Kim Kardashian wears a long red dress in Paris with Kanye: pretty or terrible?

Here are some photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Paris yesterday. According to Fame/Flynet, they spent the day shopping at “Givenchy, Ferragamo, Hermes, Celine and Lanvin” and then they went to L’Avenue for lunch. Aw. They’re like best girlfriends. That seriously sounds like a really fun day – a morning full of shopping at the best boutiques in Paris followed by a great lunch at one of Paris’s best restaurants. It does seem like more of a “girlfriends’ day out” though, right? I’m not trying to stereotype, I’m just saying that most men would not consider that a really fun day. But most men aren’t Kanye West, Fashion Designer and Professional Bon Vivant.

As for Kim’s outfit… I’m tired of complaining. She should not be wearing such high-necked ensembles, but I do like the idea of a long dress with a little cardi. It’s almost flattering. Hopefully Kanye was not really as annoyed as he looks in these photos.

Meanwhile, did you hear that Kim and ‘Ye have asked their friends to give to charity in lieu of baby gifts? Us Weekly reports that Kim and ‘Ye haven’t registered for anything and they aren’t planning to. Instead, they’ve asked friends and families to make a donation to Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. The hospital released a statement too:

“Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for their thoughtfulness and support of the hospital. Funds donated on behalf of Kardashian and West will be directed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Fund, which will help care for the most critically ill babies and their families. We wish them all the best in the upcoming arrival of their baby.”

[From Us Weekly]

I’m genuinely surprised and pleased. Considering this is a Chi-town hospital, I’m assuming it’s more Kanye than Kim, but even then… wouldn’t you expect both Kanye and Kim to be all about the presents and materialism? Beyonce and Jay-Z didn’t request charitable donations in lieu of gifts. Neither did Duchess Kate and Prince William!!! (Ha! Sorry, I love comparing Kim K. and Duchess Kate – it’s my new favorite thing! Seriously, though – Kate is accepting baby gifts and Kim is not. Discuss.)

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Joanna says:

    wow, she’s not wearing a pound of makeup. it’s a miracle! lol. seriously, she looks better with light makeup.

  2. SmokeyBlues says:

    Something is just not right between them. This is not two happy people, or two people I love. It’s like they are not even trying to pretend I be happy.

  3. Memory30 says:

    Kool-Aid!!!!!! Lol anyone???!

  4. Cleveland Girl says:

    Eeek. This looks like one of those Rosie Pope monstrosities that make women look deformed instead of pregnant.

  5. Tiffany27 says:

    Is this all her and Kanye do when they get together? Shop at designer stores? That’s what they did in NYC too. It honestly sounds like a boring a** day to me. And Kanye please stop mugging at the paps. This is what happens when you knock up a stunt queen.

  6. Jess says:

    She looks good. I’m amazed she still has such an obvious waist this far into her pregnancy.

    I know people were hoping she’d look like Jess Simpson during her first pregnancy, but the thing is Kim K has the hips and butt to balance out the belly and boobs. Poor Jess just looked almost ridiculously top heavy (I can sympathize as I have the same shape).

  7. Yellowshaba says:

    Whatever takes the attention off her face

  8. DanaG says:

    I’ve seen happier faces on people at the dentist. Kanye managed to take time out of his hectic work routine to take Kim shopping again. When is she going to stop flying around the cut off is 7 months she must be there soon. What will Kanye do then? So much for her being too busy working she is actually having a holiday within a holiday. Must be a nice life. I think the baby thing is great but I do think it has more to making themselves look good. Let’s see if they donate any money they get from baby pictures etc.

  9. smee says:

    Cannot believe both of these fools think they are “fashionistas” yet she wears this. The cardigan and dress might work – if the cardigan was big enough. The dress looks like it’s made of two-ply, double-knit polyester.

    He looks embarrassed and she looks pissed.

    Having a publicity stunt baby should be illegal.

