People Mag: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart have broken up, OMG.

OMG! This is like Christmas and Thanksgiving and a birthday all rolled into one magnificent sparkly gossip gift. According to People Magazine’s sources, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are done. For now. Maybe. Probably. Definitely. Considering it’s People Mag, I’d say that it’s for real. If you’ve been following the sparkly shenanigans for a while, you know that Rob and Kristen have seemed… off. For a few months at least, although you could argue that they’ve seemed weird since last summer, when she was flagrantly cheating on him with her married director Rupert Sanders. So how did this breakup go down?

Twilight fans may want to sit down for this one. As rumors of relationship trouble continue to swirl, a source tells PEOPLE that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have called it quits after more than three years of dating. Reps for the two could not be reached.

But the source says it would not be surprising if the on-and-off-again pair got back together again.

The news follows online reports that Pattinson ditched out on his 27th birthday plans arranged by Stewart.

Prior to his birthday, the pair appeared to be on and going strong: They were seen in New York together after the Met Gala – and then flew back to Los Angeles together on May 8. They also recently celebrated Stewart’s 23rd birthday together and held hands at Coachella – despite the actress’s cheating scandal with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders last July.

Following the ordeal – which included a public apology from Stewart to Pattinson – the duo reunited less than two months later and appeared to be back to normal.

With the exception of some paparazzi kissing shots and Stewart’s admission of her fling, after which she openly professed her love for Pattinson, the two never publicly addressed their romance.

Stewart was known for playing coy about her relationship in interviews, most recently telling Today’s Savannah Guthrie she likes to “keep ‘em guessing” about her love life.

[From People]

According to Hollywood Life & Entertainmentwise, there were some shenanigans with Rob’s birthday plans? Kristen tried to throw him a low-key pool party with all of their friends but he just wanted to hang out with his dude friends. I also saw something early last week that Kristen had been seen (and photographed) crying while she talked on the phone, apparently pleading with someone on the other end, probably Sparkles. You know what will be fun tonight? Checking in on Twitter to see the meltdown. This should get good.

UPDATE: Us Weekly has basically the same story as People, only they say their source is “close to Pattinson.”

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  1. dref22 says:

    Since now they are done with the Twilight movies, it makes sense. No need for publicity anymore.

    • NM9005 says:

      Twilight was done ages ago.
      He got soooo much sympathy when she was cheating and he took her back turning him into the ultimate wimpy loser for many. He had his perfect chance then and didn’t take it so the PR-theory does not hold up. If they were fake, he didn’t need to stay with her for almost a year after her cheating and even longer after the end of Twilight, or the DVD or the 1 year anniversy of the end of Twilight or whatever crazy theory people still use.
      My personal thought is: they are young and so it was almost inevitable that in their profession they would break up eventually.

      I feel bad for them, it’s never fun to break-up and they were very low-key for being such a famous couple. That said, I do hope they stay broken up. Stewart has had BFs since she was 14 and Pattinson needs to move on and be single to avoid more drama. Maybe he’ll have a less high profile gf next time who people don’t love to hate.

      • kats says:

        “Maybe he’ll have a less high profile gf next time who people don’t love to hate.”

        Or a girlfriend who’s not embarassed to hold hands with him in public or display any other kind of affection. I feel bad for the guy sometimes, he seems very affectionate and she is just… blank.

        Then I remember he took her back and I don’t feel bad anymore.

      • daisydoodle says:

        I guess the PR worked, people really believe this shite.

      • debs says:

        I doubted the PR theory as much as anyone, but if this break up sticks, then it does reek of PR. He agreed to this long enough to promote the film and then broke up months later just to not make it super obvious. And for much of that time, he’s been filming or in a different city than her, so it’s not like this demanded that much of him. And if he gets out now, he can still recover his rep since most will say at least he finally found his backbone or it was just PR after all and he was being a team player.

      • FLORC says:

        I think you’re right. If this was all PR they stopped playing it right ages ago! The promotion is over and with all the poor judgement these 2 have shown it’s more believable that they’re just young and stupid. If this was PR it did more harm than good to both of them.

      • A says:

        Twilight released 6 months ago, pretty much to the date.

      • nina says:

        pr is so vague to me. pr for what? the movies? they sold themselves, regardless of the state of r/k. From the second movie on, they had the same amount of box office each time around. For R/K? Eh, it turned their fresh faced fame into a tabloid feature alongside Kim K and the teen moms, which cheapened their brand and overexposed them.
        The only thing I’d buy is a mutual bearding,but not just some vague “they had to stay together to sell dvds” defense.

    • Dotty✿ says:

      This blind item was on It was contractual relationship that then blossomed into a real one and then she cheated on Rob. We all knew they werent’ in love for a long time. The separate appearances, the cheating, the looks on her face of total boredom. This was doomed from the getgo.

      • Original A says:

        I do think it was PR, but the problem with blind gossip is that you can’t force someone to be in a PR relationship…especially when she cheated on him. There is no legal maneuvering that could make him do it, especially since it was the very last film. If it had been the 2nd or 3rd film, they could have threatened to make things difficult for him…but one film left over? Especially with all the public sympathy directed at him? Blind Gossip also kept insisting that it was in August, etc.

        I think people always forget that a lot of these “PR” relationships are based on a friendship. It makes way more sense to me at least to think they were or are friends and that was part of the reason he agreed to continue the relationship way past the DVD/movie release…rather than just for the sake of the movie, etc.

      • FLORC says:

        Blind items are mostly BS. They take bits of truths from all over and put something plausible together. It’s fun, but not true. If it is accurate it’s either common knowledge or already gossip. It’s like a someone doing a cold read. Like the Nick and Jessica one. We already knew Nick was of average size and Jessica has no problem saying inappropriate things. It’s a fun pass time with a grain of salt.

      • KB says:

        @FLORC If you’re talking about Blind Gossip’s blind items, I completely agree everything you said! LaineyGossip’s Blind Riddles, on the other hand, are legit in my opinion.

    • renata says:

      Well, generally I’ve not known what to make of the thought that this whole business between the 2 of them was only a “P.R.” relationship. BUT, it is interesting that they seem to have broken up almost exactly 6 months after the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 (November 15, 2012). When you think about it, that would certainly be a nice even countdown on a contract that would have stipulated they keep things together as a P.R. illusion for a minimum of 6 months after the final film was released. Makes some sense, no?

      Anyway, I’m guessing next stop for Stewart will be rehab — it just fits too perfectly!

      • NM9005 says:

        I don’t think people realise that in order to persuade people to buy a product or to manipulate their view (=PR), you actually have to be at least likeable.

        Stewart is now more notorious than famous because of the affair. Secondly, she had such bad PR last year (and continuing) that really, the contract shouldn’t apply anymore if they wanted to save face.

        Stewart doesn’t have jobs anymore, people only link her to the affair and yet Pattinson who HATED Twilight took her back and was at her side a lot of times (that wasn’t captured on film but reported on). He was so happy the franchise was nearly over that I don’t believe they could have persuaded him to stick around with a girl for more than a year and be together for as much as possible behind the scenes (not even in photo-ops!) if he didn’t love her and vice versa.

        They also went to Coachella together, a very public event and held hands. If they were planning a break-up, their PR would have dictated to NOT be photographed together etc to easy the upcoming announcement for the public. Like all celebs do. Which wouldn’t have been too hard considering they both HATE paparazzi and if they didn’t love each other.

        Lastly, I can’t believe how many people still dislike Stewart for doing what 99% of Hollywood did, does and will always do: sleep with married people (with kids) they met on set. Nearly all the legends have stories about it, current stars do it and Stewart, only because she was caught, is somehow a jezebel? Yeah ok.

