Kristen Stewart drops out of film citing ‘age difference’ after Will Smith signs on

Remember in the immediate wake of Kristen Stewart’s Mini-Coopering Debacle, when “industry analysts” claimed that the scandal would probably help her career? Yeah. Not so much. Kristen has been struggling to sign on to quality projects, and a few of the films she has signed on for seem to be stuck in development hell.

Last November, Kristen signed on to a film called Focus, which was supposed to be about an older male con artist teaching the art of the grift to a young female con artist. Kristen wanted to play the young grifter, and Ben Affleck signed on to play the older grifter. It was hilarious because Ben was in the midst of his Happy Family Fun-Times Oscar Campaign, trotting out his wife and kids on a near-daily basis to promote Argo and shill for his Oscar. The Trampire would have ruined that image a little bit (or a lot), and within hours of Ben and Kristen’s association, there were stories about Jennifer Garner being super-pissed. So, a week later, Ben pulled out of the film. And now Will Smith has signed on… and Kristen pulled out…?

Will Smith may have found his next project — he is in final talks to star in the Warner Bros. con artist pic “Focus.” Kristen Stewart was attached to also star in the pic but when Smith became engaged in the project, Stewart fell off with the feeling that the age difference between the two would be too large a gap.

Smith had been weighing the film for some time and has committed to joining it. Written and directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, who helmed “Crazy, Stupid, Love” for the studio, the story follows an inexperienced female con artist who teams up with a more seasoned male one. Denise DiNovi will produce.

It’s a sign of positive forward movement for Warners, which has been trying to get the project made since Ficarra and Requa brought them the script early last year. The original idea was to reteam “Crazy Stupid Love” co-stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone for the leads, but when Gosling’s schedule could not be worked out, Warners began looking at other candidates.

Sources say the studio loves the script but knew it would be tough to greenlight without a top-tier actor, so it began courting leads such as Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck. Affleck came close but earlier commitments got in the way.

[From Variety]

Age difference? Ben Affleck is 40 years old. Will Smith is 44 years old. Kristen is 23 years old. There’s not a huge difference between 40 and 44, at least to me. Besides that, I’m not entirely convinced that the film is a love story? Maybe it is, though – if it’s from the writers of Crazy, Stupid, Love, it’s probably a romance and it’s probably kind of awful. I really disliked that film and most of its problems came from a poorly-written script. So, why did Kristen really drop out? Here are your choices:

1. She really wanted to Mini Cooper Ben Affleck, and she’s just disappointed.

2. She’s racist!

3. She realizes that the script isn’t all that awesome after all.

4. She didn’t want to roll with closet-Xenu’s minion Will Smith.

5. The producers are just letting her save face by saying she’s pulled out when really they want to recast the part with a better actress.

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  1. virginia5 says:

    It sure isn’t about age difference, considering she got it on with Liberty’s now ex husband

  2. Sirsnarksalot says:

    My money is on Will demanding she be replaced with a woman who won’t challenge his top billing. Or maybe his kids demanded he do it because Jaden is team Edward?

  3. Ann says:

    Hollywood needs to stop casting middle-aged and senior citizens-aged actors with much younger women. It’s not very believable and I certainly won’t support with my $$$$.

  4. Anna says:

    I pick 5. I’m just not seeing good Smith-Stewart chemistry, romantic or otherwise.

  5. LadyMTL says:

    I’m thinking it’s the last one – they realized they wanted a better actress than Lippy McBitey.

  6. Jennykins says:

    I will hold this movie to the standard of The Professional and I’m already disappointed.

  7. Jules says:

    What Ann said. I am sick of too old of a man with a too young of an actress. It gets worse each year. Christ, Jennifer Lawerence will be over the hill at 25. My money does not support those movies anymore.

    • Mrs. Darcy says:

      I agree this kind of age difference has become far too “normal” in movies – but it is weird she didn’t have a problem w/Affleck who is virtually the same age. I think there is more going on/maybe Will wanted her out. He is a bigger box office bet than she by far and I can’t imagine he would have a problem getting her dumped from the project.

