LeAnn Rimes goes shopping at Kitson, shows off her legs in short shorts

Gee, I wonder where LeAnn went shopping? I wonder if she has some kind of contract with Kitson? I would have thought Kitson didn’t really need to pay LeAnn to hold up their bags, which… if you think about it, makes this photo-op kind of sad. If LeAnn isn’t being paid to hold her Kitson bags like that, that means she’s doing it for free and Kitson is like, “No, really, stop. We wanted Ashley Greene.” Anyway, new photos of LeAnn out and about in LA on Friday. Those bandage-shoes are still horrid. Did Brandi Glanville recently wear a pair? I will say this, though – her legs look better now that she’s gained some weight back. Truly, they look pretty good.

LeAnn Rimes flaunted her toned legs in super short short-shorts Friday during a shopping trip in Malibu. The singer topped her denim shorts with a hot pink and white top — and an ear-to-ear smile.

For a change, she didn’t have a Twitter war with Brandi Glanville — her successor as Mrs. Eddie Cibrian — to think about. Instead, she was focused on the good news that her CD, Spitfire, finally has a release date. LeAnn’s label, Curb Records, announced that Spitfire will go on sale at Walmart June 4.

Featuring duets with Jeff Beck, Alison Krauss and Rob Thomas, Rimes is convinced Spitfire is her best album ever.

“I hope I’m saying things that are hard for others to express,” Rimes said of the album. “It certainly took me a lot of work to get to this point. And it’s still easier to sing these thoughts than it is to say them out loud.”

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, it’s critical that Spitfire sell well, according to noted music critic Paul Grein.

“It’s certainly important because her last album Lady & Gentleman didn’t do well at all,” Grein told us.

[From Radar]

Um… I thought Spitfire was already out? Is it just me, or did the release date get pushed back from April? I’m pretty sure it was supposed to drop in April, which would make sense because that’s when LeAnn was doing a lot of press.

As I always do, I checked LeAnn’s Twitter to see what she’s been up to in the past week or so since I’ve paid any attention to her. She tweeted Khloe Kardashian to tell Khloe that she looked “sooooo hot” and LeAnn also tweeted a selfie while she held some mystery baby. She tweeted, “I finally had ‘the baby’ & she’s already 2 1/2 months. LOL… Laughing with my girlfriend’s baby girl at lunch. #inlove”. It feels more like she’s just showing off her rings! How dare that baby take attention away from LeAnn!

Here a Twit-pic she tagged “Go time”. For what? A Bolt-On Attack? No, she did a show in Nashville. I guess that was the “go time”.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and LeAnn’s Twitter.

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  1. cmc says:

    She looks pretty in the Kitson-bag photos. That’s a good hairsyle-and-sunglasses combo for her face. As for the outfit? Ugh…um…at least her body looks a lot better and healthier now.

    I’m trying to see how long I can make it today without being snarky, btw.

  2. Joanna says:

    she looks good. great legs!

  3. Theskinny says:

    Ugly soul, ugly face, ugly body. Those genetics do NOT need to be passed on. Hopefully she won’t breed.

  4. Rita says:

    Her Spitfire album release has been quite comical (“has been” is a term frequently associated with her).

    The album is being sold exclusively at Walmart as a CD and comes with a brochure and probably scented candles. It’s the old fashion way of peddling an album. The singles suck so bad that if you want to listen to any of it, you have to buy the whole album.

    It was released in the UK but didn’t break the top 100 on any chart except one. That chart was obviously hacked and LeAnn’s album magically appeared as #3. Carrie Underwood’s latest album held that position for 6 straight weeks until one day, “magically” it completely disappeared off the chart when LeAnn’s crap replaced it because as we all know, if it charts we’ll buy it even if it is crappy music.

    • ya says:

      hmm selling exclusively at walmart is kind of a new thing actually, as far as I know – ACDC kind of started the precedent a few years ago, got a lot of criticism for it, but ultimately raked in the cash.

      I think Walmart and itunes are where the vast majority of people in America buy music – walmart and itunes have a huge share of the market – so it’s become very common nowadays for labels to negotiate these types of exclusive deals – I think it’s part of the new way that the music industry is dealing with the internet and illegal downloads. These kinds of deals are also kind of the the final nail in the coffin for other music retailers like HMV.

      She’s probably selling online downloads on itunes (though I’m just guessing about this) in addition to the walmart physical cd deal – that seems to be how so many albums are released nowadays.

