Madonna gets cheeky & wigged out in Givenchy at the Met Gala: amazing?

Guess who else wore Givenchy, just like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian? MADONNA. Are they the same level of celebrity? Ugh. Anyway, let’s talk about Madonna. Let’s talk about this look and Madonna’s insistence on showing up at the Met Gala every year, even though she’s “fallen out” with the cool kids, like Gwyneth, et al. I think Madonna is just throwing it in everybody’s faces at this point. I think the Met Gala is just her chance to shine and be a famewhore and have fun and get attention. They say that she arrived AFTER Beyonce, which is a pretty big deal considering Beyonce was the co-chair.

As for Madonna’s look… it was punk, I guess. The wig is fug, the outfit is funny and my favorite part is the crucifix hanging off of her butt. What do you want from her? She’s Madge. If she doesn’t show some butt cheek at a punk-themed event, who will?

Gwen Stefani could have showed some butt cheek and I think many of us would have expected it. But Gwen kind of didn’t know where to go, I think. She lives a pretty punk life as a rock star, so she tried to mix that with some glamour in this Maison Martin Margiela dress, and I’m not sure she succeeded. It’s not bad, and I think she really thought about the theme, but it’s more boring than I was expecting.

And just for a laugh, here’s Miranda Kerr in Michael Kors. For Kerr, punk = abs? I think she looks really dumb.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. M says:

    I love Madonna’s look! Yes, punk and chaos!

  2. Dawn says:

    See Madonna knows punk!! What she is wearing is exactly right. There were NO FLOWERS in punk.

    • Aiobhan says:

      EXACTLY! Madonna is the only celeb that really got what the show was about.

    • carol says:

      I like the look on madona, even the hair. Say what you will about madge, but she seems to be able to put on any ‘persona’, successfully.

    • xxx says:

      See, you wrote Punk “was”… Punk and punk fashion still exists, and like anything, it has many different styles within it and different interpretations of it. Doc Martens, the ultimate punk shoe makers, have been doing these incredible stompin’ boots in small floral prints and they are so cool. They are not pretty, just cool, and they seem to be worn with modern punk outfits a fair bit. Punk is not narrowly defined, there are so many different interpretations of it.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Madonna needs to be 302′d

  4. LadyMTL says:

    Okay, Madonna looks vaguely ridiculous but at least she stuck to the theme! Maybe she took it a bit too literally but I’ll give her props for remembering that the night was about punk.

    Gwen Stefani’s dress is boring but at least Gavin Rossdale looks cool. :)

  5. The Original G says:

    Madonna: Sadly so try-hard.

  6. Eleonor says:

    Madonna wins.
    Showing you memaw at 54 years old is PUNK.
    And the chains, the crucifix is perfect.

    • T.Fanty says:

      ^this. Punk is about giving convention the finger, not showing how pretty you are in black and pleather.

    • V4Real says:

      Of course Madonna knows how to rock punk, she was the only one around when punk was cool. They all look a hot mess and I do mean all, even the ones that are not pictured here.

      • Amber says:

        Yeah, Madonna and SJP were the only ones who nailed it and they’re also probably the only two celeb attendees who actually remember the punk/new wave era. Kaiser’s comment about the cool kids is funny in that respect. If people didn’t wear something that was just ugly, they had on a boring gown and put a leather jacket over it, or wore a side plait or mullet hair, carried a purse with spikes on it, put streaks in their hair or wore weird eye shadow. And I mean EVERYONE did that (I can name a dozen people who bobby-pinned their hair to the side or put a random braid in, alone).

        Even Gwen’s more punk when she’s just walking down the street than she is here. IDK what’s happening. It’s lame and it doesn’t fit or flatter. Kerr is wearing the same crap she wears all the time. I swear I’ve seen her in dresses just like this a half a dozen times. Well, at least she doesn’t have a slit cut to her crotch on this occasion.

  7. marie says:

    I don’t mind Madonna’s look, at least she got the theme. I dunno, Gwen looks bad to me and I’m not a fan of Miranda..

  8. Jayna says:

    I actually love it for the theme. At least she just went for it after looking at some of those boring gowns in no way related to the theme. She still has bigger balls than most men there.

    Gwen looks gorgeous, to me.

  9. L says:

    Madonna’s look is truly punk meet couture. Which was the theme of the thing-so she gets a pass. It’s a good look for that theme.

    Gavin looks more punk than gwen. Awful. Kerr is just a joke.

  10. NM9005 says:

    Madonna lived in the 80s, it was her era. She’s basically making her old costumes more up-to-date and I can’t hate.
    This is what MET is supposed to be: provocative. Not cutesy or pretty. At least it’s not boring like Stefani.

