Gwyneth Paltrow tries to humble-brag her way into a Pepper Potts spinoff movie

I really hope that this is the last gasp of Gwyneth Paltrow’s two-month-long domination of the media. She has been everywhere these past two months, promoting her book and Iron Man 3, being declared People’s “Most Beautiful” and doing smug, humble-bragging interviews like every day. But hopefully that’s all over now? Hopefully Gwyneth will go back to London and settle down for a little bit? Or has she gotten a taste for the Kardashian-level famewhoring and TMI-interviews? Is this what Gwyneth is going to be like from now on? Ugh. Anyway, Goop did a Q&A with Babble and in between referring to herself as a goddess (no joke), she talks about how “the fans” want a Pepper Potts spin-off. Sure, Goop.

Babble: How did you feel when you were picked to be on the cover of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful issue?
Honestly, Steven – he’s been my publicist since I was nineteen years old – and he sent me the email and I was like, “this is a typo.” Like I reread it three times, and then I got this really weird old feeling that my school bully had somehow was playing a trick on me. I swear, I had to talk about it with my shrink. I went through this whole weird thing. He was like, “yes, it’s true.” And I was beyond surprised, flattered, and I still kinda can’t believe it. It’s, it’s really cool.

Tell us about putting on the suit.
I love putting on the suit. It was really weird. I’ve never done anything like that in my whole career, and my son was on set, and so I’ll never forget it; I walk out onto the set, and I was fully dressed in the suit, and his face, because he’s like in the last probably year and a half watched the, the first Iron Man and Avengers and everything- I’ll never forget his face. Like, he was in shock and awe. It was so cool.

Mommy cool?
Oh my God, yes. And by the way, I now have Lego in the set- there’s a Pepper, so I am a goddess. So fun.

How does it feel, as Pepper, to be that strong?
I loved it so much. You know, I was getting kind of like, come on, guys. Pepper, like, let’s- come on, like, all these boys are flying around doing all this fun stuff, and I loved how patient and kind and sweet Pepper is. But when I read this script, I was like, “oh yeah!” She’s in the suit and flying around, and I loved doing the stunts. As I said, I really had never done anything like that before and it was really fun. I felt like I should’ve been doing this my whole life. It’s like, “why am I doing all these period films. it’s so boring.”

What are some of the fun things that happen on set?
The things that I remember from set are, like, my kids learning, like how to drive a golf cart. On a movie, it’s so big and you drive a golf cart from one thing to another and you’re like, “okay, you can drive the golf cart.” And then all of a sudden, they just started taking off in golf carts. So, this is illegal and this is not okay. Or like their Nerf gun fights and we just had, it was just like a fun experience for the family, and they love Robert. They had no idea that Robert was famous until probably a year ago. And they just love him so much and he creates a fun environment, and it was just nice. It was a really nice shoot. When you work with someone over and over again, that you really love and that environment is so familial and the kids feel- everybody feels it really was so great.

Are we gonna see you in more action films?
I don’t know. I would actually really like to, but really, am I old now to start, like, you know, being in action movies. I would like to. The nice thing is that everybody’s sort of been very sweet about Pepper in this movie, like all the journalists who came in. They were like, “oh my God, you have to have your own movie,” because in the comics, Pepper gets her own suit, and she becomes a character called Rescue. They’re like, we need a Rescue movie, and I’m like, okay, well, I’d better hit the gym.

What color would you choose for your suit?
Ooh, great question. Gray, like, silver and white. My favorite colors.

[From Babble]

This is something very particular about Gwyneth, have you noticed? She only hears – and endlessly repeats – the compliments people give her. I find that unusual. I can remember most of insults lodged at me throughout my life. The nasty comments and harsh words are burned into my memory and I can recall them in an instant. But it’s like Goop doesn’t even register criticism. She only hears the positive. She only believes the positive. She only repeats the positive to humble-brag endlessly. So of course she thinks she’s deserving of a Pepper spin-off. Of course the critics adore her. Of course she is a “goddess”. I realize she was saying that in reference to what her son thinks about her lego & suit, but she could have said “Oh, he thinks I’m a cool mom.” But whenever Goop imagines herself through the eyes of anyone else, she sees herself as a goddess.

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  1. adriana says:

    Another day another story of my favorite girl.

