Kim Kardashian & Kanye West have only been together 18 days out of 108

Here are some new photos of Kim Kardashian “entering and leaving the studio” in LA. And going to a doctor’s appointment in Beverly Hills. I’ll say something nice: this emerald color looks beautiful on her and the dress isn’t the absolute worst thing she’s ever worn. But… I don’t get how her boobs look so much smaller now? Is she wearing a minimizer and is she double-Spanx’ing it? I think I see her Spanx line… either that, or she’s wearing an old-fashioned girdle or something. I don’t even know at this point. I kind of want to send her a pair of sweatpants and some flip-flops.

The Tragedy of The Kat-Face takes two tabloid covers this week, OK! Magazine and Life & Style. The stories – from what I can see – are pretty similar and most of it is stuff we’ve already discussed. Kanye West is camped out in Paris, working on his new album. He and Kim are barely spending any time together. He hasn’t been in LA in months. Kim is pretty much doing this whole pregnancy thing by herself.

For Kim Kardashian, pregnancy isn’t what she expected. The 32-year-old has struggled with everything from her weight gain to boyfriend Kanye West’s absence. In the new issue of Life & Style, on stands now, we can reveal how the brunette beauty is finding it hard to balance everything with a baby on the way.

“Kim feels like she’s losing control,” an insider tells Life & Style. “And Kim always has to be in control of everything.”

While attending the MTV Movie Awards in LA on April 14, eyewitnesses noticed how uncomfortable the six-months-pregnant starlet seemed. Aside from constantly pulling her Saint Laurent dress to hide her growing body, it didn’t help that her beau wasn’t by her side — instead opting to stay more than 5,600 miles away in Paris.

But that isn’t anything new for Kim. Life & Style can reveal that the expectant couple have just spent 18 days together out of the 108 days since they announced they were expecting a baby on Dec. 30.

Not only that, but friends estimate that Kim, who used to make millions flaunting her famous figure at parties, book signings, fashion events, etc, has lost over $2 million in endorsements, deals and appearances since conceiving.

According to a friend: “Nobody wants to see a pregnant woman partying at a nightclub and it’s not like she can shoot an ad campaign right now.” Kim is so desperate to remain relevant and marketable that she’s taken to making free appearances at book and magazine signings

On the April 7 season finale of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, the reality star — who’s in the middle of a bitter divorce battle with Kris Humphries — even admitted she wasn’t ready for parenthood.

“The whole plan with my doctor was to go to Miami, get off birth control, really clean out my system, freeze my eggs, and I got pregnant,” she said. “I was freezing my eggs because I did not want to get pregnant right this minute. I wanted to wait until I got divorced and hopefully remarried.”

[From Life & Style and Jezebel]

18 days out of 108? Damn. That’s HARSH. I’m pretty sure I spend more quality time with dog than Kanye West has spent with the girlfriend he impregnated. I really don’t understand what’s going through Kanye’s mind at this point – is he just over it completely now? Or is he just super-focused on his album? I seem to remember a story Amber Rose told about how Kanye pretty much abandoned her for several months when he was working on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Of course, it’s possible that it’s all of those factors plus a few more. God knows.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Lizzie says:

    Damn…..never thought I’d be feeling sorry for a Kardashian.

  2. Samigirl says:

    I think her breasts are still huge, but her tummy has popped more, and since it’s out further, her breasts look smaller. She also needs a new bra. The dress isn’t awful, but it’s not a maternity dress, and it looks like she squeezed herself in there and that it barely fits.

    As for the whole 18 out of 108 days thing, she knows who she’s dating. He’s an artist and does his own thing. It’s not like they are going to be 2gether 4ever! I’d say may as well get used to being a little independent, Kim.

  3. GossipG says:

    HELP the baby plsss..ITS SUFFOCATING!duh…Kanye only is around when KEEPING up with the TRASH, is on.Poor baby KIMYE.The kid will have the leading roll in its own TRUMAN/ KIMYE show.

  4. Jules says:

    Her face increasingly is looking more like ‘Madame’.

  5. tracking says:

    Enough with the too tight clothes! This girl is in complete denial about her (real) size..

  6. Becky says:

    Wow,apart from the color and that mark from her undergarments, she looks good.