  5. Nan says:

    That top grosses me out. It looks like she has been shot and her top is soaked in blood. It really conjures up a gruesome image.

  6. LAK says:

    Yep Brandi wore those shoes about a month ago. I remember them because CB made a crack about looking like bandages on Brandi’s feet. Same colour too.

  7. Patrice says:

    Obvious marketing ploy aside (has anyone else become increasingly infuriated by the super obvious ‘casual’/on-the-street celeb product promotions steadily popping up in paparazzi shots?) I think she looks pretty cute in these shots. Aside from the shoes I like the outfit, her hair serms healthy and the understated jewelry looks nice :) I’m also really glad she put back on a few much needed lbs and seems to have moved past whatever troubling phase that was.

  8. Carobell says:

    I think you raise a very interesting point about endorsements.

    I have neither the discretionary income, the desire and nor am I located in proximity to Kitson in order to shop there but I wonder however if the girls and women who do are enticed by photos of Leann shopping there?

    My understanding is Kitson sells aspirational brands, does anyone look to Leann’s fashion that way? Do teen girls look at the photos and want what she’s wearing?

    Her legs are amazing, and frankly I think this is the best she’s looked in a while, but nothing about what she is wearing makes me think- ‘gosh I need to track that down, money is no object’.

  9. lucky says:

    Did she go shopping alone or did she pay the paps to cut her friends out of the shot? Or maybe she has no friends (except the paps, of course).

  10. lainey says:

    wonder what happened to her red-headed friend, Lizzie? used to be she didn’t go any where without her. maybe eduardo was a little too invested in that FRIENDSHIP, since Lizard chose ed over Brandi. wonder how many seats were empty last nite at her concert in Tenn?

  11. truthful says:

    hmmm, wonder what Eddie was up too at this same moment..

  12. Mandy says:

    Her body really does look much better. But that outfit is giving me major WHITE TRASH vibes.

  13. Jane says:

    Whatever happened to the team of stylists who came to her house and stood in her walk-in closet while Leann paraded around flaunting her bolt-ons in a red bikini? It was on some sort of celebrity news show. Since then she still dresses like white trash with no style. The above picture-case in point.

  14. Dutch says:

    What do they sell at Kitson other than opportunities to be photographed by the paps?

  15. Babalon says:

    She always looks so…cheap.

  16. janie says:

    I think she looks so cute.. Her legs are fabulous! I think if she ever has a baby, her attitude will do 360° She will know why moms are so protective of their babies. By a show of hands.. Who among us spend 2 hrs getting ready to shop?? What happend to jeans & sneakers?

  17. ojulia123 says:


  18. siobhan says:

    If Leann and Eddie have kids I hope they look like Eddie. Leann is unfortunate looking.

  19. Shelly says:

    I actually think she looks really good here. I really like this natural looking blonde hair color on her. She looks soft and pretty and definitely not so skinny!

  20. RN says:

    The Radar writer must’ve had a child bring home a new list of spelling words. The writer got so excited – “ooh! I’m going to use this in a sentence!” Too bad he/she used it incorrectly. Brandi was not Leann’s successor. She was her predecessor.

    “For a change, she didn’t have a Twitter war with Brandi Glanville — her successor as Mrs. Eddie Cibrian — to think about.”

  21. ParisPucker says:

    I think the chips were stacked up against her when she was born into that family. I know she’s a mess and ridiculous, but my heart kind of goes out to her because she simply doesn’t know any better.

    This is why Hollywood types get reinforced w their issues. The attention validates their concept of what’s normal/acceptable/right, as does their steady income. In the normal world, when you aren’t a functional person, your career can fall apart and those around you are there to point things out to you if it gets to that level. In her bubble, people want access to her $ so they’ll always tell her what she wants to hear.

    It may be harder to not have this level of wealth in some respects, but I don’t think I’d trade it to be in her shoes any day of the week.

    That’s my deep thought of the day.
    You’re welcome.

  22. NerdMomma says:

    The oddest thing to me is: who takes a picture with a baby where the baby’s face isn’t showing? Most people would make sure the pic was of the baby, and wouldn’t worry if their own face was partially obscured. Hollywood types are so narcissistic, they only care about their own face/body showing, and don’t care what the baby is doing. Case in point, those pics of Tori Spelling showing off her bikini body with a giant cheerleader smile on her face, while her children cried and looked uncomfortable and she ignored them.