    • Tirtle Dove says:

      Could you please tell your favorite girl to stop using “like” in every sentence. In the excerpt alone, she used “like” 26 times. It “like” makes her sound unintelligent.

      I’m surprised that Goop would be peasanty enough to use this common linguistic filler word.

      • vava says:

        my thoughts exactly.


        Like Goopy: you aren’t as cool as you think you are.

      • Otterette says:

        I’m a peasant-activist so I’m no GOOP apologist, but have you ever looked at a transcript of Terry Gross on any Fresh Air interview? Obnoxiously riddled with “like”s, I was shocked the first time I noticed it. Yet it’s not something you notice when you listen to her. So I’ll give her (both of them) as pass on this. Luckily GOOP gives us so much more to harass her for ;)

      • springingforward says:

        Gah. It is difficult enough looking past this adolescent, insufferable narcissist in the Iron Man movies that star the superb RDJ.

        She plays Pepper Potts as shrill and neurotic.

        NOONE wants to see her Pepper portrayal featured in her own movie….

  2. lucy2 says:

    This is one of her least obnoxious interviews, and it still made me roll my eyes.

    • Me Three says:

      God, that’s what I was thinking as well when I was reading it. She’s trained us! I thought it was actually one of her better “humble brags.” Yikes!!!!!

      And, like Kaiser, I tend to remember all the nasty things people say about me, but maybe Goop’s way is better? It would certainly make me a happier person I guess if I didn’t sometimes dwell on the negative. But, then all my friends and family would leave once I started the humble bragging and Goddess talk!

    • Ally8 says:

      I will say that, generally, women are encouraged to do that self-degrading thing too much. Negative self-talk or having to put yourself down to get others to not feel threatened is an obnoxious tradition and no one should perpetuate it.

      That said, anything in an interview, even on paper, sounds like it’s shouted through a megaphone, so you have to tone it down proportionally.

      Definitely one of the less obnoxious interviews, but the bit about Rescue is total Mrs. Elton (“Emma”): all my friends say I should get a spinoff! Can we call it spinoff trolling? Whatever, she’s hustling for a movie & a paycheck, good for her.

    • Leen says:

      Humans are wired to focus on the negatives. All to do with evolution and survivalism.. Apparently, it’s what makes them better prepared for the future and possible ‘hazards/dangerous’.

  3. HotPockets says:

    I don’t feel like Goopy has enough appeal anymore to carry a movie and Iron Man doesn’t count since she is a supporting character and people love RDJ. Her last big starring role was Country Song and that movie did not fair well.

  4. Eleonor says:

    I don’t get why she is everywhere these days.

  5. jamee draper says:

    I am so busy, I never comment anymore, I just like to read the stories.But when I saw this story a minute ago on another site that Gwynth Paltrow actually said that her fans want a Pepper Potts spin off,it was so stupid that I had to know what Kaiser was going to say about it.haha Is she serious!Her character is the worst thing about the movie.Anyone could play that role.I wish Rachel McAdams hadn’t turned it down. No,Gwyneth,we don’t want an Iron Man with just you and no R.D.Jr .No,thanks.

    • Agnes says:

      I know, Pepper is a non-character. Who the hell would see that movie. No one.

      • Red32 says:

        Yeah, Pepper and Happy are kind of like Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson. I think Black Widow would get her own spinoff before Pepper.

      • MacScore says:

        Maybe the people who are “bored” by her “period-piece” movies? (I’m being sarcastic). (“I’m like why do I do period-piece movies. They’re so boring.”) Duh – that was the ONLY movie for which you won an Oscar, numb-skull. My advice would be, stick to that.

        To the poster: you are so right. No-one but NO_ONE wants a Pepper Potts spin-off. RDJ is the magnet here, not PP. (Hasn’t she figured out the meaning of the initials yet?). She really is becoming _completely_ unbearable.

      • Andrea says:

        Ummmm no.

        Lois Lane is the first woman of comics. She was the first career woman in comics. She’s been in more media properties than any other DC Woman. She had her own Comicbook back in the day.

        Lois Lane survived decades of cultural sexism and remained the career woman.

        Lois Lane and Superman were married for years in continuity and worked as a team. She’s the mother of the Superman dynasty.

        I think Pepper Potts is a great character. Very fun here. But Lois Lane is THE woman of the Supernan mythos and an icon in the genre.

        Lois Lane has actual fans who watched the “Lois and Clark” TV show primarily for HER.

