Aaron Taylor-Johnson gained weight, cut his hair & looks completely different now

I have some surprises for you. First of all, these photos are of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, formerly Aaron Johnson (the star of Kick-Ass, Savages and Anna Karenina). Remember how he changed his name when he married his older baby-mama Sam Taylor Wood? Now both Sam and Aaron are “Taylor-Johnsons”. For perspective, this is what Sam and Aaron looked like last September:

So Aaron has had a major makeover. He’s currently filming Godzilla (!!!) in Vancouver. I can’t believe they’re making another version of Godzilla, but there you go. Aaron is the star, along with Bryan Cranston (God, he’s working SO much lately), Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Sally Hawkins (I love her), Juliette Binoche and way more. I don’t know what kind of character Aaron plays, but judging from his new look, I would say he’s the meathead-protagonist/everyman.

So are you surprised by how completely different Aaron looks? I am. I always thought he was more delicate looking – although he’s always had a great body – but I’m surprised to see his features look SO different with some extra weight/bulk/muscle. He looks like… an action star. Is that the point?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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59 Responses to “Aaron Taylor-Johnson gained weight, cut his hair & looks completely different now”

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  1. Lucinda says:

    He looks like a meathead now. Not an improvement at all.

  2. TheOriginalKitten says:

    What? Are you sure that’s him? That looks NOTHING like him and it’s not just the haircut-his nose looks different, the shape of his face, everything.

    I don’t mind short hair but he looks not-so-great here. It could also be the squinting and weird faces he’s making? Weird..

  3. Hipocricy says:

    Wow…what a transformation !

  4. silvermistie says:

    noooooooooooooo!! bring back the old Aaron

  5. gillie says:

    He looks like any gymrat off the street. Not even remotely like a Hollywood actor. Can we please swap him out for someone more like Channing Tatum? At least he’s easier on the eyes.

  6. Joy says:

    I’m shocked at myself for saying this since I married a big ol meathead but I liked him when he was more dainty.

  7. Memory30 says:

    He looks like a totally different person. No cute he looked so good before I hope it’s just for the movie btw I won’t be seeing this one and not because its Godzilla but because he loos like that mmmm waste of good looks.

  8. Talie says:

    He looks like a crazy frat boy who drank too many Budweisers.

  9. Appleve says:

    wow that is a… i dont know.. not hot and i am not really really pessimist people who look down on a guy who married older women cuz my husband is few years younger than me also, but i just hope their marriage doesnt turn demi-ashton style considering they have kids unlike demi-ashton

  10. DeltaJuliet says:

    Since I am not into dainty men who look like they should be tying a damsel to a train trestle, I’d say this is a big improvement.

  11. Pam says:

    He all growed up. he looks great.

  12. Apples says:

    WOW. Looks like a completely different person.

    Wardrobe dept. did an amazing job on his outfit. He looks like the typical everyman dressing like he did in the 90′s.

  13. seattlegal says:

    Now he just looks like Ryan Lochte. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing, bless his heart.

  14. Jackie Jormp Jomp (formerly Zelda) says:

    You know what? I like him and his wife together. I don’t care if I’m the only one. They seem happy. And I think it’s cool that he changed his name too.

  15. I Choose Me says:

    I…don’t know how to feel. He doesn’t look bad just sooo different.

  16. Dalovelee says:

    Hollywood does something to actors they start out attractive and appealing … And then they begin to transform their looks? Now who advised him to bulk up like this and thought it would help his career?!

  17. Adrien says:

    I was not even aware that he was ‘Kick-Ass’. I only know him as the guy who played John Lennon. He looks buffed.

  18. fingerbinger says:

    That’s what actors and actresses sometimes they change their looks for a role. They gain/lose weight,change their hair,etc. He looks better with short hair, more manly.

  19. Elle says:

    I have absolutely no desire to see Godzilla, but that’s a great cast. I feel like I keep running into that these days. A bunch of great actors in a movie I don’t really want to see.

  20. Onasan says:

    His head looks kind of small… I liked him better before, he was more proportionate and makes a cute couple with Sam

  21. The Original Mia says:

    Thought that was Tebow.

  22. The Original Victoria says:

    I like them rugged looking so he works for me as opposed to before. I mean he’s no Josh from Guiding Light, but I feels it.

  23. Melissa says:

    I’ll take the new version, hands down.

  24. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    He’s like if Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum had a baby together- only hotter.

  25. Trek Girl says:

    I don’t see the point in disliking an actress or actors change in appearance when it is clear that they did it for a movie or series of movies. That’s what actors and actresses do, change their appearance.

  26. Mouse says:

    Still hot as heck. I just finished rewatching Savages just because of that butt.

  27. ViktoryGin says:


    Bring back my quasi-unkempt, Johnny Depp-esque, would-be hipster!

    This shit makes him look like he should be auditioning for Friday Night Lights.

  28. fallen says:

    He looks hot! And he’s in my city!! i need to find him lol

  29. hmm says:

    Wow, that is the epitome of DOUCHE haircuts. HAHAHAHAHH

  30. Bijlee says:

    He was soooooooo attractive in that angus, things, and perfect snagging movie. Lol I swear I’m not being creepy. I’m younger than him and omfg he was soooo beautiful in the movie.

  31. Falconoflight84 says:

    Wtf? Where the hell did all that weight come from?? Is he cast as the hero or Godzilla itself? Well, at least he’ll be the hottest Godzilla yet.