, he hasn’t really had an experience like this so sure he’s gonna treat it like an oscar. give him a break!

  44. Miu says:

    Hi. First time posting here. I think Chris looked fine with those simple jeans and boots. The leather jacket is blah to me since he let his new gf borrow it. You can see yourself if you google them coming out bootsy bellows not long ago. Can’t believe he is taken. Now, Tom looks good from neck down. Neck up is a no go for me. His face creeps me out. His expresion remind me of Hannibal Lector for some reason. Don’t know why. lol. Whateva’ to each their own. ;)

  45. pixiestix says:

    I’m unable to watch the videos (not being in the US), so can’t speak to them specifically, but wonder if there was a lull in what Sam Jackson was saying and Tom took over (perhaps over-enthusiastically). Just speculating.

    Based on history, I’ll side with TH being overly excited and loving the spot light over being a douche.

    Interesting story about him proposing to Susannah. I’d need receipts.

  46. Colleen says:

    I totally agree that Hiddles’ acceptance speech was WAY too long. However, that doesn’t mean he’s a famewhore.
    That just means that he’s a talkative guy. He’s always like that; he talks to interviewers, he talks to fans. Wouldn’t it make sense that he would talk a bunch for an award? He just gets excited. You can tell that he loves the business, and when he is surrounded by people who are celebrating what he does he tends to get a bit… enthusiastic. He’s a charming man.
    Also, he’s a lovely person. Do you know he gave a cold interviewer his jacket on the red carpet? On another occurrence he brought tomato soup to an interviewer in the cold. He has also been working with UNICEF and recently lived below the line, which meant he ate on 1 pound a day.
    So, maybe his long speeches are cringe to people who aren’t fans of him. Maybe he’s like a puppy who just got a new toy and is still so excited about it. That does not mean he’s a famewhore or a bad person.

    • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

      Some of us have felt that it is a little too important to Hiddles to be seen doing good deeds– there is always a camera around and it’s a huge part of his press, e.g., he brought his publicist with him to Africa. Compare to all of the celebrities who routinely do kind things but quietly, withput claiming credir in fashion magazines, without pandering to fan girls. Don’t get me wrong– I think he is so cere and means well, but it all seems to be about him at the end of the day.

      • tubular_trekkie says:

        To be fair, I think Unicef are probably using him as spokesperson, hence the broadcasting and promotion that’s going on. Any publicity attained is then for both parties. Fair enough I guess.

        I’m not sure why he needs to show us his cooking skills or the interior of his kitchen though! I suppose it’s *possible* he doesn’t realise how that comes across as – yes – pandering to fan girls. But the fact he agreed to do it in the first place, hmm, I don’t know what to make of it really. Super-earnest and over-eager perhaps covers it?

      • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

        Tubular: Unicef has many, many celebrity ambassadors, and to the best of my knowledge, none of them have brought their publicists with them.

        I can make a long list of celebrities who have done considerably more than Hiddles on the humanitarian front, and if anything they are as a group highly reluctant to toot their horns about it or take credit for it– never mind making it a talking point in a fashion shoot with a headline in bold about how kind they are.

        Mark Ruffalo, for example, was recently given a humanitarian award, but really had to be dragged into it– he did not want the award or the attention. He has been an active and effective environmentalist for years, but his focus has been entirely on the issues.