        Pepper is like Lois Lane? Oh honey…she wishes.

      • Ally8 says:

        Ooh, Andrea, thanks for schooling us on that! I’m not even joking, that’s a great piece of comic book history to know. When you think that millions of little kids have been reading those, it’s nice to know that this is part of what they’re exposed to.

  6. The Original Mia says:

    She is insufferable. She knows damn well no one wants a Pepper Potts’ movie, but she’s just got to put it out there. Like the time she said she was releasing an album because her good friend Jay (or whoever she was name-checking) said so.

    • Ally8 says:

      Right, I’d forgotten about that one! I’m actually going to quote some of the Mrs. Elton dialogue from “Emma” so you can all see the amazing echoes:

      Well, I am dotingly fond of music, and my friends say I’m not entirely devoid of taste! … The world is not necessary to me because I am blessed with so many resources in here! But, said I, without music, my life would be a blank. In fact, you and I must establish a musical club, and we could have regular meetings at your house or ours, because I don’t want to give up my talent, do I?

      Mrs Elton, I’m sure it would take something more dramatic as a change of town to dislodge something as great as your talent.

      Oh, well, I myself don’t call it great! I just know that my friends think so.

      Highbury’s a little different since he left. There’s been an addition, if I may presume to call myself an addition. Personally I wouldn’t, as you know I’m just quoting other people…

      These sandwiches are delicious, Mrs Elton. You really are a gourmet!

      Well, I never compliment myself, but my friends tell me I certainly know how to make a sandwich.

  7. Marty says:

    Well it was one of those “boring” period dramas that won her an Oscar, so……

  8. Fancy says:

    Do goddesses say “like” so frequently?

  9. mkyarwood says:

    Omg, I love you and all WASPY sister, but don’t mess with comic canon. And, just, no.

  10. BooBooLaRue says:

    Her media domination is only prepping us for the announcement of the impending separation and divorce from the husband whom she is angry with. Wait for it. . .

  11. Dee Cee says:

    Any ol’ thang you want to do bad, creative
    genius villain is fine with me. What’s that, even with the three day veg and fruit, no gluten, dairy, egg, meat or butter fluid diet I recommended.. you are still in a cranky moood..? Mmmm.. did I make you stressed and angry? Aw, I guess you get a special pepper pot bj for your pain..!!!!

  12. Noodles says:

    Somewhere, a studio executive is screaming, “WHAT? She said they want a WHAT?”

  13. Talie says:

    I wish I was like that, I would love to only hear what I wanted. Haha

  14. Debbie says:

    Ok honestly I really didn’t see this interview as that bad. Yes the most beautiful was over the top but the goddess was about her son and the movie and how that makes her cool to him. I really did take it as her stab at humor but she is just not funny.

  15. Sumodo1 says:

    Dame Goop, puh-LEEZE! Put a cork in it! La-la-la I can’t hear you anymore. NOBODY self-praises as much as Dame Goop.

  16. Amy says:

    OK, now, granted, I have a problem with Goop.

    But if she could write a book about how she manages to maintain that high self-esteem, how she manages to see herself in such an endlessly positive light, and teach people how to do it, I would buy that book. I spend so much time beating myself up. I think it would do many people a world of good if they could love themselves as much as Gwynnie loves herself. Well, I take it back, maybe not THAT much.

    Ugh. I just said something nice about my nemesis.

    • Annette says:

      It seems like people are always complaining that there are not enough women out there with super high self esteem…yet whenever one comes into the public eye it seems everyone loves to hate on her and shove her back down, and worse still, it seems like women themseleves are the fastest to cut down another woman with high self esteem. Men may make jackass comments, but with women, there’s a genuine, harsh vitriol there.

      And yes, I am distingushing between arrogance/delusion and high self esteem. I think GP, while she can come of a little douchey at times, does have some genuinely good self esteem, whereas Lindsay Lohan would be an example of a woman who is just arrogant, and has very little real self respect.

      • Elle Kaye says:

        I agree, women can be their own worst enemy. I see it far too often. The sad thing with Gwyneth is I don’t feel that she speaks from a place of high self esteem, but rather from incredible self-doubt. There is nothing wrong with talking about your accomplishments, yet she references them through others. It is as if she can only see the value of herself through the affirmations of others.

        She lost her father, who adored her, and now has a husband who spends very little time with her. That is a blow to anyone’s self-esteem. She is living with it for now, but it would be nice to see her get back to her old self.