    • bluhare says:

      Speaking of that, and the fact that I’m a senior citizen to most of you, Angela Lansbury was only a few years older than Montgomery Clift when she played his mother in The Manchurian Candidate. Which, if you haven’t seen, you should. SO much better than that awful remake.

  8. carmen says:

    This might not be a popular opinion but I’ll go with number 2

  9. Itwillrain says:

    Will demanding a different co-star makes more sense because it would explain why she feels free to say something so rude (ie, “he’s too old”) … I hope he strikes back!!

    • OhDear says:

      Maybe she couldn’t think of another excuse (trying to give her the benefit of the doubt here)? It’s not like people will believe it if she claimed a “scheduling conflict.”

    • Danskins says:

      +1…I love how most everyone is SO convinced that the reason on the list is anything else but #2 and those that disagree are playing “the race card” (GAH…I hate that term and how often it’s overused and innappropriately applied).

      Truth is no one knows what happened behind the closed studio doors so please don’t be so quick to dismiss the possibility that race could in fact be at play. Like someone mentioned in an earlier post, lets just see how this situation plays out and if Will in fact ends up with a non-white actress as his leading lady (due to industry racism), which is what usually happens in most of his films.

  10. ZigZagZoey says:

    Well, it seemed to take forever….But Will Smith finally does look older.

    • @Jenna says:

      Have you noticed that Will’s son and Justin Bieber have the same wrinkled, forehead expression. I think they practiced that look when they were together making music.

      • ZigZagZoey says:

        As if I couldn’t notice! Actually, I posted a comment (that they never posted) on the Jaden story that he bugs the crap out of me and I know how ridiculous that is, but I can’t help it.
        Someone needs to inject Botox into their stupid foreheads to keep their eyebrows down.
        They should do a song Eyebrows Up, Pants Down….

  11. DeltaJuliet says:

    Well, the movie is supposed to be about an older con man teaching his “craft” to a younger protégé, so wouldn’t there HAVE to be an age difference? Seems like the casting director would have taken that into consideration. Also, actors worth their salt SHOULD be able to pull that off. Sounds like unprofessionalism to me.

  12. Agnes says:

    She prob doesn’t want to hump on Will.

    But I think it’s very likely that Will got her fired because he wants to work with a better actress.

  13. pretty says:

    hahaha I’m so happy. Nice job Will!!! It is even a miracle that this awful excuse of a actress is being casted in a movie still.

  14. Yelly says:

    It is my only wish that she just goes away.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Will smith is the same age as rupert sanders. Age differences my ass.

  16. embertine says:

    I’ll take option 5 for for 200, please, Alex.

  17. andrea says:

    Eh, they’re letting her save face. They’ve been trying to sign a male lead since December. I’m sure a condition of getting Smith is that he gets co-star approval, and he wants someone else. Kristen’s in no position to be dropping films that are going into production. But Smith IS in a position to have say into who his romantic lead is. And in a Stewart vs. Smith scenario, it’s obvious which side a studio will fall in line with.

    • pretty says:

      hahaha omg, i can’t wait for the meltdown of kristen’s fangurls.

      those poor girls were soooo happy that their queen was still getting a job like a care-free genuine badass after homewrecking a family.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yes, they been looking for a name actor with box office credentials for a while and finally found one that can greenlight the project so they are gonna stick with him and let him get what he want. They originally wanted Ryan Gosling and emma to reprise crazy stupid love. Those two eventually turned it down. Then it was offered to Brad Pitt who turned it down. Then affleck who was in talks but eventually pulled out .

    • The Original Mia says:

      Exactly! This is about Big Willy not wanting to co-star with her. Not the other way around. Nice try, KStew.

  18. Miss Kiki says:

    I’ll take one from the bottom please Carol. It’s got to be number 5.

