Evan Rachel Wood v. Busy Phillips: who looked cuter in maternity-wear at Tribeca?

Here are some photos from last night’s premiere of A Case of You at the Tribeca Film Festival. Evan Rachel Wood debuted her sizeable baby bump last week as Tribeca opened, and I thought she looked so beautiful in those photos. She looks really pretty in these pics too – her gown is Dolce & Gabbana… because she’s still the face of D&G fragrances, I think. It’s flowery and definitely maternity-wear, and she looks so… radiant. For me, ERW is the prettiest pregnant lady these days. I know it’s not a competition or anything, but Vanity Fair did just “rank” pregnant-celebrity style and it’s a shame that ERW didn’t even make the list.

I think Busy Phillips is probably going to give birth any second now. And I have a wave of empathy for how uncomfortable she must be, and how difficult it is for her to find a cute outfit. That being said, this jumpsuit is a trainwreck.

And here are your boyfriends Peter Dinklage and Sam Rockwell, at the same premiere. HOT.

Photos courtesy of C.Smith/ WENN.com.

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  1. Faye says:

    I love Busy, but jumpsuits are always a no for me (and from a practical standpoint, how can a pregnant woman wear a jumpsuit? Doesn’t it make the constant bathroom visits a pain?). ERW has been killing it fashion-wise with this pregancy — she’s looked radiantly beautiful, stylish, and appropriate. I love that she’s achieved this great balance with her tailoring — not too tight, not mumu style.

  2. MisJes says:

    Evan’s face is just flawless. I love her style.

  3. Jen says:

    So glad she’s not with Marilyn Manson anymore. She’s gorgeous.

    Busy looks cute, even with the jumpsuit. I’m just glad she’s NOT CUPPING HER BELLY. Seriously, people need to stop that ridiculous pose.

  4. Lilo says:

    Busy has no neck. That being sad, I think ERW looks absolutely wonderful.

  5. Ashling says:

    Evan looks so beautiful and content these days.

  6. silken_floss says:

    I wish ERW would stp with the belly holding poses. We get it, you’re with child. I’ve always hated that stupid pose -__-

  7. mommak918 says:

    Notice how Evan craddles her baby bump? That’s how pregnant moms do it when excited/protective of their baby…..

    It’s so weird how Kim K has never done that….and we have had a BILLION pictures of her out and about.

  8. lucy2 says:

    They both look good but I don’t like the jumpsuit. ERW’s dress is pretty – she has such a gorgeous face too.

  9. annabelle says:

    Thank you for the shot of Sam Rockwell this Monday morning, that’s just what I needed….to recover from Busy’s jumpsuit.

    Honey, no.

  10. ruby says:

    Evan looks great, pregnancy really suits her. I hope she has a girl because she would be inheriting some pretty awesome genes.

  11. Willa says:

    Dinklage looks tense. Note the clinched fist.

  12. Miss Kiki says:

    Busy is my imaginary BFF. I’m telling when we finally meet we’re gonna be friends FOREVER!

  13. bns says:

    I love the dress, but I don’t like the hair and makeup. I know that she has a mature face, but it ages her a little too much.

  14. mar says:

    Evan is an underrated beauty!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Kelly says:

    ERW creeps me out, but she looks gorgeous there.

  16. liz_bee says:

    Why would you wear a jumpsuit if you’re pregnant? How hard must it be to get out of it to pee? THINK OF THE PEEING YOU CRAZY STYLISTS

  17. Mandy says:

    A jumpsuit while pregnant?!?! How did she look in the mirror and think “yep, this looks good.” ERW looks as lovely as ever, I would kill for her skin. And Sam Rockwell is SO yummy!

  18. Malificent says:

    My heart goes out to Busy — it’s a bitch to find stuff that fits in the last few months. I didn’t carry big — my belly was, to the centimeter, text book size average — and I still couldn’t find hardly anything to fit over it in the last two months.

    I was joking for ages with a friend of mine who had twins that we should start a maternity line for the “real” third-trimester/multiple birth bump size.

    And I’ve morphed into Peter Dinklage’s mom — take that hat off — you look like a slob! (But I am secretly wondering if that hoody buried under all those layers is actually cashmere….)

  19. poppy says:

    busy’s makeup is all sorts of wrong with that color jacket.
    jumpsuit. NO

  20. Lucy says:

    Does anyone else think ERW looks a bit like Adele, or is it just me?

  21. the original liv says:

    ERW is the face of Gucci Guilty (along with Captain Sexy), not a dolce & gabbana fragrance.

  22. Carly says:

    Evan looks so beautiful! Stunning.

  23. Jess says:

    Evan’s skin is freakin’ amazing. She looks like a doll, utterly poreless.

    That jumpsuit is atrocious. What with the fit, there might as well be a big arrow pointing to her crotch. It’s not hard to find maxi dresses that will accommodate a big bump, and hell, I’d resort to wearing leggings and a long T-shirt before showing up in that mess.

  24. amilu says:

    Thank you for the taste of SAM ROCKWELL!!! I wish he showed up more often on this blog. Love, love, love him.