  10. embertine says:

    I think she looks great for once.

    Not that I am a monarchist or anything, but Kate probably has to accept baby gifts because some of them will be given by heads of state and she will almost certainly have been told to be gracious about it in case of a diplomatic incident.

    Everything about royalty is that silly.

  11. Nicole says:

    Just because he’s afraid of her pregnancy hormones does not mean they won’t figure it out and be a good couple later.

    Their kid is going to be gorgeous.

  12. Enn says:

    She looks like Octomom in the first picture.

    • SydneySpy says:

      I agree, Enn, and have been saying this for months, when I first discovered who she was. Yes, I have been very willingly living under a rock. They have the same colouring, dark hair, and now, the same mouth. Maybe they have the same “doctor”?

  13. Prinny says:

    They just look so miserable together these days, when they’re actually together. In the beginning they looked really happy. Kanye just comes across as a very moody person. I’m not a Kim fan but I find myself feeling a little sorry for her lately.

  14. Lilo says:

    The Royal Family gives a huge amount to charity all the time, Kim does not. So it’s okay for Kate to accept presents, I mean, she is bearing the future king or queen of England.

  15. Anastasia says:

    I don’t believe for a hot second that they aren’t going to accept any gifts. I’m not even sure she would understand what those words mean. That was all Kanye.

    He looks effing miserable.

  16. KellyAnn says:

    She looks beautiful. I’m not a Kim K fan, but considering some of the ridiculously uncomfortable and constricting things she’s worn during her pregnancy, she looks really good.

    And big props for doing charitable donations instead of presents. I’m glad something good for the community will come from these two self absorbed people.

  17. JL says:

    I like the dress, but once again TOO TIGHT!

  18. Jano1981 says:

    Calculated. The trash know the reasons why we hate them. They know people didn’t like it when pissy kept the gifts from her 72 day marriage so this is damage control. As soon as I read that about donations instead of gifts I saw through this. She wants gifts, that’s why she didn’t send back her wedding gifts, but its a golden opportunity to try and improve her image to the haters.
    I saw pictures of the littlest kardashian girl on a boat in bikini bottoms like the ones Leann Rimes and Brandi wear. Almost thong bottoms. At 14. As a mother I want to strangle Kris Jenner. I would never allow my daughter to try those bottoms on let alone wear them, and Kris knew they would be filmed and photographed!
    I have never wanted a group of people to go away more.

  19. oce says:

    Klassy move. No, but seriously I applaud that effort.

  20. epiphany says:

    The donations to the Chicago hospital vs baby gifts for Kim has already been outed on several other sites as an end run Kanye pulled on the Kartrashians. Apparently, Mama Kris was all set to strong arm celebrities for high end gifts at some lavish baby shower, but Kanye put his foot down and insisted they ask for charitable donations instead.

  21. Diane says:

    I have never seen a couple that seems so disconnected in photos. You would never guess they are “in love” (wink, wink). Contrast these two clowns to Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Night and day!

  22. pnichols says:

    body language speaks volumes. look at him…he looks like he’d rather be anywhere but next to her.

  23. The Original Mia says:

    She looks nice. For once. They look miserable. As usual.

  24. Dawn says:

    She is out on the stroll and looks Terrible! When is the chica going to learn that tight does not look good on her? Kim is 32 NOT 22 and that butt looks like a floating device. God if Kanye is ever drowning he can just turn her over and hang on to that butt. She is disgusting, simply disgusting. Grow up woman, wear appropriate clothes for your man-made body type and your pregnancy, a little makeup goes a long way and stop looking so G.D smug in every picture. That smugness makes want to just beat the smug out of her. Ho that she is.

  25. eileen says:

    Geez that’s a face only a blow-up doll could love! And Kanye looks about has happy as a soggy biscuit.
    I can’t stand either one of these a-holes.

  26. Eleonor says:

    Pr or not it’s a nice gesture.