  23. shannon says:

    I hate on LeAnn here all the time, but I am objective about it and I can give her credit for looking SO MUCH BETTER in these pics. Whatever she’s doing, she needs to keep it up. Her bitchface is less apparent too so I’m thinking a combination of valium and changed circumstances has her less stressed out. Which is weird, because the album situation sounds like a trainwreck. And clearly the studio knows it’s a disaster. I think they’re refusing to release it until LeAnn meets a few demands, such as; stop making yourself look like such an asshole, stop starving yourself, stop publicly interacting with or mentioning Brandi, stop pretending you’re a victim, and stop talking about your affair.

    • Rita says:

      I’m sure another reason for the delayed release date is LeAnn’s lawsuit against a special needs teacher who has 6 children. The lawsuit is a BIG disgrace for her but her vindictive nature won’t let it go. The trial should be over by June and they hope the backlash will die down by then.

      Doesn’t matter. She has, and never will have anything more than a nickel and dime career again.

  24. Cam S says:

    She’s prob off her dermatologist meds and trying to conceive. Her psoriasis is back (left knee).

    As for all you guys saying she looks good, will be nicer after she has a baby- you must not have read her “Mother’s Day” tweets yet. Of course they are not about HER Mother, but about celebrating the day in honor of herself. Seriously

  25. Nan209 says:

    She looks better. I still don’t understand her obsession with fugly shoes. These make her look like she has cloven hooves…she’s degrading her sexy legs with the fugly shoes. So, so fugly.

  26. Blondie says:

    Her album drops at Walmart June 4. It goes into the $5 bin June 5.

  27. apsutter says:

    She actually looks super cute for once! Like the casual outfit(minus those HORRENDOUS shoes)and how her hair is pulled back. Now if only she could tone down the crazy.

    And is that her engagement ring in the baby pic? How f-ing gaudy and tacky is that thing?!

  28. Spitfireblockedme4noreason says:

    “Spitfire will go on sale at Walmart June 4.”

  29. katherine says:

    I don’t really like her. However, I think she looks really good here. Her hair looks nice, shes got a nice smile, outfit looks weird as hell, but she looks good.
    I guess im over the whole feud anyway.
    Its just when they perpetuate it that I get into it more.

  30. jilly says:

    It seems to me that Falcor has toned it down significantly ever since the Daily Mail went snark on her ass about her 2nd wedding anniversary show-off.

    • Lady D says:

      I think that DM article really startled her. She’s so used to them kissing her ass, that article must have been a shock. Although, now that I think about it, if she reads the comment sections about herself she knows what people think. Then she probably thinks, if only they knew her, they would LOVE her.Goes back to being too deluded to be alone in public.

  31. betty says:

    You can just about tell how happy a person is by what they do. When you have dress to show your legs and call the paps for compliments things are’t going well. You would think a person of her”celeb status” could find something more to do. You notice Eddie stays out of as many as these staged photos as possible nowadays.

  32. Lesalou says:

    Her appearance and niceness all of a sudden is all a ploy to make her album sell. If the general public is that easily fooled and impressed by her weight gain and her appearance what does that say about the public in general. She is still a self-absorbed, spoilt woman that has done some really low life things in her life. I hope the public doesn’t forget that when this album drops at Wally World after her lawsuits are over and she probably gets pregnant.

    • Zooyork says:

      Thank you Lesalou, I totally agree. If people are impressed by this disgusting woman now just because of some changes in her appearance then that’s really pathetic.
      Also, don’t forget the evil slits that the sunglasses are covering up.

  33. Christin says:

    She apparently flew into Nashville, but the show was in a small town on the eastern side of the state called Greeneville. She tweeted that selfie shortly before show time.

    • Cam S says:

      I’m from near there and I don’t know any stadiums/venues in Greeneville. Was she playing a fair? Her life is so budget

      • Christin says:

        It was at the 1,200 seat NPAC (a performing arts center), which opened a few years ago and does draw some significant performers from time to time. Tickets were $50 / $65. Another tidbit about Greeneville is that The Band Perry lives there when they are when not touring. They recently did a big, free downtown concert to launch their second album, which is doing well on the country charts right now.

  34. judyjudy says:

    I think she looks cute here.

    I’ve listened to a few songs from her new album and think they’re pretty good actually. It’s a shame that her personal life has gotten in the way because she is talented and has a beautiful voice.