      • Annette says:

        No she’s faaaar from perfect, but what makes me believe GP has quite good self esteem is that she has the ability to keep putting her stuff out there like her newsletter and cookbooks despite very heavy criticism and scoffing. Everyone always rolls her eyes at her often politcally incorrect-ish comments, yet she keeps saying similar stuff again and again. She gets voted “most hated celeb”, yet she reacts like it’s water off a duck’s back. She doesn’t seem to be much of a people pleaser is what I’m saying.

        As for her “husband” I agree it’s very fishy, and not something I’d put up with. However we have no real idea what their relationship is like, we can only speculate – who knows, perhaps neither of them are too invested in having a long term relationship and both of ‘em have young pieces on the side, just keeping together sort of like a business. She could surely do better than the dude from coldplay if she really wanted.

  17. embertine says:

    I actually think this is a funny interview, and that’s coming from someone who finds her insufferable and wants to strangle her with $600 endangered squid linguine, that has no doubt been rolled between the thighs of Cambodian virgins, which she doesn’t understand why you peasants don’t eat every day because the zinc levels make her kids so much smarter than yours. Etc.

    I thought the “goddess” comment was as in “I have been made into a graven idol” not as in people worshipping her. Although you never know with GOOP.

  18. Kelly says:

    She really does believe her own press. Goop is why I can’t sit through another IronMan even for my son.

  19. Deanne says:

    Gwyneth seems to be taking a page from one of the characters in the movie, Emma, in which she starred. Mrs. Elton would always say “I’m just quoting other people” and then compliment herself. Gwyneth’s conceit seems to be limitless. Pepper Potts is such a boring, non-character in the films that anyone could play her. The thought of that character getting a spin off is laughable.

  20. Dee says:

    This would be like Katie Holmes talking about a spin-off for her character after Batman. Um, Pepper Pots is an awesome character and casting wise, Goop wasn’t the worst but casting wasn’t as spot on as RDJ. I mean classic Pepper is a redhead and Goop couldn’t even commit to the deep red.

    She may be an exercise nut but she’s not athletic. She’s a milk toast character in the movies.

    • Andrea says:

      To be fair, no. That is not the same.

      Katie Holmes played a character created entirely for Nolan’s movie and was created basically to die. She is not in the comics.

      Pepper Potts/Rescue is a part of the comics and has a history. She has fans in comics.

      That said, Pepper Potts is not Lois Lane. Comparing Pepper to Lois Lane as someone did above us totally false.

      Lois Lane has a RAGING fanbase in comics and from TV. Lois Lane had her name come first on a TV show that aired on prime time.

      I watched “Lois and Clark” as a teen for Lois first and foremost and Superman second. I liked that she was the sassy career gal. She was my hero without powers.

      Now, I do think people like Pepper and that this trilogy has brought the character new popularity. But iconically she is still low on the comics totem pole. But she does have fans.

      She is more important than Rachel Dawes though as Dawes is not from the source material. Pepper has a place in comics history and the character has a purpose and a role.

      She is an important character. I hate GOOP but I believe that people like Pepper.

  21. don't kill me i'm french says:

    when you will see iron Man 3, you will understand she deserved to act a badass female action lead

  22. Sophie says:

    I’m not her biggest fan but she was pretty awesome in Iron Man 3. I wouldn’t want a full movie about Pepper, but she was definitely NOT a non-character. Maybe all of you should shut up before you actually see the movie.

    • Enzo5 says:

      Yes, I liked her a lot in Ironman 3. She added 4th dimension to its 3D, lol. No, really – she was cool for an older gal

    • Elizabeth says:

      +1 totally agree! she was pretty badass

    • Latisse says:

      THANK YOU so much for this. Honestly the vitriol on this site sometimes is staggering. I am not a huge fan of this woman at all and I think she says some ridiculous things sometimes. But fact is, she was awesome in the movie, awesome. I wasn’t at any point in time focused on her as GP, but utterly bought into her portrayal of Pepper and this is from someone that is a HUGE fan of the source material.

      Additionally, in this interview, she comes across as funny, easy going woman who was pleased that her sons saw her as cool if just for a moment.

      And seriously, I am now supposed to bash a woman for taking the positives and letting the negatives roll off her back? Are you kidding me? More people should do that. I have SO many insecure girlfriends, it is neither interesting nor endearing. It’s just SAD.