    ETA: can anyone tell me if leggings and yoga pants are the same thing? I keep reading about yoga pants on celebitchy.

    • LadyMTL says:

      Heh, I was about to say the same thing as you – I guess if I ignore the visible bra line and spanx line she looks good? The color is nice but the shoes are way too matchy-matchy.

      As for yoga pants vs leggings, yoga pants are generally a bit more loose and breathable (at least the ones I have are). Leggings are normally skin-tight and can be made from anything from cotton to polyester to…whatever. I hate leggings, btw.

    • ilovejapanesefood says:

      No leggings and yoga pants are not the same thing!! There are people who wear leggins instead of yoga pants though.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      Leggings are basically tights in a heavier material without the feet. They look best underneath something long–they show EVERYTHING. Yoga pants are actual sweatpants that are designed to be flattering and worn during athletic-type activities. You can see examples of them on a site like Athleta.

    • Nina W says:

      Yoga clothes are generally not binding, they have very little Lycra in them, they are form fitting but loose and comfortable to allow for athletic activity. I don’t know about leggings but I assume they have more Lycra in them and are tighter.

  7. Skipper says:

    She can at least afford to buy a proper fitting bra.

  8. SydneySpy says:

    This colour is gorgeous on her. Her poor face, however… Is the long time apart because he’s an “artist” or is he just not that into her?

  9. Evie says:

    I’m sorry but that is disgusting. Have some respect for yourself Kimmy and get some clothes that fit – stop squashing the baaaaby!!! Here’s a tip, if you can see a belly button dent because the clothes are stretched so tight across your gut then it’s time to go up a size (or three). God help that poor little fetus.

  10. A says:

    He checked out months ago. He’s most likely not living in celibacy in Paris either.

    Maybe he feels like she trapped him by getting preggers. Maybe he didn’t know she was coming off the pill until he saw the segment on the show.

    Still a shame though. Man up for your child.

    • Sabrine says:

      It’s unlikely he’s doing without over there in Paris. Could be girls brought to his room in the dead of night by an escort service. This is done quite often to avoid being found out. Of course I suppose he could be doing without, but what are the odds.

    • nofkksgiven says:

      Rumor is he has been curled up with his boyfriend of several years Ricardo Tisci….

      • Badirene says:

        Yeah I heard this too, they split for a while (in the early stages of Kim as beard fiasco) and are now back together if my memory holds up.

        Disclaimer: I am old and memory may not be holding up.

      • oh snap! says:

        YES. THIS. I do not buy the whole, “ooops how did I get pregnant so fast”…this was planned, calculated, controlled. she conceived via IVF. He wanted a baby, now. she agreed. there is no real love between these two, it’s staged. she is such a famewhore and gold digging hustler and having Kanye’s baby is the ultimate jackpot. nothing more. especially since her time will run out and the Kardashian clan will start fading into obscurity (hopefully)…and as for Kanye, he’s not there because this was all part of the arrangement! he’s in Paris with his designer lover and that is a fairly well known secret.

      • Chicagogurl says:

        Oh Snap – those are some pretty baseless arguments. I’m not a Kim supporter but to assume a woman would go through all that is pretty assumptious. IVF isn’t easy and why would it matter how the child was conceievd AND if she conceived that way I can tell you from experience he would have to be actively involved….which kind of goes against your argument as it wouldn’t be entrapment and they haven’t had that kind of time together. I’m pretty sure this baby was probably conceived the good ol fashioned way. He didn’t want to wear a condom and she didn’t push him to.

  11. Evie says:

    I’m sorry but that is disgusting. Have some respect for yourself Kimmy and get some clothes that fit – stop squashing the baaaaby!!! Here’s a tip, if you can see a belly button dent because the clothes are stretched so tight across your gut then it’s time to go up a size (or three). G*d help that poor little fetus.

  12. Evie says:

    I’m sorry but that is disgusting. Have some respect for yourself Kimmy and get some clothes that fit – stop squashing the baby!!! Here’s a tip, if you can see a massive belly button dent because the clothes are stretched so tight across your gut then it’s time to go up a size (or three). G*d help that poor little fetus.

  13. Evie says:

    I’m sorry but that is disgusting. Have some respect for yourself Kimmy and get some clothes that fit and please stop squashing the baby!!! Here’s a tip, if you can see a massive belly button dent because the clothes are stretched so tight across your gut then it’s time to go up a size (or three). G*d help that poor little fetus.