    There are many recording artists who have done things that I don’t agree with but that doesn’t prevent me from enjoying their music. This triangle of doom is very interesting to me because if its huge impact on the careers of all involved. I’m not sure what makes it so special, kwim?

    • Cam S says:

      Prob the proven instances of stalking, SWF’ing etc. It is almost unheard of for a “star” of Leann’s caliber to behave this way and to KEEP it going for so long. That darn birthday cake last year sealed to insanity for me.

      It’s fascinating to watch Leann in that she has absolutely no shame in her behavior. It stopped being about the affair a looong time ago, now it’s about her insanity and extreme insecurity.

    • claire says:

      It’s really to do with her after the affair behavior. Stalking, taunting, boasting and just plain over-the-top trashy trailer messiness. Way too many passive aggressive behaviors, agendas, manipulations, transparent actions. It’s just stuff that makes people uncomfortable and have no desire to support her. That’s my take on it. I think country fans can forgive things if they think you are deep down a decent person, it was a one time mistake. She’s not done much to make people think she’s a decent person, more like she’s acted like a complete lunatic and very scheming and unlikeable. She’s just not someone people root for, I don’t think.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      If Leann had just lived her life with Eddie, no one would even remember how things got started. Instead, she taunted and bullied Brandi in cyberspace, got her minions to go after her, decided she was entitled to being Brandi’s sons’ mother and began speaking of them as her children and her family- it was beyond affectionate, it was as though she’d managed to edge their actual mother out of the picture- and then exposed Brandi’s sons to the people who abused their mother by allowing these nuts to hang out with them while they were with their dad and Leann. It’s her blatant co-opting of someone’s life when she already helped destroy it. It’s her acting as though she were victimized when she went after a married man with the intention of winning him and then, not content with that, decided to try to destroy his ex for having the nerve to exist and take over her life and kids. People can sense when someone is off, and she has set everyone’s radar off like crazy. Except maybe that Holly woman in TN.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Aw thx! Honestly, I dislike the affair, but as Brandi herself said, marriages end all the time, people cheat all the time. Things would’ve been calm now if Leann had been contrite, respectful of Brandi and the kids, and not interfered with Eddie and Brandi coparenting. Instead she has to distinguish: I am the stepmother and Brandi is the biological mother, so we are on equal footing, don’t you see? Total headcase. She is a truly awful person and Eddie keeps silent because I think the attention that goes to his crazy wife diverts from his having affairs.

    • ya says:

      It’s probably just oversaturation of her image in the tabloids, on celeb blogs, and on twitter. She’s just always over-sharing about her personal life all the time, which makes her appear insecure, and which doesn’t leave room for her music.

  35. KellyinSeattle says:

    When she gets pregnant, she’ll be in our faces with twitters, pics, the paps, etc…she does look better than usual, though. What’s with the CD only being available at Walmart? Is that a normal thing to only have a record come out in one place? Also, does she have a mom who is in her life at all? Just wondering…

  36. Just So says:

    “For a change, she didn’t have a Twitter war with Brandi Glanville — her successor as Mrs. Eddie Cibrian — to think about.”

    Dear Radar writer,

    You mean “predecessor”. Brandi is LeAnn’s predecessor; LeAnn is Brandi’s successor. I wish writers would learn to write.

    Unlike Cmc above, I’m trying to see how much snark I can fit into today.

  37. The Inside says:

    Kitson is infamous for making deals with publicists to get their clients in the store, they let them have whatever they want for free and walk out carrying the bags for planted, waiting photographers. Im sure these will come out in USWeekly too. Kitson has been doing this kind of crap for over 10 years, they are as pathetic as LeAnn is.

  38. Jennifer12 says:

    Her body look a million times better and the outfit isn’t bad, though those shoes don’t go with it. They call for a pretty sandal or really nice flip flops. That said, she hasn’t changed at all. However, I am hoping that the backlash has forced her to stop papping out Brandi’s sons. It’s pathetic to pap yourself, but if she is being forced to leave the boys alone, then whatever. Go pap yourself.

  39. DGO says:

    There are some other shots from the same day where her neck looks bigger than her head, and her legs look chunky. She should get her thyroid checked, or maybe the fat is just settling weird since her last liposuction.

  40. laura says:

    She is so obsessed with Brandi (ref Daily Mail of brandi pictures)

  41. Patrice says:

    @karmasabiatch: I was only referred to LeAnn’s brief, drastic weight loss as a phase in my post. I wasn’t at all talking about Brandi or her relationship…Not sure why you responded that way to what I wrote, but I do agree with you (seperately) on that front.