  27. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    I like the dress, I think its the nicest we’ve seen her wear. Why do they look so miserable with one another? Certainly don’t look like 2 people in love and happy to be bringing a new baby into the world.

  28. Emily says:

    What is she wearing underneath her dress? Do they make spanx for pregnancy?

    Kim is doing this maternity wear all wrong. It is the one time in your life where you can just let it all hang out. Wear flowy tops and dresses…not everything has to be skin tight. Especially if we can tell what kind of undergarments you are wearing!

  29. Dee Cee says:

    HA-HA! Learn the secrets of avoiding this mistake.,..for those times you wished you could have ignored or forgotten, but now are glad you didn’t.

  30. Jm says:

    Guess what would be even more awesome? Donating to charity without advertising it to the whole world!!

    Just saying.

  31. Dawn says:

    Is it just me or does the baby look like it’s already turned? No way this kid will be born in July, no damn way. She will be having this kid in June or even the end of May.

  32. Keats says:

    Kim Kardashian makes me feel good about myself. That is all.

  33. madpoe says:

    LOL I just wanna ask Kanye, so any regrets this past year?

  34. Photo JoJo says:

    I really cannot stand the Kardashians. But, I have to say I have some sympathy for pregnant Kim. I was NOT a pretty pregnant lady, and Kim seems to be one of those women for whom pregnancy is not a pretty time.

  35. Mayday says:

    the reality is she is huge – and I don’t mean that in a mean way either – and at this point I think it’s probably gonna be hard to find much if anything that is really flattering on her so I’m giving her a pass + I like that she’s laying off all the make up. she really is naturally pretty, parts of her personality and fame whore nature aside.

  36. Mayday says:

    I also think the weight gain in her face makes he look kinda cute.

  37. Jacqueline says:

    The donations thing is nice, except for the fact that she has already had at least one baby shower. I think the donations are a PR diversion because of what a glutton she was in her marriage to Humphries.

    Her dress reminds me of Ace Ventura “Like a glove!!”

  38. Jade says:

    Eh I still don’t understand why Kanye is not hand-holding or gently guiding his partner who is carrying his first child and heavily pregnant with the paps around where she could get distracted and fall.It’s weird, even if he is gay. It’s like ya we both know it’s over, let’s just continue to be civil until baby is born and we draw up the agreement for it.

  39. Shelly says:

    She looks way better without the 100 lbs of makeup plastered on her face. She looks good here. As far as Kanye shopping with her….my hubby can shop me under the table. I’m done and over it within an hour or so, and he could literally go all day. And he’s very manly and a guy’s guy, so there are stranger things than a man who likes to shop!

  40. Angelic 20 says:

    This is the best she has looked even since she started showing which isn’t saying much but still for her body type she is looking good.I am glad to hear about the hospital donation. For those who are saying it’s for good press, well then rf also comes into this category. Rf supports charities for good press also, for a way to justify their positions. In. short citizens of UK basically pay royals to do charity work. It doesn’t matter why they are doing , for whatsoever reasons this is a good thing.

  41. Gabby says:

    This video is hilarious. Kanye doesn’t help her out of the car even though she’s struggling and 6 mo prego. Doesn’t even open the doors for her. He is so over it.

    • The Original G says:

      Wow. That’s like, all they do. Getting photographed getting and out of cars and going in and out of stores and hotels?

      The way she looks is the least of her problems.

    • KC says:

      I don’t know, she only looked like she was having trouble getting out of the car one time and he did open the door wider for her that time and wait to see if she needed help. Maybe he was being a jerk and refusing to help her, or maybe Kim is a control freak who wants to do everything herself. Or maybe she’s still body conscious but not going to the gym anymore so she insists on doing as much normal physical activity as possible. I mean if she was really struggling I would agree that he’s being an even bigger jerk than normal, but I just didn’t see it in that video.
      (For the record: I hate both of them equally so I’m not choosing sides here.)