  47. Kate says:

    Do not be afraid. Tumblr bloggers won’t swarm you. Most of them will ignore you. I clicked on this site because I found link in Tom’s tag.
    I am more than 30. I have husband and 2 kids and I am Tom’s fan. Your demographics about Tom’s fans are not really accurate. I have account on Tumblr and many people I met on Tom’s tag are above 20,30 and even 40. Of course, there are young fans, some of them go a little bit overboard but they are definitely a minority.
    To be honest, if you want to see insane fangirls go to Benedict Cumberbatch tag. I was genuinely interested in checking who he is because I liked a few of his works (even though the guy makes me cringe) but after reading a few ‘He is the best actor ever/ in the world, etc’ and spitting on Robert Downey Jr (because of Sherlock; besides how can you even compare RDJ who is exceptional actor with Mr. Cumberbatch who is really good but not that good) I resigned from it.
    Also, can some of you give me the definition of famewhore? For me the definition is Paris Hilton/ Kim Kardashian etc. Not people who actually do something. And let me add, do it good.
    Saying that he ‘lives’ on Twitter is also not very real. I am not a Twitter person but I checked his a moment ago and most of his messages are about charity. He also answers his friends and, sometimes, fans. Is it really bad? I think it is great he is writing about charity so much because a lot of people got engaged in helping because of him (they raised more than 30000 pounds so far)
    And lastly and most importantly, his movies.
    Personally, I got interested in his acting because of the theatre but I do not think you can see his plays on the Internet? If you can, I recommend Ivanow and Cymbeline. He was really great in them!
    From his TV work I like “Wallander” (more importantly, Kenneth Branagh is in it), “Suburban Shootout” (if you like specific type of humor), and I absolutely love “Hollow Crown” (Shakespeare’s Henry IV and V) he did for BBC.
    A few of his movies were already mentioned (I didn’t read all of the comments but I think I saw ‘The Deep Blue Sea’ (with really great acting), ‘Thor’ and ‘The Avengers’).
    If you like independent cinema you may like Joanna Hogg’s “Archipelago” and “Unrelated”. From bigger movies I think you should see “War Horse” (Spielberg at his best)and “Midnight in Paris” (my second favourite Woody Allen movie, after “Cassandra’s Dream”).
    For those ‘worried’ about Tom not having a job, worry no more. This year he will be in a few movies: “London Project” by Joanna Hogg and “Out of Darkness”. Both of them will be probably hard to see besides cinemas showing small indie movies. Btw, famewhore in small projects? That is new.
    Also “Thor:The Dark World”.
    And a movie I really hope to see this year, Jim Jarmusch’s “Only Lovers Left Alive” with Tilda Swinton and Mia Wasikowska.
    For the next year: “Muppets”, “Black Wings Has My Angel” (which is in pre – production) and possibly, movie about Robert Capa, which was announced today. Probably we will see a lot more of Tom in the future because his IMDB Pro (this is a paid part of a site used be people in the film industry) is one of the most visited (this exclusively for this site, thanks to my job)and because a lot of directors wants to work with him, partly thanks to great credentials given by Steven Spielberg (this also exclusively, thanks to my husbands job)

      • dasha says:


        LOL. Spot on.


        You don’t need to push the agenda of “Saint Tom”, and go through his entire filmography to make a point. His drawbacks as a human being are just that, drawbacks and I am happy there is a place to talk about what he gets up to without someone jumping on me about what a perfect unicorn they think he is.

      • tubular_trekkie says:


        I thought ‘Black Wings Has My Angel’ was on indefinite hold?
        Anyway, I’m not sure why you need to list his entire CV – we know he’s done some great things!
        And potentially good news about the Capa project. Yey! I’m certainly more than willing to own up to being a Very Impatient Fan. ;) Nevertheless I’m only expressing my surprise as to why he doesn’t appear to have been booked solid well into this year and the next. We need more Tom, not less.

      • Crumpets and Crotchshots says:

        Kate (Luke?) Most of what you are citing (and seriously we don’t need people regurgitating IMDB here) is work that he has finished filming, not work that is current. That was the point being made.

        He *isn’t* currently well booked, especially compared to some of his contemporaries who are pretty much working constantly, and he *does* come across as a tad desperate to keep his name out there with fans– possibly, but not necessarily, as a result of this.

        I will be a very happy girl if the Capa film gets made (though I am not convinced that Hiddles is well cast in that role), but it looks like he is once again facing a possible issue of another, bigger director taking on the same subject, as well as the lead actress leaving the project. We’ll see how that works out.

        Black Wings Has my Angel was put on indefinite hold more than a year ago– and won’t get made without Paquin, who has since taken on another project– despite what IMDB says. This has been well covered in the media, I think Hiddles himself mentioned it in an interview.