      • CC says:

        @ NM9005

        No, people don’t dislike Stewart for that, that simply gave people an excuse to openly burn an already disliked actress with an awful attitude.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I don’t understand the argument that people shouldn’t dislike Stewart b/c of her own actions and/or b/c other or “most” of HW does it too. That doesn’t scan for me. It’s like saying that she should get a free pass. I really believe if and when other actors/actresses get caught then they will suffer the same repercussions.

        I do believe a lot of people didn’t like her to start with and the Everett thing didn’t help. Personally, I was on the fence about her but, yeah, her decision to carry on with a married man def tilted me to the “dislike” category.

      • NM9005 says:


        Yes, it gave people an excuse to call her the most repugnant names while excusing Sanders or being less harsh on him because he was ‘less famous’. Thank god for the cheating otherwise people would have never found an excuse to hate on a sulky girl who wasn’t harming anybody (before).

        I don’t like her or her acting particularly, but people were SO thirsty way before the cheating. It’s horrible how they used the cheating as an excuse to tear her apart as a human being instead of acknowledging her mistake only and not call her ‘whore’ or ‘trampire’. Funny how Sanders didn’t get nicknamed. But then again, males usually come out of it unscathed.

        @Tulip Garden:

        You don’t understand? How come there are people who made a living out of homewrecking and they are still liked and the scandal only mentioned sporadically yet some people will burn in hell for being caught doing it or reports that say they did? Even on this site, certain cheaters are defended and some aren’t. A lot of people get a free pass here when you read some of the comments towards cheaters.

        It’s not about the cheating imo, it’s about who does it. For me, cheating is cheating, regardless if I liked the person or not.

        I’m not saying to not dislike her, I’m saying it’s hypocrite and naive to forgive some celebs and to condemn others. They all come from the same cesspool of fuckery: morally corrupt Hollywood.

      • CC says:

        No NM, “some” people may do that, as far as I’m concerned, if it were up to me, he’d never work in Hollywood again.

        And since I simply thing she’s unworthy of the privileges she so obviously likes to disdain in public, wouldn’t mind her gone either, without bothering to over-analyzing the situation. Which i won’t do, she’s good gossip but unworthy of more than a few minutes of my time, unless I’m supremely bored.

      • Nina W says:

        NM9005 your defense is other people suck too? Whatever. She chose to be unfaithful in public and she pays a price in public opinion. Maybe it isn’t right or fair but that’s life. As my mother used to tell me, “whoever told you life is fair?”‘ Personally I think Pattinson took her back because he felt bad for her and all the heat she was receiving. Now that things have cooled off, he is doing what he truly wants and moving on.

  2. Yeah says:


  3. Just Lucy, for now says:

    *throws confetti* Oh I knew this was going to be a good Summer! Robsten is no more!

    • Well... says:

      Yes! That’s just it. I want MORE. Maybe a walk with the dogs in a few weeks, etc. to start things up again like they can’t quit each other. I feel like this could be gossip gold for the rest of the summer. My understanding was that the contract is up in August?
      It has only been 78 (?) days since the DVD release. Wouldn’t a normal contractual obligation run 90 or 120 days post product delivery? I’m feeling shorted. Then again nothing would be as delightful and hilarious as last summer’s

  4. Mirella says:

    Twihard meltdown in 3…2…1…

  5. AP says:

    its about time.they should move on Kristen cheated for a reason

  6. Rhea says:

    It’s not really surprising anymore, actually. Only the twihard that think they would last forever.

  7. mia girl says:

    Looks like Pattinson finally took Jon Stewart’s advice to heart

  8. pretty says:

    YAY!!!!! Now, all there is left is for that cheater to fade into oblivion.
    hahaha oh i just remembered Will Smith firing her from his movie. it feels so good, man. hahhahaha

  9. CTgirl says:

    Sitting back with some popcorn to watch the fandom meltdown. This could be good . . .

  10. Jane says:

    She seemed happier in the park and in the back seat of that mini cooper with what’s his name anyway.

  11. Just Me says:

    Leaked on a Saturday??? Yeah. Going with probably legit. I ran out to run errands for several hours and the Internet explodes. I shouldn’t find this funny….but I do.

  12. Georgina says:

    My boyfriend and I have been watching the TwiCrazies implode on Twitter.

  13. Jany says:

    Good for Rob! He turned 27 and can finally grow up now without Ms. Emo and all her hipster hanger on friends who sell him out on Twitter!

    • Liv says:

      Please, can you imagine him at a pool party with her friends? No wonder he wanted to hang out with his friends.

      Considering the timing I think they had a contract. I believe they were a couple at some point, but the last months were for business.

    • Melissa says:

      Whether is true or not, your right about Kristen’s friends. They are always hinting or showing photos of Kristen. Friends would never show or tell something of someone so private. You all know Kristen does not like the paps or want her life online so why are her friends doing it?

      Speaking of paps has anyone ready Lainey’s blind? Kristen was the first person I thought of. It also could be Julia or Halle

      • Annie says:

        Kristen needs to open her eyes. Either this group is using her OR she is the one who asks them to leak stuff. Either way she should be careful. They reek of taking cash for exclusives. They’re nobodies. They folllow her around all the time like they have nothing else to do.

      • Ducky la Rue says:

        @Melissa – my immediate guess for Lainey’s blind was Kristen Stewart. Couldn’t think of anyone else it would fit so specifically.

      • Liv says:

        Charlize Theron came to my mind. I assume she’s very protective because of her son – but she wasn’t burnt by them, was she?

        Stewart is a great guess, but I can’t imagine her being so proactive.

        What’s up with Paltrow or Beyonce?

      • TG says:

        Kristen was my first guess too and I guess you could say she was burned by the paps. Halle is a good guess too since we know she has no problem going low considering she had her hired thug of a boyfriend try to kill Gabe. But has Halle been burned by the paps. All of Kristen’s female friends look like dudes so I don’t think she will have a hard time finding a new love. Maybe she will come out as bisexual or lesbian finally.

  14. lisa2 says:

    He turned 27? I always found him a bit immature. Especially since he is a bit older than her 22/23 years. People would go on and on about Miley and Liam getting engaged and talking marriage. I think these two just got all caught up in the characters they played. Real life is way ore complicated. Life happens in Real Life..

    they will either realize it is over or get back together. I have to say sad for them and their fans

  15. Juliana says:

    This could be another false story and people are getting all excited for nothing. They may show up together holding hands at a 7-11 or something. I wouldn’t believe this story until we actually see R/K with other people or not hanging out for several months.

    • Tiffany says:

      This story hit People so someone legit in either camp gave some firm confirmation. I think that so it was someone from Rob’s. His manager or PR rep must have sat him down and have him a stern talking to. Any goodwill and opportunity given to him is sinking fast. It is almost a year since the last Twilight film and he needs to have a steady career and to show he can carry a film. Stewart is poison right now. He cannot go into interviews will all of this drama. That’s just my opinion.

    • Mirella says:

      I don’t think that People would put this out if they didn’t get the ok from someone’s camp. My guess is Rob’s.

  16. akua says:

    Lol….my heart is very sadden,

  17. Cece says:

    Neither ever seems happy. Hopefully this will be good for both of them – maybe she’ll grow up and maybe he’ll figure out why he was willing to put up with that teenage angst-thing.

    • Apples says:

      Lots and lots of money?


    • Melissa says:

      I think they really loved each other but when Kristen cheated on Rob that was it. Yes they got back together, but he was so hurt and he wasn’t ready to let go. Maybe now they both are.

      He loved her. All the past years of videos did you see how he would look and talk about her. That wasn’t a pr contract. He was always ready to have a steady gf he’s not the manwhore everyone made him to be. She though–the tough cookie. Loved him too but she was the one who always needed to mature. I think when he bought the house for her she freaked. She wasn’t ready for that commitment among other things. She was just too young and immature.