    • TG says:

      Oh my gosh. I just watched the video and it didn’t look like she was really struggling but I did notice that he refuses to open the door to the store and he made her open it and she looked like she was struggling. The other thing that really annoys me is she is in Paris a fabulous city and there is so much to soak in and absorb and all she is doing is being chauffeured around and walking on and out of designer stores. Like she has some checklist must hit Givenchy, Chanel, etc. So tacky. I know you can do what you want on vacation but this just shows how vapid and shallow she is. I wish France would kick her out of there. Kim is one of those people who can go to every county and get nothing out of her experiences.

    • TG says:

      Also did anyone catch Kanye saying “don’t ask us no questions”? So funny. He sounds ignorant.

  42. Max says:

    This is Valentino dress.
    It cost around 5 500$ on net-a-porter.

  43. The Original G says:

    Since Kim’s pregnancy, I notice that other pregnant celebrity mom’s seem to be keeping a very low profile?

    Where is Fergie, Halle, Jessica? Low profile.

    • truthful says:

      good point!!

      I almost forgot about those lil ladies..

      low key would be the way for me

    • FLORC says:

      They’re around and doing stuff, but no one cares. That’s why you think they’re low key.

    • littlestar says:

      Very good point! I think it has a lot to do with the fact that KK ALWAYS alerts the paps as to where she’s going to be. As many people have pointed out, we haven’t seen photos of Kanye in Paris, but as soon as she’s there with him – BAM! Just like last week when they were in NYC together – blatant using of the paparazzi to “prove” they are “still together”. The US Weekly website is the best place to go if you want to see pregnant celebrities out and about doing absolutely nothing, and Fergie and Jessica etc are rarely ever on there these days. They are keeping it low profile.

  44. truthful says:

    I’m plesantly surprised, its not
    “send donations to that church that Kris Jenner owns/is in charge of”

    alllllll Ye

    ohhhh they must be MET Gala shopping, cannot WAIT to see pics.

  45. Me Three says:

    Whomever is dressing her really doesn’t like her.

  46. Agnes says:

    Glad that they did something positive for once – hope the NECI unit receives lots of money from their family and friends.

  47. Ron says:

    She looks like a Weeble…they wobble but they don’t fall down.

  48. Butterfly J says:

    I almost choked when I saw this hideous dress; then I laughed until I cried.. For some reason, I was expecting a flowy maxi dress… this is too tight, too high necked, too long, and makes her look like a cross between a rhino and a turtle. Terrible.

  49. Viv says:

    Oh, Kaiser, I was waiting for you to give us these pics after my friend in Paris emailed me to say she saw KK out and about and Kim was wearing a red full body condom.

  50. Syko says:

    Too long. Too tight. But red is a good color for her.

  51. Zvonk says:

    I’m boycotting any article that references these two from now on. That includes the plethora that will no doubt arrive with the baby. No more page clicks from this bitch. Join me bitches. Lets starve them of the publicity the whorishly crave.

  52. Lindsey says:

    Kaiser, there’s a video of these two shopping and they don’t like besties at all. Surprised you haven’t seen it yet. Kanye lets Kim struggle to get her pregnant self out the car, and open the door for him. Frankly he looks miserable as hell.

    • idk says:

      I saw that video as well…I can’t believe SHE opened the door for HIM, while he just stood there with his hand in his pocket. This is how he treats her with the cameras rolling, can’t imagine how he treats her with the cameras off. Not saying she’s so great herself, God knows how she treats him when the cameras aren’t around either.

  53. CharmingFrock says:

    I don’t think Kate can be blamed for accepting baby gifts. I bet the palace has a SOP and it occurred to no one that it should/could be changed. Can gifts from subjects for their future monarch really be refused? I think most of the gifts sent to the royals is donated anyway. That is certainly true of who ever is occupying the White House at the moment. Except, maybe, Nancy Reagan…who used gifts she received to regift to her step children and THEN donated…probably after grabbing deductions for them.