  19. the original bellaluna says:

    I’m going with 3 – 5 for the win!

  20. haylo says:

    This is the reason for the recent photo ops with Pattinson, try to get attention away from her crappy career.

  21. Cody says:

    I think the producers gave her a way out. I can’t see these two have any on screen chemistry. After Will signed on they probably wanted recast her part. He might even have someone else in mind.

  22. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    It isn’t the age difference since she has slept with a married man of 42 years. I’m pretty sure, thhe production house watched Twilight and kicked her out of the project.

  23. ilovejapanesefood says:

    I don’t know if it’s true, but I guess that studios do some research about people’s preferences re the main actors. Speaking for myself: I would defo not pay to watch KS and WS in the same movie. And defo not in a romcom. Hm, I think that Ben Affleck was not a bad choice actually.

  24. dc291 says:

    Truthfully I think it’s 2&5. You never see her with anyone of a different race other than Taylor and the studio most likely wants to keep Will knowing that he’s the most marketable

  25. ernie says:

    Right. Kristen must be the one calling the shots with the studio now that Will, the box office king, is involved. If we know anything about Will Smith, it’s that his image is everything to him. I’m thinking he only agreed to do this if Kristen was out. Age difference my ass.

    It’s funny, even now there are still bloggers (*cough* Lainey *cough*), trying to tell us she’s picking her way through scripts and is on all the major directors’ shortlists. I wonder why.

    • Annie says:

      It’s so ridiculous. Top Girls that do get their pick in great roles usually work non-stop and are in constant demand. Emma Stone, Carey Mulligan, Jennifer Lawrence, Shailene Woodley, Mia Wasikowska. They are always working.

      What is catching up to Kristen is that she is not very well liked by people who are not fans of Twilight because of her bad attitude and rudeness. And since Twilight fans won’t bother with non-Twilight films, she’s not bankable either.

      Her PR can plant as many stories as she wants, but when all your projects fall apart and you have to be replaced, it most certainly has to do with you.

      • ernie says:

        Exactly. It’s her past attitude that is backfiring mostly. The cheating scandal itself would have been forgotten or more easily forgiven by now if she wasn’t always so arrogantly loud about being real and honest and genuine and giving us all the finger on a daily basis.

        Also, the whole Oscar debacle hurt her very much and actually exposed what a lot industry folk really think of her. It seemed like some kind of unspoken embargo was lifted that night.

        At this point, all her listed projects serve more as a draw for potential jobs than anything else.

      • Annie says:

        Exactly. This is not just the cheating scandal. She judged everybody in all her interviews prior to the scandal. She boasted about being real and honest, unlike everyone else. What honest person cheats on the person they supposedly love and respect? She’s full of it. Her awful attitude everywhere is only considered endearing by her fans. No one else likes it.

        She’s needs to do some growing uo and realize that all her negativity will affect her career.

  26. Brat says:

    I’m going to go with options 2 and 5: She’s a racist and they wanted a better actress.

  27. Elceibeno says:

    Definately it is #1 and #5. Kristen is paying dearly for NOT cheating on Rob in a mini cooper with Liberty Ross’s husband.

  28. Georgina says:

    Will likes to be the star and call the shots. I assumed from the headline alone that he’d had her canned.

  29. Janis says:

    Th whole point of this movie is that its about an older con artist teaching a younger one the. So the age difference seems to be part of the plot so i dont buy that that is the problem. I am guessing they want to keep will smith and he wants another actress or producers realized that will kristen pairing would be as bad an idea as it sounds.

  30. Anais says:

    I have a question – I’ve always wondered this. What’s up with stars “pulling out” of movies like this? Don’t they have to sign contracts etc? Or maybe not at an early stage, but surely studios require some kind of binding commitment from the actors, so that they can secure financing and stuff. I mean, for all I know maybe it’s a huge expensive legal deal every time this happens, but you never hear about that side of it, you just hear “Ben Affleck pulled out of this movie” like it’s the easiest thing in the world to just decide you no longer want to be in a multimillion dollar production of something. If people do this too many times does it realistically affect how much work they get offered? Or does it only matter if they are a big enough name and box office draw?