  18. Perplexed says:

    And suddenly all’s right with the universe again.
    (This better not be another close call.)
    Out of bubbly, drats, but for now white wine will do.
    Cheers y’all!

  19. Assistantrachel says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!

  20. Talie says:

    Not surprised… how could he ever get over the public humiliation of being cheated on? Oh, and they have nothing else to promote together.

  21. Leslie says:

    That’s really odd for People to report the breakup using a “source” instead of some comment from either of their reps. Unless the source is one of their reps and wanted it not reported.

  22. marianne says:

    Good for him. He probably got this in just under the wire so he can gain back some of the respect he lost. His team can claim he gave it a shot, but just couldn’t get over it. A few more months and he would’ve been stuck with the Doormat label forever.

    This assumes he doesn’t backslide and be seen with her in a couple weeks. That could be the final nail in the coffin that basically makes him into another Bieber in the public’s eye.

  23. jamee draper says:

    If he did finally dump her,I bet it was for Katy Perry.Wait for that story to hit next week.

    • honeybee says:

      Nope. I think he will be single for a while. But he is friends with Katy Perry. The tabs will always want to hook him up with someone.

    • Annie says:

      He’s been friends with Katy since before either of them made it big though. That’s what many people don’t know. Rob was part of the Andrew Garfield crew, who back then was dating Shannon Woodward, Katy’s best friend. Their friendship is not new. They were friends before Rob scored Twilight, and the same year Katy released her first single. Back then both were single.
      If anything was going to happen between them, it would’ve happened a long time ago. Katy likes bad boys anyway. Rob is too tame for her.

  24. Another Ann says:

    US magazine has just confirmed the report using “sources” close to Pattinson. If People and US both confirm it, it’s probably legit. They both get things wrong at times, but are usually are in touch with reps and do have some legit sources.

    It’s not surprising, I think they were on borrowed time after getting back together after last summer’s mess.

  25. Miss Thang says:

    Maybe he’s ready to grow up a bit now that he has one friend married with a baby and another engaged. She certainly doesn’t seem ready to grow up.

  26. jess says:

    According to Lainey, he was upset with her partying. Every pic that we got of her lately she is always with her friends . I doubt he was happy about it. Also, I heard that robs last trip to ny that kristen wasnt invited, this is according to one of his friends girlfriends. I just learned that her affair with rupert was 3 months. He will be fine personally and professionally. Kristen, however, I think will not. Will be interesting to see WHO he dates next

    • Starbuck says:

      I always thought that affair was months long and wasn’t “momentary”. How he could move past that I’ll never understand. An affair is one thing but with a married man with 2 small kids is just cold. And then to not even want to be with the guy and claim to adore the person you cheated on by calling him the most important thing in your life? Who treats the person they love like that? Callous, selfish, immature person who only fessed up because she was busted. She seems toxic and like a complete head case. They were so cute when they first started dating, I certainly never expected it to end like this. One year ago they were at Cannes on top of the world. Goes to show how much things can change when you are careless with the people you love. Hope he finds someone more mature.

  27. renata says:

    I see thousands of little twihard-ons standing on the edge of a bridge, throwing sparkles to the water below, just before they ……. JUMP!!!!!

    …where is Jim Jones and the kool-aid pitcher when GossipCop really needs it????

  28. Ms.Smurf says:

    This is almost as epic as when she got caught…I remember that especially, as I had been in New York for my cousin’s graduation. No internet for a was sheer torture. I then went to my uncle’s in Texas…the first thing I saw was Kaiser’s amazing title “The Great Twihard Meltdown of 2012″, and I said “Whaaat? What happened while I was gone?” It was so bad, I just had to laugh…I know it’s mean, but I can’t help myself.

    I would feel a little more sympathy if she did seem like a nice, young, not particularly talented young woman, who made a mistake-but she keeps proving that wrong (at least everything but the no talent and young part). I would say Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Aniston are the two celebrities are the ones that I feel absolutely no pity for, with whatever comes at them. I wish them both the best, but don’t hold my breath for it.

  29. Ms.Smurf says:

    I’ve also been thinking about changing my name…to Virgilia Coriolanus. It was a really very silly and juvenile reason to put my name as Ms. Smurf-I’d be too embarrassed to even tell you all why- so I think I’ll just change it. It’s not funny anymore. Brownie points to anyone who can get the reference!

  30. lisa2 says:

    I really thought this story was not getting much play. But I looked at Gossipcop and they are talking up a storm there.

    I just don’t think it is as much a deal as I thought it would be. But there really are not a lot of pictures of them being a couple.

  31. TOPgirl says:

    Sad to see them part. They’re good together but it seems Rob is really not handling public opinion of Kristen very well. I hope he’ll grow a soul again. He’s been looking dead inside as of this past year.

    • marianne says:

      Yeah, he should be way more grateful to be with someone who has no respect for him and seems to get off on hurting people.

      • Original A says:

        Sigh. That’s not what she is saying at all. She’s saying RPattz (and KStew somewhat) looks incredibly over being in a high-profile relationship in which the media constantly shits over and their nutty fans stalk their every move. Even if she hadn’t cheated, that would be a ton of drama and annoying and hard for most people. I disagree with them being good together, but I agree with the general sentiment of him (and her) looking like they are over it.

      • marianne says:

        @OriginalA One way to stop a relationship from being so high profile would be to stop tipping off the paps and stop running to E! or People to announce a break up that you’re already counting on not being permanent. They’ve whored out this relationship non-stop since Sept. So if the pressure of it is getting to them, then they brought that on themselves with how they chose to play this.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah they’re so good together in that selfdestructive codependent relationship where neither smiles and refuse to touch each other in public. Screams happiness!

      They were happy maybe the first couple of years. Anyone who can’t see how unhappy they’ve been for awhile is in denial.

  32. aquarius64 says:

    @jess – Daily Mail stated that the affair began while filming the first SWATH movie. If that is confirmed with evidence that means Kristen lied to the public about the extent of her relationship with Rupert. They both said on the record they didn’t have sex. God help Kristen if proof to the contrary surfaces; for she would be toast.

    • Ms.Smurf says:

      You are not serious, are you? Who do they think will believe that? We’re not twelve year olds. Kristen must be seriously smug and idiotic, if she thinks I’m going to believe that a grown man called her, while she was heading home from the gym, and SHE turned around from where she was going, because she was only going to hug and kiss him. Give me a break. I would bet you all a million dollars that the paparazzi have even more pictures of them bumping uglies outside on that fence, and that the studio had to pay to keep them out of the press/internet. There’s no way that they were doing more than humping and kissing each other.

    • Annie says:

      The fact that Liberty DIVORCED her husband is enough proof she knew more than us and was not going to put up with an affair.
      You don’t end a marriage for a little hanky panky in a car.

      People forget that Us Weekly said they had them followed for weeks over a lead who told them about the affair. What are the odds of catching someone the first time they cheat? Of course this had been going on for a while.

      • NM9005 says:

        Or maybe because their marriage was already shaky seeing how she herself said how hard it was to give up her life in the UK and move to the US for her husband’s career? How long did it take him to land a job? A lot of sacrifices were made and their marriage wasn’t exactly a happy one if you read all the reports and Liberty’s own account of it. She was unhappy, they were unhappy and it was hard adjusting to their life in America.

        Maybe he cheated before? Maybe they were tired of each other? Maybe Sanders was an insecure man who couldn’t deal with his wife’s bigger success in the UK before he got a serious directing job in the US?

        We don’t know why they divorced exactly, we only know that Stewart was the main catalyzer in an unhappy marriage.