  14. MsAubra says:

    Yup, she’s getting treated like “just a baby muvuh!”

  15. Rikki says:

    Kanye is probably embarrassed to be seen with her.

  16. Naye in VA says:

    Why on earth would you Spanx when you are pregant! Spanx are ridiculously tight. Like, I can only kinda breathe and certainly not eat, tight. I couldnt even button my pants without cramping when I was only a couple months in. That poor baby.
    Secondly: “I did not want to get pregnant right this minute.” Thats an excuse for teen-somethings. We all know where babies come from. Next time use a condom

  17. DanaG says:

    That baby is going to be so happy to be out so it won’t be squashed. The color is great everything else isn’t. Way too tight again and she needs to start wearing maternity. Maybe Kanye isn’t so happy with her new shape? He is a hip hop artist he isn’t out saving the world if he can’t be bothered to be around his girlfriend when she is pregnant it’s because he doesn’t want too. One recording studio is like another he could record in LA he just doesn’t want to. Don’t expect to see him spend too much time with the kid not if his work is this important to him. Kim sure knows how to pick them she got pregnant too fast to someone she dated a couple of months. I’m not going to feel sorry for her it isn’t like she will be on food stamps, she has a tight family and there will be another guy come along soon. I think Kanye will wait till the baby is born to split with Kim though he doesn’t want to look to bad most people already think he is a douche anyway and won’t surprised by his selfish behaviour.

  18. Doofus says:

    I was wondering if you guys would cover this story.

    I agree with the poster above who says Kanye checked out a while ago. I don’t think he realized what he signed up for when he got involved with her. He saw her sex tape and that was his focus. As far as what his life would be like as a Kartrashian, I don’t think he had any idea of the fame whoring or what the day-to-day would be like.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Does he live under a ROCK?!?! How could he not know?

      • doofus says:

        well, seeing it and actually LIVING it are different. He may have had an idea, but wasn’t aware of the extent of it until he was IN it.

        I could see him thinking, “well, she’s photographed all the time” but not knowing the lengths they go to, the manipulation, lying…I really think he had tunnel-vision regarding the sex tape.

      • Zoid says:

        I think some guys get more attached to the idea of having the thing they want than the actual thing. I’ve seen it happen before to some close friends. The guy gets Friendzoned, the girls aren’t interesting in long term dating, the guy pursues HARD, says all the right things, and then gets bored after the girl finally says yes.

    • yolo112 says:

      I said this a while ago. It’s like having a huge crush on someone and building them up in your head to be something they are not. It become a big disappointment when you finally get the person and you realize how wrong/off you were about them. BUT…no sympathy for either of them…just the baby. I guess we’ll see how much time they spend together after the baby’s born and he’s done with his latest musical masterpiece *eye roll*. I sat here thinking of the “gift” we might give France (if she moves there) and then it hit me… she wants to branch out on her own without the fam and sisters…what if THIS is her new angle for her own show!? Kim and baby in Paris. E! would travel to the ends of the world for this kash kow..

      • doofus says:

        “It’s like having a huge crush on someone and building them up in your head to be something they are not. It become a big disappointment when you finally get the person and you realize how wrong/off you were about them.”

        YES, that exactly.

        sidenote: I had that happen to me in college. crushed on/lusted after a guy for almost 4 years, then I finally met him and OMG, I wish he had never opened his mouth. BORING, BORING, BORING. ruined it for me!

  19. dcypher1 says:

    Kanye awoled on kim. Thats what it looks like to me. Kanye obviously wears the pants in this kardashian fiasco. Which is a nice change cus the rest of her familys got there husbands in check except for khole. Her man is always doing the side piece thing.

  20. Cazzee says:

    How many days were they together in the 108 days *before* she got pregnant?

    I just can’t with these people. A baby is not a publicity ploy, neither is it something you check off on the list of life things to do. It’s a human being who is going to demand a lifetime commitment – something that both of these people appear to be entirely unfamiliar with.

    Feel sorry for the baby, not the mother. She knew what she was getting into, and she willingly got into it anyways.