  54. tifzlan says:

    Kanye certainly looks happy, doesn’t he?

  55. Marta says:

    Why are You stalking her!! She is fat not even Kanye love her! have mercy girls..

  56. Jane says:

    Notice…1st pic…he has his hand in his pocket the side nearest Kim. Rude! And a slip, “dont want to be close” we women GET IT!

  57. Lady Satan says:

    The dress is very pretty – and a great colour for her. Too bad she had to continue her delusional fantasy that she is a size 2. If this had a loose, flowing fit she would have looked really great.

    The whole Kim & Kanye thing is done, done, done. Body language does not lie. Kanye walking with his hand in his pocket – the hand closest to Kim – says it all. People in love touch one another, walk close together, and smile a lot.

    This is not love, and I think it would be a strain to even call it ‘like’ at this point.

  58. Meg says:

    she wants to be compared to kate m. seriously? a girl whose mom sold and promoted her sex tape is comparable to royalty?
    kate devoted her life to getting will, don’t get my wrong-but her lack of ambition or personal goals isn’t as shameful as selling a sex tape

    • mimi says:

      Meg, you do know that the word “Royalty” bears no real meaning nowadays, right?

      They don’t really rule England.

      There is nothing we can say about Kate really.
      Kim and Kate both really wanted to become famous and are now enjoying a lavish lifestyle.

      While a sex tape and all that is really shameful, marrying a guy just because his grandmother has some sort of a title is not exactly a beckon of greatness.

    • FLORC says:

      They’re both famewhores, both pregnant by men that rarely acknowledge them, both due at same time, We’ve seen both their naked bodies in provocative so don’t think 1 is more of a saint than the other. . Those are what they have in common.
      Kate does not work for her money. She works to maintain goodwill. Kim works for a living. The pr0n may have put her on the map, but she works daily to keep the money coming in.
      Though I’ve written these facts in a bias tone they are still facts. If you disagree you’d have a hard time finding evidence to prove me wrong since it doesn’t exist.
      It’s your right to want to call Kim a cow. She was never going to carry small. Though she doesn’t look great she has more confidence than I to wear the clothes she wants to wear.
      If it makes you feel better to call a pregnant woman a cow it’s a good thing you do it online. Many women can’t help how they look when carrying and wouldn’t take it well.

    • FLORC says:

      And where does it say that Kim herself wants to be compared to Kate? In the tabs? In the author of the article? If it’s not Kim it’s bs.

      Lastly, Kate lives off of taxes. I don’t care that she’s not on the list to get the money directly. She uses Charles credit card. She lives rent free in property owned and maintained by tax money. Kate is a welfare recipient. That she is held higher over a woman who earner money and is a private citizen baffles me. And the thing about Kim is if we all stop paying attention she will infact go away. It’s those that care enough to post how terrible she is on these threads that is a way of putting more money in her pocket. If she’s a person people want to read about someone will pay her. Both women are kind of awful, but Kate got a media whitewash so it’s harder to find everything she did before the wedding. The middletons are on par with the Kardashian/Jenners.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Now we have to figure out the different degrees of shame we are supposed to feel? Wow, being a woman is complicated, huh?

  59. Jan says:

    So I am not one to talk crap on someone whose pregnant, its an amazing/crazy experience, and if you want to indulge a little and gain a few extra pounds, WHO CARES. I don’t know what it is about Kim, but every picture I see of her she is wearing unflattering outfits and looks like a COW. I really say that in the nicest way possible…

  60. mimi says:

    The dress is beautiful but not for her.

    Did she consider wearing loose clothing while pregnant?

    There is no need to have everything so tight and show us all how her body looks like exactly.

    Her lips look odd and I really hope she is not injecting things into them while pregnant.