      • Annie says:

        This dumb unfounded excuse that the marriage was already rocky does NOT leave Kristen off the hook and does not make what she did any less horrible. People need to stop saying crap like “he probably cheated before. They had a bad marriage anyway” as if in someway negates the fact that Kristen did something she shouldn’t have. Truth is, Liberty never left him until his incident with Kristen happened, and that means she’s not very forgiving. So I really doubt he cheated before.
        Some people just don’t tolerate that nonsense, as it should be.

      • NM9005 says:

        I know you are on every Twilight related thread so don’t act like you don’t know what has been said about the marriage.

        But here, I’ll help you:

        She said things about her marriage before the scandal errupted. And it wasn’t great.

        And if you look at her behaviour: enjoying the party scene, finding new love, working as a model again etc…I say that while getting a divorce is horrible and devasting, it broke her free from the domestic life she clearly couldn’t adjust too. To claim that what I said is ‘unfounded’ when she gave QUOTES about her marriage not being easy and not loving the domesticity while her husband is mostly away from home, is ignoring what’s right in front of you. The marriage was shaky. The woman loves to work and loves the famous scene and her husband was out and she stayed in. She went from being famous and connected to her husband’s sidekick.

        Of course it doesn’t give Stewart a pass, I never claimed that. But to ignore the fact that Ross completely changed her life after the divorce (meaning: returning to the glamour life she had before, standing in the spotlights again) has to be an indicator that she wasn’t happy being the dutiful hausefrau. To have your husband cheat on you, in a car, in the middle of the day, after years of loyalty and sacrifices: who wouldn’t get a divorce!?

        However, to blame it on woman is dumb. Marriage is more complicated than one person coming in.

      • Annie says:

        @NM9005 – That still doesn’t change the fact that this very affair was the deciding factor and that Kristen got involved with a married guy. Period. Anything else is just fan theories and desperate speculation and hopeful excuses to leave Kristen off the hook and somehow blame Liberty too, when all she did was have the guy’s children and leave her hometown and career to support his. Perhaps Liberty was unhappy before, yes, and with this she grew tired of bending her life backwards for him while realizing that she sacrificed too much for someone who didn’t deserve it and wasn’t worth it. Must she hide so you don’t judge her for not forgiving him so this entire mess didn’t seem like a big deal for the sake of your idol? Too bad! The damage is done.

        It’s seriously sad how Kristen fans love to paint Liberty as some money hungry, fame obsessed hag, who somehow is more evil than a 23 year old WOMAN who made the selfish choice of getting involved with a taken man while being in a relationship herself because she could not wait to have bad things happen to her because omg life is so easy you guise, can life, like, challenge me or something? Everything is SO easy to me omg stop. Ask and you shall receive! I hope she’s enjoying losing parts and the only person who would have kissed her ass forever if she hadn’t just showed him her true colors. And I hope she finally appreciates the one thing she has left: the fans she once called “retarded”. But didn’t they just raise money in her name for a charity she “supports” as birthday gift to her and she didn’t even acknowledge it? Classy girl isn’t she.

    • CC says:

      Do you really thing a 40 year old man would ever bother doing “teen dating”? As in the variety with no sex? No way in hell that they didn’t have sex and a lot of times.

      • Annie says:

        Yeah a man only risks his marriage if there’s sex involved. And he was incredibly infatuated her. No way was he going to pass up the chance. But in the end him and her are the biggest losers in this situation. Liberty and Rob will survive, but the shame and regret will follow Kristen and Rupert for a long time. Rupert lost his family, his chance at directing a potentially money making sequel and his good reputation. Kristen lost Rob, a good chunk of fans, tonnnns of projects for 2013/2014 and her “real
        Girl” image.

      • Tessa says:

        I have said this from the beginning. You’d have to be an idiot to think a 40 year old man would step out on his wife for a make out session in a car. I mean, seriously? They got it on, and probably a lot, seeing as how comfortable they seemed. He talked Kristen into becoming his f- toy, and she jumped at the chance. We all heard the commentary where he talked about her. He played right into Kristen’s ego and got into her pants. It was textbook.

      • Melissa says:

        Exactly! I figure Rupert had cheated on Liberty before but Kristen was the final straw in their marriage.

  33. Asdfg says:

    I hope this is true! I’ve always thought Rob could do better! *fingers crossed*

  34. Ramona says:

    Yay! Rob gave himself the best Birthday Present he ever got! Self respect!

  35. aims says:

    This great news has turned a crappy day around. Rob finally got his balls out of her cold, iron clan fists!! Well done Rob!! Now he’s back in my good graces. :-) :-)

  36. Janet says:


    ***Tosses confetti***

  37. TheyPromisedMeBeer says:

    If this story turns out to be both true and as entertaining as I expect it to be, then I will totally forgive that neckbeard Rob is sporting in the first pic. But only if.

  38. oivey says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs when I prefer to watch this unfold and watch twihards breaking down instead of doing my uni paper.

  39. Janet says:

    Just wondering — did the “source” throw in that “for now” to prevent all the Twihards from committing mass hara-kiri?

  40. Janet says:

    Dang… double-post. Mea culpa.

  41. Fancy says:

    I was just about to go to bed a d thought “what the heck, I’ll check my favorite sites one more time”. Omg! So glad I did. Sweet dreams to ME!

  42. jojo says:

    maybe he got sick and tired of all her friends hanging around. who could forget the pics of her big guy friend skipping through the crosswalk. don’t worry sparkles you will find someone better.

  43. Original A says:

    Really believe it was PR, but not the blind gossip blinds BS. I think they were friends/fk buddies and stuck it out for a while to make it look not too obvious when they “quit.” I think he’s a nice guy and he saw how she was getting run over in the press mainly for “cheating on him” (and not for getting with a married guy, which should have been the criticism). He probably felt bad for her because they were never in a monogamous relationship in the first place, and that was one of the reasons he decided to resume the PR fuckery.

    I have to laugh at his fans that make him some virginal Bambi though (dude was a willing participant in the PR game…he must have had major pull over her after her cheating scandal) or talk about her partying. He’s the one who was photographed looking drunk as hell coming out of Chateau Marmont last week, and I’ve seen plenty of photos of him coming out of there.

    US Weekly sounds like Camp Pattinson and People sounds like Camp Stewart and both are pretty much saying the same thing, so looks like both are on the same page. Kinda funny that RPattz and KStew are keeping it pretty civil, but their fans are the ones who are going to go batshit crazy.

    • Annie says:

      Oh the fans are losers, dear God. They are hanging on to something so flawed and imperfect it’s ridiculous. Not even actual photographc evidence of her cheating was accepted as true. They are just weird. And they are too old for that behavior. People forget most of these fans really are 25+.

    • Mi says:

      Maybe you should laught at her fans claiming all the time that the affair was a mistake and Kristen is a good girl.I don’t know what is wrong with being drunk and coming out of the hotel.He is 27,not a child and he can do whatever he wants.

      • Original A says:

        Nothing wrong with getting drunk at 27. Just saying I saw a lot of comments from his fans claiming she was some wild party animal and drunk leading him down the same path, when he is an adult who goes to the Chateau alone. Truth is probably what I said or they tried to make it work or just couldn’t recover from the cheating. Most people couldn’t salvage a relationship from that kind of mess. Good on them for keeping it civil with the nearly identical leaks to People & US Weekly, though.

    • Another Ann says:

      Those Chateau pictures are a classic example of photo assumption. There was video too, and he looks fine on the video. He was looking down at his phone, and avoiding looking at the paps. But that’s not an interesting story, so the tabs made it out as if he was falling asleep drunk.

      Don’t get me wrong, he’s no saint and certainly has been caught coming out of bars with a buzz on in the past. But the Chateau thing was pretty harmless.