  21. swack says:

    Again, what’s with the too tight clothing? I love the color though. She needs a bigger bra as her girls are starting to pop out at the top. As far as Kanye is concerned – he could be over here doing his album and being here with her if he wanted to do so. Don’t know his reasoning behind it. Don’t believe the whole “I didn’t want to be a parent yet” story.

  22. mkyarwood says:

    On the plus side, her face is showing real emotions.

  23. TG says:

    I wonder if Kanye is staying away to avoid having to be deposed or testify in this Pig’s divorce drama. If he is staying away because he can’t stand her and kris Jenner than you can be sure kris is loving this since she won’t have to worry about an interfering dad with balls when it comes to marketing the baby.

    Isn’t it convenient that Kim had a logical excuse for how she got pregnant? So after she gets deliberately knocked up she records this bullsh*t about freezing her eggs so she won’t get pregnant while still married to douche bag #1. Now she is knocked up with douche bag #2 and you can bet there is yet another gullible rich man in her future to play step dad.

  24. TG says:

    Oh and Kanye is as gay as the day is long. So wonder if this was a turkey baster pregnancy or if they just did it while he was drunk or coked up. Nothing will convince me he isn’t gay.

  25. lolita says:

    Give the baby to khloe. Better for everyone

  26. anneesezz says:

    Free appearances??? That must not sit well with Mama. She needs to earn her keep. Sounds like this little cash cow (pun intended) growing inside Kimmie might not be all its cracked up to be. Uh oh!

  27. Cookie says:

    She is so unbelieviably vain to try and mask her pregnancy weight gain with spanx and ridiculous dresses. I hope they hire a great nanny to raise that baby because she is going to be completely clueless.

  28. diva says:

    I think Kanye over it. Maybe he’ll be more interested when the baby actually comes but I doubt it. I think he gets fixated on something and when he gets bored he moves to something else (music, fashion, kim) he seems to be a “live in the moment” guy. I feel sorry for the baby. They both are too self involved for to be having a kid.

  29. virginia5 says:

    I honestly can not for the life of me, figure out why she wears spanx while pregnant!!! Once again in this outfit she is making herself look fat, look at the back rolls, at the bottom of the zipper the fabric is stretching. She is soo effing vain it is unbelievable..

    Sure Kanye should be around more often, but is pretty hard for me to have any sympathy for Kim.

  30. Boodiba says:

    I’ve gotta say, to me she looks like a disgusting mountain of green. GROSS!!! Just gross.

  31. Lemony says:

    I like the green.
    But that last picture.. *shudders*

  32. ilovejapanesefood says:

    Oh come on this must be torture for the poor child. Sorry to say this but is she dumb? Really. Somebody tell this woman that wearing such clothing is NOT GOOD FOR THE CHILD. How disgusting. If she’s indeed pregnant.

  33. Jayna says:

    Could he get any farther away to make an album? The studios in LA must have been booked. LOL

  34. MissM says:

    I really think all the “omg pregnant Spanx” crap should stop. Pregnant women love them and they support their bellies. Get over it.

  35. Elceibeno says:

    Isn’t it obvious? He is making an album and he is not about to allow Kim to distract him from his creative momentum.

    • epiphany says:

      Please. I know a number of rather well known musicians and bands, and not only do they not ignore their families for the sake of the “creative process”, the kids are sometimes in the studio with them. It’s obvious from his history that Kanye is, at least, bisexual, and has reconnected with his old BF, designer Ricardo Tisci, who of course, lives in Paris. The thing with Kim was great publicity – and who knows, maybe he did actually father the baby the “old fashioned way” – but he’s over it now, and back with someone for whom, frankly, he is better suited.

  36. Kcarp says:

    Making an album in Paris is no excuse. I mean there are recording studios in LA. Also, it’s not like these people have to make money at this point they are set take a break.

    I have to say after being pregnant I dont get the whole “WE” are pregnant stuff. I was pregnant my husband didn’t have 1 pain or 1 uncomfortable moment. That being said he stayed in the same country as me in case the baby was born early

  37. nikzilla says:

    how does she look smaller when she’s not in black? I don’t get what’s going on.

  38. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m calling the baby Spanxie. Poor thing will probably be so grateful for its first breath!

    Baby Spanxie is the only one I feel badly for; the other two a$$holes involved are adults.