      I would rather have a woman out there who has a positive self-image any day more than more of the same sad, insecure, parade of female celebrities we are constantly subjected to.

      I usually get a real kick from the snarking on GP for talking down to us peasants. But this is just petty, off-base, and completely ridiculous.

  23. anneesezz says:

    I’m confused. How could she be surprised by the People magazine “title” if her PR reps paid for it?

    • Andrea says:

      Well and…I think sometimes many of these franchises collapse in on themselves without the presence of these female characters.

      I personally have always thought Pepper was cool even before she put in the suit. Power and strength are found in many forms.

  24. Gossip Garl says:

    Paying the shrink to tell yopu your beautiful..HOW FULL CAN YOU BE!!!

    • mercy says:

      Lol that’s the part that stood out for me, too. The rest was fine, she was responding to a direct question about Pepper’s future. It’s not like she was having her publicist float rumours about Pepper headlining her own movie, as others have done for their characters. But asking her shrink if she was really People’s ‘Most Beautiful’? I hope that was in jest. If not, I hope her shrink responded with something like “How the hell should I know?” I’m leaning towards it was a joke. She wanted to appear humble and to let us know she sees a shrink.

  25. Dawn says:

    Oh come on, Gwennie is just a harmless rich girl who doesn’t understand poor or middle class because neither have ever touched her. And she does have some talent and a nice singing voice. Let her indulge in her own self-absorption. It’s not like she created a raunchy sex tape and then had her mother edit it and re-release it or anything. If I came from her background I might be as silly as she is. Who can say!

    • Emily says:

      She is a spoiled rich girl who has never done one ounce of good in her life. And she is a stupid person. And she will not shut up.

      I don’t understand why “she’s not Kim Kardashian, therefore we must like her” has become a thing. There was this longass essay on laineygossip about it too. Um, no, I’m perfectly capable of disliking more than one person at a time, thank you very much!

  26. Faye says:

    *Channeling Bad Willow Rosenberg voice* – Boooooooorrrrrred now.

  27. alison8761 says:

    My friend is the type that remembers compliments thrown at her but i just find it endearing more than anything. “My aunt said I was really creative.” I guess it just makes me laugh. It’s different than how gwyn is though, with her “aw shucks, can you believe it, but listen to even more great things people said. Everyone thinks I’m wonderful- that’s really great”.

  28. pantalones en fuego says:

    School bully my arse. I know for a fact that Gwyneth hung with a group of people at her exclusive private school who were self named “the beautiful people” and were completely bitchy to everyone who they deemed not worthy. She always try to say that she was picked on in school because she was gangly and didn’t speak French but it’s complete BS.

  29. Emily says:

    I wouldn’t mind a Pepper Potts spin-off. There need to be female superhero movies, and Goop is pretty good in that role. And maybe, if she had that on her plate, she would SHUT UP.

  30. KellyinSeattle says:

    Like, I wish she’d go away. Is she still friends with Madonna, and does she wear enough blush?

  31. Alexandra says:

    I can’t get through her interview – she says “like” too much – can you say “annoying”?!?!

  32. Zombie Shortcake says:

    I guess RDJ is the new Uncle Jay-Z.

  33. Mario says:

    In the movie Pepper battles an army of poor people that refuse to spend $700 a day on high end groceries and allow their children to eat fast food.

  34. AJ says:

    Like, Goop seems to be like one of those people who, like, add like to like everything they say.

  35. Jayna says:

    I couldn’t get past she had to talk to her shrink about not believing the message she was an entertainment magazine’s most beautiful cover. Really, you needed to talk to your shrink about that? Oh, the problems of the rich and famous.

  36. JFerber says:

    Who is this Luke guy Gwyneth slept with? I didn’t know she slept with Viggo Mortensen.

  37. c'est la vie says:

    Please god, no.

    And she might be on People’s most beautiful issue ( that she had to discuss with her shrink?) – but she was also voted the most hated actress in Hollywood, non?

  38. mac says:

    I recently read an interview where she said she thinks Iron Man is done, and she doesn’t want to do another film.

  39. Lulu.T.O. says:

    Like, OMG! I had no idea one could still sound like a valley girl after living in London for 10 years. :roll:

  40. Miller says:

    she says like a lot…and this comment is coming from a 21 year old. its weird to hear a woman her age talking like she’s a teenager.