    • Annie says:

      When you pull out you were probably not officially signed up to begin with. When you officially sign up, it means you agreed with everything in your contract. I think she was probably just verbally committed but had not signed anything. She’s not signed up for any rumored role either, which means nothing is set in stone and she really doesn’t have anything lined up for her.

      That feet movie with Jim Sturgess is not officially in the works, for example.

    • bridget says:

      Its a contract, but I alwayd figured that it was like a regular employment contract – easier to get out of before money changes hands and work actually starts. I think the ease of getting out depends on a few factors: the rekationship the star has with the studio, why they’re trying to get out, and how things are working out in the pre-production stuff. Sometimes its because it becomes clear early on that someone isnt right for the role, for whatever reason. Don’t forget, there are definitely instances where a star CAN’T get out of their contract – think Emiky Blunt in Gulliver’s Travels, or of course the infamous Kim Basinger Boxing Helena debacle where the studio sued her for backing out of the movie.

    • Anais says:

      Thanks :) that all makes total sense.

    • Nina W says:

      It’s a Hollywood euphemism to cover many different scenarios. Movie production is an involved process and there are multiple reasons why an actor may pull out of a project.

  31. bridget says:

    Can I just point out how slim the pickings are on the men’s side? Yeesh. There arent exactly a lot of Top Tier dudes out there, they painted themselves into a corner with that one. Am I the only one that thinks casting Will Smith sounds terrible? Let me guess: the con man is a charming smart-alec. We complain about K Stew’s terrible acting, but its not like Will has more than one setting anymore.

  32. Lisa says:

    Replicate the story of her life on the screen was not a good idea, she was right to drop out the movie.

  33. Aria says:

    My money is on #5!!! I don’t thnik she’s a racist. She’s dull but not racist or at least I hope so.

  34. skylla says:

    This is a perfect example of women putting down women.

    I’m not even a KStew fan (stopped watching Shitlight after the first 10 minutes) but this hate here is really ridiculous. It seems she cheated on YOU not her bf who obviously was able to get over it. We don’t know what sort of relationship they have. And to call her a racist without knowing what’s going on is also really low.
    This overinvestment in celebrities lifes is really crazy. I like to read gossip as much as the next girl but it really is nauseating to read all this vilifying (in some cases gloryfing) of people we DO NOT KNOW.

  35. HolaGatito says:

    She’s racist. Clearly.

  36. Isabella says:

    Intuition tells me it is a variant of number 2, if it was her own decision. If it wasn’t her decision to leave, then I’d say number 5. And the latter could still be linked to race. You rarely see interracial couples on the silver screen unless that is what the movie is about… Sad but seems like that is the pattern.

  37. Annie says:

    Like she got a say in this lol. She has not been on a movie set in almost two years. Why would she not take this role? She has no offers, nothing soon to be in production, all “rumored” or “in talks” but nothing written in ink (probably rumors started by her people to make her look in demand), her last movie bombed TWICE. Her being completely naked in it all the time was not even enough of an incentive to bring people to the theaters, which says a lot. Seriously, she’s so over. And I do believe she has herself to blame: 1) The eternal bad attitude, ungratefulness and unpopularity with audiences, 2) Her indiscretions, which show she can’t be trusted or professional. You really can’t push your luck when your talent is debatable and most people don’t like you.

    And what age difference? Really? You’re playing that card? Do I need to remind you that your latest memorable co-star in The Mini Cooper Diaries was twice your age? Only two years younger than Will?