  39. SydneySpy says:

    “Isn’t it convenient that Kim had a logical excuse for how she got pregnant? So after she gets deliberately knocked up she records this bullsh*t about freezing her eggs so she won’t get pregnant while still married to douche bag #1. Now she is knocked up with douche bag #2 and you can bet there is yet another gullible rich man in her future to play step dad.”

    Okay, confession. I didn’t even know who these people were until very recently. I’ve never been interested in celebrities.

    Re the above post: A while ago, while at the doctor’s surgery, I read a story about KK in an out-of-date magazine. Did I read the story wrong, or was she in fact, married to someone else before the Humphries person?

    Erm….guess I could have Googled this. Sorry and thanks.

    • TG says:

      Well actually this is Kim’s second marriage. She was married over a decade ago to some loser. She snuck and got married and didn’t tell her parents and her daddy had to get her out of that one, but now it is all mommy dearest controlling this pig. I was referring to Kris Humps as the douche bag #1 and Kanye as Douch #2 and whomever is after Kaney, which we know there has to be somebody is #3.

  40. val says:

    Well, if Kanye is truly with that Ricardo Tisci guy, he is fine. LOL. Good taste in men, not such much women. Maybe, Kim is just the surrogate?

  41. Brat says:

    I think from the front she looks good… now from the side is another story.

  42. mel says:

    I feel for her being pregnant and her baby’s daddy is no where around. But the sheer skankness of getting pregnant while married to someone else…I just…UGH…its so gross.

  43. Chell says:

    They are toally broken up, but are keeping it a secret because they need to film it for their show for ratings! I have absolutely nothing to back this up, lol! Just seems like something these two famewhores would do!
    Disgusts me that this baby is nothing but a prop!

  44. Aunty_drew says:

    I don’t understand why she tries so hard and squeezes herself into these horrible tight things she keep wearing during her entire pregnancy. It is not flattering nor was it comfortable for her (surely it wasn’t?)

  45. Jennifer says:

    I feel for her on one level. But this is kanye west famously perfectionist. He is in the studio 24/7 when he works. I dont know what she was expecting?

  46. Yelly says:

    Even her arms are getting huge!

  47. Joy says:

    You know though as soon as little Kimye pops out Kanye will be sticking his face in every camera bragging about his baby this and his baby. The same way all trash does.

  48. Shelly says:

    She dresses as if she is 6’0″ tall and 120 lbs…because only a tall and thin person could wear those shoes with that dress without cutting their legs short.

  49. Tiffany says:

    For someone who loves social media as much as Kanye, he has been quiet for sometime. There has been no message of joy or happiness upon the news he was expecting his first child. Nothing. I don’t think they have done a red carpet since Kim announce the pregnancy. For someone who loves the media as much as the mother of his child, he has been suspiciously quiet. When the press was ripping on her weight and fashion choices, no words of support at all. Yeah, something in the milk ain’t right.

  50. Mink says:

    I want know what her clothes are made out of! Those seams are T-O-U-G-H!! Imagine if everything was so indestructible!?!?!?

  51. Annie says:

    Yeah, someone really doesn’t want to be a father. And clearly, someone doesn’t really love Kim. And obviously this baby wasn’t planned by Kanye. Kim on the other hand, “forgot” to take the pill.

    She’s in constant competition with her sisters. Of course she was going to get pregant with Kanye’s baby immediately, he’s an A-lister! Probably thought this would make her BFFs with Beyonce and Gwyneth, and Jay Z would be the godfather.

  52. Daahling says:

    Kim needs a hobby. Painting, knitting, something. I would be so bored if I had to go to the gym for my fake workout, get a paparazzi photo op done, go to famous restaurant, have a picture taken, go to a doctor office, picture time, go eat something, picture, change my outfit, go walk around somewhere…dull.

  53. EG says:

    Once again, her bump completely mystifies me. It does NOT look like she is due in July. I have several friends due in July and they have big, round bumps that come up above the waistline. I know that every pregnant woman is different, but I am due in September and my bump is quickly getting bigger than Kim’s. Hers is the weirdest looking bump I’ve ever seen. It could be because of all the awful clothes she wears, but I’m telling you…the women I know with July due dates would in NO WAY be able to squeeze into anything tight or with any semblance of a waistline at this point. Something ain’t right.