  41. Gigi says:

    I think she has either histrionic personality disorder or borderline personality disorder. She has symptoms of both. Or she’s just an annoying a$$hole. One of the three ;)

  42. Sarah says:

    Seriously, she was decent in Shakespeare in Love but Joseph Fiennes and the story really made that movie. Sliding Doors was my favorite film of hers where I felt that she did a great job. Back then she wasn’t so insufferable though. A Pepper Potts movie without ironman? Really?? Ugh, the self-importance of this one!

    • Carolyn says:

      Super woman in an “action” movie who is also a Lego character and deserves the title of goddess…Princess Leia. And Hermione from Harry Potter. Pepper Potts? Not even close.

      Goop’s character was endearing in Sliding Doors. In real life, not so much. I feel sorry for her.

  43. Flower says:

    Dear lord that interview. Every second word is ‘like’ she sounds like a 12year old .

  44. Cletus says:

    I am not a fan of hers, and I wouldn’t see any movie that’s centered around her. That being said, if I were made into a Lego-thingy (or any action figure at all), I would thereafter refer to myself as a goddess. Because that would kick so much ass, I would buy several hundred thousand of those little me-s and I would give them out as presents to EVERYONE I KNOW for every holiday, forever, until I died. And then I might set it up with my estate lawyer to continue to send them out after my death until the supply ran out.

  45. lisa2 says:

    I wonder why all the fans of Paltrow didn’t support her in Country Strong. That really was her last starring film. I get that she is an important character in that franchise. But I can’t believe anyone is paying money to see her in the films as appose to the other actors.

    and regarding her speech pattern. I notice that with a lot of women like her. Immaturity. She is acting now like she did when she was trying to get a singing career going. That didn’t work. So now we have this new ACTION WOMAN Gwyneth. Sorry I don’t care is she is “wearing the suit” .. Hell everyone seems to be wearing the suit. One of the things I never liked about Iron Man. It was all about the suit.

  46. Tania says:

    People’s most beautiful has nothing to do with beauty. It’s all about who has the most to shill. Surely she realizes that, right? She knows she’s not the most beautiful, right ????

    And while my tendency would be to remember every bad thing anyone ever said about me, perhaps it would be healthier for my self esteem to only remember the good?

  47. Tania says:

    People’s most beautiful has nothing to do with beauty. It’s all about who has the most to shill. Surely she realizes that, right? She knows she’s not the most beautiful, right?

    And while my tendency would be to remember every bad thing anyone ever said about me, perhaps it would be healthier for my self esteem to only remember the good?

  48. Alexandra says:

    She lost me at ” I swear, I had to talk about it with my shrink.”

    I mean, it’s not like she has been named Queen of England, for God’s sake.

  49. Anoni Mus says:

    Yeah, the shrink comment irked me, too, for some reason. But what annoyed me more is her comment that her period movies were boring. Full disclosure: I hate comic hero movies, so Iron Man is pretty low on my list, and I can’t believe she’d prefer to be an action star rather than appear in dramas or comedies, where she’s actually had success before.
    I liked Gwyneth in her earlier movies! She should do some indie stuff, or something.

  50. Lucy Goosy says:

    Is this just my imagination or did’nt Gwyneth once do an interview where she rambled on and on and on about how she would only do indie films and would never stoop to movies where she “looked at imaginary robots?”

    If not, it sounds just like her and I would not be shocked to see her pull a reversal on something like that now that lowly comic book movies have become “cool.”

  51. DIANE says:

    She’s had a publicist since she was 19 years old. I am now officially sick of her and starting to dislike her immensely.

  52. Chris K says:

    My 15 year old son and his friends don’t like Goop and were hoping she was going to die off in her fall. They were let down when she survived.

  53. Amy says:

    I actually like her more and more the more you guys hate on her. :-) She used to really irritate me, but now I don’t know. I’ve come to realize she’s not really any different from any of the other WASPy women in the area I am from (I live near Greenwich, CT so I see these types of rich blonde women all the time.) I actually went to an organic restaurant the other day, GOOP would have probably approved (I don’t eat an organic diet, I like my meat and my bread but my friend wanted to try it).

    So yeah I realize she irritates the bananas out of most of you, but I’ve come to like her.

  54. annie says:

    This type of behavior that Goop is displaying is called Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Unfortunately for her kids there is no cure.