    And she just took the obsession of putting studs et al. on jackets and pants for the plebs to the next level. As if faux-punkers would ever dare to walk the street like this, they just stick with H&M generic shit.

  11. Ellie66 says:

    Madonna win! She nailed it to the wall! :D

  12. the original bellaluna says:

    Ummm, EWWWW, NO.

  13. LAK says:

    Madonna looked amazing. Love her outfit.

    Completely disappointed in Gwen given what she usually wears.

    Miranda, Meh!!

  14. gatinha says:

    the skin on miranda’s abs looks faux-tanned compared to the rest of her. silly. i don’t hate her look (though i don’t hate her in general like some of you so maybe that is why!), but i understand why she grates.

  15. lucy2 says:

    Don’t like any of these, but at least Madonna’s is sort of interesting for the theme.

  16. DanaG says:

    Madonna got the theme but then she remembers the eighties a lot of the others weren’t even around then or babies. Miranda Kerr she is dumb she just likes to look pretty. I thought Gwen would do much better then she did she didn’t try at all.

  17. Maya Memsaab says:

    If Miranda Kerr can put together two, nay, ONE informed sentence on Punk, I’ll buy a hat. And then eat it.

  18. truthful says:

    Madonna wore punk but I just don’t like it with that seems like this look has been done before over and over by her..but she did it.

    I wanted someone to have a truly punk couture dress and if Gwen couldn’t pull it off, I don’t know who could.

  19. Guesto says:

    Fabulous. She and SJP owned the evening.

  20. kmd0113 says:

    I actually like Miranda’s dress. If I had a body like that, I would totally wear that dress.

  21. SageM says:

    Put it away Madge, nobody wants to see that!

  22. Marianne says:

    Although I like that Madonna took the theme to heart (unlike some other celebs) it just comes across as really desperate and try hard.

  23. Nev says:


    Madonna brought it!!!!! Happening!!!!!!!

  24. annaloo. says:

    YES, Madonna broguth it. WTF, Gwen?? What happened with you? You were supposed to be one of the dresses that showed how it was done!

  25. Mei says:

    The attitude alone makes Madge a full-blown winner. Look at her glaring into the camera! Two helpings of “F-s, gives none.”

  26. Jolinda says:

    Looking at Miranda makes my skin crawl. All I can focus on is her ribs sticking out.

  27. Jolinda says:

    I think Gwen looks really beautiful but I would have expected her to go all out. Gavin looks dumb.

  28. Shelly says:

    I can’t even properly judge any of Madonna’s fashion choices anymore, as I can never move on from the atrocity that is now her face.

  29. e.non says:

    madonna is the only one who has a clue; even if it is givenchy…

    oh… and gwen stefani does NOT live a punk rock lifestyle.

    where’s siouxsie sioux; the slits; lydia lunch…

  30. Trixie says:

    Madonna brought it! And made my morning.

  31. Adrien says:

    Yay, Madonna.
    Gavin Rossdale – that’s not punk that’s David Arquette’s pajama party themed.
    And SJP’s headpiece – that’s asking for some jokes.

  32. Alexa says:

    Madonna gets it right, of course. Like someone said, her attitude exudes punk.

  33. TxGal says:

    I thought Madonna looked ridiculous. She is too old and looks more like a Dominatrix.

    Gwen didn’t like her dress and don’t think she lives a rock life.

  34. diva says:

    Madonna got the theme and I actually like the outfit! Not the wig but she showed those other girls how they should have dressed

  35. c'est la vie says:

    This is Madonna doing what she knows best – rocking the sh!t out of style.

    Down to the cross on her bum.

  36. Deebo says:

    Good outfit worn by this narcissist.
    What’s with the Israeli and Palestinian flags in the hand of the guy beside her? (second photo) Is she trying to jump on some “peace” bandwagon? This is after she ignored activists’ call to respect the cultural boycott of Israeli Apartheid.

  37. Apples says:

    For me, Madonna only got half of the theme. She seemed to really get into and enjoy the Punk part but, completely missed on the just as important Couture part.

    It was such an interesting theme- it’s a let down that a lot of designers didn’t get into the spirit of analyzing effect Punk Culture had on high fashion.

  38. The Original G says:

    The idea that Madonna is some representive now or then of Punk is ridiculous. A true punk would have scraped Madonna off their Doc Martins on an East Village gutter.

    In the 80′s Madonna was a techno-pop dance nymphet who’s main talent was not singing, but dancing as if she was doing it just for you. A precosious clothed stripper with bubblegum songs and and a couple of suburbanite approved edgy accesories. It was teen-girl rebelling with some trashy sexing up, not remotely punk.

    Madonna-type music and success is the sort of thing that made the stripped down aggressive and angry vibe of Punk such a cultural palate refresher.