  54. Susie Q says:

    I had always thought you wouldn’t get pregnant right away after coming off birth control pills. After I got pregnant immediately my doctor told me that that is common, you are very fertile after stopping them. I feel these stories are being planted to make us feel sorry for Kim. My boyfriend is a trucker I don’t think we have spent 18 days together in the last 108 either but we don’t have the money they do, it’s a matter of survival for us.

  55. Laura says:

    Her boobs are SWASHED down big time. Look at how that bra line is cutting across them! They’re probably squished up to her chin and back to her armpits, which is why they look smaller… or maybe it’s because they aren’t hanging out.

    She seriously just needs to relax and get some nice flowy shirts and some leggings.

  56. lucy2 says:

    I bet they both thought the whole thing would be great, attention hounds that they both are, and now that reality has set in, both are miserable. She seems very unhappy and in denial, and he’s just bailed. Poor kid.

  57. Paloma says:

    I would be incredibly stressed, disappointed if my significant other did not bother to support me during pregnancy; Kim is bound to be upset.

  58. pwal says:

    The color is pretty, but the hanging on to the budget hoochie mama look makes her look desperate and selfish.

    If she would let go of the ‘keeping up appearances’, the Spanx, and the divorce/annulment fight with Kris Humphries, maybe, just maybe, things will truly turn around for her. Character-wise, not money-wise.

  59. madpoe says:

    has the child dropped to her behind?
    how does she manage to make clothing look sooo uncomfortable?

  60. Agnes says:

    I feel sorry for that baby that’s clearly suffocating in there.

  61. Helvetica says:

    JUST when I think she can’t look any worse…

  62. scarlett2 says:

    I think Kanye checked out emotionally a while back and now he’s physically bailed on her, the baby and the relationship. I would be surprised if they are together after the baby is born. I feel sorry for the baby, mother seems unhappy and father is not there. Not a great way to start out in life.

  63. I'm Gonna Leave Soon says:

    Famewhoring pays well!!!

    She’s lost 2 million since announcing she’s pregnant.

  64. KK says:

    Kanye is a narcissist. Like a capital NPD personality disorder narcissist. He loves men because he loves his own image. Despite this he is obsessed with his image and will never come out because his entire life is about keeping up the false image of his culturally approved and worshipped ideal.

    Narcissists have a cycle in relationships. First they idealize, then once the object of their idealization does not live up to the image they devalue and discard. Kim has been devalued now that he has seen what day-to-day life with her is actually like and now she has been discarded. But because Kanye is SUCH a narcissist he will make an appearance once the baby is born to famewhore about and rejoice in a new thing that is literally made in his own image to idealize and worship until it develops a(n inevitably fucked up) personality and will of its own.

  65. Tania says:

    Nice colour, terrible dress. She looks trashy wearing such tight, ill-fitting clothing. Doesn’t she get that?

    And btw, I think at this point we should be questioning the paternity of this child. Maybe it’s not Kanye’s.

  66. bridget says:

    You know, they have airplanes that go in both directions over the Atlantic, and Kanye is doing some actual work. Why is it his responsibility to drop everything and go to LA? Kim’s the one making por choices and trying to place the blame on other people. Also a general word of advice: if I can clearLy see the outlines of all your undergarments, your dress is too tight.

    • KK says:

      I bet you anything Kanye’s banned her from coming there due to excuses based around his “creative process.”

      If I were Kim I’d be like fuck that, post up in Paris or just outside it for the whole pregnancy, eat amazing French food, rest, and relax!

  67. hmm says:


    I bet she is really regretting those ass injections.

    Also–her face?? YIKES.

    We need a side-by-side comparison of her and Jenna Jameson. Twinsies!

  68. The Original G says:

    Sorry, the reason that Kim (who this article alleges has no work, anyway) is not in Paris is what?

    This is what people who are in a committed relationship and having a child do. They negotiate their work in a way that allows them to be together for their mutual benefit? Otherwise, what are they? A one night stand cum photo op.

    Sheesh, she was upset when her husband tried to bring his stuff over, once they were married! Who does she think SHE is?

    It’s not clear to me who has abandoned whom in this little scenario?