  42. KellyinSeattle says:

    Regarding her hair; I think it looks better than J. Aniston’s ….

  43. Mela says:

    She’s a low life. I saw pics of her getting into her Brandi-model white suv. Its creepy how she has turned herself into a (chunkier) Brandi-clone. It is absolutely insane. She looks like a totally different person. Her spray tan makes her look filthy. Take a bath you homewrecker!

    Ps who celebrates themselves for mothers day two weeks early? I bet that dick Eddie makes the boys buy Leann gifts. I am sure she will post in on twitter. People like Leann Rimes are going to hell!

  44. Mar says:

    She looks better then ever IMHO

  45. Just Celebz says:

    Its nice too hear Leanne is doing well. She looks Fab!!

  46. Joney Says says:

    She looks great & has great legs. The healthiest I have seen her look in a while. Good for her.
    She’s very talented with a great voice.
    Spitfire is a great album, you’ll enjoy it even if you’re not a country music fan. Too bad her PR people are not promoting it well.

  47. Jennifer says:

    Her ugly, selfish, delusional personality overshadows anything she sings or looks like. Her “S*itfire” album is a joke. Definitely not listening to it and definitely not buying it.

  48. Baylor says:

    Whose baby is that in the picture? Is that Elisa’s baby or Rendee’s?

  49. Leslie says:

    Poor LeAnn. She has her own reality and enablers. At one time she was a star, now her album is only selling at WalMart. That is really sad. I’m sure that will deflate her ego even more and prod her into tweeting how great she is.

  50. I Choose Me says:

    She looks good. So when did Brandi wear this outfit.

  51. Ming says:

    This kitson photo set reminds me of a budget Paris Hilton..and we all know how that turned out.

    Kitson isn’t even cool, it’s an over priced boutique that celebs shop at to get their photo taken: cue in Paris and Leann!!

    I read in her latest interview that she thinks about what she posts 500 times before she posts it, in case it could come out wrong..obviously that didn’t come into play with her early gloating Mother’s Day present tweet. — this is what makes people want to poke leanns eyes out.

    ZERO self awareness for someone who has been in this business for 20 years, as she always likes to point out. Like somehow that gives her special entitlement privileges? Im pretty sure arrogance, acting entitled and self centeredness are loathed the world over.

  52. Lia says:

    Glanville is Rimes’ predecessor, not her successor. At least, not yet, anyway…..

  53. maggiegrace says:

    But Brandi DID have those exact same shoes – seriously. Look at the celebitchy archives. The shirt is nothing short of hideous and no one should wear cut-offs past the age of 18 and that’s even stretching it.

  54. candigirl says:

    Hi Leann,
    I see you and your trolls are here trying desperately to drum up a good public image.
    Here’s how to start: stop stalking and copying every outfit, purse, accessory, salon, doctor, dentist, plastic surgeon, gym, vehicle, club, photo, friend, idea and family that Brandi has. Stop harassing her, threatening her, and exploiting her kids. Stop paying fans to stalk and bully her, telling her to die. Stop constantly papping her kids and shilling their private lives for the tabloids and to hurt her. Stop obsessing over a woman who will never return your crush. Go back to therapy.

  55. BeachBelle says:

    This is old, but I have never read it before today.

    “One thing that I know is, I will never replace their mother. I would never try.”


  56. Christin says:

    How do pap pics like this help sell clothing and records (I assume that’s what the goal is for each party here)? In the country music world, showing off excess probably doesn’t equal record sales from hard working folks. Country legend Dolly P. likes Cadillacs, but I don’t recall seeing constant photos of her big diamonds, expensive cars, home, etc. And good luck trying to find a recent photo of her husband (I have only seen two since after their marriage, and in one he has a bag over his head). She’s also self-deprecating and to the point, yet she maintains a good degree of privacy.

    My point is that to maintain a long-standing career and likeable factor, the best approach seems to be keeping some things private and not being in the public’s face constantly. What is the strategic (long-term or big picture) value in frequent pap pics, nonstop tweets, etc.?

  57. Silver says:

    Brandi wore those same exact shoes a few weeks ago. can’t believe Leanne’s crazy ass is still copying her style, right down to buying the same EXACT things, instead of trying to be discreet about it and buying something similar, or at least in a different color.