  39. serena says:

    I was expecting much better from Gwen.. so disappointed.

    I liked Madonna’s dress, she nailed it, of course it’s too much but at least it’s fun. Thou I hate the wig.

  40. Littlewood says:

    Madonna is one of the few that actually got the theme right. Gwen is disappointing I expected so much more from her. Kerr is a joke, the dress looks awful on her, makes her look boxy and shows you just how much they photo-shopped her at VS. She is also the only model that wasn’t invited by any designers, how sad is that? She left her family behind in LA weeks ago and has been going to the same parties as Leo again. Someone isn’t happy she turned 30 I guess.

  41. Nava says:

    Is that Sheldon Cooper with Gwen? heehee…

  42. Thiajoka says:

    Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction from the waist up and Cher from Turn Back Time from the waist down. Big Fail for Madge.

  43. snark says:

    Madonna, SJP and Miley = winners of the night. They got it.

  44. Joney Says says:

    Thank you Madonna for actually reading the invite. At least she was not boring. The lady is in great shape. Gwen looked beautiful but her dress was boring.

  45. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    It’s so nice that Madonna’s so proud of her rear end, which is the only explanation as to why she’s constantly showing it.

  46. samab says:

    gwen stefani couldn’t do worsttotal fail.AND she looks botoxed as hell, it’s so distracting.

  47. HK9 says:

    If your 54, and you can wear that and look good, guess what honey~you win!. :-)

  48. Lisa says:

    That guy behind her is like, the fuq? I love it.

  49. Leila says:

    gorgeous legs! If I reached 54 and my legs still looked that good I’d be showing them all the time!

  50. Kiddo says:

    Meh. Madonna looks more kinky SS officer and not punk

  51. KellyinSeattle says:

    I think Madge looks great…she’s been out of the tabloids lately, hasn’t she? She’s reminding me of someone, can’t put my finger on it…Katy Perry? Maybe it’s just the dark wig. Will Madonna dress like that when she’s 60? 70? 80? We’ll see~ :)

  52. Kat says:

    I think Madonna’s consistent refusal to sit down and be ignored like most women of her age may just be the most punk statement of them all. She is reinventing 54. You might not like it, but why should women fade and become invisible after 40?

  53. some bitch says:

    Fifty four isn’t too old, what a thing to say! I’m not a huge fan of Madonna (some of her music is fun) but she looks amazing and actually captured the punk theme.

    Girlfriend has great legs too.

  54. LaurieH says:

    :::sigh:::: Madonna is quickly becoming the poster child for “Just Because You Can Fit In It Doesn’t Mean You Should Wear It.” Gwen looks punk from the neck up. I would have rather seen Gwen wearing Madonna’s outfit (minus the runaway tampon disguised as a dangling crucifix).

  55. silly you says:

    madonna totally gets it. best.

  56. xxx says:

    I love Gavin’s suit! That is cool.

    Gwen look nice but I don’t love the dress, I agree that she was a little bit stumped for this one.

    Miranda looks… eh.

    Madonna looks ridiculous. Another grab for attention. “Look at meeeeeeeeeee!!!” This is way too literal an interpretation for the Met Ball. It is NOT a dress up party, it is supposed to showcase thematic influences in high fashion and couture and show the attendee’s own spin on that.

    • Nina W says:

      BS, it IS totally a dress-up party. And while I agree there is a fine line between fashion and costume I think Madonna was one of the few people who actually expressed her own style and interpretation of punk. It may have been over the top and theatrical but it was better than the vast majority of clothing at this snoozefest.

  57. Ally8 says:

    Ridonculous. It’s like she thinks got invited to Bridget Jones’ parents’ Priests & Prostitutes party.

    Punk couture, Madonna, not Punk desperate cry for attention.

  58. holyme says:

    Have to admit Madonna looks amazing. The original. Just like Michael Jackson but she is still standing strong and for many many more years to come

  59. Caroline says:

    Gwen usually look so fab but the fabric on her dress makes it look so bland
    Miranda rocked the theme much better than Jennifer Lawrence (EWWWW) or Emilia Clarke or Kristen Stewart COME ON

  60. homey says:

    I’m 45 and not fading away in mom jeans. I’m more bold than ever, and not in a “staying trendy” kind of bold. Let’s face it, Madonna has been the stayin sexy and cool forever poster child.
    Madge looks great, she’s still a spitfire. She may have lost me at the shoes. She’s in possession of some of the most comfortable but sexy looking over the knee dance boots, why dint she wear one o them? Otherwise, she wins, stefani must have been sick. She coulda hit it outta the park too.

  61. madpoe says:

    Madonna seems like the only one who got the punk thing right at this Gala.