    Just yesterday I was reading all the things Emma Stone is doing. She’s filming two movies at the same time, good projects both. She’s booked well into the next year, working with A-listers and Oscar nominees/winners only. With ACTUAL good directors like Gonzalez Iñarritu. When you’re wanted, you work non-stop. When you’re good, you work only with the best. And you don’t have to be an amazing talent. Emma Stone is not getting an Oscar, ever. But she’s very likeable and fun to watch. She will stay employed for a long time because people like her. It does matter to be liked, which Kristen never understood.

    It’s over.

    • @Jenna says:

      OMG..You can see into the future to know that Emma Stone will never get an Oscar. What an asinine thing to say.

      • Annie says:

        No, I don’t think she will ever get an Oscar. But she doesn’t have to. Plenty of likeable, successful, good actors don’t have Oscars. My point is, you don’t have to be an acting genius (which she is not) to be successful, employed and popular, and to be in actual good movies with a great cast and with good directors. I don’t think Emma is the best actress of her generation by any means, but her personality has taken her a long way. She’s fun, likeable, approachable, nice. People enjoy watching her. She engages people. Kristen does the opposite.

        What is hurting Kristen more than anything (little talent, cheating scandal) is that people have had enough with her bad attitude. She came off as a brat way too much. She thought that she could be her nasty, mean self, give the finger to paparazzi even AT CANNES, roll her eyes at the press everywhere she goes, and not even deign to smile to peasants at her premieres, but in reality, all actors, especially women, do need to be liked in order to say employed. Unless you’re Sean Penn or Alec Baldwin and are actually a good actor, and have been around forever, spare your bad attitude. You’re young, you haven’t done anything truly impressive. Nothing justifies that ego and superiority complex. Why did people stop liking Julia Roberts?

      • Nina W says:

        If Gwynth Paltrow, Marisa Tomei and Mira Sorvino can get an Oscar so can Emma.

    • honeybee says:

      Annie – Great posts. I completely agree.

      Remember a couple of weeks back we got photos of her with Rob where she was almost crying? I wonder if she received the news that she got fired from Focus around then?

      I do think Rob will be slowly phasing her out too. There won’t be any dramatic press releases but I am starting to believe that he will distance himself slowly. IMO He is hanging around with her and her friends as a favor. She probably was on her knees begging him to help her out as her career and image was in dire straits last summer; it still is.
      Run, Rob, Run!

    • Prim & Proper says:

      Think back to Twilight, everyone was looking at KS, but there in the background was Anna Kendrick, getting better and better…..

  38. Claudia says:

    Will Smith movies are awful, he only knows how to play himself. Kristen made a good decision!

  39. Allen Smithee says:

    I don’t read anything in that article that states that Stewart made the decision to pull out of the project. It says she “fell off with the feeling that the age difference between the two would be too large a gap.” Nowhere does it state that it was HER feeling that the age difference was too great. It could have been the feeling of the producers, or the casting director, or of Smith, or of any number of people involved. Why the assumption that it was Stewart’s decision?

  40. evyn says:

    Actually, the word is she pulled out months ago. I think the producers dropped her because they couldn’t get a lead actor to work with her. There has been zero progress on this film since Ben dropped out. She had to go.

  41. Mayday says:

    I think Will made them replace her.

  42. serena says:

    Of course it has to be number 1, lol.

  43. Jane says:

    I can’t picture her in a movie with him, without being totally overpowered by his acting. She’d have to work with someone more…low key…you can’t really stand next to the sun and expect people to look at you.

  44. Stella says:

    Wow. Yeah, I’ve never seen this bitch in the vicinity of any person of color, so I call RACISM.

  45. jojo says:

    You folks are giving her way, way too much credit. My bet is she panicked when WS signed on. His stature of an actor would force her to act and act well (compare to affleck anyway).

    Affleck was a safer co-star to people who cant act, as he wont outshine those folks by that much. Smith on the other hand, would expose her for the actress she really is..

  46. tara says:

    Studio finds male lead, then casts Stewart. Male lead leaves. Studio spends MONTHS trying to replace male lead with no takers. Stewart leaves project. New male lead signs on.