      While the hard core “shippers” may be in denial about a break up, I think most fans won’t be too shocked. The writing was kind of on the wall. I haven’t looked on tumblr, but Twitter doesn’t seem too crazy.

      • oivey says:

        Tumblr is a great big festering playground of hilarity. All journalists are “nonnies”…I’m assuming that doesn’t mean Italian grandmothers.

      • Annie says:

        We had never seen him like that though. So drunk and falling over himself while texting? Never. He looked sad and very drunk. And then this happens? No way was he “fine”. Look at him.

      • Another Ann says:

        Annie, did you see the video or just the pictures? The video looked normal, he was just sitting there looking down at his phone and not looking at the paps. He didn’t look falling over drunk at all. I think the still pictures were made out to be something they really weren’t. The entire encounter was only a few seconds as they drove by the paps.

  44. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    OMGGGGG! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s a FANTASTIC news! I soooooo wish it is true. Omg! yaaaaay! Alright alright! I must to calm down now. I will believe only when Rob is seen with some armcandy other than KScrew. :-) )

  45. The Original G says:

    So, she apologized to him on the cover of People for cheating on him and a few months later, he breaks up with her on the cover of People. Hmm.

    If it’s not PR, it’s an elegant revenge.

  46. A says:

    On the 6 month mark after the Twilight movies ended????

    That’s a pretty damn accurate break-up to the date.

  47. Westsidewomen says:

    She has got the smallest lips/mouth combo I have ever seen! Hooo damnnnnnnn!

  48. Annie says:

    If it’s on People and Us Weekly it’s legit! I always thought they would slowly leak the break up so the Twihards wouldn’t lose their minds when the inevitable happened. Believe it or not, Twihards are still very important. It’s the kind of fan base you don’t want to lose because it’ll hopefully show up for your next big commercial movie. I think SWATH made it big thanks to Twihards, because it was right up their alley. If Rob does something similar, it’ll do well thanks to a nog fan base. You do not want to lose that.

    It’s hilarious though, because fans are in such denial, it’s embarrassing. They will not believe it eventhough they found out about the affair thanks to People and Us Weekly.

    It was very telling that Rob was not at the Met Gala eventhough his name was on the list. Probably as her plus 1. And then spending his bday apart. Yup. It’s over. Oh Rob be tough this time! Let it stick!!

    • Another Ann says:

      Actually, his name wasn’t on the Met list. And he never goes to the Met ball. Some reporter just incorrectly reported that he was on the “checked in” list, which he clearly was not.

      What I thought was more telling is that they went separately to see Tom Sturridge’s play. They’ve typically gone together to friend’s concerts and the like, so that to me was a sign that something was up.

  49. Tessa says:

    My original opinion was that they were a couple for three years, a real one, and then she cheated and they broke up for real. They never got back together, but Kristen’s image was SUCH a mess, and they still had to promote the last Twilight, and the DVD’s etc, so that’s when the PR contract was drawn up. Rob was a team player and went along with it for everyone that worked on Twilight, and because he didn’t want Kristen to be ruined completely; he’s a good guy. So now she has played the doting girlfriend in public for the last six months, mind you surrounded by her friends all the time while with him, but she has built up some sympathy, and will look like she was remorseful but he just couldn’t forgive her. They’ll move on a lot more quietly now because it does seem the general public is just over them and don’t care anymore. Rob did his six months, and now he’s out. Done.

    • Annie says:

      The problem is the damage is done anyway. For Kristen it is still a moment of crisis. Everything is falling apart. Only fans like her at this point. The general public is still like “ugh… Her”.
      Rob is nice but he should not have played along. It affected him. People were really starting to like him and got sympathy votes even from dudes who hated Twilight. And then he takes her back. I think he took her back quickly to make the promo times easier, but he did take her back because he loved her. I do think he tried to look past everything, but in the end a betrayal that big is not something you get over quickly, if at all. It still hurts badly. And maybe a turning point was seeing Liberty filing for divorce. That just tells you the extent of the affair. Rob is nice but he’s not dumb. And he’s very insecure and paranoid. He has not seemed happy at all since everything happened. His not his sunny, silly, funny self. Those surfing pics… In one he’a sitting on the board in the middle of the ocean just thinking with his head down. It was as sad as Sad Keanu. And it’s a huge step for him that he asked her not to tag along when he was filming in Australia. It’s very telling.

      He has a bright future ahead if he dumps her. If he doesn’t, Edward Cullen, the twihards and the affair will follow him everywhere he goes.

      • Tessa says:

        Eh, she never visited him in Australia, and he was there for over two months, and whenever they were seen out, it was in public surrounded by her friends, or at a gas station where the paparazzi just so happened to find them, because we all know the paparazzi always hang out at random gas stations at random hours of the day ;) . She suddenly had friends too after the scandal, funny that. She became so likeable and popular, and people wanted to be around her. We never saw her friends before, they kept a low profile. The last six seven months have felt like a very scripted PR play to make Kristen seem likeable, or as likeable as they could muster out of her, and now that it seems she’s in a better place, surrounded by loving friends, it’s ok for Rob to walk away. I really saw this coming, and it’s exactly what happened. Make it seem like she tried, and the whole planning a party thing that he never showed up to is classic, and then have him not be able to get over it in the end. Sure, the whole thing hurt him, but he had a lot of money riding on BDII, some think in the tens of millions in the cut of the profits. He had a lot to gain too from sticking it out. And if he didn’t want to see Kristen totally burn, her reps probably pleaded and took advantage of his good nature and got him to agree to something to help salvage her damaged rep… which it is starting to look like the damage was irreparable unfortunately for her. She played with fire, and she did get burned, badly.

      • Pam says:

        People will still like Rob probably more now if this is true. There’s been alot of praise for him in Cosmopolis. With the new movies he has coming out he really has a chance to not be Edward.

      • berryTwist says:

        Tessa – I think the same as you about this.

        Last July I determined that the relationship was dead and I hoped he didn’t put us through the whole annoying get back together thing because the relationship had become the equivalent of a dead man standing. Now that it’s done (hopefully forever – I’m personally not going to feel comfortable until Rob starts dating other people) I’m glad that he gave it an actual chance or gave the image of giving it a chance (whatever theory people want to believe). In the end it’s better this way. It’s always better to say that you tried and you failed to make a relationship work in the end. There’ll be none of the what could have beens and wondering if you hadn’t given up if there was nothing worth salvaging. From the outside it’s obvious there’s nothing salvageable but from the inside it’s hard to see it that way especially on something you’ve spent years building. I thought the same thing as Liberty Ross and her motions of giving the relationship a chance. I thought it made her very classy and strong. In the beginning I thought Rob going back into this mess was a bad idea but if they are broken up for good now then I think it was a good idea. It couldn’t have been like Justin and Britney because of the timing. There was never the opportunity to have a clean break. They still had so many professional obligations with the final Twilight and the promotion, etc. Their personal and professional lives had become too intertwined.

  50. judyjudy says:

    I realize I’m the minority here but I like her. Greasy hair, bad attitude and all.

  51. OhDear says:

    We’re so private! We won’t even show affection in public! We hate the media! So let’s announce our breakup in a publicist-friendly magazine!

    • shelly says:

      If the public see them as a couple then it is good that their breakup was announced – sort of.
      This way the break is clean and they can move on.

      I do think it was Rob’s team which precipitated this. She would have hung on forever.

  52. the original bellaluna says:

    Poor little surly girl! *sarcasm* But thank you, all, for these comments that are making me LMAO. (if only!) :D

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      (formerly Ms.Smurf…won’t change it again)

      Ditto…why is this even a surprise? Rob reminds me of my French teacher. My teacher, a former Navy Seal, who speaks about five different languages, including Finnish, is probably the nicest guy you will ever meet. He actually gives out his cell phone number to students, so if they have a question about the homework, you can call him. He doesn’t care so much that you pick up the language really fast and know how to speak it right away, he cares about you trying your best to study. He teaches you about many other things, other than language- like history, current events, etc. You can talk to him, and he is very understanding of certain situations in life. Of course, tons of students take advantage of his easy nature. I think of Rob as my teacher, and Kristen as a snot nose student.