    The saddest part is how he seems to be. I hope these picture don’t mean a thing, but he looks over the entire thing, and it hasn’t even started.

    He is going to father a child with Kim and he doesn’t seem into it.

    That is just sad. I think she gets it and looks like she is trying to hide how offended she is. I think she is hurt.
    He doesn’t look like he cares or wants to be there.

    I feel for the baby.

    • FLORC says:

      Kim did wear loose fitting clothes early on, but it just didn’t look right. More like a nightgown in public. Kim really is hard to dress, but when she figures it out it looks amazing.
      The lip thing. She had them altered years ago. I think when the shape of the lips and mouth changed it just isn’t natural looking when that new shape swells with pregnancy hormones. And sometimes a woman’s lips just look odd anyways.

      Kanye either looks angry/bored or excited/yelling. In photos he either has his eyes and mouth wide open or he looks like a grump. He was this way before Kim. If anything is to be made of why he spends time away from her I’d read it as more he’s avoiding her family and/or he’s getting lost in his creative process. Didn’t he leave amber rose without contact for a year while they dated? He put out an album during that time too.

      Maybe i’m wrong. Maybe with his egotistical attitude he went hot and heavy too early on with Kim and he’s burned out. Maybe she is so sad that Kanye romanced her heavily in the beginning and now he’s more settled. You are right though. That poor baby.

  61. original kay says:

    well of course she cannot accept baby gifts, after that farce of a wedding.

  62. Cait says:

    I just can’t even with the pregnancy Spanx. I’m 25 weeks, and I just can’t.

    Just STAHP, Kim.

  63. littlestar says:

    Kim’s hair looks really nice here.

  64. Onyx XV says:

    They are such a perfect couple. Both complete and total idiots.

  65. FartSack says:

    She has more friggin money than God and I see pregnant women who dress from Salvation Army or Goodwill be more put together. I wish they would both just go away. Useless.

  66. Jane says:

    Boy, they sure look miserable together. Actually, they look totally pissed off.

  67. Cocobelly says:

    Damn, Kanye always looked so happy and proud to be with Amber.

  68. JRenee says:

    I’m guessing Kanye’s people published this to get ahead of a televised special “Kimye’s Celebrity Baber Shower, A 2 hour special”. Lol he beat mama Kris at her own game. Lol!

  69. M says:

    It must suck to have to fake having a b/f while being pregnant. It’s so obvious he’s done with her and that it’s been over with.

  70. mar says:

    her life has become ” Let us judge Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy style”

    Is there anything else to say about her?

  71. LadidahBaby says:

    Like most brunettes, she looks ravishing in red–but she does not know how to style herself and apparently her stylist is vision-impaired where fit is concerned. It’s unsettling to see how disengaged (no pun intended…oh okay, pun intended) the two of them look these days. I think Ye is only paying this sudden attention to Kim to salvage his reputation after all the hits he’s taken recently for neglecting her when she’s carrying his child. But clearly he seems repulsed by her and he appears not only to not want to touch her, but he even seems to want to put real physical distance between them. It’s how a guy behaves when he’s got someone else, someone NOT big and distended with child…then he can go back to Paris and say they are only together till the baby arrives. And who knows? Maybe Kim is fine with that–she’s got all that press attention in store (much of it for big bucks) because of the new baby, possibly the dramz of single-motherhood–and a big paternity pay-out(-off) from Kanye, plus a lifetime of monthly support payments. At this point, I think it’s possible they’re both ready to move on. Only there are ways in which you can never move on once you’ve had a child with someone…even in Hillywood (or Paris).

  72. Sugar says:

    maybe the percentage thing was bugging him so he wisked her to Paris to up that percentage of time spent together since they announced the pleasant surprise.
    they barely got together before she got pregnant so yeah it’s a mess because a baby at that stage of there relationship was not planned. the birth of a child is amazing & hopefully their happiness returns for the sake of this little innocent life. I feel bad for this baby.