    You don’t have to be a genius to connect these dots. This project has only stalled when Stewart’s been involved. It was moving before her and now after her. So yeah, #5. They let her go so they could find an A-lister to get the thing a greenlight.

    • Original A says:

      Pretty much. A list actors aren’t going to want to
      do a comedy with “the girl from Twilight,” plus the script probably sucks considering Ben had the power to have Kristen bounced if he liked the movie that much. If she was known as someone with a talent in comedy, it would be a different story, and they would find her a B list co-star…but they needed a major A lister to get the ball rolling. Also, I do think the producers, not KStew, reconsidered the age thing when everyone was cracking up about the age difference between
      Ben and Kristen. That said, a bunch of people passed, even before KStew signed on. Why Will is doing this is a mystery.

  47. Original A says:

    Jesus, you all realize she was being sarcastic with number 2? I’m guessing no. It’s number five, I follow a bunch of film people on twitter & they said they are looking to cast an actress that is closer to Will Smith’s age. They wanted someone older and more talented. I do see the difference between a dude in his middle 40s and a dude who just turned 40, and the producers probably did too. It came down to Smith versus Stewart and of course they were going to pick Smith.

  48. StaCat1 says:

    To call out an age difference between herself and a 40 year old and 44 year old is a STUPID “excuse” for pulling out of a project.

    I’m not saying she is racist- but to use the age thing as an “excuse” when it’s a 4 year difference between Ben and Will is unreal!?!

    She has completely opened herself to the accusation of racism. Granted, she runs with a very lily white crowd.

    The BIGGEST difference is one man is white and the other is black.

    She should have found some other “excuse”. She very well has the worst team running her PR.

  49. Helvetica says:

    Haha. Yeah right. She had no problems sleeping with her older married director. Come up with a better excuse, Kristen.

  50. DIANE says:

    Poor talentless girl. I notice that she’s replaced her standard picklepuss with a big smile. She must be listening to somebody. As for Will Smith, well tell ya what, I wouldn’t put it past him to do an entire rewrite and cast his daughter Willow in the role…sort of ‘Paper Moon’ the project.

  51. Kim says:

    Yeah the whole Jennifer Lawrence/Bradley Cooper movie freaked me & my husband out! We could not stop thinking she was his daughter the entire movie! It gave Bradleys character a totally creepy pedophile vibe and Im starting to think this was done on purpose because no casting agent could have thought people would buy that age difference.

    That movie was so unbelievable i cant believe she won an Oscar. Can you say the Weinstein brothers bought me this shiny gold statue Jennifer?

  52. A says:

    I know the writer was being sarcastic with nr 2, but I wonder…has there ever been a movie (romantic) with a much older black male and a white younger woman? I know it’s not a romantic movie, but they will apparently sleep together or have some type of romance? If I read it correctly…
    And would it be problematic in this day and age?
    And if it is, do you think they will cast a young black actress instead? Not that there are any young (early twenties or teen) black starlets (can’t think of any anyway).

    I’m not a fan of the big age difference because it’s always an older man with a young woman or girl and it’s been strangely normalized.

    • shelly says:

      A said, “I wonder…has there ever been a movie (romantic) with a much older black male and a white younger woman? ”

      In Flight, Denzel Washington has a sexual relationship with a younger white woman.

      • Original A says:

        It’s pretty rare, actually. Kelly Reilly is in her mid 30s and Denzel was playing younger in that film, but i can only think of a handful of black/white pairings. I’m a sister, and it kind of pisses me off that in 2013 it is that rare for a black woman/white man pairing much less a black man/white woman pairing. It boils down to they wanted someone older, comedic, and probably a minority. They let her go, but it was probably on good terms as to why they are going with the “too old” line rather than the truth. I’m happy a minority actress will be getting a role, though.