      If you’ll believe it, we’re in high school. This semester, we all agreed to do a portfolio instead of an exam. He made up a rubric and gave it to us in mid-March and gave us a date to turn it in. Do you know that last week, he told us to bring in what we had done (homework, projects, personal projects), and most of the class freaked out and said they didn’t want to do a portfolio…it was too hard, not enough time, and so on. Less than three months before, he gave us that rubric, and they loved the idea. My class is so lazy…

      Bellaluna, I just wanted to ask where you got your name?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        You’re lucky, Virgilia – my French teacher refused to let us speak English in class (3 years of French; 1 year of Italian) and used “Merde” on the regular. :) (I think she thought we didn’t know what it meant.)

        But when the space shuttle blew (the one with the teacher on it, and yes, I’m dating myself) we watched the coverage in class, so she kept us up on current events and stuff too.

        My handle (name) comes from a medley of things: I’ve always called my daughter “Bella” because she is beautiful to me, and I read my children “Goodnight Moon” before bed. I had to switch my handle to “the original bellaluna” because another “bellaluna” surfaced, so I made the switch.

  53. Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

    This makes me laugh cuz I recently saw a robsten fan telling a Nian fan, “we get cute pictures of Rob and K, all you get is a break up”. It’s hilarious because I never believed they’d actually break up. Ah well, they might get back together, they might not. Life happens.

    • Annie says:

      And what cute pictures? My God. They always look super tense and pissed off.
      It’s amazing how just them together is enough to be cute, even when their faces say everything.

      Seriously, Kristen better appreciate those fans she has, and Rob. They stick up for her when shes doesn’t deserve it. I hope this is a humbling experience for her, and a turning point.

      • Pastyousayyouneverknew says:

        LOL that was my reaction, the last cute picture I saw of them was circa the Eclipse Premiere where their body language seemed to hint at a romance.

        I honestly do wish them both well and I hope they stay broken up because this “us against the world” thing is too draining. I’ve tried it before and a split is usually the best thing for both parties.

        “You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy.”

  54. Dani says:

    The Twihard denial is epic right now. Calling out People magazine “when are they ever right?” 99% of the time Twihards seeing as its a publicists go to mag. If this were a temporary thing I doubt they’d go to the mag.

    • Original A says:

      Twi-hards are crazy. US Weekly is clearly from Pattinson and People is from Stewart. Considering both said the same thing more or less…US straight up said Pattinson sources, and Stewart’s PR has a relationship with People (she and Katy Perry have the same publicist, and Katy got a front page break-up story when she ended it with John Mayer)…I’m guessing their PR people worked out a way of releasing the info. Anything else is speculation, but the People and US stories are clearly from their teams and it clearly states they are over.

    • Another Ann says:

      People rarely gets break up info wrong. If they say its over, they’re pretty sure of their sources.

  55. MavenTheFirst says:

    Oh, big surprise. Predictions were right.

  56. Dredz says:

    Rob will be OK. He will mature, sharpen his skills, long acting career ahead of him. Variety called him the next Paul Newman. Maybe he will be seen dating someone pretty and posh next, someone like Sienna Miller (without the reputation). As for Kristen, she’s done. She would never get another guy like him again, ever.

  57. mel says:

    I know I am the 1 percent…but I liked them together. I’m kind of bummed but not surprised. I like Kstew and Pattinson both…I really liked her in Adventureland and think she can be a great actress….I think she is far more talented than Pattinson. As for the cheating…I just don’t care enough to hate her for it. The beloved Angelina Jolie is a first class homewrecker and so the amount of hypocrisy is laughable.

    • Janet says:

      If you’re referring to the Pitt/Aniston shipwreck of a marriage, there was nothing left to salvage. That marriage was dead before Jolie entered the picture.

      • Original A says:

        I kind of get Mel’s point. Some people honestly just dislike Stewart, but a lot of the irregular posters on here (I think most of the regular ones just don’t care about either KStew or RPattz) are fixated on her cheating as a reason for the vitriol…more so than her acting or her personality. They call her KScrew or KSlut, but they don’t use the same type of language towards Sienna, Ashton Kutcher, Russell Crowe, Jude Law, etc. For example, Ashton had been married and was a basically a good friend/father figure to Demi’s kids and he was photographed on his wedding anniversary, but so many people give him a pass for that because Demi was “old.” Frankly, I think the vitriol towards some of the cheaters out there (and people like Kanye and Kim) is over the top anyway, but there is definitely a hypocrisy there.

        Anyway, for me it is just annoying that someone like Gwyneth, Kim, or KStew get ranked high on the most “hated” celebrities list by Star but people like Sean Penn, who was convicted of assault for hitting Madonna, or Mark Wahlberg, who blinded a guy in a racist attack, don’t make the list at all and Chris Brown is at the very bottom of the list. I find double standards like that annoying.

      • Janet says:

        I get your point, but I believe the reason KStew caught so much flack was that people simply could not stand her because of her lousy personality and were glad to have a reason to rag on her. God knows she gave them one.

    • Cece says:

      I think the difference is that Jolie is actually talented and does not act like an immature, unpleasant, self-righteous brat. She is managed to not get her picture taken. And why aren’t you talking about women like Julia Roberts, Claire Danes and Jennifer Aniston, all of whom snagged their already-taken man??

      • Mel says:

        I didn’t mention those other actresses because no one ever really mentions their adoration on the same level as Jolie. Oh so because in your opinion Jolie is a better actress and an activist she should be given a pass for her cheating behavior? Quite honestly I think she seems kind of bitchy. I admire her good works but at the end of the day she is still someone who has been involved in the breakdown of SEVERAL relationships. I don’t really care but my point is people target KStew over and over but quite selectively gives other well known cheaters a pass.

      • Janet says:

        @Mel: “Kind of bitchy”? Post one link to where Jolie has said an unkind or snarky word about somebody else.

        I don’t know what other relationships besides the Pitt/Aniston marriage you are talking about, but if you are talking about Laura Dern, that canard that she was engaged to Billy Bob Thornton was busted years ago. And Laura Dern has no business pointing fingers at anybody, seeing as how she got pregnant by her current husband while he was still married to and living with his pregnant wife.

      • mel says:

        I just think her overall attitude is kind of bitchy. Wow. So funny how you have such a defensive attitude about her cheating…I guess its ok for some but not for others. Again..I just Jolie as an example of how many on here..**cough cough** defend her at no end but she is still no better than anyone else who cheats. At least I don’t defend KStew cheating..I just don’t care.

        Also..I don’t have to post anything on here showing an example of Jolie being a bitch…I didn’t say she was…I just think her demeanor comes across that way sometimes.

      • Janet says:

        Whoa. “Defensive attitude about her cheating”? She didn’t cheat, he did. He was the married one, not her. If you’re going to accuse anyone of cheating (which, after all these years, sounds absolutely ridiculous), put blame where it belongs.

    • Mel says:

      Oh please. How do you know the same was not true of the director’s marriage? Whatever. It’s still cheating no matter how you choose to justify it.

      Thank you@original for throwing me some support. I know this is a gossip site. I love reading all inputs :)

      • Original A says:

        @Mel….ITA :) I know some of the regular posters agree about the hypocrisy but don’t comment on these threads anymore because they a) find this story old and played out and/or b) it’s mostly RPattz stans, former twi-hards, and twi-hards battling it out. I have a feeling most people at this point are ambivalent about whether these two were a couple or not, so I think this break-up will get a collective meh from the tabloids. Probably is best for both of their careers, to be honest. As long as they are tied together, they’ll primarily be associated with Twilight and she’ll primarily be associated with the Twilight and the cheating scandal. Those are always associations they’ll have to deal with, but it will probably die down quite a bit.