  69. DIANE says:

    Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when the attorneys were drawing up THIS little contract. After the Kris Humphries fiasco, should we put anything past Kimmy?? Is the pregnancy timed to coincide with the tv show?? Did K and K sign a contract whereby he’d knock her up but would be exempt from having to perform ala Humphries on the show? Did he flee the country to avoid the nonstop circus that is the Kardashians? Will she ever be more to him than just his baby mama?

  70. erika says:

    said it from the start….this was a bearded relationship. all for publicity. now that embryo/baby is here, kanye can lay low and disappear

  71. onegirlup says:

    HONESTLY.. she could DEFINITELY think of something better to wear than this, as well as every single other thing she’s worn since showing her pregnancy. I believe she’s in denial that she can still wear her ‘regular’ clothing style and still look good. She’s delusional to think this. She needs to get some cutsie pregnancy clothes and QUICK. Not only would it look better but it just might and I am being generous here by saying…MIGHT help her fractured image. That’s a stretch, no pun intended, since she’s already done a sex tape, a reality show proven fake and all the other BS she’s given us that’s to lengthy to mention. giddy up

  72. Bread and Circuses says:

    When you look at these photos, you can almost hear the creaking of the industrial-strength undergarments, can’t you?

    It’s sad she’s freaked out about her shape instead of glorying in the beauty of what’s happening to her. You are with child, girl! This is wonderful! Put on a muumuu and just bliss out, okay?

  73. RHONYC says:


    ~ screams the green dress she’s torturing 8O

  74. apsutter says:

    That’s true about Amber Rose and MDTF. He basically went to Hawaii and set up a studio and had all his collaborators come to him. He was pretty much a musical hermit for months for that record.

  75. lucy says:

    HILARIOUS photos of this sow!

    Laughing my arse off at the ugly! Tra-la.

  76. lucy says:

    This girl needs eyeglasses and/or a brain transplant because no one in her right mind with eyesight would leave the house looking like this!

  77. Miss Catherine says:

    I don’t want to sympathize, but I do. Blame my own pregnancy hormones if you must, but I feel awful for her. And even worse for her child. Girl made a poor choice in baby-daddies, but, I’m only 12 weeks and I am insanely attached to my bf and constantly craving his presence. I’m usually pretty aloof and doing my own thing, and though I was madly in love with him before, now I’m super-attached and he’s like oxygen after holding my breath. It’s intense and a little scary. Maybe that’s not universal, but if it is, I feel bad for her – pregnancy seems a hard time to be alone. It’s possible, I guess, that she’s so messed up she’s just numb and has no sense of loss or pain or really anything, but it’s hard to fathom. She had some bad parenting, a very poor foundation, no one with enough influence and sense to help her help herself and… what a mess.

  78. Thiajoka says:

    If she’s as I suspect her to be, losing $2mil in income will be nothing compared to what she’s going to pump Kanye for in child support/maintenance. If she’s not as I suspect her to be, then I owe her an apology.

  79. Tommy says:

    Big fan of Kanyes music, i think he is super talented. I almost hope he is with Ricardo Tischi instead of Kim like people say here. At least that is someone worthy of his talent. The whole kim thing turned me off kanye big time

  80. minamka says:

    i don’t like to bash a pregnant women, seriously but ewwwwww… what is going on with her body >_< , her ass is wayyy bigger than her belly… why does she have to wear unflattering stuff to make it worse.. I love the shoes though..

  81. Luxe says:

    Her legs have prints all over them messing up her self-tanner. Everyone else has said it all, so that’s all I’ve got.

  82. Kristine says:

    I think her ass and hips look fantastic. Why do females have to be so skinny to be beautiful? The hourglass shape of the dress is pretty but the profile isn’t so good. The color is beautiful.

    • Nina W says:

      She looks like she is stuffed into a green sausage casing, she is not doing her figure any favors in this dress. Beauty is subjective, not everyone finds skinny women attractive. I like curves, I have curves but she is not dressing them well.

  83. Lady Satan says:

    Kanye has proven repeatedly that he is all about Kanye and no one else. KatFace was an idiot if she thought oops-ing him would change his ways.

  84. Yadicakes says:

    Gawd, everything she wears is so tight and unnatural looking. She looks like Robin Williams as Mrs Doubtfire with the body suit he would wear. Dude look like a lady