      • Tommy says:

        Denzel is almost 60 so if he was cast with someone in her mid 30s the age difference is the same or more as between will and kristen. I dont think the age difference was the problem at all. I actually think if this was JLaw will would have been cast with her. Jlaw has proven talent in comedy and could have handled working with will. Kristen and will sounds very awkward.

    • Nina W says:

      1965 A Patch of Blue, Sidney Poitier and some white actress I don’t recall her name. It’s a really good movie.

    • Danskins says:

      The writer wasn’t being sarcastic.

  53. Tig says:

    Any coincidence bet this development and yet more pap shots of KS and Rob circulating? She got dropped bec no actor wants their work and effort to be overshadowed by this mess. Sometimes bad press is just that-bad.

  54. Elly says:

    Once Will Smith said he would never play a lovestory with a white woman because of the “problems”… maybe too special or “political” or so. Doesn´t fit in his image

    • Danskins says:

      That’s not true, he played in a film where Charlize Theron played his love interest. Will never said that. It’s likely someone made that up to make Will look racist when in fact he’s never indicated such a thing.

      • Original A says:

        @Danskins. Will did say that a long time ago, but as a black woman I understood his point. He’s not racist, he is realistic that even some of his white fans wouldn’t accept him playing opposite a white woman because of their inner prejudices. Several of the film blogs brought that up when Charlize was cast in Hancock. It’s hard out there for a black actor in Hollywood; there are only a handful of famous A list black actors. Look at some of the racist shit Jamie Foxx has had to deal with, and he’s a major A lister. Will might be a major star, but he knows that one move could cause him a lot of grief. Frankly, as much as I love Idris I don’t even think he is A list. Studios rarely cast black men and white women pairings, because even nowadays much of America is pretty damn racist. Eva Mendes has flat out said that she has received some roles because the studios wouldn’t cast a white woman opposite a black man, but that they thought a Latina would go over easier. Anyway, something like a quarter of the population thinks President Obama was born in Kenya. The studios are afraid to risk any money, and if they were going to cast a white woman opposite Will it wouldn’t be one in her early 20s. It plays way too much into the racist stereotype of a older black man seducing a naive white girl. Even if they could cast someone along the lines of Emma Stone ( a bigger and better name) they probably wouldn’t do it.

        They’ll end up casting either an older white actress in her 30s or a Latina actress like Eva Mendes, and I’m betting on the latter. It’s mostly five, but a little of two but the racism is far more likely to with the studio considering the history in Hollywood.

    • Danskins says:

      That’s not true, he played in a film where Charlize Theron played his love interest. Will never said that. It’s likely someone made that up to make Will look racist when in fact he’s never indicated such a thing. It’s the (white) movie studio heads that control who his love interests are & they continue to pander to the old fashioned notion that interracial romance is unacceptable on movie screens.

  55. buckley says:

    I’d watch this movie if it was about Arya Stark and Jaqen H’ghar…

  56. Source says:

    Wow. I guess the only insult people can come up with for Jennifer is the whole “Harvey Weinstein bought her the nomination.” I guess he also bought her the previous nomination as well. And what about the next one? Well, I’m sure Kstew fans will come up with an excuse for that one too.

    And yeah, she’s not acting to concentrate on her relationship with Rob who has back-to-back movies to shoot, and she didn’t set foot on set the entire time he was in Australia, even though she had nothing else going on.

    And sure, when an A-list actor and box-office draw signs on, what you want to do is bail out.

    Why is it that when her fans are faced with logical and illogical choices, they’ll choose the illogical one every time? And it’s always the one that favors her?

    I think at this point people wouldn’t dislike her so much if her rabid fans would admit she had flaws.

    Like, I’m a fan of Rob’s but I’m willing to admit he’s not the best actor, etc. Her fans are unwilling to admit she’s anything less than perfect.

    As for the “hate” they can spew plenty of that themselves on people who criticize her. They write posts that make what we say on here seem like fan letters.

    But seriously, we all know the studio let her save face by saying she pulled out. And we also know Lainey and GC have been kissing up to Stewie for some time now.