      • mel says:

        @Original….I feel like my opinion is two-fold. 1). I loved them together at one time but now I am kind of meh about their togetherness. 2). KStew gets a really bad rap on here and it just kind of drives me nuts because so many celebs have been serial cheaters and they just get a clear pass. I get it if you are a fan but don’t defend their actions as any more ok than someone else. Just admit you are a fan and you are supportive. Way better than being a hypocrite.

      • Original A says:

        @ Mel. I feel the same way about both of your points.

    • marianne says:

      I would say the big differences are that Angelina and Brad clearly fell in love. They weren’t just messing around for the heck of it. If Kristen had cheated on Rob with Rupert and then left him for him, I think people would probably be more understanding. But as is, she seemed to mess with someone’s marriage and her own relationship just because she could. It comes off very cold and unfeeling.

      There’s also the fact that whatever you think happened with Brad and Angie, there are no receipts. All three say there was no cheating and that he left Aniston before beginning a romantic relationship with Angelina. And there are no pics of them making out prior to their separation to misprove that.

      A man developing feelings while married so ending the marriage to give those feelings a shot is a different thing than 2 involved people cheating on their so’s just out of boredom and for the thrill of it.

  58. aquarius64 says:

    @Ms. Smurf – I never said I believed the “no sex” claim. I never did. That’s the story they put out so the die hard fans wouldn’t do something rash. Now the team is putting out the story that Kristen is leaning on Taylor Lautner during the break up. Smart move Team Stewart. Put it out there that Kristen is seeking comfort with a guy who has been accused of being her sidepiece over the years. They have tossed the gossip press new red meat to go after her (and him) on, and no claims of “old friends” are going to squash that. Fifty cheating pictures has damaged Kristen’s credibility when it comes to matters of fidelity.

    • Original A says:

      Sigh. Before the break-up, HL was Rob/KStew central but went really negative on both of them on occasion and had them broken up numerous times before the legitimate People bit came out. No way is she leaking stuff to HL, and Taylor is gay. HL is also on the level of Radar…notorious for making shit up. People & US Weekly are from both of their teams and they are obviously trying to establish a drama-free narrative. It doesn’t benefit her in any way for this to drag out or too add more to the break-up…Better to try and make it as muss-free, because she is going to look bad no matter what. The less attention, the better in this case.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      I’m not saying you put it out there (or believed it), I’m saying that whoever put it out there must’ve thought that we (the public) must be idiots to believe something that stupid. My ten year old brother wouldn’t even believe that.

  59. Tig says:

    So what is latest- staying in same house for the sake of the DOGS??? Pls- I love doggies too- but this story is just too nuts!

    • Original A says:

      @Tig. If it’s from E! or HL, my guess it that it is probably made up. HL is constantly wrong and on the level of Radar or Star; they pretty much print anything to get hits. I remember seeing several “exclusive” photos of Pattinson (like Popsugar used to get photos of them together or of KStew) on E!, but E!’s stories have been wrong about a lot of celebrities lately.

      People and US Weekly were basically the equivalent of a more subtle joint statement. Her publicist has ties with People (re: the Katy Perry sob story cover, etc. as she reps Perry) and US Weekly straight up claims that sources were from Rob Pattinson’s camp. E! was probably scrambling because they were claiming that they were still together (which was obviously bull) since both of their reps went to other media sources.

      I said it before, but it’s kind of ironic that KStew and RPattz are trying to keep this quiet and drama free (and it mostly seems to be that way) but a lot of their fans (and small minority of weird stalker fans/haters) are going to go batshit crazy. It doesn’t benefit either one of them (but especially her in this case) for it to be in the tabloids, so I’m curious as to see if their PR reps can squash the drama. I wouldn’t be surprised if the tabloids didn’t pay that much attention, as I think their relationship is kind of played out by now.

  60. nina says:

    Oh enough with blind items and psychics “predicting” a breakup. Please, if they were a real couple, then them breaking up was inevitable since they are young and probably sick of eachother at this point. If they are eachother’s beards, then sure I can buy a contract thingy. I don’t buy some purely pr strategy though at all, too costly and too ineffective really to be worth all the trouble it’s been for years.

  61. jess says:

    People has a new article saying how upset kristen is and how Shes leaning on friends for support and wont leave her home. The only problem is shes been papped since his bday and seemed fine. I think her team is trying to play the sympathy card. Too bad everyone is Team Rob.

    • Original A says:

      Nah. Plenty of jokes about them being in a fake relationship or just friends or the fans bitching she doesn’t look sad enough, so in addition to their equivalent of a joint statement they have to put out a story that she is “sad.” The fans will crucify her if she doesn’t appear sufficiently “sad” enough for the time being, which is kind of screwed up. If she’s been papped smiling, they probably ended it on good if at least civil terms (plus the way the news was released makes me think that)…but that’s probably not enough for their cray cray fans. Anyway, I still think there isn’t going to be that much more because I think most people are “team over-it”, Pattinson wants to stay out of the tabs, and there is no way to spin this into anything that is not negative for Stewart.

      • Starbuck says:

        Her people would be dumb not to spin this to get her some sympathy no matter what the real story is. I think it is pretty strange that the stories the tabs are running have the “for now” caveat. From a PR standpoint, they both kind of win here. He looks like he finally put his foot down and she looks like she’s finally suffering consequences for her gross behavior. I don’t think they’ll get back together simply because it appears to me like she’s too immature and arrogant. The way she has handled herself after July is proof of that. What a disappointment she is. Where were all of supposedly great (see: embarrassing douchebag Hollywood sycophants) when she was engaging in the inappropriate relationship that ended up being her downfall? In the end, karma will get you back every time. It will be interesting to see hers. It will be interesting to see this play out. I think their chances of reconciliation are 50/50.

      • Original A says:

        @Starbuck. They can’t spin this into anything but “she’s sorry and sad.” In this case, she is way over-exposed and less is more. My brief stint in PR taught me you shape the narrative and then you try to stop the stories and leave it alone in most cases.

        Last year, they had to pull anything and everything based on the craziness and the fact that the movie was coming out. A lot of it has died down…you rarely see stories about her in the tabloids/blogs anymore outside of things like the Met Ball…and if they tried to play the break-up for sympathy, it would just get her in the tabloids again and she is already way over-exposed. Plus, it could piss off Pattinson and his PR could retaliate (the movie and DVD have been out for a while, so there wouldn’t be any reasons not too). So I definitely see them (Pattinson, Stewart, etc.) trying to make this story die a quick death.

        Personally, I thought she felt remorse and suffered the consequences. Girl was flayed by the media for months, and if she wasn’t remorseful she could have gone on Barbara Walters or The View and cried about how she had a drug problem or was bi-polar and that contributed to her having an affair. Basically, there were a lot of PR stunts she could have pulled if she was more concerned about her career and not remorseful.

        However, I agree with you about them breaking up being good for both of them in terms of PR. For the mini-van majority and some of the fans, he looks like a nice guy who gave her a chance but decided it wasn’t going to work. For those who thought he didn’t have any balls, it looked like he gained them back. For her, they thought she wasn’t “punished” sufficiently. Combine losing her boyfriend with the public admonishment, career damage, and being “sad”, they probably finally feel like she’s paid the consequences for her behavior. Anyway, I would not be surprised if her PR team drops some career news…even if it is a tiny part…or his PR team drops career news either on Monday or Tuesday.