  57. Shy says:

    Well, my first thought was – Kristen right now is not in that position to exit projects. It’s the only real movie JOB she could score since that Snow White and the Huntsman finished it’s shooting like 2 years ago. That elusive sequel looks like it may take forever to it to start shooting.

    Will all her “success” with Snow White and Twilight she could not score for herself any other job in 2 years. And now she quits the only one she could get? Maybe they understood that no other A or B list would join project out of fear to be laughed at and producers asked her to leave?

    I vote for number 5. It does look like they could just fire her because movie is going nowhere until she is attached and let her save face. And it’s not only because of scandal. If she would have any acting talent then none of this would happen. She would get roles. But since she is literally the worst actress in the world – no one wants to work with her.

    • Original A says:

      It’s definitely five. I don’t know if it is a combination of ego or her agent or whatever, but they are shooting way too high with her. It’s like Miley Cyrus could find herself a nice little ABC Family sitcom, but instead is hellbent on trying to be a “star.”

      Landing a supporting role in a Jim Sturgess/Elizabeth Banks movie by the team who did Secretary is about as high as she can go at this time, and she’d be better off if she recognized that. The dumb thing is that she should be satisfied with landing those kind of roles, because she hasn’t really “proven” herself and she’s still in a better spot than a lot of others. I don’t know if it’s her team, her ego, or whatever…but it seems like they fought tooth and nail to get her a role that was never going to work out anyway instead of shooting for something lower. Strangely enough, she would have been so much better off if she followed Zac Efron’s lead. Zac has done a bunch of tiny indies, and leap frogged from there to a Seth Rogen film.

      I figured right from the start that a leading role in a WB comedy of all things, where they would try to get an A lister or a B+ lister, would be a disaster. She isn’t known for being a talented comedic actress, and A lister or B + lister isn’t going to want to be the the male lead opposite her female lead in that role. If she was in a supporting role with a different female lead, it probably wouldn’t have been an issue. Add in a 22 year difference & Hollywood isn’t crazy about black/white pairings, and I see why the studio let her go. She should just be thankful that the studio and the producers were kind about it, unlike the situation that happened with Blake Lively where they straight up said she got fired.

  58. TG says:

    Will Smith for to get his love on with the super hot Eva Mendez and the hot Charlize Theron there is no way he would settle for a child. LOL. I wish Hollywood would stone wall Tom Cruises career the way they appear to be doing with Kristen. I don’t like Kristen but she certainly isn’t in the evil category as the Co$ freak.

  59. emma says:

    TOTALLY sketchy. 44 is so much worse than 40?!
    And isn’t that the point of the movie… the age difference?

  60. aquarius64 says:

    I also vote #6 – Jada put her foot down.

    Seriously, she’s leaving an indie that could give her stronger acting cred, but opts for a movie that was the jump-off point for one of the biggest celebrity scandals of the decade (so far)? Kristen’s career is on the skids, and she apparently will do anything to stay relevant: hang on to Rob, do loved up photo ops, have stories of their outings put on blogs and in mags. I think she even threw Taylor Lautner under the bus: why wasn’t he at Kristen’s party with Rob et al? Those two were all over the place around his birthday and after, but when Rob came back Taylor was MIA. The photo ops, the mags stories are desperate attempt for Kristen to hold on.

  61. Lucy Goosy says:

    To be fair, Will Smith has some pretty shady stuff attached to him these days. I would imagine that, big star or not, that would make some people nervous about working with them. Had the producers cast Jamie Foxx or Denzel Washington, it might have been a very different story.
    That said, I don’t think she “dropped out” due to Will’s age or race. I think they fired her.

  62. Anon says:

    I vote # don’t existing 6,Kristen has a drug problem.

  63. Gelina says:

    5. The producers are just letting her save face by saying she’s pulled out when really they want to recast the part with a better actress.

  64. Holden says:

    I mean, maybe they decided to hire a real actress that could, you know, act?