    • Tig says:

      Well,why wouldn’t any sane person be Team Rob? KS may be 23,but it is 23 on dog years. She has put him thru a ringer , voluntary or no- so hope he is done with her and it!

      • Original A says:

        I’m team hope it’s done with and both move on. He’s young, seems focused on his career, and it’s hard to completely trust someone in a relationship once they’ve cheated on you..and everyone deserves to be in a relationship where they feel they can trust their significant other. She needs to be single for a while and gain some maturity before embarking on a relationship, and she needs to get back to work… even if it is a small role.

  62. Starbuck says:

    People now has a new story about how sad Stewart is. Neither one of their camps will talk to Gossip Cop, their regular outlet for dispelling rumors, mostly her people who scoff and make fun of whatever story is coming out. My guess is that they are done and that he called it off. Very reasonable that he stayed and tried after her cheating episode as they were deep in the throes of the having to market the last movie and I have no doubt that he felt sorry for her that she was being town apart by the media. What she did was indefensible but a person with maturity and remorse would use an event like that to check themselves and do some introspection. I never got the sense from her that she had any remorse and felt accountable for any of it. She is an example of a child star who was/is too immature to accept the realities of what being a successful movie star really entails and felt she was above Hollywood even after being involved undone of the most cliche Hollywood situations there is. If it didn’t happen now it would happen when she films the next movie with a male counterpart. If a married man with small kids isn’t off-limits as a cheating partner then who is. This could actually be better for both of them career-wise, if she doesn’t completely spin out. It seemed like he was a source of stability in her life. No matter what, it’s very sad how this all turned out. Even if it was him, I’m sure this is still difficult.

    • Another Ann says:

      I am kind of curious to see how things play out for her. I thought she was having some kind of breakdown last summer. Now, she’s not working and she seems to be living like high school/college kids normally do – hanging with large groups of friends, going out all the time. I wonder if she’s making up for lost time, so to speak. She spent those years on movie sets, and is now trying to go back and do over. She doesn’t seem all that interested in her career at the moment. She was on top of the world career wise, just a year ago. And she’s pretty well pissed it away. It really is kind of sad. She’s still quite young and can certainly come back from all this, but she’s going to have to put in some serious effort. Curious to see if she wants to do that.

      • Original A says:

        I agree that she looked like she was having some breakdown/issues during last summer, but now? Not really. Except for the Oscars, she looks way more put together and sober.

        Is she going out all the time? I swear the only time I see pap photos of her are at restaurants, a music venue, or during the day running errands. I know I’ve seen some pap photos of her at places like The El Rey, but that’s not exactly a hotspot…just a place where people listen to music. I’ve rarely seen her photographed leaving Hollywood hotspots like nightclubs or the Chateau, for example. Even then, there really aren’t that many photos of her out and about. I think if she was constantly partying there would be pap photos, etc. KStew doesn’t really come across as a partier or a social butterfly, imo.

        Someone said her fans tweet about her constantly, believe that every tweet or sighting about her must be true, and tweet actual paps asking for photos of her. If that’s true, sounds like they do way more damage than good. I kind of feel like she’s been laying low for a while…haven’t seen her in any tabloids & not that many pap photos of her, except the ones of her and RPattz and the Met Ball. She needs to lay low and get back to work, even if it is a tiny role in an ensemble in my opinion. Anyway, she has more than enough money based on all the back-end they all earned off of Twilight, so she’ll be fine financially for the rest of her life at least.

      • Starbuck says:

        I agree. I think there are a lot of personal issues going on with her and it’s a classic example of someone with no humility who grew up in the Hollywood system with no real understanding of the real world or any ability to accept the realities of what being a celebrity means. Primarily how important brand management, image and reputation can make or break you. Se may not like it but being an A-list star, which she very much was trying to become, is more than just the craft of acting. People complain about her team but she is the one that has control over that and she has the final word. The public can accept a lot of things but they don’t like hypocrisy. I wonder if she even knows what that is. She achieved her fame by proxy of a crap franchise that created a lot of opportunity for her and she isn’t mature or intelligent enough to navigate it because no one has ever told her no. She’s getting a taste of it by not getting the roles she wants and having to work for her image after she trashed it and I get the feeling that it feels unauthentic to her. As a celebrity watcher and follower of Hollywood, I’ve never seen anything like it. They really were beautiful when they first got together. But if she’s this really great person that all of her fanatics claim she is, she better get to finding an avenue to show the public her true self or it will things a lot harder for her. Or maybe she’s already shown her true self and her fans just can’t accept it.

    • Mel says:

      I would agree she is immature and self involved as are most child stars. And kind of sad.

      • Original A says:

        It is sad. I was aware of her a couple of years before Twilight because of her indie films, and she’s really spiraled in terms of what people used to say about her acting versus now. I mean, she definitely has her defenders among the critics but for the general public…no. If you are a Chris Evans fan, check out Fierce People. He shows some chops there, as he does in The Iceman.

        I don’t think she was every totally capable of handling the fame, and like most child stars is immature. Plus her Mom seems like a total headcase, and that can’t help. For her sake, I hope she goes back to indie films, even if they are B level, and kind of establishes a niche again unless she gains some maturity and realizes that to be an actor/actress you need “brand management” as Starbuck stated.

  63. LeeLoo says:

    These two always have seemed like a bad match to me. I hope they realize their relationship is an unhealthy one and stay broken up this time.

  64. Scarlett says:

    She was like an albatross around his neck. I’m glad he finally managed to break free.

  65. mabooski says:

    who didn’t see this coming?

  66. Ravensdaughter says:

    Why so excited?-my God, I’m relieved it’s finally over. All this blather about them for months. I mean really, if you’re not a Twihard, who cares? . I’m a librarian and I get faintly nauseated whenever I check those books out to young adults-popular, but NOT quality literature (=crap, and there are so many great YA books out there,.). Movies-popular, but also crappy-didn’t see any of them , of course, but I rely on the NYT, and their reviews were rancid.
    Finally, the relationship itself. Obviously she wasn’t ready to get married, thus the slip up with Rupert Sanders, who was relentlessly pursuing her.
    Sorry, brain fog this am, but the botom line is-Buy-bye!

  67. Janet says:

    Looks like he moved out. He even took the dogs. RIP Robsten. It’s about time.

    • Perplexed says:

      Good for him for doing this himself, unassisted and in plain view.
      Can’t be any clearer.
      Still many at GC will spin this every which way, and be upset about the custody of the fur children. On that subject, I hang my head in shame for asking, but I thought Bernie belonged to Stewart? At least that was often the implication in write-ups.
      Anyhow, so good to see him get on with his life.

  68. Georgina says:

    Pop Sugar has pics of him moving his stuff out and taking the dogs. He did it in broad daylight with the windows down– totally sending a message, I think. They are finished.

  69. georgia says:

    Wow this thread is so long. On,on on,on. These 2 are just normal people doing a job that they love entertaining you. They are young. Kristen is young. She made a mistake. We have made mistakes when we were young. Who knows what their love life is like. He could be an cocky British ass. And if he
    didn’t show up for a party I organized which by the has happened i would tell him to fuck off. its disrespectful. grow up already. I really respect Kristen as an actress. I have followed her since her movie Speak. She is more than Twilight and she probably carefully choosing her projects. She is a true artist and actress from the heart. Look i heard an interview that Robert say that Twilight gave him power to do movies and he did not have to do auditions. When i heard that i questioned his ethics of being a actor. Whatever looks have alot to do with getting jobs but you have to do the work in the end. I think he can act but he would not be where he is if not chosen by Kristen. These two really are fine actors of our generation. They have many more yrs to show us their talent whether they are together or not. They are humans.

  70. TheWendyNerd says:

    Thank God. Now maybe K.Stew can GO AWAY.